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This is issue #353 - 27 March 2008 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“TIEM manufactures tow tractors.”


Forklift makers back Wal-Mart on initiative
TIEM will manufacture tow tractors
Hoist and Diesel Fuel Doctor reduce emissions
Yale expands with Pakistan partnership
Rocla tiller arm wins Red Dot
Linde forklifts recognised in China
David Leslie wins Easter Bunny competition
Product News
Doosan supports school for marginalised children
Kalmar wins RTG orders from South Africa and South East Asia
Konecranes supplies RTGs to Brazil and Spain
Movers & Shakers
Sample of used equipment for sale

Novel penalty imposed for safety breaches
Forklift fleet expands to meet company’s growth
Forklift licence rebate scheme for farm and forest workers
Regional seaports vital to economy
Wage growth strongest in years
New industrial rail hub will improve supply chain

TRELLEBORG announcement of price increase on industrial tires.
Taiwan Dihshiang will be attending AMPA 2008
Free trucks from April 1st to June 30th

Linde PureMotion is our answer to environmental and health issues.
Meclift Variable Reach Truck ML 5012R

Kalmar - Five High Top Picks for sale
Selling used equipment in Asia? List all your forklifts for US$40 a month!
Clearance Sale! Massive wholesale clearance of Hyster used equipment.
Selling used equipment in Australia? List all your forklifts for $240!

FORK TALK: HSE warns refurbishment sector

SAFETY FIRST: Rob Vetter: Breaking the Dysfunctional Training Cycle

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There’s been much discussion about the adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID). For RFID to be effective, it has to be adopted universally but it looks like everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move. Perhaps the Wal-Mart initiative we report this week will be that trigger. As Roger Renstrom reports, the giant retailer is demanding RFID for shipments to its Sam’s Club subsidiary – and imposing a $3 per pallet “non-compliance levy” on suppliers who don’t meet the requirement. This move is sure to have a significant knock-on effect as suppliers tool up to meet the need. As they say, watch this space …

Forklift makers back Wal-Mart on initiative
BENTONVILLE, AR, United States

By Roger Renstrom
Wal-Mart Stores Inc is working with forklift providers and others to capture the potential benefits of radio-frequency-identification (RFID) technology.

In the US, “we have 1,300 Wal-Mart stores out of 3,600 (locations) equipped with the technology to some extent” but not yet on forklifts, Wal-Mart spokesman John Simley tells News.

While two forklifts at a subsidiary have been updated, no forklifts in the Wal-Mart stores segment have a critical wiring retrofit that manufacturers or their service centers are expected to perform. “We have to power the unit and make sure that it does not interfere with the hydraulics or machinery that operate the system,” he says. “So far, very little retrofit work has been done. All forklifts will need to be equipped with the technology.”

Crown Equipment Corp of New Bremen, Ohio and Raymond Corp of Greene, New York are primary suppliers of electric forklifts to Wal-Mart, Simley says.

The manufacturers have tested technologies with and for Wal-Mart and others, conducted pilot runs and designed equipment modifications over several years.

Raymond, for instance, engineered a pouch within a forklift’s load backrest to accommodate either of two prominent styles of tag readers and also designed ways to route power cabling to the reader. “We can outfit our trucks off the line,” but, so far, the system has not entered the commercial market, says Joe Lafergola, manager of fleet services for Raymond national accounts. “Wal-Mart was a driving force that moved the project along.”

Simley says the systems “have to regulate the power so they do not fry the reader” or hinder the ability to read Generation 2 electronic-product-code (EPC) tags. Reader makers specify parameters for the type of power supply to use.

Further, the equipment must have the ability to read a specific tag “so it is not reading tags from 60 different bags,” he says. The EPC family of coding schemes uses RFID technology and exists as a way to track goods using hand-held readers and at stationary portals such as dock receiving bays, transition doors, compactors and bailers.

Orders for forklifts will incorporate newly designed specifications for the recessed compartment for the forklift-mounted reader and suitable conduit to contain the wiring, Simley says.

Wal-Mart’s massive logistics operations are making progress with EPC implementation and offering “an ability to move a volume of products effectively and efficiently with a minimum of errors,” he says.

Within another market segment, Wal-Mart subsidiary Sam’s Club intends to use EPC technology in 591 locations in the US and six in Canada. “Sam’s Club can implement the technology in a faster way” with its focus on tagging pallets rather than the Wal-Mart practice involving tagging of individual high-value products or mixed pallets, Simley says. The Sam’s Club business segment may have 5,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) versus a Wal-Mart super-store’s 100,000 SKUs.

“We have (EPC tag) readers on forklifts at two Sam’s Club locations”, he says.

On January30, the Sam’s Club distribution center in DeSoto, Texas began requiring upstream suppliers to apply EPC labels on pallets. Sam’s Club levies a per-pallet fee up to USD3 for non-compliance. The requirement is a way to accommodate suppliers yet to implement their own technology solution.

Sam’s Club centres in Kansas City, Missouri; Searcy, Arkansas; Dayton, Texas; and Villa Rica, Georgia will add the pallet tagging requirement in October, and the 17 remaining Sam’s Club distribution sites in the US will come aboard in January 2009. Having a reader on a forklift enables a centre’s operations staff to know what is on a tagged pallet and into which slot that pallet was placed.

A Sam’s Club schedule calls for suppliers to progress steadily toward case-level and sellable-unit-level EPC tagging.

Bentonville-based Wal-Mart employs more than 1.9 million globally and reported profit of USD11.28 billion on sales of USD344.9 billion for the fiscal year ended 31 January 2007.

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TIEM will manufacture tow tractors
IRVINE, CA, United States

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Inc (TIEM) will begin manufacturing the company’s line of diesel tow tractors in Columbus, Indiana in May.

Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) president Shankar Basu says demand for Toyota’s tow tractors has grown steadily in the North American market ( News #319).

“By manufacturing domestically, we are improving our speed of delivery for our customers and helping them keep their operating efficiency as high as possible.”

The 870,000 sqft (80,826 m²) Columbus plant is undergoing a 20,000 sqft (1,858m²) expansion to accommodate the addition of tow tractor manufacturing operations along with other equipment and production. It is the facility’s 11th expansion since opening in 1990. TIEM employ about 900 people and produces over 100 forklifts daily. The plant is also responsible for the DC/AC inverter assembly for the Toyota Tacoma off-road utility.

TMHU is exploiting manufacturing synergies by producing tow tractors at Columbus. The welding of the tow tractor frames and the assembly process are consistent with Toyota forklift manufacturing processes, Basu says.

He boasts that TIEM’s proven excellence in manufacturing forklifts will lend itself to tow tractor production.

Toyota’s diesel tow tractors are available with 4,400lb (1,996kg) and 5,500lb (2,495kg) drawbar pull capacities. Equipped with a 2.4 litre Toyota 1DZ-III diesel engine, the units can haul large loads at high speed over long distances and up steep ramps and grades.

The tow tractor engine has been certified to EPA’s Interim Tier IV standards, resulting in 26% less particulate matter than the required Tier III levels.

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Hoist and Diesel Fuel Doctor reduce emissions
GRAND LEDGE, MI, United States

Hoist Liftruck has started installing magnetic fuel conditioners from Michigan-based Diesel Fuel Doctor as standard equipment on its diesel Neptune Series marina forklift to boost its green credentials.

Hoist engineer Bob Miller tells News that the fuel conditioners will “further insure” the Neptune Series’s performance and offer customers reliability.

“Marinas, especially older facilities, often have above-ground fuel storage, with fuel stored for extended periods of time and subject to degradation and contamination,” he says.

The Neptune Series forklift engines were “currently transitioning from Cummins QSB5.9L Tier 2 to QSB6.7L Tier 3”, Bob says.

Torre Miller, president of Diesel Fuel Doctor, says modern diesel fuel is created from a large percentage of tar-like crude oil substances that cluster together in liquid fuel over time.

“The good news is the clusters can be broken apart by the magnetic field in our fuel conditioners before the fuel hits the filter and before it is injected into the cylinder,” Torre says.
“That improves engine performance and reduces down time which might be caused by unstable diesel fuel.”

Magnetic fuel treatment does not add anything to the fuel stream nor remove any chemicals from the fuel. Torre explains that the fuel conditioners make fuel particles smaller and so increase fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.

Smaller fuel particles burn more completely in the combustion chamber, thereby maximising the value of the fuel. Larger fuel particles are not consumed completely in the engine and results in the release of more soot through the exhaust.

“Maximising the power of the fuel in the engine will turn the wheels a bit further or lift something with a bit less strain,” Torre explains.

With the use of fuel conditioners, Torre says emissions have been cut by over 10%, particulate emission (soot) reduced by over 50% and fuel consumption decreased by 5%.

But the equipment can only be used on diesel engines. Gasoline is a lighter fluid and comprised of shorter hydrocarbon chains.

“We can’t get a strong enough magnet in a cost-effective manner to pull hard enough on the physical bonds of the shorter hydrocarbon chains,” Torre says. “We do, however, have a fuel catalyst or additive that can be added to the fuel that works chemically to accomplish the same thing as the fuel conditioner.”

The LG-X magnetic fuel conditioning units are plumbed into the Neptune marina forklift’s fuel lines to reduce diesel fuel clustering and performance degradation. According to Torre, they also reduce filter clogging, carbon deposits on internal engine surfaces, soot deposits near exhaust pipes and diesel smoke particulate pollution.

Testing of the fuel conditioners on the Neptune Series started in early 2007. Hoist received its first shipment of the products in June 2007.

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Kalmar - Five High Top Picks for sale

For immediate sale, 7 x Kalmar DCD420-12CSG machines.
  • All units are in very good condition, ready to dismantle and ship
  • 3 x 2000 models, 3 x 2001 models, one 2002
  • Hour meter readings are 6000 to 10,000.
  • Five units located East Coast port, two on West Coast at an export terminal.
Price:  $225,000.00 USD (each).

Contact: Lee Hamre, Hamre Equipment, California, USA, (ph) +1 530 895 8955, or email Lee Hamre

Any questions, please call.

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Yale expands with Pakistan partnership
FLEET, United Kingdom

Yale has expanded its sales and service facilities in Pakistan by appointing Cummins Sales and Service (Pakistan) Ltd as its authorised dealer.

Nacco Materials Handling Group EMEA managing director Ralf Mock represented Yale during the agreement signing with Cummins’s Mehmud Saeed.

Mock says the company anticipates market share growth with the new partnership.

Cummins Sales and Service (Pakistan) Ltd, headquartered in Karachi, has sales and service branches in Lahore and Islamabad/Rawlpindi.

Saeed says the company has over 16 years’ experience servicing a range of diesel engines and generators and has qualified service engineers and the latest aftermarket support facilities.

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Rocla tiller arm wins Red Dot

Rocla Oyj has been awarded an honourable mention in the Red Dot design competition.

Rocla’s h2 tiller arm for warehouse forklifts was recognised for its “excellent usability and elegant design”. Over 3,200 products from 51 countries participated in the international contest.

Petteri Masalin, Rocla’s design director, says a profound understanding of customers’ needs is essential to well-designed products.

“We conducted a comprehensive user study where we monitored the drivers in their own working environment, interviewed them and looked into different ways of implementation.

“Based on the information, we designed a new tiller arm in which every single detail is designed for the user to enjoy,” he says.

For example, the distance between the h2 tiller arm handler and lever is adjustable to make it suitable for all hand sizes. All buttons and levers are accessible with one hand. The tiller arm is modular and fits different Rocla forklift models.

Maija Karhusaari, Rocla’s vice president for marketing and communications, attributes the award to the company’s product development and production staff. The warehouse equipment specialist has three in-house industrial designers.

Last year, Rocla won the Fennia Prize Grand Prix design award for its Humanic reach truck ( News #300). The Rocla automated warehouse truck won a gold medal for innovation at the St Petersburg Technical Fair in Russia this month ( News #347).

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Linde forklifts recognised in China

Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp Ltd has received two awards recognising the quality of its forklifts and its contribution to logistics development.

At the 3rd Shenzhen Logistics Conference in Shenzhen, Linde (China) was recognised as a “2007 Shenzhen Top 10 Logistics Equipment Supplier” based on its product quality, service and contribution to Guangdong logistics development since 1995.

Linde (China) is the only forklift manufacturer to receive the honour.

Separately, the Xiamen Municipal Government awarded Linde (China) the “Xiamen Quality Brand” award. A judging panel comprising experts and government and university representatives evaluated the award nominees.

He Lifeng, the Xiamen Municipal Committee secretary, presented the award to Linde (China)’s CEO CP Quek.

Quek says: “We will continue to leverage our core technology from Germany while expanding our local R&D and production capabilities in Xiamen to serve the China market and other emerging markets.”

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David Leslie wins Easter Bunny competition
BRISBANE, Australia

This Easter, the team hid two Easter eggs in its website and promised a mini forklift to a lucky visitor who could locate them.

The two eggs bearing photos of forklifts were hidden in our Events Calendar. The event was Easter and the venue? Home of everyone who believes in the Easter Bunny.

David Leslie from FB Chain Ltd , England, is the winner of an orange-coloured remote-controlled forklift.

Rodger Lamb, the competition’s organiser, says there were lots of entries for the Easter special.

“I asked the ‘Easter Bunny’ to put his paws on the keyboard and randomly select two letters and the entrant whose first name and family name had those two letters would win.

“The Bunny chose ‘D’ and ‘L’.”

Runners-up who deserve a mention are:
Joe Dabrowolski from Superior Fabrication, US; Bruce Bradley from Nissan Forklift, US; Peter MacLeod from Quartz Publishing & Exhibitions, UK; Randy Asbill from MH Equipment, US; David Clausen from ARPAC Storage Systems, Canada.

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Product News

Hyster introduces new series forklifts
FLEET, United Kingdom

Hyster Europe has introduced the H8.00-16.00XM-6 Series and H36.00-48.00XM(S)-12 Series forklifts.

The H8.00-16.00XM-6 Series that replaces an old series introduced in 2001 consists of 14 models with lifting capacities ranging from 8 to 16 tonnes. The new series features a larger 6.7 litre Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine that conforms to the EC Tier 3 emissions regulations.

The H36.00-48.00XM(S)-12 Series replaces the H36.00-H48.00E series introduced in 1997. The 36 to 48 tonne series consists of seven models that have a 10.8 litre Cummins QSM11 turbo diesel engine which also conforms to EC emissions standards.

Both forklift series are manufactured at Nijmegen, the Netherlands and are available globally.

Jungheinrich’s new 4-series
HAMBURG, Germany

Jungheinrich has introduced its new hydrostatic internal combustion 4-series forklift in the UK.

Available with hydrostatic drive, the new series can lift loads up to 3,500kg (7,716lbs) and heights up to 7.5 metres (24.6 feet), and is available in diesel and LPG versions.

Jungheinrich boasts that the Volkswagen-supplied engines offer low noise levels and emissions, together with low fuel consumption.

Yale mast reaches new heights
FLEET, United Kingdom

Yale Europe has introduced a new heavy duty mast for the MR 16-20 reach truck.

Yale Europe’s Paul Garrigan says the new-design mast meets market demand to lift full pallets above 12 metres (39.4 feet) safely and with minimum mast twist and sway.

With the new mast, Yale reach truck users can store and retrieve full pallets up to 13 metres with high residual lift capacity. The Yale HD mast has a capacity of 1,100kg (2,425lbs) at 600mm (1.97 foot) load centre at 10 metre (32.8 foot) lift height.

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Clearance Sale! Massive wholesale clearance of Hyster used equipment.

Hyster Used Equipment - battery electric forklifts and other warehouse machines.  Gough Forklifts is the New Zealand Distributor for Hyster. We have a number of surplus, used battery electric warehouse machines to clear from our fleet. These machines are serviceable and have been maintained by us. Condition varies with age and hours but the prices are brilliant.  The range includes:
Forklifts - Hyster models E3.00XM, E50XM, E60Z, E65xm, E70XL, J1.75DX, J2.50DX, J2.50EX, J2.50XM, J40XMT
Order Pickers – Hyster models K1.0L
Pallet Movers – Hyster models B60XT, P2.0S, RP2.0N, W40XT
Reach Trucks - Hyster models N30XMR, N30XMDR, R1.4, R1.6, R1.8

A full stock list, including specifications can be sent by return email please contact: Guy Avery +64 (0)9 526 0152,
Fax +64 (0)9 525 7461

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Doosan supports school for marginalised children
SEOUL, Korea, South

Doosan Group's Yonkang Foundation has offered KRW340 million (USD342,362) to Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education for its Elementary Childcare Program that is run for children from marginalised families.

The program was established to care for children from families while both parents were at work. It is being run in 215 classes in 166 Seoul schools.

YH Park, chairman of Doosan Group’s Yonkang Foundation, hopes the donation will make a difference.

"The first step at easing social polarisation [is] bridging the educational gap between people of diverse income disparities," Park says.

The Yonkang Foundation is an academic and cultural foundation established in 1978 to support scholarship, academic and cultural programs. It plans to contribute over KRW1 billion (USD1 million) to the Elementary Childcare Program by 2010. This month, the foundation provided KRW1 billion (USD1 million) in scholarships to 355 elementary, middle and high school and university students who excelled academically despite difficult personal circumstances.

Other scholarships offered by the foundation include the Chinese Studies Research Institute Scholarship, Doosan Children Sports Scholarship, Flood-affected Areas Scholarship and Scholarship for Korean Departments at Famous Foreign Universities. The foundation has also donated millions to cancer research ( News #258).

Doosan Group is the largest shareholder of forklift manufacturer Doosan Infracore.

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Kalmar wins RTG orders from South Africa and South East Asia

Kalmar Industries has received an order for 22 E-One+ rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) from South Africa’s Transnet Ltd, the parent company of port operator Transnet Port Terminals (TPT).

The 7+1 wide and one-over-five high RTGs outfitted with Bromma spreaders are equipped with Kalmar’s autosteering and container position verification system, Smartrail.

Deliveries will start in October and the final cranes will arrive in April 2009. They will operate at South Africa’s newest port development, Port of Ngqura, which is expected to be fully operational by mid-2009.

The Port of Ngqura, located at the mouth of the Coega River in Algoa Bay and 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) east of Port Elizabeth, received its first vessel this month. The port is being constructed to handle up to 970,000 TEU using two berths and is expected to grow to 2 million TEU using four berths.

Vietnam International Container Terminals (VICT) has agreed to buy 17 Kalmar E-One+ RTGs to handle rising container traffic at its Ho Chi Minh City facility.

The 6+1 wide and one-over-six high units will replace older RTGs and be delivered between 2008 and 2010. VICT handled 572,020 TEU in 2007 using five ship-to-shore cranes, RTGs and reach stackers.

Thailand’s LCMT Company Ltd has ordered six E-One+ RTGs as part of its plans to expand terminal operations at the Port of Laem Chabang. The 6+1, one-over-six high units will be delivered by March 2009.

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Konecranes supplies RTGs to Brazil and Spain

Konecranes has received orders for seven rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) from Spanish operator Terminal de Contenidors de Barcelona SL (TCB Group). Four RTGs will be delivered to the group’s terminal TCP in Paranagua, Brazil and three to its terminal TCV in Valencia, Spain.

The value of the orders, which will be delivered by the end of 2008, has not been disclosed.

Konecranes says TCB Group is acquiring additional equipment to cope with increased container traffic.

The RTGs can lift up to 50 tonnes and stack one-over-five containers wide and six-plus truck lane wide.

TCB Group project manager Sergio Osete says the RTGs’ performance and low operating and maintenance costs were selling points.

“Also, our crane drivers like them very much thanks to the good driving sensation and accurate control given by the 16-wheel configuration and the active load control system.”

Separately, Konecranes has acquired full ownership of Spanish crane and service company Eydimen, which has been selling Konecranes-branded industrial cranes in Spain since 2005. Konecranes previously had a 19.2% stake in Eydimen.

Pekka Päkkilä, president of Konecranes Standard Lifting, says the acquisition allows the company to focus on growing the Spanish crane and crane service market.

The company, which employs 15 people, will be renamed Konecranes Gruas SL. The value of the acquisition was not disclosed.

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Movers & Shakers

WEST BEND, WI, United States
Gehl Company has appointed Ed Delaporte as vice president of information technology. Delaporte previously worked with Woods Equipment Company, Franzt Manufacturing and Caremark and was most recently director of information technology for Electrolux Home Care Products North America.

GREENWICH, CT, United States
United Rentals Inc has appointed Kenneth B Mettel as vice president of strategy and planning. Mettel has served in senior management roles since joining United Rentals in 2001 and has helped guide the company’s rental rate and fleet management initiatives. He was previously vice president of strategic planning at International Paper and director of financial analysis at Unilever.

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Novel penalty imposed for safety breaches
GEELONG, Victoria, Australia

New penalty options for workplace safety breaches have been applied, with a Geelong company agreeing for the first time in Victoria to place a newspaper advertisement about what it did wrong.

Enforceable undertakings were made possible under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 as an alternative to prosecution in some cases.

They are legally enforceable and require a person or organisation to carry out specific activities to improve health and safety for employees and deliver benefits to industry and the broader community.

The undertaking agreed to by Casareccia (Homestyle) Pty Ltd trading as Geelong Fresh Foods is the fourth in Victoria.  

The company has agreed to:
• place a half-page advertisement in the Geelong Advertiser within one month;
• have a principal of the company attend a five-day OHS course;
• make an AUD5,000 donation to the Salvation Army.

WorkSafe’s executive director, John Merritt, says alternatives to prosecution allowed a more constructive approach to OHS law enforcement.

“They provide a wide range of options for dealing with safety breaches including apologies and compensation, research into workplace safety, training for employees and company officials, and lectures to apprentices.”

A forklift operated by Casareccia was seen by a WorkSafe inspector working in a public car park behind its shop in Geelong West in October 2005.

Inadequate control measures (signs and witches hats) were in place to ensure pedestrians were not hit by the forklift.

The inspector issued an improvement notice which was lifted several weeks later when an improved traffic management system was established.

However, when two inspectors were at the centre several months later, they saw a forklift operating in and around pedestrians with no controls to prevent a collision with members of the public.

Merritt said although no-one had been hurt at the site, there was potential for serious injury or death.

“Forklifts are among the most dangerous machines in Victorian workplaces, with 56 people killed by them or falling loads since 1985. Of these, 12 were pedestrians.
“Getting safety right before someone is hurt prevents a lot of serious long term consequences for workers, members of the public and Victorian business.”

WorkSafe’s ‘Supplementary Enforcement and Prosecution Policy’ sets out when WorkSafe will accept enforceable undertakings under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Forklifts and pedestrians - the safety basics

• where possible, pedestrian exclusion zones should be enforced within a three metre radius of a forklift (or a greater distance if the forklift is travelling quickly or its load is high)
• if a three metre exclusion zone is not possible, employers should use additional risk assessment and risk control measures;
• pedestrian walkways should be clearly marked;
• a physical barrier based on the specific safety needs of the site should be used to separate pedestrians and forklifts; and
• audio and visual warning systems (high volume alarms and flashing lights) may also be used to warn pedestrians of approaching forklifts.

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Forklift fleet expands to meet company’s growth
SYDNEY, NSW, Australia

Over the last 10 years, furniture specialist Freedom has relied increasingly on Toyota Material Handling Australia to meet its forklift and warehouse equipment requirements.

When it first opened, the company’s 35 000 square metre warehouse utilised wide-aisle warehousing and only counter-balance forklifts were required.

Now part of Steinhoff Asia Pacific, the company’s growth has required the leasing of additional nearby warehouse space, a switch to narrow-aisle configuration and most recently a major building program that has pushed total floor space out to 45,000 square metres.

As a result, the distribution centre now relies on a large fleet of Toyota, Raymond and BT counter-balance forklifts and specialist warehouse equipment.

“There is such a wide variety of goods on site that we need the full range of the best available warehouse equipment,” says distribution centre manager Susan Hillier. “Sometimes you are moving a pallet and other times you are moving furniture pieces – particularly sofas.

“Toyota has helped us to modify order pickers so that we can manage different types of products.

“Originally all sofas were stored in wide-aisle areas on pallets and moved by forklifts. The damage problem was horrendous.  Now we also store sofas in narrow-aisle areas on mesh and the damage is absolutely minimal.”

With 80 turret trucks, forklifts, order pickers and reach trucks required for two shifts each day, the forklift company provides two technicians permanently on-site to ensure reliability at all times.

“The system under which our fleet maintenance program operates gives full accountability,” says Hillier.

“The technicians consult with us on a regular basis, especially if significant costs are involved, such as a new battery.”

Toyota Material Handling has also worked with management in establishing a dedicated battery charging area with a fully automated system designed to maximise efficiency.

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Forklift licence rebate scheme for farm and forest workers

People who operate forklifts, cranes and a wide range of other high-risk equipment, as well as those working in a number of occupations under ‘Certificates of competency’ or ‘tickets’, need to switch to the new Licence to Perform High Risk Work.

All certificates of competency expire between 31 January, 2008 and 30 June, 2012, depending on when they were first issued. Certificates issued before July, 1978 and up to 30 June, 1990 expire during 2008.

The new licence includes a photograph to reduce fraudulent activity and improve interstate recognition of current skills and must be renewed every five years.

A rebate scheme is being offered to farmers, farm workers and forestry workers who use industrial-type forklifts who need to obtain a licence before 1 July, 2008.

The rebate is for forklift licences only. Tractors with a mast attachment do not require a licensed operator.

The rebate must be applied for by the primary producer/forestry operator before 30 June, 2008.

There is a limit of three rebates per workplace for people who successfully obtain a forklift licence.

To be eligible for the rebate scheme, farm or forestry forklift operators are required to provide proof of their eligibility status according to Australian Taxation Office standards.

Information on how to apply for the rebate, eligibility criteria, approval process and how to claim a refund can be obtained from WorkSafe.

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Regional seaports vital to economy

The value of Queensland’s extensive network of seaports has been highlighted in an economic impact study (EIS) released recently.

The new study has found Ports Corporation of Queensland (PCQ) seaports are major contributors to the Queensland economy, generating almost 4,400 jobs and contributing AUD1.14 billion to regional economies in the past financial year, equivalent to about 0.03% of gross state product.

PCQ seaports also generate over AUD230 million in household incomes and an estimated 4,368 jobs (fulltime equivalent) or 0.02% of total employment in Queensland.

Minister for Transport, Trade, Employment and Industrial Relations, John Mickel, says the study has quantified the significant contribution made by PCQ ports to the regional, state and national economy.

"In the past five years, there has been a 58% increase in the ports’ contributions to Queensland's economy and a 36% increase in jobs generated," says Mickel.

"Our regional ports generate widespread benefits that underpin a large proportion of Queensland’s export trade."

“PCQ is one of Australia’s largest port authorities by tonnage throughput and more than half of Queensland’s exports, by tonnage, pass through its ports. In the past financial year, throughput for all ports totalled 121.1 million tonnes.”

The PCQ ports ship a range of bulk commodities including coal, sugar, molasses, silica sand, bauxite, zinc, live cattle and general cargo.

Mickel adds that the study showed PCQ ports are the lifeblood of numerous regional communities.

“Their economic impact extends far beyond the waterfront and into every Queensland city and town with almost AUD230 million going to Queensland families through pay packets from port-related jobs at these ports alone.”

The EIS found the economic impact of the eight PCQ ports included in the study totalled AUD575 million of direct economic input and AUD565 million in flow-on effects.

The ports generated 1,811 jobs through direct full-time employment in port-related businesses and another 2,557 in sectors including finance and business, wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing.

There were 1,951 commercial cargo ship visits during the year to the eight ports.

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Wage growth strongest in years
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

Despite talk of an economic slowdown, salaries have risen by 4.7% over the past 12 months, the highest movement in over three years, according to a survey.

Mercer’s latest Market Issues Survey of over 380 organisations, which looks at remuneration trends and the top business issues facing employers, found that pay for ‘same incumbents’ (the same person in the same job) has increased by 4.7%, up from last year’s 4.5% increase. Meanwhile, overall fixed pay budgets rose by 4.4%, which was an increase from the 4.2% rise seen 12 months ago.

Spokesman David Abusah says the continued salary growth could impact on inflation.

“We’re seeing an interesting dilemma at the moment where there is mounting pressure from a broader economic policy perspective to curb wages growth, but employers are responding to pressure of another kind – to attract and retain the best talent.”

He adds that the fact the fixed pay budget increases are lower than same incumbent movements suggests companies are maintaining a strong focus on retaining existing talent rather than simply relying on buying critical talent from outside the organisation.

“For the third year running, attraction and retention ranks as the top reward issue facing businesses, with 93% of employers rating it is a very important issue. With unemployment reaching a new record low last week and the skills shortage showing no sign of easing, it seems that pressure for wage growth will continue for some time yet,” says Abusah.

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New industrial rail hub will improve supply chain
SYDNEY, NSW, Australia

Transport companies P&O Trans Australia and QR will join forces to create a domestic and international industrial rail hub in western Sydney, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The logistics partnership is aimed at improving services out of the existing Yennora Rail Site in western Sydney.

New features will include an intermodal terminal, which will allow customers to use different forms of transport to move their products along a supply chain, and a port shuttle service, designed to carry international cargo to and from Port Botany.

P&O hopes to have the shuttle service up and running during the second quarter of the 2008 financial year.

The service will allow 10 train services a day to run from Port Botany to capital cities across Australia.

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TRELLEBORG announcement of price increase on industrial tires.

The continuous and relevant increase of the cost of raw materials, made even worse by the strong acceleration seen in the first quarter, forces Trelleborg Wheel Systems to react.

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Taiwan Dihshiang will be attending AMPA 2008

Taiwanese forklift spare parts manufacturer Taiwan Dihshiang will attend AMPA 2008 Show in Taipei. The show runs from April 9 to 12, and we will be at booth no. I1331.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Free trucks from April 1st to June 30th

Keen for potential partners to appreciate the quality and value of its products, Microlift is offering a free Minimover WH60-13 to the first 50 eligible requesters.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Linde PureMotion is our answer to environmental and health issues.

There is a lot of talk about “going green” and being more “environmentally friendly”. But what does considering “environmental aspects” actually mean? It means doing what Linde has being doing for decades: focusing on having a more positive impact on the environment with everything we do.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Meclift Variable Reach Truck ML 5012R

Oy Meclift Ltd, a Finnish manufacturer of Variable Reach Trucks and Side Reach Stackers, launches its Variable Reach Truck ML 5012R for heavy lift applications. The first truck is delivered to an Italian customer for in-ship stone handling.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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HSE warns refurbishment sector
LONDON, United Kingdom

Over one in three construction sites visited put the lives of workers at risk, says the chief executive of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Click here for the full Fork Talk feature.

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Rob Vetter: Breaking the Dysfunctional Training Cycle
BLAINE, WA, United States

Operator training is not a one-off. It requires ongoing - and multi-disciplanary - commitment and broad-reaching responsibility.

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.

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Fantuzzi - CS45km - 2002
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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