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This is issue #326 - 06 September 2007 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Kion is looking for US opportunities”


Nissan Forklift buys OEM partner
Kion eyeing US opportunities
Auction used to get rid of non-compliant forklifts
Loadalls will have immobilisers
NMHG unveils holistic technology strategy
Forklift program mentioned in UK-based publisher’s book
Nine suppliers receive awards
Product News
Sample of used equipment for sale
Movers & Shakers
IBM says not its fault

Fosters trials LGVs
New cordless scanner for warehouses
Melbourne Airport gears up to become freight hub

Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK
Improving the best – the new fork positioner programme from Meyer
Cat® Lift Trucks presents new updated versions of their compact electric lift trucks range
EnerSys looks to the East
TVH Australasia releases it's new Quick Reference Parts Catalogue

Hytsu’s release new products to meet the world market
Rejuvenation Kits for electric forklift batteries.

Forget the hassle of maintaining a website, let take the pressure off!
Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK
Forget the hassle of maintaining a website, let take the pressure off!
Forget the hassle of maintaining a website, let take the pressure off!

FORK TALK: Nominations for Archies still open

Wang Yi Gao, China Industrial Truck Association

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Yesterday’s announcement of Nissan’s purchase of Atlet is a further reminder of the consolidation wave riding through the forklift industry, as it is in so many other manufacturing sectors. The development co-incides with our report on Germany’s Kion Group seeking a US acquisition to grow its market share. While customers often fear that consolidation lessens competition, there’s no doubt that it also strengthens the suppliers by rationalising R&D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. And in the wake of global collapses of mega-corporations in other sectors, consolidation should also shake out some of the weaker competitors, ensuring the survival of the fittest. The one certainty in all of this is that the process is far from over, and there will be many more acquisitions in the future.

Nissan Forklift buys OEM partner

Nissan Motor Co Ltd is buying Atlet AB after its European subsidiary finalised an agreement with the Swedish warehousing forklift specialist yesterday.

Both companies praised each other as suitable partners for expansion in the forklift industry.

Nissan Motor's corporate vice president, Toshio Aoki, is confident Atlet will boost Nissan's position in the global forklift industry through its warehouse forklifts that complement Nissan's mainly counterbalanced range.

“Atlet is the ideal partner for us to reinforce our position as a major player in the global material handling market, thanks to their high quality products which complement our existing product line-up.”

Nissan's main forklift products are its engine and electric counterbalanced forklifts.

The Japanese manufacturer has had an OEM agreement since 2002 for Atlet to manufacture Nissan Forklift warehouse forklifts for selected European markets.

Atlet AB CEO Marianne Brismar says Atlet will benefit from Nissan's forklift markets.
“Not only will we have the opportunity to strengthen our product range under our existing brand name, but we will also be able to expand into new markets.”

Nissan's key markets are US, Europe and Japan while Atlet has a strong European presence.

Atlet founder Knut Jacobsson says the acquisition opens the possibility of an “exciting and rewarding” future for its nearly 1,000 employees.

“With no natural family succession, we wanted to find an industrial partner to allow us long-term development and to strengthen the Atlet brand,” he says.

Atlet was established 49 years ago by Jacobsson and has been owned by the family until now.

The combined companies will produce over 36,500 units a year globally and have an annual turnover of EUR858 million (USD1.165 billion). Both brands and sales networks will operate separately.

They will exchange technology and manufacturing know-how, and cost savings are expected to result from joint purchasing activities.

The acquisition is pending approval by the EU Commission and is expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

Brismar will be replaced by a new CEO when the acquisition finalises. She will remain at Atlet as a special advisor.

Atlet, headquartered in Mölnlycke, Sweden, started producing warehouse materials handling equipment in 1958. Its annual sales is EUR182 million (USD247.2 million) and production output is 6,500 units.

Nissan Forklift Europe BV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co Ltd, and is part of Nissan Motor's industrial machinery division. The division is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With production facilities in Japan, US and Spain, Nissan started forklift production in 1957. Its annual sales is about EUR676 million (USD918.1 million). It employs about 1,400 people and produces 30,000 units annually.

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Kion eyeing US opportunities

Germany’s Kion Group is on the look-out for a US acquisition to grow its market share and complement its OM brand, CEO Hubertus Krossa told reporters in Frankfurt last week.

The Wiesbaden-based group is, however, reluctant to specify which US companies constitute attractive acquisition targets.

“If an opportunity arises, we will certainly seize it,” Krossa said.

Acquisitions could narrow the gap between Kion and world number one, Toyota Industries Corp.

Kion, acquired through a leverage buyout by KKR and Goldman Sachs from Linde AG last year, reported the total orders of its premium forklift brands Linde and Still, and value-segment brand OM recorded above industry-average growth for the first half of 2007 ( News #285).

The group’s incoming orders jumped 22% from EUR1.996 billion (USD2.716 billion) to EUR2.435 billion (USD3.313 billion) this year. The world forklift market grew by just under 11% from 1 January to 30 June 2007. Sales increased 9.8% from EUR1.933 billion (USD2.630 billion) to EUR2.123 billion (USD2.889 billion). Earnings before interest, tax and amortisation (EBITA) was EUR146.7 million (USD199.6 million) compared to last year’s EUR115.6 million (USD157.3 million).

In 2007, Kion will spend over EUR40 million (USD54.4 million) on its GoIPO synergy and improvement program to prepare Kion for a stock market listing.

Kion could be on the stock market as early as 2008. Its stated goal is to be IPO-ready in 2009.

“Regarding our internal processes, we will be marketable in 2008,” said chief financial officer Nadim Cen, adding he wants Kion to be valued at 10 times EBITA when it floats.

Its bottom line is expected to be in the red this year due to one-off costs for the leveraged buyout.

“We will fully digest the entire costs from the transaction in 2007,” Cen said.

While orders have increased this year, Krossa says the group’s production facilities are faced with the challenge of meeting them.

“The resources of our suppliers are limiting our growth and our factories are working at full capacity.

“Our employees are working extremely hard and are committed to supplying our customers in as short a timeframe as possible.”

The group also expects “substantial” cost savings to come from procurement synergies for Linde, Still and OM.

Kion employed 20,453 staff globally as of 30 June 2007, including 551 trainees, 2% more than the end of last year. About 62% of staff work outside Germany.

Deutz AG’s executive board chairman, Gordon Riske, will become chairman of Linde Material Handling GmbH’s management board and a Kion Group executive board member on 1 October 2007. Riske will eventually replace Krossa as Kion’s CEO.

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Auction used to get rid of non-compliant forklifts
LOS ANGELES, CA, United States

Forklift sellers were among companies that participated in a Los Angeles auction to get global market value for equipment that just became subject to new California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

Richard Aldersley, regional manager of Ritchie Bros’ Los Angeles site and the auctioneer’s clerk at the Perris, Los Angeles auction, says the August 28 & 29 event was the company’s first Los Angeles auction since new CARB regulations passed.

On July 26, CARB adopted emission-control regulations requiring off-road equipment using diesel engines to be retrofitted, re-powered or replaced.

Aldersley says about 70% of the 60 used forklifts sold at the auction were diesel forklifts that didn’t meet the new CARB regulations. The rest were older forklifts with lifting capacities above 46,000lbs (18,143.7kg).

Most of the forklifts sold were Hysters, with the rest made up of Clark, Taylor, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota, Yale, Nissan, Linde, Baker, Pettibone, TCM and Towmotor models.

Jim Dedolph, president of forklift sales, parts and rental company I-Lift in El Centro, California, says his company regularly uses Ritchie Bros’ Pheonix, Arizona; and Perris, California sites to clear its excess forklift inventory.

“Forklift prices were a little soft at the auction in Perris, but it was something that I expected. It's the market right now - prices are softer around the world now.”

Dedolph thinks CARB will affect the industry “very dramatically”.

“In a few more years, there will be no more old forklifts in California. And actually the days are coming that there will be no more old construction equipment in California either. All the contractors that run the older forklifts, scrapers, loaders and dozers - they just won't be able to run them anymore."

He adds that CARB will not affect his business much because I-Lift’s forklift sales in California were limited.

“Most of our sales end up crossing the border into Mexico or they go east to Arizona. Or we put forklifts in the Ritchie Bros. auction.”

Aldersley says Ritchie Bros did not specially promote the auction to Californian equipment sellers wanting to unload surplus equipment to out-of-state or international buyers.

“As we have a permanent auction site in Perris, consignors or sellers know we hold regularly scheduled auctions there.”

Most of the equipment subject to new CARB regulations went to Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and South America.

The Perris auction featured 2,659 lots from over 450 consignors and generated over USD29 million in gross auction proceeds. More than 2,200 registered bidders from 33 countries including 44 US states participated in the auction. Over 650 of registered bidders participated in the auction online using the company’s online service, rbauctionBid-Live.

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Loadalls will have immobilisers
ROCESTER, United Kingdom

JCB will kit out telehandlers and other machines with theft-prevention systems from November.

JCB’s group chief operating officer Michael Taylor says JCB wants to lead the way in the UK on plant theft reduction with the introduction of immobilisers and the adoption of CESAR (Construction Equipment Security and Registration scheme) as standard on its products.

“One in three construction machines sold in the UK is a JCB, so as the country’s biggest plant manufacturer, we are fully committed to helping stamp out plant theft.”

CESAR has been developed by UK’s Metropolitan Police and the Home Office Plant Theft Action Group. Machines are embedded with microchips containing ownership details. Machines will also display two “tamper-resistant” security plates featuring a visible unique code.

Police will have access to a central database containing the details that will assist them in equipment recovery.

The scheme is managed by the Construction Equipment Association of Caterham, Surrey, and security specialist Datatag of Weybridge, Surrey, is providing security material and support.

Datatag’s mini-tags and microdots will be secreted throughout the machine to further deter potential thieves.

The immobilisation system will isolate the starter circuit, forward/reverse controls and fuel supply to the engine. The electrical functions will become operational with the use of a unique transponder key or a standard ignition key and keypad that requires an ID code.

From November, all construction equipment will be fitted with CESAR, while immobilisation will be introduced on side-engined Loadall telehandlers, mini-excavators and some backhoe loaders.

Separately, the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, will visit JCB’s world headquarters at Rocester on September 13 to present its Loadall telehandler business unit with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade section. Loadall has won two Queen’s Awards (in 1984 and 1996).

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NMHG unveils holistic technology strategy
EVERETT, WA, United States

Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG) is offering value to customers through an aftermarket reselling agreement with mobile computing and data collection manufacturer Intermec.

Jonathan Dawley, NMHG’s business development manager, tells News Hyster and Yale forklift dealers can now deliver forklifts and business solutions to customers through the supply of fleet management solutions or RFID systems.

The agreement means Intermec’s forklift-mounted computers, RFID technology equipment and hand-held barcode scanners can be specified as part of forklift orders from dealers. I

“While NMHG has been focused on the integration of telemetry providers for fleet management, this is the first time the company has developed a formal relationship with a mobile computing and data collection company,” Dawley says.

“[We] recognise customers are looking for a single aggregator to bring the installation of technologies together.
He says Intermec is an ideal partner because it has the technical and sales resources to support Hyster and Yale.

From a product standpoint, Dawley says Intermec “isn’t always the first to market, but their products are always well thought-out and meet the diverse needs of their customers”, citing the new backrest-mounted RFID reader as an example ( News #293).

According to Dawley, about 70% of warehouse forklifts in North America have mobile computing or data collection equipment installed.

Intermec has completed 17,000 warehouse installations and has installed systems in over 250,000 vehicles. NMHG uses Intermec’s AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) tools in its parts distribution centre in Danville, Illinois to improve parts availability and accurately fill orders for its dealers.

“We see a huge opportunity in the ability to steer customers toward taking a second look at our Yale and Hyster brands. Our dealer’s ability to provide a single source of procurement, installation, and support of mobile computing and RFID options delivers true value to the customer,” Dawley says.

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Forklift program mentioned in UK-based publisher’s book

Monaco Group Inc president Joe Monaco says forklift operator training is sometimes wasted due to ignorance of human performance improvement principles.

Monaco tells News expectations and feedback are commonly conveyed to a forklift operator before he or she has had the time to practise newly acquired skills and knowledge.

“Unfortunately, newly acquired skills are often extinguished as the operator attempts to practise them in the work environment where the supervisor might ‘punish’ the operator for lack of productivity.

“The operator is [just] trying to practise the new safe operating procedures he or she learned in training.”

Monaco boasts that LIFTOR, his company’s forklift operator training and management program, prioritises practice over theory and is based on the human performance improvement philosophy.

The program and Monaco’s consulting career is featured in “Human Performance Improvement”, a professional training book released this year.

Human performance improvement, the subject of the Butterworth-Heinemann book by William J Rothwell, Carolyn K Hohne and Stephen B King, is a field of professional practice drawn from different disciplines including human resources management and behavioural psychology.

LIFTOR applies these principles to training forklift operators.

Monaco explains the program avoids written testing, but incorporates optional classroom instruction, front-line supervisor action and a method for experienced operators to legally “test out” the training.

While forklift training is one of its central components, the program intervenes in all relevant aspects of the forklift operator’s workplace through changes in supervisory and management practices and equipment maintenance and engineering.

According to human performance improvement principles, people actively succeed in producing meaningful outcomes if three elements are present: The worker needs “clear expectations” of what a job requires, “sufficient resources” to do the job and “access to feedback” on job performance.

That is why, Monaco says, forklift operator training is wasted when operators are given expectations and feedback before they have sufficient resources to perform at work.

Monaco says most of the companies that are licensed to use LIFTOR are international, but he can’t disclose them due to confidentiality agreements.

He adds that many have downloaded materials from his company website and assembled their versions of a forklift operator safety process.

“We are generally happy to see all the download reports from the website and hope our copyrighted materials are used responsibly. The ‘free downloaders’ come from many different industries, including governments and consulting firms from around the globe.”

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Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK

You are a Sales Manager now or else you think you should be.
You know what it takes to present your case both to client management and out on site.

We are the factory  team behind the unique JCB Teletruk, the counterbalanced forklift with a telescopic boom. We don't directly sell the machine against ordinary forklifts because  the two are not 100% comparable. So we need someone who can visit a site and see beyond the obvious. And therefore, because JCB doesn't make ordinary FLTs, we want someone who also isn't ordinary.

For more information, email with your query and contact details.

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Balkancar companies for sale
SOFIA, Bulgaria

Investors ignored stakes in Balkancar forklift companies during a one-day sale of 110 companies by the Bulgarian Privatisation Agency.

Sales exceeded BGL9 million (USD6.3 million) for shares in 32 companies that included insurer Armeec, the Bulgarian News Digest said, but no interest was received for the 67% stakes in Balkancar Erma and Balkancar ZFI.

JLG in hospital charity

JLG Industries Inc has donated USD2.5 million to Fulton County Medical Centre (FCMC) for a new medical centre.

The medical centre, scheduled for completion in December, will provide health care for Fulton County and surrounding communities, including McConnellsburg, the hometown of JLG headquarters.

Shankar credits Toyota dealers
IRVINE, CA, United States

Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) CEO Shankar Basu credits Toyota’s dealer network, customer service, technology innovations and commitment to quality for its world number one ranking for forklift sales in 2006.

Modern Materials Handling’s July 2007 issue noted Toyota reported the world’s highest global forklift sales revenue of over USD5.5 billion, a 9% rise from 2005.

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Nine suppliers receive awards
COLUMBUS, IN, United States

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Inc (TIEM) has recognised seven of its suppliers with the Quality Cost Delivery award at its annual Supplier Conference.

Suppliers are evaluated on a parts rejection rate, ability to meet cost reduction targets and on-time delivery performance.

TIEM spokesperson Bruce Nolting says Toyota is “heavily” dependent on its suppliers for its ability to provide quality forklifts to its customers.

“We believe this award reflects both our suppliers’ commitment to Toyota as well as our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.”

This year’s winners are:
  • Advance Wheel Corporation - Chicago, IL
  • Aisin World Corporation of America - Crothersville, IN
  • Champion Graphics Corporations - Cincinnati, OH
  • DTR Tennessee, Inc. - Midway, TN
  • KYB America, LLC - Lombard, IL
  • Sanko Electronics America, Inc -  Charleston, WV
  • Trident -  Hicksville, OH
Toyota presented special service awards to Tasus Corp of Bloomington, Indiana, and Yazaki North America, Inc, of Lexingon, Kentucky for contributing to the launch of Toyota’s 8-Series.

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Product News

Boat handling lifts European market
STURGEON BAY, WI, United States

Marine Travelift has introduced the Mariner 2500 to the European market.

The boat-handling forklift, first showcased at the Miami boat show, will lift 11,340kg (25,000lbs) at a 2.44-metre (8-foot) load centre. Its load capacity is 2,273kg (5,011lbs) greater than the previous model.

The forklift can suspend vessels from its two forks with straps slung under the hulls or support boats on their forks with rubber sheaths to prevent hull damage. Its 6.1-metre forks have maximum and minimum fork spreads of 3.8 metres (12.5 feet) and 1.4 metres (4.6 feet), respectively.

Noax’s mobile safety module
SARASOTA, FL, United States

Noax Technologies has introduced a German-made mobile safety module in North and South America, Europe and Russia.

The mobile safety module combined with a forklift computer assists in accident prevention and allows personalised forklift access.

Noax has over 20 years’ experience in the niche market of rugged touch-panel industrial computers.

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Movers & Shakers

MEMPHIS, TN, United States
Heli Americas has appointed Lina Yi as marketing assistant. Yi will assist in growing the company’s marketing and operational functions, including sales and inventory management. She previously worked for Cummins Engine Recon Marketing Group. Yi has an electrical engineering degree and an MBA.

GREENWICH, CT, United States
Bradley S Jacobs, United Rentals Inc’s board of directors chairman, has stepped down as the company’s chairman and director. Jacobs served as chairman since co-founding United Rentals in 1997.  

SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom
Bac2, a fuel cell materials company, has appointed Jim Totczyk as head of production. Totczyk, a production engineering specialist, was head of operations at Meggitt Avionics. Previously, he spent 17 years at Brookes & Gatehouse, most recently as director of manufacturing, where he worked on polymer moulding techniques for hermetic sealing.

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IBM says not its fault
United States

IBM insists it is not liable for a forklift accident that damaged a USD1.4 million computer.

As reported last week in News, TR Systems is suing IBM in the US District Court in Alexandria, claiming poor packaging resulted in the server’s damage after it fell off a forklift in transit to a warehouse ( News #325).

According to media reports, IBM says in its court filing it was the customer’s own clumsiness that wrecked the computer.

IBM notes that TR Systems had conceded in its complaint that its own employee was operating the forklift at that time.

TR Systems, a federal contractor, is arguing that the computer would have withstood the jolt if it had been packaged properly.

So far, there’s been no comment from the driver involved in the costly “mishap”.

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Fosters trials LGVs
VICTORIA, Melbourne, Australia

Fosters, Australia’s largest alcohol company, will pilot a Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) installation over the next six months to automate materials handling at its wine facility in Karadoc, Victoria.

The installation will be provided by Elettric 80, a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions.  The contract, worth an estimated $4.95 million, will entail the provision of 12 LGVs.

The solution has been designed to primarily transport finished goods from the various production lines to the storage areas. Two types of LGVs will be used at the site; a dual fork (twin tyne) version will take two pallets at a time to a block storage area and a single fork high-lifting reach LGV will store products up to eight metres high in a racking system.

The facility includes both block storage areas for stackable products and rack-based storage for non-stackable. The design of the Elettric 80 solution takes into account that the majority of finished product will be stored in racks. Rules and regulations surrounding rack-based storage have been included in the design.

The LGV vehicles will also bring finished goods from the store and picking areas to the various shipping positions for transportation to Foster's worldwide client base. In addition, LGVs will supply the production lines with empty pallet stacks and dry goods and remove waste materials.

The Karadoc facility will use Elettric 80's own Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the physical automation of products within the warehouse, whether it concerns taking pallets directly to the shipping area or storing them. In essence, the Elettric 80 software will work alongside Foster's existing WMS system and will automate the store, traffic and shipping management process.

The pilot will be significant for the company as forklifts play an important role, with some 418 units leased across its operations.  

The Victoria-based company, which last week released its financial results, operates three distilleries, two cideries, six breweries and 16 wineries, and comprises three business divisions: Australia, Asia and the Pacific; the Americas; and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Within the Australasian region, it employs around 6,200 people and sells over 120 million 9lt equivalent cases, with export brands growing swiftly in key markets such as Japan, China and India.

Forklifts are used throughout the production cycle from fruit handling and processing at vineyards and wineries, to warehouse logistics for finished goods. A specially designed attachment that lifts 18 kegs at once is utilised in the keg handling section.

Its forklift fleet is leased from three main dealers, TMH, Adaptalift and United Equipment, and comprises a combination of petrol/diesel used in viticulture sites as well as LPG, battery electric forklifts and intrinsically safe electric units which are used when bulk spirits are handled.  

Last week’s financial results revealed that Foster's, whose products include Penfolds, Rosemount and Lindemans wines and beer brands Victoria Bitter and Foster's Lager, had a net profit of $966.2 million for 2006/07 - down 17.1% on the $1.17 billion bottom line in the prior year.

Annual net profit after tax, before significant items and self-generating and regenerating assets (SGARA), was up 16.8% to $716.2 million.

Foster's bottom-line result for fiscal 2007 included a $131.5 million after-tax gain on the sale of the Kent brewery site in Sydney. Bottom-line profit in fiscal 2006 included a $704.9 million gain from Foster's sale of breweries in Asia and beer brands in Europe.

Foster's revenue for the year to June 30 rose 5% to $4.76 billion.

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New cordless scanner for warehouses
SYDNEY, NSW, Australia

Supply chain innovator Intermec of Sydney has launched a hand-held cordless scanner using auto-focus technology, which it claims is the first and only near-far area imager in a hand-held device.

The product will be shipped to global customers this month, including a prominent transport and logistics organisation which has ordered 30 scanners for its Sydney warehouse.

The scanner is aimed at forklift-based warehousing applications, and improves productivity by extending the operator’s scanning reach and flexibility. Paired with a vehicle mount computer, it can read 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes in any orientation, from 15cm to 15 metres away.

The SR61 ex scanner, which utilises the company’s proprietary Intellibeam imaging technology, enables customers to improve warehouse productivity, consolidate devices and reduce total cost of ownership, the company claims.

Operators can seamlessly transition from scanning an object in their hands, to scanning a pallet high up on a rack, to capturing an image. Tightly integrated Bluetooth wireless communication ensures smooth data transmission to the host computer, and with no cables to manage, operator safety and efficiency is also increased.  

The scanner delivers an array of benefits for warehouse operations, including:

• Omni-directional scanning—no arm twisting or package moving needed to get a good read
• Improved reads at low angles—easily captures top-shelf bar codes in narrow aisles
• Reads in low light conditions—auto-illuminating feature scans accurately in dim light
• Easy to use in bright light—on-board scope assists barcode targeting outdoors
• Reads damaged or obscured codes, including barcodes covered in plastic wrap

Built to withstand harsh operating environments such as multiple drops to concrete and hot and cold temperatures, the scanner is sealed against dirt and water and comes equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery that delivers more than 10 hours of use and is easily changed, minimising downtime.

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Forget the hassle of maintaining a website, let take the pressure off!

Are you part of a small business struggling to meet the demands of your average day? Know you need a website but don’t know where to begin? Do you have a website that seems to go out of date before you’ve even finished updating it?

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Melbourne Airport gears up to become freight hub
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia

The volume of air freight handled at Melbourne Airport is expected to increase dramatically once the A$330 million expansion project, announced last week, is completed in 2011.

The project, which will begin later this year, will add 25,000 sqm to the terminal and provide 1,000 jobs. The changes are expected to ease congestion at the airport, which is expected to handle 8 million passengers a year by 2020, almost double current levels.

Already, the airport handles some 350,000 tons of air freight a year - more than 30% of Australia’s freight market.

Spokesman Tom Perry tells News that the project will result in a significant increase in international passenger air services, with five new international aircraft gates being added to the terminal, including three that can serve the double-decker Airbus A380.

Among the freight operators with airside access are Australia Post, DHL, Australian Air Express International, Menzies and Toll.  The Melbourne Airport Business Park, a 386,000 sqm facility, caters for warehousing and logistic tenants such as AAE Domestic, Bax Global, Gibson Freight, Jets Transport, Star Track Express, Caterpillar, GMC Powertools, Kathmandu, Laminex, Reject Shop and Willow Ware.

According to Perry, a large number of organisations are choosing to locate their businesses at Melbourne Airport because of the ease of access to international and domestic air freight options, combined with access to key arterial roads such as the Hume Highway, Tullamarine and Calder Freeways.

One of Australia Post's three major processing facilities in Victoria is the Melbourne Gateway Facility. Based at the Melbourne International Airport, this facility handles approximately 72,000kg of freight per day. Nine forklifts are used in the facility, and play a vital role in its operations, which involves the handling of interstate and intrastate Express Post items, as well as international inbound and outbound items.

Last week, Australia Pacific Airports Corporation (APAC), the operator of Melbourne and Launceston Airports, announced a post-tax profit of A$158 million, an increase of 1% on the previous year.

APAC’s operating profit increased by 10% to A$270 million. Overall, revenue was up 10% to A$384 million, driven by a strong performance of the Australian domestic air travel market, significant growth in the company’s property developments, and strong growth in APAC’s long term car parks at Melbourne and Launceston Airports.

APAC, which recently entered into its 10th year of operating Melbourne Airport, invested more than A$100 million into capital works at the airport during the 2006/2007 financial year.

A major win for the company during this period was the decision by domestic carrier Tiger Airways to establish its Australian base at Melbourne Airport.

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Man buys forklift with bank’s money

An Australian property developer went on a shopping spree, spending $11 million on a forklift, a crane and 23 homes in New South Wales, after Westpac accidentally deposited a fortune into his bank account.
Then the bank realised its mistake and called in the cash plus interest.
The businessman, Victor Ollis, once jailed for a fraudulent property scheme, knew the multi-million-dollar windfall was an error but carried on regardless, the New South Wales supreme court was told.
When confronted, Ollis said it was the bank's fault "for not doing their job properly".
The judge disagreed. Ollis's conduct was "not merely amoral, it was dishonest", he said. "In the eyes of the law, it was the conduct of a thief."

Changing face of freight conference

A top line-up of speakers, sponsors and exhibitors will be at Australia’s national “Changing Face of Freight” conference being held in Adelaide, South Australia from 10 - 11 October.
The Conference program’s six key topics include Ports to 2020, Stevedoring and Shipping Developments, Global Integration of Freight, Air Cargo and Logistics, Land Transport, and Industry’s transport needs covering Mining, Defence, Wine and Seafood.

Ports of Auckland MD retires
Geoff Vazey, MD of Ports of Auckland, retired on 31 August after 19 years with the company – 11 of them at the helm during a period of transformation for New Zealand’s biggest port. Vazey will be succeeded as chief executive by Jens Madsen, who has been Ports of Auckland’s chief operating officer since 2006.

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Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK

You are a Sales Manager now or else you think you should be.
You know what it takes to present your case both to client management and out on site.

You're probably bored with ordinary forklifts and fed up with having little to sell besides a low price.

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Improving the best – the new fork positioner programme from Meyer

Hans H. Meyer GmbH introduces a modified build of the successful series 6-2400N and offers a new, complete programme especially suitable for full-service and arduous working conditions.

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Cat® Lift Trucks presents new updated versions of their compact electric lift trucks range

With the introduction of AC power and new safety functions, Cat lift trucks has improved the productivity of its compact, 24 volt, 3-wheel, EPKRT PAC electric lift trucks range

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EnerSys looks to the East

With the acquisition last May of a Bulgarian battery manufacturer, Energia AD, EnerSys, the global leader in industrial batteries, demonstrates that it wants to play a predominant role on the fast growing markets in Eastern Europe and Russia. EnerSys adds this production capability to that of its Polish plant, which has achieved a dramatic increase in production volumes in recent years.

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TVH Australasia releases it's new Quick Reference Parts Catalogue

TVH Australasia is proud to present our totally new “Quick Reference Parts Catalogue” designed specifically to assist both your parts department and service technicians.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Hytsu’s release new products to meet the world market

Hytsu Group is a professional manufacture in material handling equipment field. Both at home and abroad, HYTSU's products have been well recognized by our clients. With certificates of CCC, CE and UL our products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions globally and the brand HYTSU and T&U has also been proved to be one of the most valuable names in material handling industry. HYTSU is proud to announce the release of four new products.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Rejuvenation Kits for electric forklift batteries.

From the day a battery is made performance decline begins. Sulphate crystals gradually accumulate and cover battery plates resulting in lost capacity, cell distortion, short circuits and eventually cell failure from sulphate "suffocation" or related sulphate induced plate damage. The unique ENERGYTECH DUO-REGEN® process combines highly specialized additives and state of the art microelectronic PWM pulse technology as an electro-chemical sulfate reversion system. This technology dissolves sulfate crystals, cleans and re-energizes battery plates, restores electrolyte strength & recovers lost battery capacity.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Nominations for Archies still open
ALTON, United Kingdom

There are a few more weeks for forklift companies to enter their products or services for the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA)’s Awards for Excellence 2008.

Click here for the full Fork Talk feature, including pictures.

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Wang Yi Gao, China Industrial Truck Association

Wang Yi Gao, the export manager for China Industrial Truck Association (CITA) used to head Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp Ltd’s Beijing branch. He says the Chinese used to ask him if he was crazy when he tried selling Linde forklifts.

Click here for the full Industry Profile feature, including pictures.

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3 of 4,108 listings
Toyota - 02-6FD45 - 1999
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom
CVS-Ferrari - F280.5PBS - 2002
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ingersoll-Rand - VR90 - 2000
Illinois, United States

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How big should a fleet be?
"How do companies in retail, construction and steel industries decide on number of forklifts to buy? Is their any standard criteria like for eg, 1m sqm of warehouse space of a retail company requires 100 forklifts... "
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Drexel SLT-30
"I'm looking for the drive unit cover/housing gasket part#. Drexel said there isn't one but mine does have a gasket. The truck is a Model#SLT-30, Serial# 902732-168 . The drive unit is made by Durst and it has a Model#SW5516LS06 ..."
Truck_Tech, United States

Flame retardant media
"I would like to get a feel for the perception of flame retardant media in air filters for lift machines. Is flame retardant media only green? I understand that is not only green, but that seems to be the perception in the market. What does everyone think?"
Panhandkid, United States

Discuss the rental market
"I would appreciate if some people could let me know what percentage their rental fleet is internal combustion? What percentage of their fleet is electric? "
marissa_l, United States

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Engines and drive trains
Forklifts in cold rooms
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End of Year review


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