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This is issue #360 - 15 May 2008 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Still delays hybrid series production.”


Komatsu restructures Japanese operations
Still delays hybrid series production
Forklift simulator showcases at museum
Atlet furnishes new fleet for Laura Ashley
TVH’s Bellemans wins HR Manager of the Year
Mediterranean ports choose Kalmar
Product News
Kalmar’s RMI 2.0 geared for users
Sample of used equipment for sale
United Rentals’ homebuilding partnership airs on TV
Forklift-using robber caught on camera

Budget bonanza for road, rail and ports
Europallet production begins
Major forklift contract for NZ supplier
Rough terrain niche attacked
Meetings increase knowledge on supply chains

HUBTEX presents sideloaders and picking solutions for long & heavy loads at CeMAT 2008
Bolzoni Auramo at CeMAT 2008
AMA Concentrates Its Efforts On The Innovative Dashboards
Further expansion for Longyan Tong Li Forklift Parts & Attachments
Combilift’s show of strength at CeMat
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VETTER QualityForks: The OptimaForkHeel

Lift Truck for sale
Kalmar - Five and Four High Top Picks for sale
Used equipment in demand overseas: export while the dollar’s down.
Join at CeMAT - Hall 25, stand no. C26
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FORK TALK: Russian show exceeds space sales goal

SAFETY FIRST: Rob Vetter: Training Is An Art – Not Science

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Funny how seemingly innocent posts on the Discussion Forums trigger heated debate. There’s some heavy traffic at the moment on a thread about oil filters. It’s the old OEM versus aftermarket. Some folk recommend sticking with original parts while others argue aftermarket offerings are just fine. Of course, the issue is not limited to oil filters. There’s generally a choice between OEM and non-authentic varieties for virtually every replaceable part – and strong opinions. Clearly, there’s no right answer for everyone, and the decision will depend largely on cost and the level of risk. It’s a balance between how much you can save by going with a no-name option, how crucial the part is and whether there’s any real quality difference between the competing offerings. And for anyone about to change their filters, check out the differing opinions.

Komatsu restructures Japanese operations
TOKYO, Japan

Komatsu Utility Co Ltd is investing JPY3.2 billion (USD30.7 million) to restructure its Japanese operations in a bid to boost production and operational efficiency.

In April 2007, Komatsu Group merged Komatsu Forklift Co Ltd and Komatsu Zenoah Co forming the utility equipment business, Komatsu Utility ( News #294). The latter now produces forklifts and mini hydraulic excavators in the same line at a Chinese plant, and forklifts and mini wheel loaders in the same line at the Tochigi plant.

Komatsu will transfer the production of mini hydraulic excavators from the Kawagoe plant in Saitama prefecture to the Tochigi plant, to consolidate domestic production. Komatsu Utility will also relocate its head office from Tokyo to Tochigi to promote operational efficiency.

Prior to this, Komatsu Utility will transfer its large forklift production to its Mooka plant where articulated dump trucks are produced. Powertrain components like axles and transmissions will have their production transferred to the Mooka and Awazu plants, where corresponding components for construction equipment are manufactured.

According to Komatsu Utility, it has no plans for the future use of the Kawagoe plant after the production transfer. It adds that the restructuring will have “minimal” impact on Komatsu’s consolidated business results.

Komatsu Utility, headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, had sales of JPY187.1 billion (USD1.79 billion) for the year ended 31 March 2008. It employs 3,734 people.

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Still delays hybrid series production
HAMBURG, Germany

Still GmbH’s plans to start production of the RX70 series hybrid diesel forklift have been put on hold pending lower super-capacitor prices.

The hybrid forklift based on the RX70 diesel forklift has two energy storage systems. Besides the tank for diesel fuel, the forklift is equipped with super-capacitors which are charged with the energy released when the forklift brakes. During acceleration, power from the capacitors boosts the forklift’s performance. The diesel engine generates additional electric current with a three-phase generator for the electric drive motor.

Still sales promotion officer Juergen Wrusch says the price of the capacitors is still “too high”.

“We expect lower prices for super-capacitors in the next few years. The target date [for series production] depends on the super-capacitors’ price development and the acceptance of the higher price,” he says.

The RX70 hybrid forklift was awarded the UK Fork Lift Truck Association’s environmental award for 2008. It is ideal for use in applications where the forklifts have frequent acceleration and stop cycles like the loading of lorries in the beverage industry. During the loading process, up to 11% of diesel can be saved using the hybrid forklift, Wrusch says.

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Forklift simulator showcases at museum
RIPLEY, United Kingdom

The Safetruck simulator has joined other forklift displays at the National Fork Truck Heritage Centre (NFTHC) based at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire.

The forklift museum’s founder, Jim Brindley, contacted UK nationwide forklift operator training provider Mentor Training Ltd to request the donation of its Safetruck simulator that it had used extensively and hired out to other companies.

Brindley tells News he was inspired to approach Mentor for the interactive training tool because it is a piece of “hands-on forklift technology that could be safely handled” by the public without prior knowledge.

He says Mentor was happy to donate the simulator as it has been technologically superseded and is redundant.

“For the older trucks, the simulator may do quite well, but due to modern cab layouts and controls, it is outdated. An example is reach trucks where electric switches are now used for the operating hydraulic functions in preference to levers,” Brindley explains.

Safetruck was manufactured by a Spanish company and adapted by Mentor for forklift training. Mentor launched the tool in the UK in 2004, calling it Britain’s first virtual reality training simulator for forklifts. It won the 2003 British Safety Industry Federation “Innovation Award” at the Health and Safety Exhibition.

The Safetruck uses virtual reality computer technology to mimic a counterbalance forklift’s cab and provides a range of realistic training routines that include a variety of operating exercises. Real-life loading and unloading, transportation and safe and unsafe situations are simulated. A monitor shows the truck from three different angles in virtual reality, giving the operator a full view of the operation.

“It’s another valuable piece of history saved for the future. It will also give our visitors an insight into the safety and technical standards needed by the forklift operators of today,” Brindley says.

NFTHC has a unique collection of restored forklifts with names like Coventry Climax, Drewry and Steinbock, including a 1926 Yale forklift believed to be the world’s oldest “surviving” forklift.

Mentor Training is a leading UK provider of operator training for materials handling, workplace transport and plant equipment. Over 165 training professionals and support staff provide nationwide support for courses for forklifts, cranes, access platforms and heavy plant equipment.

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Lift Truck for sale

For immediate sale:
  • Coil Ram Lift Truck

  • Make: Silent Hoist

  • Model: FKS-25.

  • Capacity 50,000lb @ 30 inch load center.

  • 5 ft lift height

  • Year 1990 with 1055 hours

  • Detroit diesel engine.

Also available for rent

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Atlet furnishes new fleet for Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley at Coalville has replaced its current fleet with Atlet forklifts because the Swedish supplier offered it the “best value” over the life of the contract.

“We went through a detailed assessment and tender process and while Atlet was not the cheapest on the initial price, it was the most cost-effective over the life of the contract,” says Ivan Bere, Laura Ashley’s warehouse manager.

Laura Ashley, established in the 1950s, is one of the UK’s most popular fashion and home furnishings retailers. The Coalville distribution centre opened in 2002 to manage the delivery of furniture to UK customers. The business has grown on average 60% annually, placing pressure on existing forklifts even though the warehouse is designed for efficiency with minimal use of materials handling equipment, Atlet says.

“Other companies quoted for what we thought we wanted,” says Bere. “Atlet was different. They took the time to find out about our operations and where we thought we would be in five years and politely suggested we could do it a different way.”

Atlet invited Bere to visit its UK head office and several customer sites to see how the company operated before suggesting 10 of its Presto PLP-powered pallet transporters and battery facilities would serve the Coalville facility without reconfiguring the warehouse.

Bere and Coalville’s shift managers requested a modification to the operator footplate. On a standard truck, the footplate is manually raised and lowered, but Laura Ashley wanted a footplate that folded up whenever an operator stepped off the truck. This was to save time as they often alternated between ride-on and pedestrian operations and aimed to reduce the risk of operators bumping into the footplate when carrying items.

After the trucks had been delivered, Atlet and Laura Ashley assessed the operating conditions and adjusted the trucks’ performance by reprogramming the on-board computers including reducing the top speed to operator preferences.

An unforeseen issue was identified when the trucks started to slip on the floor. Atlet tested alternative tyres and retrofitted a suitable replacement.

“It took some work on both sides to get it right but Atlet put the effort in and made the commitment,” says Bere.

Another key change with the new fleet was the introduction of battery charge and change facilities. The solution, designed and installed by Atlet, incorporated high frequency chargers and single point top-up facilities. Atlet’s “Transfer Track” dual trolley system enables battery switching without any need for manual handling or lifting.

Almost all Laura Ashley’s products are made to order. The company estimates there are 10,000 different product combinations taking into account the style, upholstery and finish options across its range.  The operation has to be flexible so that deliveries, around 3,900 items each week, can be scheduled in line with customer requirements.

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MasterLift continues “pimping” on TV

Last week, an audience of 400 was treated to the pilot premier of Forked Up, a new Canadian-made reality television show.

After creating media attention through its Pimp My Lift tagline and website, forklift dealer MasterLift has ventured into television to promote its chrome-accessorised forklifts.

The new TV show features used forklifts being transformed with new paint jobs and chrome accessories. It is produced by Bradford Productions of Toronto. Discussions are taking place with networks to release the show after the northern hemisphere summer, MasterLift says.

Genie is Manufacturer of the Year
OLYMPIA, WA, United States

Genie Industries has been selected as the Association of Washington Business (AWB)’s 2008 Large Manufacturer of the Year.

The award is given to AWB member manufacturers with over 500 employees for their innovations, contribution to their communities and commitment to employees.

AWB is Washington’s oldest and largest statewide business association. Established in 1904, its 6,600 members employ over 650,000 workers.

DeWitt joins United Rentals
GREENWICH, CT, United States

United Rentals Inc has appointed Kenneth DeWitt as vice president and chief information officer. DeWitt has over 15 years of executive experience leading information technology operations. He was senior vice president and chief information officer for Retail Venture Services Inc, formerly Value City Department Stores Inc.

Toyota hikes domestic prices

Toyota Industries Corp is raising the domestic prices of its forklifts by 6.5%, the biggest increase since 1992, on 16 June.

A company spokesperson told Jiji Press the company failed to offset price rises of steel and other materials with cost cuts.

Among the models, the “Geneo” 1.5 ton internal combustion forklift will increase from JPY2.005 million (USD19,310) to JPY 2.136 million (USD20,572).

Anhui Hecha exports to Vietnam
HEFEI, China

Anhui Hecha Forklift Co Ltd recently delivered 30 units of 2.5 ton and higher capacity forklifts to Nanjing City for export to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The forklifts, valued at USD300,000, are Anhui Hecha’s first export to Vietnam, China Industry Daily News reported. Anhui Hecha is funded by Hefei Duanya Group.

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TVH’s Bellemans wins HR Manager of the Year
WAREGEM, Belgium

The human resource manager of TVH - Group Thermote & Vanhalst beat five others to win the “HR Manager of the Year” award jointly given by information and communications technology organisation Rhesus and human resource journal HR Tribune.

Gerd Bellemans, TVH Group’s HR manager since 1999, heads a team of 15 colleagues.

Bellemans says he supports the coaching path developed by the company. Each HR employee is responsible for a specific TVH Group department and works with the department head.

Under Bellemans’ leadership, TVH Group’s employees are encouraged to focus on their strengths. They are guided by the five D’s: dromen, denken, durwen, doen and doorzetten (Dutch for dreaming, thinking, daring, doing and persevering).

Employees are provided with counselling support and are motivated to translate their “dreams into deeds”.

Department heads or managers are seen as the “true” HR managers as they are in close proximity to the employees and are encouraged to keep in close contact with them.

The HR team has expanded its network with stakeholders over the years. They have participated in teachers’ training days, hosted lectures at KATHO West-Flanders, the largest high school in West-Flanders, and joined debates about diversity and enterprise survival. TVH is also a member of associations like networking organisation VOKA, participating in its initiative to encourage the recruitment of over-50s, business leaders’ organisation VKW and training institute Syntra.

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Kalmar - Five and Four High Top Picks for sale

For immediate sale, 9 x Kalmar DCD420-12CSG and DCD450-12CSG machines currently located at Port Everglades, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale).
  • All are 2000 or 2001

  • All in very tidy condition

  • All will ship in top working order

  • All have 7-10,000 original hours

  • All are complete and operating with no major issues whatsoever

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  • Take advantage of US dollar at all time low

  • Shipper opening new automated port so these excellent machines are surplus to their needs. (They are not trades or mechanically redundant equipment.)
Price: 6 are 450, 5 high stack - $245,000 (each) includes disassembly.
3 are 420, 4 high stack - $225,000 (each) includes disassembly.

Contact: Dennis Connors, International Equipment Exchange, North Carolina USA, (ph) +1 (910) 798 8001, or email

Any questions, please call.

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Mediterranean ports choose Kalmar

Swedish crane manufacturer Kalmar has been buoyed by a wave of orders in the Mediterranean, including all-electric rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes for Moroccan and Spanish ports.

Kalmar has received an order for 10 E-One+ units from Somaport at the Port of Casablanca. Somaport, a terminal stevedore owned by COMANOV, which was recently acquired by French shipping and logistics giant CMA CGM, also outfitted its cranes with Kalmar’s Remote Machine Interface for remote machine monitoring.

The 7+1 and one-over-five high E-One+ RTGs fitted with Bromma twinlift spreaders and Kalmar’s autosteering and container position verification system, Smartrail, will be delivered by early 2009.

Michel Geernaert, Kalmar France SA’s port division director, says Kalmar’s dedication to the local market was key to finalising the agreement with Somaport.

“For many years, Kalmar has worked hard to meet the handling needs of Somaport’s global parent company. Kalmar’s commitment to establishing a local service set-up in Morocco convinced Somaport and CMA CGM that Kalmar’s solutions were the best fit for its operation,” he says.

Meanwhile, Tangier Medgate SA, a joint venture by Eurogate, Contship Italia, MSC, CMA CGM and COMANOV, has exercised an option for five Kalmar RTGs on top of the 11 cranes ordered last year. All 16 cranes will commence delivery this month and be completed by early 2009.

In Spain, Kalmar received an order for two E-One+ RTGs from Abra Terminales Maritimas (ATM) SA operating at the Port of Bilbao. Delivery of the units will start in October. The order is part of an investment programme to update the terminal’s infrastructure and handling equipment. ATM is also retrofitting its eight existing RTGs with Kalmar’s Smartrail.

Container terminal Port Nou at the Port of Barcelona ordered two E-One RTGs with a 16-wheel design, equipped with Smartrail. According to Kalmar, fuel consumption was a concern for Port Nou which opted for the RTGs with variable speed generators to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

The value of the orders was not disclosed.

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Product News

B&B scales up with updated WeighMaster
NEWBURY, United Kingdom

B&B Attachments has updated its WeighMaster mobile weighing range with the WeighMaster 2000.

A company spokesman says the updated WeighMaster 2000 has greater accuracy than its predecessor.

Used on most hydraulic mechanical lifting equipment with capacities up to 99,000kg, the weighing system uses oil pressure technology to equalise all pressures and forces on the truck for accurate results.

Manitou adds to Evolution series
WACO, TX, United States

Manitou North America has introduced the MLT 735 “Evolution” telehandler to replace the MLT 634 and MLT 741 units.

The MLT 735 has new features including an EPA Tier III-compliant engine, a new cab, paint and decal scheme, improved lighting, better air conditioning system and a JSM (joystick switch and move) controller.

It retains Michelin tyres but these have been upgraded to the 460/70-24 XMCL tyres, which have increased tread life, reinforced lugs, greater traction and reduced ground compaction.

Logitrans launches products

Logitrans UK Ltd has introduced a new manual highlifter and a rotator.

The improved highlifter that has a 1,500kg (3,307lb) capacity has an extended handle and uses less pump force when lifting.

The rotator comes in two models – a classic model with forks and a new one with a multi-purpose carriage. Both lift up to 1,000kg (2,205lbs).

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Kalmar’s RMI 2.0 geared for users

Kalmar has launched a new version of its remote machine monitoring tool, Remote Machine Interface (RMI), that it says is more user-friendly.

Product co-ordinator Hannes Myllärniemi says RMI 2.0 responds to the growing importance of analytical data being used to boost efficiency in operations.

“Information management is going to play a vital role in making the best use of material and container handling machines,” he explains.

RMI 2.0 features a new graphical user interface (GUI) and is designed to allow users to analyse operational, maintenance and service information according to individual preferences.

Data from each machine, including machine status, alarm reports and fuel use, is sent wirelessly to the RMI system and is accessed via the user’s GUI. With RMI 2.0’s new menu structure, users can generate a variety of reports and analyses, and select specific timeframes for desired actions.

Customers who purchased the licensing fee with the existing RMI system can receive the upgraded version free of charge.

RMI was introduced in 2005 to offer operators centralised machine data to enable real-time maintenance and operational planning, and decrease downtime with more predictive maintenance. Over 200 RMI applications have been sold in about 25 countries. The system can be fitted to all types of Kalmar equipment and other-branded machinery.

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United Rentals’ homebuilding partnership airs on TV
GREENWICH, CT, United States

United Rentals has contributed equipment and manpower to rebuild three houses and a church which will be featured in a television show’s two-hour season finale on 18 May.

The finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at 8pm eastern time on 18 May features volunteers building three houses for the Usea family and rebuilding the Noah’s Ark Missionary Baptist Church of New Orleans in seven days.

Three years after Hurricane Katrina, the region is still struggling to recover. In the case of the Usea family, there are several generations living in a small house in Westwego, Louisiana, while twin brothers Brad and Chad help rebuild the community as volunteer firefighters.

United Rentals’ involvement in the construction feat includes over 150 pieces of equipment co-ordinated through its branches in Saint Rose and Geismar. Its employees collectively provided over 125 hours of assistance on-site and builders from 11 states joined the project.

CEO Michael Keenland says the company has a long legacy of community involvement.
“We believe we have a responsibility to be a good neighbour and a positive role model in the hundreds of cities and towns we serve. Our employees have done an exceptional job of supporting Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

United Rentals has previously contributed equipment and manpower to the popular television show. It partnered with the Extreme Makeover team to design and build new homes for families in Warwick, Rhode Island and Maynard, Massachusetts. The Maynard project aired on ABC last Sunday.

United Rentals is the largest equipment rental company in the world, with a network of 670 rental locations in 48 US states, 10 Canadian provinces and Mexico. It hires out over 2,900 classes of rental equipment with a total original cost of USD4.2 billion.

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Forklift-using robber caught on camera
GREEN BAY, WI, United States

A security camera at a US entertainment venue has recorded a man using a forklift to cart a cash machine into his car.

According to NBC, police in Washington are searching for the man caught by Green Bay’s Resch Center’s security camera.

The footage showed the suspect trying to stuff a second ATM machine from the same building into his car’s backseat. He gave up and left the scene, abandoning the forklift and the second ATM.

Captain David Konrath of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department told NBC the man entered the arena at 8.44pm last Sunday, using a service door.

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Budget bonanza for road, rail and ports
CANBERRA, Australia

The supply chain sector has welcomed Treasurer Wayne Swan’s budget, especially the priority given to capital investment in infrastructure. Major players in road, rail and ports have responded well to the AUD20 billion bonanza to be invested in a new Building Australia Fund.

The fund will finance roads, rail, ports and broadband across Australia, with congestion at the country’s ports seen as one of the major factors constraining economic growth.

Swan said AUD75 million will be allocated for immediate feasibility studies on high-priority transport projects across Australia. This will begin the necessary planning work for key projects in advance of further deliberations by Infrastructure Australia, the independent body responsible for allocating expenditure from the fund.

Ports’ peak industry association, Ports Australia, has applauded the budget’s support for the development of critical economic infrastructure. The organisation represents the interests of government-owned and privately owned ports as well as marine regulatory authorities in Australia.

Executive director David Anderson says the budget strongly recognised that port infrastructure necessarily had to be “front and centre” in any consideration of national economic infrastructure requirements.

“It is now comprehensively documented that Australia’s ability to efficiently facilitate predicted growth in both our container and bulk trades is contingent on addressing key port infrastructure needs, including road and rail access,” says Anderson.

Anderson notes that the government had, in the lead-up to the budget, taken some resolute actions to put in place the appropriate institutional settings to address supply chain efficiency, including the passage through the Parliament of legislation to establish Infrastructure Australia.

“Ports Australia’s members are now most pleased to see that this new organisation will have a substantial and assured source of funding to finance outcomes from its national infrastructure audit,” says Anderson.

He further notes that the establishment of the new funding arrangements recognise that a program that went beyond Auslink was necessary to ensure that the development of infrastructure supporting trade and national economic development kept pace with growth.

Anderson adds that Ports Australia supports another important feature of the budget that encompasses an initiative by the federal government to partner the states in tackling city-based projects to improve the functioning of cities.

“The efficient functioning of our cities is indistinguishable from the efficient functioning and long-term viability of our city-based ports. The proposed measures will not only promote the safe and efficient movement of people and freight through built-up areas, it is also an important component in reducing traffic conflicts and promoting good relationships between ports and the communities with whom they coexist,” says Anderson.

Australia’s largest rail freight company, QR Limited, has welcomed news of the fund.

“The investment program unveiled in this government’s budget not only looks to the future, but is also realistic in that it makes an immediate impact with funding for a feasibility study into high-priority transport projects, including rail,” says QR chief executive Lance Hockridge.

“There’s clear acknowledgment that we’re living with the economic legacy of under-investment in national transport infrastructure. The creation of the Building Australia Fund, together with Infrastructure Australia, is very encouraging for national transport businesses like QR.

“The challenge now is for the government to continue to lead by providing an environment in which the private and public sectors have the incentive to jointly fund and develop this infrastructure with a minimum of bureaucratic red tape.

“We’ll be keenly watching how the vision for national infrastructure in the budget becomes a reality with increased spending on crucial transport projects especially the national rail network and key intermodal hubs.

“The importance of the task cannot be underestimated because the efficient movement of freight is vital to Australia’s future economic prosperity. As a leading transport and logistics company, QR has a strong interest in seeing our nation develop the comprehensive rail network we need.

“With the right infrastructure in place, companies like ours will have the incentive to invest in the rollingstock, facilities and workforce to ensure we contribute fully to the economic potential of the nation.”

QR hauled 238 million tonnes of freight in 2006/07, more than any other company in Australia; it included coal, bulk minerals, grain, livestock and general freight.

Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, Trevor Martyn, says the budget is good news for the trucking industry and would keep the industry’s costs down, as well as boosting its productivity and safety by fixing infrastructure bottlenecks.

“The trucking industry is delighted the government has retained the fuel tax credit scheme, which currently allows trucking operators to claim an 18.51 cents per litre rebate on their fuel tax,” says Martyn.

“We carry 75% of Australia’s freight, including all the food and groceries delivered to Australian supermarkets. The fuel tax credit scheme has a vital role in keeping our costs down – and a vital role in keeping downward pressure on the grocery prices paid by working families.”

Martyn says the budget shows the government will invest more than AUD3 billion in the road system in 2008-09, including an early start on AUD560 million worth of projects that weren’t due to get under way until next year.

“The Minister for Infrastructure, Anthony Albanese, has delivered the money that is needed to keep upgrading Australia’s transport system and to keep building our long-term future,” says Martyn.

“The trucking industry believes the fund should have a strong focus on eliminating road transport bottlenecks, including the regulatory bottlenecks stopping use from using the existing roads more productively,” he adds. “The trucking industry can carry Australia’s freight more safely and with fewer trucks, but the states and territories are standing in the way. We hope the government will use the fund to help persuade them to let us get on with the job.”

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Europallet production begins
LATROBE VALLEY, Victoria, Australia

Victorian pallet manufacturer Fisher’s has launched a new side to the business – manufacturing high quality Europallets, used in the export of product to Europe.

The company, owned by Lew Fisher, is the only manufacturer in Australasia to be granted the licence, and Fisher anticipates a significant growth to the business as a result.  Its current output of wooden pallets is around 400,000 per year, but Fisher hopes the new pallets will increase total production to over a million a year.

“We’re still in the marketing phase,” he tells News, adding he is in talks with several multinational companies which have expressed interest in the product.

He explains that Australian companies wishing to export palleted product into Europe should use fully approved Europallets that do not attract a disposal fee at destination.

Previously, Australian exporters would have had to purchase Europallets second-hand from goods coming in, which led to problems with quality and quantity, reports Fisher.

At an average cost of AUD25 per pallet, the Europallet is bought not hired by the exporter, and is able to be sold back into the Europool of pallets overseas, thus enabling exporters to recoup some of the cost involved.

The Europallet is manufactured to strict specifications in terms of its dimensions and moisture content of the soft timber used. Even the nails used in the manufacture are high specification Europool-approved nails, says Fisher, adding that the high quality criteria ensure the pallet can be reused many times over.

"The company also has modern kiln facilities which heat pallets at 56 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes to destroy all probable wood pests before pallets are despatched for use,” he adds.

Fisher says that the European Pallet Association (EPAL), which controls and promotes the use of Europallets, is undertaking auditing of manufactured pallets at his factory this week, following which he will begin sales and distribution of the pallets.

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Major forklift contract for NZ supplier
MANIKAU CITY, Auckland, New Zealand

Materials handling supplier, AB Equipment of Manikau City, Auckland, has been awarded a contract worth over NZD6 million from meat exporter PPCS to supply, service and manage its forklift truck fleet over a three-year period.  

“This is one of the biggest forklift contracts awarded in New Zealand,” says AB Equipment chief executive Steve Antunovich.

He tells News that PPCS’s existing fleet of almost 270 forklifts will be replaced with new Toyota forklifts from AB Equipment as rental contracts expire, with potentially 40 to 60 new rental forklifts being phased in within the first year of the contract.

He adds that staff are already visiting PPCS’s 20 warehousing sites across the country to determine what is required.

The company will also provide all forklift fleet servicing for PPCS and its short-term rental requirements when they experience increased demand during seasonal peaks.

AB Equipment, a subsidiary of Hellaby Holdings, has a network of 15 branches across the country, from Whangarei to Invercargill.

“The high productivity, safety features and ergonomics of the Toyota forklifts coupled with our nationwide branch network and highly skilled technicians has given PPCS confidence that AB Equipment will significantly lower the life-cycle cost of the PPCS forklift fleet,” says Antunovich.

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Selling used equipment in Australia? List all your forklifts for $240! is announcing a massive sale on used equipment classifieds in our busy Marketplace.

Dealer packages are now available for $240 inc. GST* for unlimited listings. This price includes:
  • $240 total price, no more to pay
  • ShopFront in the Business Directory
  • Unlimited used equipment classifieds in the Marketplace for six months
  • Access to wholesale price trading with other dealers
  • Access to ‘Machine wanted’ emails from users
For more information please contact Clayton Ford on 07 3369 9090 or email

* New customers only, conditions apply. Offer expires 30 June 2008.

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Rough terrain niche attacked
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

Spain’s Agria rough terrain forklifts are finding a niche in the Australian market. Since their introduction into Australia last year, the company has already supplied over 30 units into the market.

Manufactured by Agrimac, the forklifts are available in Australia for wholesale sale through Adapt-A-Lift (AAL) Imports or for retail and rental through major distributors.

According to AAL’s Imports business manager Alicia Whiffen, the Agria is a tough, rough-terrain 4WD forklift that is specifically designed to work in difficult conditions and especially where rough terrain or limited access defeats other machines.

“It excels in any application from agricultural, mining and construction to working off the back of a brick truck,” she tells News.

Three models are available with lift capacities of 1,600-3,000kg and lift heights up to 6,000mm. The Agria is powered by either a Deutz or Perkins diesel engine. Driver comfort and ease of operation are important features of the Agria, with excellent visibility due to the high mounted driver’s cabin. The forklifts are also equipped with hydrostatic transmission and steering and a double service brake system. Sideshift is fitted as standard.

Whiffen adds that the strategic alliance between Agrimac and AAL Imports is providing excellent service and product support with factory-trained service technicians and customer service officers in each state.

“The Agria Rough Terrain forklift is a welcome addition to our already very successful range which includes both the European-built Combilift multi-directional forklifts and the Aisle-Master narrow-aisle articulated forklifts.”

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Meetings increase knowledge on supply chains
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

The International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association (ICHCA) will hold luncheon meetings in Victoria on 19 May and in NSW on 22 May.  

The meetings serve to increase knowledge of ways to improve the efficiency and economy in the handling and movement of goods, from origin to destination, by all modes and at all phases on the transport chain.

Guest speaker at the Victoria meeting is John Begley, chairman of the Victorian Freight and Logistics Council, who will speak about moving cargo in Victoria in an address titled “What the state needs to meet the challenges ahead”.

Grant Gilfillan, CEO of Sydney Ports Corporation, is the guest speaker at the NSW luncheon and will be discussing the future direction for Sydney.

At a luncheon meeting held in Brisbane a fortnight ago, guest speaker Lance Hockridge, CEO of Queensland Rail (QR) outlined bold plans for growth of the organisation amid predictions that national freight demands will more than double by 2020.

Hockridge said the organisation was hoping to capture up to 30% of the AUD5 billion intermodal market. “We currently have around 10%, so it’s going to take a concerted focus for us to achieve those goals.”

He said one of the keys to future success will lie in the optimisation of supply chains and the creation of better value for the customer. “We have embraced the concept of intermodalism as the way of the future and now we need to respond with the solutions.”

He listed infrastructure as the key starting point for rail to rise to the challenges. “With the recent establishment of the Infrastructure Australia Advisory Council, rail will come under even closer scrutiny for its role in a national approach to solving the nation’s transport needs.

“QR will be watching closely and, where possible, having input into the decision making for future investment in infrastructure.”

Hockridge said that QR has the potential to double the size of the business – in terms of tonnage, revenue and profit - within the next five years.  “Our vision is to be the national transport and logistics industry leader by 2012.”

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HUBTEX presents sideloaders and picking solutions for long & heavy loads at CeMAT 2008

HUBTEX will be presenting sideloaders and picking solutions for long & heavy loads at CeMAT 2008 in Hanover, Gemany. You are welcome to visit us at hall 26 / stand H 10.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Bolzoni Auramo at CeMAT 2008

Excessive clamping force is one of the most common causes of paper roll out-of-roundness damage. The focus always placed on damage-free handling when developing new paper roll clamps and accessories, enables Bolzoni Auramo to offer the best solution for all handling situations through a complete series of options to optimize the clamping force.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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AMA Concentrates Its Efforts On The Innovative Dashboards

The new line of DCA graphic instruments, thought and designed by AMA Instruments for off-highway vehicles, is one of the latest developments that AMA Group presents, focusing to the cabin interior equipment.

Latest generation dashboards giving an high tech look to the cab interior, allowing the operator an easier reading of the machine’s functions. These are the top products that AMA Group presents in Hannover on occasion of the most important intralogistics world fair, CEMAT 2008, Hall 25 Stand H04.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Further expansion for Longyan Tong Li Forklift Parts & Attachments

Longyan Tong Li Forklift Parts & Attachments Corporation Limited, with the Trademark ZYatWork, will be exhibiting at CeMAT 2008, showing off its products and sharing its growth plans. Longyan Tong Li Forklift Parts & Attachments Corporation Limited is a leading manufacturer of forklift forks, attachments and forklift safety parts in China. The enterprise, founded in October 2004, is a German-Chinese joint venture under German management.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Combilift’s show of strength at CeMat

There will be plenty to look at on Combilift’s outside stand at this year’s CeMat (FG F04). The Irish manufacturer of the Combilift range of 4-wway forklifts will have a wide variety of its innovative trucks on show and will be a launching a new product.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Join at CeMAT - Hall 25, stand no. C26 will return to CeMAT with a stand in Hall 25. We’re keen to meet up with members and advertisers, and anyone planning to attend this international event from 27 – 31 May in Hannover, Germany is welcome to drop in at our stand no. C26.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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VETTER QualityForks: The OptimaForkHeel

VETTER offers additional wear zone. The OptimaForkHeel increases fork lifetime up to three times.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Russian show exceeds space sales goal
MILWAUKEE, WI, United States

Over 180 companies have signed up to exhibit at ConExpo Russia, helping show organiser AEM exceed its initial space sales goal of 30,000 m² (322,917 sqft).

Click here for the full Fork Talk feature.

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Rob Vetter: Training Is An Art – Not Science
BLAINE, WA, United States

Experience counts and no matter how good the theory, without some hands-on experience, forklift training is questionable.

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.

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Hyster - E60XM2 - 2000
Auckland, New Zealand
Caterpillar - DP150 - 1998
Hazel+Crest, Illinois, United States
Jungheinrich - ETVQ-A25G180-530DZ - 1991
Stuhr, Germany

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Discuss fuel cell technology
"The costs of hydrogen and methanol fuel cell systems are a joke. The cost is USD8-9/shift. This is in contrast to USD1.90-2.35 for electrical costs for charging, and remember in food distribution, almost all class 3 trucks go into cold ..."
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