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This is issue #394 - 22 January 2009 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Getting redundancy right


Positives at ProMat mask uncertainty
Forklift companies in danger from recession
KION joins forces with Baoli
Getting redundancy right
New Kalmar for LoLo launched
Steelworks streamlines with forklifts
Loadalls clear icy roads
Finnish company signs deal in Qatar
Obituary - Douglas Pearson
MHEDA dates announced
Movers and Shakers
Clark reacquires, displays 500,000th forklift

Tough year ahead for business
NSW freight and logistics study
Update on Enfield intermodal project
T&L skills shortages to be tackled in Qld
Register for forklift heats
Record high container volumes

B-P, The Original Loader

Lightweight Forklift Truck Cylinders from Ragasco
Eagletronic battery chargers…...from JAMCO
Yale's new electric forklift trucks - everything's in the right place

PROMAT 2009 successful for marketing savvy exhibitors

Frank Ulbricht

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As the end of January approaches and the Western world has almost forgotten about New Year festivities, many Asians are preparing for their New Year’s celebration. After what was a horror year for many in 2008 – especially the second half, let’s all hope the year ahead is a better one, no matter which calendar you use.
So as we enter the Year of the Ox, all the staff at wish all Chinese members from around the world a very Happy Chinese New Year. Congratulations and be prosperous! 祝贺来自世界各地的全体中国会员, 新年快乐! 万事如意!

Positives at ProMat mask uncertainty
Chicago, IlL, United States
An upbeat atmosphere hid elements of market and economic uncertainty for 800 exhibitors and attendees at ProMat 2009 last week in Chicago. North American bureau chief Roger Renstrom compiled this collection of comments and observations:

Brett Wood predicts there will be some consolidations at the dealer and OEM levels. “The landscape at the end of 2009 will be different than it is now,” says Wood, president of Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) of Irvine, California.

John Sneddon says: “The market is uncertain, and we are looking to see what happens.” Sneddon adds with a smile, “The question is: what do we use as the basis for our Industrial Truck Association guesstimates?” Sneddon is president of Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp of Richmond, Virginia.

Gerry Anderson notes “more momentum from our customers”. Anderson is chief financial officer with energy-solution and fuel cell integrator Plug Power Inc of Latham, New York.

Jim Hogan, general sales manager for TCM Distribution USA Inc of Swedesboro, New Jersey, accepted more than 200 ProMat leads for possible dealers and customers. Hogan acknowledged the slow time for the forklift industry might extend to the end of 2009. TCM Corp is based in Tokyo and, among manufacturing assets, fabricates forklifts in Columbia, South Carolina.

For James Doran, manager of business development with radio frequency identification (RFID) system provider M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, Massachusetts, leads were up 200%.

Paul Gilson observes, “We have had lots of activity at ProMat.” Gilson is director of sales and marketing for Schaeff Lift Truck Inc, a unit of publicly traded Manitex International Inc in Bridgeview, Illinois.

ProMat observers expect 2009 to be a “down year” for the US forklift industry. The market declined to about 135,000 units last year from 170,000 in 2007.

A report from ProMat organiser Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) of Charlotte, North Carolina pointed to market contraction during 2009.

“New orders are forecasted to decline in the range of 18% to 20% for 2009, with recovery to begin late in 2010,” says John Nofsinger, MHIA chief executive officer. Materials handling equipment “shipments are forecasted to contract about 15% in 2009 and 3% in 2010”.

By contrast, new equipment orders in 2008 grew 2.3%, and shipments in 2008 increased 6.9%, Nofsinger conveys.

Electric powered forklifts continue to gain, accounting for 59% of all forklifts sold in the US last year versus 57% in 2007, according to industry reports.

State of Ohio officials proclaimed a materials handling and logistics week co-inciding with the 26-29 April 2010 North American (NA) trade show, which the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) sponsors. Steve Schoeny, Ohio strategic business investment director, delivered the NA 2010 proclamation to MHIA CEO Nofsinger during ProMat 2009.

Environmental greening—including eventual “elimination of fossil fuel forklifts”—will drive the materials handling business in the US marketplace, says Robert E Quinn Jr of Lexington, Kentucky. Quinn, a manufacturers’ representative and consultant, foresees advances in electrics along with “fast (battery) charging, fuel cells and technology in the laboratories today (as) the driving forces in the forklift industry over the next five years”. Quinn notes, “The US Environmental Protection Agency regulators will be the watchdogs, and drivers for change will start in California.”
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Forklift companies in danger from recession
London, United Kingdom
A report by a British market analyst warns that over a quarter of the UK’s leading forklift firms are in “financial danger”.

The 2009 Edition of the Plimsoll Analysis - Fork Lift Trucks analyses the top UK forklift companies, rating each on its attractiveness as an acquisition.

David Pattison, senior analyst at Plimsoll, says recessions catch bad businesses out. “The companies that entered this period ill-prepared have placed themselves at a distinct disadvantage,” he explains. “Many have grown used to running their businesses on high-risk business models, propped up largely on finance.”

“The reality is, for many of the 118 businesses in danger, their problems go back years, certainly long before the current UK slowdown,” he claims. “Yet they have failed to fix their problems.

“It is clear that many of the 118 businesses are fundamentally poor, aggressive or disruptive and are unhelpful to the market.”

Pattison says with the new prudent banking systems that are in place, companies will not be able to “paper over the cracks” with quick finance.

He warns that the UK forklift sector is over capacity, with 20% of businesses suffering from a fall in sales last year. “With competitive pressure, many may see sales fall by 8%,” he comments.

Pattison predicts not all the major forklift businesses will survive. “Of those who do, very few will be in their current shape and many will be in the hands of new owners.

“This further supports the argument that despite the obvious tragedy of job losses, livelihoods lost and the pain of a business in decline, this period is inevitable and can only be good news for the market in the long run.”
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KION joins forces with Baoli
Jingjiang, China
Global manufacturer KION has ended months of speculation about its plans to expand its presence in Asia with the announcement of a new joint-venture company with a Chinese forklift manufacturer.

KION and Baoli have formed KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co Ltd to develop, produce, market and service forklifts for low-priced segments worldwide.

The announcement follows denials late last year of reports of KION’s intentions to take a majority stake in the Chinese company ( News #387).

KION has a 60% stake in the new company that will be based in the Jiangsu province on the east coast of China. KION Baoli commenced operations on January 16 and will have branches, sales offices and dealerships in more than 40 cities in China.

Baoli manufactures diesel/LPG and electric forklifts with load capacities of 1 to 10 tonnes. Exports to Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America account for half of the company’s turnover.

Gordon Riske, CEO of the KION Group, says the company is proud to welcome Baoli into the KION family. “Baoli adds to our brand portfolio in the economy segment, which is important for the new high-growth markets worldwide,” he says. “The integration of Baoli will make the KION Group the biggest international forklift producer in China and the joint venture company marks a significant step toward strengthening our position in the global economy segment of our industry."

Hui Yin, managing director of the Baoli Companies and general manager of KION Baoli, says he is happy to be able to work with the KION Group.

Neither company would comment further on future plans. Michael Hauger, head of communications and investor relations for KION Group, says due to strategic reasons, KION does not want to elaborate beyond the press release.
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PROMAT 2009 successful for marketing savvy exhibitors
A tradeshow can be a big expense for exhibitors, but one that can certainly provide a rich return in new business and long-term brand-building. Success requires smart marketing, not only by the exhibitor, but also by the event organiser – something only too evident at the recent ProMat event in Chicago.

One of those confident of a healthy return on investment is advertiser Terry Troutman from RackDeflektor:
"ProMat 2009 was a great show! The people at MHIA did a great job of promoting the show and drawing so many interested dealers and potential customers. We had almost twice the response we had at the NA08 show in Cleveland (we thought Cleveland was a great show!). I know that my advertising with industry publications like  had a positive impact! Especially in reaching the racking dealers and distributors coming to ProMat that will be key to the success of RackDeflektor. Thanks to you and your staff for the valuable assistance!!!"

For more information on advertising with, contact our team. Write to, phone +61 (0)7 3369 9090 or fax to +61 (0)7 3369 9096.
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Getting redundancy right
Experts are advising businesses to brush up on their human resources skills as redundancies become more widespread.

Already, the global slowdown is forcing manufacturers to shed staff, and the materials handling sector is not immune. UK forklift manufacturer JCB has laid off 1,000 workers since November last year ( News #393), and US forklift manufacturer NACCO expects to cut further jobs over the next 12 to 18 months after laying off almost 90 workers in October last year.

Staffing experts warn that making people redundant will never be easy but there are steps companies can take to ease the process for all involved.

June Parker, general manager of LINK HR Consulting, an Australian consulting service, says companies forced to make employees redundant need to manage the process carefully to protect their organisation and minimise potential damage to their remaining staff and their brand.

“The flow-on effects from the global financial crisis means a generation of managers who have never made a retrenchment before are suddenly faced with laying off staff,” she says.

Parker suggests companies engage an outplacement adviser for advice and assistance before making the redundancies. “Instead of calling in the outsourcing experts once redundancies have been made, it is preferable to work with your consultant to get these early stages right; getting this wrong can be a substantial hit to staff morale, as well as to the company’s internal and external brand.”

John Read, regional managing consultant - outplacement and executive coaching for global recruitment provider Hudson, says there are three keys to preparing staff for changes in any organisation. “The first one is internal communications – ensure you have told employees the real reasons for the changes that are coming,” he says. “Start by giving them a very clear and honest picture of the business - how have the markets changed; identify and explain what happened to customers and the impact on the company.

“Aligned with internal communications is planning. Create and communicate a schedule for separation that meets business demands and individual needs.
“The final key is to have a positive program to manage emotional reactions that may arise in the group who are staying behind as well as those who are leaving. Providing staff with safe channels for their feelings and pathways to move ahead are important components of an effective change strategy.”

Parker says best-practice outplacement services recognise that individual employees experience the transition and separation differently.

“Outplacement needs to be tailored, as some employees made redundant are more positive whilst others are devastated,” she explains. “A good outplacement provider never assumes how someone will react, knows how to deal with the employee’s emotions and allows individuals to express themselves in a safe environment.”

Read says Hudson provides consulting to companies to help them plan their restructuring effectively. “Our Leading Change Management training enables managers to communicate messages about the separation effectively and sensitively.

“Career transition programmes are aimed at assisting affected staff to adapt to the changes they face and equip them to find alternative employment. These are offered in individual and group sessions as needed.”

Read suggests companies seek  tailored outplacement services  to address different levels of services according to levels of staff, locations, numbers of staff involved and other factors identified as  important.

Read adds that it is important to acknowledge that the managers themselves are affected.

“They (managers) need to respond appropriately to the new situation they find themselves in,” he explains. “They need to ask for help from the human resources staff and prepare themselves by obtaining information about the changes coming and their role and responsibilities.”

It is important to avoid gossip and to sensitively counter misinformation, he advises. “It is important to promote understanding and two-way communication and support one another to deal with the changes.”

Read has found in his experience everyone responds differently to change and managers need to understand that resistance to change is normal. “Listen well to others before responding and stand by your staff and your company and demonstrate leadership.”
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New Kalmar for LoLo launched
Helsinki, Finland
Cargotec’s Kalmar Industries has launched a new 4x2 terminal tractor for LoLo (lift-on, lift-off) operations that can be customised into a purpose-built customer-specific machine.

Timo Matikainen, director of Kalmar Heavy Terminal Tractors, says the new TT616i tractor can be customised to very specific operations because it is based on a heavy-duty frame and modules. “The machine features a 95-tonne gross combination weight and its fifth wheel load capacity is the biggest in the market at 36 tonnes.”

The standard engine supplied with the terminal tractor is the Cummins 173hp, but Matikainen explains that customers who continuously operate with heavy loads can upgrade to the more powerful Cummins 220hp engine.

Matikainen says there are many other additional options for the TT616i, which can be combined to make each machine unique. “We can recommend options that enable our customers to carefully control emissions, keep noise levels down and achieve high uptimes.”

Meanwhile, Cargotec has announced further plans to cut capacity at two of its Finnish plants, Tampere (Kalmar) and Raisio (Hiab). Staff at the two plants will be subject to 90-day temporary layoffs.

The company says it plans to adjust the production capacity and operations mainly by planning temporary layoffs that will affect all employees at the two plants. The company is also planning measures of permanent layoffs for about 60 people in Tampere.

The company employs 1,700 people across Finland.
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Steelworks streamlines with forklifts
Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
A Scottish steel fabrication facility has moved away from sideloaders and telehandlers in favour of modified forklifts to help keep up with production.

BHC Ltd’s facility in Lanarkshire was finding sideloaders and telehandlers cumbersome and unable to keep up with the company’s growth.  

The firm had a goal to expand steel production to 600 tonnes per week but required a more efficient and space-saving solution, so it approached Mitsubishi dealer Douglas Gillespie Plant (DGP) for assistance.

Brian Docherty, DGP’s sales manager, says BHC was looking for ways to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime during the 18-hour workdays. “To achieve this, the new fleet had to be reliable, rugged, low maintenance and easy to manoeuvre.”

BHC chose a package of four diesel counterbalance forklifts - two Mitsubishi 4-tonne FD40Ks and two 5-tonne FD50Ks.

The forklift cabins were modified to allow drivers to work indoors and outdoors in comfort. A wide carriage and twin wheels were added to one 5-tonne forklift so the weight of long, heavy pieces of steel could be safely spread.

Brian Hewitt, BHC’s managing director, has worked with Douglas Gillespie Plant in the past. He says he knew DGP would provide an effective answer to the facility’s problem. “DGP were proactive in putting together a package that helped our production levels – and company – grow.”
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Loadalls clear icy roads
Horsham, United Kingdom
Highway maintenance specialist Ringway Infrastructure Services used several JCB loadalls to help clear the icy UK roads after the coldest December in 30 years.

Ringway is responsible for the winter maintenance of large sections of the UK’s road network. It has purchased 13 JCB 531-70 models to load salt-spreading winter maintenance vehicles at each of its county depots.

Gary Condon, Ringway’s group plant and fleet manager, says the recent inclement weather has made driving conditions treacherous. “The regular salt-spreading of roads is essential.”

Condon says the JCB models are on emergency standby 24 hours a day. “We are totally dependent on their reliability.

Ringway chose JCB’s loadalls because of the ability to have the machines tailored exactly to meet the company’s demanding specifications for 24-hour service in low temperatures and arduous conditions.
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Finnish company signs deal in Qatar
Qatar, Qatar
Finnish truck manufacturer Meclift has signed a sales contract with a Qatari aluminium company.

The USD1.55 million (EUR1.2 million) contract with Qatar Aluminium is for the supply of two Meclift ML3012RC 30-tonne variable reach trucks and several custom-made lifting attachments for loading bundles of aluminium into 20-inch (508mm) and 40-inch (1,016mm) containers.

The machines will be delivered to Qatar in mid-2009 and will be used during the loading process.

Qatar Petroleum and Norwegian Hydro Aluminium AS own Qatar Aluminium Ltd. The company is building a new aluminium plant with an approximate capacity of 585,000 tonnes per year.

Meclift is part of the Kangasalan Pajamäki companies, based in Finland.
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Obituary - Douglas Pearson
Lydney, United Kingdom
Watts Tyre Group former managing director, Douglas Pearson, 66, passed away early this month following a short illness.

Pearson joined Watts in 1976 as works manager for the Lydney site factories. He became managing director of Watts Industrial Tyres in 1988 and stepped down in 2006.

He spent the year before he retired in the US, overseeing the integration of Diprima and establishing Watts’ operations in the southern US.

James Pick, marketing manager for Watts Tyre Group, says Pearson will be remembered professionally for being one of the leading lights of the industrial tyre market and personally for his integrity, honesty, and warmth.

“We extend our sincere sympathies to his devoted wife, Judy, his son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Jill, and his beloved grandchildren, Aaron and Louis.”
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MHEDA dates announced
Vernon Hills, IL, United States
The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) has announced its 54th Annual Convention will be held over four days in May in California.

The convention will run from May 2 to 6 and is an opportunity for the materials handling industry to learn, network and discover resources on 'Powerful Positioning'.

This year's convention features 15 presentations on critical issues affecting the industry including profitability, economic trends and credit and collections. There will also be a three-hour Exhibitors' Showcase, a networking roundtable session and a tour of local attractions.

The Exhibitors' Showcase is a tabletop tradeshow featuring over 90 companies, and the Networking Roundtable Session will give convention attendees the opportunity to discuss a variety of timely issues in a structured, facilitated format.

Convention registration for Members is $995 before February 2 and $1,195 afterwards. Non-Member registration is $1,695. The event will be held at JW Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert, California.

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association is a national trade association dedicated to improving the proficiency of the independent material handling equipment distributors.
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Movers and Shakers
McConnellsburg, PN, US

JLG Industries has appointed Donald F Roy as senior vice president - manufacturing. Roy will be responsible for leading JLG operations and developing and executing JLG’s global manufacturing strategy. Prior to joining JLG, he served as vice president of operations for the Trane Residential Air Conditioning Division, a division of Ingersoll Rand. Prior to that, he worked for General Electric for 27 years, where he directed international assignments in Norway and Canada and start-up operations in China. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

Milwaukee, WI, US

Stuart L Levenick, group president of Caterpillar Inc, has joined the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ (AEM) board of directors. AEM directors help set the guidelines and operating policies of the association on behalf of its members in areas including technical and product safety support, equipment statistics and market information, public policy representation, trade shows, global business development services, education and training, workforce development and worksite safety educational materials.

Lexington, KY, US
Clark Material Handling Co has named Paul Stephens as national accounts sales representative for the eastern US. Stephens, who joined Clark in January, has more than 14 years’ experience in the material handling industry including tenure with Eaheart Industrial Service Inc, G&W Equipment, Norfolk Equipment Co, Yale and a Linde-Komatsu dealership.
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Clark reacquires, displays 500,000th forklift
Kalamazoo, MI
Western Michigan University (WMU) began using a donated Clark C500 50 forklift more than three decades ago and, now, as a replacement, has taken possession of a donated Clark C25C forklift.

The forklift exchange has extra importance for the donor, Clark Material Handling Co. What the university operated was the 500,000th truck that Clark manufactured.

Clark donated the C500 50 to WMU in September 1977.

Joe Swelnis with the service support group for Clark technical publications conducted research to find and document this unit, says Scott Johnson, director of Clark dealer services. Now, this 500,000th truck “joins truck number one million here in our showroom in Lexington, Kentucky”.

“This truck has served WMU faithfully and has never suffered a major mechanical failure.”

In Kalamazoo, the WMU department of paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging offers programs incorporating technologically advanced methods and tools and makes operational use of equipment in paper and coating pilot plants.

WMU used the forklift primarily in the paper pilot plant, a provider of workforce and facility research, product development and education for the public and educational communities within the paper, printing and allied industries. Joel Kendrick is director for the pilot plants on WMU’s Parkview business technology and research campus.

“This truck is in excellent working condition and requires no restoration or modification work,” Johnson notes. “We are going to put it in our showroom, but it is work-ready as it sits.”

The Grand Rapids, Michigan location of Andersen & Associates Inc will handle service for WMU’s new C25C forklift. The Andersen organization became a Clark dealer in April 2008.
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Tough year ahead for business
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australian businesses are anticipating further declines in sales, profits, employment and capital investment in the March 2009 quarter, according to the latest survey from Dun & Bradstreet.

The decline in sales and profits expectations reflects the slowdown in consumer spending which has been noticed by 27% of firms and the poor results experienced in the first three quarters of 2008. Falling employment and capital investment expectations reveal the impacts of global and local economic conditions on Australian firms.

Selling price expectations have reached the highest level ever recorded by the survey, following a 30% increase over the past nine months. Despite suggestions that inflation is coming under control as a result of the slowing economy, 79% of executives indicate that they will raise prices in the March 2009 quarter.

Changing credit market conditions and a falling Aussie dollar continue to impact on firms, with four in 10 (43%) businesses negatively impacted by the credit market and seven in 10 (72%) hurt by the dramatic fall in the value of the dollar since July. Wholesale businesses have reported the largest swing, with 43% indicating a positive impact in July and 84% now indicating that the dollar is negatively affecting their operations.

Recent downward movements in petrol prices are showing through, with an 89% decline in the number of companies negatively affected by fuel costs since September. Just 4% of firms now report a negative impact, while 26% report a positive effect.

According to Dr Duncan Ironmonger, Dun & Bradstreet's economic consultant, the slowing of Australia's economy may have further to go in 2009.

"The D&B survey indicates that 2009 will be a challenging year for Australian firms," said Dr Ironmonger. "However, the federal government and Reserve Bank have acted promptly to stimulate economic growth and have indicated that they will do more as necessary throughout 2009.

"Although world growth is slowing sharply, lower oil prices are helping to contain household and business costs and the lower value of the Australian dollar is encouraging exports and domestic spending. These factors, combined with new public infrastructure projects, will provide further stimulus to GDP growth in 2009."
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NSW freight and logistics study
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The Freight and Logistics Council of NSW (FALCONSW) is calling for consultants interested in conducting a study on the efficiency of the NSW freight and logistics industry.

The report is expected to cover areas such as capacity of current transport infrastructure in NSW; trends in future demand for freight and logistics services; actions that can achieve a more efficient use of existing infrastructure resources; broad-based policy settings that represent opportunities in providing more efficient transport and logistics services; sustainable opportunities to transfer freight from road to rail (especially at the interface with major NSW ports and interstate freight
routes); and changes in air freight logistics, including Kingsford Smith Airport freight handling initiatives.

Interested consultants should contact Tony Davidson, project manager, Freight and Logistics Council of NSW, GPO Box 3763, Sydney NSW 2001, (phone 0418 424491). Tenders close on 6 February.
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Update on Enfield intermodal project
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Consulting firm Maunsell was last month appointed as design consultants for the AUD150 million Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC) at Enfield.

Sydney Ports Corporation CEO Grant Gilfillan says the appointment is an important milestone in the delivery of the project.

Due to be completed in 2011, Enfield will become part of an integrated network of existing and planned intermodal facilities in greater Sydney.

“This project is currently the largest fit-for-purpose facility of its kind in Australia and is integral to the efficient running of an expanded Port Botany,” says Gilfillan.

He adds that the specialised design will contribute towards the NSW government’s objective to achieve a 40% rail mode share of containers to and from Port Botany.

“This will occur through the delivery of additional intermodal capacity within close proximity to a significant freight catchment area within the Sydney metropolitan area.

"Our first major task is to complete the design and then to call tenders for the construction of the base infrastructure for the site.

“Maunsell’s international experience in the design of crucial transport infrastructure projects will greatly assist Sydney Ports Corporation in providing a world-class logistics solution for our region.”

Maunsell was also selected for its excellent Australian track record in the transportation field including the Brisbane North-South Bypass Tunnel, the Gateway Bridge Upgrade in Brisbane, and the M7 Motorway in Western Sydney.

Once the base infrastructure works are completed, which is equivalent to a land subdivision, tenants will be invited to take possession of their premises so that they can construct their above ground facilities.

The base infrastructure works will cater for a new 12 hectare intermodal terminal, 8 hectares of new empty container storage areas, new warehouse distribution areas of 52,500 sqm floor area, and four hectares of new light industrial/commercial areas.

The detailed design program is expected to be completed in June 2009.
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T&L skills shortages to be tackled in Qld
Queensland, Australia
A state government-funded project aimed at analysing and addressing the reasons for skills shortages in the transport and logistics industry in Queensland will run state-wide over a two-year period.

The Skills Formation Strategy (SFS) project will seek to gain a holistic understanding of skills and labour shortages as a workforce planning and development issue.

An initiative of the Department of Education, Training and the Arts (DETA) in collaboration with the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA), the project aims to build capacity of industries and regions to work together on common workforce planning issues as well as enhance the capacity of the education and training system to give greater support to the growth of industries and communities.  

Skills shortage issues to be tackled include:
• Mapping and gaining industry agreement on career pathways in sub-industries;
• Exploring school/industry partnerships to provide work experience;
• Designating mentors for apprentices and trainees;
• Developing combined recruitment policies;
• Developing workforce planning strategies;
• Introducing activities to change community perceptions of industries and career possibilities; and
• Exploring job redesign.

Companies or associations interested in being a part of the Queensland Skills Formation Strategy T&L Project should contact project manager Gary Pearson on (07) 3218 2742 or email:
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Register for forklift heats
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The SCLAA is calling for participants to register for the next round of heats in the National Forklift Championships.

Heat 2 – Counterbalanced forklifts – takes place in Melbourne on 20 January, in Sydney on 27 January and in Brisbane on 30 January.

Heat 3 – Reach Truck forklifts takes place in Melbourne on 24 February, in Brisbane on 3 March and in Sydney on 10 March.

The finals will take place at the Melbourne 2009 Materials Handling show in April where last year’s winners, Trevor Webb of Sydney Markets and Angela Mulloy of Pacific Brands, will defend their titles.

The competition is aimed at recognising the importance of forklift operation in the supply chain.

Each competitor will perform the following tasks:
• Conduct forklift pre-operational check;
• Identify hazards in the area;
• Drive the forklift safely as directed;
• Lift and lower loads in pallet racking;
• Shut down the forklift and do post-operation check;
• Remove key and hand to assessor.

The champion female and male will each win $1,500 and a trophy. Finalists in April will be presented with a plaque and a certificate of participation.
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Record high container volumes
Auckland, New Zealand
Container volumes at Ports of Auckland hit an all-time high of 59,585 in December, compared to 52,599 for the same month last year (+13.2%).

The previous high was 58,484 in March 2007.

The port processed 81,772 TEU, compared to 72,241 in December 2007. This figure is also the highest recorded since March 2007 (81,915). March is traditionally a strong month for exports at the Port.

Managing director Jens Madsen says changes to ship calls have benefited Auckland.

“The pre-Christmas import season was surprisingly solid and we have also seen good volumes from Pacifica Shipping’s new coastal service.”

Madsen says new technology and operational innovations, like dual-direction straddle driving, are delivering significant productivity gains.

While satisfied with the December volumes and the first six months of the financial year in general, Madsen remains concerned about the outlook for 2009.

“January volumes are looking relatively soft and we are gearing the company to face the challenges of the global recession.

“We will be watching the beginning of the export season in February with great interest.”
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B-P, The Original Loader
Fast and safe handling of long loads by means of Side Loaders and Multidirectional Forklifts enable B-P Battioni e Pagani customers to overcome space restrictions, save space and make a more efficient use of the available space. Side Loaders and Multidirectional Forklifts ultimately reduce handling costs, reduce warehousing investment costs and reduce operating costs.

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Lightweight Forklift Truck Cylinders from Ragasco
The composite LPG cylinders for Forklift Trucks (FLT) from Ragasco are available in two sizes: 10 kg (22 lbs) and 14 kg (31 lbs). The low weight combined with an ergonomic design makes the cylinder very easy to lift and handle. They are also stackable. The all-composite cylinder is corrosion-free and has a clean inner liner surface assuring no contamination to the engine.

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Eagletronic battery chargers…...from JAMCO
Jamco is the World Wide exclusive distributor of Eagletronic battery chargers and related products. Our complete product range is user and technician friendly and automatically adjusts to any common World power cycle. They are all at a great price enabling dealers to increase margins and market share. We have a full range to meet every battery charging requirement for the forklift industry.

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Yale's new electric forklift trucks - everything's in the right place
The new generation of Yale electric counterbalance lift trucks, the VT and VF Series, combines ergonomic excellence, class leading manoeuvrability and "e-balance", the symmetry of energy efficiency and high productivity.

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Frank Ulbricht
Fleet, United Kingdom
Yale’s Frank Ulbricht is a man focused on a future where his company is at all points on the globe - selling not just a product, but solutions.

Ulbricht, a business administration graduate, has seen many changes throughout his years in the industry.

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1. Forklift Sales Rep - Full time
United States, Edison, NJ

2. Forklift Sales Rep - Full time
United States, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

3. Field Service Instructor - Full time
United States, Houston

4. Technician, Field Service - Full time
United States, Plano, TX


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Fast Facts

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Editorial Calendar 2008

Editorial Calendar 2009

Rough Terrain forklifts
Safety products in MH
Forklift Market in Canada
Tow trucks
Forklift Market in the United Kingdom
Fleet & Asset management
Narrow Aisle forklifts
Industrial tyres/wheels
Forklift batteries and power solutions
Side loaders
Explosion-proof forklifts
Forklift Market in India


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