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This is issue #337 - 22 November 2007 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer join forces.”


SPECIAL REPORT: China: big changes in giant market

Ballard to benefit from Daimler and Ford
United Rentals takes private equity firm to court
Jervis B Webb sold to long-time technology partner
Bolzoni and Meyer join forces in Australia
Genie spreads wings globally
Solar energy powers remote RFID
New Tec succeeds in refurbishing forklifts
Sample of used equipment for sale
Electric switch for Irish stationery company
New Products
Movers and Shakers

Better distribution and service through Bolzoni
New licensing system for high-risk equipment
Transport hub plan east of Adelaide
Nothing but a Red herring
Improving the supply chain at ports

Bolzoni Auramo Lift Tables Land In America
Fork-Safe International on track for Global Growth

Microlift Most Economical attachment series
Eblo Seating has complemented their RECARO ERGO line with 2 brand new seats.

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Martin Hansen, Netto Truck A/S

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It’s all about acquisitions this week. In this newsletter, we report on Daifuku’s purchase of Jervis B Webb of Michigan. Then there’s Ballard Power Systems which is selling its automotive fuel cell assets to Daimler and Ford. And then there’s the one that got away: United Rentals is suing Cerberus Capital Management over the collapse of a merger deal. As we predicted earlier in the year, consolidation is here to stay and those companies that aren’t leaders in their sector should be looking over their shoulders to see who’s stalking them.
And speaking of strength, a quick apology for the over-generous exchange rate on the Euro in last week’s report on Linde UK’s financial results. The USD equivalent of Linde’s EUR4 billion purchase price was inflated because we had converted pounds rather than Euros. If you went to the bank expecting USD 8.26 billion for that amount and felt short-changed when you only got 5.94 billion, we’re sorry for your disappointment. But don’t expect us to make up the shortfall!

China: big changes in giant market

With its huge domestic market and significant inroads into exports, China has one of the most vibrant forklift industries in the world. But the big players are taking nothing for granted.  Read more

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Ballard to benefit from Daimler and Ford

Ballard Power Systems is selling its automotive fuel cell assets to Daimler and Ford to focus on fuel cell applications for the materials handling, backup power and residential cogeneration markets.

Ballard will receive the 34.3 million Ballard shares, valued at about USD168 million, currently held by Daimler and Ford.

The transaction is expected to result in a USD95 to USD105 million accounting gain on the company’s books. The gain is the difference between the value of the 34.3 million Ballard shares returned by Daimler and Ford and the value of assets transferred by Ballard.

Daimler and Ford will form a new private company, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC), to develop fuel cell applications for the automotive sector, says Ballard Power Systems’ corporate relations director Guy McAree, adding Ballard will have a 20% share in AFCC.

McAree says Ballard wants to have a share in AFCC as the company’s activities are beneficial to the fuel cell developer.

“Ballard will obtain several benefits including the right to use transferred and future automotive fuel cell intellectual property developed at AFCC, Daimler and Ford, in non-automotive applications.”

He says Ballard will be able to tap into profitable revenue by providing AFCC with contract technical services and manufacturing.

AFCC, which is expected to work closely with the R&D departments of Daimler and Ford, is owned by Daimler AG (50.1%), Ford Motor Company (30%) and Ballard Power Systems (19.9%). Ballard’s USD60 million investment in AFCC is protected by a purchase/sale option agreement with Ford for USD65 million including interest.

AFCC will be staffed by 150 people and will be co-located with Ballard in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Andreas Truckenbrodt, the executive director of hybrid development at Daimler AG, will head AFCC. Truckenbrodt worked for Ballard from 2001 to 2002 and was responsible for fuel cell vehicles at Daimler from 2003 to 2004.

Ballard Power Systems shipped 551 fuel cell product units to the materials handling, backup power and residential cogeneration markets in the 12 months to the end of 2007’s third quarter.

New-York based fuel cell provider Plug Power has integrated Ballard fuel cells into its GenDrive fuel cell power units, which it has sold to end users including tyre and auto manufacturers, grocery and retail distributors and third-party logistics companies.

Following a successful beta trial of its GenDrive fuel cell power units at two Wal-Mart distribution centres in late 2006, Wal-Mart’s distribution centre in Ohio has ordered the units to use in its forklifts. Other customers include Nissan and Bridgestone Firestone Tyre Company.

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United Rentals takes private equity firm to court
GREENWICH, CT, United States

United Rentals Inc has filed a lawsuit after the collapse of a planned merger with Cerberus Capital Management LP. News reported in July United Rentals signed an agreement to be acquired by Cerberus Capital Management LLC for USD6.6 billion ( News #320).

According to United Rentals, prior to receiving a letter from RAM Holdings Inc and RAM Acquisition Corp (collectively “RAM”) announcing their intention to repudiate, Stephen A Feinburg, Cerberus CEO, had met with United Rentals representatives. Feinburg, United Rentals says, informed the rental company’s advisors that RAM did not want to “force” its financing sources to fulfil their commitments. United Rentals alleges that Cerberus also acknowledged that there had been no material adverse change in United Rentals’ business.

Hence, United Rentals is asking the Delaware Court of Chancery to compel RAM to complete the merger agreement.

United Rentals alleges the repudiation is unwarranted and is a “naked ploy” to extract a lower price for the company at the expense of its shareholders.

In its lawsuit, United Rentals contends RAM wanted to buy United Rentals for less by exploiting the dramatic stock price drop that occurred after its intention to repudiate the merger agreement was leaked to a news organisation.

United Rentals alleges RAM is acting in bad faith, directly violating the merger agreement and does not have the right to pay a reverse break-up fee and leave the agreement.

It also claims RAM’s financing sources are committed to fulfilling their contractual obligations and that the “specific performance” provision of the merger agreement requires RAM to consummate the merger.

New York law firm Orans, Elsen & Lupert LLP and the Wilmington, Delaware law firm of Rosenthal, Monhait & Goddess PA are representing United Rentals in this litigation.

The company claims to be the world’s largest equipment rental company – its annual revenues are about USD3.9 billion, it has more than 12,000 employees and USD4 billion in rental fleet in 690 locations.

Recent data shows its fleet has 73,555 forklifts, 10,445 telehandlers and 72,401 self-propelled scissors and booms.

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Jervis B Webb sold to long-time technology partner

Daifuku Co Ltd of Osaka, Japan is acquiring Jervis B Webb of Michigan, US for an undisclosed amount.

The two materials handling equipment manufacturers have a working relationship spanning 40 years. Jervis Webb, established in 1919, produced a chain conveyor for moving automobile bodies, first implemented by Henry Ford in the early 1920s.

Daifuku entered into a technology partnership with Webb in 1957. It manufactured and sold the Webb chain conveyor technology, contributing to the development of Japan’s automobile industry. The partnership ended in 1997.

A Jervis Webb spokesman says the companies came together as a result of their historical relationship.

“The company was never offered for sale.

“Most Webb family shareholders are no longer involved in the business. Many were seeking an opportunity to sell their shares and to diversify their portfolio of investments.

“The offer from Daifuku allows for continuity of the Webb legacy with a strong financial, technical and strategic partner while accomplishing the shareholders’ goal of realising fair value for their shares.”

Daifuku says in a statement it will position Webb as a “new core business” in the Daifuku group. Daifuku executive vice president Masaki Hojo will be Webb’s chairman and co-CEO, sharing the position with Susan M Webb, granddaughter of the company founder and current company president and CEO.

Daifuku says overseas business expansion is one of the goals in its three-year business plan that commenced in April. The acquisition of a leading US materials handling company is expected to fast track the Japanese manufacturer’s overseas expansion plans.

There is little overlap in the two companies’ customers and product offering, Daifuku says. Their past long-term technology partnership is expected to smooth their new relationship, with Daifuku capitalising on Webb’s US brand recognition and human capital in North America and its global production and sales networks.

Jervis B Webb’s spokesman says there are no plans to eliminate jobs as a result of the acquisition. Daifuku “intends to look for opportunities to grow its overall business including the Webb business” through the acquisition.

Daifuku of Osaka, Tokyo, was established in 1937 and has about 4,700 employees. Its annual sales for fiscal year ended March 2007 was JPY 232.7 billion (USD2.14 billion). It manufactures conveying, storage, sorting, and picking systems for automotive factories, the manufacturing industry and the distribution industry.

Jervis B Webb of Michigan, USA employs 940 people and its annual sales for fiscal year ended December 2006 was USD216 million. Its products include airport baggage handling systems, automatic guided vehicles, automated storage and retrieval systems.

The acquisition will be finalised after obtaining US government authorisation and approval.

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Bolzoni and Meyer join forces in Australia
PIACENZA, Australia

Bolzoni Spa has decided to jointly market and distribute the Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer brand forklift attachments through its Australian branch in Castle Hill, Sydney.

Marketing director Carlo Fallarini says the Australian branch has focused on providing Bolzoni Auramo customers with quality service and quick and efficient parts delivery.

“The two brands will be distributed through the same branch, taking advantage of logistic synergies but remain as independent brands in the market.”

Customers can expect better service through this new arrangement, he says.

There will be two separate offices, with separate personnel, allowing Bolzoni Auramo Australia Pty Ltd to employ different marketing strategies for the two brands.

“As a first step, Bob van der Wild in Sydney will be responsible for the Meyer brand. Future investment in human resources is foreseeable in the product support area (and) no employees are planned to leave,” Fallarini says.

Van der Wild moved to Australia from the Netherlands about nine years ago and has spent that time in the forklift industry. He was previously director of Meyer distributor, Apex.

Fallarini says the Australian market is “unique” as it is geographically distant from the main forklift attachment manufacturers’ locations in the US and Europe.

“It’s quite different from all the others in the world. The potential is still limited - around 2% to 2.5% of the worldwide counterbalanced forklift volume - but it’s absolutely important for an attachment manufacturer to be present in this market.”

He explains that Australia’s close proximity to the Asian markets makes it a highly competitive and unique marketplace.

Bolzoni Auramo Australia Pty Ltd has eight employees and two sales representatives covering New South Wales and one for Victoria. The other Australian states and territories are covered by a dealer network. The company provides product support and technical service to its customers.

Meyer GmbH will end its five-year distribution partnership with Apex Associates.

Bolzoni SpA acquired German forklift attachment maker Hans H Meyer GmbH in October 2006, boosting its market position in Germany and Europe ( News #281).

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Genie spreads wings globally
REDMOND, WA, United States

Five years after being acquired by Terex Corp, telehandler manufacturer Genie Industries is rapidly changing into a global company.

Steve Wilhelm writes in Puget Sound Business Journal that Genie is “stretching in new directions” to sell its machines worldwide.

Genie makes up 75% of Terex’s aerial work platform division, which grew 41% from 2005 to 2006 and made USD1.7 billion sales in the first nine months of fiscal 2007. Terex, headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, grew 20% from 2005 to 2006 with USD7.6 billion in sales.

The company employs 3,200 people in Redmond and 5,000 worldwide. Its 10 leased buildings cover 843,350 square feet (78,350 square metres). In January, Genie opened a boom production line in Italy, where it will soon open a second plant. It is also preparing to start scissor lift production in the UK and expects to manufacture in Asia by 2009.

“We’re making the transition from Genie being a company … toward philosophically thinking about Genie being a brand. That’s a big transition to make for an organisation,” says Genie president Tim Ford.

“Around here, this globalisation thing is new, difficult and uncomfortable,” he says. “When the company was growing up it was all here. We [now] have customers around the world demanding us and requiring us to serve them more locally.”

Ford expects that most US manufacturing will continue at the Redmond site. He says the plant will take on new roles as the research and development centre for the company.

While Genie manufactures material lifting equipment like telehandlers, its main business is in people-lifting equipment. According to the Journal, Genie and JLG Industries Inc of McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, each control about 40% of the global people-lifting equipment market.

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Solar energy powers remote RFID
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, United States

Savi Technology has deployed solar-powered RFID readers and signposts to customers in the defence and commercial sectors, reducing the cost of tracking supplies and conserving energy.

Savi praises solar energy as “energy efficient, environmentally friendly” and “eliminating the need to install electrical infrastructure in remote areas”.

The company’s engineers have mounted solar panels and RFID signposts on poles at a leading US Army supply facility in Kuwait.

The solar-powered signposts activate RFID tags attached to vehicles or equipment that then report the assets’ positions to nearby RFID readers. The readers relay the information to Savi Site Manager software that automatically updates the location of assets.

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Burden from the US Army Product Management Office of Joint Automatic Identification Technology (PM J-AIT) says the army faces challenges in providing sufficient power for the installation of RFID sites in austere locations.

PM J-AIT is the contact point for acquisition support and technical expertise for Joint Services, Federal agencies, NATO and multi-national forces.

On the commercial side, Savi Networks, a Savi Technology joint venture, operates an RFID-based network in Colombia that uses solar energy to power Savi RFID signposts and readers that track the status and security of containerised cargo shipments managed by Colombian logistics provider Emprevi Ltda.

“Solar energy powers some of the more remote sections of Emprevi’s RFID network that would otherwise lack a constant, dependable power source,” says Emprevi president Mauricio Barberan Canas.

Savi Technology, established in 1989, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, headquartered in Mountain View, California. The RFID solutions provider has offices in London, Melbourne, Singapore and Washington DC.

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New Tec succeeds in refurbishing forklifts
HULL, IA, United States

Engineering-driven New Tec Inc has nearly doubled employment in its material handling division this year as it exploits demand for reasonably priced forklifts.

In its territory, New Tec takes advantage of wholesale and retail buyer interest in used and reconditioned forklifts often previously in group rental fleets.

New Tec was founded in 2004 in Sioux Center, Iowa, moved nine miles (14km) to Hull in 2005 and soon entered the material handling market.

“We were motivated by a lack of support in our local area and requests that were made by companies looking for forklift support,” says Scott Hulstein, a co-owner with John and Evan Byl. “Our investment in refurbishing ranges from engine/ transmission/brake work on a single unit to just simply tyres and paint on a newer unit with low hours.”

The material handling division employs 16 including five mechanics to meet refurbishing and service requirements. The division started in 2007 with seven staff.

“We do custom engineering for material handling customers,” Hulstein says.

In addition, New Tec stocks inventory of new forklift equipment from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd and also represents Genie, Big Joe and EP forklift lines and Cascade load engagement devices.

New Tec primarily serves a 60-mile (96km) radius including agricultural, manufacturing and other customers in Spencer and Sioux City in Iowa and Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

New Tec outsources manufacturing of its in-house-engineered Calf Catcher corral device, ATV stock transport trailer, Handee-Tredd powered appliance cart and Shore Stepper walking boat lift.

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Search 4549 listings in the MarketplaceSample of used equipment for sale:

Taylor Y620 1972 United States USD 89000 Details
JCB 520 2003 United States USD 28500 Details
Forano Eaves E155 1995 United States USD 16000 Details
Lull 6K37 1997 United States USD 30000 Details
Lull 844C42 1997 United States USD 24000 Details
Linde H 30 D 351 1988 Germany EUR 6400 Details
Kalmar DC1050-R56 1996 Belgium EUR 75000 Details
Linde H 25 D 393 2005 Germany EUR 17800 Details
Gehl RS5-34 2005 United States USD 35500 Details
Crown CFG25 2000 Australia AUD 12500 Details
Gradall 524D-3S 2001 United States USD 28000 Details
Hyster J1.75DX 2000 New Zealand NZD 14000 Details
Toyota 42-7 FGF 15 2003 Germany EUR 7950 Details
TCM FG-15-N-18 1998 Australia AUD 9000 Details

and thousands more...
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Electric switch for Irish stationery company
TIPTON, United Kingdom

An Irish stationery products provider has replaced its LPG-powered articulated forklift fleet with electric articulated forklifts from Narrow Aisle.

The company has been using articulated forklifts in its facility for three years but decided to look for a new supplier after the forklift fleet developed persistent mechanical problems.

According to Narrow Aisle, the company’s converted LPG engine leaked water, hot engine oil and hydraulic fluid. This, and the rising cost of propane, prompted the company to rethink its fleet.

Narrow Aisle sales and marketing director John Maguire says propane, used in LPG mixes, is extracted from natural gas or oil refinery streams. Since it is produced as a by-product, its production levels cannot be increased when there is high demand, hence the huge price increases.

“Gas-powered articulated forklifts are at their best at sites where they are required to operate on demand, perhaps for an hour at a time and then left idle for a long period, over two or three shifts.

“In such cases, a single bottle of gas is usually sufficient to power the forklift over three shifts and this can be more economical than frequent battery changes,” Maguire says.

However, “it was clear that for the stationery company, the LPG forklift was not the best choice,” he says.

The company has ordered electric-powered Flexi G4’s from Narrow Aisle Ltd. Narrow Aisle also produces gas-powered articulated forklifts for its award-winning Flexi range.

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New warehouse forklift sells well
MILTON KEYNES, United Kingdom

Jungheinrich UK says in the six months following its launch, over 500 of the Kombi EKX 5 Series order picker/stacker trucks have been sold globally.

Sales and marketing manager Craig Johnson says the response to the forklift has been overwhelming since its launch at LogiMAT in Stuttgart in February.

“We expect UK demand for the Kombi to help drive global sales through the 1,000-truck barrier in the very near future,” Johnson said after showing the forklift to over 50 guests at Jungheinrich UK’s open day at its Warrington facility.

The EKX Series 5 uses RFID to enhance its performance and safety. Transponders set in the floor adjust the truck’s speed as it travels, slowing it down when it approaches the end of an aisle and on poor quality floor areas.

Linde opens hydrogen service station
MUNICH, Germany

The Shanghai Anting Hydrogen Refuelling Station built by The Linde Group, Tongji University and Shell Hydrogen officially opened last Thursday.

To commercialise fuel cell vehicles in China, the Chinese government’s Ministry of Science and Technology has commissioned the ‘National 863’ program, of which the station is part.

Linde provided engineering design, advised on the logistics for the delivery of packaged hydrogen compression, a storage facility and hydrogen dispensing system and trucked in compressed gas hydrogen for the new station. Tongji University directed the project.

The station near Shanghai International Auto City can fuel three fuel cell buses with 45kg of hydrogen each and 20 fuel cell automobiles with up to 3kg of hydrogen each.

The Linde Group sold its forklift division last year to focus on expanding its gas and engineering business ( News #285).

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New Products

Rocla launches warehouse trucks

Rocla Oyj has introduced the SSTac stacker and PL10ac order picker to replace old models SST and PL.

Rocla spokesperson Jukka Oksanen says all the technology inside the machines has been changed.

”Now we have new drive motors and new controllers, giving drivers better control of the machine. Personal settings are also possible under the PIN code, standard in each machine.”

The colour scheme of the stacker has changed – the chassis is black and the side panels orange. It has also been updated with the Rocla Integral mast, stiffer than traditional masts.

The forklifts are available globally.

Kalmar spreader for US market

Kalmar Industries has introduced a new spreader specially designed for reach stacker applications in the North American intermodal market.

The spreader can perform a variety of lifts compliant with the twistlock positioning of ISO and US domestic containers and side pin lift containers.

“More and more North American intermodal terminal operators are recognising the benefits reach stackers offer over traditional forklifts,” says Kalmar Americas vice president of the port division, Mikko Vuojolainen, adding that reach stackers are fast and flexible machines.

The new spreader will be distributed in the USA and Canada.

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Movers and Shakers

MILWAUKEE, WI, United States
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has elected Manitowac Company CEO Glen Tellock as its 2008 chairman. Martin Richenhagen, AGCO Corp chairman, is first vice chairman while Tiffany Sewell-Howard, Charles Machine Works’ CEO, is second vice chairman. The treasurer is Duane Wilder, president of Liebherr Construction Equipment Company. AEM full-time president Dennis Slater is secretary.

Konecranes Plc has appointed Pekka Lettijeff chief procurement officer, effective 1 February 2008. He will be responsible for all direct and indirect purchasing across the Konecranes Group. Lettijeff will be a member of the Konecranes Group Executive Board and will report to Pekka Lundmark, Konecranes’ CEO. He has worked at Nokia Networks since 2001 and is the head of global purchasing at Nokia Siemens Networks.

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Better distribution and service through Bolzoni
SYDNEY, NSW, Australia

As reported in the global news above, Meyer and Bolzoni Auramo, the forklift attachment brands belonging to Italian giant Bolzoni SpA, will be distributed throughout New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria by the group’s wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Bolzoni Auramo, based in Sydney.

Adelaide-based Eurolift, which is partly owned by the Italian company, will handle the distribution of the two brands in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Peter Beaumont, managing director of both Bolzoni Auramo and Eurolift in Australia, tells News that the new arrangement will result in a more effective and efficient service to Australian customers.

Previously, the Meyer brand was supplied by Apex Associates, which was appointed the distributor prior to the brand being taken over by Bolzoni SpA.

“It makes sense for the brands to be provided locally by Eurolift and Bolzoni Auramo as we have representation and service facilities in each state, which was not the case previously,” he adds.

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New licensing system for high-risk equipment
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

Safety laws which provide for the operation of forklifts, cranes, boom lifts and other high-risk equipment have changed. As a result, current ‘ticket’ holders need to transfer to the new ‘Licence to Perform High Risk Work’.

The new licence is being introduced to align with national safety standards, improve interstate recognition of current skills and better protect against fraud by incorporating a photograph into the licence.  

First-time applicants should contact an authorised licence assessor to book a test. Details on how to contact an assessor can be found on WorkSafe’s website.

All existing tickets will expire between 31 January 2008 and 30 June 2012, depending on when they were first issued.  Re-qualification or re-assessment is not necessary for those transferring to the new licence before their current ticket expires.
Transferring to the new licence is simple:

1.  Register online now
You must register in order for WorkSafe to send you a Licence to Perform High Risk Work Transfer Application Form. Register at You will need to provide your certificate number and date of issue. If you have more than one certificate, use the earliest issue date.

If you can’t provide your certificate number or issue date, contact WorkSafe Victoria's Licensing Branch at or call 1300 852 562.

2.  Complete the application form
Three months before your existing certificate expires, WorkSafe will send you a Licence to Perform High Risk Work Transfer Application pack. You will then have three months to lodge the completed form before your certificate expires. Complete the form, but do not sign it. Your signature must be witnessed by an Australia Post officer at lodgement.

3.  Lodge the application form
The application form must be lodged by you, in person, at an Australia Post outlet. You can find your nearest outlet on the Australia Post website, at You must take your completed, original form, at least 100 points of ID, all your current Victorian-issued certificates, a recent passport-size photo of yourself, and the application fee of $45.

Australia Post will process your application on behalf of WorkSafe. You should receive your licence within four weeks - more complex applications may take longer.

Details of the application process are provided in your Transfer Application Form.

How to find out more
For more information, contact WorkSafe’s Advisory Service on 1800 136 089, or go to  For application enquiries, contact WorkSafe’s Licensing Branch on 1300 852 562 or at

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Transport hub plan east of Adelaide
ADELAIDE, SA, Australia

A massive freight transport hub with connections for air, rail and road is being planned east of Adelaide, designed to ease pressure on metropolitan infrastructure.

The project aims to shore up the state's transport needs in the decades ahead.

An economic analysis and demand study of the proposal, which includes an airport that could be used similarly to Avalon in Victoria, will be undertaken to attract investment from the private sector.

A specific site for the hub has not been chosen. However, Monarto South, because of its flat topography and proximity to the South-Eastern Freeway and Adelaide, has been cited as a strong possibility.

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Nothing but a Red herring
BRISBANE, Australia, Australia

Red Australia has quashed a rumour circulating in the market that it is no longer the Jungheinrich distributor.

According to a statement by Shaun O’Brien, national sales and marketing manager of Red Australia: “There is no truth in the rumour. Red Australia is the Jungheinrich distributor and has no plans to change that. We have a good Jungheinrich order bank including new EKX515K purpose-built system trucks for Brisbane and a new EFX413 for Melbourne.”

O’Brien adds that Red this week received a sales order for 75 new Jungheinrich trucks due to be delivered over the nine months commencing March 2008.

NTP Forklifts, which was named in the rumour as taking over the distributorship from Red Australia, also denied it completely.

Damien Garvey, national sales manager of NTP Forklifts tells News that there is no truth whatsoever in the speculation.

European manufacturer Jungheinrich has confirmed that Red Australia is its current distributor.

NTP Forklifts is the distributor of leading brands Manitou, TCM, Taylor-Dunn, Hytsu and Fantuzzi.

Red Australia is the supplier of Komatsu Forklifts, Jungheinrich Electric Forklifts, Baumann, Bendi, Rite Hite Dock and Warehouse Equipment, PM Cranes, Gehl Skidsteers and IHI Mini Excavators.

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Strong Australian dollar drives import growth

A stronger Australian dollar drove demand for imported goods last month, as businesses took advantage of their stronger buying power, new figures show.

Merchandise imports rose 2% in October in seasonally adjusted terms, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported.

In unadjusted terms, merchandise imports climbed by $1.853 billion, to $17.403 billion from an upwardly revised $15.550 billion in September.

Linde Australia recognised by parent company

Linde Australia has been nominated as a benchmark company for the Linde organisation worldwide.

This follows recent meetings in Australia between the local company’s senior management and members of the Linde Board.

According to Linde MD Carl Smith, “There is no higher accolade a company can receive than to be recognised as a benchmark organisation within a global industry leader”.

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Improving the supply chain at ports
AUCKLAND, New Zealand

A new truck arrival system has been implemented on a trial basis at Ports of Auckland to handle container trucks.

Known as a Vehicle Booking System (VBS), it improves predictability and efficiencies in the Auckland container freight supply chain, specifically for container pick-up and delivery times. This benefits all parties in the supply chain (road carriers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders and Ports of Auckland).

The joint initiative between Ports of Auckland and road carriers is being live-trialled at the port’s main container terminal, Axis Fergusson. The trial allows the port and road carriers to measure the daily operation of the booking system so that the very best and most workable VBS solution for the freight community and the Port can be fully implemented around February 2008.  

Ports of Auckland managing director Jens Madsen says: “The VBS is one of many future-proofing initiatives that will help ensure container volume growth is proficiently managed in the years ahead.

“The system will also help with resource allocation, addressing the unpredictable peaks and troughs of truck arrivals caused by the “mismatch” between ‘24/7’ port operations - a must to service international vessels - and the business hours of the freight community,” he adds.

Road Transport Forum representative on the booking system working party, Simon Tapper, says: "We are confident that this system has the capability of giving the end-user, the importer and exporter of the container, clear visibility as to when they might expect their goods to arrive or be delivered. This will assist with their planning and utilisation of labour, warehousing and yard space."

Road carriers are now able to book one-hour time slots during which they can drop off or collect a container.

After the first month of the trial, VBS stakeholder meetings will be held to discuss progress and gather feedback from those involved in the trial and other parties in the container freight supply chain.

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Bolzoni Auramo Lift Tables Land In America

Bolzoni Auramo launches its new Lift Table range in the North American markets. The addition of Lift Tables increases Bolzoni Auramo’s product offerings of material handling equipment manufactured and sold in the US and Canada.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Fork-Safe International on track for Global Growth

The release of the “High-End” LED Lighting, Warnings & Alarms product range coincides with two other important developments for Fork-SAFE International.  HVS Solutions is coming on board as a distributor of the TFC Series, and the company will showcase a host of new products and kits at The Sydney Safety Show next week.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Microlift Most Economical attachment series

Microlift, a leading manufacturer of forklift forks and attachments, has released its new, economical side shift. We are looking to expand our dealer network and you are welcome to join us in distributing our quality product.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Eblo Seating has complemented their RECARO ERGO line with 2 brand new seats.

Due to the immense popularity of the ERGO INDUSTRY seat, EBLO SEATING has developed two new models for the construction market and larger forklifts. These high ergonomic seats with active air suspension can now be supplied with high or low backrests giving the driver the support and comfort level that is required.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Martin Hansen, Netto Truck A/S
ULDUM, Denmark

Martin Hansen is the positive-minded product manager of a growing Scandinavian forklift dealership. His company, Netto Truck A/S, was established in 2004 as DanTruck-Heden A/S's sister company. Netto Truck A/S is the dealer for Hangcha and Hyundai forklifts in Scandinavia.

Click here for the full Industry Profile feature, including pictures.

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Omega - 40C
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SMV - SL10-600 - 1996
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Upcoming Events

1. CONEXPO Asia 2007
Guangzhou, China
4th to 7th December 2007

2. CeMAT India
Bangalore, India
4th to 7th December 2007

3. NER / FBI-LEEDA Summit
Charlotte, United States
29th November 2007

4. SITL Asia
Shanghai, China
10th-12th December


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1. Nine (9) container handlers five high stacking
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Closing: 30 December 2007
Contract: CPA/CHE/37


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1. Aftermarket Sales Rep - Full time
United States, Quakertown PA/Phila PA/ Newark DEL

2. Capital Equipment Salesman - Full time
United States, Memphis

3. Capital Equipment Salesman - Full time
United States, Nashville

4. Service Technician - Full time
United Kingdom, Various areas


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1. Parts Manager - Full time
Michigan, United States


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Fast Facts

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Editorial Calendar 2007

Review of 2006
US forklift market
Turret trucks and order pickers
Forklifts and global warming
Fleet management systems
The global attachments market
Forklifts in harsh applications
Materials handling in Eastern Europe
Engines and drive trains
Forklifts in cold rooms
China’s forklift market
End of Year review


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