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“Jungheinrich restructures US sales operations .”


Hangcha unveils growth plans
Jungheinrich restructures US sales operations
Allcargo’s logistic parks need forklifts
UK lifting and handling equipment market fluctuating
Technologies complement in battery partnership
CeMAT Asia a success by all accounts
Sample of used equipment for sale
Yale online game part of safety push
Movers & Shakers

IFS deadline looms
Shipping is greener but road more popular
BBI expands port business
Economic crime in NZ soars
Keeping forklifts in their place

Blue Giant Expands Lineup of Pallet Movers.
From software to aerial platforms: new at TVH - Group Thermote & Vanhalst
Fork-Safe International on track for Global Growth

RAEDER-VOGEL: Special wheel materials for cold store and deep-freeze applications
Made In Italy - New products from PEGASO LIFT

Massive Wholesale Clearance Sale
Don’t get left behind, join the Marketplace!
Used equipment in demand overseas: export while the dollar’s down.

FORK TALK: Companies rally behind Construction Challenge

Linde Material Handling

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Hangcha unveils growth plans

Some 66 dealers from at least 26 countries attended a gathering to learn about how China’s Hangcha plans to continue moving up the ranks  of the global forklift titans, among them, News’ Paris Lord.

The theme of the four-day conference was ‘one team, one dream’.

For Hangcha, that dream is “to be in the top 10 by turnover in the global forklift industry in the next five years,” said Jenny Zhang Zhen Mei, general manager of Zhejiang Hangcha Import & Export Co. Ltd.

The gathering, in Hangzhou, capital of the eastern province of Zhejiang, was to unveil new models and tour company facilities, including a new factory under construction.

The formerly state-owned company reported global sales of 250 units in 2000, when it was privatised. This year, exports will hit 9,000 units, Zhang said.

Hangcha’s export goal is to keep the average growth rate at 20%, and to double it in 2012.
Zhao Li Min, chief executive of parent Zhejiang Engineering Machinery Equipment, told dealers Hangcha exported about 6,000 units in 2006. That comprised about 35% of China’s total forklift exports last year, he said.

“Our products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions, and Hangcha is now the largest forklift exporter in China.”

Zhao added that since privatisation, Hangcha’s sales volume has achieved an annual average growth of 40%.

Projected sales for this year are more than 35,000 units.

He said two goals for the company over the next few years are opening a massive new factory, and “perfecting and updating its production”.

Building the new RMB1.0 billion (USD133 million) factory at Lin’an, on Hangzhou’s northern outskirts, began in August 2007 and is due to be finished by the end of 2008.
It will span a total area of 330,000 square metres (3.5 million square feet) and have a production capacity of 60,000 units a year.  The existing factory makes 20,000 units a year.

Chen Wei Qiang, technical supervisor in charge of quality control, said Hangcha will try to offer better before- and after-sales service.  

Several dealers from the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland and Kuwait also told the conference of their positive experiences selling Hangcha models.

Hangcha trucked 19 new models to the conference hotel car park. They included a pallet truck, reach stacker, a three-wheeled electric forklift and an explosion-proof truck. Smaller trucks serve the airport baggage sector, while a 16-tonne model would suit steel works, for example.

Guests were armed with clipboard and comment sheets to rate the products as “good/bad/super”. They prodded and peered and shot photos of engines.  
A few later test rode trucks.

Alexandre Tort, who heads supply chain operations for CAPM Europe in France, has dealt with Hangcha for 13 months and sold close to 200 units.

Tort praised the conference because “we’ve finally found out we’re not alone,” he told News.

“As they say, there’s a kind of family, so when you can share experiences and find all have the same issues and problems, it makes me feel confident for the future.

“It makes us see Hangcha has high plans for the future, which also means if they want to achieve them, we all have to act.”

Asked about Hangcha’s quality, one Middle Eastern dealer, who requested anonymity because he sells numerous brands, said the components were well known and the “rolling system is perfect”.

However, he adds the finish of the machines needs more work, particularly the seats.

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Jungheinrich restructures US sales operations

Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp US president John Sneddon has used the company’s first quarterly internal newsletter, The Source, to explain to its dealers the “realignment of its sales operations”.

In The Source, published last month, Sneddon says he wants to “answer any questions” concerning Jungheinrich US’s strategic direction and ensure that the facts come straight from the company.

“The year 2007 has been one of reviewing progress made and identifying areas requiring further improvement and realignment, and restructuring of our organisation to achieve short-, medium- and long-term goals.”

He says when he joined Jungheinrich in March 2005, the company had a complex route to marketing its brand, resulting in poor service for its dealers.

Back then, Jungheinrich had a separate brand, Multiton, represented by non-exclusive dealers, two factory stores in Cincinnati and Chicago, a Key Accounts channel mainly targeting its strong business relationships from Europe, and OEM relationships.

In October 2006, Jungheinrich retired the Multiton brand from the North American market ( News #270). In January 2007, the company transferred its OEM business back to its parent company. Jungheinrich moved to its new Richmond headquarters in April, increasing its operations space from 45,000 sqft to 110,000 sqft (4,181sqm to 10,219sqm).

In July 2007, Sneddon says the company moved its key account activities to dealer-managed accounts supported by its regional sales managers.

In August 2007, Jungheinrich transferred its Chicago factory store business to forklift dealers Aurora Lift Truck and Scott Lift Truck that cover the Chicago area. The move is expected to provide stronger sales and after-sales support to end-users.

Sneddon mentions a “series of business restructuring” that took place in September to make its business leaner and more flexible in responding to customers’ needs, but does not provide any details.

Helmut Limberg, head of sales in Jungheinrich AG’s board of management, is quoted in The Source, supporting the US sales subsidiary’s strategy.

“North America is of great importance to our sector’s leading suppliers.

“Jungheinrich … has realigned its sales operations in that region … we are charting the right course with our organisation in that market,” Limberg says.

Chuck Leone, company vice president of sales and marketing, says in the newsletter the North American market is “begging for an alternative supplier for warehousing products, specifically Class II products”.  Leone also expresses confidence in the product, saying its brand was more recognised now, enabling Jungheinrich to compete in the North American market.

A bar graph in The Source shows orders for Jungheinrich equipment in the US have grown more than 35 times from corresponding periods in 2002 to 2007. The biggest growth was seen between 2002 and 2003, about eight times, and orders more than doubled between 2005 and 2006.

Jungheinrich introduced the first of its US-designed forklifts in the last two years: the EKS314 order picker, ECR 327 end rider pallet truck, ETR 320 single-deep reach truck and ETR 314 double-deep reach truck.

The new products launching in 2008 are EFG213-220 electric three-wheel counterbalanced forklift, EFG316-320 electric four-wheel counterbalanced forklift and EKS 2 Series vertical order picker.

Jungheinrich principals were unavailable this week to comment on the newsletter’s contents.

  • Next week, we’ll look at dealer reaction to the “restructure”. Dealers are welcome to share their thoughts with us at

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Allcargo’s logistic parks need forklifts

Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd (AGL) is investing an initial INR3,400 million (USD86.4 million) into the establishment of 10 logistic parks in India.

The multimodal transport solutions provider is building rail-based logistics parks in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Nagpur, Pithampur, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad to enable an efficient supply chain for India’s automotive industry.

Construction has already started at the Pithampur and Hyderabad logistic parks and an existing Chennai facility will be expanded. AGL anticipates all 10 parks will be finished in the next two years.

AGL managing director Shashi Kiran Shetty says the company will develop the logistics parks in phases.

“In the first phase, we would require around 50 forklifts and 10 reachstackers. Currently, AGL operates three container freight stations at JNPT, Mundra and Chennai.”

AGL recently acquired 200 customised car containers from Trans-Rak International which it will be trialing soon. The containers have special fitments that move hydraulically and can carry four to five cars by road, rail and sea.

According to AGL, one in every 10 cars transported on India’s roads is damaged, resulting in delays and added costs. Trans-Rak’s containers boast “zero defect” in transporting cars.

Shetty says the investment is a logical business extension that addresses the skewed dependence of cars on road transportation in India.

“Besides cars, these containers have the flexibility of carrying general cargo as well.”

AGL plans to operate container trains in partnership with rail license-holders to reduce transit times and enable automobile companies to reduce inventory costs. It is currently talking with Indian automobile manufacturers about using the Trans-Rak system to transport their finished products.

According to Shetty, logistics costs in India’s automobile industry account for 2% to 3% of sales, while in the auto components industry, it’s around 3% to 4%. The Indian auto logistics industry is estimated to be worth INR34.71 billion (USD882.1 million) for the current financial year.

Shetty explains that the Indian logistics industry is at an inflection point.

“[It’s] expected to reach a market size of over USD125 billion in 2010. As a result of the under-developed trade and logistics infrastructure, the logistics cost of the Indian economy is over 13% of GDP, compared to less than 10% of GDP in almost the entire Western Europe.”

He says transporters with fleets smaller than five trucks account for over two-thirds of the total trucks owned and operated in India and make up 80% of revenues. The freight forwarding segment is also represented by thousands of small customs brokers and clearing and forwarding agents, who cater to local cargo requirements.

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UK lifting and handling equipment market fluctuating
MANCHESTER, United Kingdom

Sales of forklifts and work trucks in the UK are expected to show overall growth of 34% in the next five years, a new report says.

The information is part of a five-year review up to 2007 of the UK mechanical lifting and handling equipment market by Manchester-based market research company MBD.

MBD says demand for forklifts and work trucks in the UK has fluctuated in the past five years but sales will pick up this year, growing 7% to GBP435.7 million (USD889.7 million).

UK forklift and work truck sales dipped 15% from 2004 to 2006 to a low of GBP407.2 million (USD831.5 million), but the sector’s sales will grow this year and represent 16% of the total market.

In the next five years, forklift and work truck demand in the UK is anticipated to decline in volume terms, but the rise in market value will be a result of increased unit prices, reflecting advances in technology. Electric forklifts are also expected to become increasingly popular due to increased energy consciousness and awareness of environmental considerations.

During the review period (2003-2007), other equipment sectors’ sales also fluctuated with the exception of elevators and conveyors.  Demand in this sector has risen throughout and sales will increase to GBP429.7 million (USD877.4 million), representing about 16% of the market.

Sales of cranes and transporters grew moderately early in the review period. After peaking at GBP518.7 million (USD1,059 million) in 2004, demand dropped 2% in 2005 and 7% in 2006. However, MBD expects the sector’s sales to jump 4% this year to GBP494.2 million (USD1,009 million), representing 18% of the market. The sector represented 21% of the equipment market in 2004.

Lifts and escalators are expected to account for the smallest share in the overall mechanical handling and lifting market, representing about 6% in 2007. Winding, jacking and lifting equipment sales are expected to peak at GBP166.4 million (USD339.8 million) this year while the value of “other” mechanical handling and lifting equipment will decline 4% to GBP513.9 million (USD1,049 million).

Parts and accessories represented 18% to 21% of the total market during the review period and sales are expected to jump 7% to GBP529.9 million (USD1,082 million) after dropping 14% last year.

MBD forecasts the market to grow 7% in real terms between 2008 and 2012, spurred largely by the UK construction sector. Growth in distribution and warehousing is also expected but will be restricted by the modest 1.75% to 2.25% growth in manufacturing output early in the forecast period.

Cranes and transporter sales will benefit from the anticipated strong performance of the construction sector. MBD forecasts this equipment sector’s sales to grow 21% from 2007 to 2011 but the trend is anticipated to reverse by the end of 2012.

Parts and accessories are expected to account for between 16% and 23% of the UK market from 2008 to 2012. The value of the sector is anticipated to peak at GBP687.3 million (USD1,403 million) in 2011 but will reduce by about 30% in 2012.

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Technologies complement in battery partnership
ALPHARETTA, GA, United States and VANCOUVER, Canada

Fuel cells and lead-acid batteries are not necessarily competing technologies, as a new partnership between Ballard Power Systems and Exide Technologies shows.

Ballard and Exide have signed an exclusive five-year agreement where Exide will buy Ballard’s hydrogen fuel cell stacks to produce hybrid fuel cell battery systems which will expand the range and lifetime of batteries.

Michael Rosenberg, Ballard’s director of materials handling, tells News the program takes Ballard’s current materials handling work on a different approach.

“Despite what you hear in the public domain, fuel cells and batteries are complementary, not competing technologies,” he says.

Rosenberg explains that the new program combines Ballard’s Mark1020 ACS fuel cell stack with Exide’s Element valve regulated lead-acid batteries to provide a hybrid system where the fuel cell acts as a battery charger.

“[This] opens incremental revenue opportunities in the materials handling market for both companies and illustrates the flexibility of fuel cells and batteries.”

Over the next 18 months, Ballard and Exide will develop up to six prototype hybrid fuel cell battery systems for materials handling applications. There will be a small field trial program and if performance and cost milestones are met, the program will advance towards commercialisation, Rosenberg says.

Exide will only buy fuel cell stacks from Ballard under a five–year deal.

Mark Jesko, Exide’s director of marketing for industrial energy in the Americas, says using hydrogen fuel cells for on-board recharging capability will move the company into a growing market segment.

“[We are] demonstrating our commitment to innovation in high-technology energy storage solutions while addressing the unique concerns of our customers.”

Once developed, the hybrid hydrogen fuel cell battery system prototypes will be delivered to the US Department of Defense in Michigan. Specific details about their deployment will be available when the prototypes are ready.

The annual forklift battery market is estimated at USD1 billion.

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CeMAT Asia a success by all accounts

CeMAT Asia exhibitors are happy with the show this year, with many using it as an opportunity to showcase their products and distinguish their specialties from competitors.

Sang Tian, materials handling division manager of E-P Equipment Co Ltd, says the company exhibited its T-Series forklift and its full range of electric warehouse equipment.

Sang says visitors were attracted to E-P’s two-year warranty for its forklifts.

“It’s the first of its kind in China and gave our visitors confidence in our brand.”

Sang thinks the quality of Chinese-made forklifts is approaching par with the world’s leading forklift brands.

“[At the show] we saw high technology used in forklift design by companies like Linde and Toyota … very attractive.”

In the future, she says, Chinese forklift brands will be distinguished from the world’s leading brands by their “reasonable price, reliability and simple technology” while the leading brands would continue advancing in ergonomics and their automotive-style technology.

Ellen Wu, Jungheinrich Lift Truck (Shanghai) Co Ltd’s spokeswoman, says the German brand is still relatively unknown in China, so the company took advantage of the show to boost brand recognition.

“Since Jungheinrich set up its sales company in China in 2004, it is still unknown to most customers in China. We consider this year’s CeMAT successful because we received very positive feedback from visitors.

“Our stand attracted many visitors from the tobacco industry, pharmaceuticals, logistics and machinery industry.”

Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp Ltd marketing director Tee Seng Chuan says visitors commented that his company’s stand was the most interactive.

“Visitors felt that our ‘box-type’ booth design was creative and closely resembled the familiar materials handling goods shape.”

While Tee says the show was a good platform for Linde to distinguish its products and services from its competitors, he thinks the quality of the show could improve if it was held every two or three years instead of annually.

Linde’s main exhibit consisted of its E-gen twin trucks, 3-tonne diesel and electric forklifts. The company’s service team was also present at the stand to demonstrate the company’s technical support and service capabilities.

Show organiser spokeswoman Elaine Yu from Hannover Fairs Shanghai Ltd tells News more than half the exhibitors (58%) were from overseas and took up 53% of exhibiting space.

About 350 companies from 22 countries exhibited over an area of 23,000 square metres (247,570 square feet), including well-known Chinese and foreign forklift companies, Heli, Baoli, Tailift, HU-Lift, E-P, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Linde, Pyroban, Kalmar and Fantuzzi.

While show organisers tallied up 49,158 visitors at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre to visit PTC Asia, CeMAT Asia and CeBIT Asia held concurrently from October 10 to 13, no visitor details for separate shows are yet available.

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Taller and stronger as shelves go higher
GREENVILLE, NC, United States

Hyster Company has introduced a “taller and stronger” mast option to enable its reach trucks to service higher shelves.
Robert O’Donoghue, Hyster’s general manager for warehouse products, says rising land costs have led to a trend of taller warehouses.
He says the new mast option provides its Matrix reach trucks with the stability and control needed to place heavy pallets at heights of 12 metres.

Alta Lift Trucks office may move
WIXOM, MI, United States

Forklift dealer Alta Lift Truck Services will move its headquarters and about 50 jobs from Wixom to West Bloomfield in Michigan, Detroit Free Press reported.
The company has offered to buy Pella Corp’s site on Haggerty Road near Pontiac Trial.
Its plans for the site will be reviewed by the West Bloomfield Planning Commission on 23 October.

Patented plastic debuts in US
SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom

UK fuel cell materials company Bac2 showcased its patented ElectroPhen material for fuel cell bipolar plates in the US this week.
The unique conductive plastic was shown to visitors at the Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition at the HB Gonzalez Convention Centre in San Antonio, Texas from 15 to 19 October.
Bipolar plates constitute 30% of a PEM fuel cell stack’s cost. Bac2 claims making them from ElectroPhen cuts costs without compromising performance ( News #316).

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Yale online game part of safety push
GREENVILLE, NC, United States

An online game, operator training programs and posters are among the new workplace safety resources being offered by leading North American forklift manufacturer, Yale Materials Handling Corp (YMHC).

YMHC president Don Chance says the training and support services will complement companies’ existing safety programs. “[They also] provide unique and interactive ways to learn about product and workplace safety.”

The online game, “For the Long Run”, available free at,
tasks users with navigating a warehouse using a Yale Veracitor VX or NR-EA forklift. Players operate at three different levels, moving product on pallets through a warehouse and into a truck.

YMHC is also offering operator training that meets OSHA standards and policies at customer locations. Over 30,000 people in North America have been trained through the program, which Yale says reflects ITA recommendations and suggestions by trainers and safety directors.

An educational wall poster that provides an overview of safety do’s and don’ts for the workplace is also available free.

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Movers & Shakers

WESTPORT, CT, United States
Terex Corp has appointed Jacob Thomas as vice president of technology. He will be responsible for new product technology globally, working with business product managers and engineering teams. Thomas was previously vice president of the big bore engine business for International Truck & Engine Corp. Before that, he was with Case Corp in various roles.

STANSTED, United Kingdom
Powercell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd has appointed two new business development managers.
Alan Timcke has had a 30-year career in the forklift and battery industries, including roles with Jungheinrich, Linde, Enersys and Montgomery Reid. Timcke has been tasked with increasing sales in specific UK areas and developing Powercell’s significant accounts.

Colin McCartney has 12 years’ experience in the industrial battery sector, spent with BPS of Scotland. He was based in Kent for the past six years. McCartney will build Powercell’s client base in the southern counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire in sectors like forklift dealerships, food wholesalers, power stations, dairies and others.

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IFS deadline looms
BRISBANE, Australia

Andrew Fielding and David Whyte of PPB (Qld), the administrators of embattled forklift group Independent Forklift Services, expect to receive “several offers” to purchase the business by the close of business on Friday, 19 October 2007.

Whyte tells News that the Friday deadline may be extended to Tuesday next week for the first round of offers, following which best and final offers would be requested before a final decision is made on the successful purchaser by the following Tuesday.

He adds that a statutory meeting of the creditors, including 18 secured creditors (among them, most of the major financial institutions and several smaller finance companies), will be held tomorrow to decide on one of three options: liquidation of the company; a deed of company arrangement (a deal in which creditors agree to receive so many cents in the dollar); or giving control of the company back to the directors.

However, Whyte indicates that the last option is “highly unlikely” and the company will in all likelihood be placed in liquidation. “However, the creditors can also agree to postpone the meeting for up to 60 days to allow the completion of the sale of the business and assets to take place during which time the company remains in administration,” he explains.

IFS, which includes IFS (QLD), IFS (NSW) and IFS (NQ), owes millions of dollars to secured and unsecured creditors. ( News #329). While the total assets of the company remain confidential prior to its sale, around 300 forklifts are estimated to be on lease, with another 300 available for sale.

According to Whyte, employees of IFS will either have their entitlements settled by the successful purchaser of the company and be reemployed; or if a transfer is not concluded, their entitlements will be paid from the proceeds of the company’s asset sale.

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Shipping is greener but road more popular

A new report released last week by the Australia Institute shows coastal shipping is a greenhouse-friendly transport mode and that the drift away from shipping in the domestic freight market is contributing to rising greenhouse gas emissions.

The report, Climate Change and Australian Coastal Shipping, by Institute deputy director Andrew Macintosh, found that coastal shipping has the lowest emission intensity of the three major freight transport modes (road/rail/ship). When the modes are broken into subgroups, it ranks second behind private rail as the most energy-efficient mode.

“Shipping is an energy-efficient and green transport mode, yet it is losing market share to less efficient modes, which is ultimately increasing freight emissions,” says Macintosh.

Shipping’s share of the non-urban freight market has fallen from 37% to 26% over the past 15 years. A large proportion of the market share lost by shipping has gone to road transport, which is the most inefficient of the three major modes.

When operating in non-urban markets, trucks have emission intensities that are at least four to five times higher than those associated with shipping, according to the report author.

“Road transport accounts for less than 40% of the total domestic freight task, but is responsible for over 80% of freight emissions. In comparison, shipping accounts for 22% of the freight task and only 4% of emissions.”

The report found that the introduction of a moderate price on greenhouse gas emissions via a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme is unlikely to result in a large increase in shipping’s share of the domestic freight market.

“Due to shipping’s competitive position, it is unlikely that the imposition of a moderate carbon price will lead to a rebound in shipping’s market share,” he adds.

“In the short to medium term, achieving a substantial reduction in freight emissions will require significant improvements in the emission intensity of road transport and/or aggressive government intervention to encourage the transfer of freight from road to either rail or ships.”

The report is available on the Institute’s website -

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Massive Wholesale Clearance Sale

We are drastically over stocked and must clear these forklifts now!

Fork Force is having a massive wholesale clearance sale! This stock must go! Hundreds of units available ranging from 1000kg to 6000kg lift capacities; various lift heights and a large selection of brands are available. We have the forklift to suit most materials handling needs.

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BBI expands port business
SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia

Australian-based Babcock & Brown Infrastructure (BBI) this week announced it had acquired 100% of two Finnish concession port operators for a combined value of A$144 million. BBI is managed by Australia's second-biggest investment bank, Babcock & Brown Ltd.

The port operators, Oy Rauma Stevedoring and Oy Botnia Shipping, comprise the largest paper port operator and third-largest container port operator in Finland, together handling over seven million tonnes per annum of containers, forestry and dry bulk products.

BBI now controls a portfolio of five European concession port companies with operating concessions in 11 ports throughout Europe. They are forecast to produce combined pre-tax earnings in fiscal 2008 of A$98.6 million.

The purchase of Rauma and Botnia is a strategic link in BBI’s exposure to the Baltic Sea transport corridor – a corridor that is experiencing higher-than-average growth when compared to the rest of Europe.

Both ports have sufficient deep water to enable Handy and Panamax class vessels to use the facilities and both have ample capacity to expand volumes. Going forward, BBI will aim to accelerate the development of both ports through integration with its other European ports and through investment in the capacity development of the terminals.

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Economic crime in NZ soars
New Zealand

Economic crime continues to threaten companies around the world, including New Zealand. According to the Global Economic Crime Survey 2007 released on Tuesday by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the number of organisations having experienced an economic crime incident is significantly higher in New Zealand (67% of respondents) than in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

For those New Zealand respondents that suffered an economic crime, the total loss was more than NZ$69.5 million, with an average loss of NZ$1 million. Alarmingly, 20% of New Zealand organisations that reported an incident of economic crime suffered losses of between NZ$1.35m and NZ$13.5m.

“The results show no organisation is immune to economic crime – regardless of size, organisational structure or industry,” says John Fisk, a partner in the Investigations and Forensic Services practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Worryingly, 48% of the money lost by NZ organisations via economic crime has never been recovered. In addition, many organizations appear to have poor insurance policies to cover losses and costs from economic crime. 68% of respondents say they have these, but those who have suffered losses have only recovered an average of 6% of the lost funds from insurance.

According to the survey results for 2007, asset misappropriation remains the most likely economic crime suffered by NZ organisations, with 59% of victim companies suffering the theft of assets such as money or equipment. However, there was a demonstrable gap between this reality and what was perceived as being the most prevalent threat – just 32% regarded this form of economic crime as the most likely to occur at their organisation.

The threat of intellectual property infringement is also present in New Zealand, with 18% of respondents regarding this as the most likely threat to their businesses and 16% reporting being a victim of this crime with an average loss of more than NZ$1 million.

In NZ, 66% of economic crime involves a person inside the business or organisation. A ‘typical’ perpetrator in New Zealand:

• is male (70%)
• has been in his position and with the organisation for less than two years
• is below middle management level
• has a high school education or less
• is aged between 31 and 40.

The survey indicates the most common motive for economic crime is, unsurprisingly, financial gain.

Some 8% of respondents say they have suffered from an incident of money laundering in the last two years, twice as high as the global results and more than double the result for the Asia Pacific region. One-quarter of respondents believe they will be subjected to money laundering within the next two years.

Updated anti-money laundering (‘AML’) legislation is due to be enacted in New Zealand before the end of 2008. Fisk is concerned that 63% of NZ organisations are not prepared for the impact of new AML legislative amendments. One-third were not even aware the changes are imminent.

“These changes will fundamentally change the scope of the existing rules to cover many more organisations and will place a heavy compliance and potential cost burden on reporting entities,” he says. “Organisations will need a good understanding of what is money laundering, how money launderers operate, their product and customer risk profiles, and introduce processes to ensure that their risk assessments are kept current.”

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Keeping forklifts in their place
BAYSWATER, Victoria, Australia

Warehouse Safety Solutions (WSS) of Bayswater, Victoria has just completed a project worth around A$81,000 to help protect pedestrians from forklifts at a major company involved in running the Foxtel TV shopping network.

The contract involved the supply and installation of 415m of safety barrier railing with 13 pedestrian gates, which was supplied in kit form for ease of transport and bolted together on site.

“There is a huge amount of pedestrian versus forklift traffic at this site and after a safety audit was conducted, the need for complete separation of forklifts and pedestrians was identified,” explains general manager Michael Johnson.

“Our gates can also be fitted with magnetic locks which are activated once a forklift comes within five metres of the gate to stop the pedestrian entering the area.”

According to Workcover, almost half of all people injured by forklifts are pedestrians.

Johnson tells News that the project took three weeks to complete. He adds that the railing and gates were designed and manufactured by the company and will be on display at the Safety Show in Sydney next week.  

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Blue Giant Expands Lineup of Pallet Movers.

Blue Giant adds several new models of pallet trucks, lift stackers, and push stackers to provide a full lineup of walk-behind materials handling solutions. The new XPL Series are self-propelled straddle lift stackers with lifting capacities of 3,000 to 3,500 pounds.  The new XPS Series are intermediate-duty manual push stackers with lifting capacities from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds.  The new XPT45 Series are low-lift walkie pallet trucks delivering 4,500 pounds of lifting capacity and travel speeds up to 3.7 mph. The new XPT30 Series are low-lift walkie pallet trucks producing 3,000 pounds of lifting capacity.

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From software to aerial platforms: new at TVH - Group Thermote & Vanhalst

The TVH e-commerce team presents the new TVH Quick Source version 5.2, with several brand-new functions and from now on also available in Polish, Czech and Romanian.

Furthermore the aerial platforms department is working hard on earning a position as an established value in the sector.  The vast range and the new catalogues certainly contribute to this.

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Fork-Safe International on track for Global Growth

The release of the “High-End” LED Lighting, Warnings & Alarms product range coincides with two other important developments for Fork-SAFE International.  HVS Solutions is coming on board as a distributor of the TFC Series, and the company will showcase a host of new products and kits at The Sydney Safety Show next week.

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RAEDER-VOGEL: Special wheel materials for cold store and deep-freeze applications

Deep-freeze and temperature-controlled operations may require special wheel materials for safe and productive operation due to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. With our broad range of high-quality wheel materials with different shore hardnesses, RAEDER-VOGEL can offer solutions for almost any application.

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Made In Italy - New products from PEGASO LIFT

Pegaso Lift have announced the release of the WAVE T13, WAVE12, Ph, TPL and PL series pallet trucks and stackers. The range of units are available for light uses through to large professional use with load capacities 3000kg.

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Companies rally behind Construction Challenge
MILWAUKEE, WI, United States

Telehandler manufacturers are joining a growing list of companies sponsoring the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)’s new program to introduce teens to careers in the construction industry.

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Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling, which currently has more than 12,500 employees, started producing forklifts in 1958. Today, the product range comprises 67 different series with 170 truck types. The company is the market leader in Europe and holds the number two position in the world market

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3 of 4,011 listings
Linde - H 30 D 351 - 1988
Stuhr, Germany
Sisu (Valmet) - TD7ECR - 1997
Quezon+City, Philippines
Caterpillar - V900CH - 1995
Savannah, Georgia, United States

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Upcoming Events

1. 3rd Annual Midwest RFID Symposium
Lawrence, KS, United States
October 23 & 24, 2007

2. Ports and Terminal Technology
Antwerp, Belgium, Belgium
30th & 31st October 2007

Shanghai, China
24th and 25th October

4. The Safety Show Sydney
Sydney, Australia
24th to 26th October 2007


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1. Technical Trainer - Full time
United States, Carol Stream

2. Forklift Service Technician - Full time
Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

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United States, Philadelphia, PA

4. Industrial Tire Sales person - Full time
United States, Grand Prarie

5. Material Handling Service Manager - Full time
United States, Grand Prarie,Texas

6. Lift truck Technician - Full time
United States, Grand Praire Texas

7. Service Manager - Full time
United States, Peoria, IL

8. Service Manager - Full time
United States, Indianapolis, IN


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Fast Facts

1. Shanghai Niche Logistic Equipment Leasing Corp, OM’s sole distributor in Shanghai, officially opened its offices last week.

2. Blue Giant Expands Lineup of Pallet Movers.

3. From software to aerial platforms: new at TVH - Group Thermote & Vanhalst

4. Fork-Safe International on track for Global Growth


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Editorial Calendar 2007

Review of 2006
US forklift market
Turret trucks and order pickers
Forklifts and global warming
Fleet management systems
The global attachments market
Forklifts in harsh applications
Materials handling in Eastern Europe
Engines and drive trains
Forklifts in cold rooms
China’s forklift market
End of Year review


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