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Forklift hybrid ends unsafe practices


Dalian enters as Baoli leaves ‘the list’
Zheli makes changes; Crown drops lawsuit
Precision Castparts buys 89 Yale forklifts
Forklift hybrid ends unsafe practices
Trade group urges infrastructure funding
ASDA cuts costs by using Logistical Link
Castle prepares Chinese forklifts for Haiti in 48 hours
Sample of used equipment for sale
Wiggins Lift pursues marine opportunities
CeMAT’s global expansion culminates in Brazil
New Products

Down the Yale trail again
Court convicts over forklift accident
Toll expands US supply chain
Bigwigs to attend annual forum

Bolzoni Auramo sales force: experts in Paper Handling!
Loading trucks one-sided using Toyota forklift trucks
JCB plan further push into Australia for the Teletruk

Managed maintenance service for forklifts grows rapidly across North America
Omega reworks, extends ARM-XL line

In 2010 reach your market through

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What better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year than to note the huge potential of Chinese forklift manufacturers. Two Chinese names appear in this year’s Top 20 ranking by a German industry magazine which notes that China must be taken seriously. There could have been more Chinese representation at the top of the list, but a number of big players didn’t provide enough information for the ranking.
So with China in the spotlight, it’s a good opportunity to wish all readers a happy and prosperous New Year.

Dalian enters as Baoli leaves ‘the list’
Esslingen, Germany
Do not underestimate the Chinese, says the author of dhf-intralogistik’s newest world ranking list of forklift manufacturers.

Wolfgang Degenhard, editor of the German logistics magazine and the 2008-09 list, says that China has grown into a “real industrial nation that must be taken seriously” and is no longer an emerging market.

“The Asian market is becoming more and more interesting each year,” Degenhard says in his comments on the list.

“The CeMAT Asia trade show, which took place in October in Shanghai, made it clear …The number of exhibitors, visitors and square metres has always risen at this event,” he says.

He adds that the Chinese have an ever-increasing number of large, certified manufacturing facilities and that the “important manufacturers’” units are CE-approved, and in many cases, the vehicles are developing into high-tech units, “if a little slowly”.

“The only thing that requires improvement is after-sales and service coverage. However, that is just a question of time,” Degenhard says.

In the latest world ranking, leading Chinese forklift manufacturers Heli and Hangcha have switched positions while another large manufacturer, Dalian Forklift, is new to the list. Hangcha, which sold EUR346 million (USD470 million) of forklifts in 2008, is now 16th while Heli with its EUR317 million (USD431 million) turnover is ranked 17th. Newcomer Dalian, which manufactures forklifts up to 45 tonne capacities, sold EUR74 million (USD100.5 million) of industrial trucks to come in 23rd place.

Degenhard says his editorial team would have liked to include Chinese companies like Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock and Hytsu Group in Shanghai but did not receive information from the companies.

Baoli has “left” the list as it has belonged to the Kion Group since 2009. Finnish company Rocla Oyj is in the list for the last time because it became a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe BV at the end of 2008. The company in Almere, the Netherlands is owned by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Toyota is still on top of dhf-intralogistik’s world ranking list, leading by EUR288 million (USD391 million) to second-placed Kion. This year, Nacco overtook Jungheinrich, ranking third, while the German manufacturer placed fourth.

In the ranking list comments, Nacco is reported to have increased its turnover by 6.2% but reported a net loss of USD438 million.

Christina Kmetko, Nacco’s investor relations consultant, tells News that US accounting rules required the company take a non-cash write-off of goodwill and other intangible assets totaling nearly USD438 million, as the company’s stock price at the end of 2008 was significantly below the company’s book value of tangible assets and book value of equity. The goodwill and intangibles were incurred mainly from acquisitions in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Kmetko says the reported loss was not reflective of the company’s true operations for the year ended 31 December 2008.

“If you remove the effect of the charges, consolidated adjusted income for the year ended 31 December 2008 was USD23.8 million or USD2.87 per share,” she says. This compares with net income in 2007 of USD90.4 million. On this basis, NMHG Wholesale had adjusted income of USD4.5 million in 2008 compared to a net income of USD48.2 million in 2007 while NMHG Retail had an adjusted loss of USD3.4 million compared to 2007’s net loss of USD8.9 million.

Dhf-intralogistik editor Wolfgang Degenhard says that while his team prioritises accuracy, it is possible that the list could contain errors due to the large amount of information, different definitions and financial regulations from the individual countries that his team goes through. He says corrections will appear in the next ranking list.

Noteworthy on the list is Combilift Ltd, the four-way forklift specialist. Since appearing in the 1999/2000 list, the company has been picking up speed, with an increase in turnover of almost 58% in 2003/04. For the financial year under review (1 Sept 2007 – 31 Aug 2008), turnover rose from EUR85 million to EUR95 million (USD115.4 million to USD129 million).

Clark has been thriving under the leadership of South Korean conglomerate Young An since it took over the bankrupt group in 2003. In 2008, according to information dhf-intralogistik received, Clark’s turnover increased about 62% from USD453 million to USD732 million. Consequently, the company moved up three spots to 12th position in the ranking.

The list included manufacturers which achieved a turnover of at least EUR10.2 million (USD13.9 million) from motorised materials handling vehicles during the year under review. Manual hand pallet trucks were not considered in the turnover.

Most European companies’ fiscal year coincided with the end of the calendar year, while Japanese companies’ fiscal year typically end on 31 March.

The effect of the global economic downturn was more evident in 2009 and this reflected in the turnover of companies with fiscal years that ended last year.

Companies in the list with fiscal years that ended in 2008 typically reported a rise in annual turnover with Carer, EP, Dalian, Nuova Detas, Miag and CZ Strakonice as exceptions.

Godrej was another exception to the rule as it was one of the few companies to report a rise in annual turnover despite its financial year ending in 2009.

The full listing can be found here.
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Zheli makes changes; Crown drops lawsuit
Dayton, OH, United States
Crown Equipment Corp has dropped its lawsuit against Hangzhou Zheli Forklift Group Co Ltd after the manufacturer in Fuyang, China changed selling and advertising practices and altered the colour of its machines.

Crown sued Zheli in December 2008 in the US District Court in Dayton ( News #393), seeking to protect the sanctity of Crown patents, designs and registered trademarks. The dismissal became official on 16 February. The case was assigned to Judge Thomas M. Rose.

Crown and Zheli officials discussed the issues through an interpreter in face-to-face meetings.

Subsequently, Zheli opted to use a light-green paint for its forklifts rather than Crown-registered beige. Further, Zheli took steps to discontinue dealer, distributor and direct-customer use of Crown trademarks and copyrighted marketing materials.

Zheli has been co-operative and made changes voluntarily, says Jim Moran, Crown senior vice president.

The court filing says: “Defendant not having appeared in this action, plaintiff Crown Equipment Corp gives notice of dismissal of all of its claims in this action without prejudice.”

Efforts to reach Zheli for an on-the-record comment were unsuccessful.

New Bremen, Ohio-based Crown manufactures materials handling equipment from small hand pallet trucks to high-elevation lifting turret trucks.

The Zheli line includes models powered with diesel, petrol, liquefied petroleum gas or electricity. The Zheli forklift operation is one of five subsidiaries within the Zheli Group.

The Dayton law firm of Faruki Ireland & Cox PLL represented Crown in the litigation.
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Precision Castparts buys 89 Yale forklifts
Portland, OR, United States
Publicly traded high-performance component manufacturer Precision Castparts Corp has contracted with a fleet management and materials handling dealership for equipment and services.

Under a five-year agreement, Pacific Material Handling Solutions Inc (PMHSI) will provide Precision with 89 custom-built Yale forklift trucks for specific manufacturing and distribution applications.

Portland-based Precision manufactures complex metal components and supplies investment castings, forgings and fasteners, and fastener systems for aerospace, defence and industrial gas turbine applications. Precision employs more than 20,000 people and recorded a profit of USD1.04 billion on sales of USD6.83 billion for the fiscal year ended 29 March.

“This is a great example of the ability of PMHSI and Yale materials handling to provide our customers with custom solutions to increase their productivity,” says Grant Salisbury, PMHSI vice president of sales. “Precision Castparts will be utilising our pacific fleet management internet application to track equipment utilisation, cost per hour, operator safety and operations compliance. Our fleet management product takes equipment management to a brand new level for our customers.”

Privately held PMHSI of Hayward, California was established in 1993 and has branch operations in northern California, Oregon and Washington.
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Forklift hybrid ends unsafe practices
Cannock, United Kingdom
A new materials handling machine made from a Cat diesel forklift is expected to boost safety for handling applications in power stations and refineries.

Lincolnshire-based JC Plant Ltd has developed the Skyhook 3.3 using Cat forklifts supplied by UK’s national Cat Lift Truck distributor, Briggs Equipment.

JC Plant, which specialises in bespoke materials handling solutions, designed the Cat-JC hybrid machine to work in hazardous environments and confined spaces while providing optimum safety for the operators and bystanders.

“We identified that some of our customers were having difficulty handling smaller loads in restricted spaces and in some cases were manually handling items when machinery should have been used,” says Jamie Cooper, JC Plant’s managing director.

Cooper explains that when maintenance is carried out in confined spaces, the Skyhook can quickly perform tasks which would take a team several hours to complete using scaffolding and lifting tackle.

“Also, it reduces the amount of times an item needs to be handled; not to mention all the finger, toe and back problems associated with poor manual handling practices,” he says.

By its very nature, Skyhook is not a “forklift” as it has no forks.

JC Plant approached various equipment manufacturers with the specifications it needed to create its bespoke machine. Cat Lift Trucks were the only trucks able to meet their requirements

Each of the DP25 diesel Cat forklifts supplied by Briggs had its chassis and hydraulic systems re-engineered to accept a specially-designed sub-frame and stabiliser structure, onto which JC Plant mounted a compact lifting arm.

The Skyhook 3.3 is able to pick and carry over 1,000kg (2,205lbs) at 1.5 metres (4.9 feet) within a 90° restricted slewing arc over the front of the machine, and with the stabilisers in place, this can be increased to 520kgs (1,146lbs) at 6 metres (19.7 feet), all while keeping the working head room down to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet).

“What it shows is the very best of British ingenuity combining two different [and] extremely high-quality components to create a truly unique solution to a niche mechanical handling problem,” Cooper says.

JC Plant worked with national training institute ITSSAR and local training centre WR Training Services to design a training course to suit both the machine and the user.

Cooper says forklift drivers only need a one-day conversion course to use the Skyhook 3.3 but various training courses can be provided to suit the operator’s experience.

JC Plant produces three Skyhook models (3.3, 12, 16.6), with the 3.3 being the newest and smallest. There are now seven Skyhook 3.3 evaluation machines in the field, gathering information for future development. JC Plant is hiring the Skyhooks out on contracts in the UK and has plans to expand its business in Europe.

Separately, Briggs Equipment has appointed Chris Meinecke as CEO. Meinecke joins the UK team from the US where he has worked with Briggs for over 18 years.
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Trade group urges infrastructure funding
Milwaukee, WI, United States
The Milwaukee-based trade group, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), is encouraging the US Congress to reauthorise transportation infrastructure funding.

Councils for manufacturers of rough-terrain forklifts, elevating work platforms and aerial devices are among AEM’s 34 product-specific membership groups.

“Unemployment in the construction equipment industry is more than double the national average, but we can recapture these jobs with the right legislation,” says Dennis Slater, AEM president. “What's the solution? Washington needs to focus on legislation for a multi-year, fully funded transportation infrastructure program that would boost employment in the construction industry, including equipment manufacturers and dealers who sell the machinery and construction contractors who buy and use the machinery.”

Slater notes that legislators approved two short-term extensions with the latest scheduled to expire on 28 February. “It appears that the most likely congressional action will be another extension, a move that does not create the market certainty to promote job growth or meaningful infrastructure improvement,” according to Slater.

AEM and the trade group Associated Equipment Distributors of Oak Brook, Illinois coordinate the information campaign Start Us Up USA! with analytical input from IHS Global Insight (USA) Inc of Lexington, Massachusetts. IHS says that the US equipment industry has lost 37% of its workforce and 40% of its economic output since 2006.

“The need for jobs is serious,” Slater says. “Although last year's stimulus money was helpful, it hasn't been enough.  If Washington wants to put people to work now, the answer is to pass transportation infrastructure legislation - now.”
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ASDA cuts costs by using Logistical Link
London, United Kingdom
PD Ports’ new Ports Logical Link shipping service has saved one of UK’s leading retailers, ASDA, over one million road miles.

The Ports Logical Link shipping service, launched in January 2009, is a coastal feeder container shipping service offering a next-day connection between Felixstowe and Teesport. PD Ports says the thrice-weekly service has achieved its goal of reducing operational costs for customers and minimising the impact road transport has on the environment in its first year of service.

ASDA, which opened the first port-centric import centre at Teesport in 2006, has reduced the volume of its trucks on the already over-burdened UK road network by using the service, leading to a reduction in overall supply chain costs and a 2,200 tonne cut in CO2 emissions.

Frans Calje, PD Ports’ managing director unitised, says the supply chain services provider is delighted to see ASDA improving its green credentials because of the Logistical Link service.

“There is, without doubt, a continued and vital need to reduce the amount of freight transported by road from Southern UK ports but which is destined for the north of the UK,” Calje says.

By locating an import centre at Teesport to serve its northern-based stores and consumers, ASDA has reduced the movement of trucks on UK roads, which have previously been carrying goods purchased in the Far East, brought to a southern UK port and then road-hauled up to the north of the UK.

PD Ports claims the service has saved ASDA and its George clothing range 1,265,459 road miles.

According to, the 2,200 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions is equivalent to that generated by 284 passengers on a return flight from Newcastle to Sydney, Australia.

Teesport is one of the top three UK ports, handing over 40 million tonnes of throughput a year.
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Castle prepares Chinese forklifts for Haiti in 48 hours
Rugby, United Kingdom
Castle Forklifts Ltd of Rugby, UK has modified five new Maximal forklifts in 48 hours for relief work in Haiti.

After the earthquake, demand for forklifts to help distribute food, medicine and clothes became critical.

Castle Forklifts chairman Keith Edkins tells News that preparing the five Maximal forklifts for local conditions in Haiti is normally a 10-day job, but the company worked around the clock over two days to fulfil the UK government order.

“We are used to responding quickly to our customers’ needs, but this was one of the most intense jobs I can remember in over 35 years,” Edkins says, adding that he is “extremely proud” of his staff for making the mammoth task possible.

It usually takes two days for Castle’s two preparation engineers to modify, prepare and test a single new forklift suitable for use in conditions such as Haiti’s. So getting five forklifts ready would generally require 10 days.

To meet the two-day deadline, Castle Forklifts called in three outside service engineers to assist the two staff engineers on the task.

Edkins says Castle Forklifts has supplied handling equipment to various UK government departments for over 25 years. In mid-2008, it sold a new Maximal diesel forklift to the UK government’s relief agency for use in loading freight containers with emergency aid headed for disaster areas globally.

“They have been delighted with the forklift ... so when [they needed] five new forklifts for Haiti, they contacted Castle to check the immediate availability of further Maximals,” he says.

Castle Forklifts had the Maximals in stock and the order was placed with the proviso that they be delivered in 48 hours or they would be penalised.

“If the trucks arrived late, they would miss the ship, the order would be cancelled and Castle wouldn’t be paid,” Edkins says.

Castle Forklifts did not have to worry about the penalty clause as they delivered the order with two hours to spare.

The petrol forklifts were converted to run on LPG. Then the converted vehicles and other diesel forklifts were fitted with low-profile triplex full free-lift masts, sideshifts, puncture-proof tyres, heavy-duty air filters and extra-long forks.

Castle Forklifts was established in 1975 and has imported forklifts from the Far East since 1982.  Initially, the forklifts came from Japan but for the past two years, Castle has imported exclusively from Maximal Forklift in China.

Separately, Still GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, is donating an RX20-20 electric forklift to the Federal Technical Aid Organisation of Germany (THW)’s central warehouse for international operations. The battery for the forklift was donated by Geraer-Batterie-Diesnt GmbH of Gera, Germany.

THW transports drinking water treatment plants and other humanitarian aid material to Haiti and other disaster areas from the warehouse.
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Wiggins Lift pursues marine opportunities
Oxnard, CA, United States
Wiggins Lift Co Inc has delivered a Marine Bull 2 forklift to Loggerhead Club & Marina and showed its marine capabilities at the recent Miami international boat show.

Wiggins Lift is benefiting from an industry trend toward building larger water-going vessels and the dry-storage industry’s challenge to house more of the large boats in higher racks with tighter building footprints.

Erik Bishop, a harbour master with Loggerhead, expresses satisfaction with Wiggins equipment that he says has a 52,000 lb (23,400 kg) lifting capacity and a tight turning radius to move vessels between the water and his 300-boat dry-storage facility. The Wiggins unit “can lift a 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) boat and put it on a shelf 64 feet (19.2 m) in the air,” Bishop reports. “Unbelievable.”

Seven Kings Holdings Inc of Jupiter, Florida owns a dozen geographically dispersed Loggerhead luxury marinas and dry-storage facilities along Florida’s East and Gulf coasts.

In spreading the word, Wiggins Lift has utilised a Waco, Texas public relations and promotion firm to develop numerous digital placements through the video-centric social networking site Vimeo LLC, a subsidiary of entertainment magnate Barry Diller’s New York-based IAC/InterActiveCorp.

Among projects discussed in Vimeo messages, Wiggins Lift built a complex forklift to move payload within the mission bay of the US Navy’s new fleet of littoral combat ships incorporating Wiggins’ patented Stabilift sea condition compensation system.

Mike Wiggins manages the Oxnard-based business, which members of his family have operated for 55 years.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association produced the boat show and a related sailing exposition from 11-15 February in Miami, Florida.
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CeMAT’s global expansion culminates in Brazil
Hannover, Germany and São Paulo, Brazil
Deutsche Messe will complete the international expansion of the CeMAT Hannover intralogistics fair with the debut of CeMAT South America in 2011.

Brigitte Mahnken-Brandhorst, Deutsche Messe’s spokeswoman, tells News that after CeMAT South America, the show organiser has no plans to launch any other CeMAT event in the near future.

“In addition to CeMAT Hannover, our flagship, we also have CeMAT Asia, CeMAT India, CeMAT Middle East and CeMAT Russia. We feel that these six events satisfy the demand in all emerging regions and thus there is no further need in the market.”

Mahnken-Brandhorst says Deutsche Messe conducts extensive market research and continuous consultation with industry leaders before deciding on a trade show for a new region.

“Any region we consider must offer appropriate growth potential and also be capable of providing the necessary event facilities.

“We also consider if we can work with a suitable partner, as we did in Russia, or whether we will establish a subsidiary and become the sole organiser,” she says.

CeMAT South America is slated to have its inaugural show on 4-7 April 2011 at Centro de Exposições Imigrantes in São Paulo, Brazil.

Andreas Gruchow, member of Deutsche Messe AG’s executive board, says South America is a key component of the group’s international strategy.

“Brazil is currently the largest market for our exhibiting customers. [It] has managed to avoid much of the impact of the worldwide financial crisis. Economic growth this year is projected at roughly 5%, and as the economy grows, so will demand for modern logistics solutions,” Gruchow says.

He adds that many leading manufacturers have expressed strong interest in CeMAT South America.

Mahnken-Brandhorst says logistics costs in Brazil are currently estimated at 20% of its GDP, which is twice as much as in OECD countries.

“Logistics costs account for, on average, one-third of operating costs and for some companies, they increase to one-half. Modern logistics systems demonstrated at CeMAT offer considerable potential,” she explains.

Deutsche Messe is organising CeMAT South America with the co-operation and support of Brazilian logistics association ABIMAQ and the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing Association, VDMA.

According to Deutsche Messe, major growth industries in Brazil include oil and natural gas, infrastructure, construction, renewable energy, environmental technology, cosmetics and medical devices.  Brazil will host the Football 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games, necessitating investments in airports, hotels, roads and stadiums.
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New Products
Reach stacker for wind power sector
Durban, South Africa

BLT, the exclusive Taylor materials handling equipment distributor in Southern Africa, has added a reach stacker targeted at the wind power sector to its product range.
BLT says the TS-9973W reach stacker is fitted with an attachment specifically for lifting, loading, transporting and positioning wind tower and blade components.
“There is no longer the need to use slave attachments when handling critical wind power components,” says Clinton van den Berg, BLT’s product manager.
The reach stacker, which has rated lifting capacities of up to 45 tonnes at a 1.93 metre (6.33 foot) load centre, can transport steel plates from rail cars to the production line, and lift and load completed tower components onto trucks and for transportation to storage areas.

Gehl increases lift and capacity
West Bend, WI, United States

Gehl Company has added the RS10-55 and RS12-42 telehandlers to its RS Series product line.
The RS10-55 telehandler has a rated lift capacity of 10,000lbs (4,535kg) and a maximum lift height of 55 inches (16.8 metres). The RS12-42 boasts a rated lift capacity of 12,000lbs (5,443kg) and a maximum lift height of 42 inches (12.8 metres).
According to Gehl, the new models’ booms have a welded box-section design and so are stronger than their competitors’ booms.

Jungheinrich launches new pallet truck
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Jungheinrich, which claims to make more powered pallet trucks than other European manufacturers, has launched the EME 114 electric pallet truck.
Powered by two 12 volt gel batteries, the truck is extremely compact because of its “short (450mm) front section”, and can be easily maneouvred, even in tight spaces.
It can transport pallets and loads over one tonne, and can travel at 5km/h (3.1mi/h). It also climbs gradients of 8% unladen or 5% laden.

Cat Lift Trucks’ new line-up
Houston, TX, United States

Cat Lift Trucks has added five electric counterbalanced and internal combustion pneumatic forklift families to its product range for the US, Canada and Mexico.
The new forklifts are 2,500-4,000lb (1,134-1,814kg) capacity three-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts, 3,000-4,000lb (1,361-1,814kg) capacity four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts and 8,000-12,000lb (3,629-5,443kg) capacity internal combustion forklifts.
New product enhancements including optional full-suspension swivel seat and fingertip hydraulic controls will also be offered in the existing Class 4 and 5 product lines.

Bac2 diversifies materials portfolio
Southampton, United Kingdom

Bac2 has diversified its materials portfolio following growing demand in 2009 for its composite bipolar plates for fuel cell applications.
The company says its growing experience with the ElectroPhenR family of low-cost conductive polymers now enable it to produce mixes that are fine-tuned to the requirements of specific applications. Conductivity, strength and operating temperature range are three of the material’s characteristics that can be adjusted.
Bac2 says its bipolar plates for hydrogen and methanol fuel cells attracted over 20 new customers in 2009 despite the worldwide recession.
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Sky-Trax’s new premier partner
New Castle, DE, United States

Sky-Trax Inc has named IdentPro GmbH as a premier partner and value-added reseller.
Michael Wack, IdentPro’s CEO, says Sky-Trak’s optical technology for real-time warehouse vehicle tracking complements the German company’s RFID-based load identification system on vehicles.
“We look forward to introducing [Sky-Trax’s] unique products for automated warehousing into the German market,” Wack says. As one of Sky-Trax’s partners, IdentPro is now an official distributor of Sky-Trax solutions and services.

JCB Finance celebrates 40 years
Rocester, United Kingdom

JCB Finance Ltd celebrates its 40th anniversary this month.
The company has its origins in JCB Credit Ltd, which was established in February 1970. In 1988, the company’s name changed to JCB Finance Ltd.
It has provided finance to construction, agricultural and industrial customers through four recessions and one foot-andmouth outbreak.
Almost 90% of all JCB equipment in the UK is financed by the company, along with other non-competitive plant, machinery and vehicles.
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Down the Yale trail again
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Once again, the rumour mill has kicked up speculation that forklift manufacturer Nacco Material Handling Group (NMHG) is about to sell another of its wholly owned Yale retail dealerships in Australia – this time, Queensland.

Just two months ago, a deal was struck between former Hyster dealer Hystandard to acquire NMHG’s wholly owned Yale operation in Sydney, leaving Yale Queensland and Yale Victoria still within the NMHG fold ( News #440).

Now it appears that the Queensland operation will be the next to go, with Western Australia’s Yale dealer, Budget Forklifts, mooted by industry insiders as a potential buyer. News’ attempt to get comment from parties concerned was unsuccessful.

Whether Budget Forklifts is a potential buyer or not, industry insiders claim it’s an open secret that NMHG wants to off-load all its Yale retail dealerships, much as it did its wholly owned Hyster divisions in Australia earlier this year.

The sale of NMHG’s Hyster divisions to Adapt-A-Lift took place in mid-2009, following months of speculation ( News #417).

Parent company Nacco Industries Inc was hit hard by the global financial crisis, reporting a company-wide loss of USD9.1 million for the first quarter ended March 2009 versus profit of USD5.6 million in the comparable 2008 period ( News #410) along with job losses at a number of plants in 2009.
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Court convicts over forklift accident
Kilsyth, Victoria, Angola
The Ringwood Magistrates Court has convicted and fined Kilsyth-based company Elliot Engineering for failing to provide safe systems of work in respect of forklift operations.

In an incident which occurred in December 2008, a 22-year-old worker who was not licensed to operate a forklift had his foot crushed when the forklift he was driving overturned on an uneven gravel area. His foot was later amputated.

When investigating the incident, WorkSafe found Elliot Engineering did not have systems to ensure forklift drivers held licences, were trained or wore seatbelts.

In addition, drivers had not been trained on the Linde forklifts, which had a different foot pedal set-up to other forklifts used at the workplace.

Since the incident, Elliot Engineering has responded to WorkSafe improvement notices by implementing a register of employees who hold a forklift licence, and a system which disables forklifts’ engines until the operator has fastened the seatbelt.

“We’ve been telling businesses about risks from forklifts for years – there are no excuses for employers. If you operate forklifts as part of your business, drivers need to be licensed, formally trained and wearing their seatbelt,” says WorkSafe’s acting executive director, Stan Krpan.

To ensure high standards are maintained with forklifts and other high-risk work, a new form of licence has been introduced.

Old style ‘tickets‘ are being phased out and forklift drivers are required to obtain the new licence containing the holder’s photograph, which will have to be renewed every five years.  

People wanting to find out more about the new ‘Licence for high risk work’ should go to WorkSafe’s website, where there is a calculator for people needing to check when their current ticket expires. ‘Tickets’ issued before September 2000 have now expired and the holders should contact WorkSafe immediately.
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Toll expands US supply chain
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Logistics giant Toll Group has bought Summit Logistics International, an independent US freight forwarding business, for around AUD80 million.

Summit generates annual revenue of around AUD300 million and is a top five provider of ocean freight services on one of the world’s key trade lanes - the trans-Pacific route between Greater China and North America.

“We have been investigating US-based opportunities for some time and this is an important acquisition for the group in the global forwarding market,” says Toll Group’s managing director, Paul Little.

“The development of significant scale in the trans-Pacific trade lane is a key element of delivering price-competitive services to US-based customers. Importantly, integrating Summit into Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) also improves Toll’s total supply chain capability in the US market.”
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Bigwigs to attend annual forum
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Senior leaders of the transport and logistics industry will attend the Australian Logistics Council’s annual forum to be held on 3 March in Sydney.

The event will focus on the infrastructure and regulatory issues which can lead to efficiency improvements in Australia’s supply chain.

Speakers at the forum include infrastructure and transport minister Anthony Albanese, Linfox founder Lindsay Fox, chairman of the COAG reform council Paul McClintock and ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel.

Also included are Nick Dimopoulos, chief executive of the National Transport Commission; John Cleland, CEO, WestNet Infrastructure Group; Brendan Lyon, executive director, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia; Helen Newell, director, corporate development and government relations, Asciano Ltd; Andrew Ethell, general manager, group corporate affairs, Toll Group; Geoff Thomas, general manager Logistics, Woolworths Limited and Derek O'Donnell, national logistics and planning manager, Coca-Cola Amatil (Aust) Pty Ltd.
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Bolzoni Auramo sales force: experts in Paper Handling!
Lift truck attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has implemented an internal education program to give its sales force all around the world high competence in paper handling.

"Damage free handling has always been our goal when developing new paper roll clamps" – says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Auramo’s Forest Products Handling Division Manager. "This actions allows us to help and advise our customers in a  professional way. How to select the right clamp for dedicated handling? What’s the correct clamping force? What kind of contact pad is most suitable? That’s the question daily given to our sales force. We have the answers!"

To reduce risks for paper damages Bolzoni Auramo offers  the option of tools to be used in the logistic chain of paper handling. The out-of-roundness measuring device "The Spider” makes possible a quality test of the handling and the use of  the correct clamping force. “Our team knows how to use this tool and use it regularly to help and give our customer the right advise!"

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Loading trucks one-sided using Toyota forklift trucks
Veenbaas Potgrond Drachten (Netherlands) is one of the most highly modernized potting compost companies in Europe! Veenbaas Potgrond has managed to optimize its various processes by applying a clear future vision and a broad-based market approach. The cornerstones of this approach are the quality of its products, fixed mix ratios and a sophisticated logistics system.

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JCB plan further push into Australia for the Teletruk
As JCB's 7,500th Teletruk starts work in a UK recycling plant this month (February) the company has its sights set on expanding sales to the other side of the world in Australia. This makes particular sense because in 2009 the counterbalance forklift market in Australia (Class 4 & 5) leveled with, and some months exceeded, that of the UK.

The UK market, as with other leading European markets Germany and France, was significantly adversely affected by the recession. Meanwhile Australia was, and still is, in much better shape. Soon after signing New Zealand dealers Centra Forklifts to the Teletruk franchise in 2008 JCB linked with Western Australia's growing force Allied Forklifts, based in Malaga near Perth. In 2010 Allied are expanding premises, staff and product offering. Owner and Managing Director Wayne Adams has even started the year with a new TV advertising campaign specifically for the Teletruk.

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Managed maintenance service for forklifts grows rapidly across North America
FleetNet, well known for emergency breakdown services now coordinates roadside services and maintenance management services for forklifts and other material handling equipment across America. Our nationwide service center will take your call 24/7 managing vendors and the maintenance process in our Roadside and TMcare programs. Our Maintenance Management Program is designed to manage material handling equipment maintenance needs while controlling maintenance costs and keeping equipment in profitable operating condition. One benefit of the program is Electronic Equipment Files.

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Omega reworks, extends ARM-XL line
Omega Lift Manufacturing Inc. has announced the re-design of their heavy capacity telescopic handler line, the ARM XL Series. The ARM XL offers 12,000lbs. – 20,000lbs. capacities in standard production, and up to 30,000lbs. capacity as a custom order. The ARM XL boasts a Tier III, 6-cylinder Perkins Turbo Diesel engine and hydrostatic drive with an optional shift on the fly gearbox. The ARM XL uses dual hydraulic pilot joysticks to operate boom and carriage functions and has the ability to accommodate many attachments including side shifting carriages, pipe clamps, buckets, winches etc.

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