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“Over 20,000 forklift standards downloaded.”


SPECIAL REPORT: Small straddle carrier players carve own niche

Linde shows off green vehicles at CeMAT
JCB announces successor to CEO
TVH Swedish subsidiary buys Kentruck
JLG partnerships enhance customer experience
Still’s latest start-up in Eastern Europe
Over 20,000 forklift standards downloaded
Growing company marks new office with forklift competition
Forklift scale doubles recycling company’s output
CeMAT 2008 off to a big start
Sample of used equipment for sale
Movers & Shakers

NZ promotes domestic sea freight
Fined for ignoring forklift safety measures
Barometer on business in Australia
Port supports logistics education

Fit for Full Service at the CeMAT in Hanover

Common RFID problems solved with practical solutions from RealRFId

Lift Truck for sale
Kalmar - Five and Four High Top Picks for sale
Grow your Business with

FORK TALK: Seminar focuses on supply chain cycle management

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Small straddle carrier players carve own niche

Noell and Kalmar are strong players in the straddle carrier market but newcomers and smaller companies including CVS Ferrari, Trevolution and Isoloader have entered the market with unique and cost-effective machines. Christine Liew reports.  Read more

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Linde shows off green vehicles at CeMAT

Linde has boosted its green credentials by introducing the world’s first direct-injection hydrogen combustion engine for forklifts, a new hybrid truck and a fuel cell-powered tow tractor at CeMAT 2008 in Hannover, Germany.

The materials handling leader has been intensively researching and developing efficient solutions to combat the issues of dwindling oil reserves and more stringent exhaust gas standards while remaining globally competitive.

Director Theodor Maurer says the main focus of the research with partners is hybrid vehicles and forklifts with hydrogen engines and fuel cells.

“Specialists from the industrial and research sector are expecting the first hydrogen technology series products to be launched in the vehicle sector between 2015 and 2020,” he says.

At CeMAT, Linde presented a concept forklift with a direct-injection hydrogen combustion engine. The three-tonne capacity forklift can reach its maximum power rating using hydrogen. There are no emissions as the hydrogen-powered engine turns the fuel into water vapour.

The forklift is based on the Linde 39X series and compared to equivalent models with conventional drives, it has a “thrust-controlled fuel tank system” and “intercooler attached to the overhead guard”.

“The fuel tank system is mounted on the counterweight and is in-between the vehicle’s b-pillar,” a Linde statement says.

To replace the pressure pump, the fuel tank is reversed onto a rail system where the cartridge is removed from the side. The cartridge consists of a thin-walled inner aluminium container that is encased with carbon fibres and epoxy resin. It can hold about 26 litres of hydrogen that is equivalent to 2.3 litres of useable diesel.

The compressor-charged direct-injection engine with 2.0 litre piston capacity and a 43kW power rating, manufactured by Volkswagen Industrial Engines, is not visible from the outside. Hydrogen stored in the pressure pump enters the engine’s combustion chamber directly, enabling the fuel to burn efficiently.

Linde says it will continue to develop further enhancements and conduct truck field tests before launching its first hydrogen series forklift, which could be economically viable by 2015.

The forklift manufacturer believes hydrogen vehicles will be introduced in the industrial vehicle sector before the automotive industry because of simpler infrastructural challenges to overcome.

Linde’s hybrid truck is based on a 39X series diesel forklift and can lift up to 3.5 tonnes. Besides an internal combustion engine, the forklift has an electric motor that can operate a  starter and generator. Linde says the forklift reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%.

The fuel cell tow tractor Linde unveiled at CeMAT this week is “on the brink of prototype maturity for small series development”, says head of pre-development Udo Herrmann.

“Over the next seven years, Linde plans to send a total of 50 successive industrial trucks with hydrogen technology for a broad range of field tests,” he says.

The vehicles will be tested in multi-shift use over a period of 800 hours at selected customers.

“The aim of the field testing being carried out until 2015 is to involve customers from an early stage. This will enable us to collate important experience right from the prototype phase,” Herrmann explains.

The P250 tow tractor has a continuous output of 10kW, a maximum output of 30kW, a voltage of 80V and a traction force of 5,000N.

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JCB announces successor to CEO
ROCESTER, United Kingdom

JCB CEO John Patterson is stepping down after over four years at the helm, leading the group through one of its most successful periods.

Patterson is succeeded as group CEO by chief operating officer Matthew Taylor. Taylor, 48, will assume his new role on 1 June. He joined JCB in April 2006 as managing director of JCB Sales and in January 2007 became group chief operating officer.

Meanwhile, Patterson, 58, will focus on JCB’s American business as chairman and CEO of JCB Inc of Savannah, Georgia, US. He will remain on the JCB board of directors.

Group chairman Sir Anthony Bamford says JCB is facing “difficult challenges” because of economic uncertainty in the US.

“John Patterson has led the group through one of the most successful periods in our history and I’m pleased that he will now focus his attention on our American business based in Savannah,” he says.

Patterson joined JCB in 1971 as a field service engineer and became chief executive in 1998. He was promoted to managing director and CEO in 2004.

JCB says business has doubled in the past four years. The company has also undergone the biggest global expansion in its history with new manufacturing facilities brought on line in the US, Brazil, India, China and Germany.

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TVH Swedish subsidiary buys Kentruck
WAREGEM, Belgium

TVH Swedish subsidiary Bozela Parts AB has taken over a large part of warehouse truck specialist Kentruck International.

Bozela managing director Hans-Olov Blom says the company saw the opportunity to expand its business in the Nordic market when Kentruck went bankrupt. He did not disclose the acquisition value.

Bozela will take over Kentruck’s spare parts, production parts and intellectual property. It will then supply Kentruck parts for internal transport and handling equipment.

“All goods are currently being listed and inputted into Bozela’s system. As soon as this extensive task has been completed, Bozela will be able to guarantee an optimal delivery service for this [Kentruck’s] range,” Blom says.

Kentruck International, a hand pallet truck and small warehouse truck producer, was established in 1961. Its annual turnover was about SEK17 million (USD2.8 million). Its 30 employees will not be joining Bozela.

Bozela of Ed, Sweden, was established in 1976 but was acquired by TVH in 2004. The company specializes in forklift spare parts for the Nordic market. It has 16 employees and an annual turnover of about SEK47 million (USD7.8 million).

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Lift Truck for sale

For immediate sale:
  • Coil Ram Lift Truck

  • Make: Silent Hoist

  • Model: FKS-25.

  • Capacity 50,000lb @ 30 inch load center.

  • 5 ft lift height

  • Year 1990 with 1055 hours

  • Detroit diesel engine.

Also available for rent

For more details phone Mark: 905-851-3988 or email

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JLG partnerships enhance customer experience

JLG Industries Inc is enhancing its customer experience with a new parts distributor for Mexico and a component rebuild program for Latin America that will cut customer costs.

JLG has selected Aerial Parts, a Grupo Ventumex subsidiary, as its master parts distributor to provide aftermarket parts support in northern and central Mexico. The partnership is part of its strategy to provide a full spectrum of aftermarket parts support for its international customers.

The component rebuild program established in Mexico will specialize in rebuilding controllers and joysticks. JLG customers will receive quality components backed by a one-year warranty.

Chris Mellot, vice president of customer assurance, tells News customers will save up to 50% with rebuilt components versus buying new.

“This comprises of reduced freight costs, reduced product costs and tax savings due to a lower price point,” he says, explaining that there is no additional tax for components over USD1,000.

“Reconditioned controllers have not been available to this market prior to this program. This proves to be a very cost-effective measure for maintaining older equipment,” Mellot explains.

He is confident JLG’s new partnerships will enhance its responsiveness and effectiveness, thus “reducing downtime, decreasing operating costs and increasing uptime” for its customers.

According to external research sources, industry growth in Latin America ranged from 25% to 100% for various product categories from 2007 to 2008.

Aerial Parts of Monterrey, Mexico, is a full-line parts support and sales company that sells JLG aerial work platforms and JLG, SkyTrak, Lull and Gradall telehandlers.

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Still’s latest start-up in Eastern Europe
HAMBURG, Germany

Still GmbH has established a Romanian subsidiary, Still Motostivuitoare srl, opening on 1 June, to offer local customers its full product range and service.

“Since the accession of Romania to the EU in 2007, the country at Europe’s eastern border is considered an upcoming economic region mainly due to its development in the industrial sector,” a Still statement explains.

About 36 members of the team of 50 employees will work in service in the company’s Bucharest headquarters and other sales and service centres.

Manfred Radloff, 55, is the managing director of the Still subsidiary. He joined Still in 1990 and has managed Still subsidiaries in Poland and Hungary. Radloff was most recently in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he directed Still subsidiaries in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

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Kalmar - Five and Four High Top Picks for sale

For immediate sale, 9 x Kalmar DCD420-12CSG and DCD450-12CSG machines currently located at Port Everglades, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale).
  • All are 2000 or 2001

  • All in very tidy condition

  • All will ship in top working order

  • All have 7-10,000 original hours

  • All are complete and operating with no major issues whatsoever

  • All are ready for inspection at any time

  • Take advantage of US dollar at all time low

  • Shipper opening new automated port so these excellent machines are surplus to their needs. (They are not trades or mechanically redundant equipment.)
Price: 6 are 450, 5 high stack - $245,000 (each) includes disassembly.
3 are 420, 4 high stack - $225,000 (each) includes disassembly.

Contact: Dennis Connors, International Equipment Exchange, North Carolina USA, (ph) +1 (910) 798 8001, or email

Any questions, please call.

Click here to visit the International Equipment Exchange ShopFront

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Over 20,000 forklift standards downloaded
WASHINGTON, DC, United States

The Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF) says over 20,000 free copies of the B56 series of American National Standards for powered and non-powered industrial trucks have been downloaded from its website.

Industrial Truck Associated-funded ITSDF assumed management of the 11 published B56 standards in September 2005 and began delivering copies free of charge in April 2006 ( News #254).

This was aimed at spreading the use of the standards.

The ANSI/ITSDF B56.1-2005 standard, which is referred to by OSHA inspectors to ensure safe use of forklifts at work, was downloaded over 5,500 times, ITSDF president William Montwieler says.

“This demonstrates the need and usefulness of the B56 standards,” he adds.

“It is our hope that industrial truck operators become familiar with the user’s section in each of the standards to become more knowledgeable, safer operators.”

ITSDF, classified as a charitable foundation, was established in 2005 to administer the B56 standards. The B56 Standards Committee’s scope is to establish safety requirements for industrial trucks and wheels and casters.

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Growing company marks new office with forklift competition
SHAH ALAM, Malaysia

G-Force Forklift Group celebrated the opening of its Shah Alam office in conjunction with the inaugural Komatsu Malaysian Forklift competition and the launch of the Komatsu new-gen battery hybrid forklift last Friday.

Kazuyuki Katayama, a Japanese embassy official in Malaysia, who was a special guest, said Komatsu forklift distributor G-Force has grown from humble beginnings to an international company under the leadership of executive director Pan Chee Seng.

G-Force established itself as a total materials handling equipment supplier in a single office, warehouse and service centre in Johor Bahru, north of Singapore, in 2000. It was awarded sole distributorship of Komatsu forklifts in west Malaysia in 2001.

It now has five branches nationwide and offices in China (Wuxi, Nanjing, Shenzhen) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi), and is a dealer for Still, Heli and Bendi forklifts. The Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources’ Human Resources Development Corp has approved G-Force as an authorised provider of forklift safety training.

“The support of Komatsu and its long-standing history of technological advancements in construction and materials handling equipment will accelerate the growth of G-Force in Malaysia,” Katayama said.

Congratulating G-Force on the hybrid forklift launch, he said global climate change is a real threat and called on Asian and Western companies to work towards reducing harmful gas emissions.

Winners of the forklift competition held to promote forklift safety and Komatsu forklifts were Mohd Arif B Afandi from Malaysian Sugar, Muhamad Nadri B Omar from Tiong Nam Juru and Ahmad Zamri B Abd. Aziz from GG Circuits Industries.

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Forklift scale doubles recycling company’s output
SMETHWICK, United Kingdom

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s forklift scale has doubled the throughput for vehicle recycling company AJL Recycling, leading to an extra revenue of GBP600 (USD1,189) each week.

Before investing in the forklift scale, AJL used a platform scale. Employees would have to push or lift the vehicle for recycling onto the scale for weighing.

It was then processed and crushed into a metal bale, weighed again and loaded onto a trailer, which was collected when it was full.

The process was time-consuming and the weight of the vehicle and the bales was estimated, and because customers are paid based on tonnage, this often led to payment disputes with the vehicle’s owner, and potentially overloading trailers.

AJL managing director Alan Lee says it was through a twist of fate that the recycler opted for a forklift scale.

“Unfortunately, a fire on the site destroyed the platform scale that we used for weighing the vehicles. An ideal solution would have been to install a weighbridge, but this would be an expensive investment and there is not enough room.”

Avery Weigh-Tronix suggested AJL mount a forklift scale on its five tonne Linde forklift. A special 53-inch carriage was needed to fit the scale.

The forklift scale lifts and weighs a vehicle in one motion and the customer can see the vehicle’s weight on the scale’s indicator.

“The customer can now clearly see the true vehicle weight and is satisfied that he is getting a fair price for it,” Lee says adding that the site’s vehicle throughput probably doubled through word-of-mouth promotion.

After processing the vehicle, the forklift scale weighs the crushed bales when they are lifted and loaded on trailers, enabling AJL to keep records of the trailer’s load and prevent overloading.

“We have a duty of care to ensure that vehicles do not leave our site overloaded. It is not fair if drivers get caught with an overloaded vehicle through no fault of their own,” Lee says.

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s forklift scale facts
  • Can be fitted to any industry standard forklift without welding
  • Available in 2,500kg (5,512lbs) or 5,000kg (11,023lbs) capacities
  • Out of level compensation approved up to 4o transverse and 8o longitudinal
  • Simple operation – requires minimal training
  • RS232 serial port for easy connection to printer for weight documentation
  • Can be used as part of an advanced, fully programmable data management system.

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CeMAT 2008 off to a big start
Hannover, Germany

By Melissa Barnett

CeMAT is back with all the razzamatazz of past events. This year’s theme is ‘Going Green’, with a number of exhibitors unveiling environmentally aware products and machines.

The recent downturn in the US economy has affected only a few, with most suppliers taking advantage of a strong Asian economy.

A number of exhibitors are using CeMAT 2008 to raise their company profiles – believing the event is the perfect platform to impress a large audience. Initial estimates of attendance numbers look good and the quality of contacts at this year’s event is reportedly high.

Linde spokesman Manfred Hoehn says visitor numbers at his stand are up more than 20% from the last CeMAT.

The entertainment is always a highlight at CeMAT and 2008 hasn’t disappointed with Jungheinrich and Still both putting on slick, fabulously choreographed events. Hyster has an impressive troupe of highwire musicians, Mitsubishi a constantly changing art exhibition and Clark’s huge hot-air balloon finally launched yesterday afternoon complete with the chairman and “Marilyn Monroe” aboard - after days of waiting for some co-operation from the weather.

The materials handling industry’s biggest ‘Show and Tell’ continues for another two days. News will include a comprehensive report from CeMAT 2008 in next week’s edition.

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Movers & Shakers

JLG Industries Inc has promoted Denny Buterbaugh to vice president of government products and programs. Buterbaugh has worked at JLG for 30 years. He started his career in manufacturing, then moved to safety where he became corporate safety manager. For the past 14 years, he worked in government sales and programs and was the director of government sales.

GREENWICH, CT, United States
United Rentals Inc has appointed Joseph Dixon as vice president of sales, effective 9 June. Before joining United Rentals, Dixon was global vice president and general manager for JLG Industries Inc. Before that, he was vice president, equipment rental, for The Home Depot Inc, responsible for sales and management for 1,450 North American locations. He was also previously divisional vice president of operations and field service for Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.

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NZ promotes domestic sea freight

The New Zealand government has launched the final version of its ‘Sea Change’ strategy, which is aimed at increasing the amount of domestic freight carried by sea.

Speaking at the launch in Wellington last week, Transport Minister Annette King said the strategy aimed to increase inter-regional freight carried by sea from 15% (equating to an estimated 3,200 million tonne-km) to at least 30% by 2040.

“In the next 30 years, freight movement around New Zealand will more than double. That fact alone compels us to reform and revitalise domestic sea freight.”

She said that coastal shipping is badly under-utilised as a link to other modes of transport, particularly road and rail.

“Now that we face the 21st century imperatives of climate change and sustainability, the arguments for greater use of sea freight are becoming stronger and stronger.”

While acknowledging the environmental impacts from shipping, King said greater use of sea freight can significantly help in meeting the government’s target of halving greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport by 2040. “In fact, we can reduce transport greenhouse gas emissions by seven percent by 2040, compared to the level they would otherwise have reached, by doubling coastal shipping’s current share of inter-regional freight.”

King said NZ$36 million is earmarked for coastal shipping over the next four years and a Seafreight Development Unit has been established in the ministry to interface between government and industry.

She pointed out that intermodality should be the way forward and effective supply chains need integrated transport solutions, adding that the government’s recent buy-back of rail will assist in the integration of transport networks.

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Fined for ignoring forklift safety measures
GERALDTON, Western Australia, Australia

A lobster processing company has been fined AUD60,000 for failing to provide a safe working environment after an employee died as a result of a workplace fall in December 2005.

At the time, it was common practice at the workplace for people to be lifted on pallets on the tines of forklifts to access the back of trucks, even though the forklifts had a sticker at eye level indicating that people were not to be lifted on the tines.

In this incident, the truck driver fell from the tines of the forklift, striking his head on the bitumen.  He died in hospital 10 days later.

“It was up to the employer to provide appropriate training and supervision and have safe work practices in place to ensure that the instructions provided by the forklift manufacturer were followed and that warning stickers were heeded,” says WorkSafe WA Commissioner Nina Lyhne.

“Since this incident, the employer has made several changes to make the workplace safer – including prohibiting the lifting of people on forklift tines - but all too late for the unfortunate worker who lost his life.

“The case is a tragic reminder of the need for workplaces to have safe systems of work in place at all times, especially when forklifts are in use.”

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Barometer on business in Australia

A survey of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia by global logistics giant UPS has revealed that almost two-thirds believe their companies’ overall prospects for 2008 are better than last year.

Retention of quality employees is the top business issue facing these companies, according to the survey released this week.

It reveals that of the 100 companies surveyed across Australia, almost half (48%) perceive the economic emergence of China as a boost to business.

“Not surprisingly, Australian SMEs polled this year identified the mining industry as offering the best opportunities for business growth but will be looking to suppliers with the relevant trade finance solutions to help exploit these opportunities.”

Meanwhile, the third edition of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Private Business Barometer, released this week, indicates private businesses remain optimistic about a return to more favourable economic conditions in 2009.

PWC partner Gregory Will says, “The consensus is that the medium- to long-term future looks bright with some unsettled conditions in the short term.”

According to the barometer, funding is the biggest challenge facing private businesses, which are planning fewer investments over the next 12 months.

Lack of qualified talent and escalating, high wages remained the key challenges for private businesses behind funding. Better salaries and bonuses are the strategies private businesses are employing to manage the skills shortage.

In the 12 months to February 2008, businesses continued to report strong profit, rising 13.1%. Sales fell half a percentage point to 14.4%, relative to February 2007.

Around the states, Western Australia was the star performer, surging ahead with an average sales growth of close to 30% and an average profit growth of 25%.

Both Western Australia and Queensland grew an average of three times the rate of businesses in NSW and twice the rate of businesses in Victoria.

Nationally, nearly nine out of 10 businesses met or exceeded their growth targets from the previous financial year. Geographically, nearly 100% of Western Australian businesses and 89% of Queensland businesses exceeded set revenue targets. Only 9.9% and 12.2% of businesses in NSW and Victoria respectively exceeded set revenue targets.

New Zealand was the number one target for international expansion, eyed by just less than 50% of businesses. South East Asia and China were also key regions for expansion. Closer to home, businesses looking to grow domestically are eyeing NSW (16.7%), Queensland (11.8%) and Western Australia (11.3%).

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Port supports logistics education
AUCKLAND, New Zealand

A three-day course on supply chain management will be held at University of Auckland Business School from 17-20 June.

Endorsed by Ports of Auckland, the course has been developed to focus on the needs of New Zealand companies and will provide insight into the frameworks, strategies, and tactics leading to the successful design and implementation of competitive supply chains.

As a vital part of the New Zealand supply chain, the company sponsors the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the school and is a founding member of its Centre for Supply Chain Management.

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TIMARU, New Zealand

Port sells forklifts as downturn threatens

New Zealand’s PrimePort Timaru anticipates a 40% drop in container trade and job losses early next month following the reduction of services from three major shipping lines, according to a report in the Timaru Herald.

A number of forklifts have already been sold and work upgrading port facilities put on hold in preparation for the downturn.

Last month, Maersk Line and Hamburg Sud announced they would be combining services through Timaru and using it as a feeder service to its main South Island port, Port Chalmers. The same month, Tasman Orient announced it would be cutting its trade through Timaru by half.

Charity uses forklift to distribute food

Foodbank NSW has purchased a Toyota battery electric forklift truck to distribute donated food and groceries throughout New South Wales.

The charity distributed 3,000 tonnes of food and groceries in 2007. Its 2,900 sqm warehouse facility at Wetherill Park houses 1,200 pallets of dry goods, 200 pallets of frozen goods and 100 pallets of chilled goods.

The 1.5-tonne forklift has a high degree of manoeuvrability, which is important for working in the freezer areas of the warehouse.

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Fit for Full Service at the CeMAT in Hanover

Hans H. Meyer GmbH introduces the new “Fleet-Management-System” for forklift truck attachments. Apart from the functionality and quality of the products, it is primarily the “Added Values in After Sales” that influence the decision for the purchase of forklift truck attachments which are used today mostly in full maintenance contracts in combination with the forklift truck. Sales Director, Hansjörg Freund comments: “Our new MEYER Fleet-Management-System offers an all-round peace of mind package”.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Common RFID problems solved with practical solutions from RealRFId

RFID can be used with forklift trucks or other vehicles to detect the location of the truck, trigger a speed control system, or start a pedestrian warning device. But standard RFID involves complex installation and is prone to: interference, poor read distance and tuning problems when normal antennae are mounted in the narrow space under the truck. RealRFid offers two solutions to these typical problems: the MM series and the IRMA series.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Seminar focuses on supply chain cycle management
MILWAUKEE, WI, United States

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) will conduct its annual seminar for off-road equipment industry supply chain and procurement professionals from 16-18 June in Minnesota.

Click here for the full Fork Talk feature.

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3 of 5,214 listings
Steinbock - LE20-60HVMPMKVIA-2 - 1998
Stuhr, Germany
Clark - CY450 - 1970
Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States
Hyster - K1.0L - 2003
Auckland, New Zealand

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