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This is issue #458 - 22 April 2010 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Tanfield opts for Snorkel brand to unify marketing


JCB offers employees pay rise in historical wage deal
Big Lift, E-P join forces
Barloworld in US adds Mariotti forklifts
Renold plans expansion for Chinese plant
Tanfield opts for Snorkel brand to unify marketing
NA 2010 opens show on Monday
Chairman first to step at the UK’s newest port development
Bohena’s patented wheels boost pallet truck efficiency
Equipment salesman assists non-profit
Sample of used equipment for sale
Can you name these old forklifts?

No Australasian news this week

HOT STUFF! Proventia’s Electrically Regenerated Filter for Controlling Forklift Emissions
NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo - May 3-6 2010
Bozela Parts AB And RAEDER-VOGEL® - Specialists In Wheels And Tyres For Scandinavian Brands

New Compact Five Stage Mast Launched by Lift Technologies
Ecomatic Press-on and Resilient Tires

LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
The forklift industry in China, are you there?

SAFETY FIRST: Richard Shore: Safety awareness courses

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When we spoke about the calm before the storm last week, we had no idea about the volcanic cloud which was about to change the world in the days that followed. While European air traffic is returning to normal, it will clearly take some time to clear the backlogs. What will not be cleared, however, are the problems associated with trade shows like the 29th BAUMA international trade fair in Munich. It was clearly not possible to postpone the event nor extend it, even though a number of exhibitors didn’t make it in time and probably won’t get there before the show ends on the weekend. The flight disruptions show just how globalised trade and commerce have become – and how interdependent we all are in the global economy.

JCB offers employees pay rise in historical wage deal
Rocester, United Kingdom
JCB shopfloor employees have accepted a pay increase from the company in what has been described as “the longest pay deal ever agreed” at the equipment manufacturing powerhouse.

Company CEO Alan Blake says JCB is pleased to be able to offer pay rises to its workforce after a sustained period of uncertainty in the market, and is happy that employees have voted in favour of the pay proposal.

Employees voted to accept a 3% pay increase effective on 1 July, which covers the next three-and-a-half years. They also agreed to subsequent pay reviews on 1 January 2011, 2012 and 2013, linked to the previous November’s inflation rate.

The pay deal coincided with JCB re-introducing overtime for shopfloor employees and starting a recruitment drive for up to 200 positions as it sees improvements in the world markets.

“There has been slight improvement in some markets, which has led to some increased demand for JCB’s products and while we can’t say at the moment if the situation will be sustained, we are pleased to be offering overtime and recruiting again,” Blake says.

Rising above the global financial crisis, JCB recorded pre-tax profits of GBP39 million (USD64 million) on the back of a GBP2 billion (USD3.3 billion) turnover for fiscal 2008. It sold 57,000 machines that year compared to 72,000 the previous year ( News #435).
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Big Lift, E-P join forces
Lombard, IL, United States
Big Lift LLC and E-P Equipment USA have entered into a strategic partnership to exclusively distribute the Big Joe brand of forklifts throughout North America. In a statement, the companies say Big Lift LLC and E-P Equipment USA will consolidate sales and marketing efforts, align dealer networks and launch a new line of equipment.

The first new Big Joe product to be launched, the WPT45 AC powered pallet truck, will be introduced on May 3rd at the MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Dealers of America) Convention in Marco Island, Florida. Later this year, an additional six models will also be launched, with a wide variety of class 1, 2 and 3 industrial trucks to follow.

In a joint statement sent to staff, Dan Rosskamm, president of Big Lift LLC, and Daryl Kidd, general manager of E-P Equipment USA, say the new partnership is “a great opportunity for both companies to build on the strong reputation of Big Joe and set a foundation for sustained growth together”.

Headquartered in Illinois and with a factory in Wisconsin, Big Lift LLC manufactures and distributes the Big Joe brand of electric-powered forklifts through a network of over 200 dealers. Big Joe forklifts have been a mainstay in factories and warehouses across the United States since 1950.

Headquartered in South Carolina, E-P Equipment USA is a subsidiary of E-P Equipment Co. LTD which manufactures and distributes a broad selection of materials handling equipment and forklifts internationally. E-P Equipment Co. LTD recently completed construction of a new state-of-the-art production facility in Hangzhou, China capable of manufacturing up to 10,000 electric forklifts annually.
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Barloworld in US adds Mariotti forklifts
Charlotte, NC, United States
The US operation of Barloworld Handling is adding distribution of forklifts from V Mariotti SpA through 30 sales and full-service branches in eight south-east states.

Smith-Gramley Ltd, a Mariotti master distributor since 2002, began discussions with Barloworld about 10 months ago, and the parties signed an exclusive agreement effective from 1 March, says John Smith, president of Smith-Gramley.

“These small electric forklifts give us yet another solution to offer our customers,” says Scott Alexander, vice president of sales and marketing for Charlotte-based Barloworld Handling. “Mariotti is an excellent complement to our current offerings.” Barloworld Handling is a business of Barloworld Ltd of Sandton, South Africa, near Johannesburg.

The US network of Barloworld Handling, historically representing Nacco Material Handling Group Inc’s Hyster brand, has more than 400 road service technicians in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

At its factory in Grugliasco, Italy near Torino, Mariotti manufactures forklifts that are considered to be the most compact electric riders on the market. Widths as narrow as 31 inches (80 cm) and heights as low as 75 inches (1.9 m) allow operation in limited space.

Generally, a Mariotti forklift is useful for lifting loads from 800 pounds (360 kg) to 2,800 pounds (1,260 kg). A Mariotti user in most situations needs to “lift bulk rather than weight”, Smith notes.

Smith-Gramley of Loves Park, Illinois has responsibility for Mariotti in US states east of the Mississippi River and all of Canada. Now including Barloworld, Smith-Gramley distributes Mariotti forklifts in its territory through 14 dealerships with more than 55 locations.

Another Mariotti master distributor, MH Distribution of La Vista, Nebraska near Omaha, handles business in US states west of the Mississippi River and all of Mexico. In addition, MH Distribution oversees all Mariotti parts and service functions through the brand’s North American dealerships.

Smith-Gramley and MH Distribution share responsibility for the Mariotti USA website.

In a few months, Mariotti intends to bring to the US market a re-engineered forklift line now being sold in Europe.

Barloworld Ltd has represented the Hyster brand for at least six decades and, in 1979, acquired an existing Hyster dealership in Charlotte to begin the process of establishing its presence in the US.

In addition to materials handling, Barloworld Ltd has three other operational business units: equipment principally through a long-time partnership with Caterpillar Inc; automotive including motor vehicle dealerships and rentals; and logistics operations such as supply chain management, transport services, freight handling and warehousing.
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LTW’s Aisle Changing Technology
LTW’s aisle-changing technology is unique in the material handling industry.  With our fast and efficient aisle-changing stacker cranes, LTW warehouse systems can be tailored to meet the throughput needs of each customer.  Due to LTW’s high level of expertise with automation, our stacker cranes are able to handle tedious loads with a smooth shuttle placement technology.  This precision results in consistent stability and less product damage.   Stacker crates create better cube utilization of warehouse space, increased storage efficiency, reduced labor costs and increased throughput.

LTW Intralogistics, Inc.,
phone:  +1 717-767-7210,
Shopfront:  LTW Shopfront
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Renold plans expansion for Chinese plant
Manchester, United Kingdom
Despite demand for leaf chains falling sharply since the global financial crisis, Renold plc has plans to double the capacity of its Chinese factory in the next two years.

In an exclusive interview with News, Renold senior vice president Berdon Robertson says that its new Chinese plant, which is a part of its expansion plans, has “fully embraced the same quality and process control procedures” as its European sites.

“Two of the top forklift manufacturers, after extensive audits, have approved Renold Hangzhou for supply of their chains,” Robertson says.

Renold, which claims to be the world’s second-largest industrial chain company, with a capacity to produce over 10,000 metres of leaf chain a day, acquired Chinese chain company Hangzhou Shanshui in 2007 for an undisclosed sum after mounting pressure to cut costs. (Leaf chains are the chains located on the mast of a forklift. For all-terrain forklifts, it will be the chain following the boom that allows it to extend and retract. For warehouse forklifts, the chain is usually located at the mast where the platform of the fork raises and lowers.)

Following a USD4 million investment in capital equipment, Renold is now manufacturing over 40% of its leaf chains at the 22,000 sqm (236,805 sqft) plant.

Robertson says that while the company is proud of its Chinese plant’s quality control and testing systems, the road to implementing them has not been hurdle-free. “As anyone who has worked in China knows, the Chinese are always looking for inventive ways to save money and increase production. This can often be in direct contrast to the disciplines required in following quality control procedures.”

Over time, the 500-strong workforce in Hangzhou have “slowly accepted” the long-term benefits in following quality control procedures, learning that higher costs in the short term can lead to better business in the long term from international companies who demand “a consistently high specification chain for this safety critical item”.

Describing the Chinese plant’s modern production and testing equipment, Robertson says the facility includes fully automated spectrograph for analysing incoming material; high-speed presses; Japanese-designed mesh belt furnaces with fully automated zone controls; German high-speed automatic assembly lines with integrated riveting, camera recognition system, tight joint check, proof loading, oil and reel; and “the most modern chain test house in China” that has “the only specifically designed leaf chain wear test rig in China”.

Robertson says Renold made the chain wear test rig based on the design of a rig by an unnamed, large multinational forklift manufacturer.  “We are not aware of anyone else in China having this sort of rig. Four chains are run under a variable shock load over a pulley at a speed of 0.5 metre (1.6 feet) a second. The shock loads are similar to those experienced on a fatigue machine.”

The chain is therefore subjected to a simulated loading of a forklift running over an uneven surface while carrying a heavy load. The accelerated test using loads and speeds above normal conditions is expected to give a realistic comparison of chain performance in simulated conditions.

Production at Hangzhou may only have started in 2009 but Renold has increased its capacity by 25% this year and has already allocated space and funds to double capacity in the next two years if demand rises.

Robertson does not disclose figures when commenting on the impact of the global financial crisis on his company, except to say that Renold was “affected”. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, Renold employs 2,500 people in 23 countries. Its 2009 sales of industrial chains totaled USD200 million.
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Tanfield opts for Snorkel brand to unify marketing
Washington, United Kingdom
Tanfield Group plc is unifying global marketing of its aerial work platforms under the Snorkel brand and discontinuing use of the UpRight Powered Access identity.

“We have spent the past three years harmonising these two distinct brands,” says Darren Kell, chief executive officer of Tanfield in Washington, United Kingdom. “The time is right to give the company a unified, global identity.”

The organisation will continue to support all existing UpRight machines in the field although it will no longer use the UpRight name in marketing aerial lifts.

The Tanfield powered access division had operated both brands and, since 2007, used separate territorial responsibilities, different product portfolios and different model designations for UpRight and Snorkel.

Tanfield manufactured its own Aerial Access-brand trailer-mounted boom lifts before it acquired UpRight Powered Access in June 2006 and Snorkel International Inc in July 2007.

Tanfield’s strategy is to build equipment close to end markets to reduce shipping costs.

Now, Snorkel-brand production facilities are located in Elwood, Kansas, USA for North America and South America; Washington, UK for Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Levin, New Zealand and China for the Asia Pacific region.

Tanfield issued a spreadsheet for nine product types and listed those models transitioning to the Snorkel brand from UpRight, certain new lifts and additions to the range of Snorkel equipment and some replacement units for discontinued machines.

Soon, new models will include the T60RT and T66RT telescopic booms and the A62JRT diesel articulated boom. New Snorkel models will replace four UpRight electric slab scissors being discontinued. Snorkel is adding a self-drive system to its TS2461SD trailer scissor.

UpRight’s history extends back more than six decades. Inventive mechanical engineer Wallace Johnson of Berkeley, California created adjustable scaffolding in 1946 and a mobile aerial work platform in 1972, initially with a factory in Selma, California. UpRight manufacturing of trailer-mount, push-around and vertical mast aerial work platforms has occurred in the UK and to a limited degree in China.

Snorkel was founded in 1958 as Snorkel Fire Equipment Co and entered the construction and industrial market in 1977 with a telescoping aerial work platform. Snorkel manufacturing of aerial work and vertical mast access platforms and boom and scissor lifts has occurred in Elwood and Levin.

“Going forward, Snorkel embodies the core values of both companies,” says Kell. At the same time, “UpRight has a proud history and one that we will continue to cherish.”

Tanfield’s zero-emission vehicles division manufactures commercial vans and trucks under the Smith Electric Vehicles brand. Tanfield shares trade on the London Stock Exchange.
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NA 2010 opens show on Monday
Cleveland, OH, United States
On 26 April at NA 2010, exhibits open in the four-day trade show, with initial presentations in the multi-track keynote seminar series beginning at 10:30am.

The largest materials handling and logistics show in North America this year will light up the I-X Center in Cleveland 26-29 April and bring together players from all segments of the industry.

Exhibiting manufacturers of forklifts and related handling systems include: Combilift of Greensboro, North Carolina; Design Storage & Handling Inc. of Fredericksburg, Virginia; Eoslift Equipment Co Ltd of Haiyan, China; Hu-Lift Equipment Co Ltd of Hillsborough, New Jersey; Kollmorgen Corp of Radford, Virginia; Landoll Corporation of Partlow, Virginia; Narrow Aisle Inc. of Dallas, Texas; Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co Ltd of Ninghai, China; Presto Lifts Inc. of Attleboro, Massachusetts; Raymond Corp of Greene, New York; Seegrid Corp. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Yale Materials Handling Corp of Greenville, North Carolina; and Yi-Lift Material Handling Equipment Co Ltd of Changzhou, China.

Auxiliary system suppliers include MSE-Forks of St Jacobiparochie, the Netherlands; RAM Mounting Systems of Seattle, Washington; and Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas Inc of Hartville, Ohio.

Fuel cell and hydrogen suppliers include Nuvera Fuel Cells of Billerica, Massachusetts and Praxair Inc of Danbury, Connecticut.

Technology, tracking, logistics, identification and software providers include Glacier Computer of New Milford, Connecticut; ID Systems Inc of Hackensack, New Jersey; Kennedy Group’s Material Handling ID Systems Division of Willoughby, Ohio; LXE Inc of Norcross, Georgia; Motorola Inc’s Enterprise Mobility Business of Holtsville, New York; Psion Teklogix Inc of Hebron, Kentucky; Rush Tracking Systems of Lenexa, Kansas; Sky-Trax Inc of New Castle, Delaware; System Logistics Corp of Lewiston, Maine; Transbotics Corp of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Vista Data Systems of Akron, Ohio.

The international trade association Material Handling Industry of America of Charlotte organised the 2010 North American Material Handling and Logistics Show, known as NA 2010, with more than 500 providers occupying a show floor of 150,000 square feet (13,500 sqm).
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The forklift industry in China, are you there?
The last Thursday of May we will be publishing a special feature on "The Forklift Industry in China".

This feature will be a "must read" for anyone doing business in China.
If you export out of China, import into China, distribute within China, search for a supplier or an alliance in China or plan to set up business in China, ... whatever your business with China, here is your opportunity. is the most read industry news about forklift markets and technology. Any promotion in this edition will gain maximum "read" by focused professionals and companies with Chinese interests. The "News" will be discussed in Boardrooms all around the world and it will be a great opportunity to seek alliances. Use this wonderful opportunity to positively showcase your products and services.

Would you like to take part in this special edition of the News?

Publication date is Thursday 29 April, so there is still time to advertise in this special feature. Contact the sales team: write to, phone +61 7 3369 9090 or fax to +61 7 3369 9096.
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Chairman first to step at the UK’s newest port development
London, United Kingdom
The chairman of DP World is the first person to set foot on land created at the UK’s newest port and logistics development, London Gateway.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem has inspected the first section of reclaimed land as part of a visit to see his company’s latest development. The dredge and reclamation program is a main part of DP World’s GBP1.5 billion (USD2.3 billion) investment at London Gateway.

“Seeing new ground here at London Gateway is an excellent achievement for DP World and the London Gateway team,” says Sulayem. “I’m very pleased to be able to stand on the land where the world’s largest cargo ships will once again visit London and bring goods straight into the heart of the UK markets.”

According to DP World, the dredging work at London Gateway has triggered one of the most comprehensive marine and wildlife monitoring projects ever recorded. Work has been carried out to assess the impact of the dredge to wildlife, fish and marine life, fishing communities, local habitats, and historically and archaeologically significant resources.

London Gateway is expected to create about 36,000 jobs when it is completed. The deepening of the River Thames for the project will enable the world’s biggest trading vessels to deliver goods to UK consumers. This is expected to save UK companies significant transportation and distribution costs, and improve carbon footprints.

The logistics park will offer over 9 million square feet for the distribution, manufacturing and high-tech sectors while the port will add 3.5 million TEUs to the UK’s port capacity.

DP World is one of the world’s largest marine terminal operators with 49 terminals and 12 new developments in 31 countries.
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Bohena’s patented wheels boost pallet truck efficiency
Järfälla, Sweden
A privately owned distributor for warehousing products claims its patented wheels can greatly increase a pallet truck’s manoevrability.

Bohena AB, the sole agent in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America for the US-made Turn@bout pallet truck adapter, says the product that it started distributing in March is already saving employers time and money.

Bohena owner and operator Sten-Anders Fellman tells News that the adapter consists of two wheels that are mounted onto a pallet truck to enable it to rotate freely on the spot.

“The inventor, Fred Hartmann, thought there had to be a better way to use an empty pallet jack. [It’s] hard to use in tight areas,” Fellman says. “[He] came up with the concept six years ago and has tested many prototypes.

“The usual turning radius of a pallet jack now becomes a turning diameter – that’s a 72% increase in maneouvrability. No more heavy lifting, kicking or wrestling the pallet truck into position.”

He explains that pallet trucks that are fitted with the wheels have saved time and money through simplifying the handling of the truck and, therefore, resulting in less damaged goods and protecting employees from backaches and work-related injuries. The usability of space in a cramped warehouse is also expected to increase by using a more maneouvrable pallet truck.

Darin N Johnson, a warehouse manager in the US who posted a testimonial on the Turn@bout website, says the adapter “makes getting into small spaces a breeze”.

Beth Naslund from Minnesota, US-based Townsend Pricing Inc, says in her online testimonial that the Turn@bout has increased warehouse productivity for her company. “It has allowed us to use more of our warehouse for products rather than [for] turning our products around.”

Bohena AB sells the adapter in South America under the Gir@libre name. The product, manufactured by Grand Steer Inc of Thief River Falls in Minnesota, US,  holds three US patents and has patents pending in other countries.

Click here to view the pallet truck adapter in action.
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Equipment salesman assists non-profit
Fremont, CA, United States
Ralf Krutein, a materials handling equipment salesman in Fremont, has shown a conscientious side on behalf of a non-profit agency needing warehouse guidance and a reach truck.

“Ralf kept his eyes open” on behalf of the program and in recognition of the “hard times” for those dealing with the economy, says Willy Elliott-McCrea, chief executive officer of the Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz in Watsonville, California. “We are slammed now,” he says, referring to a comparable April volume increase of 35% between 2009 and 2010.

Krutein located a three-stage Raymond electric reach truck that was used previously in a distribution centre for electronic components and has a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg).

From donated funds and some government assistance, Second Harvest paid USD12,000 for the 2005 narrow-aisle unit instead of Krutein’s market-value estimate of USD18,000. Also, Second Harvest invested USD4,500 for a new battery. The Raymond EASI-R40TT went into service on 11 March in Watsonville.

“We are trying to get them to use their vertical space,” Krutein notes. “The bulk store stuff is on the floor now” and is often inaccessible for first-in, first-out inventory cycling.

Second Harvest inefficiently stacks non-perishable goods in boxes that are placed in long rows. Getting the tomato sauce in the last row, for instance, may require moving everything stored in front or on top of this item.

Krutein has identified potential sources of additional storage racks to complement existing hardware in Second Harvest’s warehouse. Krutein works at the Fremont facility of Raymond Handling Concepts, a company store of Raymond Corp.

Elliott-McCrea says the warehouse has storage racks for 200 pallet positions now—from a 2009 donation when a Gilroy, California furniture store closed—and needs more racks for an additional 800 pallet positions. The food bank was established in 1972 and is the oldest such agency in California.

During 2009, the food bank distributed more than 6.8 million pounds (3.1 million kg) of perishable and nonperishable food to low-income clients in agriculture-intensive Santa Cruz County, San Benito County and the northern portion of Monterey County. The 2010 projection: close to 7.5 million pounds (3.4 million kg) with a value of about USD12 million.

The warehouse is five miles (8 km) from the epicenter of the 17 October 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which measured 6.9, killed 63 and injured 3,757 people.

“Three days later, Toyota sent us a forklift on a loan,” Elliott-McCrea recalls. After the first wave of relief activity over three months, Toyota agreed to sell the Model 025FG30 for USD16,000—half of its best sales price—and donate the remainder. Proceeds from a Santa Cruz Sentinel book about the earthquake helped fulfill Second Harvest’s commitment for the forklift.

The propane-powered Toyota has a 5,000-pound (2,250 kg) lifting capacity and remains useful in the yard next to the warehouse, but Second Harvest looks to the reach truck to work in soon-to-be narrowed aisles and expand its warehouse capacity.

Second Harvest also operates two older Raymond electric sit-down counterbalance three-wheel forklifts, but “we have sorry looking lifts”, Elliott-McCrea reports.
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Sample of used equipment for sale:Search 4285 listings in the Marketplace
Linde E25-02 2000 Germany EUR 4950 Details
Crown 35RRTT198W82215 - Australia AUD 10000 Details
Linde H35D 2003 Germany EUR 8900 Details
Toyota 7FBCU25 2004 United States USD 3200 Details
Toyota 5FGC30 1991 United States USD 1900 Details
Mitsubishi FG30K 2001 United Kingdom GBP 6468.75 Details
BT RDX30 2005 New Zealand NZD 27000 Details
Linde H18T - Australia AUD 9250 Details
Jungheinrich TFG670400ZZ 2005 Germany EUR 25000 Details
Still R70-30T 2002 United Kingdom GBP 3375 Details
Still R60-20 1989 Germany EUR 1700 Details
Linde H30T 2004 Germany EUR 6900 Details
Toyota 7FGCU25 2008 United States USD 1500 Details
Omega MAX155-9088 - Australia AUD 5000 Details
and thousands more...
Click here to include your used forklifts, stackers, telehandlers, container handlers, attachments etc.
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Mitsubishi exhibits hybrid forklift technology at Bauma
Almere, The Netherlands

Mitsubishi Forklift Europe BV is exhibiting what it says is the world’s first lithium-ion battery/diesel engine forklift, developed by its parent Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, at the Bauma exhibition in Munich this week.
Mitsubishi says it has cut engine displacement by one-third and significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions with the forklift’s “unique powertrain design, high-capacity battery, low-emission engine, two induction motors and inverter”.
The hybrid forklift is in production in Japan and will be released for the European market in 2011. The company says it will focus specifically on meeting European customer needs when the forklift is introduced in Europe.

Still introduces new warehouse family
Hamburg, Germany

Still is launching a new modular family of warehouse trucks for loads weighing up to 2,000kg (4,409lbs).
The EXU-SF low-lift truck, which is available with fork lengths up to 2.39 metres (7.84 feet), can pick up three pallets crosswise at a time.
The EXD and EXD-SF double-decker trucks are specifically developed for the mixed short- and medium-distance transport of goods in the distribution zone of warehouses. With a frame width of 0.72 metres (2.36 feet), Still says they can enter into any block storage aisle.

Maxtruck 2T on show in Gothenburg
Bjurholm, Sweden

Maxtruck AB is presenting its innovative Maxtruck2T forklift at the Logistik and Transport fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 4-6 May.
Conny Lindström says the company will be on hand to inform show visitors on how they can save money by using the multi-functional forklift.
Maxtruck 2T is a unique forklift that functions as a 2 ton counterbalance truck and can perform the tasks of other specialised trucks ( News #437).

Chinese RFID expo in July
Shenzhen, China

The Shenzhen International RFID & Internet of Things Expo (IOTE) in July claims to be the first exhibition of its kind in Asia.
First held in 2008, the event touted to be a showcase and trading platform for the RFID and internet technology industries, will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre on 1-3 July.
Visit for more information.
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Can you name these old forklifts?
Dunsford, United Kingdom
Who said old things are junk and can’t still be used?

Andrew Morris of A Morris & Sons Dunsford has two old forklifts that he says he uses for work and “fun”. They’re so old that he doesn’t know what make they are. He bought the grey forklift, which he thinks was made around 1946, for GBP250 (USD385.24) at an Exeter garden centre and the red forklift, which he guesses is a 1967 model, for GBP50 (USD77.05) from a garage in Cheriton Bishop.

One day at work, a lorry driver asked if Morris had a forklift. Morris brought out his red forklift from the yard and the driver asked: “Haven’t you got anything older?”

“I said ‘hang on’ and I went to the yard and came back with the old grey one. You should have seen the driver’s face,” Morris says.

“I love the engine sound [of the grey forklift] and the red one’s had second-hand injector pump and injectors [put in], new back tyres … if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” he adds.

Morris says he would love to know the make of his forklifts, if any News reader can help him out. Email if you can help.

Together with his uncle, Richard, Morris makes garden tools like bill hooks and other cutting tools that were once standard equipment of farm workers and country craftsmen but are now supplied to a niche market. The Morris family took over the Dunsford mill in 1931. The mill has been making edge tools in Devon County since the 1820s.
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No Australasian news this week
News for Australasia will return next week.
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HOT STUFF! Proventia’s Electrically Regenerated Filter for Controlling Forklift Emissions
Proventia, an international emission control company, has complemented its electrically regenerated product family with CHILITM filters. CHILITM filter cleans the emissions from engines smaller than 130 kW. What makes CHILITM so convenient  for use in forklifts is the compact size and particularly the self-maintaining capability. Low load applications such as forklifts have quite low exhaust temperatures, which precludes the use of passive filters. CHILITM s operation is based on active regeneration by electricity, which means that regeneration is independent of vehicle duty cycle and the temperature. In CHILITM filters, the filter temperature is raised electrically to the optimal level for regeneration.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo - May 3-6 2010
Did you know that the market for hydrogen fuel cell forklifts has grown by over 100% every year since 2008 and that trend is expected to continue? Source:

Come see why at the NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo.  It’s the largest hydrogen conference in the U.S. and the longest running annual hydrogen conference in the world.  Plus, there’s a special FREE workshop designed just for current and potential hydrogen forklift customers!

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Bozela Parts AB And RAEDER-VOGEL® - Specialists In Wheels And Tyres For Scandinavian Brands
Bozela Parts AB and RAEDER-VOGEL® began their cooperation in 198. Today they are renowned as specialists in wheels and tyres for Scandinavian forklift brands.
This year, Bozela Parts AB, who is a member of the TVH group, will participate in the Gothenburg LOGISTIK TRANSPORT fair from 4th – 6th May, 2010.
Read more on the history and service of Bozela Parts AB.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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New Compact Five Stage Mast Launched by Lift Technologies
Lift Technologies (USA) has just launched a new line of Compact Five Stage masts which has a unique compact mast rail configuration offering very good visibility, yet the mast can be configured for lift heights up to 331", with a collapsed height of 90". The cylinders and chains are nested behind the mast rails which provide a clear visibility window for the operator when placing and retrieving loads. The new Five Stage mast can be equipped with an 8 roller integral carpet pole carriage for use in carpet and associated industries where load lengths can exceed 12’. The mast can also be ordered with a standard hook style carriage for applications where forks are required.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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Ecomatic Press-on and Resilient Tires
Solideal USA announces ECOMATIC, a new eco-friendly budget line. The new line is manufactured utilizing European Technology and has proven to provide long wear in general use operations. Solideal’s Ecomatic e-smooth and e-traction press-on line is manufactured with a universal rubber compound and recycled steel base bands. The press-on lineup includes all the most common sizes and a lower price solution for press-on forklift applications. Solideal’s Ecomatic ETR resilient line is manufactured with a universal rubber compound and reclaimed cores from worn 3-stage resilient tires. The resilient lineup includes all the most common sizes and a lower price solution for resilient forklift applications.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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Richard Shore: Safety awareness courses
London, United Kingdom
Safety training is not just for operators. Managers and supervisors need to know their stuff too.

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.
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"In South Africa, an employer has to take every precation available to them to ensure that their employees are safe. In the event of a tipover in a forklift truck, the only real safety device is the seat belt and their safety cell."
FMSRICH, South Africa

"I am an independent attachment consultant with 21 years in the industry and I am always interested in new products. However I have concerns that this may encourage bad practice and trucks will need to be rated for the increased load centres."
alan_s, United Kingdom

""Grease Monkey", "Mechanic", "Technician" or "Service Engineer", no matter what we are called, it pays the bills. I have been in the service side of the industry since 1 June, 1977 and have always enjoyed the job (not always who I worked for !!), regardless of the terminology of the day."
StarTrip55, United States

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Upcoming Events

1. bauma 2010
Munich, Germany
19-25th April 2010

2. ICHCA - Victoria - Luncheon Meeting
Melbourne, Australia
28th May 2010

3. NA 2010
Cleveland OH, United States
April 26 - 29, 2010

4. MultiModal 2010
Birmingham, United Kingdom
27th to 29th April 2010

5. ICHCA South Australia - luncheon
Adelaide, Australia
19th May 2010

6. ICHCA - Australia-Asia Cargo Logistics Conference
Darwin, Australia
4th & 5th plus industry tour 6th August 2010

7. ICHCA - Queensland Luncheon Meeting
Brisbane, Australia
29th April 2010


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1. External Sales Agent - Full time
Nigeria, Coastal Region / Abuja

2. Rental & Used Equipment Manager - Full time
United States, Memphis, TN

3. Service Manager - Full time
United States, Evans

4. Sales Representative - Midwest - Full time
United States, Kansas City, MO; Lincoln, Omaha, NE; Des Moines, IA


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1. Management - Full time
Orlando Florida, United States

2. Service Engineer - Contract / temp
Field service, Cayman Islands

3. Manager - Full time
UK, United Kingdom

4. Sales manager - Full time
Indianapolis- consider relocation, United States

5. Technical - Full time
Richmond Va, United States


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Editorial Calendar 2009

Editorial Calendar 2010

The Forklift Market in The USA
Attachments: Pallet Handling
Used Forklift Dealers
The Forklift Market in China
Materials Handling Equipment in Ports
The Forklift Market in Latin America
Industrial Tryes and Wheels
Batteries and Chargers
Materials Handling in Europe
Warehouse Counter Balance Forklifts
Spare Parts


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