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This is issue #325 - 30 August 2007 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Gehl expands in West Bend with R&D centre.”


SPECIAL REPORT: Eastern Europe: Growing pains for maturing market

Acquisition target CVS plans expansion with new plant
Gehl stays and expands R&D in West Bend
Forklift mishap computes into USD1.4m claim
Inventor wants to hook up with backers
Chinese splits due to culture clash?
Nissan launches redesigned principal series
First Asian forklift heads for Brindley’s museum
Radar display targets speeders
Hi-tech dots to combat equipment theft
Movers & Shakers
Port News
Sample of used equipment for sale

New freight facility opens in Sydney
Innovative solutions to workplace safety

Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK
Trade Partners / Distributors Wanted !
Vulkoprin introduces completely NEW WHEEL CATALOGUE!
EnerSys looks to the East
Forklift safety under the spotlight at Sydney Materials Handling
2nd Southern Asia Ports, Logistics and Shipping 2007 India Exhibition and Conference

Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK
Trade Partners / Distributors Wanted
Don’t get left behind, join the Marketplace!

SAFETY FIRST: Don Nelson: Farmer picks fine instead of tomatoes

James Tennant, Easy Guides Australia

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Eastern Europe: Growing pains for maturing market

European Union (EU) membership for Eastern European countries has removed bureaucracy and trade barriers, leading to conducive conditions for the growing forklift market but some industry members say there is still room for improvement.  Read more

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Acquisition target CVS plans expansion with new plant

Italian container handling specialist CVS Ferrari plans to double its production capacity in three years.

The plans come on the back of new developments for the family-owned company. In January, Swedish group Cargotec Corp announced it would acquire CVS but last month put its plans on hold due to concerns raised by German competition authorities ( News #320).

CVS’s new 39,000 square metre (419,793 square foot) factory, about 3km (1.9 miles) from its Roveleto di Cadeo headquarters, has been fully operational since July. The plant will consolidate manufacturing activities of the other facilities and eventually lead to the doubling of CVS’s production capacity – 600 units in three years.

CVS has also appointed a new CEO to help double its production capacity.

Artemio Affaticati, 53 takes up the role of CEO and group managing director from September 3. Affaticati has 15 years’ experience in the logistics industry. He was president of Siemens AG – Logistic and Assembly Systems’ materials handling product division in Nuremberg, Germany. Before that, Affaticati was responsible for the global development budget of Siemens Dematic AG’s materials handling division.

Affaticati tells News the new factory will increase global production output in two ways: ”by providing a more efficient work-flow to all fabrication and becoming the new assembly plant for our new product – the electric straddle carrier; [and] by shifting the metal cutting and forming machines from the main plant to the new factory. In this way we have doubled the space available for the final assembly of reach stackers, forklifts, tractors and container runners.”

CVS now has 10 manufacturing units, all within a 50km (31.1 mile) radius from its headquarters dedicated to main components, while final assembly of forklifts, reach stackers, container runners and tractors takes place at the headquarters and straddle carriers at the new factory.

The new FSC 4013E electric straddle carrier, a 40 ton capacity, one-over-three stacking machine, will be delivered next month to the first customer, Eurogate terminal in Bremenhaven.

Another new product, the Ferrari container runner, will leave the Port of Hamburg in September for Virginia International Terminal, the first US customer to trial the unit. The machine has been tested in different European terminals - LSCT in LaSpezia and TDT in Livorno, Italy, and DUSS in Munich and Buss Hansa in Hamburg, Germany. All provided CVS with positive feedback.

Sales director Paolo Groppi says the container runner represents a revolution in the container handling world. The mini straddle carrier can stack one-over-one and is similar in function to the Kalmar shuttle carrier or Noell sprinter.

“The great advantage is the variable centre of gravity. Since the machine is designed with a frame able to lift up and down, there is no need of any hoisting and related rope and pulleys.”

Actual production of the new machines will start in mid-2008. CVS estimates a production output of 50 container runners and 15 straddle carriers in its first year of production.

The company covers the Italian market from its Roveleto di Cadeo headquarters but has independent service centres in all main Italian ports.

“This is the secret of our success,” says Groppi.

“We prefer to concentrate on manufacturing where our skills are [and] leave to specialists the task to understand the local environment and to translate the CVS reality for the different markets.”

He adds that there are now over 100 Ferrari 400 series reach stackers, officially introduced last year in TOC Hamburg, working worldwide. Major customers include container handling equipment rental company Arrenda Line in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela (eight units), container terminal operator Buss Hansa in Hamburg Germany (seven units) and Salerno Container terminal in Italy (six units).

Affaticati says up to 10% of the company’s turnover in the past two years have been injected into product research and development.

“This will be the year for our new electric straddle carrier and container runner while for 2008 we are planning to introduce the new 4x4 tractor and to complete the range of our forklifts by updating the F10-16 and the F42-45 [heavy lifting diesel] forklifts.”

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Gehl stays and expands R&D in West Bend
WEST BEND, WI, United States

Telehandler manufacturer Gehl Company’s search for a new out-of-state headquarters has been scrapped after it received a USD7 million package of incentives to stay put in Wisconsin.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Gehl was looking to move from its West Bend base because of overcapacity and obsolete technology at its corporate offices.

Gehl has promised to build a new office building and an R&D centre with the USD7 million assistance from Wisconsin state, City of West Bend and Washington County. The company will fork out the additional USD13 million for the expansion.

Gehl, which has been based in Wisconsin for 148 years, has promised to keep its existing 191 employees and add 87 more in the next four years for its new R&D centre.

Central to the effort to retain Gehl in Wisconsin is the initiative of the University of Wisconsin’s Washington County campus. It plans to add a four-year engineering degree program to graduate the engineers Gehl and other local employers are struggling to find.

Washington County Economic Development Corp executive director John Caldwell told the Journal Sentinel most of the jobs in Gehl’s expansion will be for engineers.
“All the money in the world is not going to keep a company unless they have the work force. What we're doing in the region is creating that work force.”

The Journal Sentinel reported Gehl had received incentives from another, unnamed state to relocate its headquarters

Click here to read the Journal Sentinel’s editorial piece on Gehl Company: A win in West Bend.

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Forklift mishap computes into USD1.4m claim
United States

A USD1.4 million IBM server was damaged after falling off a forklift during shipping.

The customer is now suing the computer manufacturer, claiming the computer maker failed to properly package the server.

According to Information Week magazine, US federal contractor TR Systems’ workers were moving the server from a freight truck into its Virginia warehouse when the incident occurred.

The rear wheels of the forklift hit the raised surface at the warehouse entrance, causing the forklift and its load to rock, TR Systems stated in its court papers filed in the US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, last month.

“As a result of the rocking motion, the base of the pallet and the crate broke and the crate fell onto the curb, damaging the server packed inside.”

TR Systems claimed in its court papers the damaged server was a result of “poor workmanship” and/or “defective packaging design and methods” by IBM.

IBM released a statement saying it would defend itself “vigorously” in the case and declined further comment.

The contractor purchased a new server from IBM following the October 2006 incident, for its customer, the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is now seeking damages in excess of USD1.4 million.

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Experienced Forklift Sales Professional Required In The UK

You are a Sales Manager now or else you think you should be.
You know what it takes to present your case both to client management and out on site.

We are the factory  team behind the unique JCB Teletruk, the counterbalanced forklift with a telescopic boom. We don't directly sell the machine against ordinary forklifts because  the two are not 100% comparable. So we need someone who can visit a site and see beyond the obvious. And therefore, because JCB doesn't make ordinary FLTs, we want someone who also isn't ordinary.

For more information, email with your query and contact details.

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Inventor wants to hook up with backers
GLASGOW, United Kingdom

A Scottish engineer is looking for partners to commercialise his unique towing attachment designed for forklifts.

Glasgow-based Peter McNally developed the easy-release towing hitch while working as an engineer on a remote mine in Norway. He designed the attachment to move trailers around the mine site with forklifts in the absence of other towing equipment.
After finding a range of uses for the attachment, including a mine accident rescue, McNally patented his invention in 2004.

According to the product description, it is designed to enable forklifts to move loads on a trailer.

“Typically, the solution to this problem has been to use a forklift truck in an inappropriate fashion by lifting or shunting the trailer around the site,” McNally explains. “This presents a risk of damage to the trailer and the load, as well as a chance of injury to the operator of the truck or other personnel present on the site.
Clearly, this is undesired and, in particular, breaches the Health and Safety laws.”

The inventor notes that some forklifts include a drop bolt, pintle bar or the like, which can be used for towing certain objects or for towing the forklift itself. The drop bolt engages in mountings that are usually located in a recess in the back of the vehicle.

“These drop bolts are, however, ill-suited for use in towing objects as it is necessary to couple the bolt to the object using a strap, chain, rope or the like tied to the object and to the bolt,” he adds. “This is both time-consuming and presents similar risks of damage or injury.”

Since obtaining a 27-country European patent, the inventor has enlisted the help of  the Innovators Counselling Advisory Service Scotland which has put him in touch with some forklift players, and while he has had some interest, he has found the “selling process” frustrating and, so far, fruitless.

McNally seems to be facing a “chicken and egg” situation. A number of manufacturers have told him they’d buy when the device is on the market, but none has been prepared to offer any financial backing or place pre-orders.

The engineer has also considered getting the attachment fabricated in small runs to sell to the industry, but the production costs on small runs and the turn-around time prevent such an approach.

McNally’s invention is currently listed with the Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) Scotland, a technology commercialisation organisation which attempts to link innovators with joint development partnerships in Europe.

“At this stage, I'm looking for a long-term associate to proceed with,” he says. “I would relish the opportunity of a joint venture, with both parties combining to make the project a success.”

McNally believes “no inventor can make it alone” and he is seeking partners to help him take the product worldwide.

Anyone interested in making contact with Peter McNally is asked to contact our editorial team and your details will be forwarded.

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Chinese splits due to culture clash?
BRISBANE, Australia

Forklift companies are avoiding joint ventures and opening their own assembly plants in China in a dramatic change from past practices.

This observation comes from Wang Yi Gao, China Industrial Truck Association (CITA)’s export manager and the former general manager of Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp Ltd’s Beijing branch, during a visit to’s Brisbane office on Tuesday.

“Due to the different management strategies [between east and west], many foreign manufacturers in China have bought back their shares from joint venture partners,” Wang said.

“Now, all foreign investors are going to be independent. They are not going for joint ventures.”

He said of the 76 forklift manufacturers that were CITA members, only a few were joint venture companies.

Linde, TCM and Hyster are among the forklift manufacturers that entered the Chinese market and established joint venture partnerships with local companies. Newcomers Jungheinrich (2005), Komatsu (2005/06) and Toyota (2003) entered the market on their own.

Wang wouldn’t attribute the shift to clashes between Chinese and Western management styles, but said it is evident incoming foreign companies are shunning joint ventures.

Crown, Mitsubishi and Pyroban have established plants independently in China in the past 12 months ( News #294), ( News #283).

Meanwhile, it is believed that TCM is unlikely to renew its partnership with Heli when its 10-year agreement expires next year. The companies currently have a 50-50 joint venture.

Linde established a joint venture with Xiamen Forklift in December 1993, but has gradually bought out Xiamen’s shares over the years.

Wang, who explores domestic and overseas market opportunities for CITA’s 165 members, is currently researching the Australian market.

Look out for’s profile on Wang next week.

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Trade Partners / Distributors Wanted

We are one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for wheels and castors made of VULKOLLAN® and polyurethane with modern production facilities in Germany.

We are looking for trade partners/distributors for the sale of our products in Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Click here to see our Media Release for more details.

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Nissan launches redesigned principal series
TOKYO, Japan

Nissan Motor Co Ltd has introduced the redesigned engine-powered Agres and Agres compact forklifts that go on sale on 18 September in Japan.

The Agres forklifts are available in 1.0-3.5 ton (2,205lb-7,716lb) models and Agres compact forklifts come in 0.9-2.5 ton (1,984lb-5,512lb) models.

The 2-ton (4,409lb) and 3-ton (6,614lb) diesel Agres forklifts feature Nissan's newly developed QD32 engine. The engine complies with Japan's 2008 exhaust emission regulations for special motor vehicles ahead of their enforcement date.

Petrol and LPG Agres models and compact forklifts are powered by ECCS (electronic concentrate controlled system) engines that are fitted with a standard three-way catalytic muffler system.

The forklift engines come in power and economy operating modes. The economy mode for a 1.5 ton (3,307lb) full-sized forklift model prevents excessive engine revving in the high-speed range and reduces fuel consumption by about 17% compared with the power mode, according to a Nissan statement.

Nissan says the Agres lines are its principal forklift series. It has set a domestic sales target of 4,000 units a year for the forklifts. Overseas market sales have been targeted at 3,000 units a year.

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First Asian forklift heads for Brindley’s museum
RIPLEY, United Kingdom

Komatsu Forklift has donated a 36-year-old reach truck to the National Fork Truck Heritage Centre in Derbyshire, UK.

The FB10R-1 reach truck that rolled off Komatsu's plant in May 1971 will arrive in the UK in early September and an official hand-over ceremony will be held on September 14.

Komatsu European division general manager Eiji Fukuda and head of commercial operations Rory Harvey-Kelly from Milan, Italy, will present the forklift to the museum's founder and curator, James Brindley.

Brindley, 63, tells News the Komatsu reach truck is one of the Japanese manufacturer’s early products and will be the museum’s first Asian forklift exhibit.

He explains the main criterion for his museum’s exhibits is their age.

“[I] also take into account the date the manufacturer first started forklift production and the different models or types the company is producing. Major style changes come into the equation, as do any changes in safety or environmental features.”

He adds that he also weighs up the machines’ “interest factor” to the general public.

Brindley is a former BT Rolatruc service engineer and Fork Lift Truck Association director. He personally restores old forklifts and displays them in a room at the Midland Railway Centre.

Brindley says the success of the museum since its official opening in October 2006 has presented him with a problem ( News #281).

“We have no more room for exhibits in the present facility.”

He plans to build an extension to the current museum, doubling its exhibition space and to incorporate a mezzanine floor for a library and archive.

The project is estimated to cost GBP80,000 (USD161,456), with labour undertaken by volunteers.

Companies that donate to the project will be acknowledged on the museum’s “honours board”.

Brindley says the new extension could be named after a generous benefactor.

Among the museum’s exhibits are a 1926 Yale forklift believed to be the world's oldest “surviving” forklift and a 1946 prototype of the Coventry Climax Godiva truck ET199.

Anyone interested in supporting the expansion can contact

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Radar display targets speeders
MESA, AZ, United States

RU2 Systems Inc of Mesa has introduced a radar-controlled speed display to tell forklift operators how fast they are driving and whether they are within a designated limit.

The portable RU2 SpeedBoss dolly has a display with 12-inch- (30 cm) high light-emitting-diode characters and offers variable set points in 1-mile- (1.6-kilometre-) per-hour increments.

The SpeedBoss costs USD1,995, says Kenneth Brown, RU2 vice president of sales and marketing. “The whole focus of the product is warehouse and distribution center forklift safety.”

RU2 showed a SpeedBoss prototype at the American Society of Safety Engineers exposition 24-26 June in Orlando, Florida.

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Hi-tech dots to combat equipment theft
FRESNO, CA, United States

The national distributor for a product inspired by World War II espionage technology is optimistic about the impact it will have on equipment theft in the US.

MicroDot Security Solutions LLC vice president of operations Gerald Gross says its DataDot product is still a new technology for heavy equipment, but has been used for four years in the US automotive industry.

“[Our] heavy equipment program is still in its infancy and I have no exact numbers as far as forklifts go, but I can say the awareness and support for DataDots is growing rapidly.” In the US, Gross says about 40,000 automobiles are being protected with DataDots each month.

DataDots are polyester substrate discs that are laser etched with 12 to 15 lines of serial number. The discs, the size of grains of sand, are suspended in an adhesive containing a UV trace element which allows law enforcement agencies to locate the dots. Once sprayed onto or brushed on automobiles or heavy equipment, the “dots” dry and are resistant to heat, cold and most chemicals. The serial numbers on DataDots are registered to the owners on national databases.

The technology is the brainchild of US entrepreneur Brent McClaws who developed it in Australia nine years ago to combat car theft.
And where did McClaws get the idea for DataDot?

Gross says: “During World War II, highly trained engravers would etch codes into the dots on the i’s or the periods at the end of sentences in letters and would then mail these codes between embassies to pass information.”

DataDots are distributed in different sized kits, depending on the industry. The personal DNA kit contains 500 dots for home use while heavy equipment units contain up to 10,000 dots in a pod.

“Once marked with hundreds or thousands of these minute identifiers, your property becomes virtually worthless to thieves,” Gross says.
He adds that the recovery rate of stolen vehicles has increased significantly in Australia and credits the achievement to the DataDot product.

Separately, two men were arrested in Indiana early last Thursday morning when supermarket employees witnessed their attempt to hotwire a forklift nearby.

The Star Press reported David R Bess, 52, and Randy L Stader, 54, were caught trying to steal a forklift around 2am at Marsh supermarket at Burlington Drive and Memorial Avenue in Muncie, Indiana.

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Movers & Shakers

Mt KISCO, NY, United States
Curtis Instruments Inc has appointed Mark Ankers as director of product management for motor speed controllers. Ankers was product marketing manager of industrial products for PG Drives Technology Ltd of Christchurch, UK. He has an electrical and electronic engineering degree from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK.

John Parasiliti has been appointed western regional sales manager at Bolzoni Auramo Canada Ltd. Parasiliti will be located in Vancouver and is responsible for the sales of forklift attachments in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

MILWAUKEE, WI, United States
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has elected John Patterson, chairman of JCB Inc, to its board of directors. AEM directors help set the association's guidelines and operating policies in areas like technical and product safety support, equipment statistics, public policy representation, trade shows, international support services and education and training programs.

AEM has elected 13 companies to join its international trade group, which provides business development resources for companies that manufacture and market agriculture and construction-related products and services. Among them are:
  • Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (Irvine, California); forklift manufacturer
  • Symetrix Solutions Inc (Naperville, Illinois); supply chain management solutions and logistics consulting provider
  • Standard Register Corp (Dayton, Ohio); industrial labels, name plates and technical literature supplier
  • Dispatching Solutions Inc (Ontario, California); dispatching software and GPS tracking solutions provider

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Port News

Konecranes expands Mediterranean base

Konecranes has bought Italian service company Technical Services srl’s ports service business.

Technical Services, based in Vado Ligure, was established in 1998. Its 2006 sales totalled EUR1.8 million (USD2.5 million). The ports service business provides maintenance and engineering services to port terminals, shipyards, shipping companies and related equipment manufacturers.

The acquisition price was not disclosed.

Konecranes has also received two major orders from Finnish container terminal operator Steveco Oy.

The ship-to-shore crane and three straddle carriers will be delivered to Steveco’s container terminals in Vuosaari and Mussalo, Finland, during the northern hemisphere autumn of 2008. The contract includes a long-term service agreement.

Kalmar’s latest acquisition

Kalmar has bought Dutch terminal software provider Advanced Cargo Transhipment BV (ACT).

ACT, a former business unit of Utrecht-based Frog Navigation, is expected to increase Kalmar’s resources in automated horizontal transportation R&D and delivery projects. It will be integrated into Kalmar’s dedicated business unit, Kalmar Intelligence & Automation.

The parties will not disclose the transaction value.

Jorma Tirkkonen, Kalmar Intelligence & Automation (KIA) president, says: “ACT’s innovative, ‘hi-tech’ team is a great addition to KIA, improving further our capabilities to automate container handling equipment and terminals.”

Kalmar’s range of onboard products and automated systems includes:
  • Fleetview: a real-time monitoring system that optimises the deployment of container yard equipment.
  • Smartrail: an autosteering and container position verification system for RTGs.
  • Smartpath: a container position verification system for straddle carriers and RTGs.
  • Remote Machine Interface: a tool for remote machine monitoring, maintenance tasking and reporting.
  • Automatic stacking cranes: an automated handling solution providing high productivity and stacking density for large terminals.
  • Autostrad: unmanned straddle carrier handling system.

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New freight facility opens in Sydney
ROSEHILL, NSW, Australia

Long-haul logistics specialist Northline this week unveiled a state-of-the-art warehousing and freight distribution facility in Rosehill, New South Wales.

The facility comprises 20,000 sqm of warehouse space and offers drive-through undercover loading docks and dock levellers.

It is the latest development in a A$60 million project to create a national network of integrated distribution centres.

Northline NSW state manager Geoff Gray tells News that some 25 forklifts will be used within the facility, a mix of LPG and electric-powered machines depending on the application, as well as a 25-ton container forklift.

“We have an existing contract with Power Lift to supply and maintain our fleet of forklifts, which are used in a variety of applications from picking stock to loading and unloading of vehicles.”

He adds that the facility will house a broad range of products including food products, gym equipment and cosmetics.

“Our new Sydney distribution centre gives us extra capacity, a fully integrated warehousing and freight facility housed under one roof, and the size and flexibility to meet the requirements of most customers.

“From Sydney, we can pick and pack it and ship it to them by road or rail. The new facility also supplies demand for third-party logistics warehousing, where there is a big demand because of the booming economy.

“There’s such a shortage of quality warehousing space in Sydney that many companies can’t find anything, so the full-service store-and-forward resource that we offer becomes very appealing,” says Gray.

The company services a large customer base throughout Australia and has already completed depot developments in Melbourne, Perth and Townsville, with Darwin’s new facility presently coming on-line.

It provides long-haul freight services from Sydney to Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin, where the company has international freight forwarding facilities connecting to Asia.

Chief operating officer Phillip Taylor says the national freight forwarding and warehousing company has 10 in-house managed depots around the country, supplemented by a network of agencies.

“With booming business growth across NSW, improved logistics facilities are imperative to continue servicing our customers, and coupled with Northline becoming an international freight forwarder has resulted in a facility capable of providing not only local and national supply chain solutions, but also meeting import and export requirements for many clients.”

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The move to photo licences

As part of a larger program to prepare for a new national standard for licensing “persons doing high-risk work”, some States and Territories have begun issuing new licence cards.
The new licences include photo identification, provision for the signature of the licence-holder and tamper-proof security features.
Victoria and NSW have begun issuing the new style photo licences.
The deadlines for conversion dates for old-style tickets and Certificates of Competency will vary between States and Territories, so it is up to the individual to keep in touch with their relevant State or Territory authority for changeover times to ensure their current licence doesn’t expire.
All States and Territories will have fully implemented the new ‘National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work’ by 1 July 2009.

New shipbuilding facility in Adelaide

A joint venture between McConnell Dowell and Built Environs has won a A$170 million contract to build a world-class shipbuilding facility in Adelaide.
Construction work on the common-user facility at suburban Osborne will support the A$8 billion air warfare destroyer program.
It will include a 210-metre wharf and Australia's largest ship-lift.
"We are investing more than A$300 million in state-owned infrastructure to support the air warfare destroyer program and provide a home for future naval shipbuilding," says Premier Mike Rann.
"This facility will be the hub for movement and assembly of large ships and modules, and will become a national strategic asset and integral to the successful delivery of the destroyer program.
"By investing in this infrastructure, we are providing opportunities to a range of companies, contractors and subcontractors and indeed a range of projects well beyond the destroyer program.”
Work on the shipbuilding facility is expected to be completed in early 2010.

ACCC begins legal action against Patrick and P&O

The competition watchdog has initiated legal action against several former employees of stevedore Patrick Corp, now owned by Toll Holdings.
Among those targeted is former chief executive Chris Corrigan, for alleged anti-competitive behaviour.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also instituted legal proceedings against several former P&O companies and Australian Amalgamated Terminals Pty Ltd - the joint venture by the two major stevedoring companies.
The ACCC alleges that P&O and Patrick entered into two agreements to "fix the prices" for the provision of stevedoring services from shared facilities, which was in contravention of the Trade Practices Act.

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Innovative solutions to workplace safety
DANDENONG, Victoria, Australia

Recent media reports have highlighted the vital importance of separating pedestrians and forklifts to ensure workplace safety. News #324

One company rising to the challenge is Fork-Safe International of Victoria, which specialises in the supply of traffic control equipment within warehouse and manufacturing environments.

The company’s TFC (Traffic Flow Control) Series launched this month contains a combination of safety products so effective that it has caught the attention of WorkSafe Victoria, which nominated the patented range as a finalist in this year’s WorkSafe Safety Awards in the “Best Solution to a Health and Safety Risk” category.

The range includes items such as safety rails and bollards that bolt together; pedestrian crossing gates with interlocks and other controls; and proximity warning devices to notify when forklifts are in an area.

Owner Richard Jeney tells News that any multitude of combinations can be used to tailor a solution specific to the company.

The company’s Cross-safe gate product was successfully used by a company which had basic issues of pedestrian traffic crossing over a shared vehicle area, including forklifts and external vans and trucks. By installing the product, the company was able to provide a warning to all vehicles that a pedestrian was crossing at a designated point by having yellow LED strobes activate when a gate is opened.

“Some problems require only a few items from our range to resolve a safety concern, while others may need a more comprehensive system,” adds Jeney.

Fork-Safe provided a solution to a company which had a problem involving forklifts coming in and out of an automated rapid roller door. “By installing our Cross-safe gates with magnetic interlocks, we ensured that only vehicles or pedestrian traffic could pass through at a time.

“When the roller door is up or moving up, or a forklift is within a designated distance of the crossing, the gates magnetically lock and the red LED lights flash. The pedestrian gates only unlock when the roller door is closed and the area is clear.

“When a pedestrian is crossing, the rapid roller door is locked out and the yellow LED lights at the gates and outside of the roller door flash to alert vehicles that they cannot cross or enter. The gates provide a time-out circuit for pedestrians to cross.”

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Vulkoprin introduces completely NEW WHEEL CATALOGUE!

Since 1964, Vulkoprin has been manufacturing, in Belgium, polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan® under Bayer license and is especially known for its high quality wheels, castors, rollers, tyres and technical parts. Today Vulkoprin is one of Europe's leading manufacturers in the "wheel industry" and is exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.

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EnerSys looks to the East

With the acquisition last May of a Bulgarian battery manufacturer, Energia AD, EnerSys, the global leader in industrial batteries, demonstrates that it wants to play a predominant role on the fast growing markets in Eastern Europe and Russia. EnerSys adds this production capability to that of its Polish plant, which has achieved a dramatic increase in production volumes in recent years.

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Forklift safety under the spotlight at Sydney Materials Handling

Innovations in forklift safety will be the "stars" of Sydney Materials Handling, a new trade show dedicated to load, shift and move.

Sydney Materials Handling, co-located with The Safety Show Sydney, will run from October 24 to 26 at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. Around 50 exhibitors will showcase materials and manual handling products and services, encompassing everything from automated storage and retrieval systems, through to robotics and voice recognition systems.

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2nd Southern Asia Ports, Logistics and Shipping 2007 India Exhibition and Conference

Following the success of the 1st Southern Asia Ports, Logistics and Shipping 2006 India Exhibition and Conference in Mumbai, we are delighted to announce that the next major Containerised Ports, Shipping and Transport Logistics Exhibition and Conference in Southern Asia called 2nd Southern Asia Ports, Logistics and Shipping 2007 India Exhibition and Conference will take place in the Indian maritime capital of Mumbai at the luxurious 5 star The Leela Kempinski Hotel Mumbai on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October 2007.

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Don Nelson: Farmer picks fine instead of tomatoes
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Don Nelson is a collision investigator for Ground Force Training Inc, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Email or visit

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3 of 4,119 listings
Hyster - H16.00XL - 1991
Port+Kembla, New South Wales, Australia
Linde - K13-3N - 2002
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom
Ingersoll-Rand - VR90 - 2000
Illinois, United States

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Upcoming Events

1. Asia LNG Summit 2007
Beijing, China
September 20-21,2007

2. NA 2008
Cleveland, United States
21st to 24th April 2008

3. Forklift Safety Seminars - NSW Australia - No Charge
Various venues in NSW, Australia
May to September 2007

4. CeMAT India
Bangalore, India
4th to 7th December 2007

5. Logistics and Supply Chain Forum
Scotsdale, AZ, United States
15th to 17th November 2007


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1. National Account Managers - Yale - Full time
United States, National Account Manager - Yale field based

2. Material Handling - Service Manager - Full time
United States, TULSA, OKLAHOMA

3. Field Service Technician - Full time
United States, Albany, NY

4. Field Service Technician - Full time
United States, Albany, NY

5. Material Handling Sales - Full time
United States, Charlotte


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Editorial Calendar 2007

Review of 2006
US forklift market
Turret trucks and order pickers
Forklifts and global warming
Fleet management systems
The global attachments market
Forklifts in harsh applications
Materials handling in Eastern Europe
Engines and drive trains
Forklifts in cold rooms
China’s forklift market
End of Year review


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