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Air Liquide powers Canada’s largest green forklift fleet


Briggs sheds no light on rumours
Hystandard buys Yale Victoria
Air Liquide powers Canada’s largest green forklift fleet
Linde and E&K collaborate for Samsonite solution
Car industry executive joins JCB
William Lamar Morris remembered
Path set for Washington State forklift rodeo
Product News
Sample of used equipment for sale
Forklift helps Cincinnati position section of Berlin Wall
Forklift gang tries to steal village ATM

Komatsu Forklift Australia appoints new GM
National forklift campaign to improve safety
Forklift kills NZ stevedore

Spring clean the mind – attend a Baseplan software training session!
Somerset Capital…Leading the way in the field of industrial equipment financing….Today, Tomorrow, and into the Future
Accessory or Necessity? Discussing the benefits of forklift add-ons

Nichiyu Rack Forklift Trucks: total solution for more efficient use of space

Looking for dealers
LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
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Some readers may have noticed the absence of our special report on Materials Handling Equipment in Ports last week. This was not an oversight. Rather, we have been waiting from input from some key industry players, and because it’s a relatively niche field, their absence would be quite noticeable. So, if you’re one of the industry leaders who has not yet responded to our editorial questions, please contact us as soon as possible. Similarly, if you’re a supplier and would like to advertise in the feature, please let us know.

Briggs sheds no light on rumours
Cannock, United Kingdom
Briggs Equipment UK is refusing to comment on rumours circulating around’s Discussion Forums that the UK’s national Cat Lift Truck distributor is set to announce a take-over of Yale UK this week.

There has been widespread speculation about the move for some time, and sources have indicated that an announcement is due shortly. News contacted Briggs executive David Bratton, but he declined to provide any input.  

A Discussion Forum participant formerly tied to Briggs UK tells News that a Briggs’ acquisition of Yale UK could significantly impact the UK forklift market.

“This is the first step in further consolidation in the UK forklift market where all the major players are finding it difficult to make a return due to unrealistically low rental rates,” he says.

The source adds that if Briggs became the Yale UK dealer, this would make it a direct competitor for Barloworld, which distributes Hyster forklifts in the UK.

“Barloworld, with its Hyster brand and Briggs, with its CAT brand, are already fierce competitors in the UK. It will be interesting to see how this brand strategy plays out as they [could] both be selling - to all intents and purpose - the same truck but with a different name (Hyster and Yale).”

Barloworld was also contacted for comment on this story, but we received a “not in a position to comment” response.

Watch this space for further developments of this story.
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Hystandard buys Yale Victoria
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Yale Victoria, one of the last two remaining Nacco Material Handling Group wholly owned retail dealerships in Australia, has been sold to Hystandard Handling Equipment.

Former Hyster dealer John Flinn of Sydney-based Hystandard, which became a Yale dealership in December 2009, tells News that the company signed the deal with NMHG this week and will take full control with immediate effect.

“When we took on the Yale dealership last year, we said … that we would be seeking further opportunities to expand and when this came up, we took the strategic decision to take over and grow our business,” says Flinn.

Since NMHG sold off its Australian Hyster operations in April last year to Adapt-A-Lift ( News #417), it has been an open secret in the industry that it would seek to do the same with its Yale dealerships.

Notoriously tight-lipped, NMHG makes no comments on its plans, either before or after execution.  

Flinn tells News that he will be offering employment to all staff at the Victoria operation, and that business there will continue as usual, under the leadership of long-time general manager Keith Sanders.

Nor is Flinn sitting back, despite his acquisition of what he termed “a fairly significant business”.

“I’ll still be seeking opportunities in the marketplace,” he warns.

Just how long Yale Queensland will remain within the NMHG fold is unknown. Rumours surfaced in February this year ( News #449) that a sale of the dealership was imminent,with Budget Forklifts mooted as a possible buyer.  

Queensland remains the last remaining NMHG-owned dealership with today’s news that the Victoria operation now belongs to Hystandard.
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Looking for dealers
Omega Lift is selectively seeking strong dealers to represent its premium line of All Terrain and Multi-Directional forklifts worldwide.

Omega Lift is an award winning Canadian manufacturer with a reputation for exceptional quality and offers a complete range of Vertical Mast, Telescopic Handler and Multi-Directional all terrain models with capacities to 25,000 kgs.

If you are interested in promoting these world-class products, forward your company name and contact information to Nick Acocella, Director International Sales & Marketing at

All enquiries will be treated confidentially.

See for more company and product information.

Find all Omega Lift's contact details in the Omega Lift ShopFront.
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Air Liquide powers Canada’s largest green forklift fleet
Paris, France
Air Liquide has announced that it will supply the hydrogen, filling station and infrastructure to power Walmart’s fleet of fuel cell forklifts at its new Alberta distribution centre.

Fuel cell forklifts are the fastest-growing segment of the hydrogen energy market and the Walmart fleet is the largest deployment of fuel cell forklifts in Canada, Air Liquide says.

The contract is also the first of its type in the country and the first fleet of its kind supplied by the Air Liquide group.

Air Liquide Canada will integrate compact indoor hydrogen dispensers at Walmart Canada’s distribution centre. It says the dispensers will supply a total of over 100kg (220lbs) of hydrogen a day and fill vehicles in less than two minutes. The ‘fast filling’ is expected to improve productivity by 2% compared to battery-powered forklifts.

The value of the contract was not disclosed.

Over 45 Air Liquide hydrogen stations have been installed around the world to date. Other publicly funded programs in Canada include the Vancouver and Montreal-Trudeau airports demonstration project and the Whistler station, which keeps BC Transit’s fleet of 20 hydrogen buses on the road.

Francois Darchis, Air Liquide Group’s senior vice-president, says the company is pleased to provide the hydrogen and filling infrastructure for the forklift fleet. “It is another step towards the global market Air Liquide has been anticipating. We are proud to accompany the development of this technological innovation that will help to preserve the environment. Both energy and the environment are growth drivers of the Air Liquide Group."

Established in 2011 and based in Paris, France, Air Liquide claims to be the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment. It is present in over 75 countries with 42,300 employees.
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Linde and E&K collaborate for Samsonite solution
Oudenaarde, Belgium
E&K Automation and Linde Material Handling have partnered to provide Samsonite’s European headquarters in Belgium with an important component of its latest logistics project.

The company’s growing product range had become problematic, leading to the construction of additional storage space at the Belgian warehouse.

‘[It] has become a growing logistical challenge for us to manage the multitude of products,” explains Germain Ghys, Samsonite’s logistics manager in Oudenaarde. “We rented additional storage areas in the immediate vicinity years ago but this solution was not cost-effective, fast or flexible and reached its capacity.”

In the warehouse’s new storage area for the slow rotation of Samsonite products are three Linde K Range automatic high rack stackers that move both freely and on wire guidance. E&K Automation partnered with Linde Material Handling to equip the trucks with a laser camera, telescopic forks and pallet profile control.

Samsonite’s products are split into fast- and slow-moving products. At the same time, every product can be switched from a slow to a fast mover, or vice versa, according to seasonal activity and promotional campaigns. The aim of the new storage area for slow movers was mainly to release capacity for the turnover of fast-moving goods.

In 2007, Samsonite’s initial plan was to construct a dynamic storage area at its warehouse for both order picking and bulk storage. Construction began in 2008 at a greenfield site and was completed in April 2009. Using much of its own automation expertise, Samsonite did not use the services of a general contractor.

All subcontractors, from the rack builders to the suppliers of conveyer systems, electrical networks and security systems and automatic high rack stackers, were directly selected by Samsonite.

The new storage area is equipped with five levels and 12 aisles which are up to 160 meters (175 yards) long. There are 11,520 storage locations and 1,100 picking locations for a maximum of one million individual items. The pallet racking is divided into six separate sections.

Samsonite considered three handling solutions for its new storage area – fully automatic cranes, manually operated very narrow-aisle trucks, and manually operated reach trucks. All three ideas were rejected due to cost and the number of trucks required. (words ending in “ly” don’t take hyphens)

Ghys and his employees looked to other companies, including E& K Automation, who had considerable experience with automated transport vehicles.

“The experience and collaboration between E& K Automation and Linde Material Handling with the reliability of the K Range trucks was one of the deciding factors,” Ghys says.

He adds that the automated high rack stackers offered a back-up plan in the event of an electronic failure. “As the trucks are equipped with an operator seat, they could be manually driven in an emergency.”

The automated K Range trucks are normally wire-guided along the aisles. Each of the racks has a 150mm (5.9 inch) safety clearance between the truck and the load in the rack. Movement of the truck outside of the aisles is via a laser scanner system. The laser guidance system works by using reflectors located in the warehouse.
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LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
LTW’s aisle-changing technology is unique in the material handling industry.  With our fast and efficient aisle-changing stacker cranes, LTW warehouse systems can be tailored to meet the throughput needs of each customer.  Due to LTW’s high level of expertise with automation, our stacker cranes are able to handle tedious loads with a smooth shuttle placement technology.  This precision results in consistent stability and less product damage.   Stacker crates create better cube utilization of warehouse space, increased storage efficiency, reduced labor costs and increased throughput.

LTW Intralogistics, Inc.,
phone:  +1 717-767-7210,
Shopfront:  LTW Shopfront
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Car industry executive joins JCB
Rocester, United Kingdom
JCB has recruited a car industry executive to the position of group engineering director.

Michael Mohan, 44, has joined the construction equipment manufacturer from Jaguar Land Rover, where he was strategic business office director.

Mohan joined Jaguar Cars in 1990. As chief program engineer for the Jaguar XF, he developed a vehicle that won Car of the Year in 2009, awarded by What Car?, a British car-buying guide. In 2009, he was promoted to the role of Jaguar and Land Rover strategic business office director, overseeing the strategic direction of the company.

In his new role, Mohan will be responsible for all aspects of engineering in the JCB Group.

“This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m relishing the engineering challenge that working for one of Britain’s best-known brands presents. Our success in the future will be based on innovating the best products in our industry. I’m looking forward to leading JCB’s team of engineers in delivering this objective,” he says.

JCB group managing director Tim Burnhope says Mohan’s passion and vast engineering experience will help drive forward JCB’s program of product innovations in the future.

Before joining Jaguar, Mohan worked for Rolls Royce Aero. He is married with two daughters and a son.
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William Lamar Morris remembered
Powder Springs, GA, United States
Forklift industry acquaintances of the late Bill Morris are remembering his friendship and ability to share and mentor.

Bob Quinn recalls: “As the regional parts manager at Clark, Bill imparted knowledge and friendship to all parts, service and CSS team members. . . . Bill was one of the CSS legends in the Clark system (and) had a simple business philosophy: Do what's right! Bill taught me that if it’s my mistake, I pay; if it’s his mistake, he pays.

“People who met Bill learned friendship truly transcends business.”

Emil Zupo says: “I was just thinking of Bill the other day. He was one of the best Clark guys I ever worked with. He will be missed by all who knew him.”

Steve Welch notes: “I received my first award program gift as a CSS person in the late 70's from Bill (while at Jefferds Nashville). I am sorry to hear of his passing.”

Dick Wiley shared a copy of the Morris obituary in the 25 June issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and noted an error. “Since it was my family’s dealership he worked with for years, I must correct the spelling of Wiley. The paper had it Wylie.”

William Lamar Morris was a lifelong resident of the Atlanta, Georgia area. He worked in counter sales in stores of Genuine Parts Company, as parts manager with Continental Motors, product support manager for Yancey Brothers, parts manager for several years with Wiley Equipment Company and its successor ClarkLift of Atlanta, and south east regional parts sales manager for Clark Equipment Company during 1981-83 and 1988-90.

As an active retiree, Morris was named Powder Springs’ 2007 senior citizen volunteer of the year for services in his community.

Morris died in his sleep at the age of 81 on 13 May at his home in Powder Springs. Survivors include his wife of 62 years, Katie Blanche Morris, a daughter, a son, three grandchildren and a great-grandson.
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Path set for Washington State forklift rodeo
Spokane, WA, United States
Forklift rodeo organisers in Washington State have set the path for professional drivers to compete for recognition and prizes for the 13th year.

The materials handling panel of the governor’s industrial safety and health advisory board and the state’s department of labour and industries are presenting the forklift rodeo.

The final 2010 competition for eligible drivers will take place on 29 September in Spokane, Washington and include a written examination, pre-flight forklift inspection and a timed driving skills opportunity on an obstacle course. The first place winner in the finals will receive USD500.

The 2009 first place individual winner was Andrew Ibbotson, who works in Lynden, Washington at the VersaCold Cascade facility of warehouse and distribution services provider VersaCold, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 2009 first place team winner was Boeing Company’s contingent of Joe Henry, Doug Graham and Mike Weinman from a Washington plant of the aerospace firm. Boeing is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Regional qualifying competitions take place on 17 July in the regional readiness complex of the Spokane fire department and on 21 August in Boeing’s Auburn facility. Another preliminary competition occurred on 19 June at the Volpentest HAMMER training and education centre in Richland. The top five individual competitors at each qualifying location are invited to participate in the finals. Each first place winner in the preliminaries receives USD300.

The finals will occur as part of the governor’s 59th industrial safety and health conference in the Spokane Convention Center.

Elsewhere, 30 finalists in a company-organised forklift rodeo demonstrated skills in traditional forklift, mule and narrow-aisle reach truck events on 24 June in Mount Sterling, Illinois.

Dot Foods Inc utilises equipment from Raymond, Yale and Crown at its eight redistribution centres and moves more than 90,000 products from about 500 food industry manufacturers through market channels nationwide.

Meanwhile, preparations advance for the 16th annual US Open Forklift Rodeo & Safety Expo taking place from 29-30 October in Springfield, Ohio ( News #463). The Springfield/Clark County Safety Council and sponsor the US Open.
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Product News
Crown releases new series
New Bremen, OH, United States

Crown Equipment has launched the WT 3000 series pallet trucks, which it says is suitable for “punishing conditions”.
Promoting the trucks’ “ultra-tough design, unique durability and outstanding ergonomics”, Crown marketing general manager Craig Kenchington says pallet trucks account for about 30% of all electric forklifts sold.
“While most facility managers place great emphasis on safety, comfort and performance [of] forklifts and their operators, few realise that these same benefits should be ... considerations for pallet trucks [too],” he explains.

Kramer launches new telehandlers
Überlingen, Germany

Kramer-Werke GmbH has responded to farmers who want a telehandler with power and reach but is compact in size.
The new 1245 model has a width of 1.56 metres (5.11-foot) and a height of less than 2 metres (6.56 feet). It has a 1.2 tonne lift capacity and 4.3 metre (14.1 foot) lift height. It is powered by a three-cylinder 1.3 litre Yanmar engine.
The 2506 model gives Kramer a 5-metre (16-foot) lift height telehandler for the first time. With a width and height of less than 2 metres (6.56 feet), it’s designed to get into cramped sheds and tight yards. It can lift up to 2.5 tonnes.
Kramer, part of the Wacker Neuson group, produces about 3,000 machines a year, including full-size telehandlers for equipment manufacturer Claas since 2005.

Cat Lift Trucks introduces the NTR30N
Almere, the Netherlands

Cat Lift Trucks has launched the NTR30N tow truck that moves trailers in any indoor application.
The addition to the Cat Lift Trucks range can pull multiple trailers up to 3 tonnes.
Cat Lift Trucks says the truck’s advanced steering system is electronically linked with the drive control system, enabling “precise and responsive steering at all times”.
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and thousands more...
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Forklift helps Cincinnati position section of Berlin Wall
Cincinnati, OH, United States
A trucking and rigging company has donated the use of a forklift to carry a 6,110lb (2,771kg) section of the Berlin Wall from a flatbed truck to a garden outside Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Mark McKenney drove the forklift for Hosea Project Movers of Covington, Kentucky in moving the section on 23 June to its permanent location, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Cincinnati community will hold a USD50-per-person “freedom without walls” gala on 3 July. Officials plan to dedicate the monument and begin its illumination.

Automotive parts manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America of Hamilton, Ohio donated the cost of moving the historic section to Cincinnati from Berlin, Germany.

The city of Berlin gave the section to the city of Cincinnati under a sister city program, but the recipient was responsible for the relocation, engineering and design activities, costing approximately USD250,000 including in-kind services.

The German Democratic Republic, also known as East Germany, erected the 96-mile (155km) wall in August 1961, splitting the city of Berlin, and opted in November 1989 to reopen the Iron Curtain demarcation. The East German and West German entities reunited in October 1990.
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Forklift gang tries to steal village ATM
North Cave, United Kingdom and Orange County, CA, United States
A gang of masked men used a forklift to smash through the wall of a village bank to steal a cash machine.

Witnesses say that when the three men wearing balaclavas had broken through the wall of the North Cave bank, they started wrapping straps around the cash machine to pull it free from the HSBC bank, Pocklington Post reported.

The men fled in a white loader van and a blue BMW four-door sedan car but left the cash machine on the pavement outside the bank.

A witness said that “it looked like a real professional job”. “You have to have planned something like that to get a piece of plant machinery like that down there.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Humberside Police on +44 845 60 60 222 and quote crime reference number CJ/1762364/2010.

Separately, a pallet jack and a forklift were used in four thefts of automated teller machines in California.
The office of District Attorney Tony Rackauckas in Orange County, California has charged four men.

Prosecutors in the Santa Ana office say the early morning crimes involving bank cash dispensers occurred from 30 May 2009 to 1 May 2010 in the communities of Yorba Linda, Fullerton and Aliso Viejo and may have yielded more than USD400,000 in cash and property damages.

Typically, the perpetrators would use materials handling equipment to rip a machine from its foundation or structure and load the unit into a stolen truck. Surveillance cameras captured the action in certain cases.

Charges were filed against Richard Dwayne Bockman, 43, of Yucca Valley; Curtis Edward Weber, 38, of Anaheim; Ricky Joe Coffey, 44, of Orange; and Charles Roberts, 41 of Riverside.

Prosecutors say that convictions could result in prison sentences possibly ranging from 15 to 31 years.
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Komatsu Forklift Australia appoints new GM
Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Newly appointed general manager of Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty Ltd (KFAP) Joe Hashem relishes a challenge: hence his decision to join the Japanese-owned company and help it increase its marketshare in Australia.

Previously employed by Crown Equipment as GM branch operations, responsible for a $267 million turnover, Hashem made the switch to KFAP, seizing the opportunity to do things “the Komatsu” way.

“I’ve always wanted to work for a Japanese company, based on their ethics, business conduct and standards,” he tells News. “They are world renowned for these qualities.”

KFAP, previously known as Red Australia, was established in March 2009 when parent company Komatsu Limited, Japan took it over from Sumitomo Corporation ( News #404).

“Komatsu Ltd is investing heavily in the Australian business and was looking for someone who could build and grow it quickly, bringing fresh ideas – someone who enjoys a ‘turnaround’ environment – that’s me!” says Hashem.

He is excited by the products’ industrial heritage. “Komatsu is a global player in the industrial market space and the opportunity to work overseas and in other parts of the Group is very appealing.”

In particular, Hashem will seek to leverage the Komatsu brand name by working more closely with the Komatsu construction and mining business, a $1.5 billion company in Australia.

Among the biggest challenges facing forklift companies in Australia, says Hashem, are customer retention, pricing and profitability, along with retaining good quality staff, who are easily poached by competitors and associated industries.

“Product knowledge and training staff is a major challenge for any company,” he says.

“Keeping up to speed with the OEM/factory is always a challenge. The transfer of knowledge across boundaries needs close management and control and it needs to be timely.”

Looking ahead, Hashem is focused on the opportunities facing the industry, which he plans to embrace. Drivers such as technology and innovation; service delivery after the sale; and fleet management and asset utilisation are the keys to success.

“Fleet management coupled with technology to drive up productivity, safety and operator awareness are critical along with performance reporting and KPI management to help our customers drive costs down and improve their profit line.”

His personal approach is to spend time with customers, listening to their needs. “I always deliver on what I promise.”

Hashem enjoys working with ‘go-getters’ and believes success in business is based purely on positive motivation, energy and drive. “And a good plan!” he adds.

The industry has changed over the last five years, with competition in the marketplace driving forklift companies to offer more than just a forklift sale.

Explains Hashem, “We look to satisfy the entire supply chain, with value-add components. We provide a total warehouse solution, for example, we consult on warehouse design, pallet racking and allied products, forklifts and attachments, operator training and support, after-sales service and parts, fleet management and reporting, warehouse training and management. It’s the total package!”

He looks and listens attentively to find the ‘gap’ in a customer’s business.

“We offer solutions to improve their business operations and consult rather than ‘sell’.  Customers look to us for expert advice in material handling equipment.”

On further consolidation in the Australian industry, Hashem sees definite possibilities although he says KFAP is not at present looking.

“The small players within the Australian market are easy targets for the mid- to large-size operators.  Forklift businesses provide a highly portable and adaptable ‘rent roll’ to forklift companies looking for economies of scale and marketshare through acquisition.”

The company plans to be a major participant in the Australian industry, a vision underpinned by its branch network which spans the country with 11 branches, 43 equipment depots and 900 qualified technicians, and a general manager focused on success.
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National forklift campaign to improve safety
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Australia’s federal workplace safety regulator, Comcare, is driving a major national safety campaign to improve the safety of workers near forklifts.

According to CEO Paul O’Connor, on average more than 1,000 work-related injuries involving forklifts occur each year.

“Forklifts make many jobs easier, but they should not make jobs more dangerous,” he says.

“There is a fundamental responsibility on employers and employees to make sure they are aware of the safety basics so that forklift operators and the people around them are protected from harm.”

Aside from the injuries to workers, forklift incidents are also costly for employers.

In 2006/07 – 2007/08, workers’ compensation claims from injured workers involving forklifts cost employers in the Comcare Scheme almost $1.4 million.

During the campaign, Comcare investigators will visit a range of employers to assess the safety of forklift operations, provide guidance and assistance for the employer to rectify any problems, and, if necessary, enforce improvements.

Comcare will commence with site visits later this month, with results available by the end of the year.
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Forklift kills NZ stevedore
Tauranga, New Zealand
A New Zealand stevedore, employed by Independent ISL, was killed last week when he was struck by a forklift at Port of Tauranga.

Media reports say the forklift was carrying a load of pulp bales when it struck the man who was walking out of a nearby office. Stevedoring operations were shut down after the fatality occurred.

Police and the Department of Labour are investigating the incident.

Two weeks ago, New Zealand’s Department of Labour urged employers to make sure their workers are able to work safely around machinery.

The warning follows the sentencing of McAlpines Timber Limited on 17 June 2010 at the Rangiora District Court over an incident involving a forklift in which an employee died in September 2009.

McAlpines was fined NZ$40,130 and ordered to pay reparation totaling NZ$67,200.

The company admitted failing to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of an employee – specifically, that the employee was not exposed to hazards arising from the use of forklifts in the workplace.

At the time of the accident, the employee was supervising the loading of his truck and trailer when he was struck by a forklift.

The Department of Labour - Christchurch service manager Margaret Radford says that this accident was preventable.

“Employers should take all practicable steps to make sure that employees are safe at work especially where potentially dangerous equipment and vehicles are involved.

“Forklifts are very useful, but are potentially very dangerous.

“When forklifts are operated in restricted spaces where other people are also working, employers should take particular care to make sure that employees are not harmed.

“The hazards associated with loading and unloading trucks and trailers with forklifts, including driver safety zones and pedestrian movements in close proximity to forklift operations, should not be overlooked.”
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Accessory or Necessity? Discussing the benefits of forklift add-ons
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7. S2 Service Technician - Full time
United States, Nashville, TN

8. BDD Inside Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Charlotte,NC

9. District Service Manager - Full time
United States, Long Beach, CA; Oakland, CA; or Rolling Meadows, IL

10. Product Support Manager (Division Operations Manager) - Full time
United States, St. Louis, Missouri


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1. Management - Full time
Any, United States

2. Sales/Management - Full time
United States, United States

3. Sales/Management - Full time
Midwest, United States


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Fast Facts

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Editorial Calendar 2009

Editorial Calendar 2010

The Forklift Market in The USA
Attachments: Pallet Handling
Used Forklift Dealers
The Forklift Market in China
Materials Handling Equipment in Ports
The Forklift Market in Latin America
Industrial Tryes and Wheels
Batteries and Chargers
Materials Handling in Europe
Warehouse Counter Balance Forklifts
Spare Parts


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