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This is issue #412 - 28 May 2009 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Turner heads restructured Pon


SPECIAL REPORT: UK market meets challenges

Konecranes in statutory negotiations to lay off workers
The show goes on, despite downturn
Turner heads restructured Pon
Regulators crack down on fraudulent trainers
Kalmar equipment moves hazardous waste
Cat Lift Truck distributor invests in new fleet
Mid-Atlantic drivers show their stuff
Chamber’s forklift workshop among highest attended
Sample of used equipment for sale
Forklift operators exercise expertise at rodeo
New Products
Worker shoots supervisor operating forklift

Forklifts Australia’s assets under hammer
NTP supplies more forklifts
Eurolift secures major forklift contract
ALC on the move
Safety blitz on business
Call for national focus on port issues
Free workshop to ensure compliance with legislation

Bolzoni Auramo solutions help to save costs
WEATHER PROTECTION for fork trucks –

The Source For Rugged, High Capacity Pneumatic Forklifts
United Contact: over 5000 electrical contact parts and accessories...
EnerSys Reduces Energy Consumption
RAEDER-VOGEL®: High-quality wheels and castors for tow tractors

Dealer wanted for unique forklift sales opportunity in China
Meet the team at Queensland Materials Handling Show: Tues 16 – Thurs 18 June 2009
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Isn’t it amazing how quickly things fall off the radar? Not so long ago, you couldn’t open a newspaper, watch TV or browse online without reading about rising fuel costs. The oil price was the only issue on everyone’s mind. This week, oil hit a new high for the year, rising above USD63 a barrel – and no-one raised an eyebrow. This is the highest we’ve seen it since early November, but clearly still a way off the USD140 highs of last year. What this tells us, I guess, is that everything passes. Things that are major business concerns one day pale into insignificance the next. So, hopefully, this recession ‘thing’ will also soon be a distant memory. We can but hope!

UK market meets challenges
London, United Kingdom
The global downturn means tough times for the UK forklift industry, but, as William Redmond reports, suppliers have a range of strategies in place in these demanding times.  Read more
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Konecranes in statutory negotiations to lay off workers
Hyvinkää, Finland
Konecranes Heavy Lifting Corp has started statutory negotiations regarding possible temporary and permanent layoffs to cope with dropping demand for its products.

Konecranes spokesperson Mikael Wegmüller tells News the discussions for possible layoffs include “all personnel groups” in the company. However, he adds that it is too early to say what factors distinguish between staff facing possible permanent layoffs and those that could be made temporarily redundant.

It is estimated that not more than 80 Finland-based employees will be affected by permanent layoffs, Konecranes says in a statement.

Orders for lifting equipment in Konecrane’s heavy lifting business area have decreased by 37% in the first quarter of 2009 due to “low industry activity, low capacity utilisation and market weakness and uncertainty”.

Konecranes has cut costs through other measures like reducing the use of hired personnel and temporary employment and shifting the subcontracting of the production of gears and some electrical components in house. Statutory negotiations are also continuing in Konecranes Standard Lifting Corp and Konecranes Service Corp. Wegmüller says about 20 people will be temporarily laid off in Konecranes Standard Lifting Corp while up to 40 people could temporarily lose their jobs in Konecranes Service Corp.

Konecranes Heavy Lifting Corp supplies port and heavy industrial cranes. It employs about 620 people in Finland. The negotiations are expected to last at least six weeks.
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The show goes on, despite downturn
Most trade show organisers are rising to the challenges of the global economic downturn with optimism and creativity as their tools but some are feeling the pinch.

Mahmut Gazi Bilikozen, senior show manager of the upcoming Materials Handling Middle East 2009, tells News that these are, indeed, difficult times for the industry.

“To convince companies to invest in trade shows in general has become more challenging, with marketing budgets being cut all over the world. However, as a platform to meet your clients face to face, exhibitions still do not have competition as a trade platform in the business world,” he says.

Bilikozen adds that the show organiser is happy with the quality and quantity of its exhibitors this year.

“We appreciate all the support we receive from the key players of the industry during these times … We [have] had to be creative. We  … came up with innovative and exciting activities in order to turn on the industry.

“So far, the response has been great. We will let our visitors do the rest,” he says.

Materials Handling Middle East has been running since 2001. This year, it is being held from May 31 to June 2 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Brigitte Mahnken-Brandhorst, spokeswoman for CeMAT organiser Deustche Messe, says she hasn’t heard of any trade show for the forklift industry being cancelled. She says the next CeMAT show, CeMAT Asia, actually has 10% more exhibitors than last year.

Pat Monroe from AEM says for all the association’s support for trade shows including the ones it manages, “these are certainly challenging times”. “We make sure we promote shows with targeted messages that explain the value of participating in shows that AEM is involved in. My understanding is that we are getting good response from exhibitors to participate in the BICES show, which is set for November 2009.”

AEM recently extended the CONEXPO Asia brand through its support of the BICES show in India and the Bauma China show. News reported that Australian event company Exhibitions and Trade Fairs decided not to stage Matex this year ( News #410).

"It’s been very challenging," says event manager Paul Mathers, adding that many of the larger logistics and supply chain companies are "doing it tough" this year and have not had the funding to take part in the exhibition.

The show may run again in 2010, Mathers says.

Maria Kinsella of Australian Exhibitions and Conferences that is hosting the Queensland Safety Show in June says trade shows are essential for businesses.

"Existing clients who are cutting back on their marketing still need to go out and find new business, and trade shows offer a great way to get new leads," she tells News, adding that the company has not had to cancel any of its shows this year.

"While we have seen a 10-15% decline in exhibitor numbers for some shows, our visitor numbers remain strong," she says.

James Clark from British Industrial Truck Association also hasn’t heard of any forklift trade show being scrapped and says that the Birmingham-based IMHX 2010 will be held next year.

Meanwhile, the China Industrial Truck Association (CITA)-sponsored China International Forklifts & Parts Exhibition show at the Shanghai Everbright Centre from July 23-25 has been scrapped.

CITA spokesperson Zhang Jie tells News that the exhibition company Shanghai Chaowei Exhibition Service Co Ltd made a lot of mistakes in last year’s show so the CITA board and the China Council for the Promotion of International trade decided to cancel their partnership with the company. “We have not found another exhibition company to work with yet so we decided not to hold the show this year.”

Zhang said the decision was announced at CITA’s annual meeting in October 2008 and an official announcement is on the CITA website.
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Turner heads restructured Pon
Houston, TX, United States
Pon Holdings BV has named David O. Turner as chief executive officer of its global forklift, aerial lift and materials handling equipment companies and opened a Houston, Texas office for the staff of an expanded and restructured Pon Material Handling group.

For North American operations, Turner succeeds Donald G. Moes, who retired at the beginning of the month after 42 years in the materials handling business. Moes was CEO of Pon North America’s Equipment Depot materials handling group for two years.

For European operations, Turner takes charge of two previously freestanding business entities.

Primarily, Pon Material Handling dealerships market, sell and distribute logistics equipment with JLG, Genie, Linde, Caterpillar, Clark and Mitsubishi among the largest volume brands.

The Pon Material Handling staff includes 13 people at interim offices in Houston. Selection of a permanent location is under way. Previously, those staff members were based in US locations in New York, Cincinnati, Chicago and Houston as well as Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The managing director of each operating company remains at an existing Pon location.

“Combining all of Pon’s materials handling companies under one umbrella will give us the opportunity to adapt best practices from both continents and deploy our resources where they provide the best return,” Turner says. “It also allows us to develop stronger relationships with customers and suppliers whose operations are increasingly becoming global.”

Previously, Turner was managing director of the Pon Power business based in the Netherlands. From 2003 to 2007, he was president and CEO of W&O Supply in Jacksonville, Florida, an entity that Pon Holdings acquired in 1999. Turner is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

In his new position, Turner oversees 13 operating companies in North America and Europe with 64 locations, more than 2,600 employees and 2008 sales exceeding USD1 billion.

The Equipment Depot group, based in Waco, Texas, includes five companies with 42 locations in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Mexico. Collectively, those locations represent 19 forklift and 11 aerial lift brands of original manufacturers’ equipment.

The Gunco group of Rotterdam consists of four companies with 12 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and the Czech Republic under the Gunco, HDW Nederland, Milcon and Statech names.

The Motrac group, based in Almere in the Netherlands, includes four companies with nine locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany under the Motrac IT, Motrac Handling and Cleaning, Pelzer Fördertechnik and Motrac Hydrauliek identities.
Previously, the Gunco and Motrac organisations reported as freestanding businesses within another Pon unit.

“While this is a challenging time for the material handling and aerial lift business, Pon is committed to be an industry leader for years to come,” Turner notes.  “We continue to acquire successful companies that fit our performance criteria and whose employees can grow with us.”

In addition to materials handling equipment, the privately held parent organisation Pon Holdings BV of Nijkerk, the Netherlands distributes passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and engines, and automotive parts and has annual sales of about USD6.7 billion (EUR5 billion).
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Regulators crack down on fraudulent trainers
Washington, DC, United States
A US regulatory agency is strengthening the integrity of its 36-year-old outreach training program in an effort to crack down on fraudulent trainers.

The effort includes ─ but does not single out — those providing training for forklifts and other materials handling equipment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the US Department of Labour is seeking to improve the process by which trainers become authorised to teach and ensure that those trainers are in compliance with OSHA program guidelines.

OSHA says its voluntary outreach program covers more than 16,000 independent trainers eligible to teach workers and employers about workplace hazards and to provide OSHA 10-hour course completion cards. However, the agency notes that some trainers have fraudulently not provided the appropriate training in accordance with the program.

“The use of independent trainers has allowed OSHA to significantly extend its training capabilities,” says Jordan Barab, acting assistant secretary of labor for OSHA. “But OSHA will not tolerate fraudulent activity or unscrupulous trainers when workers’ health and lives may be at stake.”

Duncan Murphy notes the OSHA effort is a general statement about safety and that the program references other OSHA sections for details about training of forklift operators. Murphy is 2009 president of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association and president of the Omaha, Nebraska-based forklift dealership Riekes Equipment Co.

“The major brands of forklifts all have quality train-the-trainer programs that are updated regularly,” Murphy says. “The materials offered meet or exceed the OSHA requirements. Local dealer trainers that I have seen take their job very seriously, adding their own professionalism. When the three-way partnership of manufacturer/dealer/customer is in place, OSHA rules are met and the workplace is safer.  Accidents can occur when one leg ─ no pun intended ─ is missing, with the customer carrying the primary responsibility to ensure their workers are trained and then enforce the rules.”
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Kalmar equipment moves hazardous waste
Stockholm, Sweden
Kalmar has provided a reach stacker and forklift to handle containers in Kölliken, Switzerland, where a consortium of companies is working to remove tonnes of industrial waste.

The site is being cleaned up by a joint venture, Arge Phoenix, which was formed by four companies – Eberhard Bau, EberhardRecycling, Walo Bertschinger, Richi Weiningen and Ecosoil.

Kölliken site manager for Arge Phoenix, Walter Zwahlen, explains that the cleaning project was started in 2006 by the building of a large hall in which air pressure is kept low to prevent dust, gas and odours escaping.

“Since November 2007, we have been digging up the waste with excavators and placing it into special containers. These containers, weighing 30 tonnes, are then sealed and loaded by a Kalmar reach stacker onto trucks for transport.

“The Kalmar forklift is used to handle empty containers in the hall. In the next phase of the project, the containers will be transported by rail,” Zwahlen says.

The Swiss town of Kölliken followed the regulations for waste management of the time. Beginning in 1978, 350,000 tonnes of hazardous waste was deposited over seven years in a clay pit near the town. The waste, which includes heavy metals and chemical residues, threatens a source of ground water and poses a problem for neighbouring communities.

“We know roughly what has been dumped on the site but we need to be sure before making decisions about the material’s remediation potential. Only after a thorough analysis, the waste is transported to different treatment centres,” Zwahlen explains.

He adds that all of the waste has to be removed from the site and treated by 2013.

The Kalmar DRF450-60S5X reach stacker and Kalmar DCE100-6 forklift have been customised to operate inside the hall. A low speed limit, limited height and effective emissions filters make it possible to use the machines inside.

Thomas Angehrn, the project manager of inventory for Eberhard Bau, says there were many options for moving the containers in the hall but the team chose mobile equipment because of its flexibility and stability when lifting.

The Kalmar reach stacker can handle loaded containers quickly and efficiently in narrow spaces, while still ensuring the driver has optimum visibility. Its boom and attachment’s rotation possibilities allow the driver flexibility by not having to approach the container from a 90-degree position. The containers can be picked up or dropped off by the reach stacker approaching from any angle.
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Cat Lift Truck distributor invests in new fleet
Cannock, United Kingdom
The UK’s national Cat Lift Truck distributor and service provider, Briggs Equipment, has invested in a new fleet of transport equipment as part of a five-year contract hire agreement with Ryder.

The new fleet consists of seven customised trailer vans including drivers that will distribute Briggs’ Cat counterbalanced and warehouse forklifts across the UK.

Briggs transport manager Shaun Dennis says Ryder was chosen to provide the fleet because it met the forklift distributor’s specifications.

“After reviewing several suppliers, Ryder was chosen due to their flexibility, pricing and ability to cover all aspects of our requirements,” Dennis says.

He adds that Ryder allowed Briggs to have direct input regarding equipment specification and to be involved with the driver selection.

Briggs and Ryder worked with Andover Trailers to develop two different types of trailer vans. They were two wheel-box FKWB36 trailers and five step-frame SFCL36FT trailers.

“This is our first major order from Ryder, and these are very special trailers indeed for us as they have been in development for two years and is one of the most intricate designs Andover Trailers has produced for some time,” says Ivan Collins, Andover Trailers’ sales director.

According to Briggs, specification modifications for the vehicles include the step frames having a very shallow angle loading ramp, short neck and internal hydraulic floors to allow equipment to be driven onto the swan neck with ease.  The tri-axles on the wheel-box trailers have increased the distance between the wheel boxes to allow wider trucks to be driven through the wheel box area.
The value of the contract is about GBP4.5 million (USD7.2 million).

Prior to the contract, Briggs had its own fleet of five curtain-sided trailers. Ad hoc arrangements were made to cover unusual machines or spikes in demand, adding to the company’s costs and negatively impacting on the customer experience. Briggs has retained three of its original fleet and the additional seven Ryder Trailers has doubled its transport fleet’s size.
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Mid-Atlantic drivers show their stuff
Baltimore, MD, United States
Organisers of the first Annual Chesapeake Forklift Safety Rodeo are calling on professional forklift operators and company teams from across the mid-Atlantic region to compete in the event at the Howard County Fairgrounds on July 18.

Co-sponsored by, Chesapeake Region Safety Council and Atlantic Lift Truck, the Forklift Rodeo and Safety Expo aims to promote safe forklift operation and display the talent and skill of forklift operators from the region.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the individual deo winners, with trophies being awarded to the top company teams.

Employers are encouraged to sponsor in-house competitions and send their best drivers. Those who place first, second and third at the rodeo will be invited to go on to the US Open Forklift Safety Rodeo in Ohio this October.

Competitors will test their abilities in three areas: a written exam, pre-use inspection of a forklift and four course competitions. The forklifts, provided by Atlantic Lift, are sit-down counterbalanced CAT lift trucks. Registration (by June 18th) will be on a “first come, first served” basis.

The July event will include a safety expo, educational sessions, safety demonstrations and industry-leading products and exhibits.

Register online at: or call 410 644 7777 for more information.
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Chamber’s forklift workshop among highest attended
Indianapolis, IN, United States
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce is keeping forklift safety in the forefront as part of its expanded emphasis on employee training conferences and other services.

A forklift safety train-the-trainer workshop “is one of the chamber’s highest-attended one-day OSHA training seminars”, says Tom Schuman, chamber vice president of communications and editor of the organisation’s BizVoice magazine. “Despite the economy, safety is still a top priority for employers, and participation in (recent) programs (in May) was similar to previous years.”

Safety Training and Consulting Inc provides content for the chamber’s popular workshops on forklift safety, lockout/tagout electrical safety, and strain/sprain injury prevention. “The forklift safety workshop is offered twice each year and is often packaged with other safety-related programs in a two- or three-day period,” Schuman notes. “The instructors adapt the content of the course to address the latest regulations,” standards and recommended practices of the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and state and local agencies.

Companies keeping “up-to-date on forklift training can prevent injuries and avoid hefty fines from OSHA,” the chamber suggests. “Forklift operators should receive training at least every three years to have the most current safety information.” The Indianapolis-based chamber serves more than 26,000 members and customers annually.

William Pfister is president of Safety Training in Jasper, Indiana and an advisor for the twice-monthly OSHA Compliance Advisor workplace safety newsletter from Business & Legal Reports Inc of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. In 1997, Pfister started the safety training business and published a Forklift Safety book, now in its eighth edition. Previously beginning in the late 1980s, Pfister conducted forklift safety seminars as a representative of the State of Indiana Department of Labor.

Safety Training will conduct a 28 May forklift safety train-the-trainer workshop in Lexington, Kentucky under the auspices of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.
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Forklift operators exercise expertise at rodeo
Carrollton, TX, United States
Equipment operators in the municipal public works department in Carrollton have again defeated their counterparts from the city of Farmers Branch in the forklift portion of a competitive rodeo.

The event pitted forklift operators against a timed obstacle course that included a 10-foot hoop through which contestants needed to drop a basketball for a score. Other competitions involved precision dozer and dump truck driving.

“Every year they make the course more difficult,” notes Lori Davis, administrative support supervisor for the Carrollton public works department.

This third annual equipment rodeo was part of the city of Carrollton’s observation of national public works week (17-23 May) and was held at Standridge Stadium on 20 May. As part of an open house, employees from several Carrollton departments were present to answer questions about the municipal business units and their services.
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New Products
Lifter expands product range
Casole D’Elsa, Italy

Lifter has added the RTX16 and RTX20 reach trucks to its electric pallet truck and stacker range.
The reach trucks have 1.6 and 2 ton loading capacities, lift heights of just over 11 metres (36 feet), tilting fork carriages with side shift, CANbus technology and drive, lift and steering motors in three-phase AC technology.
Lifter is part of the Pramac Group.

Crown unveils new reach truck
New Bremen, OH, United States

Crown Equipment has launched the Crown RR5700 series of reach trucks which it claims features the industry’s first traction control system, enhanced execution of load-handling functions and the fastest lift and travel speeds compared to other reach trucks.
The reach trucks can lift loads up to 4,500lbs (2,041kgs) to heights over 36 feet (11 metres). It is available with AC-powered drive and hydraulic systems and in a double-deep reach version called the Crown RD 5700.
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Linde wins supplier award
Xiamen, China

Linde (China) has been named “2008 Best Supplier” by Bosch-Siemens Home Appliance.
The forklift manufacturer stood out for its “product and service quality; product development, innovation and technology; delivery timeliness; price stability; and communication and co-operation”.
Separately, the mayor of Xiamen, Lui Cigui, visited Linde (China) with a 20-member delegation from the municipal government last month.
Lui praised Linde (China)’s market and technology leadership, and had the chance to operate a Linde forklift.

Hyundai’s new standard warranty
Elk Grove Village, IL, United States

Hyundai Construction Equipment USA (HCEUSA) is now offering a two-year or 2,000-hour standard warranty on its 2009 model forklifts and other construction equipment.
HCEUSA says the change is “a result of its desire to lead in customer satisfaction”. It claims to offer the best standard warranty in the industry.

Equipment Depot is dealer of the year
Fort Mill, SC, United States

Continental Industrial Tire has named Equipment Depot of Irving, Texas as its 2008 dealer of the year.
Ed Fritz, Equipment Depot executive vice president, received the award at the Material Handling Equipment Dealer Association convention held at JW Marriott Desert Spring Resort in Palm Desert, California, on May 2-6, 2009.

Douglas Battery honours top performers
Winston Salem, NC, United States

Douglas Battery Manufacturing Company has presented its inaugural “regional” and “chairman’s” awards to its highest performing sales representatives.
Industrial Battery and Charger of Charlotte, North Carolina received the chairman’s award while the “regional salesman of the year” award went to Douglas Battery’s western regional sales manager Steve Satek.
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Worker shoots supervisor operating forklift
Millsboro, DE, United States
Delaware state police have charged a food plant worker with attempted murder and other charges after he shot his supervisor three times while the victim was operating a forklift.

Gerald Walters, 60, is being held at the Sussex Correctional Institute in Georgetown, Delaware while awaiting a preliminary hearing. He was also cited for possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and by a person unauthorised to possess a firearm.

Walters and the unidentified 38-year-old male supervisor had a heated argument during the start of an overnight shift at a Pinnacle Foods plant in Millsboro. Police say Walters threatened the man, left the plant and, about 4:30 am, returned to the facility in an intoxicated condition. He was armed with a .22-calibre handgun, confronted the supervisor, shot him in the upper body and, subsequently, surrendered to police authorities without incident.

Upon being shot, the victim stepped off the forklift and walked to a guard shack where he collapsed. He was flown to a Wilmington, Delaware hospital where he was in a stable condition, conscious, alert and conversing with hospital staff, says Corporal Jeff Whitmarsh, police division media relations officer. The shooting took place 23 May.

The dry foods segment of Pinnacle Foods deals with Vlasic pickles, peppers and relish at the 460,000 square foot (41,400sqm) Millsboro plant.

Affiliates of New York-based asset manager Blackstone Group LP own Pinnacle Foods Finance LLC of Mountain View, New Jersey after a 2007 acquisition. Pinnacle Foods had 2008 sales of USD1.56 billion.
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It is the place to feel the heartbeat of our industry right here in Australia and will be attending to experience the atmosphere first hand.  If you plan to attend this international event from 16-18  June 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, feel welcome to drop in for a chat: Hall 1, stand no. K30 - just look out for the bright orange signs!

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Forklifts Australia’s assets under hammer
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Over 70 new and used forklifts from recently liquidated forklift supplier Forklifts Australia will go on auction this Thursday.

Valued at over AUD1.5 million, the stock includes around 20 new Feeler forklifts, a variety of older forklifts including some of over 7-ton capacity, walkie stackers, reach trucks, sweepers and scrubbers.

Forklifts Australia went into liquidation last month, after being placed in voluntary administration in early March during which time administrator Meertens Chartered Accountants put it up for sale as a going concern ( News #401).

According to Austin Taylor, a partner at Meertens, Forklifts Australia suffered a 74% decline in its turnover as a direct result of the global financial crisis.

The company had three main divisions while in operation: new imported Feeler forklifts from China, forklift rentals, and repairs.

GraysOnline’s general manager for South Australia, Ben Roden, expects considerable interest in the auction. “Being an unreserved auction with bids starting at just AUD9, we anticipate there to be Australia-wide participation – from small businesses to larger companies alike.”
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NTP supplies more forklifts
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
NTP Forklifts has supplied castings specialist MacServices with a number of large-capacity forklifts recently.

The first, a 16-ton TCM diesel forklift, was delivered in November last year and replaced the company’s original Hyster unit.

Since then, says NTP national sales manager Damien Garvey, the company has ordered and received another two TCM forklifts, a five-ton and a three-ton.

He tells News that NTP has also recently secured a deal to supply DHL in Victoria with 15 new Jungheinrichs on a new rental agreement, 12 of which are the new Jungheinrich four-wheel counterbalance electric forklifts.  

“The company has moved away from typical LPG units to run greener, safer forklifts.”

Garvey comments that the government capital investment scheme has not boosted business as expected. “Most companies are still cautious regarding capital expenditure.”
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Eurolift secures major forklift contract
Dunedin, New Zealand
Lifting and hydraulics specialist Eurolift NZ has signed a contract to supply around 30 new Linde forklifts to New Zealand dairy exporter Fonterra for use in two new large-scale cool stores currently under construction ( News #387).

The first warehouse is being constructed at Dunedin, along with a dry store, and should open in October this year, with the second being built at the company’s Hamilton warehousing hub with opening scheduled for December this year.

According to Eurolift marketing manager Tony Curran, the forklifts will have a number of innovative features including insulated cabs to protect drivers from the sub-zero climate within the warehouses.

“All our cool store cabs can function in freezing conditions of -10 degrees or more while providing ultimate comfort to operators in the cabs,” says Curran.

“The forklifts will also be fitted out with cameras on the actual forks of the machines, which can reach up to 11 metres high to service stored product.”

He adds that Eurolift will be providing more than 50 Fonterra staff with ongoing support and training.

Fonterra manager Greg Pope says the company has been working closely with Eurolift for the past year, “looking at how we can achieve greater efficiency, reliability, driver comfort and safety in our forklift operations, while reducing our running costs”.

He adds that the recent order demonstrates the company’s confidence in both Eurolift and its supply of Linde forklifts.
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ALC on the move
Robina, Queensland, Australia
The national umbrella body for the transport and logistics industry, the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), will move its national office from South East Queensland and relocate to either Canberra or Sydney within the next few months.

According to chairman Ivan Backman, the decision to move was made at the ALC’s board meeting earlier this month, when it was decided that the ALC needs to focus “more tightly on addressing issues of regulation, infrastructure and influence and to investigate innovative partnerships and other arrangements to drive forward on the current elements of the ALC work program that fall outside this new core area”.

“The last 12 to 18 months have been tremendously successful for (the) ALC in delivering on its core purpose of influencing the national freight agenda. The board is confident that these changes will take (the) ALC to an even higher level of performance,” he adds.
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Safety blitz on business
Scoresby, Victoria, Australia
During a recent safety campaign in Scoresby, WorkSafe inspectors identified 251 safety issues in just five days.

Among the issues identified were 191 improvement notices requiring businesses to fix safety issues such as maintaining forklifts, replacing guards on machines, eliminating hazardous manual handling, removing trip hazards and preventing falls from mezzanine floors.

Among 59 safety issues fixed on the spot were basic safety actions such as removing keys from forklifts when not in use.

WorkSafe inspectors visited 117 businesses in the area as part of WorkSafe’s ‘Safer Work Zones’ campaign from 11-15 May.

The Safer Work Zones campaign aims to help small businesses improve health and safety and return to work.

According to WorkSafe’s executive director, John Merritt, “finding more than 250 safety issues in five days is a dreadful reflection on one suburb”.

Many of these businesses were advised in advance that inspectors would be in the area.

“If you run a business, you have a responsibility to make sure it is safe. We know businesses are doing it tough at the moment, but safety has to be a priority.

“In tight economic times, staying on top of safety issues prevents the loss of individuals and key people being diverted from their real work to deal with an avoidable emergency.”

Small businesses in Scoresby are encouraged to apply for WorkSafe’s Small Business Consultancy Service, which provides three hours of free, confidential safety advice for businesses with 50 or fewer employees.
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Call for national focus on port issues
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
NSW Ports Minister Joe Tripodi has called for greater emphasis to be placed on strategic maritime issues, ports and port landside links to promote better consistency in port regulation and national reforms.

According to Tripodi, this would be a key recommendation in the NSW government’s response to the 2009 Review of the National Transport Commission (NTC).

“We want to elevate strategic port issues to a national level to ensure they’re given appropriate priority,” says Tripodi.

“Australia’s ports are essential to its economic welfare, with 90% of our trade going through our ports. They are dependent nodes in critical export and import supply chains.”
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Free workshop to ensure compliance with legislation
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Businesses involved in container transport, such as importers, exporters, freight forwarders and port operators, are invited to attend a workshop on how to comply with Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislation.

Hosted by the Port of Brisbane Corporation, the workshop will be held in Manly West on 23 June and is designed to provide those involved in the transport of containers with the necessary tools to comply with the new legislation which became operational in September 2008.

The COR workshop will be an interactive session with key players and will include:

• What Queensland Transport inspectors are finding on the road in relation to “Container Weight Declarations” and their consequent enforcement plans.
• Case studies by an importer, a freight forwarder, a trucking company and a stevedore on what successful things they have done to improve compliance.
• The launch of a new Sea Freight Code of Conduct, developed by all sea freight parties at the Port of Brisbane, to provide guidance on managing risk and compliance.
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Bolzoni Auramo solutions help to save costs
Bolzoni Auramo Ltd have recently delivered a multi purpose attachment to Floplast Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Plastic Building and Plumbing systems based in Sittingbourne, Kent.

The company has recently installed their own cardboard recycling facility, therefore found the need to handle unpalletised bales as well as undergoing general pallet work with their existing fork lift trucks.

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WEATHER PROTECTION for fork trucks –
BMB Weatherproof Canopies Ltd – ukBMB – offers a full range of Weather Protection solutions for Fork Trucks.  Using over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the Fork Truck industry ukBMB have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet the requirements of an ever demanding market.

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The Source For Rugged, High Capacity Pneumatic Forklifts
Whether handling 90,000 pounds of project cargo or 36,000 pounds of steel, the Hoist Liftruck P-Series is built specifically to stand up to the demands of heavy industries. The solid chassis design, along with high quality components, make the Hoist Liftruck P-Series the most dependable pneumatic forklift line in the industry. The rugged nature of the line is complemented by advanced ergonomics and technology.

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United Contact: over 5000 electrical contact parts and accessories...
For over 25 years, United Contact (1985) Inc. has played a leading role in delivering a wide range of high quality electrical contact products to various Lift truck OEM's, wholesalers and distributors across North America, Europe and Asia. We have grown from a local contact re-tipping company to a one-stop source for all your electrical contact and contactor needs.

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EnerSys Reduces Energy Consumption
EnerSys Motive Power UK is working with lift truck users to increase their charging station efficiency, by incorporating high frequency (HF) chargers and fleet management systems in tailored solutions which reduce energy consumption and maximise truck up-time. The benefits are substantial. EnerSys believes that these systems will save money over the term of the contract.

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RAEDER-VOGEL®: High-quality wheels and castors for tow tractors
In modern production plants with a focus on lean manufacturing, tow tractors are taking over where moving material is required but no lifting. Tow tractors, also known as tuggers, are easier to operate than a lift truck and they can pull more than one load at a time on multiple carts. Moreover, in general the vehicle purchase costs are lower, and this also applies for operating costs.

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