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This is issue #385 - 06 November 2008 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
Watts Tyre Group partners with GKN Wheels FAD


Slowdown concerns hang over CeMAT
JLG puts its logo on Gradall telehandlers
M/A-COM pursues RFID contract
Fuel cell product approved for EU
Watts Tyre Group partners with GKN Wheels FAD
ProMat offers in-depth educational workshops
CeMAT dates changed
Latec updates webshop
Euros do the work of three
Crown launches new model
Stanley Handling and FAC renew agreement
Scafftag offers free inspections
Raymond scales down, TVH shows models

Currency impacts local forklift market
Supply chain contract awarded
Port welcomes new shipping service
Industry works on logistics education
Tenders invited for third terminal operator
Conference examines port development

CTS provides a versatile solution
Take the Rental Challenge
All Steel Radial Forklift Tyres MAGNA MR800

For sale – Toyota 3FD100 1993 Counter balance ICE 10,000kg

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It’s not always easy to find an upside in adversity, but many of the manufacturers exhibiting at CeMAT Asia last week seem to be finding positives in the current down-turn. A number of the exhibitors are predicting a shake-out in the industry which will rid a cluttered market of some of the poorer performers. A number of players will also be taking a long, hard look at their current range and focusing on the products and services that are performing poorly. And others will be using the lull to refine and improve internal processes. The overall feeling is that while the slowdown is not a good thing, it may not be such a bad thing – if handled correctly. One thing for sure is that those companies which make it through the tough times will emerge stronger, leaner and more agile – attributes which will further secure their long-term prosperity.

Slowdown concerns hang over CeMAT
Shanghai, China
Concerns about the global economic downturn cast a shadow over CeMAT Asia, held in Shanghai last week, but the fears didn’t prevent a record number of exhibitors from participating.

Final visitor numbers were not available as this newsletter was finalised, but exhibitors were upbeat about both the quantity and the quality of delegates. There was, however, a feeling that an annual trade show was not necessary, and suppliers would be better served by less frequent events like the CeMAT Europe schedule.

For the scores of Chinese manufacturers, CeMAT Asia was as much about finding new export distribution partners as about showing off new product.

Forklift maker Thankyou was back at CeMAT and president Han Jun noted strong interest in his company’s new AC-powered reach-stacker. Han was among many exhibitors keen to link up with overseas partners, having already grown exports to 20% of sales.

Concerned about the slowdown, Thankyou is hoping to hold revenue levels next year with some larger orders from bigger customers.

Another second-time visitor, UN, is following the lead of companies like Jungheinrich and focusing on quality. Import and export manager Linpoll Zou said the company’s three-directional narrow-aisle vehicle, on show for the first time in China, was a good example of the company’s new direction. UN is taking advantage of the slowdown to halt production of old products and focus on new, quality offerings. The slowdown represents a good chance to make the change, he said.  

CeMAT veteran Ningbo Ruyi was the first Chinese exhibitor at CeMAT in Germany and has participated in the Chinese show since its launch. Ningbo Ruyi showed off a new explosion-proof Xilin model, approved by the Chinese government. Despite the new model, Chu Jian, vice president, said he is expecting a fall in orders, especially domestic Chinese orders. He cites local supermarket chains which added 50 stores this year, but next year will open far fewer, requiring less equipment. However, the crisis may have a silver lining for the export market. He said when things are going well, international companies are not too concerned about price. But when things get tough, cost becomes an issue, and this presents an opportunity for Chinese manufacturers. Chu is confident Ningbo Ruyi will maintain its 2008 revenue levels in 2009, and will be growing again by 2010.

German giant Jungheinrich got lots of interest in its prototype lithium-ion smart battery installed in working forklift. Sales and marketing director of Jungheinrich China, Alexander Oezbahadir, said the Chinese-developed battery had never been seen before and is being produced for use in high-end automotive products for the likes of BMW and Volkswagen.  

Oezbahadir said his company is focusing on solutions rather than products, and he expects continued growth – albeit a bit slower than the 16-17% annual growth enjoyed to date. “Customers in China are getting more and more sophisticated,” he said, and demanding quality products and quality service.

China’s Sunward brand, with a long pedigree in the industrial, construction and excavator market, was a first-time exhibitor at CeMAT with its all-new forklift range. Like UN, Sunward will use the anticipated market lull to focus on its internal systems and to find partners so that it can build exports to 50% of its sales, according to export manager Li Jun.

Another relative newcomer was Goodsense, which entered the forklift market two years ago. Sales manager Jerry Huang had seven vehicles on display, including a new three-wheel AC electric PSD axle forklift featuring imported Korean transmissions. Braced for a slowdown both locally and in the export market, Huang used the show to scout out dealers to build a global network, and said he had several firm prospects by show’s end.

Battery maker FAAM was back in Shanghai for the fourth time, according to senior executive Ermanno Vitali. He was impressed with both the quality and quantity of contacts at the three-day event, and found it useful for catching up with all the company’s big-name partners. They, in turn, showed strong interest in FAAM’s new Envirotech battery and charger system which promises to save the cost of one new battery during a five-year operation of the new system. Vitali believes companies like his have an advantage over the less-specialised Chinese competitors because of the expertise they have developed by focusing on a single product.

Terry Huang, export executive of Noblift Equipment, thought there were fewer visitors this year due to the slow economy. Like some of his rivals, the walkie and stacker specialist expects to use the market cooling to concentrate on new designs. He noted that some rivals have moved from one- to two-day weekends because of slowing orders, but said Noblift had not felt the need to reduce its employment levels.

Stephen Ling from Hytsu was among the exhibitors who would prefer CeMAT to be held every three years. He believes visitor numbers would be increased if it weren’t an annual event. Nonetheless, his company used the show to debut some new heavy-duty AC electric forklift models which attracted positive feedback. While somewhat concerned about the slowdown, Hytsu is in a good position with many “stable customers”, especially export customers, he said.

Jiangsu Baoli Group president Gao Zhou Fei said the impact of the economic dip was evident at this year’s CeMAT. However, Baoli isn’t yet feeling any direct effects itself, and the 31st-largest player in the market is already planning to diversify and “take other steps” to cope with the changes.  One strategy is to focus on quality, and Baoli is determined to “produce the best Chinese forklifts in the world”.

For Wang Guisheng, vice general manager at Hangzhou Global Friend Precision Machinery Co, this year’s show seemed to attract more international visitors, many interested in his company’s new 10-tonne forklift. Wang sees all industries being affected by the global downturn and forklifts won’t escape the impact, he said. Even discounting won’t stimulate demand in a slowing market, he said, so it makes sense to limit production. He also predicts a shake-out, with only the strongest players surviving.

Attachment maker Kaup is noting a “cooling down” in the market, according to engineer Thorsten Martin, who has heard of slowing orders from all of its manufacturing partners. Generally, attachment makers feel the impact a little later in the cycle, so Martin is expecting any effects “in a couple of months”.

CeMAT Asia 2008 featured 380 exhibitors and prior to the event, organisers predicted that the expo would attract 60,000 visitors over its three days.

For more CeMAT faces and places, visit our gallery.
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JLG puts its logo on Gradall telehandlers
McConnellsburg, PA, United States
The JLG logo is supplanting that of a legendary brand on Gradall telehandlers.

While the historic blue Gradall paint scheme will remain, by the end of 2008, an expanded JLG-branded telehandler family will absorb the Gradall identity.

“The Gradall name has been an icon in the telehandler industry for decades,” says Kirsten Skyba, JLG Industries Inc vice president of global marketing.  “We’re maintaining all the finest qualities of the Gradall name and product, including the famous blue colour but will begin branding these models under the JLG name.”

The same number of models will be available, and JLG will provide aftermarket service, parts, training and technical support services for existing Gradall-branded telehandlers.

JLG intends to introduce new rear-pivot steer telehandlers.

McConnellsburg-based JLG Industries acquired Gradall Industries Inc of New Philadelphia, Ohio in June 1999 for USD203.2 million.

In February 2006, JLG sold the Gradall line of excavators with telescoping rotating booms and the New Philadelphia manufacturing facility with relevant equipment, tooling and intellectual property to Alamo Group Inc for USD33 million.

Following that sale, JLG began an initiative, now nearing completion, to rebrand the Gradall line of rough-terrain, variable-reach material handlers.
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M/A-COM pursues RFID contract
Lowell, MA, United States
A potential US customer wants radio-frequency-identification (RFID) technology on its battery-powered forklifts and is evaluating possible competing commercial systems including one from M/A-COM technology solutions of Lowell.

While contract negotiations are under way, M/A-COM is viewing a wider market and has not priced its system.

“Our current plan is to launch the system at the ProMat show in January,” Joe Doran, M/A-COM’s RFID business development manager, tells News.

For almost a year, M/A-COM has been designing and developing a sensor-based integrated RFID forklift system to meet the unidentified customer’s demand, Doran notes. “We are addressing four use cases: slotting pallets in a rack-configured warehouse, receiving, shipping and cross-docking.” M/A-COM intends to address the pick-use application later.

As designed, a user could retrofit the M/A-COM system to an existing electric forklift. The M/A-COM concept has gone “from scratch through a couple of generations” with a number of prototypes finding their way into field trials, Doran says in a telephone interview.

Further development may modify the system for propane-powered forklifts.

In working toward the customer’s goal, M/A-COM set out to design a system to fit the uses rather than offering “components the end user would cobble together,” Doran says.

For the system, M/A-COM designed ultra-high-frequency (UHF) antennas and a controller board to make the UHF sensors work together. The goal: “have something simple for the end user,” Doran says.

Going forward, M/A-COM anticipates its biggest business segments will involve the sensor-based RFID forklift system and other technology for UHF portals for warehouse- and retailer backroom-related direction-of-travel detection. “On the portal side, we have sold 15,000 (units) already,” Doran notes.

Cobham plc of Wimborne, England acquired M/A-COM in September from Tyco Electronics Ltd of Berwyn, Pennsylvania, United States and operates the commercial M/A-COM technology solutions business for possible spin off or resale. Cobham’s defence systems division is absorbing the M/A-COM aerospace and defence business, which Cobham targeted in the deal.
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Fuel cell product approved for EU
Fremont, CA, United States
A US fuel cell company has been given the go-ahead to sell its product in Europe after its product passed compliance testing.

Oorja Protonics has met the CE directive for low-voltage equipment for its fuel cell technology product, OorjaPac. The European Union requires all products for sale to carry CE Marking (CEM) for safety. The CEM demonstrates the product conforms to European standards and is recognised throughout the world.

The OorjaPac was tested by a CE-certified independent authorised testing laboratory for electrostatic discharge, conducted emissions, radiated emissions and conducted immunity.

John Fulton, vice president for quality at Oorja Products, says the OorjaPac was designed to meet international standards. “This gives our customers the benefit of knowing that the OorjaPac will work flawlessly in their facilities and will provide substantial value.”

The OorjaPac is an alcohol-based fuel cell that continuously charges batteries on materials handling vehicles.
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For sale – Toyota 3FD100 1993 Counter balance ICE 10,000kg
Power / Fuel type
Basic lift capacity
10,000 kg (22,000 lbs)
Max lift height
3,000 mm (118 ")
Mast type
2 stage
Serial number
More information
Transmission: Automatic
Ex works, Belgium 38,300 EURO - Dealer Wholesale Price available

Dealer Shopfront   Click Here

Click here for contact and machine details
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Watts Tyre Group partners with GKN Wheels FAD
Lydney, United Kingdom
Watts Tyre Group and GKN Wheels FAD have teamed up to service the agricultural and construction equipment markets in the UK and Ireland.

Watts will distribute GKN Wheels FAD’s range of agricultural wheels for trailers and tractors as standalone units and as fitted tyre and wheel assemblies to OEMs in the agricultural and construction sectors.

Paul Cook, original equipment manager for Watts, says this partnership is a great opportunity to broaden the company’s scope of operations. “Watts are automatically associated with the materials handling sector.

“This agreement allows us to introduce to new markets our traditional values of service expertise, quality and product knowledge. To have a partner of GKN Wheels FAD’s stature is very important as it means that we add to our current portfolio of world-class products,” he says.

Adrien St-Jean, area sales manager for GKN Wheels FAD, says the partnership with Watts provides an opportunity to open up its services for the first time to include aftermarket users of off-highway wheels.  “We are delighted to be in partnership with Watts to service this market,” he says. “We believe that there is great scope for success within these sectors and that this partnership will represent great value for customers through superior products and service.”
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ProMat offers in-depth educational workshops
Chicago, IL, United States
ProMat 2009 organisers will offer three detailed educational workshops as part of next year’s largest North American materials handling and logistics event from 12-15 January in Chicago.

Those workshops will focus on the basics of materials handling, inbound logistics and handling, and sustainability for manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The three in-depth sessions will take place in addition to the trade show with more than 800 materials handling- and forklift-related exhibitions and in excess of 100 focused show-floor Knowledge Center educational sessions.

The “basics” workshop will deal with systems analysis, equipment selection and how material handling relates to manufacturing, warehouse and other operations.

The “inbound” workshop will present a systematic approach to planning inbound logistics and material handling systems for manufacturing operations with pointers on lean and low-cost aspects.

The “sustainability” workshop will provide an overview of more than 200 ways to make operations more “green” and sustainable while striving to be cost competitive.

The trade association Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) of Charlotte, North Carolina sponsors ProMat 2009 in the south exposition hall of Chicago’s McCormick Place.

In preparing for the event, attendees can view details about exhibitors, educational sessions and showcased products at the website. The site includes “my ProMat solution matchmaker and agenda planner” service for organising use of time at the show.
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CeMAT dates changed
Hannover, Germany
The dates for CeMAT 2011 have been changed to allow more people and exhibitors to attend the show. The CeMAT steering committee has announced the show will run from Monday to Friday, 2 to 6 May 2011, instead of Tuesday to Saturday.

Dr Wolfram von Fritsch, board chairman at Deutsche Messe AG, says CeMAT 2008 demonstrated the show can reach specific target groups by sticking to weekdays. “At the meeting of the CeMAT (board), we unanimously decided to start on the Monday as this will enable us to increase the foreign visitor quota.”

CeMAT 2008 attracted over 58,000 visitors, a growth of 20%, with 36% of these visitors from outside Germany.

Dr Christoph Beumer, chairman of the CeMAT steering committee and board chairman for Beumer Maschinenfabrik, says the decision to incorporate the Monday into the show’s run will strengthen its position as the world’s leading trade fair in its field. “Many foreign visitors will use the Sunday to travel to Hannover,” he says.
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Latec updates webshop
Greven, Germany
A European forklift spare parts dealer has launched a new version of its online store. The new version features a range of improved functions to make it easier for buyers to find what they need.

Latec’s webshop version 1.2 gives buyers access to search functions enabling them to find products by brand or product description. Users can also search for pictures, technical drawings and parts (with or without part numbers).

The webshop has over 6 million parts from all major brands listed on the site. All parts listings are accompanied by pictures to help with identification.

This version is available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Polish and Russian. Access to the site is via username and password.
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Euros do the work of three
West Midlands, United Kingdom
A UK printing machine provider has purchased two Flexi Euro forklifts to help streamline its operations.

After trialling Narrow Aisle’s equipment, Heidelberg Press decided its operations would be more productive and efficient using one machine instead of three. Before purchasing the Flexi Euros, the company used stackers and counterbalance machines to unload deliveries and transfer parts.

The Flexi Euros will collect incoming goods from trailers outside and deliver them directly to the buffer store. As component parts are called off for production, the electric-powered Euros will take the parts to the assembly line.

John Maguire, sales and marketing director for Narrow Aisle, says this option means Heidelberg Press has made significant savings. “The lateral stackers they had been using could not operate outside and the counterbalance machines that unloaded incoming vehicles were too big to deliver to the line.”

Narrow Aisle has fitted the Flexi Euros with quick-release attachments that enable the forklift’s forks to adjust and extend hydraulically. The attachments enable the machine to handle some of the larger and unusually shaped items.
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Crown launches new model
Munich, Germany
Crown has launched a new narrow-aisle forklift that can be adjusted to meet an individual operator’s preferences.

The new ESR 5000 series allows operators to choose the right set of hydraulic controls for their application from a selection of multi-task, fingertip-operated or dual-lever options. The forklift also has the option to rotate the electronic steering to 180° or 360°.

Crown has focussed on comfort and accessibility in the ESR 5000 by fitting an ergonomic suspension seat with built-in controls and an easy-to-reach desktop with integrated clipboard. There are convenient storage areas and a tubular mount for data terminals and scanners.

All models are equipped Access 1 2 3 technology that monitors and adjusts key vehicle systems and simplifies troubleshooting, while the InfoPoint maintenance system allows faults to be found instantly.
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Stanley Handling and FAC renew agreement
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Stanley Handling and Italian materials handling equipment company Fabbrica Ambrosiana Carrelli (FAC) have signed a three-year continuation of their distribution agreement.

Stanley Handling will continue as sole distributor of FAC’s products in the UK and Ireland. Stanley Handling and FAC have been working together since 2000 to provide 'fit for purpose' solutions to customers in the UK and Ireland.

FAC manufactures powered pallet forklifts, counterbalance stackers and counterbalance reach forklifts. Stanley Handling is best known for its Robur warehouse handling equipment.
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Scafftag offers free inspections
South Wales, United Kingdom
A UK supplier of equipment safety tagging and monitoring systems is offering a free safety assessment for forklifts. Scafftag is hoping the offer will help reduce the number of forklift fatalities and accidents in the UK by making companies more aware of what they need to do to protect workers.

Scafftag’s offer is in support of the Forklift Truck Association’s (FLTA) push to cut accident rates in the UK.

The pack contains a free inspection guide poster, factsheet and monitoring system guides to help companies improve their inspection records. The one-on-one expert assessment addresses the latest legal requirements and good practices to help companies determine their compliance.

The expert also assesses current systems and processes for managing comprehensive forklift inspections and daily checks.

The pack will enable companies to equip themselves with the correct tools to inspect, record and monitor their assets on-site.

Jonathan Edwin, general manager of Scafftag, says sometimes it takes a fatality or a national awareness campaign like FLTA’s National Forklift Safety Week to remind people that there are better approaches to site inspections.

"Our Scafftag Equip forklift pack and a range of other advice are freely available from our website, but we also recognise that every company is unique,” he says. “That is why we also encourage firms to take up our free on-site assessment, which systematically applies legal requirements and good practices to inspections and identifies how well current processes fulfil them.

"The visits are pre-arranged and carried out by an expert who will make recommendations at the end of the visit. Past experience shows they can be a vital tool to benchmark and improve business performance."
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Raymond scales down, TVH shows models
Green, NY, UNITED STATES and Waregem, Belgium
Forklift manufacturer Raymond Corp has released scale models of two of its products. It is offering scale versions of its 7400 reach-fork truck and its 8400 pallet truck.

The offerings are the first die-cast scale models from Greene-based Raymond.

Each model is replicated on a one-12th scale and features moving parts.

“Great care was taken to ensure the models would represent the real lift trucks in thorough detail,” says Richard Baker, Raymond manager of marketing communications.

The working parts on the model 7400 include a three-stage mast and pantograph mechanism and a pivoting door that opens to reveal the motor.

The model 8400 has a swiveling handle and drive unit and a rotating handle. Wheels turn, and caster wheels swivel. Removing the cover displays the motor compartment.

Vaccaro Design LLC of West Chester, Pennsylvania manufactured the scale models.

Meanwhile, European manufacturer TVH has launched a model forklift website.

The site boasts over 200 scale models for sale and has 598 models on display from Caterpillar to Ghel and Hyster to Yale. The collection of forklift scale models belongs to the Thermote and Vanhalst families, the founders of TVH Group.

The site has had almost 10,000 hits since January this year.

Buyers can find scale models of other materials handling equipment including telescopic forklifts, aerial platforms, earth-moving machinery, hand pallet trucks and compact loaders.

A TVH spokesperson says the size of the collection is special. “The number of brands, the number of models and the fact that all these models are actually in our possession makes the collection unique”.

To view the collection, visit the website.
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Currency impacts local forklift market
Australian businesses expect further economic turbulence in the New Year as credit market conditions and the volatile Australian dollar impact on prospects for 2009.

The latest Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) business expectations survey reveals that one in four executives has been negatively impacted by changing credit market conditions and two-thirds have been hurt by the dramatic fall in the value of the Aussie dollar since July.

Inflationary pressures are set to continue into the New Year, with 81% of executives indicating they will raise selling prices in the March 2009 quarter.

According to Christine Nolland, national marketing co-ordinator of Linde Material Handling, prices are being reviewed based on the Australian dollar and material cost factors.

She tells News that a tightening of the retail/small business sector is anticipated together with a more cautious approach in the larger business area.  “Determining factors, as we see it, will be the Australian dollar and what develops in the Asian market and local mining sector.”

Wayne Franklin, director of Calmat, says the company is being conservative on stock purchases at present due to the weak currency and the general economic conditions.

“We are fortunate that we have short lead times from our suppliers, so we are able to quote ex-factory at the current exchange rate with a currency variation clause.

“I feel confident that the Australian dollar will bounce back shortly, so any stock purchased now will be very expensive, if and when we get a recovery.”

General manager of NYK Forklifts, Phil Singleton, says, “the fact that we purchase our equipment in American dollars from Japanese sources has resulted in our purchasing power being vastly eroded”.

“Therefore, to maintain our small margins, we have no choice but to increase our selling prices on new stock.”

He tells News that it looks like Australia may enter a recession in the first quarter of 2009 due to a possible second quarter of negative growth.

“I believe market conditions will react in a defensive manner by procuring only the most essential capital equipment and retaining older equipment longer.  I predict casual rentals to increase due to the non-commitant manner of customers and service and repair costs to the customers will increase due to older equipment kept longer than normal.”

However, on an optimistic note, Singleton believes the market will start to recover mid to end of the second quarter of 2009.

John Cowpe, Exide Australasia general manager, says the effect of the weakened Australian dollar forces companies to daily review inventory levels, debtors and pricing.  

“Exide endeavours to keep price increases to a minimum but will implement pricing reviews to recover costs when necessary.”

He adds that he envisages the current market conditions to continue into early 2009.  “Our business will continue to monitor market conditions whilst offering a high level of customer service to our customers.”

John Watts, business development manager of Barrier Security Products, tells News that he anticipates an increase in prices for steel related products next year due mainly to the increase in the price of steel.

“We are trying to increase the range of our products made in Australia to avoid any dollar fluctuation woes.  A rubber speed hump is normally imported which would be affected by the Australian dollar where our new speed hump is made locally which is unaffected by the Australian dollar and better quality.

“Our business has continued to increase due to our continual creation of new products and designs, for example our new Bollard Protective Sleeves, an Australian-made product that avoids the need for bollards to be continually painted and repaired.  

“Our sales have continued to increase over the past five years at an average of 33% and the month of October 2008 was up 13% on our previous best.”

According to Christine Christian, Dun & Bradstreet's CEO, financial turmoil is driving deteriorating conditions across the globe and hurting executive expectations for the New Year.

"The credit crisis has made it more difficult for Australian businesses to access funds - it has also caused significant volatility in the Australian dollar. As a result, executive confidence has declined sharply, with expectations falling to levels not seen since the 1990s.”

Dr Duncan Ironmonger, Dun & Bradstreet's economic consultant, says although GDP growth will be lower in 2009 than it has been over the last few years it will remain positive.

"The federal government will provide further fiscal stimulus as necessary and the lower value of the Australian dollar will encourage domestic spending and exports whilst discouraging imports. This situation will help to maintain domestic production and jobs, with unemployment expected to stay below 5.5% in 2009," says Dr Ironmonger.

"Despite the slowdown in world growth, Australia will not experience a recession.”
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Supply chain contract awarded
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia
Global supply chain management company CEVA Logistics has won a contract to provide integrated logistics services to electricity network supplier, Western Power.

MD of CEVA Australia, Howard Critchley, says the contract will encompass the provision of warehousing services, materials handling and transportation operations.  

The new partnership will deliver improved customer service and provide an integrated transport and logistics solution for intrastate services to Western Power depots and construction sites.
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Port welcomes new shipping service
AUCKLAND, New Zealand
The launch of a new coastal shipping service by Pacifica Shipping will see around 1,000 containers a week moved by a 700-TEU container ship between Auckland, Tauranga, Canterbury and Otago.

The new service has been welcomed by Ports of Auckland managing director Jens Madsen as a step towards lifting domestic sea freight capacity.

“Increased coastal shipping will help take pressure off the nation’s roads and create a more robust, resilient supply chain,” he says.

Coastal shipping creates significant supply chain efficiencies by giving the major shipping lines more options for moving cargo around New Zealand.

“Over the last 12 months, as international shipping services have undergone further consolidation, we have seen even more increases in trans-shipment or ‘hubbing’ at Ports of Auckland,” says Madsen.

He expects the trend to hubbing to intensify as a result of the new supply chain options provided by coastal shipping.

“With the international shipping lines using larger and larger vessels, and visiting fewer ports, there is an emerging gap in the market for cargo feeder networks.”

Madsen says coastal shipping also has an important role to play in meeting the projected growth in demand for freight transport across New Zealand.

“The September 2008 Freight Study estimates that New Zealand’s ‘freight task’ would increase by 70-75% over the next 25 years.

“Moving goods by sea is more environmentally friendly and efficient than taking them by road or rail. There is a great opportunity for the coastal shipping sector to meet future growth – and to do so in a clean, green and cost-effective way.”

Trans-shipments – where cargo is loaded from one ship to another – have grown more than 150% at Ports of Auckland since 2004/05. Trans-shipment volumes for the September 2008 quarter were up 24% on the same period last year.
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Industry works on logistics education
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia
Victoria University and Linfox Australia are working together to improve and enhance the skills of people working in logistics and supply chain management.

The university’s Institute for Logistics & Supply Chain Management (ILSCM) has signed an agreement to collaborate with Linfox Australia to provide logistics and supply chain management education and associated research.

The partnership gives Linfox access to logistics education from a vocational level through to Master’s degree level and both organisations will work together on relevant research projects.

“The institute’s vision is to become the ‘knowledge centre of choice’ for logistics and supply chain management in the Asia Pacific area. With Linfox operating throughout this region, this collaboration will go a long way towards achieving this vision,” says
Dr Pieter Nagel, director of ILSCM.

Linfox chairman Peter Fox says the agreement extends the company’s commitment to educating its people at all levels of the supply chain industry.
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Tenders invited for third terminal operator
SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia
Five companies, including local and international operators, have been invited to tender to operate the third container terminal at Port Botany.

Sydney Ports CEO Grant Gilfillan says the invitation to the five, whose names remain confidential, is the second part of a two stage process for selecting the terminal operator, part of the Port Botany expansion project.

Thirteen operators responded to the call for Expressions of Interest which was issued on 1 July this year and closed on 1 September.

“The healthy response indicates there is strong industry confidence in the long-term commercial viability of Sydney’s container port,” says Gilfillan.

The applicants were asked to provide information about their financial and resource capacity; container terminal expertise and experience; and capacity to resource and manage the new terminal.

“We expect the stevedore to be chosen by mid-2009 with the first berths available for trade from 2012,” says Gilfillan.
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Conference examines port development
PERTH, Western Australia, Australia
An event focused on port infrastructure and development in Asia Pacific will be held in Perth from 4-5 March 2009.

The Asia Pacific Port Infrastructure Planning and Development 2009 conference will be driven by case studies delivered by the major developing ports’ project managers and engineers.

The conference will also feature presentations from port authorities, government decision-makers and shipping finance experts with analysis of where investment and expansion will be happening in the future, as well as looking at where the major projects are currently taking place.

In Western Australia, the resources boom has caused exponential growth in the Pilbara region and prompted multi-billion dollar investment in the state’s mid-west, including a new deepwater port and rail infrastructure at Oakajee.

Port Hedland is considering major expansion to 400 million tons per annum, including a new outer harbour in coming years.

China’s unparalleled industrialisation has led to massive investment, with the Chao Fei Dian deep water port at Tang Shan planning six more 250,000 tonne iron ore berths.

Shenzen Port is one of the busiest and fastest growing ports in China and is building 10 more container berths by 2010 to cater for future growth.

These examples provide a snapshot of the thriving port development industry in the region.
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KATHERINE, Northern Territory, Australia
Bad week for freight company

A freight train travelling to Katherine on Tuesday this week derailed, with 11 carriages leaving the tracks and sparking a small grass fire.
According to an article in Northern Territory News, rail operator FreightLink may go into receivership by the end of this week due to financial difficulties.
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All Steel Radial Forklift Tyres MAGNA MR800
Designed for heavy duty applications, the MAGNA MR800 is an excellent tyre for use on forklift trucks, terminal tractors and other industrial equipment.

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3 of 7,041 listings
Crown - 20IMT130A - 2000
Central+Coast, New South Wales, Australia
JCB - 926-04 - 1997
Ludwigsfelde, Germany
Fantuzzi - RS55 - 2001
Fontana, California, United States

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1. Sales Lead Generator - Full time
United States, Jacksonville, FL

2. Industrial Equipment Sales and PSR - Full time
United States, Columbus, GA


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1. Mechanic Fork Lift - Full time
Chicago, United States

2. Manager - Full time
Asia, India

3. Sales Executive - Full time
Field Work, United States

4. Forklift Technician - Full time
anywhere in the world,not war torn countries., Australia

5. Parts Manager/Government Sales - Full time
open, United States


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