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This is issue #466 - 17 June 2010 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Fuel cell trials under way across US


Small UK companies in difficulty, study says
Xerox scammed with unrepaired forklift parts
Watts expands Interfit
Figures show big fall in UK forklift injuries
PD Ports attracts large feeder operator to Teesport
Fuel cell trials under way across US
IMHX launches Design 4 Safety Awards
Keytroller rolls out fleet management device
Sample of used equipment for sale
Product News
Movers & Shakers
JCB forklifts kick off World Cup
Breathalizers reins in unlimited beer on job

Komatsu invests in forklift apprentices
FreightLink sold to US bidder
Logistics scholarship winners announced
NSW boosts port infrastructure

Heavy lift forks, carriages and masts. Any way you want them
BEB Announces Upgraded Tool for Forklift Sales
New Generation of Quoting Software Released

UG Series - Omega Lift Manufacturing Inc.,
Ecomatic Press-on and Resilient Tires

LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
Start the Engines – Drive Clean with CHILITM Diesel Particulate Filters
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SAFETY FIRST: Danny Maron: It doesn’t always add up

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This week’s warning about the vulnerability of smaller UK forklift players is a reminder of the differences in the pace of recovery in different markets. Coming on top of broader warnings about further tough times ahead in Europe, the Plimsoll report does not paint a rosy picture for smaller operators which have to deal with flagging sales, shrinking financial reserves and limited access to further capital. Of course, the woes of this sector make many of the businesses, especially those with unique offerings, vulnerable to take-over. But they also spell opportunities for end-users, with prices depressed and value-adding widespread. The one danger, of course, is doing business with companies that may not have a steady future – so if a deal is too good to be true, it’s probably not.

Small UK companies in difficulty, study says
Stockton, United Kingdom
Market analyst Plimsoll has identified 63 small UK forklift companies that are in financial difficulty as the lingering effects of the credit crunch continue to bite hardest at the lower end of the market.

David Pattison, author of the Plimsoll Analysis – Fork Lift Trucks, says smaller companies have not had the same facilities as their larger counterparts to ride out the recession.

“While larger companies have relied on their size, brands and better access to cash, smaller companies have been left high and dry.”

He explains that Plimsoll has given 63 small companies a “danger” rating.

“While conditions have improved [lately], I fear a high proportion will fail. Whereas large companies can call on banks and parent companies to cut out loss-making parts of their operations, smaller companies are increasingly running out of cash.”

Pattison also points out that small companies are struggling to maintain their marketshare and says that 146 small companies are selling less than last year.

“Clearly, they have seen demand for their products dip or, worse still, a new competitor has emerged. With their finances already stretched, they have little left in their arsenal to fight back.”

So what is next for these small companies?

Pattison thinks that there will inevitably be another round of consolidation with large companies buying the smaller ones at a discount.

“Of the 357 companies with assets of less than GBP3 million (USD4.4 million), we have identified 152 companies as being vulnerable to takeover.”

The new Plimsoll study gives a performance rating on 500 UK forklift companies. News readers will receive a GBP50 (USD74) discount off the paper if they quote PR/SD33 when they call +44 1642 626 400.
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Xerox scammed with unrepaired forklift parts
Rochester, NY, United States
A federal grand jury returned a 12-count indictment on a repair shop and 10 individuals for conspiring to defraud Xerox Corp of USD4.1 million over five years.

The swindle involved Xerox mechanics responsible for forklift maintenance placing false orders with Clarkson Auto Electric Inc, which charged the global document management company for parts that were not delivered and services that were not performed.

The indictment alleges that a Clarkson Auto owner picked up old and used forklift parts at a Xerox plant in Webster, New York, repackaged them at the repair firm’s Clarkson, New York shop and delivered them as if they were new or had been repaired.

An internal Xerox audit in 2007 prompted an investigation that was conducted by the office of William J Hochul Jr, US attorney for the western district of New York State.

The scheme occurred from 1 January 2002 through 12 October 2007, according to the 32-page indictment, which lists dates, numbers and amounts of invoices and payments.

Indicted Clarkson Auto owners Anthonio Fretto, 72, of Webster; Matthew LaVilla, 66, of Spencerport; and Gerald Fretto, 46, of Ontario, all in New York State, allegedly used the funds primarily to pay personal debts and make investments. Each was named in multiple counts including money laundering and faces possible property forfeiture involving business and personal holdings.

The indictment names then-Xerox employees who were assigned to the inter-plant vehicle maintenance group with responsibility for repairing Xerox’s forklifts.

Those indicted are James Noto, 42, of Ontario; Daniel Streff, 45, of Webster; Thomas Randall, 44, of Marion; Daniel Larocco, 44, of Ontario; Edward Hawkins, 51, of Marion; David Dailey, 40, of Bloomfield; and Randy Van Steen, 48, of Williamson, all in New York State. Each allegedly participated in the scheme and received kickbacks.

Mail fraud and conspiracy charges against them each carry a maximum of 20 years in prison, a USD250,000 fine or both.

Each of the 10 defendants entered a plea of not guilty during a 10 June arraignment and was released without bail.

The grand jury in Rochester was empanelled on 8 April and returned the indictments under seal on 8 June.

Norwalk, Connecticut-based Xerox reported profit of USD230 million on 2009 sales of USD17.61 billion. The largest population of Xerox employees is based in and around Rochester.

In disclosing the indictments, Hochul says that all companies — large and small — need to keep a close eye on people and contractors they employ.
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LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
LTW’s aisle-changing technology is unique in the material handling industry.  With our fast and efficient aisle-changing stacker cranes, LTW warehouse systems can be tailored to meet the throughput needs of each customer.  Due to LTW’s high level of expertise with automation, our stacker cranes are able to handle tedious loads with a smooth shuttle placement technology.  This precision results in consistent stability and less product damage.   Stacker crates create better cube utilization of warehouse space, increased storage efficiency, reduced labor costs and increased throughput.

LTW Intralogistics, Inc.,
phone:  +1 717-767-7210,
Shopfront:  LTW Shopfront
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Watts expands Interfit
Lydney, United Kingdom
Watts Tyre Group is expanding its Interfit service operation into the Czech Republic.

Chief executive Jean-Paul Mindermann says the company’s move into the Czech Republic follows Interfit’s successful launch in the UK, France and Germany.

“In the six months since Interfit was launched, we have already seen how customers benefit from a multi-brand choice and our service standards,” he says, adding that Interfit is Europe’s leading on-site tyre and wheel service supplier to the materials handling industry. “By bringing [it] to Czech Republic, we are strengthening that position,” he explains.

Mindermann says the group expects that more expansions for Interfit will follow.

Interfit operations in Czech Republic will begin in September.

The Watts Tyre Group provides tyre and wheel solutions globally. It has operations in the UK, France, Germany, US, Uruguay and Mexico and distributes in 60 countries. It produces brands like Premia, Kargo and FMCX.
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Figures show big fall in UK forklift injuries
Alton, United Kingdom
The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) is encouraged by new Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics showing a significant fall in UK forklift accidents since the introduction of its National Safety Week, but is reminding managers that there is still much more to do.

Announcing the dates of this year’s Safety Week, from 20-26 September, FLTA CEO David Ellison confirms that last year’s overall accident toll was the lowest recorded in the century - down 25% from the average annual figure.

The fall contrasts with accident figures for other workplace transport, like light goods vehicles (LGVs).

Workplace transport analysis on the HSE website states that the number of accidents involving LGVs has remained “broadly flat over recent years” but the number of forklift injuries fell sharply over the last year, leaving it 13% below that of 2001/02 for the first time.  (The HSE only started providing forklift-related injury data in 2001/02.)

Forklift-related deaths and injuries among members of the public dropped last year to 59% below the average of 14 deaths, a statistics the FLTA hopes is a reflection of the wide targeting of its safety message.

“It is far too early to fully appreciate whether this is a two-year blip or an ongoing trend but any reduction in the injury toll is, of course, extremely welcome,” Ellison says.

He adds that the coinciding of the improvement with the start of FLTA’s Safety Week campaigns is “most encouraging”.

“Clearly there is no room for complacency. Serious forklift-related accidents remain all too common and still hospitalise UK workers at a rate of more than one per day. But these figures show the difference that individual workers, managers and forklift operators can make with just a little more care.”

The FLTA introduced National Fork Lift Safety Week in 2008 to reduce the number of British forklift accidents attributable to human error, through complacency or lack of awareness of basic safety procedures.

For information on National Fork Lift Safety Week or to download free safety resources, go to
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Start the Engines – Drive Clean with CHILITM Diesel Particulate Filters
Proventia’s CHILITM Filters are brand-new active emission control systems that are ideal for low load applications like forklifts.
Intelligent electrically regenerated CHILITM filters reduce the PM emission over 90%.  

The fully automated filter CHILITM is invisible to the driver.
The on-board regeneration system with intelligent control unit guarantees the forklift to operate without maintenance breaks.
And CHILI’s compact measurements also ensure an easy installation in limited spaces.

The Proventia’s CHILITM Filter does not require any additives and its noise reduction capability is excellent.

For more information visit or email
Find all Proventia’s contact details in the Proventia ShopFront.

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PD Ports attracts large feeder operator to Teesport
London, United Kingdom
PD Ports has a new container feeder service into Teesport by one of Europe’s largest feeder operations.

The new service by Unifeeder, which will sail into Teesport three times weekly, will open up the German market via Hamburg and also serve Rotterdam.

PD Ports managing director - unitised Frans Calje says the company’s strategy is to expand its port-wide capacity.

“This new call into Teesport greatly enhances the network of services which we can offer to the North East region’s importers and exporters … We have considerable growth opportunities, backed by long-term investment, which will position Teesport as a major player in the container market,” Calje says.

He adds that PD Ports has experienced 68% year-on-year growth in volumes at its two container terminals,from 35,000 TEUs in the first quarter of 2009 to 58,700 TEUs.

“We are expecting to see a 50% growth over the whole year to December 2010.”

Jesper Kristensen, Unifeeder’s managing director, says the Danish shipping line is excited to include Teesport in its feeder network. “We hope our many customers will benefit from our decision to include the UK East Coast in our future service calls.”

Teesport’s total unitised business, which includes ro-ro services, now handles over 425,000 TEUs a year. PD Ports, a UK supply chain services provider, employs over 1,140 people and generates an annual turnover of over GBP120 million (USD177.6 million) from its ports and logistics centres.
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Fuel cell trials under way across US
Golden, CO, United States
Forklifts are a key component for real-world commercial trials of hydrogen fuel cells under a Department of Energy (DoE) project.

DoE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is serving as an independent, third-party assessor of the performance of the early fuel cell market demonstrations. Funding comes from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 and contributions from participating companies.

NREL’s Hydrogen Secure Data Centre (HSDC) in Golden is analysing performance of approximately 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell units installed across the country in forklift, backup and stationary power sites and auxiliary power units.

Grants for the forklift trials account for about 23% of the fuel cell program’s federal funding of USD42 million. Company commitments for the total fuel cell program amount to an additional USD51 million.

A forklift-intensive warehouse “looks like chaos” to an outsider, but the operation is effectively organised for productivity, says NREL’s Jennifer Kurtz. “They have productivity measures, such as how much material is moved per eight-hour shift.” A forklift that doesn’t slow down as the hours pass or a forklift that can be refueled in four minutes – rather than have its battery replaced in 20 minutes – can have a positive impact on productivity, she notes.

“Even if it comes down to one minute of productivity gain, that’s a noticeable improvement for warehouses where forklift use is really maxed out,” says Kurtz, a senior engineer and team leader for the project.

Forklift fuel cell testing is under way in seven states, Kurtz says.

Third-party logistics supplier Genco Supply Chain Solutions of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has trials in two locations in Pennsylvania and single sites in South Carolina, North Carolina and Maryland.

Sysco Corp of Houston, Texas is using fuel cell powered forklifts capable of operating in hot or cold conditions at a warehouse in Houston. Sysco sells, markets and distributes food products to businesses and institutions.

Technology developer Nuvera Fuel Cells Inc of Billerica, Massachusetts is conducting a trial in Texas, and transportation, e-commerce and business service provider FedEx Corp of Memphis, Tennessee has a test under way at a site in Missouri.

Other than for forklifts, four firms are testing fuel cell backup power, one is testing combined power and heat, one is testing auxiliary power and two are testing portable power.

It is anticipated that the data analysis will help the companies understand how the fuel cell and hydrogen units perform along with comparisons with competing technologies.

The HSDC recognised a need to deliver useful information to the participating companies without betraying their internal secrets. “We protect the proprietary data by creating composite data projects,” Kurtz says. “The data are aggregated across all the project partners.”

A company can see its own data and how it compares with the aggregate data, but it cannot hone in on a competitor’s specifics.

“Our first set of technical results for the ARRA projects will be later this year,” Kurtz says. “NREL expects to be analysing and reporting on data through the award periods, which will end between 2011 and 2013.”

The HSDC began analysing data from fuel cell vehicles in 2005.

The Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC operates the NREL for the DoE office of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Separately in the clean energy arena, three Washington, DC-based trade associations joined forces to encourage expansion of the US commitment for use of hydrogen and fuel cells.

“A clarification of priorities is needed,” the organisations say in an 11 June statement. “To achieve our national goals for increased security and reduced pollutants, the US must expand its commitment to the clean energy options that hydrogen and fuel cells provide. We have learned from other advanced energy opportunities lost that it will be more expensive to buy these technologies back from foreign competitors if we let them finish what the US has started.”

Collectively, the Electric Drive Transportation Association, the US Fuel Cell Council and the National Hydrogen Association represent more than 200 companies and organisations.
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IMHX launches Design 4 Safety Awards
Birmingham, United Kingdom
UK materials handling show IMHX has launched an awards programme for the handling and storage industry to highlight the importance of product design in improving safety.

Organised by IMHX co-owners Quartz Publishing & Exhibitions Ltd and the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA), the Design 4 Safety Awards are open to all 300-plus anticipated exhibitors at IMHX 2010, which is held at the NEC in Birmingham from 16-19 November.

Quartz IMHX event director Rob Fisher says the awards will promote and reward innovative thinking about handling and storage safety regardless of product type or cost.

BITA secretary general James Clark adds that IMHX is a “huge opportunity to promote the importance of safety, celebrate excellence in design and raise wider awareness of the industry’s commitment to safety”.

Exhibitors can nominate any number of products or services in each of the competition’s four categories – industrial trucks, racking and storage, automation and technology. Three entries for each category will be shortlisted by 1 September and the winners will be announced at a special VIP Awards Breakfast on the first day of IMHX.

An independent panel of materials handling and health and safety experts, chaired by a senior figure from the Health & Safety Executive, will undertake the shortlisting and final judging of the entries.

The winners will be those deemed to provide the strongest evidence of a measurable contribution to safety awareness or the rate of incident reduction.

Shortlisted products will be highlighted in the show catalogue and featured in the IMHX Design 4 Safety showcase zone at the exhibition while category winners will get certificates, trophies and flyers to use on their stands.

An official entry form is available at Entries close on 30 July.
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Keytroller rolls out fleet management device
Tampa, FL, United States
Electronic safety device manufacturer Keytroller LLC has created a dual video drive recorder with GPS (global positioning system) technology for management of fleets.

The pro-active Smarter-brand device has a list price of USD500 and can enhance driver accountability and video proof of accident liability through inside and outside views of the equipment.

Keytroller sees particular application for the Smarter device with fleets of taxicabs, buses, delivery trucks and highway transports.

The Smarter device has a two-gigabyte SD memory card with built-in software, infrared illuminator for use inside the driver’s cabin for video at night, cigarette lighter plug power supply and mounting bracket. The device can accept a memory card up to 16GB.

Other devices in the Keytroller product line are designed primarily for use with forklifts, construction equipment, aerial lifts, personal carriers, boats and hazardous transport trucks.

Tampa-based Keytroller supplies more than 500 North American aftermarket equipment dealers, numerous original equipment manufacturers of vehicles and importers in England, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.
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Product News
Bobcat improves cab
London, United Kingdom

Bobcat, a part of Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment Group, has introduced an improved operator cab for its range of telehandlers.
The new cab includes an improved dashboard, a fully-integrated air-conditioning system and a sturdier steering wheel.
A new sun-visor offers improved protection for the operator and the exterior lights have been upgraded to provide better visibility.

Kalmar completes F-generation
Stockholm, Sweden

The new Kalmar DCF70-40E is the final machine to join Cargotec’s range of “F”-generation counterbalance equipment. It replaces the previous DCD model and shares the same technical platform as the current Kalmar DCF80 empty container handler.
Cargotec says the empty container handler is based on proven technology and features a cleaner engine with better fuel efficiency; new hydraulic and electric systems; improved maintenance intervals; a more ergonomic cabin; and a state-of-the-art diagnostic system. It is the smallest empty container handler offered by Cargotec.

Yale launches new IC forklifts
Greenville, NC, United States

Yale Materials Handling Corp has launched the GCO50LX cushion tyre and GPO50LX pneumatic tyre internal combustion forklifts.
JB Mayes, Yale’s product strategy manager, says the forklifts are suitable for everyday materials handling needs in moderate-duty applications.
“Their low fuel consumption, coupled with their performance and ergonomics, allows [them] to move more loads per gallon of fuel than the competition,” Mayes claims.

Hyster Europe’s new options
Fleet, United Kingdom

Hyster’s empty container handlers have several new developments in addition to the XTL axle that it says reduces tyre wear and costs.
The new “lay-back” mast options on the H16.00-22.00XM-12EC enables the truck to pass easily under overhead obstacles, which are commonly found in port and terminal environments, like bridges or pipelines.
Other options include four versions of “hooks and side-clamps”, which means there is now a total of nine empty container engagement systems on Hyster’s H16.00-22.00XM-12EC machines.
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Movers & Shakers
Gauteng, South Africa
Geoff Tucker has been appointed CEO of Masslift, the Southern African distributor of Mitsubishi forklifts. Tucker was previously managing director of Barloworld UK. He has spent about 30 years in various divisions in Barloworld Handling, the last three in the UK.

Homewood, IL, United States
Bolzoni Auramo Inc has appointed Tim Wilson as US pulp and paper national accounts manager. Wilson will be responsible for identifying sales opportunities for Bolzoni-Auramo pulp and paper products in the US, especially to national accounts end-users.

Portland, OR, United States
Jay Costello has been appointed NMHG’s director of training. Costello has held management positions in service publications, advertising, dealer promotion, aftermarket sales, national account sales, brand marketing and pricing.
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JCB forklifts kick off World Cup
Johannesburg, South Africa
Clarklift South Africa (PTY) Ltd has supplied nine JCB Teletruk forklifts to prepare major stadiums hosting the 2010 World Cup tournament in South Africa.

The Teletruks performed general materials handling duties during the final construction and fit-out stages of hospitality suites and visitor facilities at the six main World Cup venues.

Two of the Teletruks, manufactured by JCB Utility Products at their Cheadle plant in Staffordshire, have been deployed at Soccer City, Johannesburg, the main 94,000-capacity World Cup stadium that staged the opening game and that will stage the final game.

There are also two machines working at the Durban stadium and at Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium, while there is one machine on each site at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg, Free State Stadium at Bloemfontein and Peter Mokaba Stadium at Polokwane.

Mike Poxon, JCB Industrial’s international sales manager, says that the tasks at the stadiums require a forklift that is flexible and can work on rough ground.

The Teletruk fit the bill with its compact size and 4WD capability, Poxon says.

A 22 tonne JCB JS220 tracked excavator was used to construct the Allianz Arena in Munich, the main stadium for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.
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Breathalizers reins in unlimited beer on job
Hoje-Taastrup, Denmark
Carlsberg A/S is utilising Alcolock breathalizers on forklifts and other equipment to monitor operators’ previously unlimited beer consumption on the job.

The brewing company created waves of dissent and an employee strike for imposing new work rules effective from 1 April at a distribution facility in Hoje-Taastrup.

Managers restricted beer consumption for warehouse employees to lunch hours in the plant cafeteria, with a limit of three pint-sized cups.

The imposition offended distribution centre workers who previously had open access to beer on the job and were given the discretion of drinking within reason.

About 260 employees at the distribution facility went on strike and gained support through the walk-out of about 500 workers at a Carlsberg brewery in Fredericia, Denmark.

The strike ended on 11 April, with Carlsberg management agreeing to move toward a temporary solution and a longer-term legal settlement. The United Federation of Danish Workers, known as the Fagligt Faelles Forbund or 3F union, represents the workers.

Alcolock GB Ltd of St Ives, England produces the state-of-the-art ergonomically designed alcohol-activated breathalizer that is connected to a vehicle immobilizer via a wireless system.

Copenhagen, Denmark-based Carlsberg was the world’s fourth-largest brewery group in 2009. The publicly traded organisation employs about 45,000 staff.
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Komatsu invests in forklift apprentices
Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Komatsu Forklift Australia (KFA) has taken on two new apprentices, Scott Williams and Caroline Diaz, as part of its commitment to ensure its future generation of technicians keep the company at the top of its game.

KFA apprentices are selected for their scholastic accomplishments, community mindedness, mechanical aptitude and their dedication to commit to a four-year apprenticeship.

Williams and Diaz, employed at the company’s Seven Hills branch, have just finished a successful three-month probation period as first year automotive specialist forklift apprentices.

The company now has apprentices in five of its 11 branches, with plans to introduce apprentices to the rest in the near future.
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FreightLink sold to US bidder
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Rail operator FreightLink has been sold to US rail operator Genesee & Wyoming Inc (GWI).

The heavily indebted company went into voluntary receivership in November 2008 after its board was unable to obtain all the required consents for a voluntary sale of the business ( News #386).

Receiver KordaMentha announced this week that it had entered into an agreement with the New York Exchange-listed GWI for the sale of all of the assets of FreightLink. The sale is expected to take around three months to complete.

Martin Madden, receiver and manager, says the company continues to perform well operationally, despite being burdened with an inappropriate debt structure.

FreightLink, which operates six intermodal freight services a week between Adelaide and Darwin, began operating in 2004. It has since increased intermodal and bulk freight volumes from 580,000 tonnes to 3,800,000 tonnes a year.

GWI operates on over 60 railroads in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia, generating revenue of over US600 million.  Its Australian subsidiary operates over 5,000 km of track, providing intrastate haulage of bulk commodities to key industries as well as short-haul shunting and terminal operations.
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Logistics scholarship winners announced
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The winners of the 2010 University Scholarships Program, sponsored by the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA), have been announced.

Matthew Cameron-Gardner, who is enrolled in a Bachelor of Business and Commerce studying Global Operations & Supply Chain Management at the University of Western Sydney, and Stasia Willoughby, who is undertaking a double Bachelor of Management degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management at the University of South Australia, were the lucky recipients.

The program provides an incentive for undergraduate university students to undertake logistics and supply chain streams and majors, with the aim of pursuing careers in these areas.

Brad Harrison, LAA president, says he was delighted at the response to the program from so many young people keen to further their careers in the industry.

Each scholarship of $2,500 includes membership of the LAA and will contribute to course-related costs.
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NSW boosts port infrastructure
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The NSW government will invest $314.4 million in projects to improve and upgrade infrastructure at Port Botany.

Ports and waterways minister Paul McLeay says a further $168.7 million will be spent on the $1 billion Port Botany Container Terminal Expansion project.

“This project underpins more than 500 jobs and will create a new 1.8 kilometre wharf, with five new shipping berths,” says McLeay.

With a target of moving 40% of freight by rail, the government is investing $97.4 million in the development of the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre.

“This intermodal facility will allow for more efficient transfer of containers by train to and from Port Botany and help us deliver on this target,” says McLeay.

Other projects supported in the 2010/11 NSW Budget include:
• $11.9 million invested in reducing congestion on local roads through the Port Botany Landside Improvement Strategy,
• $2.2 million for the second bulk liquids facility at Port Botany,
• $7.4 million for the vessel traffic services system, and
• $4.4 million for replacement pilot vessels.

Around $10.4 million will also be spent in the development of a new passenger cruise terminal.
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Heavy lift forks, carriages and masts. Any way you want them
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BEB Announces Upgraded Tool for Forklift Sales
New Generation of Quoting Software Released
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - BEB Industrial Asset Management announced the release of the newest version of its quoting software for material handling equipment - QuoteMaster IQ®. This is the seventh generation of the company’s popular quoting software, and it incorporates many new features for its users. The original QuoteMaster product was born in 1991 out of a single material handling equipment (MHE) dealer to improve the efficiencies of the sales processes. While the latest version is vastly different from the original, the primary benefit is still the same – to help MHE salespeople produce better quotes, faster and easier, and thereby close more sales.

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UG Series - Omega Lift Manufacturing Inc.,
Omega Lift Manufacturing a Canadian manufacturer of premium Rough Terrain Forklifts has recently added to its extensive product line of equipment with the addition of the UG Series. The UG Series has been specifically engineered and manufactured to work in the harshest environments and handle extreme applications with very high duty cycles. The UG Series has been available for the last 18 month and has seen duty predominantly in mining and military.

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Ecomatic Press-on and Resilient Tires
Solideal USA announces ECOMATIC, a new eco-friendly budget line. The new line is manufactured utilizing European Technology and has proven to provide long wear in general use operations. Solideal’s Ecomatic e-smooth and e-traction press-on line is manufactured with a universal rubber compound and recycled steel base bands. The press-on lineup includes all the most common sizes and a lower price solution for press-on forklift applications. Solideal’s Ecomatic ETR resilient line is manufactured with a universal rubber compound and reclaimed cores from worn 3-stage resilient tires. The resilient lineup includes all the most common sizes and a lower price solution for resilient forklift applications.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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Danny Maron: It doesn’t always add up
OTTAWA, Canada
One part of forklift theory always presents challenges - the understanding of load centres and capacities. Unfortunately, according to Danny Maron, it is also an essential element in operator preparation.

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.
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Melbourne, Australia
20th and 21st July 2010

4. Expo Pack 2010 Mexico / PROCESA 2010
Mexico City, Mexico
June 22 – 25, 2010

5. UKWA Annual Lunch and Awards
London, United Kingdom
7th July 2010


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1. Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Chicagoland

2. Product Support Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Southern California

3. Regional Sales Manager Yale - Full time
United States, North East Region

4. National Accounts Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Lexington

5. S2 Service Technician - Full time
United States, Tampa, FL

6. Customer Support Representative x 2 - Full time
United Kingdom, Leeds

7. Field Service Technician - Full time
United States, Addison, IL

8. Service Manager - Full time
United States, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Editorial Calendar 2009

Editorial Calendar 2010

The Forklift Market in The USA
Attachments: Pallet Handling
Used Forklift Dealers
The Forklift Market in China
Materials Handling Equipment in Ports
The Forklift Market in Latin America
Industrial Tryes and Wheels
Batteries and Chargers
Materials Handling in Europe
Warehouse Counter Balance Forklifts
Spare Parts


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