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This is issue #334 - 01 November 2007 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Teens lift Lego astronaut with fuel cell forklift.”


Hup Soon acquires stake in Nichiyu’s Asian distributor
US trade association offers Chinese scholarships
Oregon OSHA proposes fines for unsafe plant
Youth compete with mini fuel cell forklifts
Jungheinrich’s new dealers confident of product
Quadruple storage capacity for Manitou
Forklift component companies for sale
Warehousing association offers forklift training
Logistics competitions test speed and skill
Sample of used equipment for sale
Treasured bells found at last

NZ: Low pay seen as a major reason for skills shortage
Saving fuel costs on forklifts
Prevent deaths during Christmas zone
Visitors flock to Safety Show
Toll still keen on Brambles

SMH opens a new addition
Speedshield release its new Real-Time 900 data/reporting system

Ceres Marine Terminals first to purchase Hoist P-Series Ro-Ro
Made In Italy - New products from PEGASO LIFT

Used equipment in demand overseas: export while the dollar’s down.
Forklifts in business @

FORK TALK: Farmers shown safe forklift use

Shankar Basu, Toyota Material Handling USA Inc

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Hup Soon acquires stake in Nichiyu’s Asian distributor

Hup Soon Global Corp Ltd has acquired a 30% stake in the Asian distribution arm of Nippon Yusoki Co Ltd (Nichiyu), Nichiyu Asia Pte Ltd (NAS).

NAS, which was incorporated in Singapore in 1992, distributes Nichiyu electric forklifts in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. It also has distribution rights in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and India.

Hup Soon Global signed the SGD2.11 million (USD1.45 million) acquisition deal at Nichiyu’s headquarters in Kyoto, Japan last Wednesday.

Group CEO Timothy Chia says the acquisition is an extension of Hup Soon’s existing relationship in Thailand, “expanding its presence globally in the distribution of materials handling equipment”.

NAS distributes its forklifts in Thailand through Hup Soon Global’s associate company, United Motor Works (Siam). In Australia, forklifts are distributed through the 20% NAS-owned Nichiyu Forklifts Australia Pty Ltd, while wholly owned subsidiaries distribute its products in Malaysia and Singapore.

The acquisition follows Hup Soon Global’s announcement it is now the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi forklifts in Malaysia.

Mitsubishi and Nichiyu are no strangers. The former boosted its shareholding in Nichiyu by 2.2% to 20.1% in May 2007. The purchase signifies a strengthening of the relationship between the two companies which spans over more than 40 years ( News #313).

“Nichiyu is a specialist in electric forklifts while Mitsubishi is an industry heavyweight in internal combustion models,” Chia says, adding this benefits Hup Soon’s portfolio of materials handling products.

He says the rise of electric forklifts’ popularity in developed countries is likely to filter into Hup Soon’s markets.

“With growing environmental awareness and the pro-environmental regulatory push worldwide, we are optimistic there will be growing demand for these eco-friendly products.”

NAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nichiyu.  Nichiyu claims to be the first Japanese company to develop an electric forklift in 1939. The company is listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.

Nichiyu reported revenues of JPY65.9 billion (USD574.4 million) and operating profits of JPY3.1 billion (USD27 million) for the financial year ended March 2007.

Hup Soon Global Corp Ltd markets and distributes automotive consumables, agricultural equipment, industrial supplies and materials handling equipment in South East Asia through different trade names. It is listed on the SGX Sesdaq and represents 60 leading brands including New Holland tractors and 3M adhesives, mainly in Thailand and Malaysia.

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US trade association offers Chinese scholarships
MILWAUKEE, WI, United States

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is establishing a scholarship program to give Chinese students from low-income families the chance to study a construction-related curriculum at university level.

AEM senior vice president Al Cervero says the association is taking an active role to recruit the “best of the best” to the Chinese industry.

“China’s workforce is critical to the success of our members and our industry,” Cervero says.

“These scholarships represent opportunities for students who would not otherwise have been able to attend university. To our knowledge, we’re the first international trade association to establish such a program in China.”

The program is called the AEM/CONEXPO Asia scholarship program. CONEXPO Asia is an annual construction exposition organised by AEM.  AEM returns the profits from its trade shows to the industry through initiatives like workforce development. This year, the expo will be held between December 4 and 7 at the Chinese Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou.

Initially, the program covers one to two years of tuition for 20 to 40 students and will include five universities. AEM has signed agreements with East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai and is close to finalising agreements with Nanjing University of Technology and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. It also plans to sign agreements with Changsha Communications University and Guangzhou University.

The selection criteria for the scholarships include economic need, aptitude to succeed in a construction-related program and interest in the industry, demonstrated by recommendations from teachers or work supervisors.

Cervero says AEM aims to expand the scholarship program to fund over 100 students annually by 2009 and to include training scholarships for operators and maintenance personnel.

AEM recently initiated a program in China to train and certify operators in the construction industry. The program teaches best practice in safety and efficiency to reduce accidents and increase jobsite productivity.

“Reducing the number of accidents on the work site is good for everyone – manufacturers, contractors and most importantly, the workers themselves,” Cervero says.

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Oregon OSHA proposes fines for unsafe plant
PORTLAND, OR, United States

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) is fining Del Monte Fresh Produce and American Staffing Resources USD28,700 for safety and health violations that include seven forklift incidents.

The proposal to fine Del Monte and American Staffing follows an inquiry into working conditions at Del Monte’s food packaging plant in Portland after Oregon OSHA received a May 14, 2007 complaint and in the wake of a June 6, 2007 forklift incident.

OSHA investigations found the employer failed to adequately investigate reported unsafe acts or unsafe conditions related to forklift accidents.

Seven forklift accidents were documented in 2006, including one in which a worker was struck and injured by a forklift while standing next to a stationary object.

Other violations of the Oregon Safe Employment Act included failing to protect workers from safety hazards and incomplete documentation of workplace injuries and illnesses.

For example, in several areas of the plant, electrical connections were exposed to potential contact with water, endangering workers, and a ladder for employees was used in the closed position leaning against a wall, posing a safety hazard.

In another example, officials say American Staffing Resources failed to co-ordinate with Del Monte Fresh Produce on accurate documenting of workplace injuries and illness in the required OSHA 300 log.

“This investigation revealed numerous safety hazards at the Del Monte plant that could have caused even more accidents and injuries,” says Michael Wood, Oregon OSHA administrator.

“If we are going to prevent injuries before they occur, employers must be held accountable for hazards in their workplaces and take steps to correct them.”

Oregon OSHA also found violations specific to the June 6, 2007 forklift incident.

The investigation found that the forklift operator was not looking in the direction of the forklift’s travel at the time of injury. The operator drove in reverse 17 feet without looking before striking the accident victim. An investigation of the accident showed a hydraulic line showing visible wear and tear, creating a potential for hydraulic fluid to spray.

Del Monte has 20 days from receiving the citation from Oregon OSHA to appeal the findings. Oregon OSHA is proposing fining Del Monte Fresh Produce USD13,100 and American Staffing Resources USD15,600.

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Youth compete with mini fuel cell forklifts
SCOTTSDALE, AZ, United States

Secondary school students from around the world gathered in San Antonio, Texas last month to apply their fuel cell knowledge in tasks including a Cat  Lift Trucks-sponsored fuel cell forklift competition.

Erica Von Stein and Paul Rosenberger, one of the two US teams, won the overall fuel cell forklift competition, which required them to build a fuel cell forklift that could lift a load six-metres (19.7-feet) high and move 30cm (11.8 inch) across a flat plastic surface.

Seven teams from Germany, US, India and Japan comprising two members each, aged between 14 and 18 years old, were given two fuel cells, two motors, gas storage and various gears.

They were required to use at least one of the fuel cells and the forklift had to be small enough to fit into a 22cm x 22cm x 22cm (8.7 inch x 8.7 inch x 8.7 inch) plastic case, about the size of a basketball.

According to organiser Fuel Cell Store, the competition “modeled the real world application of hydrogen fuel cells”.

Participants were judged on hydrogen efficiency and the artistic and engineering aspects of their models. Hydrogen efficiency was determined based on the ratio of the weight lifted compared to the amount of hydrogen used.

A team of engineers read the students’ journals and interviewed them regarding the construction of the forklift models to decide the winner of the engineering award.

An artistic award was given to the most creative team. Students were encouraged to have fun in devising the loads the forklift models carry. Von Stein and Rosenberger’s load was a Lego astronaut.

“You might represent your country or your state or your sponsor or your favourite food or cartoon character in what you decide to carry with your lift. The important thing is that it is artistic and fun,” the competition’s guidelines said.

Other main events at the 2007 International Youth Fuel Cell Competition (IYFCC) were the Academic Bowl, testing students on scientific knowledge from the book Hydrogen Hot Stuff Cool Science and the Fuel Cell Handbook DVD.

For the Fuel Cell Model Car Competition, participants had to build and race a model fuel cell car.

The winner of the Academic Bowl was one of the three teams from India comprising of Ashwinderjit Kaur Bhatti and Avneet Kaur Narang. Manuel Kochen and Moritz Greif from Germany won the Fuel Cell Model Car Competition.

An award for innovative hydrogen storage design, the Ovonics Hydrogen Storage Award, went to the three teams from India.

The fuel cells were specially made for the competition by German company H-tec GmbH. A Fuel Cell Store spokesperson says they were “extremely light weight for the power they produce – about 1.4 volts”.

The 2007 IYFCC was held in conjunction with the 2007 Fuel Cell Seminar and Exposition from October 15-17. Teams were invited to join by national sponsors involved in the fuel cell industry.

Next year, IYFCC will be held at the Phoenix Convention Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, from October 27-31, also in conjunction with the 2008 Fuel Cell Seminar and Exposition.

For more information about the competition, visit

Fuel Cell Store of Scottsdale, Arizona, offers an online marketplace for fuel cell-related products and technologies. It also provides consulting services, workshops and conferences for the fuel cell industry. It is a subsidiary of ECOtality Inc.

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Jungheinrich’s new dealers confident of product

Forklift dealers representing Jungheinrich say it is business as usual since the forklift manufacturer restructured its US sales operations this year ( News #332).

Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp closed its Chicago factory store and handed the sales area to Scott Lift Truck and Aurora Lift Truck Service Inc. Both dealerships are family-owned and have over 30 years’ experience servicing the Chicago market.

Scott Swakow, Scott Lift Truck’s vice president for sales and marketing, says the dealership took over the Northern Cook, Lake and Dupage areas in Illinois from the factory store in August. It has been representing Jungheinrich for about two months.

“We are a long-time dealer for Komatsu Forklifts and this line will complement the quality of product we already offer.

“We bring 34 years of experience in servicing the Chicagoland market.”

Swakow says the Elk Grove Village-based company hired new employees and bought a lot of equipment from the factory store.

He expressed his confidence in Jungheinrich products, citing its ranking as the fourth-largest selling forklift manufacturer in the world and adds that end-users will benefit from an “unparalleled combination of reliability, support and make-sense technology” through Scott Lift Truck’s partnership with Jungheinrich.

Aurora Lift Truck Service Inc of Montgomery, Illinois, has been representing Jungheinrich for the past year when the factory store closure added part of Cook County in Illinois and Lake County in Indiana to its territory.

The dealership hired two people from the factory store: the service manager and the “top service technician”.

“Most of the factory store customers felt a good working relationship with Steven [the service manager] and we were able to bring most of these customers with us,” says Brian Rhoads, Aurora Lift Truck vice president.

“The feedback I got from them is it’s business as usual.”

Rhoads says the dealership’s 35 years’ experience in Chicago and large service fleet will benefit customers.

“We are a family-owned business started by our father and mother in 1972. As we have grown through the years we have never lost focus on our family mentality.

“This translates to better understanding the needs of customers individually and tailoring a program that suits their requirements,” Rhoads says.

Aurora also represents Komatsu and Schaeff.

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    Quadruple storage capacity for Manitou
    WACO, TX, United States

    Manitou North America Inc has opened its new USD2 million customer service centre, which will quadruple its current storage capacity.

    The Waco, Texas centre originally consisted of two separate spare parts warehouses, parts and service offices and a meeting/training room. Its 10,000 sq ft (929 m) area has been enlarged to 35,000 sq ft (3,251.6 m) in the renovations which now see all functions housed in the same building.

    Steve Peacock, Manitou’s customer service director, says the expanded facility is also higher, giving the company more usable storage volume.

    Its original capacity was 110,000 cubic foot (3,114.9 m) and the expansion has increased that to 450,000 cubic foot (12,742.6 m).

    “MNA will be able to accommodate additional spare parts storage to better support the Manitou rough-terrain material handling equipment sold through its dealer network in the US,” Peacock says.

    A dedicated training classroom with a connecting workshop and four service bays have also been incorporated into the new facility.

    The building was completed in June but has only recently become fully operational.

    The company also added two new employees and expect another two early next year.

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    Forklift component companies for sale
    SOFIA, Bulgaria

    The Bulgarian privatisation agency has called tenders for a 67% stake in forklift component manufacturers Balkancar Erma and Balkancar ZFI.

    The starting price is LEV400,000 (USD295,652) and the bidding step is set at LEV40,000 (USD29,565.20) for Balkancar Erma and LEV30,000 (USD22,173.90) for Balkancar ZFI, Bulgarian News Digest reported.

    Bidders must pay a LEV100,000 (USD73,913.10) and LEV120,000 (USD88,695.70)  deposit, respectively, to participate in the tender for Balkancar Erma and Balkancar ZFI.

    Balkancar Erma reported a LEV5,000 (USD3,695.66) turnover and a LEV128,000 (USD94,608.80) loss for the first half of 2007, while Balkancar ZFI posted revenue of LEV101,000 (USD74,652.20) and a LEV1.6 million (USD1.18 million) loss for the same period.

    The Balkancar companies were previously put up for sale in September but investors showed no interest then ( News #326).

    A Balkancar company was sold in March to Bourgas Shipyards for LEV4 million (USD2.7 million) ( News #299).

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    Warehousing association offers forklift training
    LONDON, United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is partnering with The Resources Group to provide materials handling equipment training for its members.

    Courses include forklift, lorry-mounted crane, overhead gantry crane, large goods vehicle licence acquisition and driver assessments.

    Training will be provided throughout the UK to the association’s members at “preferential prices”.

    The courses, known as UKWA Training, can take place at members’ sites or at one of The Resources Group’s training centres at Eastbourne, Leighton Buzzard, Bradford and East Calder.

    UKWA’s chief executive officer, Roger Williams, says a trained workforce is one of the keys to advancing standards of professional competence in the warehousing sector.

    “There are so many benefits to employing a professionally trained workforce. With well-trained forklift operators, turnaround time is quicker and smoother, and accidental damage to both the truck and the product being stored is reduced.

    “A sympathetically driven forklift also enhances truck reliability and, needless to say, improves general safety throughout the facility where the truck is operational.”

    The Resources Group’s Helen Peedell says UKWA members will have access to a nationwide network of fully qualified, accredited instructors who train with forklifts and other industrial workplace transport equipment.

    “We are very much looking forward to working with UKWA and its members and believe that the scheme will be welcomed by the whole industry.”

    Established in 1944, UKWA has over 600 member companies that control nearly 100 million square feet (9,290,304 m) of warehousing space from nearly 1,300 locations in the UK. It was established as a trade body for the third-party warehousing sector but now includes all companies operating in a warehouse or distribution facility.

    For more information, go to:

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    Rocla supports Red Cross
    JÄRVENPÄÄ, Finland

    Rocla Oyj has donated a Rocla SW12 stacker to the Finnish Red Cross.

    Outi Amanor, a Red Cross worker, says Rocla’s donation directly supports the organisation’s work.

    “Very often companies give either money or clothes that end up with people in need. This donation is directly supporting Red Cross’s relief work.”

    EU approves Doosan acquisition

    European Union regulators have approved Doosan Infracore’s planned acquisition of Bobcat, saying the EUR3.43 billion deal would not disrupt competition in Europe.

    Doosan and Bobcat are active in construction and earth-moving machinery sales in the EU, according to media reports, but the European Commission said the two “would face numerous effective competitors”.

    Shareholders approve merger
    GREENWICH, CT, United States

    United Rentals’ stockholders have approved the merger agreement providing for the purchase of the company by Cerberus Capital Management affiliates.

    At a special meeting, about 99.8% of stockholders voted in favour of the purchase, representing about 76.8% of the total voting power.

    The transaction is expected to close in November.

    College offers forklift training
    SPRINGFIELD, MO, United States

    Ozarks Technical Community College’s new Centre for Workforce Development is offering new training programs that include forklift training.

    “Experienced professionals” will train locals in welding, forklift operator training and construction readiness programs at the centre on 614N Washington Street, reported.

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    Logistics competitions test speed and skill
    ASCHAFFENBURG, Germany and LOUISVILLE, KY, United States

    The winning team for the Linde Cup China Tour bagged another award when they came top in Linde Germany’s third annual forklift competition at Aschaffenburg central square.

    The Chinese team from Changchun First Auto-Works (FAW) emerged as champions when they competed with teams from Germany and Spain to raise their country’s national flags with Linde forklifts.

    Hang Hongyan, FAW’s deputy general manager, commended the team for overcoming language barriers and jet lag and adjusting to the competition’s forklifts quickly.

    “Zhu Yong’an and Cheng Feng were excited to be in Germany for the competition and were grateful to Linde for providing them with such a good opportunity that they never imagined possible in their current job.”

    Separately, Clark Material Handling Company employees did the US forklift manufacturer proud by winning the truck marathon and placing second for the overall competition at the inaugural Logistics Olympics.

    A team from Clark’s Louisville, Kentucky distribution centre was one of seven teams that participated in five events including the pallet puzzle sprint, pallet jack relay, pick pack hurdle, box put and the truck driving marathon.

    The top three winners received trophies adorned with a mini Clark forklift at an awards luncheon.

    The competition was organised by Greater Louisville Inc, the Louisville, Kentucky chamber of commerce. Clark’s aftermarket parts distribution centre is a member of the chamber.

    For more information on Greater Louisville Inc, go to:

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    Treasured bells found at last
    United Kingdom

    The treasured church bells of a local village stolen with the aid of a forklift have finally been recovered ( News #324).

    The three bells belonging to the All Saints Church in Merton were stolen while awaiting repair in Tavistock.

    Mary Ford, the church warden, told North Devon Journal the bells hold a lot of history for the community.

    “I never thought we would see them again. It was heartbreaking but to see them back and all in one piece is amazing.”

    The 70% copper bells were found in Manchester after an anonymous tip-off.

    They were taken from Tavistock after a forklift was used to smash down a door.

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    NZ: Low pay seen as a major reason for skills shortage
    New Zealand

    Nine out of 10 people worry about New Zealand's skills shortage, according to a new survey out on Tuesday.

    The survey by ShapeNZ for the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development found three quarters of those surveyed believe poor pay was a major factor behind difficulties in finding skilled workers. Over half also blame inadequate education and training.

    The survey found most people support tax, housing or resettlement incentives as ways to retain skilled workers - or attract trained New Zealanders back home.

    The survey also revealed 91% public agreement that skilled migrants have made an important contribution to New Zealand.

    Incentives to encourage trained New Zealanders to stay or to lure back those skilled Kiwis living abroad won widespread support.

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    Saving fuel costs on forklifts

    Fuel costs for vehicle fleets including forklifts should be substantially reduced by an innovative new fuel saving system.

    Distributed in Australia by vehicle technology solutions provider, FleetSafe, the Mtech Fuel Saver offers savings of up to 10% on diesel fuel costs.

    Tests demonstrate a measurable reduction in vehicle emissions and improved fuel economy, with results that are more dramatic than similar technologies evaluated, according to the distributor.

    The system operates by using molecular reaction technology to reduce the size of the smallest droplets of fuel within the vehicle’s fuel tank and fuel lines. A sensor, inserted once into the fuel tank, changes the aggregation of gasoline molecules from a “cluster” to a “single molecule”. The result is decreased surface tension, leading to better atomisation of the fuel and far greater fuel efficiency.

    According to David Quayle, MD of FleetSafe, “the benefits are extensive from a cost perspective as well as for the environment”.

    “Tests show that once a vehicle is fitted with the Mtech Fuel Saver, exhaust pollutants and harmful greenhouse emissions are reduced by up to 50%. Companies who operate fleets now have the option to use a product that benefits the environment while at the same time increases horsepower, lengthens engine life and reduces fuel costs.”

    He tells News that the Mtech Fuel Saver is, without doubt, the most effective fuel-saving solution available in Australia.

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    Prevent deaths during Christmas zone
    MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

    WorkSafe is urging Victorian employers, supervisors and workers to do all they can to prevent serious injuries and deaths before Christmas.

    “In November and December last year eight people died at work, nearly a quarter of the year’s total of 29,” says WorkSafe’s executive director, John Merritt.

    There were five fatalities in November and three in December 2006. Twenty fatalities have been reported to WorkSafe so far this year.

    “The Victorian community is increasingly aware of the need to develop and maintain safe work practices, but we know much more can be done, particularly when the pressure is on to get something finished or out the door.

    “Warehouses, road transport and retailing are particularly busy in the pre-Christmas period, while manufacturers and building trades are trying to finish work before an extended break.

    “No-one can afford to allow shortcuts to be taken with safety. What is often forgotten is that many serious injuries and so-called near-misses could have resulted in death.”

    Merritt says although overall workplace fatalities are trending down, last year’s eight pre-Christmas deaths was a significant spike for a short period of the year.

    “Everyone’s aim should be zero deaths and serious injuries, but I’m concerned that there is a consistent seasonal increase in fatalities ahead of what should be the happiest time of year.

    “Ensuring people have the right training, suitable equipment and appropriate supervision must be a priority, as is not relying on a person’s experience and skill,” says Merritt.  

    WorkSafe’s current advertising campaign targets the role of supervisors in ensuring workplaces are as safe as possible and shows how their leadership role can influence positive outcomes.

    “Supervisors have a tough job, but safety must be paramount, especially as young or relatively inexperienced people are often moving into the job market for the first time around Christmas.  

    “Not considering safety along with the production or other commercial needs creates a dangerous situation which can have enormous human and commercial ramifications. It’s not worth the risk.”

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    Visitors flock to Safety Show
    SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia

    The 2007 Safety and Materials Handling shows held in Sydney last week saw a 10% increase in visitors compared to the previous year, with around 10,276 visits made.

    Some 322 exhibitors displayed a range of safety and materials handling products and solutions over the three-day event. Short product demonstrations were held at the live interactive demo stage.

    Among the products exhibited was Australia’s first folding scaffold with a two-metre deck, the Razadeck200 from No Bolt.  

    Also on show was a futuristic ‘eye’ developed by Pilz and DaimlerChrysler which claimed to allow people to work next to robots and other automated machines without the need for physical safety barriers. Called “SafetyEye”, the sensing and control system monitors a three-dimensional space that cocoons the machinery.

    Martor Australia used the show to launch its new patented Easysafe cutter used for opening sacks or bags and removing shrink and cling film pallet wrapping.

    Task, meanwhile, unveiled a new Viper heavy duty reach truck with power steering, built for a wide variety of temperature extremes from the tropics to low-temperature coldrooms.

    Visitors to the show were drawn to the mini electric forklift toys on display at the stand and were encouraged to win one by dropping off their business cards for a lucky draw.  The winners were: Wayne Fulko, Training Officer at Integral Energy Training Group;  Tyrone Jackson, Fleet Controller at CRT Group, and Gary Bugden, High Voltage Inspector at RailCorp.

    Next year’s show in Sydney will be held 28-30 October at the same venue, the Sydney Olympic Park.

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    Toll still keen on Brambles

    Australian transport group Toll Holdings said at a shareholders meeting last Friday that earnings for the year so far were meeting expectations and it was looking at acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

    Toll, which this year spun off its infrastructure and ports assets, also said it was still evaluating plans for its 62% stake in airline Virgin Blue and remained interested in a potential takeover of logistics firm Brambles.

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    BBI appoints permanent CEO

    Chairman of Babcock & Brown Infrastructure (BBI), Phillip Green, announced last Friday that Babcock & Brown has appointed Jeff Kendrew as chief executive officer of BBI. Kendrew had been the acting CEO since 18 June 2007.

    Charge against forklift driver

    Forklift driver Aramu Houpapa was accused of aggravated sexual assault in Waverley Court last week.
    The 21-year-old New Zealander who lives in Punchbowl, Sydney, arrived in Australia in 2005.
    He will appear in the Central Local Court today.

    Go-ahead for NZ$180M terminal project

    Auckland Airport has confirmed it will go ahead with the $180 million next expansion stage of international terminal arrivals processing facilities.
    The project had been brought forward by 18 months and would be finished by mid-2011 in time for the Rugby World Cup, the airport said on Friday.

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    SMH opens a new addition

    On September 25 2007 SMH celebrated the “Grand Opening” of its Phase II expansion.  With the 100,000 square foot expansion SMH Headquarters has nearly doubled in size.

    Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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    Speedshield release its new Real-Time 900 data/reporting system

    SpeedShield has just released the new “Real-Time 900” data/reporting system to the SSV3 and SSVM controllers.  By utilizing a 900 MHz base station and a SpeedShield “communications board” mounted in the forklifts, impact incidences, prestart checklist faults, and use data is always up-to-date and available on your computer.

    Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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    Ceres Marine Terminals first to purchase Hoist P-Series Ro-Ro

    The P-Series RoRo is designed to operate within the tight confines of a cargo ship and other space-restrictive environments. The compact design and low overall height allow the operator to handle heavy cargo safely and easily on and inside a ship. Removable counterweights give the operator multiple capacity options, as well as allowing the forklift and counterweights to be easily lifted onto a ship and retracted quickly for operation.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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    Made In Italy - New products from PEGASO LIFT

    Pegaso Lift have announced the release of the WAVE T13, WAVE12, Ph, TPL and PL series pallet trucks and stackers. The range of units are available for light uses through to large professional use with load capacities 3000kg.

    Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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    Farmers shown safe forklift use
    BARNSLEY, United Kingdom

    A farmer standing on a pallet that was balanced on the forks of a telehandler fell three meters to his death this week. Luckily this “farmer” was a mannequin set up by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to demonstrate the dangers of working at height and the improper use of farm machinery.

    Click here for the full Fork Talk feature, including pictures.

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    Shankar Basu, Toyota Material Handling USA Inc
    United States

    For Shankar Basu, the big issues are emissions regulation, international standards, fuel cells, limiting dependence on traditional fuel resources and reducing fleet operation costs.

    Click here for the full Industry Profile feature, including pictures.

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    "There's still a perception that Chinese labour is cheaper compared to their Western counterparts, and that is where the difference in price should come from. Too often it comes from components that do not meet original quality specifications ..."
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    "Newbie here for electric! Looking for 3 wheeler presently and need help for picking the right one! Anyone?"
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