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This is issue #378 - 18 September 2008 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
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New forklift launch to celebrate anniversary
Permian establishes third store in Texas
Growth forecast for North American rental market
Developing nations to boost demand for materials handling products
Hertz hits China
Tyre price increase in Europe
Hyster and TIL join forces
New forklifts to lift production and competitive edge
Seating or semi-seated option from Komatsu
Barloworld dropped from top 40 index
Exhibition dates announced
Movers and Shakers
Retiring operator recalls forklift changes

NSW leads the nation in reducing workplace injuries
Timber mill orders second Combilift
Red Australia launches latest forklift
And the winners are …
Forklift driver guilty of terrorism

Australian Distributors wanted for Keytroller - Award winning vehicle and driver monitoring systems

Century Partners with Leading Battery Handling Systems Manufacturer
Speedshield Fleet Reporting and Management
RackDeflektor will be at the NSC 2008 Congress & Expo
Moneysaving Forklift Battery Recovery Technology

For sale - Baumann battery electric sideloader
Make your advertising dollars work harder

FORK TALK: Construction scholarship winners named

YOUR FOCUS: Know your global e-commerce environment

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In the wake of Hurricane Ike, it’s probably best to avoid talking about clouds and silver linings, especially as the natural disaster was not the only challenge of the past few days. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and the Fed’s bail-out of insurance giant American International Group indicate that the credit crunch is far from over, and many economies are at risk. None of this helps business confidence and the current uncertainties are sure to have some impact on equipment purchase decisions. Cost-cutting is likely to be the order of the day, and all but the most successful of operators will be thinking twice about buying additional equipment or replacing current fleets. But if there is one minor silver lining, it would have to be the fall of global oil prices which are now back under USD100 a barrel. Under different market conditions, the price drop would be headline news, but for now, it has been drowned out in a sea of red ink.

New forklift launch to celebrate anniversary
Monaghan, Ireland

To celebrate a business milestone, most companies throw a party. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Combilift Ireland not only did that, it also launched a new forklift.

Combilift launched the Combi-CB, which is more compact than a traditional counterbalance forklift and has multi-directional operation.

Martin McVicar, managing director, says “versatility has always been a hallmark of Combilift products, and the Combi-CB is no exception”.

McVicar sees a wide variety of suitable applications for the forklift, particularly in retail outlets and manufacturing plants.

“(It’s suited to applications) where not only the use of all available shelf space is crucial but also safe handling and manoeuvrability is paramount. The 1,400mm- (55 inch-) wide fork carriage with optional integrated fork positioner offers excellent support for handling long products.”

Commenting on the firm’s anniversary, McVicar says 10 years may not seem like a long time, but the growth the company has experienced has been huge.

“The growth we have achieved since we launched the product in 1998 has been exceptional, and we are the global leaders in our field,” he says. “Starting with the original C4000 Combilift, we have, on average, introduced at least one new model each year, and our ever-growing range now encompasses trucks with capacities from 2.5 up to 14 tonnes.”

The 2,500 kilogram (6,000 pound) Combi-CB has a few advantages over conventional machines – it is available in LPG, diesel and electric, can lift heights up to 7.5 metres (25 feet), has rubber tyres for indoor/outdoor use and has a fully enclosed cabin with heater.

The Combi-CB has no platform, so goods can be stacked directly from the floor up and its compact size allows it to stuff and de-stuff containers and transport the pallets or long loads directly to the warehouse.

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Permian establishes third store in Texas
San Antonio, TX, United States

A Chavez family-owned and -operated distributor of forklifts and materials handling equipment is ramping up a third location in Texas to diversify its economic base.

Permian Machinery Movers Inc (PMMI) is tackling its largest urban market in establishing a site in San Antonio.

Family patriarch Ramon Chavez Sr entered the forklift industry in 1977 and, with a son, Robert, established the family business in 1981 in Odessa focusing on used forklifts for the oil-patch industry in west Texas and south eastern New Mexico. Now, another two sons, Robert and Raul Chavez, operate the 9,600 square foot (864sqm) Odessa site.

Son Roy Chavez set up an El Paso, Texas operation in 1987 and now, with brother Ricky Chavez, runs the 10,000 square foot (900sqm) location. From El Paso, PMMI has indirect access to the Mexican market, starting with the large nearby Ciudad Juárez metropolitan area.

Ramon Chavez Jr launched the 13,000 square foot (1,170sqm) San Antonio site in late 2007 and operates the location with his son, Frankie Ray Chavez, 27, as his “right-hand” man.
The founder’s daughter, Rosemary Chavez, is the PMMI corporate secretary.

The family has recognised the importance of diversifying. “We know the (oil) boom will come and that energy (prices) will go up and down,” says Ramon Chavez Jr. Setting up a third store may help to stabilise the business so it is not dependent on oil or the cross-border business.

PMMI, which employs a total of 55 staff, has enlarged its inventory, improved efficiency and obtained the third location to display equipment.

After 16 years in business, PMMI has also changed its practice of focusing exclusively on used forklifts.

PMMI obtains original equipment from TCM Manufacturing USA Inc in Columbia, South Carolina and its parent firm TCM Corp of Tokyo, Japan; and Tusk Lift Trucks of Covington, Georgia, a division of Komatsu Forklift USA Inc. The TCM relationship began in 1997, and the Tusk link, which started in 2006, extends now to the Odessa and El Paso locations. The San Antonio site is working on an agreement to distribute Tusk forklifts.

PMMI provides rigging, maintenance and repair services and can customize a forklift to meet a customer’s particular specifications.

At the start in 1981, Robert Chavez gave an identity to the partnership, naming it for the region’s widespread sedimentary Permian basin, which has thick rock deposits from the ancient Permian geological period. A loan of USD100,000 provided early capital.

The partnership was incorporated in 1991 when “the family got serious” about the business and “decided to do it for a living,” Ramon Chavez Jr informs News. “God has blessed us. We never had anything.”  

Ramon Chavez Sr, now 74, retired in 2004 and enjoys deer hunting and tending to his orchard.

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Growth forecast for North American rental market
Moline, IL, United States

A report from Moline-based American Rental Association (ARA) and Global Insight Inc of Waltham, Massachusetts projects rental revenues in North America exceeding USD52 billion in 2012 – up from USD42.3 billion in 2007.

ARA monitors aspects of the material handling industry including forklift attachments, replacement parts, rough-terrain models, telescopic handlers and vertical mast units.

The US rental market has grown since 1998 at a compound annual rate of 7.9%. The 2007 figure for rental of US construction and industrial equipment was USD25.5 billion.

ARA and Global Insight teamed up initially in 2004.

ARA sells the report to members for USD695 and non-members for USD2,995. More than 160 pages of statistical information focus on the construction/industrial, general tool and party/event sectors of the equipment rental market.

The Rental Show, ARA’s major annual event, runs from  2-5 March 2009 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Baumann battery electric sideloader
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    Developing nations to boost demand for materials handling products
    Cleveland, OH, United States

    Demand for materials handling products is expected to increase by 20% within the next four years, according to research by the Freedonia Group Inc.

    The industry research firm’s study found demand worldwide will exceed USD133.5 billion by 2012. The demand for materials handling products in 2002 was valued at USD75.5 billion.

    Growth is expected in the Asia Pacific region, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East region and Latin America. Freedonia says the demand in these regions outpaces sales in the US, Western Europe and Japan.

    “In fact, China alone will account for 30% of the total demand through to 2012,” Freedonia analysts say.

    The study says the demand for conventional materials handling products such as industrial trucks, forklifts, conveyors and cranes will benefit from rapid industrialisation in developing nations.

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    Hertz hits China
    Shanghai, China

    Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (HERC) has expanded its operations after opening an office in Shanghai, China.    

    HERC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation, will kick off its rental business in China with an initial product line of aerial lifts, air compressors and generators. The company plans to expand the collection to include cranes, excavators, rollers and wheel loaders.

    Paula Rivera, spokesperson for HERC, says the company does have plans to add forklifts to its China fleet.

    Rivera says the move into China is a part of HERC's overall growth agenda.

    “The company has been looking at establishing a presence in developing regions,” she says. “While the equipment rental industry is relatively new to the Chinese market, the country's industrial construction spending is projected to be greater than that of the US for 2008.”

    HERC believes by establishing a presence there now, the company will be able to capitalise on the growth of the Asian marketplace.

    HERC aims to service many of the growing industries in China such as manufacturing, shipbuilding and the industrial and construction markets.

    Rivera says HERC will target multinational companies already familiar with the rental concept.

    “The company is also looking to serve large Chinese contractors and state-owned enterprises such as refineries, highway construction and mining,” she explains.

    Operating as its own foreign-owned enterprise with a national rental license, HERC will seek to work with local Chinese partners and to identify potential regions within the country for greenfield expansion.

    Rivera says HERC has relocated Mark Alewel, one of the US vice presidents, to manage the Chinese operation and work to establish HERC’s presence in the region.

    “Alewel and his team have been fortunate to hire a group of employees with previous rental experience, one of whom specialises in generators – a valuable skill considering the current demand structure within the market,” she adds.

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    Tyre price increase in Europe
    Luxenbourg, Luxembourg

    For the third time this year, Solideal Group will increase tyre prices. The group announced prices in Europe will increase by 7% to 8% and take effect from October and November 2008. News reported the last price increase of 8% to 12% in July. ( News #368).

    The group says in a statement the price increase is due to the continuous cost increases of raw materials. Solideal says it did not anticipate the extent of these increases.

    Solideal says it consistently strives for production efficiencies and cost reductions through research and development, but it has been forced to recover some of the recent cost increases through this price hike.

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    Hyster and TIL join forces
    New Delhi, India

    Indian heavy equipment manufacturer TIL Ltd has partnered with Hyster to exclusively market and distribute products to India, Nepal and Bhutan.

    TIL and Hyster have teamed up to offer Hyster’s range of forklifts, empty and laden container handlers and reach stackers.

    Sumit Mazumder, vice chairman and managing director of TIL, says the relationship between Hyster and TIL represents a significant step for TIL to accelerate growth in materials handling solutions.

    “There is significant opportunity for growth in the big trucks, forklifts and container handlers market in India and its neighbouring countries,” he says. “Under this new partnership, we will significantly increase the depth and breadth of our coverage as well as focus on seizing all the possible opportunities with increased product line to reach new customers.”

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    New forklifts to lift production and competitive edge
    Stuttgart, Germany and West Bromwich, UK

    Two different narrow-aisle solutions are proving invaluable for their buyers.

    Car-maker Mercedes Benz has deployed Narrow Aisle Flexi’s latest EURO compact four-wheel articulated forklift to streamline production in the Stuttgart factory that builds E-Class cars.

    The factory manufactures and assembles car subcomponents for car doors. Suppliers deliver components to the production lines on a just-in-time basis and the car doors are individually produced in a range of colours and materials within a four-hour window.

    The Flexi EURO is suited to the work flow because of its compact dimensions and its ability to work both inside - within the aisle ways - and outside to unload incoming deliveries of door components.

    John Maguire, sales director of Narrow Aisle Flexi, says its client is using the articulated forklift to do the work that previously required both counterbalance and reach trucks. This has led to a significant reduction in forklift fleet operating costs.

    The counterbalance machines unloaded the door components as they arrived and then the reach trucks would deliver the loads to the racking aisles.

    “Thanks to the Flexi EURO’s ability to work in aisles as narrow as 1,642mm wide (with a Euro pallet) or 1,762mm wide (with an ISO pallet), the company has been able to reconfigure its lineside buffer store,” Maguire says.

    “By significantly reducing the aisle widths between the pallet racking in the store from their original width of 3.8 metres (12 feet), the company has increased its pallet capacity dramatically, which means more components can be held on site.”

    The main difference between this machine and others in the Flexi range is its size, the Flexi EURO being smaller. It is ideally suited to low bay warehouses, where high lift performance is not a priority and space is at a premium.

    The Flexi EURO can lift 1,500 kilograms (3,306 pounds) to heights of over seven metres (22 feet).

    Maguire says the Flexi EURO is in demand in Germany after demonstrations at several trade fairs.

    “It is creating a lot of interest in Germany and the feedback we have had has been overwhelmingly positive,” he says.

    Meanwhile, haulage and warehousing specialist Sheldon and Clayton Ltd has chosen Jungheinrich forklifts for its new factory to give it an edge over competitors.

    The company has purchased Jungheinrich’s electric-powered Kombi EKX range of very narrow-aisle stacker/order pickers. The machines will be used at Sheldon and Clayton’s new GBP1.5 million (USD2.67 million) warehouse.

    David Sheldon, managing director of Sheldon and Clayton, says Jungheinrich’s forklifts offered the best value for money of all the trucks that the company evaluated.

    “The Jungheinrich trucks offer a cost-effective, value-for-money solution that will give us an advantage over our competitors in what is an extremely competitive business,” he explains.

    Sheldon and Clayton operates double shifts at the West Bromwich factory, which means it requires trucks that can work two shifts without the need for a battery change.

    The Kombi’s third-generation AC motors are highly energy efficient with productivity further enhanced by the motor’s high torque that gives high acceleration and greater throughputs.

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    Seating or semi-seated option from Komatsu
    Milan, Italy

    The European market has access to a new hand pallet truck released by Komatsu Forklifts that can be used standing or sitting.

    The new MWPJ-3R series is capable of transporting loads in narrow spaces over long distances. The new series is available in two models – seating or semi-seating.

    Angela Napoli, from Komatsu Sales Promotion Division, says the MWPJ-3R series is a new line, rather than replacing any other product.

    “The introduction of these trucks to the market is an extension of Komatsu Forklift’s range of warehouse trucks.”

    Both models of the MWPJ-3R feature sideways seating.

    “The sideways arrangement of the operator is the most characteristic feature of these trucks,” Napoli says. “It ensures good visibility for the drivers and the hand control is very comfortable.

    “All the functions are in one hand and the side battery removal is available from both sides.”

    The seats are hydraulically cushioned and can be adjusted to three positions. The electric pallet trucks for seated or standing/seated operators are ideal for transport in any kind of warehouse - retail, logistics and other industries.

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    Barloworld dropped from top 40 index
    Johannesburg, South Africa

    South African materials handling and equipment supplier Barloworld has been dropped from the JSE Top 40 Index.

    JSE Securities Exchange (previously the Johannesburg Securities Exchange) is the largest stock exchange in Africa. The Top 40 Index measures the performance of the major capital and industry segments of the South African market and the companies are ranked by full market value in the FTSE/JSE All-Share Index.

    Thuli Senosi, spokesperson for Barloworld, says being dropped from the Top 40 has no impact on the operations or management of BAW.

    “Management is focused on running the business efficiently and effectively. We have achieved many efficiencies and are managing the business in our core divisions very effectively,” he says. “We cannot manage the share price and we do not attempt to do so.”

    Barloworld believes that continued strong operating performance by the group will influence a recovery in the sharemarket, which may lead to reinclusion in the Top 40.

    Senosi says general market declines and recessionary dynamics abroad contributed to Barloworld’s drop from the Top 40.

    “Barloworld has some exposure to these conditions as well as exposure on the local front to the automotive sector,” he explains.

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    Exhibition dates announced
    Shanghai, China

    The date for one of Asia’s biggest forklift exhibitions has been announced.

    The 2009 China International Forklifts and Parts Exhibition will be held on 23 to 25 July at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    Yu Yang, event organiser, expects more than 220 exhibitors to participate.

    “The event offers forklift manufacturers an opportunity to demonstrate their products and seek export opportunities,” he says.

    Yang says the exhibition, organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shanghai Sub-Council (CCPIT Shanghai), China Chamber of International Commerce, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC Shanghai) and the China Industrial Truck Association (CITA), will run concurrently with the 2009 Alliance of Industrial Truck Organisations meeting and the 2009 China Industrial Truck Association annual meeting.

    “The Fifth Alliance of Industrial Truck Organisations is an organisation representing world industrial truck manufacturers,” he says. “The purpose of the alliance is to discuss non-competitive issues with common concern in the industry such as statistics, engineering standards, environment protection, laws and regulations between members.

    “The alliance meeting is held annually, and AITO rotates its meetings between Japan Industrial Vehicle Association (JIVA), Industrial Truck Institution of Federation of European Material Handling Association (FEM/IT, Industrial Truck Association USA (ITA) and Industrial Truck Institution of China Construction Machinery Association,” he explains.

    “Delegates will come from the JIVA, FEM/IT, ITA and CITA with Korean delegates attending the statistics meeting.”

    Last year, 32 international companies from 26 countries and regions and 168 domestic companies attended the event. The three-day exhibition attracted over 18,000 visitors from 12 countries and regions.

    The deadline to register for the 2009 event is 31 May 2009.

    Further details of the exhibition can be obtained from Yu Yang, mobile :+86-135 8599 6880 or click here to email.

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    Movers and Shakers

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Barloworld has appointed Sango Ntsaluba as a new non-executive director.

    Ntsaluba is the chief executive officer of Amabubesi Group and a founder member of SizweNtsaluba VSP, the largest black-owned consulting, accounting and auditing practice.

    He serves on various public sector boards including the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), National Housing Finance Corporation and SASRIA (South African Special Risks Insurance Association).

    Milwaukee, WI, US

    The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has named two off-road equipment manufacturing industry executives to the AEM Board of Directors.

    Robert G Harvell, president and CEO of LBX Company LLC in Lexington, Kentucky, and Scott R Nelson, president of Bobcat Company Worldwide and CEO of Doosan Infracore International in West Fargo, North Dakota have been appointed to the board.

    AEM directors help set the guidelines and operating policies of the association on behalf of its members in areas including technical and product safety support, equipment statistics and market information, public policy representation, trade shows, global business development services, education and training, workforce development and worksite safety/ educational materials.

    Fleet, UK

    Frank Ulbricht has been appointed managing director of Yale Europe Materials Handling.

    Ulbricht will be responsible for Europe, Middle East and African markets and will be based at the company’s European sales and marketing headquarters in Fleet, England.

    He has held senior positions with leading companies in the UK and Germany and has an extensive knowledge of the lift truck industry and materials handling markets.

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    Retiring operator recalls forklift changes
    Marshalltown, IA, United States

    Roger L. Allen, known as Poncho, has operated multiple generations of forklift equipment during five decades with Lennox Industries Inc in Marshalltown.

    The biggest equipment change is that “lifting heavy loads became a lot easier”, Allen tells News.

    Initially, Allen on a forklift would pick up a load, put it on a wagon and push it. The transition to better technology occurred in the 1960s, he recalls.

    The fuel to power forklifts at Lennox has changed from petrol to LPG to electric during his tenure, Allen notes.

    Other improvements included the capability to move left or right—rather than only up and down—and the option to change the distance between the forks.

    Lennox manufactures commercial and residential heating and cooling equipment. At one time, the product line focused on oil furnaces. “Those are gone now,” he says. Publicly traded parent firm Lennox International Inc is based in Richardson, Texas.

    Allen provided his driving services in the shears department where steel was cut, then worked in the assembly room and finally operated a Hyster forklift in the stock room moving raw materials.

    Management lauded Allen for his punctual, efficient, detail-oriented services at an 11 September party on the plant floor. Allen joined Lennox in 1958, retired in August and no longer makes the 12-minute, 3.1 mile (5km) trip from his home to Lennox on each work day.

    What is next for him and his wife, Linda? “I have a lot of work to do around the place,” Allen observes.

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    NSW leads the nation in reducing workplace injuries
    SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia

    The Australian Safety and Compensation Council’s 10th Comparative Performance Monitoring Report for 2006-07 reveals NSW has achieved significant reductions in the incidence of injuries, the number of long-term injury claims and scheme expenditure.

    NSW has achieved the greatest reduction in the rate of injury and manual handling claims among the state and territory jurisdictions, with the report estimating a 28.9%  improvement since June 2002.

    The incidence and frequency rates of claims for serious injuries and diseases across the State are now below the Australian average. In NSW the incidence was 13.9 per 1,000 employees with a frequency of 8.5 per million hours worked, compared to the national average of 14.2 and 8.8 respectively.

    NSW has the lowest incidence and frequency rates for long-term claims of all states and territories, with around a 40% reduction in claims longer than 12 weeks over the past four years. The incidence and frequency rates in 2006-07 were 2.7 (per 1,000 workers) and 1.7 (per million hours worked) respectively, compared to the Australian average of 3.2 and 2.0.

    Scheme expenditure in NSW has been reduced by more than AUD750 million during the same period.

    According to WorkCover NSW CEO Jon Blackwell, the incidence of workplace fatalities in New South Wales has fallen by more than 50% in the past two decades, and has dropped even further since last year.

    “The report clearly shows New South Wales is on target to achieve a 20% reduction in fatalities and 40% reduction in injuries by 2012 - the national target adopted following the 2002 NSW Safety Summit,” he explains.

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    Timber mill orders second Combilift
    SOUTH DANDENONG, Victoria, Australia

    Local distributor Adapt-A-Lift has just delivered a second Combilift forklift to a leading wholesale supplier of timber.

    Just Wood Australia based in South Dandenong, Victoria ordered the second forklift, a C3000, after experiencing a major increase in productivity with its first Combilift, the C5000SL.

    The company ordered the first Combilift after consultation with AAL to find a flexible and versatile machine for loading and unloading long lengths of timber in the re-saw mill, as well as providing improved accessibility in the factory.

    The introduction of a Combilift, which incorporates sideloader, counterbalance and narrow-aisle forklift features in one machine, has resulted in less downtime and faster loading and unloading.

    “Combilift is a very flexible machine and we find its weight capacity and its agility in getting between packs an essential requirement for our daily working programme,” says Just Wood managing director Trevor Blake.

    He tells News that the new machine now means that there are absolutely no hold-ups in production.

    “We can still be putting orders together, whilst loading trucks or the skids for the next load to be cut. The new machine is very nimble and slips between even narrower aisles,” he says.

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    Red Australia launches latest forklift
    SUMNER PARK, Queensland, Australia

    New to the Australian market is the latest internal combustion forklift from Komatsu, the CX50 series.

    Red Australia national marketing co-ordinator Leonie Laarhoven tells News that the first shipment of stock arrives in November and the company has already sold 15 units to the local market.

    According to the local distributor, the new model will save around 8% of fuel costs against current models equipped with a 6D102E-1 engine.

    The new forklift is equipped with a wet disc brake system as standard which ensures constant and durable braking performance with minimum maintenance. The brakes are also not affected by dust or water on the operating area.

    Ranging from 3.5 to 5 tonne capacity, the forklift’s advanced engine and unique hydraulic system help reduce total operating costs.  The energy-efficient hydraulic system technology is based on Komatsu’s experience in products such as hydraulic excavators.

    Laarhoven says that with Komatsu’s earthmoving heritage, these durable forklifts are best suited to steel and heavy industries, the timber industry, engineering and transport.

    Komatsu’s unique CCLSS (Closed Centre Load Sensing System) features better hydraulic efficiency and fine control to realise lowered fuel consumption and greater productivity.

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    And the winners are …
    MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

    Winners of the 19th Annual Australian Freight Industry Awards were announced last Saturday at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

    Hosted by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), the awards are designed to reward excellence and to raise the standards and public perception of the Australian freight and logistics industry.

    The 2008 Australian Freight Industry Award Winners are:
    • Australian Best Practice Safety Award - Toll Auto Logistics
    • Australian Freight Innovation/Technology Award - DECA Training
    • Australian Freight Industry Promotion & Careers Award - Dept Innovation, Industry & Regional Development
    • Australian Freight and Logistics Award -  Australian Air Express
    • Australian Freight Environmental Award - Kalari Pty Ltd
    • Australian Freight and Logistics Personality of the Year - Mick Vawdrey, Vawdrey Trailers.

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    Forklift driver guilty of terrorism
    MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

    One of the six men convicted of terrorism charges in Australia’s biggest terrorism trial in Melbourne this week is a forklift driver.

    Fadl Sayadi, 28, worked as a forklift driver and concreter. He was convicted of being a member of and of providing resources to the organisation by acting as a leader.

    The prosecution said he was another member of the "consultative committee", and that he watched out for the group's security.

    The group allegedly plotted to carry out terrorist attacks on the 2005 AFL grand final and the 2006 NAB Cup, and on Melbourne's Crown Casino on the Grand Prix weekend in 2006.

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    Australian Distributors wanted for Keytroller - Award winning vehicle and driver monitoring systems

    Keytroller Australia is seeking companies interested in becoming a distributor of the vast range of Keytroller products. Keytroller is a world class designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic solutions for the Lift Truck, Construction Equipment, Aerial Lift, Heavy Truck, Off-road and Marine markets.

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    Century Partners with Leading Battery Handling Systems Manufacturer

    Century Yuasa, in association with BHS Global, Ltd. now provides customers in Australia and New Zealand with a wide selection of battery handling equipment, full system design, installation, and after sales support. This collaboration gives the Australian and New Zealand market tailored battery room solutions including battery extractor system design, installation, and health and safety products.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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    Speedshield Fleet Reporting and Management

    Introducing the latest in materials handling fleet systems for the workplace. SpeedShield's new, revolutionary system allows companies to control and monitor the status of their entire fleet of vehicles in real time. The system’s unique modular design allows for an endless number of component combinations making it extremely flexible.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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    RackDeflektor will be at the NSC 2008 Congress & Expo

    RackDeflektor is looking forward to meeting with you at the NSC 2008 Congress & Expo which is being held in Anaheim, CA from 22-24 September 2008. We will be located at Booth 1426.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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    Moneysaving Forklift Battery Recovery Technology

    ENERGYTECH (Australia) and FORKLIFT BATTERY TECHNOLOGY (USA) are pleased to release a new product to assist in the restoration of problem cells in forklift traction batteries. Don’t replace your forklift battery or “bad” cells … use a CellSAVER to return a weak cell to normal operating voltage.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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    Construction scholarship winners named
    Oak Brook, IL, United States

    Winners named for construction education program in United States.

    Click here for the full Fork Talk feature.

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    Know your global e-commerce environment

    In recent weeks, members have reported an increase in suspicious activities in internet commerce. approached Joseph Vukasovic from MasterCard Worldwide for some sound advice to successfully trade online and identify and avoid payment card fraud.

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    United States, West TN, North East MS and North East AR

    2. Road Mechanic - Full time
    United States, Chicago suburbs

    3. Industrial Equipment Sales Rep - Full time
    United States, Greensboro, NC

    4. Industrial Equipment Sales Rep - Full time
    United States, Chesapeake, VA


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    1. Management,Training /after sales & technical support - Full time
    USA/Worldwide willing to relocate, United States


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    Fast Facts

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    Editorial Calendar 2008

    Review of 2007
    Forklift safety in warehouses
    Forklifts in the construction industry
    Materials Handling in the Benelux
    Straddle Carriers
    Attachments: clamps
    ICE forklifts - trends
    The forklift market in Australia
    Batteries and chargers
    Pallet stackers
    The forklift market in Russia


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