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This is issue #331 - 11 October 2007 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Triple-hybrid forklift to save costs and energy.”


SPECIAL REPORT: Who's overseeing the trainers?

Jungheinrich finishes Norderstedt face-lift
Forklift parts distributor buys USD6.6M facility
Triple-hybrid forklift unveiled in Germany
Village council grants Terex’s request
Centre to boost Manitou spare parts activity
Forklift competition creates record
Jungheinrich’s new products
CeMAT Asia exhibitors break record
Australian stevedoring industry creates global buzz
Sample of used equipment for sale
Bromma wins major order for Hyundai
Giant pumpkins on the coast moved by forklift

Forklift ‘flood’ not unusual
Little change but sector awash with opportunity

Dealers wanted – Microlift is looking for dealers world wide.
Distributors Wanted!
EMC Group listed in the top 200 businesses in Queensland.
TVH Australasia releases its new Quick Reference Parts Catalogue

The Eagle-Multi 12Volt to 48Volt Multi-Volt Charger 220/240V AC…...from JAMCO
Trelleborg Enters the Radial Industry

Genuine Nissan Parts and Mast Clearance
Get your say, find your way … in the Discussion Forums.
Dozens of Forklift Safety Solutions at Sydney Materials Handling

SAFETY FIRST: Rob Vetter: Is the Right-of-Way Wrong?

Ben Fagan,

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Obviously, a few reports don’t signal a trend, but it’s interesting to see the number of growth and expansion stories in this week’s newsletter. There’s Jungheinrich’s Norderstedt plant revamp aimed not only at increasing output, but also at improving quality and reducing environmental impacts. Meanwhile, Accosys Inc is expanding in Duncan, South Carolina with a bigger plant and more staff, indicating some growth in the US parts and accessories sector. On the other side of the world, China’s Anhui Heli Industrial Vehicle Import and Export Co Ltd expects forklift exports to rise 30% by the end of 2007. All up, it looks like the good times will be around for a while.
And a quick correction from last week’s article on Briggs’ purchase of Adobe. ( News #330). The article included a reference to the Teledyne Princeton Piggy Back. Princeton Delivery Systems Inc general manager Bill Pohl has pointed out that his product brand is "PiggyBack truck-mounted fork-lifts".  Duly noted, Bill!

Who's overseeing the trainers?
United States

Nobody, it turns out. In the absence of federal regulations, anyone can hang out a sign, print up business cards, and call himself a forklift driver trainer.  James Aaron Cooke reports in DC Velocity.  Read more

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Jungheinrich finishes Norderstedt face-lift
HAMBURG, Germany

Jungheinrich AG has completed the EUR40 million (USD56.4 million) upgrade of its Norderstedt reach truck plant, claiming it could be the world’s largest factory of its type.

The major restructuring of the facility started in 2006 and was completed last month ( News #272).

Norderstedt’s production line was completely reorganised, a new test and development centre was built and environmental improvements were made.

The environmental improvements include a new low-energy lighting system that is expected to halve the company’s lighting bill and a new printed circuited board production area that uses a water-based cooling system, significantly reducing energy use, Jungheinrich says.

Jungheinrich UK Ltd sales director Bill Goodwin says the company gave considerable thought to improving its business’s internal structure to increase efficiency.

“Our restructured reach truck facility enables us to achieve the highest flow rates while the build quality, for which Jungheinrich is recognised, has been improved further.”

Newly implemented cell-based manufacturing techniques are expected to result in additional quality checks as each forklift moves along the production line.

Instead of traditional operation-based factory layouts, the Norderstedt plant has been rearranged into process-based cells. Forklifts pass from one production stage to the next on wheels and workers perform their part of the assembly process before the forklift moves to the next “cell”. This method, commonly used in the automotive sector, is thought to promote a smooth production flow and eliminate waste.

The plant upgrade has also increased its production capacity by 30% to meet increasing forklift demand.

Jungheinrich has 20% of the European forklift market. Its turnover was EUR1,748 million (USD2,463 million) in 2006. It expects its share of the global forklift market to reach 9% and its turnover to top EUR2 billion (USD2,818 million) this year.

Globally, the company produces about 82,000 forklifts a year.

Norderstedt will produce battery-powered pedestrian trucks, reach trucks, horizontal order pickers, stackers and battery chargers. Vertical order pickers are produced at the company’s factory at Moosburg, near Munich, and not at Norderstedt as News previously reported.

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Forklift parts distributor buys USD6.6M facility
DUNCAN, SC, United States

Accosys Inc, the parent company of forklift parts and accessories distributor Systems Material Handling Co (SMH), has bought Raynor Manufacturing Co’s former manufacturing and distribution facility in Duncan, South Carolina, for USD6.6 million.

SMH vice president Frank Carter says the 198,000 square foot- (18,395 square metre) former garage-door manufacturing and distribution facility is bigger than the Olathe, Kansas-headquartered company’s present need and will be partially leased to another industrial user.

“We selected the Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina area due to its superior coverage for ‘one day ground service’ throughout a key portion of the Southeast,” says Carter.

He explains that where possible, SMH prefers to own rather than lease facilities as it has done for its Kansas headquarters; Grayslake, Illinois offices; Mira Loma, California warehouse and Mississauga, Canada office.

The company plans to use 80,000 square feet (7,432 square metres) of the facility and lease the other half to a manufacturer or other industrial user.

The USD6.6 million sale price includes 23 acres (93,078 square metres) surrounding the building at 175 Spartangreen Boulevard in Duncan, Spartanburg County. The land fronts the I-85, a major interstate highway between Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

Carter will not reveal how much SMH is investing in the new facility but says it intends to have it ready as a distribution centre by end of November 2007.

“We have already hired a majority of the staff and are in the process of training them and making preparations like outfitting the facility and stocking it with TotalSource parts.”

SMH is the primary operating entity for Belgium-based TVH Group in the US. It employs around 390 people in the US, Canada and Mexico and boasts 165,000 stocking numbers and over 2,000,000 part numbers for over 70 materials handling vehicle brands.

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Triple-hybrid forklift unveiled in Germany
MUNICH, Germany

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH (Proton Motor) has combined a fuel cell, a battery and supercapacitors in what it says is the world’s first triple-hybrid forklift system.

Proton CEO Felix Heidelberg says users can enjoy over 50% energy and cost savings over diesel forklifts using the hybrid power system.

Heidelberg claims the company is a pioneer in combining a fuel cell system with batteries and supercapacitors that previously were unable to cover energy storage demand on their own.

Both battery and supercapacitors serve as buffers for different conditions. During braking, the energy recovered will be stored in the supercapacitors, which provide peak power during acceleration and lifting. The system can provide over 30kW of peak power.

The battery complements the supercapacitors, providing energy buffering over longer periods.

An intelligent energy management system controls the power distribution between the fuel cell, supercapacitors and battery to ensure the vehicle’s power demand is met in an optimum way.

The system was demonstrated on a StillR60 forklift that has been fitted with the triple-hybrid system. An earlier prototype has operated at Munich Airport until 2006.

Proton’s main product for forklifts is the PM Package MH 30, which is a “plug and drive” solution. It replaces the standard battery package for a class 1 forklift with an 80V 700Ah battery. The 10kW fuel cell can power a 3-tonne forklift for up to eight hours.

Heidelberg boasts that the system eliminates long battery charging times and expensive charging stations. “Users can refuel hydrogen for a shift in one minute,” he says.

“The next step will be the supply of small fleets planned from 2008.

“We expect that within two to three years, attractive commercial offers will be possible for suitable cases, even without project funding,” Heidelberg says.

He adds that all fuel cell forklift applications in Europe today mostly rely on subsidies.

Proton has equipped buses with fuel cell systems. A passenger ship with the PM fuel cell hybrid system will be operating in Hamburg in the northern hemisphere autumn of next year.

Proton Motor, a subsidiary of Proton Power Systems plc, based in Puchheim, near Munich, has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2006.

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Genuine Nissan Parts and Mast Clearance

International enquiries welcome, shipping arranged.

Over $300,000 worth of Nissan Genuine Parts to be cleared at greatly reduced prices. Suit FG103, F01, F02, H01/H02, J01/J02, F03/F05. Also parts for electric trucks, B01/B02, R01, M01/M02, N01, P01/P02 and V02.

F03 4.5ton 2-speed transmission NZ$5,000 (US$3400), H25 short block
NZ$1050 (US$714). PC boards from NZ$850.00 (US$578) were NZ$4,000.
Valve slices from NZ$400(US$272) were NZ$1500.
Alto brushes and Raymond parts also available.

Nissan Genuine Masts 2 stage 3 & 4 ton from NZ$2299 (US$1609),
3 stage 4.3m-7.0m from NZ$5500 (US$3850).

Please contact Loadlift Equipment – PH: 0064-9-5802099
Parts – Barry Eames
Masts – Brian Wyatt

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Village council grants Terex’s request
BARAGA, MI, United States

The Baraga Village Council has granted Terex Handlers’ request for an industrial tax exemption to help fund its plant expansion and bring jobs to the community ( News #330).

Terex has asked for a 50% tax abatement over 12 years on USD1,791,317 of building improvements, machinery and equipment, the Houghton Mining Gazette reported. The council on Monday voted in favour of a six-year tax exemption with a six-year extension contingent on Terex fulfilling its obligations.

A key obligation is job creation, with Terex expecting the expansion to bring 75 jobs to the community in two years.

The tax exemption for the full 12 years would save Terex USD253,000. It is offered through Michigan’s Industrial Facility Tax Exemption Program and is the first of its kind to be granted by the village council.

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Centre to boost Manitou spare parts activity

Manitou BF expects its spare parts activity to double by 2014.

The rough-terrain specialist’s EUR23 million (USD32.6 million) spare parts centre that opened on 1 June will contribute to the growth of its spare parts activity, Manitou spokesman Damien Cocton says. Turnover for Manitou’s spare parts activity in 2006 was EUR120 million (USD169.9 million).

“It represents the most important investment in the last two years.” The 22,000 square metre (236,806 square foot) centre holds 60,000 parts units worth EUR20 million (USD28.3 million) ( News #251).

In 2006, 53% of Manitou’s total turnover came from the construction sector, 24% from the industrial sector and 23% from the agricultural sector.

The bulk of its market is concentrated in Europe – Western Europe (43.2%), France (37.5%), other European countries (7.2%) and other countries (12.1%)

This year, Manitou has added around 25 new dealers to its global sales network. Its total turnover for 2005 was EUR985 million (USD1,395 million) and EUR1,128 million (USD1,597 million) for 2006. The company estimates turnover for 2007 to reach EUR1,300 million (USD1,840 million).

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Forklift competition creates record

Linde China’s bumper-sized forklift driving competition has earned it a spot in the Shanghai Great World Records after drawing participation from over 450 companies and 900 participants across 20 Chinese cities.

A Linde spokesperson says the Shanghai Great World Records, China’s equivalent of the Guinness Records, has named Linde Cup the record-holder for “largest scale forklift competition”.

Multinationals that participated include Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co Ltd, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd, Nestle Qingdao Co Ltd, Michelin Shenyang Tire Company Ltd, Amway (China) Co Ltd, Zhanjiang Pepsi Drinking (Chengdu) Co Ltd, UPS and Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.

Linde China marketing director SC Tee says the “passion and involvement” of the participants was delightful, with some companies holding internal competitions to send their very best to participate.

After the qualifying rounds in May and June and five regional finals in Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen, 19 teams competed in the national event on August 8 at the facility of Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co Ltd ( News #310).

The national finals comprised two competitions - pallet handling around obstacles and the handling of small objects at various heights.

“These programs were designed to test the contestants’ speed, accuracy and teamwork,” the spokesperson says.

However, Linde threw a twist into the contest. While the teams could practise and prepare for the two competitions, a “mystery event” was added.

Participants were asked to place mixed-sequence boxes into the right sequence in the shortest possible time, testing their problem-solving skills and composure under pressure.

Holding internal competitions to send their best players paid off for Changchun International Logistics Centre, which came first, and Changchun Sihuan Volkswagen Logistics Centre which placed third. Qingdao Nestle was second-placed.

The first prize was CNY32,008 (USD4,262.33) cash, second prize CNY22,008 (USD2,930.68) and third prize CNY12,008 (USD1,599.04). All winners received an Olympic ticket each for an event of their choice.

The event was covered by Chinese media like CCTV, China Daily, 21 Century Economy, China Business News, The Economic Observer,, and others.

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Jungheinrich’s new products
HAMBURG, Germany

Jungheinrich has launched the ERE 225 electric pallet truck, available in the northern hemisphere autumn for the European and Asian markets.

Manufactured at the Norderstedt plant, the forklift replaces the ERE 224. The new model features third-generation AC motors, has Jungheinrich’s Shock Protect sprung drive motor and ProTrakLink-suspended drive castors that stop castors from snapping off when the forklift is used around loading bays.

It has a top speed of 12.5km/h (7.8 miles/h) and can transport 2,500kg (5,512lb) loads.

Last month, the German manufacturer made its JetPilot steering wheel available as an option for all electric counterbalanced forklifts in the EFG 425-430 range.

The JetPilot, first introduced at CeMAT 2005 in Hannover, integrates all main operating functions – travel direction, mast lifting and lowering, sideshift and tilt – into the steering wheel, making operating levers redundant.

Ralf Baginski, a Jungheinrich spokesman, says the steering wheel brings “previously undreamt-of possibilities” for counterbalanced forklift design.

“The workplace on a counterbalanced truck is getting closer in design and function to the up-market motor car standard and will continue to change considerably in the future.”

The JetPilot has only to be turned 100 degrees in either direction to achieve full wheel lock. It also returns on its own to the straight travel position after turning a corner.

It is still too early to say how many units will be produced in its first year, Baginski says. The JetPilot is produced at the Moosburg plant, near Munich.

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Nexen expands in South America
LOWESTOFT, United Kingdom

Nexen Lift Trucks has received its first order for 20 of its FD25 triple mast forklifts from Brazil.
Nexen director Pamela Oakes says the USD750,000 order was received by its Brazilian dealer for a customer in the container services, steel service and import and export industries.
“Brazil and other major industrial countries should be a growth sector for Nexen,” Oakes says, adding the company is looking to expand its worldwide dealer network.

Clark raises money for pink cause
LEXINGTON, KY, United States

Clark Material Handling Company and its dealers have raised over USD48,000 for breast cancer group, Susan G Komen for the Cure.
Clark’s effort started with its pink pallet jack initiative during its 90th anniversary celebration in May. The initiative was followed by fundraising efforts through the 5km Race for the Cure in Lexington on 29 September.

Manitou to launch hybrid

Manitou BF is expected to launch a hybrid telehandler/tractor at Agritechnica in Hannover from 13 to 17 November.
Farmers Weekly reports the company is tight-lipped about the details but the new Manitrac could be based on the Manihoe loader/backhoe hybrid machine.

Heli exports climbing

According to China Industry Daily News, Anhui Heli Industrial Vehicle Import and Export Co Ltd says its forklift exports will grow by over 30% by the end of 2007.
The company exported 922 forklifts in August and received orders for over 1,000 units.

TCM adds wing to Shiga plant
TOKYO, Japan

TCM Corp has completed a new wing for forklift parts at its factory in Chokoji-cho, Shiga Prefecture.
The new wing will boost the company’s forklift transmission and axle production capacity 1.6 times, Japanese News Digest reports.
The JPY2.8 billion (USD23.9 million) construction began in February.

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CeMAT Asia exhibitors break record

Around 430 companies are showcasing their latest products and services at CeMAT Asia in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre this week.

The show, which started in 2000, has a record number of exhibitors this year, a 22% increase from 2006’s 352 exhibitors. The show had only 136 exhibitors in 2002 and that figure has more than tripled over five years.

Show organiser Deutsche Messe AG says China, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US are the strongest exhibitors. Exhibitors include leading forklift suppliers like Toyota, Linde, Jungheinrich, OM, Komatsu and Nichiyu; crane suppliers such as ABUS and Konecranes; system suppliers like Hörmann and Danaher; component manufacturers and software suppliers.

The show is jointly organised by Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover Fairs China Ltd, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

Overseas supporters include the German Engineering Federation’s Materials Handling and Logistics Technology Association and the Asia-Pacific Logistics Federation. More than a dozen Chinese associations and government agencies are involved in the event.

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Australian stevedoring industry creates global buzz
BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia

Australia’s stevedoring industry is attracting worldwide attention due to the success of its Brisbane automated straddle carriers (autostrad) operation which was designed and built using homegrown technology developed by Patrick Corporation and the University of Sydney.

“Australia has never really been prominent on the world stevedoring stage but the Brisbane autostrad terminal in just 18 months of operation has changed all that and we are now recognised as leading players in terms of technology and innovation,” says Brisbane terminals manager Matt Hollamby.

The system is attracting considerable interest, with several overseas stevedoring companies visiting Australia to assess its applicability for their own operations. The free-ranging nature of the technology, which makes it eminently flexible and deployable, together with its safe and cost-effective mode of delivery make it a serious contender for terminals considering automation.

No other stevedoring operation in the world uses free-ranging automated straddle carriers and the Brisbane terminal now has 23 autostrads in operation, currently achieving 21 moves per hour.  A ‘move’ is defined as the ship-to-shore cycle of a gantry crane to discharge or load a container.

Six months ago, the terminal was operating at 16 to 18 moves per hour.

“We’re close to achieving our target of 25 moves per hour, proposed at the initial inception of the project,” reports Hollamby, adding that this benchmark should be reached by early 2008.

He tells News that the company is focused on refining the system and is looking at issues of traffic management in order to target maximum productivity.

“The proposed 25 moves is by no means the final target.  We’re committed to constant improvement.”

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Search 4099 listings in the MarketplaceSample of used equipment for sale:

Linde E 10 334 2001 United Kingdom GBP 2450 Details
Mitsubishi FD 35 T 1993 Germany EUR 5950 Details
Komatsu FG25ST11 1992 United States USD 2950 Details
Skytrak 10054 2002 United States USD 60000 Details
Linde H 30 G-03 352 1995 Germany EUR 10500 Details
Linde H 20 T-03 350 2002 Germany EUR 7950 Details
Linde H 16 T-03 350 2001 Germany EUR 6800 Details
Gradall 544D 2001 United States USD 49000 Details
Hyster H7.00XL 1997 New Zealand NZD 31500 Details
Elwell-Parker ESI160 2001 United States USD 29000 Details
Yale GLC050 2001 United States USD 7500 Details
Gehl RS5-34 2005 United States USD 35500 Details
TCM FHGI5N7 1994 United Kingdom GBP 3937.5 Details
Sichelschmidt M 12 16 EEx 1993 Germany EUR 2850 Details

and thousands more...
Click here to include your used forklifts, stackers, telehandlers, container handlers, attachments etc.

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Bromma wins major order for Hyundai

Swedish crane spreader company Bromma Group has received an order for 26 STS45 ship-to-shore separating twin-lift spreaders from container crane OEM ZPMC.

The spreaders will be operating at the Hyundai Merchant Marine terminal in Pusan, South Korea.

Bromma Group vice president for sales and marketing Lars Fredin says the STS45 twin-lift spreader is the company’s largest-selling spreader model, selling “many hundreds” each year.

The order value was not disclosed.

Bromma manufactures over 2,000 spreaders a year at its factories in Sweden, Malaysia and Finland. It boasts of the “largest R&D budget” in the spreader industry and estimates its spreaders are used in 47 of the top 50 ports worldwide.

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Giant pumpkins on the coast moved by forklift
HALF MOON BAY, CA, United States

A forklift helped move a stay-at-home dad’s gigantic pumpkin at a US coastal city’s annual pumpkin weigh-off this week.

Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Oregon entered his 1,524lb (691kg) pumpkin at the Half Moon Bay, California contest on Monday and won USD9144 in prize money, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Starr said he had no “big secrets” but used “yards and yards of chicken manure, lots of mixed compost and lots and lots of time”.

According to the paper, the world record is a 1,689lb (766.1kg) pumpkin grown by Joe Jutras of Rhode Island this year.

The winning pumpkin will be displayed this weekend as part of the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival.

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Forklift ‘flood’ not unusual
BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia

In the last week, large numbers of used forklifts have appeared for sale in the market.  One large distributor has advertised 70 forklifts for sale via online auction, while another is having a wholesale clearance sale for hundreds of units.

Vendors deny any connection between the sales and the recent financial woes of Independent Forklift Services.  IFS is now under the control of national insolvency firm PPB ( News #330), which hopes to sell the company as a going concern.  However, there are fears in the market that if IFS is not sold, its equipment will flood the market, potentially damaging prices for dealers in used equipment.  

Red Australia’s national marketing assistant Leonie Laarhoven denies that her company’s decision to sell some 70 forklifts via online auction this week was influenced by IFS’s demise.

She says the auction is just a way for the company to get rid of its ex-fleet units. “We have a large hire fleet and once the contract ends, we end up with that stock in our yard.”

She adds that the online auction is a relatively new method for the company to sell used units.

“We tend to sell our newer equipment to a few second-hand dealers, but the older equipment is easier to dispose of via auction,” explains Laarhoven, adding that it is usually models that are five years or older that go on auction.

She tells News that although the company hadn’t used auctions as a means of selling stock before, this year it has held three auctions with positive results.

“In particular, we get a good response for our electric units because they’re quite expensive in the second-hand market, and can go quite cheaply by comparison on auction.”

And it’s a method that’s gaining popularity. “Since our first auction, the number of bidders has increased significantly,” says Laarhoven, adding that the first two auctions only had pick-ups in Melbourne and Sydney but now the company has expanded this to include Brisbane and Perth.

Although units are sold ‘as is’, customers are able to inspect them prior to auction.

“The company will promote its service and spare parts side of the business at the time of inspection and we do prepare the units so that they are in working order and clean them up before they go on auction,” she adds.

Adrian Martin, operations manager for second-hand dealer Fork Force Australia, which this week advertised a massive clearance sale,  tells News that recent sales are just a natural sell-off by companies of ageing stock.

“I don’t believe it is connected to Independent Forklift Services. Their equipment hasn’t gone on the market yet and may not even be a factor if the company is bought outright.”

Sales in the second-hand market are as strong as ever, he assures.

However, he is no fan of the recent trend to sell via auction. “I simply don’t believe in the process – the so-called ‘unreserved’ auctions where stock can go from $9. I doubt that there isn’t an unofficial reserve price.”

He says auctions target only those people looking for a ‘bargain’ today but most people will weigh up the risk of purchasing equipment on an auction because there is seldom a come-back. “We’re seeing a lot of the major companies doing online disposal of mainly undesirable equipment – they advertise heavily and I don’t believe they really do well via auction.”

Sales manager Luke Scott of QV Forklifts also believes the recent numbers of used forklifts on the market are part of a normal sales pattern.

“As dealers in used forklift equipment, we’re not concerned about the recent sales of forklifts via auction,” he tells News.

According to Scott, it’s a natural progression of the market whereby major manufacturers start refreshing their rental fleets and selling off any equipment that is older than three years.

“They’re always under pressure to stock the latest and best equipment and so they have to get rid of stock as it ages.  It’s good for the end-user as they have a greater variety of equipment to choose from at good prices.”

He adds that the very small used equipment sellers may be concerned about possible negative effects on prices, but his company not only buys, sells and rents used equipment but also maintains and services equipment.  

He believes a good second-hand dealer provides equipment and service that is far superior to what’s being offered on an auction. “When you buy a piece of equipment on auction, it’s ‘buyer beware’. You’re buying something without a history that hasn’t been workshop tested and you’re stuck with it if something goes wrong.  All our equipment comes with a 90-day major component warranty for peace of mind.”

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Dozens of Forklift Safety Solutions at Sydney Materials Handling

Sydney Materials Handling, co-located with The Safety Show Sydney, runs October 24 - 26 at Sydney Showground. Around 60 exhibitors will showcase materials and manual handling products and services.

Among the high profile forklift brands will be Caterpillar, Crown Equipment, Linde Materials Handling, Red Australia, Shockwatch and Toyota Materials Handling.

Visitors to the Show will be able to see what's new to the Australian market, meet suppliers and even see live demonstrations of forklifts and forklift safety equipment.

For free registration and access to this event visit or call 03 9654 7773.

Also visit the team at stand L58 for a chance to win a remote controlled forklift.

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Little change but sector awash with opportunity

Australian private businesses continue to ride the wave of a strong economy buoyed by sound company strategy and new technologies, according to the second edition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Business Barometer released on Tuesday.

The PwC Private Business Barometer surveys more than 750 private Australian businesses with an annual turnover of between $10 and $100 million.

Released twice a year, it provides comprehensive data on the performance of the sector and insight into the issues challenging private businesses.

In the past year, businesses recorded an average increase in profits of 11.3% and an average rise in sales of 13.2%. This indicates a healthy but slowing demand and improvement in margins.

Overall, approximately 85% of businesses either met or exceeded revenue targets over the last financial year.

A closer look at the states shows that businesses in Western Australia and Queensland continued to record a higher growth rate on average than their NSW and Victorian counterparts. Over the past 12 months, profits in WA and Queensland have risen at three times the rate of businesses in NSW and twice the rate of businesses in Victoria.

Over the same timeframe, nearly all businesses in WA and 84% in Queensland exceeded their set revenue targets. In contrast, only 15.7% of NSW and 10.9% of businesses in Victoria beat set revenue targets.

The overwhelming majority of businesses surveyed acknowledged funding as their number one challenge, and as a business pressure it is rising, up nearly 1% in the last six months.

PwC partner Gregory Will says businesses need to look at flexible funding options. “Cashflow lending products, balance sheet finance and multiples of yearly earnings are all options to consider and can help a business extend their banking relationship".

The Barometer indicates that over the next six months close to half of the businesses surveyed plan to hire full-time or part-time employees. However, more than half of the businesses surveyed also say they are facing the challenge of finding the right people.

"Businesses need to be innovative about finding the right people,” says Will. “Remuneration was the number one incentive businesses use to attract and retain people but from a total rewards perspective, it is only one part of a more complex chain.”

Organic growth is still the dominant growth strategy of private businesses with four fifths focussing on the Australian market.

Of the one-fifth of businesses planning to expand geographically, just over half of these businesses are eyeing New Zealand.

Results from the Barometer support the benefits of planning, with around 80% of businesses with plans exceeding revenue targets in the last financial year. Businesses with no plans experienced growth of 6.1% in the past year. Those with a plan experienced triple that growth - close to 20%.

"Expanding for the sake of it or choosing a market because it is safe or close, can be as counterproductive for businesses as not expanding at all. Take the time to develop a well thought-out strategy that looks selectively at a market and elements such as attractiveness for individual products," Will says.

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Dealers wanted – Microlift is looking for dealers world wide.

Microlift Co. Limited, a leading manufacturer of high-quality forging forks and rolled bar forks, is looking to expand it's dealer network.

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Distributors Wanted!

Superlift Material Handling Inc., specializing in custom lifting devices including custom lift trucks, custom man lifts and lift tables, stackers, and floor mounted lifts and dumpers, is looking for distributors world wide.

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EMC Group listed in the top 200 businesses in Queensland.

EMC Group has been ranked with the top Queensland businesses for 2006 in the latest Q400 list.  With combined revenue of over $14 billion the Q400 represents Queensland’s leading 400 privately owned companies.  EMC were presented the award at the Q400 summit in August this year.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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TVH Australasia releases its new Quick Reference Parts Catalogue

TVH Australasia is proud to present our totally new “Quick Reference Parts Catalogue” designed specifically to assist both your parts department and service technicians.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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The Eagle-Multi 12Volt to 48Volt Multi-Volt Charger 220/240V AC…...from JAMCO

JAMCO announces the release of their Eagle-Multi Charger, a 12V to 48V multi-volt charger 220/240V Single Ph. which is fully automatic and fully digital. It automatically recognizes battery voltage, provides 50amp constant current and automatically adjusts to 50Hz/60Hz power cycle.

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Trelleborg Enters the Radial Industry

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc. has released it’s first industrial radial tire offering. The TR-900 tire line comes in a complete size range that can stand up to even the toughest applications and is the all-around solution to your industrial tire needs.

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Rob Vetter: Is the Right-of-Way Wrong?
BLAINE, WA, United States

Most people can relate to both sides of the right-or-way argument - but not when they're behind the wheel or walking around!

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Ben Fagan,
SYDNEY, Australia

A passion for transport and training lies at the heart of a new website developed by Ben Fagan of Sydney, Australia.

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3 of 4,099 listings
Sisu (Valmet) - TD7ECR - 1997
Quezon+City, Philippines
Hyster - S135XL - 1999
Ormskirk, Lancs , United Kingdom
Kalmar - DC45000RC- >15 years
Manzanillo, Mexico

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Help him with his research
"I'm currently conducting research regarding Attaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in the forklift industry, both from the suppliers' and end users' perspective. I would appreciate your valuable comments."
axeman, South Africa

Scrap forklift batteries
"Anyone know where I can buy huge quantites of scrap forklift batteries on a monthly basis?"
brad_c, Canada

Do you work for Scheaff-namco?
"I have been trying for over 2 weeks to find a dealer who can work up a quote for me. I need to do an almost complete rebuild on a Mod LC20-20 s/n 742368E. If anyone here can point me in the right direction, it would be most helpful."
richard_h, United States

Talk business at the Forum
"My company supplies spare parts for electric forklifts. I want to expand the range of my business to get some dealership for forklifts from Europe and Japan. Any recommendations? "
Ridwanforklift, Indonesia

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Upcoming Events

1. Med Freight 2007
Genoa, Italy
22nd & 23rd November 2007

2. Global Ports
Rotterdam, Netherlands
12th & 13th November 2007


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1. Account Manager/ Sales - Full time
United States, Columbus, OH

2. Senior Manager, National Accounts - Full time
United States, Marengo, IL

3. Territory Sales - Full time
United States, Lubbock

4. Service technician - Full time
United States, Oklahoma City

5. Service Technician - Full time
United States, Lubbock

6. Sales Manager, Southern UK – Heavy Forklifts and Sideloaders - Full time
United Kingdom, Southern UK

7. Regional Sales Manager - Watts Industrial Tyres USA - Full time
United States, North Eastern United States

8. CSR (Aftermarket Sales / Service) - Full time
United States, Omaha, Nebraska

9. Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Ashland, VA

10. Sales Representative - Full time
United States, Chesapeake, VA


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1. Sales or General Management - Full time
Asia, China

2. Hilo Technician - Industrial Truck Mechanic - Part time
Tampa, Apollo Beach, Sun City, Florida, United States

3. Service Manager/Engineer - Full time
Europe, North America,Midle East, Asia, United Arab Emirates

4. ACCOUNTS - Full time
NEW JOURSEY, United States

5. Manager - Full time
Asia, India

6. parts sales - Full time
Charlotte,NC but willing to relocate, United States

7. Service & Rental Sales - Full time
Ontario: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, Hamilton, Canada


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Fast Facts

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Editorial Calendar 2007

Review of 2006
US forklift market
Turret trucks and order pickers
Forklifts and global warming
Fleet management systems
The global attachments market
Forklifts in harsh applications
Materials handling in Eastern Europe
Engines and drive trains
Forklifts in cold rooms
China’s forklift market
End of Year review


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