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This is issue #452 - 11 March 2010 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Forklifts can gain from new technologies


US construction machinery exports drop nearly 40%
Association and Carbon Trust develop emissions toolkit
Arnold paid H&E about USD15.7 million
Barloworld “only company” to offer solution to John Lewis
Forklifts can gain from new technologies
Keller generates new forklift program
John O’Groats to Land’s End on a forklift
Sample of used equipment for sale
Movers and Shakers
Forklift fire, propane explosion rock plant

Forklift industry is cautiously optimistic
Forklifts needed for new warehouse
Safety awards open soon
Wharfie killed by forklift

Interfit launched in UK
MSE-Forks introduces Roll-PushPull at NA 2010
Forklift Auction - 11am Wednesday 24 March 2010
230 Old Maitland Rd, Hexham (Newcastle) NSW

Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) Acquires Certain Product Lines, Assets, and JV Equity Interests from General Electric
STILL working together with MIRETTI - providing the latest in Explosion Proof Technology
Combilift is the Ideal Tool for SBDL

Flexible Software for Small to Medium Sized Business:
New Opti Vis Quad Masts Launched by Lift Technologies

We Manage Maintenance and Vendors
Onsite Auction - 10am Friday 12th March 2010
Berth 7, Port Beach Rd, North Fremantle WA

Used Forklift Dealers in the news

FORK TALK: FLTA gives out awards for 16th year

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US construction machinery exports drop nearly 40%
Milwaukee, WI, United States
US construction equipment exports dropped over 38% in 2009 compared to the previous year for a total of USD12.8 billion of machinery shipped overseas, with declines of between 30 to 50% for major world regions.

The good news is that the fourth quarter of 2009 ended with a 26% gain over the third quarter, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). AEM consolidates US Commerce Department data for off-road equipment with other sources into quarterly export trend reports.

“Exports have literally been a lifeline for the construction equipment industry which saw US business plummet more than 40% last year and unemployment soar to more than double the national average,” says AEM president Dennis Slater.

“Global trade has been a significant source of industry expansion in recent years and many economies are now rebounding faster than the US,” he adds.

Slater says to help boost US exports, it is essential that federal government policies make it easier for US companies to pursue international business and for international buyers to travel easily to the US to examine and buy American products.

"AEM applauds President Obama's recent "National Export Initiative" to promote trade, which includes expanded Export-Import Bank funding for small to medium-sized enterprises from 20% to 50% of budget.

"Many of our smaller companies increasingly rely on exports to keep their businesses operating, and we have launched a pilot program with Ex-Im Bank to guide companies through the loan-application process and maximize their export opportunities.”

AEM also welcomed the Obama administration’s renewed focus on revamping the US visa-application process, saying international attendance at its trade shows would be “much higher” if qualified buyers were not subjected to an overly-complicated and seemingly arbitrary process.

"We continue to hear numerous complaints of long waiting times and denial after a superficial review. We have experienced up to a 20% refusal rate for our CONEXPO-CON/AGG construction show, and we estimate our recent AG CONNECT Expo agriculture show lost significant international attendance because of visa issues. For example, with one potential Indian delegation of about 80 business people, some 90 percent were denied visas,” Slater says.

Export sales to South America dropped 29% in 2009 for a total of USD2.4 billion compared to 2008. Central America took delivery of USD1.3 billion of US construction equipment, a 34% decrease, and exports to Asia declined 35% in 2009 for a total of USD2 billion.

Export business to Europe decreased 51% to USD1.5 billion in 2009 and construction machinery exports to Canada dropped 41% for a total of USD3.7 billion.

Africa recorded purchases of USD986 million worth of U.S. construction equipment, a drop of 29%, while exports to Australia/Oceania decreased 46% to USD962 million for 2009.

The top buyers of US-made construction machinery for 2009 were: (1) Canada - USD3.7 billion, down 41%; (2) Mexico - USD1 billion, down 28%; (3) Australia - USD922 million, down 47%; (4) Chile - USD763 million, down 16%; (5) Brazil - USD513 million, down 29%; (6) China - USD487 million, up 15%; (7) Colombia - USD392 million, down 17%; (8) Belgium - USD360 million, down 48%; (9) South Africa - USD353 million, down 49%; (10) Peru - USD319 million, down 20%; (11) Saudi Arabia - USD238 million, down 44%; (12) Singapore - USD214 million, down 48%; (13) Russia - USD209 million, down 58%; (14) India - USD181 million, up 55%; (15) Venezuela - USD165 million, down 57%.
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Association and Carbon Trust develop emissions toolkit
London, United Kingdom
The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is partnering with the Carbon Trust on an “emissions toolkit” project that will help warehouse operators cut their carbon footprint and save money.

Keith Horgan, Carbon Trust partnership development manager, says the company believes there are “substantial opportunities” in the warehousing industry to save energy and costs and reduce carbon in warehousing by the simple implementation of existing, low energy technology.

“A partnership with UKWA is the most effective way to engage with warehousing owners and operators and to encourage the industry to make cost savings through carbon management,” Horgan says.

He explains that lighting and heating are the core areas for Carbon Trust’s energy and carbon saving focus. “We are not talking about high-tech solutions but pragmatic and cost-effective actions … We believe the UK warehousing industry could save in excess of GBP150 million (USD224.6 million) in energy costs and 1.5 million tonnes of carbon by making simple changes.”

The Carbon Trust is currently conducting a series of site surveys and workshops with UKWA members to evaluate opportunities for savings. The surveys will assess potential barriers for introducing energy saving systems and consider the payback period on the warehouse operator’s investment in such schemes.

The surveys’ results are expected by April 2010 and will be used to produce a bespoke “emissions toolkit” to benefit all UKWA members.

Michael Davidson, UKWA’s membership services manager, says the “emissions toolkit” will enable the association’s members to “accurately evaluate” the positive impact new energy saving systems could have on their businesses’ profitability.

“UKWA is keen to be seen as a champion of green issues in the 3PL sector,” Davidson says.

UKWA’s 650 member companies operate nearly 10 million sqm (107.7 million sqft) of warehousing space from about 2,000 depots in the UK, which, according to the Carbon Trust, make up a significant proportion of the warehousing industry’s carbon footprint of approximately 10.2 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

The Carbon Trust is a government-backed independent company that helps businesses measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprints. It estimates the warehousing industry represents approximately 3% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions.

For more information on the project, go to and
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We Manage Maintenance and Vendors
FleetNet America, Inc. is a third-party vendor management company that coordinates roadside  events and all other scheduled/unscheduled maintenance management services. The continental 24/7 coverage includes towing and recovery in addition to any maintenance for commercial  equipment and material handling equipment through specific customer requirements.

We manage vendors by using a Vendor Rating System which includes performance and pricing standards.  Each vendor is ranked in our system based on price, proximity, quality of repair and more.  This gives us the ability to not only know who to call, but more importantly, to know who not to call.  The strong relationships we have solidified over the years, some dating back over 50 years, also allow us to know the vendors and the quality of their work.  Our coordinators average over 25 years hands-on maintenance experience.  Therefore, we analyze the situation to choose the correct, most qualified vendor and have active input on repairs made during each event.  With FleetNet’s reputation for paying within agreed upon terms and the fact we manage over 200,000 calls annually, we have negotiating power and pricing level with our vendors.  

For more information regarding our Material Handing Equipment Maintenance Program, please contact Ric Nelson at or 1-800-438-8961 ext. 2616.
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Arnold paid H&E about USD15.7 million
Baton Rouge, LA, United States
It has been confirmed that Arnold Machinery Co paid about USD15.7 million for the US-intermountain Yale-brand assets it acquired on 31 July from H&E Equipment Services Inc.

“At the time of the sale, these Yale lift trucks comprised approximately 71% of the total lift trucks in our rental fleet and approximately 3.5% of our total rental fleet assets, based on net book value,” H&E says in a securities filing. “The Yale brand accounted for less than 5% of our total revenues in 2009 through the date of the Arnold transaction.”

Arnold Machinery became the authorised dealer for Yale material handling equipment for all of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming and portions of Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Arizona ( News #423).

In February, H&E relinquished other Yale territories.

Papé Material Handling Inc was named to represent the Yale brand in eastern and central Washington, the north west corner of Oregon, northern Idaho and the state of Montana ( News #451), and Deep South Equipment Co was appointed the Yale dealer in the northern portion of Louisiana and an area of east Texas ( News #451).

H&E continues to represent makers of aerial work platforms and other materials handling equipment under the JLG, Gehl, Genie, Komatsu and Bobcat brands along with Grove and Manitowoc cranes.

H&E’s 2009 sales of USD679.7 million represent a 36.4% decrease from the previous year’s USD1.069 billion. H&E recorded a loss of USD11.9 million in 2009 versus a profit of USD43.3 million in 2008.

As a result of lower demand, H&E rental revenues decreased during 2009 with aerial work platforms down USD64.5 million, earthmoving equipment down USD16.2 million, cranes down USD8.5 million and forklifts down USD7.7 million versus the previous year.

The lower demand results from “the decline in construction and industrial activities, the current macroeconomic downturn and unfavourable credit markets affecting end-user access to capital,” H&E says in its 5 March filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

“We cannot forecast whether, or to what extent, we will continue to experience any further decline, or whether our responses to unfavourable business conditions will be meaningful in mitigating or reversing this decline,” H&E says. “Continued weakness or further deterioration in the non-residential construction and industrial sectors could result in continuing declining revenues and gross profits/margins and may have a material adverse effect on our financial position, results of operations and cash flows in the future.”

H&E continues “to proactively respond” through closing underperforming branches, redeploying rental fleet assets to existing branches with higher demand or to branches in new markets where demand is higher, minimizing capital expenditures, reducing headcount, implementing cost reduction measures and “using some of the excess cash flow resulting from our planned reduction in capital expenditures to repay outstanding debt.”

Shares of Baton Rouge-based H&E trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange.
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Barloworld “only company” to offer solution to John Lewis
Maidenhead, United Kingdom
The UK’s largest department store has chosen Barloworld Handling for its materials handling challenges.

John Lewis typically stocks about 350,000 separate product lines for its 29 shops and has a growing online business. With a diverse product offering ranging from electrical, gifts and toys to garments, beauty and home and garden, the size and shape of the products presented the department store with storage challenges.

“Mattresses, washing machines, sofas and other large and heavy goods all have to be stored carefully while maximising the space available in our warehouses,” explains Ted Weager, John Lewis’ senior project engineer.

“We wanted to store products at heights over 10 metres (32.8 feet), which is easily achieved for palletised goods but not when large items need material handling,” Weager adds.

John Lewis had previously used aisle cranes in some of its operations but wanted a flexible solution that was more cost-effective. It looked at the possibility of an order-picking forklift with a long cage on the front.

“Barloworld was the only company that could offer a solution. They already had a proven innovation using the Hyster C1.5 VNA machine with a walk-on platform and lattice gates on both sides,” Weager says.

The company trialled the concept at the Park Royal facility in London and now has three machines operating there.

In the northern hemisphere spring of 2009, John Lewis opened a combined service centre in Avonmouth to provide warehousing for stores and home delivery in Wales, Bristol and the south west of England.

Due to the success of the Hysters in London, John Lewis designed the new facility based on Barloworld’s solution and now operates three Hyster VNA c.15L order-picking machines in 10 aisles.

“We have maximised storage space in the new Avonmouth warehouse cube and spent only a quarter of what we would otherwise have invested on cranes,” Weager says, adding that life-time costs are also greatly reduced.

The VNA machines operate using wire guidance on a “super flat” warehouse floor in 1.7 metre- (5.6 feet) wide aisles. Before the driver can operate the truck, the metal lattice gates must be closed on both sides. As an additional safety feature, once the operator is positioned in the correct bay, he or she must press a button triggering flaps on both sides of the cage to bridge the short gap between the platform and the racking.

The lattice gates, with gaps too small for hands to go through, can then be opened a full 2.7 metres (8.9 feet), allowing a two-man team walk-on access to the racking for items such as large mattresses.

“At 10 metres (32.8 feet), the cage feels incredibly stable with minimum movement, giving the team an enclosed environment in which to pick and put away stock quickly and efficiently,” Weager says.

Barloworld also supplied Hyster P2.0 powered pallet trucks for lateral goods movement in the facility and a Hyster Matrix reach truck fitted with a carpet boom to handle carpets up to 7.5 metres (24.6 feet) long.

Hyster claims to be the only manufacturer of a VNA machine with a mast strong enough to handle a three-metre long cage with a 800kg (1,764lbs) load in any location on the platform. Barloworld is the UK’s exclusive distributor for Hyster equipment since 1956. It maintains nearly 30,000 forklifts in the UK.
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Onsite Auction - 10am Friday 12th March 2010
Berth 7, Port Beach Rd, North Fremantle WA
On behalf of Patrick due to redundant equipment we will sell:

Hyster H800A 33 ton with 20’- 40’ TLA;
Hyster H44-00C 32 ton with 20’- 40’ TLA;
Hyster H920B 35 ton with 20’- 40’ TLA;
Clarke C500 Y650D 28 ton Forklift;
Clarke Container Tyne Forklift;
2 x Ottawa Dock Trucks (’95 & ’96);
5 x Wharf Dual Axle Container Trailers.
Click here to view photos and machine details
Buyers Premium: 7.5%
Inspection: Thursday 11th March 2010 8am-3pm and from 8am day of sale.
Enquiries: Pat Slattery - 0419 224 791
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Forklifts can gain from new technologies
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
On-the-move forklift operators and others stand to benefit from new communicators and software in distribution centre and warehouse environments.

For instance, the new SRX wireless headset and voice software from Vocollect Inc with the CK3 mobile computer from Intermec Inc provides a rugged solution for mobile workers.

“Combining the CK3 and SRX wireless headset adds another level of flexibility and performance for our customers,” sys Tim Eusterman, senior director of industry marketing at Intermec in Everett, Washington. "Whether you wear the CK3 or mount it on a forklift or pallet jack, going wireless for voice applications changes the game for productivity, ergonomics and safety. And realising all these benefits from a single mobile computing infrastructure improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.”

Tom Murray, vice president of product management and marketing at Pittsburgh-based Vocollect, notes, “Our ability to offer the Intermec CK3 device with both wireless and wired headsets provides a variety of options for companies seeking to heighten business performance through voice. Now Intermec customers have another configuration to gain the many workflow productivity and accuracy benefits of voice.”

Connections exist without cables or clips.

“Globally speaking, untethered instant access to data on command is a tremendous advantage to workers in a demanding mobile environment,” according to Susan Muttart, manager of public relations with Vocollect. “Wherever workers happen to be standing ─ either on the lift or away from it ─ or if they are seated, they can instantly speak and retrieve whatever information they need in order to complete their task. This hands-free and eyes-free process also dramatically improves worker safety.”

Meanwhile, Reddwerks Corp of Austin, Texas, a supplier to retailers and distribution centres in North America, is introducing warehouse performance management (WPM) software.

The enterprise software supplier’s new WPM technology can supplant warehouse management and warehouse controls, the company says, and can position a user to handle higher volumes of direct-to-consumer orders stemming from Internet-based transactions.

Further, Reddwerks’ technology can manage radio-frequency-directed full-palette picking via forklift. “The software directs the movement and position of the forklift drivers based on where the most efficient picking pattern might be,” says Vanessa McMillan with the Reddwerks marketing department. The system “not only boosts productivity - picking speed and throughput - but also has the side benefit” of keeping forklifts from colliding.
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Keller generates new forklift program
Neenah, WI, United States
JJ Keller & Associates of Neenah has created a digital forklift operator safety and training program to replace a version last updated in 2008 and originally issued in 2004.

Program resellers will discontinue sales of the older Keller version in mid-March and begin distribution of the new USD365 product at the end of March. Keller is nearing completion of a Spanish version of the program.

“Almost every production company has a big forklift (safety and training) program,” says Anthony Lafazia, sales and marketing representative with reseller Compliance and Safety LLC of Middletown, Delaware, a division of Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc.

In addition to Keller, domestic producers of digital, videotape and audio forklift training programs include Marcom Group Ltd of Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania and Digital-2000 Ltd of Stafford, Texas.

The new Keller digital video disc program, titled The Forklift Workshop, covers materials handling equipment basics, inspections, operational practices, charging and refueling, maintenance requirements and hazardous-location procedures. The program satisfies regulatory training requirements for successful participants, incorporates hands-on activity for reinforcement of key concepts and aims to help employers control costs through accident prevention.

The Keller organisation was established in 1953 to provide products to motor carriers and now offers regulatory, consulting, warehousing and insurance underwriting services across a wide range of industries.
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Used Forklift Dealers in the news
On 29th April 2010 we will be publishing a feature on “Used Forklift Dealers”.

If you deal in used machines; if you just deal in your own locality; if you want to find new sources of wholesale machines or if you want to find more dealer clients because you are a wholesaler; if you want to expand your influence into different export markets or if you want to find an investor or perhaps sell off your is the opportunity.

This will be a “must read” feature and our news team is already working on it. Coming after a hard business year it will be a wonderful opportunity to positively showcase your specialties and services. Any promotion in this edition will gain maximum “read” by focused professionals and end user companies. The “News” will be discussed in Boardrooms all around the world and it will be a great opportunity to seek alliances.

Would you like to do a special promotion in this edition of the News?

Contact the sales team: write to, phone +61 7 3369 9090 or fax +61 7 3369 9096.
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John O’Groats to Land’s End on a forklift
Land’s End, United Kingdom
Three friends have driven a Jungheinrich forklift between John O’Groats and Land’s End in Scotland to raise over GBP15,000 (USD22,464.85) for cancer research.

Stuart Colvin, Steve Hare and Steve Golding took turns driving the diesel forklift for about 900 miles (1,448.4kms) at a speed of around 12mph (19kmph) in four-hour shifts.

The men undertook the challenge in memory of their close friend, Tim Frankham, who died from a brain tumour in May 2009.

Colvin says over the years people have walked, run, skateboarded and rode on buses from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

“So we wanted to come up with a different way of making the journey in memory of Tim.

“Tim was an inspiration to many with his courage and positive outlook. As part of his treatment, [he] received a new chemotherapy drug which extended his life by a year and we aim to raise at least the amount it cost to provide this treatment.”

Jungheinrich UK Ltd lent them the 4s series counterbalanced hydrostatic forklift and supplied a back-up service vehicle. The forklift left John O’Groats on 25 February and reached Land’s End four days later, despite facing some severe weather conditions in the Scottish highlands.

Craig Johnson, Jungheinrich UK’s marketing manager, says the company was only “too pleased” to get involved in the fund-raiser when approached by Tim’s friends.

Donations to “Team Tim” are welcome at
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Sample of used equipment for sale:Search 4764 listings in the Marketplace
Hyster E50XM33 2000 United States USD 7500 Details
Linde H30T 2001 New Zealand NZD 15000 Details
Hyster H40XMS 2000 United States USD 6500 Details
Nexen FD30 (4JG2) 2002 United Kingdom GBP 6950 Details
Linde R14 2004 Germany EUR 3900 Details
Hyster 2.50XM-D 1998 United Kingdom GBP 5350 Details
Hyster H250HD 2003 United States USD 38500 Details
Hyster 2.50XM-D 1995 United Kingdom GBP 6450 Details
Hyster H1.50XBX-A475R02059X - Australia AUD 12000 Details
Daewoo B25S2B9-00088 - Australia AUD 14000 Details
Linde H16T03 2005 Germany EUR 5450 Details
BT RRB2-16 1998 Germany EUR 2100 Details
Hyster H275H 1985 New Zealand NZD 50000 Details
Nexen FD30 (4JG2) 2007 United Kingdom GBP 9850 Details
and thousands more...
Click here to include your used forklifts, stackers, telehandlers, container handlers, attachments etc.
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Konecranes delivers reach stackers to India
Stockholm, Sweden

Konecranes will deliver 27 reach stackers to state-owned company Container Corp of India (CONCOR).
The machines will be delivered to 11 different multi-modal stations in the country during the northern hemisphere spring. The value of the order is not disclosed.
The reach stackers can lift laden containers up to 45 tons five-high in the first row and 31 tons in the second row.

Ranger sells Giraf Track telehandlers
United Kingdom

UK access specialist Ranger Equipment has been appointed the dealer for Giraf Track in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
Giraf Track is a crawler-mounted telehandler from Belgium manufacturer TDL. The machines are based on Caterpillar excavator tracks and a Merlo 16 metre- (52.5 foot) telescopic boom, a combination designed to provide the stability and all-terrain mobility of an excavator crane with the flexibility of a telehandler.
Attachment options include pallet forks, winches, jobs and buckets and other more specialised options.
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Movers and Shakers
Ontario, Canada
Palfinger North America Group has appointed James Hannah as group marketing and research manager. Hannah will oversee all marketing and market data-related activities undertaken in the North and Latin American market by the group’s companies. Hannah joined Palfinger four years ago in the corporate development department where he focused 0n acquisitions and strategic projects.

Tokyo, Japan
Komatsu has appointed Yoshinori Komamura as executive vice president. He will also replace Masahiro Sakane as representative director of the board, starting in June 2010. Komamura is currently director and senior executive officer. Sakane, who is currently representative director and chairman of the board, has resigned after three years in the role. Some of Sakane’s management duties will be transferred to the president and other members of the board.

Milford, CT, United States
Bryan Blankenship has been appointed vice president of vendor relations for Somerset Capital Group Ltd. He will develop long-term relationships with OEMs and dealers for materials handling equipment. Blankenship started his forklift career as a sales trainer in Danville, Illinois for Hyster Company. He has worked as the vice president of sales for Hoist Liftruck’s west division and national account manager for Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America.
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Forklift fire, propane explosion rock plant
Kutztown, PA, United States
Investigators are exploring a forklift fire and propane-tank explosion in the Kutztown plant of thermoplastic sheet extruder Palram Americas Inc.

The Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call and is pursuing the causes along with the unidentified forklift manufacturer, propane tank supplier, insurance carrier and Palram, a division of Israel-based Palram Industries Ltd.

According to a preliminary report, “the fire started in the (forklift) engine compartment and was fed by the LP fuel line,” fire department Chief Scott Freeman says. “The fire consumed the majority of the operator’s compartment.”

Fire fighters encountered “a fully involved propane forklift fire”, Freeman reports. Before units arrived, the fire had compromised the attached 80-pound  (36kg) capacity propane cylinder and caused a boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion (BLEVE).

“The BLEVE occurred approximately five minutes from the time the fire started,” Freeman says. “The building’s sprinkler system (was) activated and suppressed the fire. The operator of the forklift was transported to the hospital as a precaution and released.  No other employees were injured,” and all workers had exited the structure before the tank exploded.

Freeman observes that the propane cylinder appears to have been attached to the forklift properly when the BLEVE occurred. “The cylinder was torn clear of the hold-down straps and is thought to have hit numerous walls and the (industrial-height) ceiling before coming to rest approximately 35 feet (10.5 m) from the forklift,” he says. The explosion damaged numerous light fixtures and sprinkler heads in the warehousing area for raw materials.

In the wake of the 2 March incident, Freeman suggests all companies should “implement and practise their emergency evacuation procedures. Numerous employees reported that smoke conditions became so severe within one minute that they had a hard time finding exit doors.”

Freeman envisions what could have been a darker conclusion. “I have little doubt that anyone in close proximity (to the explosion) would not have survived without extreme injuries or fatality.”

Freeman reports that Palram’s co-ordinated company communication system and prompt leadership response “greatly assisted fire crews in clearing smoke from the building and limiting property damage from the sprinklers”.

Palram Americas manufactures polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride and acrylic sheet for digital and screen print markets and other end-uses. The Kutztown plant occupies 250,000 square feet (22,500 sqm).
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Forklift industry is cautiously optimistic
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
There’s an optimistic mood - albeit a cautious one -  sweeping across most Australian businesses, including the forklift industry.

The March business expectations survey from Dun and Bradstreet shows Australian executives have very strong expectations for their firms’ business performance in 2010, with some indicators at their highest levels in more than five years.

According to economic consultant Dr Duncan Ironmonger, expectations for growth in sales are the highest in six years. “These are boosting profits expectations, so executives have raised their intentions to make strong increases in staff numbers, capital investment and inventories.”

He says the decision by the Reserve Bank to increase official interest rates was a positive vote on the forward prospects for the economy. News snap-surveyed some of the leading players in the forklift industry on their views of the market in light of last week’s interest rate rise, and on what effect fiscal stimulus packages have had.

Carl Smith, managing director of Linde Material Handling, tells News that while rate rises place pressure and uncertainty on the market, this is offset by the fact that the Australian economy is heading in a positive direction and can absorb the increases.

He believes the end of the business investment allowance will allow the used forklift market to grow again.  

“Although the business investment allowance has been positive, it has encouraged the typical used truck buyer to look at the low-priced new truck option.”

He says businesses will continue to work through their materials handling equipment replacement cycles, regardless of whether the investment allowance is offered or not.

“I believe that the industry will continue to develop. However, I still see a degree of caution being evident in 2010, especially in the first two quarters,” he sums up.

Toyota Material Handling Australia national sales manager Stuart Warren says while most global forklift markets dropped in excess of 50% on the previous year, the federal government’s stimulus package appears to have offset this effect in Australia, where the market dropped just 32% on 2008.  

“There is, however, cautious concern that the local market will suffer a secondary decline in 2010, mainly in the small business/retail sector. The recent rate rise and upcoming federal election may also have a slowing effect on the market.”

In addition, he warns that there may also be a strategy by major suppliers to ‘roll over’ existing contracts and not replace with new units which will also have a negative impact on new units being shipped into Australia.

New South Wales-based Yale dealer John Flinn of Hystandard Handling Equipment says with rates still at historic lows, the latest increase will not have any impact on the forklift market.

“Our sales for February were very strong and the general enquiry levels are quite high.”

According to Flinn, business investment rebates contributed to a late rally of high-value orders in December.

“Therefore, they made a very positive contribution to the industry,” he tells News.

He says equipment orders are very strong now in the lower-value segments, and with the volumes at this level, the signs are still very positive.
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Forklifts needed for new warehouse
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Third-party logistics provider Costa Logistics has leased a 3,500 square metre temperature-controlled storage site in Morningside, Brisbane which it intends to operate as a multi-user site.

Use of the warehouse will be targeted at high-throughput, high-volume manufacturers, food service providers and producers of fresh produce, juices, dairy products, confectionary and other foods.

Chief operating officer Geoff Norman tells News that the warehouse will probably require about eight to 10 forklifts. The company currently uses mainly Linde and Crown equipment, usually on a short-term lease basis.

“However, we will go to the forklift industry to ensure we get the best forklift for that particular operation,” he adds.

Specialising in the development and management of supply chain solutions for temperature-controlled and ambient products, the company has distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Devonport, utilised by major manufacturers and retailers.

Operations will begin at the Morningside premises on 1 April and the company anticipates that the acquisition will result in the creation of up to 40 jobs within the company over the next three years.
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Safety awards open soon
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Companies and individuals whose innovation and leadership raise the standard of health and safety in workplaces are encouraged to enter the 2010 Worksafe Victoria Awards which open next month.

According to WorkSafe acting executive director Stan Krpan, many people are doing great things and being innovative to meet their particular issues, but don’t realise they’re ahead of the pack.

“These individuals, groups and organisations show others that many issues can be dealt with effectively (and) quickly with relatively little expense, while delivering great benefits.”

This year’s categories include:

• Best OHS Management System
• Best Solution to an Identified Workplace Health and Safety Issue
• Best Health and Safety Initiative in a Small Business
• Health and Safety Representative of the Year
• The Health and Safety Committee of the Year

For more information, visit
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Wharfie killed by forklift
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
A minute of silence was observed by workers on wharves across Australia last month in a mark of respect for 30-year-old dock worker Brad Gray who died after being struck by a forklift.

The incident occurred on 20 February while he was working the vessel, the Pacific Explorer, for the POAG stevedoring group in Brisbane. He was working in the gangway and was struck by a forklift carrying a dunnage (waste) bin.

According to MUA national secretary Paddy Crumlin, this is the fourth fatality in a little over three-and-a-half years, and the fifth since June 2003.

“The Brisbane waterfront is tense following the death. Every workplace is different and without second-guessing any formal inquiries, this sort of accident just shouldn’t happen if set safety protocols are put in place. We have to ensure that workplaces achieve productivity goals, but not at the expense of fundamental safety,” says MUA assistant national secretary Warren Smith.

“For the past two years, we have been working for nationally coordinated regulation to underpin waterfront safety and we are now calling for the government to support a national safety code of practice for stevedoring and give it some legislative backbone.”
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Interfit launched in UK
Watts Tyre Services, the UK operating division of Watts Tyre Group has today announced that from April 5th 2010 it will formally become Interfit Ltd following an extensive rebranding process. The business which is already the UK market leader for forklift tyre services will now build on its position as a key partner to the UK materials handling industry by offering multi brand tyre fitting services, a new service standard and a number of innovations designed to change the UK tyre services market.

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MSE-Forks introduces Roll-PushPull at NA 2010
Following the enormous success of RollerForks®, first launched in 2003, MSE-Forks is looking forward to the introduction of its revolutionary new Roll-PushPull unit (patent pending). The Roll-PushPull is fitted with patented RollerForks®, which can be swapped out for plate forks in a matter of a few minutes. The new combination will be unveiled at the NA 2010 material handling & logistics trade show in Cleveland, USA.

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Forklift Auction - 11am Wednesday 24 March 2010
230 Old Maitland Rd, Hexham (Newcastle) NSW
04 & 98 Linde H30T
4 x 03 Linde H25T
05 Linde H25D
4 x Linde R14 Electrical Reach (no charges)
Qty other makes & model forklifts

See website for full details & photos

Enquiries: Paddy Slattery 0412 402 264
Buyers Premium: 7.5%

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Flight Systems Industrial Products (FSIP) Acquires Certain Product Lines, Assets, and JV Equity Interests from General Electric
On March 1st, 2010, FSIP formalized an acquisition of certain assets of General Electric’s Motion Controls Business.  The acquired business is primarily located in Patillas, Puerto Rico and it manufactures and distributes controls used in various electric vehicle applications:  forklifts, neighborhood electric vehicles, golf carts, walkies, tuggers, go-carts and personnel carriers.  

FSIP is the industry’s leading remanufacturer of controls for the electric vehicle control market.  FSIP remanufactures over 45,000 controls annually and is associated with many of the industry’s leading OEM’s.  FSIP remanufactures controls for forklifts, aerial lifts, golf carts, scrubbers/sweepers, personnel carriers and mobility controls.

FSIP and GE have been involved in a Joint Venture (JV), the GE/Flight Systems Servicenter, for over 12 years.  During these 12 years FSIP served the needs of GE with remanufacturing, warranty services and the manufacturing of specific GE controls and components.  FSIP will continue to provide GE customers with their remanufacturing requirements.

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STILL working together with MIRETTI - providing the latest in Explosion Proof Technology
MIRETTI, Leader in Explosion Proof Technology and STILL have a technical and development agreement in progress for many years now concerning explosion proof fork lift trucks intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

MIRETTI is an Officially Approved Supplier of explosion proof conversions of STILL forklift trucks.

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Combilift is the Ideal Tool for SBDL
Schoeller Bleckmann Darron LTD, based in Aberdeen, Scotland provides a complete manufacturing, repair and maintenance facility for drilling products used in the oil and gas sectors. It is benefiting from the versatile capabilities of an 8 tonne Combilift 4-way forklift to ensure safe and space-saving handling of long loads around its site.

Since SBDL purchased Darron Oil Tools, it has expanded its range of services to its extensive customer base in the UK as well as in locations such as Russia, Vietnam and Singapore. The company has invested in a raft of high tech machinery to provide the highest level of customer service, and is equally choosy when it comes to the materials handling aspect of its business.

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Flexible Software for Small to Medium Sized Business:
Discover – software that outsmarts your existing clunky computer software Discover – software that can expand as your small/medium sized business expands Discover - a complete software solution that includes the core modules you need to run your business (AR, AP, Stock & GL)? Discover – Baseplan Enterprise Lite Baseplan Enterprise Lite is the most complete solution on the market for small to medium business and includes equipment inspections, depreciation processing (optional), purchasing, cashbook management and payroll (optional) in addition to normal accounting modules such as debtors, creditors and inventory control. The benefits of properly integrated accounting modules are numerous and include live and accurate reporting and reduced errors in re-keying due to the reduction in data entry. All of this is linked to the most advance rental module available.

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New Opti Vis Quad Masts Launched by Lift Technologies
Lift Technologies (USA) has launched an updated line of quad (4 stage) masts in the 3500, 4500 and 5550 lb capacity range (1.6 – 2.5 tonne) that can be customized to suit specific end use applications. Rick Paddock, Director of Product Marketing, says the new line of quad masts offer exceptional operator visibility due to a new streamlined internal hose reeving design which opens up the visibility window between the inner mast rails. “Our design team set out to not only improve visibility, but to simplify hose and chain routings to further improve an already very reliable quad mast”.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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FLTA gives out awards for 16th year
Alton, United Kingdom
The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has presented awards for 11 categories, rewarding achievements in the materials handling world, from apprentices to lifetime achievers, in a ceremony attended by the industry’s movers and shakers.

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