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This is issue #415 - 18 June 2009 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
New columnist: Rhys Davies


Linde jobs to go
Jungheinrich sales fall, redundancies inevitable
Heli Americas links with Sunshine
H-E-B orders fuel cell technology
Cooper SH supplies reach stacker to Magnox North
HHLA and Gottwald partner to produce green AGV
Unsafe conditions result in two fatalities
Sample of used equipment for sale
Movers & Shakers
Forklifts and batteries stolen, sold as junk

Improved productivity with Linde
Logistics doyen honoured
CEVA secures major supply chain contract
Toll expands shipping service
New gantry crane for Tauranga

Small pallets, small hydraulic forks. New 40 mm thick telescopic forks!
Recently TVH Launched The SmartSweep
Davis Derby: TruckLOG case studies, Eurostar – St Pancras

GOODSENSE 3.0 Ton LPG Forklift with NISSAN Engine ON SALE!
Attica Equipment Ltd. developed the Worlds #1 selling unattended shut-down system!

Forklift Drivers Alert – Maryland and region USA — first Annual 2009 Chesapeake Forklift Safety Rodeo.

YOUR FOCUS: Rhys Davies: Genuine versus aftermarket

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If you think things are tough in materials handling, spare a thought for the world’s airlines. Last week, the industry’s peak body, IATA, noted that the sector last year lost USD10.4 billion. No sooner had the industry shaken off the effects of skyrocketing oil prices, than it had to deal with a huge demand slump due to the global recession. In the face of this business massacre, IATA boss Giovanni Bisignani is philosophical: “Whether this crisis is long or short, the world is changing. Even if we try to look beyond the crisis, we must recognise that it will not be business as usual.” Perhaps there’s something in that for everyone – even when this crisis is over, we’ll all be doing things differently.

Linde jobs to go
Basingstoke, United Kingdom
KION, the parent company of manufacturer Linde, is expected to release a statement soon after media reports of the closure of the Linde Material Handling plant in Basingstoke.

The Basingstoke Gazette has reported that about 350 people at the Linde plant in Houndmills will lose their jobs when the company closes its Basingstoke production line in response to a 50% drop in demand due to the recession.

Staff at the Basingstoke facility, the area’s largest employer, were told their fate earlier this week.

They were told Linde will continue to have a presence in Basingstoke as sales and marketing, after-sales and administration will remain, meaning 200 of the site’s 550 staff will keep their jobs.

The Basingstoke production will be transferred to the company’s larger factories across Europe.

Linde’s Wade Road parts organisation, which employs about 30 people, will stay, according to the Gazette.

Linde, which makes forklifts and warehouse handling equipment, has been in Basingstoke since 1949 and was originally known as Lansing Bagnall.

The company has begun a 90-day consultation with unions and employees and expects to continue production in Basingstoke until mid 2010.

Late last year,’s Bill Redmond reported that Linde has found the going tough in the UK market for the past seven years, racking up accumulated pre-tax losses of over GBP20 million (USD30.9 million).

He questioned the viability of the Basingstoke facility, reporting plans to cut another 10% of its labour force ( News #388).
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Jungheinrich sales fall, redundancies inevitable
Hamburg, Germany
The global materials handling equipment market will probably decline by at least 30% from the previous year’s 872,000 units to 600,000 units this year, Jungheinrich estimates.

Demand for materials handling equipment is not expected to recover before the second half of 2010, the leading forklift manufacturer said at its AGM last week.

“Jungheinrich is well equipped to prevail in this difficult market environment. Our solid business refinancing, the various measures we have initiated show that Jungheinrich maintains its course even on rough seas,” says Hans-Georg Frey, chairman of the board of management.

Measures the company has initiated to cope with the changing economic environment include the adjustment of production to lower demand, intensifying inventory and cost management, and further strategic investments in products and markets.

At the AGM, company shareholders were presented with a draft resolution to decrease the dividend for fiscal 2008 by EUR0.03 (USD0.04) to EUR0.49 (USD0.68) per ordinary share and EUR0.55 (USD0.76) per preferred share.

Shareholders heard that the contraction of the market volume for the first four months of this year to 164,000 units from the previous year’s 333,000 units was reflected in the group’s business trend.

The value of incoming orders for all business areas for the first four months of 2009 decreased by 28% from last year’s EUR750 million (USD1.038 billion) to EUR542 million (USD750 million). By the end of April, net sales had fallen by about 20% to EUR545 million (USD754 million) compared to the prior year’s EUR680 million (USD941 million).

New truck business was hit the hardest, recording a 32% drop, followed by short-term hire and used equipment activities, which experienced a 6% decline. Only Jungheinrich’s used equipment business posted a marginal gain while after-sales services were relatively stable.

As of April 30, 2009, orders on hand totalled EUR234 million (USD324 million) and were 40% lower than last year’s EUR391 million (USD541 million).

Jungheinrich says it forecasts its 2009 incoming orders and net sales to be about EUR1.7 billion (USD2.4 billion) each compared to the prior year’s EUR2.1 billion (USD2.9 billion). It is working hard to avoid a negative operating result but the extent of the expected earnings decrease in 2009 will depend on the economic trend of the next few months, the scope of structural measures to be taken and the ensuing one-off costs.

Negotiations are currently being conducted with employee representatives regarding redundancies in group units hit hard by the crisis, the company says.
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Heli Americas links with Sunshine
Memphis, TN, United States
Sunshine Enterprise LLC of Memphis has become an equity partner of the Heli forklift distributor in the eastern and central US and the distributor’s inside-China communicator with manufacturer Anhui Heli Co Ltd.

The arrangement “improves our skill set” and factory connection, says Bruce Pelynio, president and chief executive officer of Memphis-based Dobbs Imports LLC which trades as Heli Americas in 31 states. Sunshine and forklift distributor Heli Americas began discussions in early 2009, and the agreement was signed in early June.

Sunshine Enterprise CEO Wei Chen founded his business in Memphis in 1998.

Sunshine manufactures construction and industrial equipment—scaffolding, casters and hoists—in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuxi and Chenzhou, China and distributes primarily in North America through sites in Memphis, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta.

Sunshine employs more than 400, occupies about one million square feet (90,000 sqm) in North America and China and has annual sales of about USD40 million.

Sunshine in China has close proximity to manufacturing facilities of Hefei, China-based Anhui Heli.

In its territory, Heli Americas added two new dealerships so far in 2009, bringing it to a total of 23, Pelynio notes. Four more dealer applications await possible activation this year. Heli Americas has seven direct employees.

“We are making inroads to national accounts, and we have an expanded product line” beyond the historic Heli line of 2,000 pounds (900 kg) to 22,000 pounds (9,900 kg) in the US, Pelynio says. “We spent money to get US standards” for larger forklift models with lifting capacities of 29,000, 36,000 and 39,000 pounds (13,050, 16,200 and 17,550 kg).

In early 2007, Pelynio and diversified investment company Dobbs Management Service LLC of Memphis acquired the Heli distribution business of MH Imports of Dallas, Texas and established Dobbs Imports under an equity partnership arrangement ( News #294).

“Sunshine bought the first Heli Americas truck sold in Memphis,” Pelynio reports.
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H-E-B orders fuel cell technology
San Antonio, TX, United States
HE Butt Grocery Co (H-E-B) has ordered 14 PowerEdge fuel cell systems from Nuvera Fuel Cells for installation on Class 2 reach forklifts in H-E-B’s perishables distribution centre (PDC) in San Antonio.

Also, H-E-B is obtaining an on-site hydrogen generator and a hydrogen refueling station, both identified under Nuvera’s PowerTap brand. The US Department of Energy’s hydrogen and fuel cell market transformation initiative is providing partial funding.

“We believe that hydrogen and fuel cells offer tremendous potential in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously improving our productivity,” says Bobby Greene, director of H-E-B fleet maintenance.

Roberto Cordaro, Nuvera president and chief executive officer, says: “The conversion of the power units and of the PowerTap hydrogen station is taking place this summer, and a new PowerTap hydrogen generator will be deployed in the fall. Nuvera looks forward to moving ahead with H-E-B as it considers the adoption of fuel cells throughout its distribution network.”

The installation will enable San Antonio-based H-E-B to validate lifecycle cost projections, productivity gains and environmental benefits. The PowerEdge hybrid system can replace standard lead-acid batteries for powering forklifts.

Nuvera reports a PowerTap system can produce hydrogen at a total cost of USD6 per kg, based on average national utility rates and including federal incentives and all capital, operation, installation and maintenance costs.

“H-E-B and Nuvera are aiming at improving productivity in the PDC operation along with significant reduction in carbon emissions,” Cordaro notes.

Billerica, Massachusetts-based Nuvera characterises its “Total Power Solution” as a first with purpose-built products in the fuel cell material handling market.

H-E-B employs more than 70,000, operates 300 retail grocery stores in Texas and Mexico and has annual sales in excess of USD15 billion.
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Cooper SH supplies reach stacker to Magnox North
Honiley Kenilworth, United Kingdom
Cooper Specialised Handling, the UK’s sole national distributor of Konecranes forklifts and reach stackers, has supplied a custom-built reach stacker for the decommissioning of a well-known nuclear power station.

The Konecranes reach stacker will handle 45 tonne concrete overpacks containing Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste (ILW) for Magnox North’s Trawsfynydd site. The reach stacker will move the ILW into a purpose-built store, which will contain the waste until a national repository becomes available.

Doug Barber from the Trawsfynydd site says the handling application is “unusual”. “The number of lifts is small, but the operator needs to meet the highest levels of environmental, security and safety standards.”

“The UK nuclear industry is one of the toughest regimes in the world. We needed absolute control of the vertical lift, a machine that could perform accurately under extremely slow conditions as well as a facility for total manual override,” he adds.

Magnox North personnel were involved throughout the design, manufacturing and testing process that saw numerous visits to the Konecranes production facility in Markaryd, Sweden.

This was an essential prerequisite of the contract, to adhere to the strict quality demands of the nuclear industry.

Cooper SH designed a unique attachment to handle the specially built 2.5 sqm (26.9 sqft) concrete overpacks encasing a heavy duty stainless steel box in which the waste is transported. The control of the vertical lift, the distance of the driver from the box of ILW and a number of bespoke recovery procedures were critical to the safe operation of the reach stacker.

The attachment has elongated twist locks which produce a synchronised arc and extension as the boom moves in, ensuring a permanent vertical lift. The reach stacker has also been programmed with different logic and load curve characteristics to handle the waste load to ensure loads are handled with the same care.

David Cooper, managing director of Cooper SH, says this has been one of the company’s most unique challenges. “It is certainly the first time we have been asked how slow our reach stacker could lift and lower, or how much air space there is between the driver and the load. Both parameters were critical in safe operation at Magnox,” he says.

Cooper adds that the company was also asked to provide an override system to manually raise the boom in the event of truck power failure.

“A second electronic override system was also specified to ensure the machine could only travel empty when the boom was at a pre-determined height to eliminate accidental damage to the extended twist locks.”

The 45 tonne Konecranes truck will move a total of 250 boxes of ILW into storage over the five years of its operational life, working a total of 25 hours. Cooper’s contract includes full contract hire and all-inclusive service and maintenance, and is valued in excess of GBP16,000 (USD26,212) per hour.

The Trawsfynydd site has a purpose-built ILW store located on 15.4 hectares (38 acres) in the heart of Snowdonia National Park. It is a twin reactor station, now de-fuelled and being decommissioned.
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HHLA and Gottwald partner to produce green AGV
Düsseldorf, Germany
HHLA Container Terminals GmbH (HHLA CT) and Gottwald Port Technology GmbH are co-developing what they claim is the world’s first battery-operated automated guided vehicle (AGV) for container handling.

HHLA CT managing director Herinrich Goller says in light of current concerns about the environment, the company has a responsibility as a terminal operator. “We need to design our facilities to meet these obligations (in the) long term and increase our investment in zero exhaust-emissions technology. “

Goller adds that the current economic situation and forecast rising fuel costs dictate that HHLA CT employ highly efficient and economical technology.

Mathias Dobner, CEO of Gottwald, says the battery-driven AGV is an important module in the handling equipment being developed as part of the manufacturer’s environment-friendly range. “By implementing zero-emission, low-consumption and thus environmentally aware technologies, we aim to meet the requirements of our customers,” he says.

The partnership between HHLA and Gottwald began in 2000. Gottwald supplied a turnkey AGV system including management and navigation software to the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA).

Today, about 90 container transport vehicles make up the AGV fleet at CTA.

In 2006, HHLA used diesel-electric AGVs at CTA for the first time. The vehicles emit less operation noise than their predecessor, the diesel-hydraulic AGV.

HHLA says it cut fuel costs by 25% and reduced exhaust emissions significantly with the diesel-electric AGVs.

One of HHLA’s modified diesel-electric AGVs has undergone retrofitting for battery operation and passed testing on Gottwald’s test field. The vehicle has been transported to CTA to be integrated into the existing AGV fleet in Hamburg for more test runs, and will operate alongside productive AGVs.

Dobner says Gottwald and HHLA expect the tests to provide important information on the anticipated low noise emissions, battery cell operating life and the AGV control system “before we focus on battery cell charging management, the battery-change station and the actual automated battery-changing process”.

HHLA CT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen and Logistik AG (HHLA) while Gottwald is a subsidiary of Demag Cranes AG.
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Forklift Drivers Alert – Maryland and region USA — first Annual 2009 Chesapeake Forklift Safety Rodeo.
The closing date for competitor registration is extended to Friday 26th June.

Professional forklift operators and company teams from across the mid-Atlantic region are invited to demonstrate their skills at the Howard County Fairgrounds, July 18, from 7am-5pm.

Forklifts are provided by Atlantic Lift and are sit-down counterbalanced CAT lift trucks.
Proceeds to benefit WAY STATION, the U.S. Veterans Re-entry Into The Workforce Program. Register online at: or call 410.644.7777 for more information.

Co-sponsored by the Chesapeake Region Safety Council; Atlantic Lift Truck; Pepsi Bottling Group and

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JLG awarded US Army contract
McConnellsburg, PA, United States

JLG Industries Inc has received an order from the US Army to rebuild 500 all-terrain lifter army system telehandlers and 300 other rough-terrain forklifts.
The Continental United States Reset program started in 2004 to extend the life of equipment by rebuilding machines to a standard set by the army. Units from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan arrive at the JLG Military Support Centre where parts like the transmission, engine and axles are replaced or rebuilt. Other parts are also replaced or refurbished.
JLG’s Military Support Centre has rebuilt over 800 rough-terrain forklifts for the US Army.
The contract, valued at USD76.9 million, will be completed by April 2014.

Experts talk gear trends
Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Sigma Pool, the mutual sales platform of Liebherr and Klingelnberg, has held a gear seminar in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Dr Hartmuth Müller, chief technical officer from Klingelnberg, presented an overview about new developments in bevel gear technology on the first day of the seminar this week. The seminar also dealt with cylindrical gear technology and other trends in gear technology.
Participants had opportunities to dialogue with gear experts and were given a tour through the Sigma Pool headquarters in Saline, Michigan.

Portuguese champions invited to US Forklift Rodeo
Springfield, OH, United States

The winners of the Portuguese Forklift Rodeo have been invited to participate in the 15th US Open Forklift Rodeo & Safety Expo to be held on October 30-31, 2009 in Springfield, Ohio.
Tim Rathnell, chairman of event sponsor Springfield/Clark County Safety Council has personally written to his Portuguese counterpart, António Oliveira, in Lisbon to extend the invitation., Cascade, EnerSys, Sentry Protection Products, Yale and KMH Systems are among the Springfield event’s corporate sponsors.
Organisers are also expecting the participation of the champions of the Chesapeake Area Safety Council’s Atlantic Lift Rodeo, which takes place on 18 July.
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Unsafe conditions result in two fatalities
Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, United States
Two men died in Oklahoma incidents involving unsafe uses of lifting equipment.

Unsecured forklift tines on a flatbed truck trailer fell onto state highway 62, according to an Oklahoma City police report. A trailing minivan hit one tine, passed without damage over cable barriers and, subsequently, rolled several times.

The van driver, Melvin Ray Ake, 68, of Newcastle, Oklahoma, was ejected from the vehicle and died at an Oklahoma City hospital.

Police say Richard Chausse of heavy equipment contractor BJ’s Construction Inc of Blanchard, Oklahoma was driving the Ford truck southbound on the highway near the intersection with Southwest 74th Street on 9 June.

In the other case, Douglas Ray Ramey, 33, of Tulsa suffered fatal injuries while working underneath a hydraulic scissor lift at Superior Linen Service Inc.

A Tulsa police report says Ramey was working below the lift, which Tulsa-based Superior Linen uses to load trucks. Ramey disconnected an improperly working hydraulic hose, and the lift began falling and crushed him. Ramey was pronounced dead at the scene.

A locking mechanism to securely hold the lift was not in use, according to police.

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration is pursuing an investigation of the 12 June workplace incident.

Family-owned and -operated Superior Linen employs about 300 and supplies hospitality and healthcare linen services in Oklahoma, western Arkansas, southern Missouri and southern Kansas.
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Sample of used equipment for sale:Search 5184 listings in the Marketplace
Jungheinrich EJC14G 1998 Germany EUR 3200 Details
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Movers & Shakers
Hannover, Germany
Hannover’s Lord Mayor, Stephan Weil, has been named the new chairman of the supervisory board of Hannover-based Deutsche Messe. Weil replaces former economics minister Walter Hirche. Hirche previously represented the state of Lower Saxony on the board but gave up the post after resigning from his ministerial position.

Lower Saxony’s new economics minister, Philip Rösler, will represent the state on the board together with state finance minister Hartmut Möllring and Justice Minister Bernd Busemann. Rösler was also appointed vice-chairman of the supervisory board.

Deutsche Messe bylaws dictate that the chairmanship of the supervisory board alternate every five years between a representative of the city of Hannover and a representative of the state.

United Kingdom
Bernard Molloy is the new managing director for Hoppecke Batteries in the UK. Molloy was the managing director of Hako Machines and Linde UK.

Bridgeview, IL, United States
Phil Fridley has been appointed president of Manitex International. Fridley is responsible for the financial performance of Manitex International and manufacturing operations, purchasing, manufacturing engineering, sales ordering and administration. Prior to his appointment, Fridley was director of operations at Manitex International.

Scott Rolston has been appointed senior vice president, sales and marketing, for Manitex International Inc. Rolston is responsible for ensuring that the Manitex sales and marketing organisation is optimised to deliver planned growth initiatives within the North American dealer network, strengthening strategic alliances, enhancing in-house distribution and expanding international focus. Prior to his appointment, he was president of Manitex International and has been with the company for 16 years.

Paul Zaremba, general manager of Crane & Machinery, which Manitex acquired in October 2008, has been named vice president, customer service. Zaremba has been with Crane & Machinery for one year and prior to that was general manager of Randall Industries. Paul's background includes experience in the rental equipment market from an operational and financial perspective.
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Forklifts and batteries stolen, sold as junk
New York, NY, United States
Authorities have charged three workers from Crown Equipment Corp with stealing eight transit agency forklifts and 17 steel-cased forklift batteries and selling the items to a junk dealer.

Dependable Scrap Yard paid a total of USD7,812 to the men for forklifts and batteries with a value of approximately USD250,000, according to the district attorney.

New Bremen, Ohio-based Crown has a preventative maintenance contract with New York City Transit and, as part of the agreement, assigns technicians to the agency’s warehouse in the community of Maspeth in the New York borough of Queens. The technicians are expected to provide onsite repairs and maintenance and supply estimates for workshop repairs. To facilitate repairs, Crown uses a flatbed truck and various vans to transport equipment from the warehouse to authorised locations for repairs, maintenance and replacement parts.

“The defendants are accused of trying to make a fast buck,” according to district attorney Richard Brown. “In these challenging economic times, the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Agency) and the riding public can ill afford such waste and thievery.” New York City Transit is a unit of MTA.

The defendants are Bruce Lesniewski, 30, of Brooklyn; Darrin Pfaff, 42, of Ronkonoma; and Kimberely Edwards, 57, of Bay Shore. Lesniewski and Pfaff worked as Crown technicians, and Edwards was a Crown flatbed truck driver. Each faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

Lesniewski, a current Crown employee, is charged with third-degree grand larceny for the theft of two forklifts and 10 batteries for which the scrap dealer paid him USD3,097.

Pfaff and Edwards, former Crown employees, are charged with third-degree larceny and fifth-degree conspiracy for the theft of six forklifts for which the scrap dealer paid them USD3,160.

Also, Pfaff is charged with fourth-degree larceny for the theft of seven batteries which were sold for USD1,555.

An annual inventory of equipment discovered the items were missing. The prosecutor says Lesniewski and Pfaff signed invoices stating they were the rightful owners of the equipment and had authority to make the sales. Global positioning system (GPS) records for the truck that Edwards drove tracked movements of the vehicle from the warehouse to Dependable Scrap Yard in Maspeth on at least three occasions.

Crown managers co-operated with authorities during the eight-month investigation.
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Improved productivity with Linde
Murarrie, Queensland, Australia
Linde Material Handling has delivered more than 100 forklifts to VersaCold Logistics’ Murarrie facility in Queensland.

The forklifts form part of a national contract signed with VersaCold in September last year ( News #384) to supply around 400 new forklifts to the company’s warehouses in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

By replacing its old fleet with Linde equipment, VersaCold has moved from a battery charging regime to a battery changing process.

The Murarrie facility, being the first to implement the new forklifts and a new operational regime, has been able to reduce its fleet from 135 vehicles to 101.

The facility is a full slot managed warehouse with 27,500 pallet positions and 230 staff. The freezer rooms operate at less than –18°C and the chiller rooms are less than 4°C, so the forklifts operate in an extreme environment and must be reliable in
these harsh conditions.

According to Doug Seccombe, operations manager for VersaCold, Linde gave a lot of assistance in establishing the battery room in regard to design and operations. “We are very happy with the simplicity and practicality of the new battery changing room.”

Battery performance has been so good that it has exceeded the KPIs originally set down. “Instead of getting one shift per battery, we’re getting about one and a half, so it’s much better than I had planned.”

He adds that during the tender process and planning, Linde staff assisted in the planning and recommended what equipment should be purchased.

“They measured our entire distribution centre and did their homework to understand what we do. From the first afternoon of live operations, I felt comfortable with what Linde was doing and they assured us that everything would be ok and there would be no interruptions – and there weren’t!”
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Logistics doyen honoured
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Lindsay Fox, founder of Linfox, one of Australia’s largest transport and warehousing businesses, has been recognised for his long-term contribution to the industry.

Fox was presented with the “Outstanding Contribution to Supply Chain Management in Australia” accolade at this year’s Smart Awards held in Sydney this month.

“Lindsay Fox AC has revolutionised the supply chain industry in Australia and the region during his 50 years in the business. He was an obvious choice to be awarded this, the highest accolade within the industry,” said Len Harper, chairman of the Smart Awards 2009.

Fox founded Linfox in 1956 with just one truck, and over 50 years has grown the company to be one of Australia’s largest transport and warehousing businesses with operations in 11 countries. He still maintains an active interest in the company and his son Peter Fox is the executive chairman.

His services to the transport industry have been recognised in the past through his receipt of the Centenary Medal in 2001 and advancement to a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2008.
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CEVA secures major supply chain contract
Brooklyn, Victoria, Australia
Supply chain specialist CEVA Logistics has won a major contract to manage all inbound international freight and the domestic delivery of product to Spotlight, one of Australia’s largest chains of fabric, craft and home interior stores.

Spotlight chief executive officer Mark Goddard says CEVA's proven integrated international and domestic capabilities were a key factor in Spotlight’s decision to award it this contract.

"Spotlight are trusting CEVA to manage and optimise our supply chain, from point of origin to delivery to store,” he says.
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Toll expands shipping service
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australasian logistics giant Toll is about to purchase a 100% shareholding in Perkins Group Holdings, the parent of the Perkins Shipping Group, subject to competition clearance.

Perkins specialises in shipping, freight and land-haul services and, through Perkins Shipping, includes international shipping between Darwin and Singapore via Timor and coastal shipping throughout northern Australia.

According to Paul Little, Toll’s managing director, the increasing importance of South East Asian trade to northern Australia reinforces the future prospects for organic growth of Perkins’ international shipping services.

“The Toll Group’s internationally integrated service offering is already benefiting our Asian and Australian customers. With its potential for future regional growth, we are confident our customers will find Perkins Shipping a valuable addition to the Toll Group.”
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New gantry crane for Tauranga
Tauranga, New Zealand
Port of Tauranga's fifth ship-to-shore Liebherr gantry crane is scheduled to begin operating next month.

The crane, which arrived from Ireland on a specially chartered vessel, is being assembled on site at the Tauranga Container Terminal, and will be skidded into position for final commissioning.

The new crane has been specifically designed to handle the larger 5,000-7,000 TEU container ships, with an out-reach of 48 metres. This makes it capable of handling container ships 18 containers wide (the largest container ships currently plying New Zealand waters are 13 containers wide).

According to Mark Cairns, Port of Tauranga chief executive, the new crane is an integral part of the port's strategic planning, in preparation for accommodating container vessels up to 7,000 TEUs.

The crane will provide a lifting capacity of 60 tonnes under a telescopic twin-lift spreader and up to 80 tonnes under the hook beam.

The decision to purchase a fifth Liebherr crane is the result of steady long-term growth of the Port's container business. The Port favours the Liebherr brand for proven reliability, energy efficiencies, and low operating costs over the life of the crane.
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Small pallets, small hydraulic forks. New 40 mm thick telescopic forks!
MSE-Forks has introduced a new telescopic fork model for pallets with a limited pallet insert opening. The newest model is an addition to the existing portfolio of KOOI-ReachForks® telescopic forks, which are particularly suited as extension forks. These expansion forks are used to prevent damage to products and pallets because standard fork-lift forks are too long or too short with respect to the pallet that is being lifted.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Recently TVH Launched The SmartSweep
TVH - Group Thermote & Vanhalst, worldwide supplier of forklifts, aerial platforms and replacement parts, brings on the market an environmentally friendly sweeper.  The SmartSweep is a mechanical sweeper without electric drive, which fits onto any type of lift truck.  The brushes are driven by v-belts, that are connected to the drive shaft of the SmartSweep.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Davis Derby: TruckLOG case studies, Eurostar – St Pancras
With some 25 million passengers expected to use the St Pancras mainline, underground and international services annually, public safety is of paramount importance. To minimise the risk posed to the travelling public by its platform vehicles, used to replenish on-board catering points, washrooms and other facilities, Eurostar turned to the Davis Derby TruckLOG suite of products.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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GOODSENSE 3.0 Ton LPG Forklift with NISSAN Engine ON SALE!
To thank our customers for the past support and to help attract new business partners worldwide, GOODSENSE has launched a special promotion on "G Series" LPG forklifts with Nissan engines.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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Attica Equipment Ltd. developed the Worlds #1 selling unattended shut-down system!
"Attica Equipment Ltd. developed the Worlds #1 selling unattended shut-down system! Our competitors offer a programmable logic control as an unattended shut down device. Their systems require additional relay's, wiring, switches and least practical of all... computer programming. The GT3A is constructed from the best components available and is a self contained unit".

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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Rhys Davies: Genuine versus aftermarket

An industry veteran looks at one of the perennial debates: what is the best source of spare parts?

Read more
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Various, United Kingdom
21st to 27th September 2009

4. FLTA National Fork Lift Truck Safety Conference
Warwick, United Kingdom
30th September 2009

5. Chesapeake Forklift Safety Rodeo
West Friendship, MD, United States
18th July 2009


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Editorial Calendar 2008

Editorial Calendar 2009

Rough Terrain forklifts
Safety products in MH
Forklift Market in Canada
Tow trucks
Forklift Market in the United Kingdom
Fleet & Asset management
Narrow Aisle forklifts
Industrial tyres/wheels
Forklift batteries and power solutions
Side loaders
Explosion-proof forklifts
Forklift Market in India


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