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This is issue #464 - 03 June 2010 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Slow recovery for forklift industry


KION takes full control of Baoli
Toyota denies it will close Castleford site
Slow recovery for forklift industry
Liugong won’t rule out growing via acquisitions
Mitsubishi boosts efficiency with new distribution system
Hyster introduces six-high stacking option
Inaugural CeMAT coming soon
Jones succeeds retiring Paylor at JLG
Flawed dock bridge leads to fine
Sample of used equipment for sale

Gough supplies new forklifts to rail network
WorkSafe WA reminds forklift operators to convert
New degree in supply chain management
Woolworths prepares for grand final
Company fined for telehandler incident

Ecomatic Press-on and Resilient Tires
Acer Choose Articulated Trucks
The 6th Guangzhou International Brand Forklift & Accessories Exhibition 2010
Guangzhou International Logistic Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2010

New products from Maximal
New Compact Five Stage Mast Launched by Lift Technologies
FleetNet America’s system gives you the solutions

LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
Start the Engines – Drive Clean with CHILITM Diesel Particulate Filters
Every day 950 users search the Business Directory for suppliers: can they find your company?

Company Profile: E & E Industries

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Secrecy only gives rise to rumour, as a visit to our Online Forums will show. We follow the tip-offs submitted to the discussions, and usually find that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Often, however, organisations deny the rumours, especially when they concern closures or planned staff lay-offs. Mergers and acquisitions are also usually shrouded in secrecy. However, the truth always comes out, and companies are better off being up-front and truthful. So, there are two key messages here: firstly, if you hear industry rumours, please let us know; and secondly, if the rumours are about your company and they are true, then please do the right thing and confirm them.

KION takes full control of Baoli
Wiesbaden, Germany and Jingjiang, China
The KION Group GmbH has taken full management control of KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co Ltd, the joint venture company it established with China’s Jiangsu Shangqi Group Co Ltd and Jingjiang Baoli Forklift Co Ltd last year.

KION Group CEO Gordon Riske says the company will boost its position as China’s top international materials handling equipment supplier with its investment in KION Baoli.

“KION Baoli with its highly competitive product portfolio is an important pillar of our strategy to expand our activities in the emerging markets,” he explains.

KION Group spokesman Michael Hauger tells News that KION, with its Linde premium brand and economy Baoli brand, has an approximate 7% market share in China, with Linde dominating the industry’s premium forklifts.

While the group’s wholly owned subsidiary, Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp, was the first foreign forklift company to set up a plant in China, in 1993, Linde competitors have pointed out that the operation is yet to be profitable.

Commenting on this speculation, Hauger says that the group’s Chinese operations “are delivering a positive contribution to the group’s profitability”. “Premium products and services … in China deliver a premium profitability both for our customers who benefit from the unbeaten efficiency of our products and,of course, for KION Group.”

Chingpong Quek, KION Baoli’s general manager, says with the forklift market recovery in China, KION Group will “further invest into KION Baoli”. “We have a comprehensive integration plan focusing in the areas of sales, service, product development, and production systems to meet the expectations of our customers.”

Baoli, KION Group’s fourth brand, is marketed in the economy segment globally. Its product range includes diesel/LPG, electric trucks and warehouse trucks with 1-10 tonne load capacities. Its sales and service network is present in all Chinese provinces and in 80 countries. KION Baoli employs about 500 people.

KION Baoli has been fully integrated into KION Group’s global operations.
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Toyota denies it will close Castleford site
Castleford, United Kingdom
Toyota Material Handling UK (TMHUK) has denied it is closing its Castleford operation, claiming it is “rightsizing” facilities there and will maintain a strong presence in the area.

Operations director Tony Wallis issued a statement after News contacted TMHUK about rumours circulating on’s Discussion Forums.

Industry sources posted on the Forum that TMHUK will “most probably” be closing its Castleford site by October 2010 and that all new truck preparation will move to Leicester, warranty personnel will move to Warrington, and sales and marketing staff will move to a small office in Castleford. Sources say redundancies can be expected in the sales administrative, engineering and warranty department roles.

“Indicating we are closing Castleford is not a true reflection of our strategy,” Wallis says.

“We are expanding jobs and facilities in our UK operations to achieve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, which has identified the need to resize Castleford … Our marketing, training academy, technical services, human resources, finance, demonstrator fleet operation, IT, sales and after-sales support functions based in Castleford are unaffected,” he explains.
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LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
LTW’s aisle-changing technology is unique in the material handling industry.  With our fast and efficient aisle-changing stacker cranes, LTW warehouse systems can be tailored to meet the throughput needs of each customer.  Due to LTW’s high level of expertise with automation, our stacker cranes are able to handle tedious loads with a smooth shuttle placement technology.  This precision results in consistent stability and less product damage.   Stacker crates create better cube utilization of warehouse space, increased storage efficiency, reduced labor costs and increased throughput.

LTW Intralogistics, Inc.,
phone:  +1 717-767-7210,
Shopfront:  LTW Shopfront
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Slow recovery for forklift industry
United States
By Roger Renstrom

A number of North American forklift companies are expecting better times ahead, among them, the eastern and central US distributor of Heli forklifts.

The business is “going like an arrow, so we are pretty happy right now”, says Bruce Pelynio, president and chief executive officer of Memphis, Tennessee-based Dobbs Imports LLC doing business as Heli Americas. “We have gotten out of the ‘woe-is-me’ phase and are seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel that may not be a train.”

Pelynio says both quotes and orders for Heli products are up and the company is “well positioned” to take advantage of an improving economy in Heli Americas’ 31-state territory.

He questions the actions of some manufacturers. “Everyone wants to participate in the recovery, so some people do stupid things with pricing,” he says. “I have never figured a way to discount your way to success.”

Pelynio notes his favourite quote: You can’t spend (market) share. “That (measurement) seems to be the Holy Grail for many manufacturers.”

Pelynio notes the constrained state of the financial industry. “Banks are not doing leases for forklifts,” he says. “Credit is not what it is being touted in the newspapers.”

At the same time, “people showing exemplary performance through the downturn can qualify for a loan,” Pelynio says. “People will not find easy-lease money just as they will not find easy-mortgage money (and, for certain,) they just cannot get a USD250,000 loan on goodwill.”

Pelynio says many end-users have stretched the service life of their fleets and are beginning to encounter maintenance issues with older equipment.

Certain equipment has been “beaten into the ground,” he notes, “and, if it has been in mothballs, it is expensive to repair.”

Getting manufacturing capacity ramped up will take time, with end-users, meanwhile, probably experiencing longer delivery times. “All of the major domestics are at 20-plus-week levels with moderate sales levels,” Pelynio says. “If we ever get back to 2007 (volumes), it will take manufacturers six to eight months to ramp up.” Empty forecasts have prompted suppliers of motors, castings, cylinders and other components to slow down, and, typically, the manufacturers utilise the same suppliers.

Heli equipment is “able to provide more than a four- to five-year lifecycle,” he maintains. “We will be competitive. We do not have overbuilt component designs, and we do not have proprietary software.”

Pelynio in his territory has opted to avoid distributing the largest forklifts that Anhui Heli Co Ltd of Hefei, China manufactures. “I made a decision to stop at 40,000lbs (18,000kg),” he says. The Heli line “does go up to 100,000 lbs (45,000kg).”

Pelynio observes that the materials handling industry has “seen the start (of a recovery), but is it sustainable in the third or fourth quarter” of calendar 2010? I think so.”

Forklift distributor Ramon Chavez Jr is a realist, although he does not regard himself as an authority.

Asked how the North American economy is doing in the forklift industry, Chavez says: “It is still dog eat dog out there. However, it is a great time to buy for the wise end-user. US dealers are fighting for every sale.”

Chavez operates the San Antonio, Texas facility of Permian Machinery Movers Inc, a family-owned and –operated distributor of forklifts and materials handling equipment.

“Everyone will be affected by this recession,” he says. “It might be at different times in each sector, but if you have not (been affected), it’s coming. The forklift business has bottomed out and is slowly coming back.”

Chavez noted that demand brings the need to produce. “That will get the phone ringing,” he says. “It’s coming from all sectors slowly.”

The energy segment, a key industry in Texas, “seems to be the last one standing or not yet affected by this recession,” Chavez says. “I think demand for oil will eventually fall, thus completing the cycle. The graph of the overall supply and demand line seems like a giant heart beat, slowing to climb for about 20 years (and) then down sharply only to start up again for the next 20 years.”

The San Antonio site and other Permian locations in Odessa and El Paso, Texas represent the TCM and Tusk forklift lines.

Meanwhile, another dealership sees movement.

“We have seen a 10% increase in quote activity, but I have no confidence” in a quick economic recovery, says Rick Chastain, sales manager in Poway, California for a Crown Equipment Corp factory store. The location serves San Diego and Imperial counties in the US and the northern portion of the state of Baja California in Mexico.

At a recent trade show, Chastain and his team exhibited the Crown C-5 Series cushion forklift, which has an industrial S250 internal combustion engine from the power systems unit of Deere & Company of Moline, Illinois.

New Bremen, Ohio-based Crown, known primarily for its electric forklifts, released the C-5 Series to the commercial market in December.
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Liugong won’t rule out growing via acquisitions
Shenzhen, China
Liugong Machinery wants to grow its forklift business through acquisitions if the right opportunities come up.

In an exclusive interview with News, Liugong Forklift Americas vice president David O’ Dell says Liugong Machinery’s forklift business has so far exceeded its expectations for 2010. “We are happy to say our forklift business is improving a little faster than we had forecasted for 2010… We are optimistic that the effects of the recession are shrinking and the forklift markets in many areas are rebounding quickly.”

O’Dell says he can’t reveal publicly listed Liugong’s forklift sales volume, but maintains the company continued investing in its forklift business during the economic downturn.

“Certainly our business declined [slightly] during the global recession. We believe that we were not impacted as much as some of our competitors, and we have continued to invest in growing the forklift business and not changed our new model introduction schedules.”

China Knowledge Press reported that about 25% of Liugong’s RMB10.2 billion revenue in 2009 came from forklifts, cranes and other machinery, and that the company is seeking expansion opportunities.

“We would act on [acquiring forklift companies] if the correct situation were to present itself,” O’Dell says.

Liugong counts Heli, Dalian, Hangcha, Doosan, Clark and Hyster as its competitors.

“We are all well-known forklift manufacturers who participate in exporting to many countries outside of our manufacturing base so customers search for these brands when shopping for forklifts,” O’Dell says.

Liugong manufactures internal combustion and electric Class 1 and Class 5 forklifts. It produces 2-16 ton  internal combustion forklifts with Tier 1 and Tier 3 engines. About 10% of its products are for export.

Liugong’s forklift business employs 400 people and the company has a presence in 80 countries.
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Start the Engines – Drive Clean with CHILITM Diesel Particulate Filters
Proventia’s CHILITM Filters are brand-new active emission control systems that are ideal for low load applications like forklifts.
Intelligent electrically regenerated CHILITM filters reduce the PM emission over 90%.  

The fully automated filter CHILITM is invisible to the driver.
The on-board regeneration system with intelligent control unit guarantees the forklift to operate without maintenance breaks.
And CHILI’s compact measurements also ensure an easy installation in limited spaces.

The Proventia’s CHILITM Filter does not require any additives and its noise reduction capability is excellent.

{--picture2--AlignRight--w400--}For more information visit or email
Find all Proventia’s contact details in the Proventia ShopFront.

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Mitsubishi boosts efficiency with new distribution system
Almere, Netherlands
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has adopted a new distribution system for its dealers in France similar to its dealers’ arrangements in the UK and Germany, enabling more direct communication with the manufacturer’s European base at Almere.

Olivier Clerc, general manager of the newly established Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks France, tells News that Mitsubishi wanted to implement a new distribution system and to develop a new network of dealers, with technical and commercial support from a local office. “Similar organisations have already been established in the UK and Germany. (With) France being a key market for Mitsubishi in Europe, it was a natural move to go in this direction too.”

Clerc clarifies that the support office he manages is “not an importer and not a mailbox for orders and invoices”.

The staff is dedicated to sales and marketing support, technical support and the training of salesmen and technicians. There are now five employees with three positions to be filled.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ aim was to be closer to its customers by developing a network of regional and local dealers. While the dealers maintain their close relationships with the end-users, they are now more efficient with direct access to the sales administration and spare parts service through a set of dedicated IT systems and French-speaking contacts at the Almere base.

Since January 2010, 12 dealers have joined the network and the national coverage is close to 70% of its market potential.

“We aim at covering about 90% by the end of 2010,” Clerc says.

He adds that forklift volumes in Germany, Italy, France, UK and Spain reduced by over 43% in 2007-2009.

While Clerc says Mitsubishi’s marketshare has increased slightly during this period, a temporary drop in marketshare was seen in France during the 2009 transition period between the old distribution system and the new one.

“But since the start-up of the new distribution system, the trend is very strongly up,” Clerc says.

Clerc was formerly responsible for the distribution network of Finnish warehouse truck manufacturer Rocla, which was integrated in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group at the end of 2008.
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Hyster introduces six-high stacking option
Fleet, United Kingdom
Hyster Europe has introduced new features for its reach stacker range including a six-high stacking option for higher density container stacking.

“For the first time, Hyster reach stackers can stack eight-foot-six-inch high containers six-high, in the first container row only,” says Antoon Cooijmans, Hyster Eurioe’s big trucks product manager.

The six-high stacking option is now available on the RS45-31CH, RS46-36CH and RS46-41LCH models. “We have achieved this by fitting a longer inner boom,” Cooijmans explains.

New standard features for all reach stacker models include a powered sliding cab for better visibility, and a container weight display to enable the driver to anticipate the truck’s handling capabilities before limits are reached.

A 10km/h driving speed limitation has also been introduced to Hyster’s intermodal container handlers when handling a trailer by the “bottom-lift” legs. This is due to the new worldwide ISO 3691-1 norm that stipulates “all container handlers delivered as of 1 January 2010, that are equipped with a spreader without an activated locking device, must have a travel speed limitation of 10km/hr when carrying a container”.

The powered damping cylinder’s function, which enables drivers to tilt the spreader forward and backward over +/- 5 degrees, is now optional on Hyster’s CH models. Other new options for improved operator comfort and efficiency are available for the Hyster Big Trucks range.
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Inaugural CeMAT coming soon
Moscow, Russia
Over 100 companies have already registered as exhibitors at the inaugural CeMAT Russia that will be held in Moscow from 28 September to 1 October 2010.

Industry giants like Jungheinrich, STILL, Knapp, Stöcklin, viastore and SSI Schäfer will be exhibiting.

Klaus Tersteegen from SSI Schäfer says a CeMAT event in Russia is a logical next step for the trade fair.

“With increasing customer requirements in an ever more globalised marketplace, the need for logistics expertise inevitably increases. This also applies to Russia, where the demand for intralogistics products has grown rapidly in recent years.”

Frank Müller, STILL’s vice president of sales for Central and Eastern Europe, is positive about the Russian economy. “The Russian market is ready to experience a new upturn. We therefore expect increasing demand for forklifts and warehouse vehicles in many industrial sectors… We are really looking forward to the fair.”

According to organiser Deutsche Messe, CeMAT Russia will address all aspects of intralogistics, from handling and storage technology to packaging and picking technology, material flows, warehouse technology and workshop equipment, packaging systems, traffic engineering technology, systems and software for intralogistics, logistics services and outsourcing.

British trade fair organiser ITE Group Plc will partner with Deutsche Messe in organising the event. ITE Group Plc has offices in 11 countries and organises 50 exhibitions and conferences in Russia annually.

CeMAT Russia will take place simultaneously with MDA Russia, Surface Russia and Industrial Automation Russia under the “Industrial Trade Fair Moscow” umbrella at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.
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Jones succeeds retiring Paylor at JLG
McConnellsburg, PA, United States
Wilson R Jones has been named to succeed Craig E Paylor as president of JLG Industries Inc, effective 1 July.

While Paylor is retiring, JLG says in a 25 May announcement, he will continue to serve JLG in a transitional capacity for an undetermined period.

JLG functions as the access equipment segment of publicly traded Oshkosh Corp.

Currently, Jones is president of Oshkosh’s fire and emergency segment.

Both men are Oshkosh corporate executive vice presidents and report on behalf of the respective segments to Charlie Szews, Oshkosh president and chief operating officer.

“We wish Craig the best in retirement and look forward to Wilson successfully leading JLG and expanding the business globally,” Szews says. “We expect to build upon the outstanding foundation set by Craig at JLG and are pleased to bring Wilson’s skills to sustain and grow JLG’s global leadership position in the access equipment market.”

Paylor joined JLG in 1978 as a district sales manager and, early in his career, held a variety of positions focused on sales and business development. Within McConnellsburg-based JLG, he became an officer in 1996, senior vice president of sales and market development in 1999 and senior vice president of sales, marketing and customer support in 2002.

During his more than 30-year tenure at JLG, Paylor played a key role in supporting the company’s growth from a USD40 million privately held company to a publicly traded global corporation with sales of USD2.29 billion prior to the 2006 acquisition by Oshkosh for USD3.1 billion.

Under Oshkosh, Paylor was appointed senior vice president of marketing for the unit in 2006 and president of JLG and the access equipment segment in May 2007.

Jones has been in the specialty vehicle manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. He joined Oshkosh in 2005 as vice president and general manager of the airport products business unit and later became vice president of sales and marketing for the fire and emergency segment.

Jones was promoted to president of the Pierce Manufacturing unit in 2007 and president of the fire and emergency segment in 2008. Pierce is the primary business in the fire and emergency segment.

Jones was the vice president of sales and marketing for Akron Brass Co of Wooster, Ohio from 2002-2005.

For the fiscal year ended 30 September, Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Corp reported total sales of USD5.30 billion of which the access equipment segment accounted for USD1.14 billion and the fire and emergency segment for USD1.17 billion.
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Flawed dock bridge leads to fine
Toronto, ON, Canada
Justice of the Peace Joanna T Opalinski imposed a CAD80,000 fine and a 25% victim-fine surcharge on Sobeys Capital Inc for violating the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The provincial ministry of labour’s investigation found that a dock bridge had neither been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions nor properly maintained. Sobeys pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that the dock bridge was maintained in good condition.

On 10 October 2008, a worker was using a small forklift to unload skids of ice cream from a truck trailer that was parked at the loading dock of a Sobeys grocery store on Front Street in Toronto. A metal plate functioning as a dock bridge was attached to the dock floor to span the gap between the dock and the trailer.

The dock bridge bounced as the worker drove the forklift across and came to rest 15 cm above the trailer bed. After picking up a skid with the forklift, the worker drove in reverse out of the trailer, but his leg became jammed between the forklift and the raised dock plate and was broken.

The case in the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto was concluded on 28 April.

Parent company Sobeys Inc operates more than 1,300 retail grocery stores in Canada and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Empire Co Ltd of Stellarton, Nova Scotia.
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JLG 15DVSP-CC 2006 United States USD 2750 Details
Linde H30D 2004 Germany EUR 5850 Details
Bendi BE2075SS 1993 United Kingdom GBP 3937 Details
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Sisu RSD4521-4TL 1995 United States USD 65000 Details
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Toyota CBT6 2005 United States USD 2200 Details
Still EGDS16 2001 Germany EUR 2400 Details
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Gough supplies new forklifts to rail network
Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand-based Gough Materials Handling has won a contract to supply rail network operator KiwiRail with four new Hyster forklifts and renew its nationwide fleet.

The 48-tonne container handling forklifts are capable of lifting containers of up to 40 tonnes and stacking up to four containers high for both 20 foot and 49 foot.

According to Gough’s general manager Darren Allen, the partnership is based on the back-up and 24-hour support provided by the company along with the quality of the product.

“The Hyster brand has clearly established itself as a market leader, particularly in the container handling market.

“They are highly evolved and extremely user-friendly. This brings significant operational and safety benefits – a priority for KiwiRail and the nation’s sea-ports where Hyster is prevalent.”

The new forklifts are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features with fully automatic speed control and load control systems. Features include an air suspension seat, full airconditioning and fingertip joystick control.
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WorkSafe WA reminds forklift operators to convert
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
WorkSafe WA is reminding forklift operators about converting old licences to high risk work (HRW) licences.

A WorkSafe-issued certificate of competency will require conversion to an HRW licence depending upon the issue date which appears on the O.H.S. Certification Australia card or Western Australian State Certificate of Competency.  

If a WorkSafe-issued certificate of competency is converted to an HRW licence before the required conversion date, the licensee will not need to be re-assessed. However, the licensee will still need to make an application, meet identification requirements and pay an application fee to be issued an HRW licence.

WorkSafe has a 'Licence to Perform High Risk Work Conversion and Replacement Application' form which should be used for the conversion.  

Those who do not apply for their licence before the required conversion date will be required to undergo training by a registered training organisation and an assessment by a registered assessor before being issued with an HRW licence.  

Date of issue and date of expiry:

Western Australian State Certificates of Competency issued prior to 1 July 1994 and O.H.S. Certification Australia cards issued from 1 July 1994 to 31 December 1995:  Expired on 30 September 2008. Please contact WorkSafe for more information.

Between 1 January 1996 - 31 December 1998: Expired on 30 June 2009. Please contact WorkSafe for more information.

Between 1 January 1999 - 31 December 2001: Expires on 30 June 2010.

Between 1 January 2002 - 31 December 2004:  Expires on 30 June 2011.

Between 1 January 2005 - 30 September 2007: Expires on 30 June 2012.

All unconverted tickets will require reassessment. It should also be noted that people operating forklifts with privately issued forklift tickets that do not note NOHSC: 7019 on them are currently in breach of Regulation 4.55 and should immediately cease operating and undergo training and assessment with WorkSafe registered assessors.
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New degree in supply chain management
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A new Master of Supply Chain Management degree has been designed and accredited by the University of Melbourne.

The program, comprising eight subjects, focuses on aspects of supply chain effectiveness, resource allocation and analysis, strategic aspects of supply, and implementation via effective leadership of change and of people issues.

The degree aims to provide the skills and capabilities needed to produce the next generation of leaders in the logistics field.

First subjects are being offered in early August 2010, with full subject descriptions, applications procedures and further program material available at
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Woolworths prepares for grand final
Larapinta, Queensland, Australia
Woolworths Queensland hosted an in-house forklift driving competition recently at its distribution centre in Larapinta, with the winners eligible to compete at the grand final of the national forklift championship in Sydney in October.

Contestants participated in the competition which included a number of complicated manoeuvres and tasks. The event was videotaped, which created additional pressure on each contestant and provided a record of how each person performed under competition pressure.

The winners were Annie Walker (top female driver) and Mark Kane (top male driver).  Both will be eligible to compete at the grand final of the national forklift championship in Sydney on the 28 October, where they will vie for prize money of $1,500 and a silver trophy.
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Company fined for telehandler incident
Mildura, Victoria, Australia
WorkSafe Victoria has urged companies employing workers with limited English to make sure workers are trained and able to do their job safely.

These comments come after Mondello Farms was convicted and fined $40,000 last week after pleading guilty for failing to provide instruction, information, training and supervision to its workers.

This follows an incident in 2008 when a Mondello employee, an Indian national on a study visa, lost control of a telehandler and hit a truck driver.

The worker was moving the unloaded telehandler to a different farm site after watching a five-minute demonstration on how to operate it. The worker had never previously operated a telehandler and the demonstration was provided by another employee who had no formal qualifications or training to operate a telehandler, or instruct others how to use it.

The worker lost control of the telehandler, hitting the truck driver, who sustained several broken bones in his foot, lacerations to his elbow and head and required hospitalisation.

“This is someone with limited English, who had been with the company for two weeks, and had never operated a telehandler before,” says WorkSafe acting executive director for health and safety, Stan Krpan.

He adds that employers and supervisors need to be aware that the language barrier may lead to a power imbalance in the workplace – workers with limited English may be less likely to question health and safety practices or speak up if they’re unsure.

“If a worker has limited English, employers may need to make an extra effort to ensure the worker is clear on the risks. This may simply involve taking a little extra time or involving a translator – which may be another worker.

“This is a reminder for employees about their legal duties to ensure workers are provided with information, instruction, training or supervision which enables them to perform their work in a way that is safe and without risks to health.”
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Ecomatic Press-on and Resilient Tires
Solideal USA announces ECOMATIC, a new eco-friendly budget line.  The new line is manufactured utilizing European Technology and has proven to provide long wear in general use operations.

Solideal’s Ecomatic e-smooth and e-traction press-on line is manufactured with a universal rubber compound and recycled steel base bands.  The press-on lineup includes all the most common sizes and a lower price solution for press-on forklift applications.

Solideal’s Ecomatic ETR resilient line is manufactured with a universal rubber compound and reclaimed cores from worn 3-stage resilient tires. The resilient lineup includes all the most common sizes and a lower price solution for resilient forklift applications.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Acer Choose Articulated Trucks
Acer, a leading global manufacturer of computer systems that includes the brands Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell and eMachines among its product portfolio, has taken delivery of a fleet of three Narrow Aisle Flexi articulated forklift trucks at its recently opened distribution centre in Poland.

The 215,0000 sq ft facility in Wroclaw, south western Poland, is part of Acer’s international spare parts distribution network and also provides light manufacturing services to Acer’s customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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The 6th Guangzhou International Brand Forklift & Accessories Exhibition 2010
Guangzhou International Logistic Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2010
Is Ceremoniously Opened in No Time.

“The 6th Guangzhou International Brand Forklift & Accessories Exhibition” (‘BFE 2010’ for short) and “Guangzhou International Logistic Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2010” (“LET 2010” for short), which is organized by the China Construction Machinery Association Industrial Motor Vehicle Branch, China Forklift Parent Company, China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervising Test Center, Guangdong Logistics Industry Association, Hong Kong Best International Exhibition (Group) Company and Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co., Ltd., are going to be held ceremoniously  in the Pazhou Complex of Chinese Import & Export Fair (Guangzhou Pazhou) on June 18th, 2010. It is estimated that exhibition area will reach 20,000 square meters, professional visitors will reach 40,000.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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New products from Maximal
Maximal recently launched two products - 16T diesel forklift and 25T diesel forklift. There are many highlights in the design of the 16T diesel forklift. Maximal strives for constant improvement and won’t disappoint you.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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New Compact Five Stage Mast Launched by Lift Technologies
Lift Technologies (USA) has just launched a new line of Compact Five Stage masts which has a unique compact mast rail configuration offering very good visibility, yet the mast can be configured for lift heights up to 331", with a collapsed height of 90". The cylinders and chains are nested behind the mast rails which provide a clear visibility window for the operator when placing and retrieving loads. The new Five Stage mast can be equipped with an 8 roller integral carpet pole carriage for use in carpet and associated industries where load lengths can exceed 12’. The mast can also be ordered with a standard hook style carriage for applications where forks are required.

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FleetNet America’s system gives you the solutions
FleetNet America’s system gives customers confidence by controlling their PO process, simplifying their payables, providing detailed data and more. FleetNet America, Inc audits each activity. The Operational Audit we perform ensures the vendor performs the work we requested. The Pricing Audit verifies the vendor charged correctly for the work performed. Once our experienced staff confirms the audit is correct, the customer can be invoiced by several different methods.

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Company Profile: E & E Industries
San Diego, CA, United States
Things are changing at E & E Industries, with sales picking up for the women-owned dealership.

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3 of 4,352 listings
Hyster - H112.00XL12EC - 1996
Botany, New South Wales, Australia
Crown - ESR4014 - 2004
Sunbury, Surrey, United Kingdom
Tusk - 600CBSH6 - 2006
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, United States

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1. Expo Pack 2010 Mexico / PROCESA 2010
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June 22 – 25, 2010

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9th June 2010

3. ProMat 2011
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21st to 24th March 2011


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1. Service Clerk/Dispatcher - Full time
United States, Greenville, NC

2. Material Handling National Sales Representative - Full time

3. Territory Sales Manager - Full time
Canada, Northeast Canada

4. Sales Coordinator - Full time
United States, Charlotte, NC

5. Service Technician - Full time
United States, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

6. Mechanical Engineer - Full time
United States, Westminster, SC

7. Service Technician - Full time
United States, Pottsville, PA (Schuylkill County)

8. Service Technician - Full time
United States, Carlisle, PA (Cumberland County)

9. Parts Counter - Full time
United States, Tampa

10. Customer Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Tampa, FL

11. Service Administration - Full time
United States, Charleston, SC

12. Customer Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Charleston, SC

13. Equipment Sales - Full time
United States, Minneapolis/St Paul


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1. Mechanic/Road - Full time
Greenville, South Carolina area, United States

2. asst. sales manager - sales - Full time
Pune, India

3. Sales Managment - Full time
Any, United States

4. Forklift mechanic - Full time
Northern Colorado, United States


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