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This is issue #401 - 12 March 2009 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Forklift fire report can help increase safety


SPECIAL REPORT: Avoid recession mistakes

Fake cranes found in China
Komatsu moves production to South Carolina
Yale/Chase adds to service organisation
New Barloworld reception centre opens
PowerEdge targets forklift market
Skyjack business experiences slowdown
AWP revenues will fall in ‘09
More forklifts get ID Systems’ wireless technology
Forklift fire report can help increase safety
Atlet helps logistics company upgrade
Merlo previews two new machines at exhibition
Doosan adds new engine models
Kalmar wins business awards
Sample of used equipment for sale
Movers and Shakers

Joining the links in the supply chain
Forklifts Australia up for sale
Forklift finals take place next month
Keeping safety standards high
Port earnings hit by global downturn
Still no Aussie distributor for OM

RAEDER-VOGEL®: New brochure on specials wheels and castors for materials handling
Jengtai seeks OEM dealers
Three brands, better service
Materials Handling Middle East 2009 Exhibition 31st May-2nd June 2009

Watts launches new pneumatic tyre

Advertisement – Agents, Dealers Wanted
Congratulations on your milestone
Keep up the good work Forkliftaction!

SAFETY FIRST: Rob Vetter: Stay the course

Profile: Stu Jacover

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Forklift dealerships are certainly under pressure, with reports of insolvencies becoming more frequent in many markets. Part of this may be natural attrition and a necessary consolidation in markets where there were simply too many dealers chasing too few customers. Sure, when the economy was running hot, there was plenty of business to go around. But now that belts are being tightened, weaker players will inevitably flounder. And there are two sets of messages here: manufacturers need to think carefully about granting franchises and about their demands on dealers; and customers must give as much thought to their dealer choice as to the forklift selection. Buyers also need to pause before attempting to drive down prices. When the dealer collapses, the few dollars saved on the purchase price pale into insignificance against the hassles involved in service and support.

Avoid recession mistakes
More tips to help get through the tough economic times.  Read more
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Fake cranes found in China
Redmond, WA, United States
Equipment manufacturer Terex Corporation has fallen victim to intellectual property (IP) thieves in China after identifying a number of fake cranes being sold in the country.

Westport-based Terex recently identified eight counterfeit lattice boom crawler cranes in the Henan Province of China. The company says it is concerned the cranes being sold as used Demag models in China pose a safety risk.

The counterfeit cranes were labeled as Demag model CC2500. The original 500-ton cranes have been produced by Terex since 2001 and sell for USD3 million per unit.

Terex is not the only materials handling manufacturer to have its machines copied. German crane supplier Liebherr identified a fake model LR1280, normally a 300-ton crawler, in India last year. The purchaser was under the impression he had bought a second-hand crane but realised it was fake after trying to order spare parts based on the serial number. The number was a forgery.

Earlier this year, fake Tadano model cranes were identified near Jabel Ali seaport in the Middle East. Closer inspection revealed the cranes had been made in China. Tadano is a Japanese manufacturer of hydraulic and all-terrain cranes.

US-based Manitowoc also has concerns about counterfeit parts after it identified Asian companies building unlicensed mast and jib sections for its Potain tower cranes. The fake parts were almost identical to the originals, including designation and identification plate. The company has set up an internal task force to address the issue.

Terex says although it is worried by the misuse of its brands and potential damage to its corporate image, the primary concern is with safety. The counterfeit cranes pose a safety hazard due to their mix of different design features and unmatched components.

Bonita Lewis Bell, Terex’s chief intellectual property counsel, says the company has been concerned about IP theft for some time. “Most of the counterfeit machines identified are for in-country use, not for export, but a couple we have seen have been exported.”

Bell says when a counterfeit is identified, Terex follows a standard process of working with the local authorities and the AIC, the Chinese authority equivalent to the US Trademark and Patent Office.

Besides counterfeits, she says Chinese competitors copy Terex’s products and then brand them as their own. “There were similar issues in the ‘80s with the Japanese copying cars with a few added tweaks, bells and whistles,” she comments.

Terex typically uses the civil approach to deal with breaches of IP. “You can go with administrative proceedings (which results in) fines and confiscation of items,” Bell explains. “Because our product costs USD100,000-plus per unit, I would want to shut a company down, so I take civil action …”

She says that as Asian countries move from “copier to innovator”, their respect for intellectual property will increase in value.

The US Government’s Department of Justice formed a taskforce on intellectual property in 2004 to co-ordinate international co-operation which it says is a critical component in “stemming the tide of global intellectual property theft”.

The report recommends foreign governments should assist the US in its efforts to gather evidence and prosecute intellectual property criminals who violate its laws.

It identified several South East Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines as countries that do not adequately or effectively protect intellectual property rights.

The Department of Justice says it is waging the “most aggressive campaign against the theft and counterfeiting of intellectual property in its history”.
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Komatsu moves production to South Carolina
Covington, GA, United States
Komatsu Forklifts USA Inc says it will move its Covington, Georgia production operation to a Newberry, South Carolina site of other Komatsu manufacturing.

Publicly traded parent firm Komatsu Ltd is based in Tokyo.

The relocation of about 200 miles (320 km) is planned to occur before year’s end, the company says.

The move involves equipment for production of Komatsu- and Tusk-brand cushion and pneumatic-tyre forklifts with lifting capacities of 3,000-7,000 pounds (1,350-3,150 kg).

Komatsu imports pneumatic-tyre forklifts of 8,000-35,000 pounds (3,600-15,750 kg) from a Komatsu manufacturing facility in Tochigi, Japan.

Komatsu Forklift began assembling units in the US in 1976 initially in La Mirada, California and moved manufacturing in 1995 to the current facility in Georgia.

Komatsu plans to continue building a majority of its North American-sold products in South Carolina.

The shift of production is not expected to impact the Komatsu dealer network or customer base.

Last October, the Covington operation eliminated about a dozen positions although the firm withheld comment about the cutback.

A related firm, Komatsu America Corp of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, says the reorganization will result in closing a manufacturing operation in Candiac, Quebec, Canada by September and a remanufacturing site in Lexington, Kentucky by November in addition to the Covington shutdown not later than the end of December. About 500 jobs will be eliminated.

Regional subsidiary Komatsu America has overseen as many as 12 manufacturing facilities and more than 30 corporate entities in the North American market.
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Advertisement – Agents, Dealers Wanted
Stöecklin Logistik AG, a Swiss manufacturer of innovative materials handling equipment, is looking for agents and dealers in Sweden, Norway and the UK.

Stöecklin products include the full range of materials handling equipment.

If you are interested in promoting these world-class products, forward your company name, website, contact person, phone, fax and email address to

All enquiries will be treated confidentially.

See for more company and product information.
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Yale/Chase adds to service organisation
City of Industry, CA, United States
Yale/Chase Materials Handling Inc has hired 19 technicians and others previously employed at Clarklift of California’s under-utilised facilities in Santa Fe Springs and Ontario, Calif.

“We have been growing through acquisitions, and we have built up a reputation,” says Roger Ketelsleger, president and chief executive officer of City of Industry-based Yale/Chase.

“We have known Clarklift was in financial trouble,” Ketelsleger notes. “We had some conversations and, without any conditions, we agreed to hire the techs and get the (Clarklift) customer list to support the techs and fold them into our company.” The transition occurred during the week of 23 February and included offering employment to Clarklift President Fernando Corral for special projects and retaining other Clarklift individuals in parts service and aftermarket sales. For the moment, Corral remains focused on Clarklift issues.

“Service is a major contributor to profitability of any organisation,” Ketelsleger says. “As you grow a service organisation, you help sustain profitability.”

Yale/Chase assumes no Clarklift obligations for facilities, equipment or overheads.

In September, Clark Material Handling Co (CMHC) appointed Cal-Lift Inc as an authorised Clark dealer in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire markets, overlapping most of the sales area of Clarklift of California.

“(CMHC) has not spoken to Yale/Chase about acquiring the Clark line,” says Scott Johnson, director of dealer services with Lexington, Kentucky-based Clark. “We are disappointed that Clarklift of California is no longer in business. We went out of our way to support Clarklift.”

At Clarklift of California, “the economy took a huge chunk out of this company,” Corral says. “Revenues dropped tremendously, and we did not have the cash reserves to continue.”

Corral says he respects the Yale/Chase organization and connected with Ketelsleger once it became clear no one was interested in buying Clarklift.

In mid-February, Clarklift employed 55, including those now with Yale/Chase. “I made a recommendation to technicians that they consider the offer” from Yale/Chase, Corral notes. “They all accepted and are now all gainfully employed and working” in Yale/Chase operations.

Clarklift continues functioning with a skeleton staff at the Santa Fe Springs site but without generating revenue, Corral says. “My focus is to salvage as much for the skeleton staff here and for the owners.” Corral is not an owner of Clarklift.

Yale/Chase is the authorised dealer of Yale forklifts and hand trucks for approximately 70,000 square miles (182,000 sqkm) of southern California plus the 450-mile (720k) state of Baja California in Mexico. Yale is a brand of Nacco Industries Inc’s materials handling group (NMHG). The Yale organization has designated Yale/Chase as a 2008 dealer of excellence, a first-time recognition for the firm.

In two January business developments, Yale/Chase moved one of its California branches into larger quarters and became a distributor of Speedshield systems.

The Fontana branch moved to a facility with 25,000 square feet (2,250 sqm) on 2.5 acres from a previous location occupying 12,000 square feet (1,080 sqm) on one acre. In addition to its City of Industry and Fontana sites, Yale/Chase has other branches in Escondido, Huntington Beach and Valencia, California and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Yale/Chase became the exclusive southern California distributor for the Speedshield modular vehicle control and monitor system from Automotion Control Systems Pty Ltd of Springvale, Victoria, Australia. “Managing fleets is the future,” Ketelsleger says. “We added a couple of specialists for installations” of the Speedshield systems.

In March, Yale/Chase became the southern California representative for large stationary generators from Generac Power Systems Inc of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

In December, Yale/Chase installed 38 fuel-cell-powered forklifts for an unidentified customer in Dallas, Texas. “We are a dealer-manager for a large account that buys a lot of forklifts,” he says.

Yale/Chase has assigned Bob Hayes as aftermarket specialist and conduit to customers on issues relating to regulations of the California Air Resources Board (ARB). Hayes joined the business in 2006 and continues his original assignment handling aftermarket matters in Yale/Chase representation of rail car mover manufacturer Trackmobile Inc of LaGrange, Georgia. Hayes consults with Yale/Chase customers regarding upcoming California ARB regulations for off-road large spark-ignition engines powering forklifts and other equipment.
Yale/Chase employs 246 persons, including the Clarklift additions, and had cumulative 2008 sales of about USD94.1 million, up from USD91.1 million in 2007.

In September 2003, Yale/Chase purchased Hawaiian Lift Truck Inc (HLTI), the authorized Yale dealer for the state of Hawaii. Yale/Chase operates HLTI as a branch. “When we purchased them in 2003, their sales were around USD2 million,” Ketelsleger says. Now, “they are annualizing at USD6 million.”

HLTI is based in Honolulu on Oahu island and oversees sub-dealer Hawaii Forklift Service in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, handling sales, rentals and repairs.
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New Barloworld reception centre opens
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Barloworld Handling has opened its new National Used Equipment Reception Centre in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The 62,000 sq ft (5,759 sqm) premises will be a central ‘hub’ for all equipment finishing long-term rental contracts. Used equipment will be stored at the centre before being assessed for redistribution for re-sale, hire, or disposal.

Mark Ward, UK commercial asset manager for Barloworld, says the investment in the centre will further improve the company’s logistics efficiency and truck movements. “This will mean we will be more responsive to customer needs.”
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PowerEdge targets forklift market
Billerica, MA, United States
Nuvera Fuel Cells Inc has unveiled a PowerEdge-brand motive power product for forklifts.

The line of hybrid PowerEdge products consists of Nuvera’s PowerFlow-brand hydrogen fuel cell system, sealed maintenance-free batteries, compressed hydrogen storage and a computerised control system. PowerEdge can replace standard lead acid batteries.

Nuvera began development of the hybrid fuel cell power pack in 2005 in conjunction with East Penn Manufacturing Co Inc of Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, the maker of Deka-brand batteries. In early February, Nuvera and East Penn ended the project on mutually agreeable terms.

For Nuvera, PowerEdge is the next technological step.
“The (PowerEdge) product has undergone 13,000 hours of real-world testing and service at East Penn’s distribution center in Topton, Pennsylvania,” says Gus Block, Nuvera director of marketing. “The core technology of PowerEdge is Nuvera’s industrial PowerFlow fuel cell power module, which we began developing in 2002.” PowerFlow technology is now in its third generation.

To date, Nuvera has delivered 100 PowerFlow units.

The PowerEdge unit incorporates all needed counterweight and requires no truck modification or de-rating. PowerEdge, unlike conventional motive batteries, stays in the truck and is refueled with hydrogen in two minutes or less.

The smart PowerEdge system comes equipped with automated controls and remote monitoring for fleet management. Nuvera introduced the C Series for Class 1 counterbalance trucks and the R Series for Class 2 reach trucks.

Block says that Nuvera provides pricing details to customers after initial qualification, site survey and analysis. “Our aim is to provide an attractive return, considered on a life-cycle cost basis,” Block notes. “Tax credits recently enacted offset up to 30% of the price of both PowerTap and PowerEdge, (and) significant (US) federal and state incentives are available to further reduce both the capital investment and operating costs.”

Nuvera has corporate offices, analytical research laboratories, and product development, testing, and production facilities in Billerica, Massachusetts and Milan, Italy. The facilities occupy more than 125,000 square feet (11,700 sqm).

Nuvera manufactures PowerEdge in Billerica and uses contract manufacturers to produce its PowerTap on-site hydrogen generation and fast-fueling system for shipment to customer sites for final assembly and commissioning.

PowerEdge and PowerTap make up the Total Power Solution (TPS) and, Nuvera says, are “the only purpose-built products available today specifically matched to work together for the material handling industry”.

Nuvera says TPS offers an average 33% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared with batteries recharged with electricity.
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Well established Forklift Hire and Sales Business in a prominent location with historical turnover of $4.3 million offered for immediate sale by the Administrators.
  • Hire and Sales of new and used Forklifts - good mix of Contract and Casual Hire
  • Low cost new and used stock ready to sell/hire
  • High margin new forklifts in stock
  • High profile location - long or short lease
  • Database of 2,400 contacts
  • Loyal customer base
  • Karcher / HELI / Hyundai / Feeler dealerships available subject to consent
  • All business systems/intellectual property included.
Expressions of interest requested by Tuesday, 17 March 2009.
Contact Sam Sellahewa - Meertens Chartered Accountants
Ph:  (08) 84188900 - Fax:  (08) 82325077

FORKLIFTS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (Administrators Appointed) - ACN 091 166 826
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Skyjack business experiences slowdown
Guelph, ON, Canada
Linamar Corp reported its Skyjack business subsidiary is supplying customer needs from inventory and, for now, manufacturing only on demand for equipment not in inventory. Skyjack product lines include aerial work platforms and telehandlers.

The firm says the Skyjack manufacturing operation was idled in late November in a situation characterised as “basically lights out.” Resumption of normal Skyjack operations is contingent on market conditions.

While the subsidiary is experiencing activity, Skyjack lacks an order backlog at this time, the company says. Skyjack experienced a shift in its scissor lift sales mix to smaller units with lower per-unit revenues in 2008.

Skyjack reports within Linamar’s industrial segment, which had 2008 sales of CAD443.6 million (USD363.0 million) versus 2007 sales of CAD517.7 million (USD423.6 million). The industrial segment designs and produces mobile industrial products under the Skyjack brand.

Guelph-based Linamar management indicates it is focusing on cost reduction, opportunities for sales and potential takeover opportunities. Linamar’s other business segment involves powertrain and driveline equipment.
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AWP revenues will fall in ‘09
Milnthorpe, United Kingdom
Revenues from aerial work platforms (AWPs) are tipped to fall by 10% in 2009, according to a report released at the ARA Rental Show.

The 2008 IPAF US Powered Access Rental Report 2008 indicates that revenues reached USD8.8 billion in 2007 but fell by 3% to USD8.5 billion in 2008. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) predicts revenues will continue to fall in 2009 to USD7.7 billion.

The IPAF US Powered Access Rental Report was made possible through co-operation between the American Rental Association (ARA), the IPAF and research consultant IHS Global Insight.

The report predicts that the current US recession should end by late 2009, with shifts in the industry as residential and non-residential construction spending switch roles.

The report says most of the major economic and construction spending indicators show markets stabilising in 2010 and then growing strongly after that.

IPAF expects the decrease of AWP rental revenues that will stem from the lower demand will not reduce the rental activity within the marketplace. The report says rental penetration rates will remain high and may increase because AWPs are used in a wide range of applications – not only construction, but also maintenance, seasonal work and trade/transportation applications.
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Congratulations on your milestone
Written in relation to’s 400th edition of the newsletter.

" coverage of the worldwide industrial truck market has been instrumental in helping provide senior managers of the forklift manufacturers with information on the global market.  With the presence of Japanese, European and American manufacturers in every continent, and the anticipated penetration by the Chinese, this coverage should become increasingly valuable.’s growth over the last nine years has come at an ideal time to take advantage of the electronic exchange of information and you are to be congratulated not only for your persistence, but also your success."

Stan J Simpson, President 2008 & 2009, Industrial Truck Association, United States of America
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More forklifts get ID Systems’ wireless technology
Hackensack, NJ, United States
ID Systems Inc is making headway in getting its wireless solutions onto more forklifts.

The US Postal Service, a core customer, has deployed ID Systems’ wireless forklift vehicle management technology in more than 110 sites, says Jeffrey Jagid, ID Systems chairman and chief executive officer.

Retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc uses the technology at 50 distribution facilities and drug-store operator Walgreen Co at more than a dozen locations.

“Our solutions for controlling, tracking and managing vehicles, such as material handling equipment, airport vehicles and rental cars, continue to offer significant economic benefits for our customers,” Jagid says.

ID Systems says it added more than 20 new customers in automotive, consumer packaged goods, government and retail segments during 2008. The customers include Xerox Corp, Colgate-Palmolive Co, a division of Nestlé SA and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. “Most of our new customers were for forklift vehicle management systems,” says Greg Smith, vice president of marketing

Dealers of Yale and Hyster brand forklifts from Nacco Industries Inc’s materials handling group (NMHG) “played an active role in helping us fill our sales pipeline in 2008, including facilitating a number of new customer orders”, Smith notes.

ID Systems is in the process of expanding its relationships with other so-far-unidentified forklift truck original equipment manufacturers (OEM), Smith reports. “We do not have formal corporate marketing agreements with any OEM other than NMHG at this moment, so we cannot go into details, but it is fair to say that we have worked very closely with multiple other OEMs and their dealers; those include OEMs based both in the US and Europe; and a number of new customer orders in 2008 resulted from those other OEM/dealer relationships.”

Recently, ID Systems completed a transaction with AeroVironment Inc of Monrovia, California for one of their joint customers. AeroVironment makes and distributes PosiCharge systems for fast-charging batteries.

In a 5 March financial report, ID Systems said it lost USD4.2 million on 2008 sales of USD27.0 million versus a loss of USD7.3 million on 2007 sales of USD17.1 million.

On 6 March, security management and investment banking firm Boenning & Scattergood Inc of West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania downgraded its recommendation on ID Systems’ common stock to neutral.

Hackensack-based publicly traded ID Systems has a European business office in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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Forklift fire report can help increase safety
Quincy, MA, United States
The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) recent report on forklift fires in the workplace highlights the need for companies to be vigilant in their safety procedures, with figures showing over 20 injuries per year and millions of dollars of damage from fires.

The ‘Industrial Loader and Forklift Fires’ report says that between 2003 and 2006, US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 1,340 structure and vehicle fires per year where industrial loaders, forklifts and related materials handling vehicles were directly involved.

The report says these fires caused an annual average of 22 injuries and USD36 million in direct property damage.

Almost two-thirds of these incidents were classified as vehicle fires with fires starting in the running gear area or wheel area. An unclassified mechanical failure or malfunction was a factor in 27% of these fires. Electrical failures or malfunctions contributed to 26%. Leaks or breaks were factors in 14%. The other third involved flammable or combustible liquid gas, pipes, or filters  as the ignition point. In one-quarter of these incidents, electrical wire or cable insulation was first ignited.

Report author, Marty Ahern, manager, Fire Analysis Services, National Fire Protection Association -Fire Analysis and Research Division, says he decided to write the report because the association receives several questions a year about fires in which forklifts and industrial loaders were involved. “It seemed like it was time to look at the subject in a more systematic manner.”

Ahern says forklifts and loaders are unusual vehicles. “Unlike most vehicles used on roads or open areas, these are used in close proximity with large quantities of stored goods,” he explains. “Because they move around, they can be a travelling heat source.

“These vehicles or their loads can also damage the structure, its sprinkler system, or its contents. Such damage can result in fire, impaired sprinkler performance, or unintentional sprinkler activations.“

Ahern suggests companies obtain a copy of the 2006 edition of ‘NFPA 505, Fire Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks Including Type Designations, Areas of Use, Conversions, Maintenance, and Operation’ for guidance on safe forklift operation.

“We hope that businesses will use the material in this report to increase their safety,” he says. “The statistics typically describe fires where the loader or forklift was the heat source in the fire.

“The incident descriptions show what these statistics can mean in real life. They also show incidents in which a forklift or industrial loader started a string of events that led to a fire.

“This information, combined with that in NFPA 505, can be helpful in developing standard operating procedures and training.”

The executive summary and a statistical fact sheet are available at The full report is free to NFPA members. Non-members may purchase the report for $25. To order, contact or (617) 984-7443.
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Keep up the good work Forkliftaction!
By Geoff Holden, chief executive, Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

"Congratulations on reaching this major milestone. Materials handling plays a crucial role in a wide range of different industries and news has done a sterling job in keeping readers up to date with all the latest developments in the forklift market. Keep up the good work!"

Written in relation to's 400th edition of the newsletter.

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Atlet helps logistics company upgrade
Great Notley, United Kingdom
International logistics specialist Delamode has upgraded its distribution warehouse with the assistance of Atlet.

The warehouse at Braintree has been converted to double-deep racking served by Atlet reach trucks. The upgrade means Delamode’s storage capacity has increased to 10,000 pallets.

Shaun Godfrey, managing director at Delamode, says double-deep makes good use of the space and allows the company to use other areas of the warehouse for new services. “Atlet gave advice and presented alternatives at every stage to help us achieve our objectives.”

Atlet provided advice on the reconfiguration of the warehouse and worked with Delamode to manage the transformation that included some repositioning of existing racking and installation of new equipment.

The switch to double-deep meant new forklifts were required and Delamode purchased three Atlet Forte UHST reach trucks. Two are configured to handle full pallets to the maximum height of 11m (36 feet) in the warehouse and one is configured for 9m (29 feet) operations.

The forklifts have cameras mounted on the fork carriage so that drivers can see the load and racking on a screen inside the cab.

Delamode’s distribution warehouse was originally built in 2006 but over time, the company realised that to meet the rapidly evolving demands of its customers and provide a wider range of logistics services, it needed to look at new ways of maximising the whole building.

Double-deep is designed to maximise pallet storage space through the installation of two rows of racking down each side of the aisle. The rear pallet locations are accessed using reach trucks equipped with forks that extend into the racking to place and retrieve the load.

“As a relatively small warehouse, we need to keep the trucks up and running,” says Godfrey. “Atlet has a good reputation for responses and services the trucks on a call-out basis which is working well for us.”
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Merlo previews two new machines at exhibition
Paris, France
Merlo has previewed two new machines at the SIMA 2009 agricultural machinery exhibition in Paris.

The Super-Compact P25.6 features a 995mm (3.26 foot) cab and is 1,920mm (6.20 feet) high. It is able to lift 2,500kg (5,511 pounds) to 6m (19 feet) and is powered by a 50kW diesel engine. The P25.6 uses a Merlo four-wheel drive hydrostatic driveline concept and can travel at a maximum road speed of 30 km/h (18 mph).

The Multifarmer 40.9 CS is the third line of Merlo tractor/telehandler machines. It has heavy-duty epicyclic axles and the three-section boom will lift to 8.8m (28 feet). This telehandler features a hydro-pneumatic cab suspension.  

Like the P25.6, the new Multifarmer will be approved for use on the road as a farm tractor in many European countries.
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Doosan adds new engine models
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Korean forklift manufacturer Doosan has added six new IC engine models to its GX economy range, taking the total in this range to 10.

The company has added 1.5-, 1.8- and 2-ton capacity LPG and diesel forklifts to the range.

Tim Waples, Doosan UK’s general manager, says the new models have arrived at the best possible time for the company. “In the midst of an economic downturn, we know that businesses are keen to keep costs down as they invest to grow and survive,” he says. “The GX Series is very popular with users that perhaps don’t have as intensive an operation as some of our Pro-5 fleet customers, but still need reliability and performance from a proven machine. We feel that extending the range now makes perfect sense.”

Waples says the GX Series is simple to operate, with wide visibility masts, ergonomic operator compartment and robust 2.4 litre LPG or 3.3 litre industrial diesel engines.
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Kalmar wins business awards
Helsinki, Finland
Cargotec’s Kalmar division has won four business awards in recognition of the organisational excellence of Kalmar Asia Pacific Region.

Kalmar Asia Pacific was named Grand Winner 2008 at the Asia Pacific Business Excellence Standard (APBEST) awards. This was the first time the company has participated in these awards.

The company was also named Best Logistics Company in the Asia Pacific, while Ken Loh, president of Kalmar Asia Pacific Region, was named APBEST Strategist of the Year and Eugene Che, senior TQM manager, was named APBEST KPI Achievement Driver of the Year.

Loh says Kalmar stood out as a clear winner for best business practice because of its holistic approach to business. “Although the examination process takes about a year, culminating in interviews with senior managers from Kalmar Asia Pacific Region, these awards actually acknowledge that we have worked for many years to ensure that we apply only the very best business practices.”

The judges’ commendations recognised Loh’s business strategy reflected the dynamics and culture of the Asia Pacific business environment. Che’s contribution was commended for achieving change management in different and diverse Asian cultures.

Kalmar’s integrated logistics concept and global supply chains were recognised as a good example of a company embracing globalisation.

APBEST evaluates companies on their performance in leadership, customer focus, people management, process management, social responsibility and overall business results.
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Movers and Shakers
Youngstown, OH

Industrial forklift supplier Valley Industrial Trucks (VIT) Inc has appointed Jim Hammond as its president. Hammond, who previously served as the company’s vice president, takes over from Ron Doll and Debra D’Alesio, who served as the company’s owners for over 20 years. Doll and D’Alesio will remain on VIT’s staff in advising capacities. Hammond is a graduate of Youngstown State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He began at Valley Industrial Trucks in 1993 after graduation, as an outside sales representative.

Sydney, Australia

Manitou Australia has appointed Noel Sked as the new industrial products and key account manager. Prior to joining Manitou, Sked was area sales manager for industrial forklifts for the company’s South African subsidiary. He has worked for Bridgestone Tyres, Steelbro Sidelifters, Ferrari Container Handlers and Clark Forklifts.

Redmond, WA

Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP), a business segment of the Terex Corporation, has appointed Greg Braukus as director of global customer care. Prior to joining Terex, he was senior director, ISS for the Microsoft Corporation. Before joining Microsoft, Braukus spent five years with

The company has also named Jeff Weido as the product manager for the scissor product line. Weido will be responsible for driving the global strategic direction of the scissors product line by working with sales, marketing, engineering and the research and development teams. Prior to joining Terex AWP, he was a product manager for the DeWalt product line of Black & Decker. He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
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Joining the links in the supply chain
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Members of the transport, warehousing and logistics industry are invited to attend a free information session on chain of responsibility legislation, taking place at Port of Brisbane on 7 April.

The session is relevant to employers, managers, supervisors, forepersons, drivers, packers, consignors, loaders, fleet management personnel, receivers and allocators.

The Chain of Responsibility Act forms part of the National Road Transport Reform Bill 2003 and affects everyone in the transport and logistics supply chain.

Growing enforcement of the act recently has resulted in prosecutions and significant fines for companies and individuals, mainly due to a lack of knowledge of the legislation and how it applies to the workplace.

Call (07) 3907 0211 for more information.  Seats are limited and registering your interest will secure your place.
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Forklifts Australia up for sale
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Adelaide dealer Forklifts Australia is up for sale as a going concern after being placed under voluntary administration earlier this month.

The company, previously run by managing director David Clayton, ran into cash flow problems due to “non-payment for ordered goods by customers”.

Clayton tells News that the company had two major orders cancelled without payment as a result of the economic downturn, leaving Forklifts Australia stuck with the stock.

According to the appointed administrator, Meertens, the company has an annual turnover of AUD4.3 million and includes an existing rental fleet of 62 units, comprising new and used forklifts and walkie stackers.

Other dealerships and agencies are available as part of the sale including the complete Karcher commercial/industrial product range along with WWP, Heli, Feeler and Hyundai products.

Last week, News reported on the demise of forklift supplier Rapid Equip Service, Sales and Hire of Riverstone, New South Wales.  

The company went into voluntary administration (VA) in late 2008, but, without a proposal to creditors on how it could continue to trade, was placed in liquidation ( News #400).

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Forklift finals take place next month
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The finals of the annual forklift competition hosted by the SCLAA takes place on 2 April at the National Safety Show in Melbourne.

Contestants will be moving pallets and cages supplied by CHEP Storage Systems, and the competition is supported by many large corporations including Woolworths, Coles, Toll and Qantas.

Over the last six months, the SCLAA has hosted heats for the driving of both counterbalance and reach trucks in all states to select the top male and female operators in Australia.

Trevor Webb and Angela Molloy, last year’s national champions, will compete against this year’s finalists while driving the latest Hyster forklifts. There will be two novelty events in the final to ensure some luck is needed as well as safe operating practice to move things around a warehouse or distribution system.
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Keeping safety standards high
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Entries are now open for the WorkSafe Victoria Awards with a deadline of 24 April 2009.  

WorkSafe executive director John Merritt says the awards are a way of encouraging everyone in the community to do more about making their workplaces safer.  

“More than ever in hard times, maintaining high safety standards has to be a priority. Sharing your experiences with others through an awards nomination is one way you can help others.

“The awards encourage people to recognise that it’s easy to achieve high standards of health and safety and to reap considerable rewards from doing so.”

Details of the awards and registration requirements can be made online at

This year's categories include:
• Health and Safety Representative of the Year
• Health and Safety Committee of the Year
• Best Health and Safety Initiative in a Small Business
• Best Design for Workplace Safety
• Best Strategy for Health and Safety Management
• Best Solution for Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders
• Best Solution to a Health and Safety Risk
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Port earnings hit by global downturn
Auckland, New Zealand
Ports of Auckland announced a net profit after tax of NZD9.3 million for the half year to 31 December 2008, compared to NZD12.6 million for the first half last year. The 2007 half-year result included a one-off NZD1.5 million tax credit.

Container volumes reached a record high of 455,083 TEU, up 6.4% on the same period in 2007. Container division EBIT was up 8.4% on the six months ended 31 December 2007 and 35.5% on the six months ended 30 June 2008.

As shipping lines consolidated operations to reduce cost, Ports of Auckland has attracted bigger services carrying more volume.

Trans-shipment numbers were up 33.5%. “This increase reflects shipping line decisions to hub services off Auckland, using regional ports as feeder ports,” says managing director Jens Madsen.

Crane rates were up 9.4% and staff hours per container down 15.0% in December 2008, compared to 2007.

"These improvements are very encouraging - crane rate is a key customer service measure and staff hours per container have a direct impact on our bottom line."

However, Ports of Auckland’s overall result was significantly impacted by imported vehicle volumes dropping 23.7% to 66,493 units.

General wharves containers and break-bulk division EBIT decreased 15.7%. General wharves tonnage (excluding vehicle units) was down 3.06% to 767,694 tonnes.

Port Operations EBITDA was NZD36.8 million, down 0.6% compared to the same period last year and, including the impact of depreciation, Port operations earnings before interest and tax were NZD26.2 million, down 6.3%.

Capital expenditure was $7.4m compared to $26.5m in the first half of FY08 following the completion of the Rangitoto Channel deepening, among other projects.

Madsen says trade volumes were weak over January and February, but had picked up slightly with the beginning of the export season in March.

"However, there is no doubt that the trading environment in New Zealand and abroad is extremely challenging, and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.

"It is difficult to accurately forecast forward volumes; however, we are encouraged by our recent market share gains and ability to reduce costs."
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Still no Aussie distributor for OM
Australia News has established that the Australian company which was in negotiations last year to handle the supply of OM Carrelli Elevatori forklifts into the country is no longer involved with the brand ( News #368).

The company’s CEO tells News that it was a joint decision by the company and OM not to bring the brand in at this stage due to the current economic downturn.
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RAEDER-VOGEL®: New brochure on specials wheels and castors for materials handling
Our brand new 12-page-brochure provides a quick and helpful overview of our range of special wheels and castors for the materials handling industry. In addition to detailed information on wheel tread materials as well as recommended wheel and castor series, this brochure features a wide variety of custom-made wheels and castors as well as examples of customer applications.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Jengtai seeks OEM dealers
Jengtai manufactures a global range of forklift spare parts for wheel rims. These products can be used for Toyota, TCM, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tailift, Shinko, Hyster, Yale, NYK/Nichiyu,etc.  With many years’ experience, we produce products which have been successfully exported to OEM and After Market customers.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Three brands, better service
After years of development, E-P can now professionally serve customers within three product fields. In order to provide a higher level service for products, markets and customers, E-P announce the release of three new brands to suit the needs of the world market.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Materials Handling Middle East 2009 Exhibition 31st May-2nd June 2009
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

Welcome to the 5th edition of Materials Handling Middle East. The International Exhibition for Logistics, Supply Chain, Freight, Cargo – Products & Services.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Watts launches new pneumatic tyre
Watts Tyre Group has launched its latest industrial pneumatic tyre designed for difficult conditions.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.
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Rob Vetter: Stay the course
BLAINE, WA, United States
Don't be tempted to cut training costs as the slowdown bites. Such a move may end up costing much more over time than it saves in the short tem.

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.
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Profile: Stu Jacover
Elk Grove, OH, United States
R&J Midwest Equipment's Stu Jacover has over 20 years' experience in the materials handling industry. His vision for his new company is exciting and encouraging in these financial times.

Click here to read the full Profile.
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