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Yale’s UK service engineers trade service vans for motorcycles.


New machines and buy-outs in China
Kalmar installs Smartpath for 183 machines
Ashtead realises more cost savings
Speedy service on two wheels
Toyota recognises AWA quality
Rocla leads industry group
Movers & Shakers
Making money with forklifts

New Myer facility opens in August
First step in rental store network
Multi-million dollar order for straddle carriers

More than 5000 flock to second Queensland Safety Show and Conference
Forklift Safety Seminars

The All-New TCM PRO Four Wheel Electric Lift Trucks
Speedshield announces “RFID Zone Control technology is mass market ready”

Toyota diesel forklifts (used)
Dealers wanted - Australia/SE Asia
Importante costruttore europeo cerca distributori in Italia per la sua linea di carrelli elevatori. team at MHL 2007 in Auckland

Danny Maron, Ideal Forklift Training

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China, with its booming economy and massive infrastructure development, is emerging as a major market for heavy equipment, including forklifts. But it is also becoming a key source of manufactured goods including all manner of materials handling equipment. This week, we step up our coverage of this vital region with the addition of a new team member, Australian-born reporter, Paris Lord. Now based in Beijing, Paris brings not only business research and reporting experience but also valuable regional insights gathered during many years of high-level reporting in Asia. His News debut tracks some major developments in forklift production in China.

New machines and buy-outs in China

Chinese forklift manufacturers are expanding their range of domestically-made machinery and buying up subsidiaries to help boost domestic production, News correspondent Paris Lord reports.

Linde China recently unveiled its first Chinese-made reach stacker, built at its domestic base in Xiamen, south-eastern Fujian province. The project took seven months to complete.

Company officials say the heavy-duty forklift was, until now, built in Germany.

It’s unclear what the company’s sales forecasts are, or how it will ensure the same quality standards as in Germany, as by press time it had not responded to repeated requests for an interview.

However, Linde China said in a statement the localisation of the reach stacker will allow it to offer “shorter delivery times, greater flexibility, improved parts availability” as well as better technical support.

The company has also recently released its “E-gen twin trucks” marketing project, which covers products especially designed for Asian markets. Two series of trucks are covered in the first stage, 2.5-ton to 3-ton electric and diesel engines. The AC motor and Deutz power systems will also be improved so they use less energy, are more economical and have lower emissions.

Meantime, Guangxi Liu Gong Machinery Company has announced that it will create a forklift company with an annual production capacity of 10,000 units when its acquistion process finishes in 2010. Liu Gong is located in southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and is a major engineering machinery manufacturer based in Liuzhou, state media reported.

The company will buy three subsidiaries of its large shareholder, Guangxi Liu Gong Group, including Shanghai Liu Gong Forklift.

The combined entity will be known as Liuzhou Liugong Forklift and will have a registered capital of CNY100 million (US$13.2 million). It has forecast sales of CNY679.9 million (US$89.5 million) in its first year with net profits of CNY80.8 million (US$10.6 million).

In a separate buy-out, Xiagong Machinery will spend CNY70 million (US$9.2 million) to finish its acquisition of two subsidiaries, including a forklift manufacturer, from its controlling shareholder, Xiagong Group, state media reported. Xiamen Forklift Truck Factory produces up to 5,000 forklifts annually.

The other company, Xiamen Gear Manufacture Factory, specialises in spare parts, driving axles and transmission gears, the China Industry Daily News reported.

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Kalmar installs Smartpath for 183 machines

Maher Terminals has outfitted its straddle carrier fleet with Kalmar’s Smartpath container position verification system and Fleetview fleet management system.

Through Smartpath, the straddle carrier driver receives instructions for tasks from a digital monitor in his cabin, which exchanges information with the yard management system. No manual input is required.

It is designed for straddle carriers and rubber-tyred-gantry (RTG) cranes.

Fleetview, Kalmar’s latest automation software, was introduced in August 2006.
A GPS receiver fitted to the handling equipment translates satellite information to pinpoint the equipment’s location before feeding the data to Fleetview in map form. A Fleetview user can monitor the equipment’s activity as the map displayed on the user’s screen shows the terminal layout and the machine’s movements.

The installation involved 183 straddle carriers. Maher Terminals, an independent container terminal operator in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, US, is Kalmar’s largest global straddle carrier customer.

Separately, Kalmar has received an order for 10 ESC440 Edrive straddle carriers with twin-lift spreaders from MSC Gate Bremerhaven. The order was an additional option deal associated with a previous order earlier this year ( News #301).

Kalmar says the updated seventh generation straddle carriers have several advancements over the previous series, but no further details were available at this time.

“The electric and hydraulic systems have been fine-tuned to improve reliability and availability. The updated and optimised control system has made it possible to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The units are also delivered ready for future automation.”

Kalmar did not disclose the value of the order.

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Ashtead realises more cost savings
SURREY, United Kingdom

Ashtead Group can look forward to a year of significant cost savings after integrating US equipment rental company NationsRent’s 268 stores into its US subsidiary’s network.

Ashtead Group plc says in its audited results for the financial year ended 30 April 2007 its acquisition of NationsRent for USD1 billion dominated the changes in the group for the year ( News #270).

“It has allowed us to acquire an underperforming asset which provided significant cost savings and efficiency opportunities.

“A major focus of the year, therefore, has been ensuring we realised these integration opportunities.”

Ashtead, which rents forklifts and other equipment, posted a 29% increase in underlying pre-tax annual profit from GBP67.5 million to GBP81.4 million (USD136.1 million to USD164.1 million). Revenues rose 48% from GBP638 million to GBP896.1 million (USD1.286 million to USD1,806.6 million).

Overall, Ashtead reported a pre-tax loss of GBP36.5 million (USD73.6 million) after charging exceptional costs, fair value remeasurements and intangible amortisation totalling GBP117.9 million (USD237.7 million). Ashtead’s profit for 2006 was GBP81.7 million (USD164.7 million).

The exceptional costs related to the NationsRent acquisition for redundancies, retention bonuses, rebranding and other costs, totaling GBP31.5 million (USD63.5 million). An additional GBP68.0 million (USD137.1 million) was incurred relating to debt redeemed in connection with the acquisition. Another GBP11.0 million (USD22.2 million) was charged for intangible amortisation, mostly to do with the write-off of the NationsRent brand name.

Ashtead says in the two months post-acquisition, it introduced a combined regional and district management structure for Sunbelt and NationsRent, merged overlapping profit centres and combined the two companies’ computer systems.

By end of January 2007, NationsRent’s head office was closed and Sunbelt was located to larger premises. Ashtead introduced Sunbelt’s profit share and sales commission programs to NationsRent staff and reshaped the acquired fleet to contain a similar proportion of higher returning assets.

These measures helped increase annual cost savings from the targeted USD37million to USD48 million.

Ashtead chief executive Geoff Drabble says NationsRent will grow the group’s presence in the US rental market. “The major elements of the integration are behind us and the combined business can now focus on gaining further market share and continuing to improve dollar utilisation,” he explains.

Ashtead rents forklifts and other equipment through its subsidiaries, US-based Sunbelt Rentals and UK-based A-Plant. The acquisition is expected to result in Ashtead becoming the US’s third-largest equipment rental company and the world’s second-biggest by rental revenues.

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Speedy service on two wheels
FLEET, United Kingdom

Yale Europe Material Handling’s UK service engineers are trading their service vans for BMW motorcycles to respond quicker to clients in London and south east UK.

Yale UK’s regional business manager, Pat Burke, says Yale has cut response times by up to 50% using the BMW RT1200 motorcycles.

“As everyone who has attempted to drive in London knows only too well, getting around the capital by road can be a nightmare.

“Initially, some customers were a little surprised to see a forklift engineer arrive on two wheels, but they have been extremely happy with the new service,” he says.

The motorcycles painted in Yale’s corporate colours and livery are kitted out with laptops and diagnostic equipment.

Yale launched the service with engineers Barry Wales and Nathan Jones who are able to complete repairs on the spot using tools and spare parts carried on their bikes.

Jones says that is because most forklift breakdowns result from minor faults.

“But for jobs requiring parts we don’t carry, we have instant, real-time access to our parts distribution centre to ensure the item is delivered straight away to the customer.”

The bikes are also fitted with satellite navigation to reduce response time and the engineers stay in touch with head office via BlueTooth communications technology fitted in their helmets.

The arrival of the two-wheeled technicians doesn’t mean the end of Yale vans. A spokeswoman says the bikes are appropriate for areas “particularly badly affected by traffic congestion”, but service vans are still used as well.

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Toyota diesel forklifts (used)

Our client has 4 low hour forklifts for sale as follows:
  • Toyota  02-7FD25-29893, auto, V300, 1998 year, 1723hours
  • Toyota  02-7FD30-15535, auto, FSV450, 1995 year, 990hours
  • Toyota  02-7FD25-30985, auto, V300, 2000 year, 1539hours
  • Toyota  02-7FD25-31002, auto, V300, 2000 year, 1195hours
Prefer to sell as one lot

Shipping can be arranged

Located Japan

FOB price 4 units:  US $ 49,500.00

Please advise us if you have interest and we will forward your enquiry to the seller.


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Toyota recognises AWA quality
PLYMOUTH, Mich, United States

Aisin World Corp. of America (AWA), a worldwide supplier of automotive components, has been named Supplier of the Year by Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM).  

The award acknowledges suppliers who have met TIEM’s highest standards in quality, delivery, diversity, technology/development and value improvement for parts and materials.

AWA supplies transmissions for TIEM’s one-, two- and three-ton forklifts. “These transmissions are part of forklifts handling one to seven tons of load,” says Mike Gilpin, drive train sales manager for AWA, “so they need to be particularly robust.”

“We have a deep knowledge in developing transmissions for both automotive and industrial use, and that knowledge continually bears fruit in the form of awards such as this.”

Gilpin describes the accolade as a milestone for AWA. “Not only is this our third consecutive award, but is the fourth in the past five years.  It is testament to the quality and hard work of our Aisin associates.”

AWA is a subsidiary of the Aisin Group, headed by Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. with corporate offices in Kariya City, Aichi, Japan.

The award was presented at the TIEM production facility in Columbus, Indiana. The Aisin Group is a worldwide supplier of automotive components, such as brakes, transmissions, drive train, chassis, body and information-related systems and components, and engine-related parts.

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Rocla leads industry group

Kari Hämäläinen, Rocla’s domestic sales manager, has been elected chairman of the Industrial Trucks Section of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.

The association consists of 22 sections of operation, representing various branches of industry.

Each section is a forum for competing companies in the product sector to work together to promote their branch of industry, occupational safety and environmental issues as well as raising the level of professionalism.

Rocla has been awarded chairmanship of the Industrial Trucks Section and will maintain the role for one or two years.

“The working safety of trucks is an actual issue at the moment”, says Hämäläinen. “The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health wants trucks to be inspected regularly - as is done in Denmark and Germany.”

Another issue high on Hämäläinen’s agenda is illegal importation of trucks. “Those trucks are mostly manufactured for Asian markets and do not match to EU standards,” he notes, adding that his group is determined to improve safety standards.

With almost 300 company members, the association is the largest technical wholesale organisation in Finland. Its aims include maintaining contacts with authorities and members, enhancing member companies’ operations and informing members of matters concerning technical trade. There is also a strong focus on export markets, with more companies engaging in business outside Finland, especially Russia and the Baltic states.

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Forklift parts company for sale
SOFIA, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian privatisation agency has called tenders for a 67.92% stake in forklift parts manufacturer Balkancar Georgi Mihailov.
The starting price is LEV80,000 (USD55,689) and the bidding step is set at LEV50,000 (USD34,806). Bidders must pay a LEV200,000 (USD139,222)deposit to participate in the tender. Tender papers cost LEV1,000 (USD696), the Bulgarian News Digest reported.
Balkancar Georgi Mihailov is based in the northern town of Knezha. The company manufactures, services and repairs electrical components for powered trucks and forklifts.

New Lull dealer in Connecticut

JLG Industries has appointed All Reach Equipment as a dealer for Lull telehandlers in southeastern Connecticut.
All Reach will represent three Lull models with capacities ranging from 6,000lbs to 10,000lbs (2,721.6kg to 4,535.9kg), featuring a load placement system which moves a load 80 inches (2.03 metres) horizontally at full height without driving or complex manoeuvring.

Malta Freeport upgrades equipment

Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd has ordered 10 rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes, two reach stackers and one forklift from Konecranes.
The eight-wheel RTGs can lift up to 50 tons and stack one-over-five containers high and a six-wide-plus truck lane. The reach stackers can lift up to 45 tons and stack five-high containers and the forklift is used to stack empty containers.
Malta and Konecranes have agreed on an option for an additional 10 RTGs.

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Movers & Shakers

Teo Ottola
  has been appointed Konecranes Plc’s chief financial officer. He replaces Teuvo Rintamäki who announced his resignation in February 2007. Ottola has worked at Elcoteq SE since 1996 and was the company’s CFO since 2004. Elcoteq, an OMX Helsinki listed company, specialises in electronics manufacturing services.

MEDINA, OH, United States
Rico Equipment Inc has promoted Hank Durica to national sales manager. Durica will be responsible for overseeing all major accounts, dealer relationships and business development. He joined Rico in 2003 as an applications engineer and has 16 years of sales and management experience.

Hyundai Forklift has appointed Tim Webb as regional sales manager. He will be responsible for forklift sales, marketing and dealer development support. Webb has over 20 years’ experience in the forklift industry. Previously, he worked at Nissan Forklift Corp where he was the manager of product training.

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Making money with forklifts
GWINNET, GA, United States

The use of forklifts has spiked in banking and finance in the United States, but not for regular materials handling operations.

In recent weeks, forklifts have been used in a number of bank heists. The latest robbery, reported in Georgia’s Gwinnet Daily Post, saw a forklift, hot-wired and stolen from a construction site in Lilburn, used to steal an ATM from the Wachovia Bank.

A police spokesman is quoted as saying two men stole the forklift, drove it over a fence to the bank and used it to lift the ATM up off the foundation and place in a pickup truck.

The robbery represents an increase in sophistication over a similar incident two weeks earlier when a front-end loader was used to wrench two ATMs from their moorings at the Bank of America branch in Dacula.

Meanwhile, federal agents in Van Buren suspect a forklift was used to remove the one-ton safe from the First Community Bank.

The burglars apparently stole a forklift from a construction site near the bank and then used it to hoist the safe out of the bank. Police aren't yet sure if the burglars used the forklift to ram into the bank, creating a hole, or if they used another vehicle or method to get in.

Last December, US police departments reported at least four ATM thefts in which the suspects used stolen construction equipment or other vehicles to crash through the front doors of drugstores. That rash of thefts ended when Walgreens drugstore officials began removing cash from the machines at night.

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New Myer facility opens in August
EASTERN CREEK, New South Wales, Australia

Australian retailer Myer continues its commitment to create a world-class supply network with the opening in August this year of its second multi-functional distribution centre at Eastern Creek, New South Wales.

The 29,000m2 facility is more than double the size of the first centre, which opened at the end of May this year in Kewdale, Western Australia.

Both centres feature a variety of integrated systems including hangwear capability to enable garments to be delivered store-ready; longreach boom conveyor technology to enable containers to be unloaded rapidly, safely and efficiently; and an integrated longreach conveyor and sorter for quick sorting.

Materials handling company Linde was chosen after an extensive tender process to supply a variety of materials handling equipment to the centres. This includes various forklifts, ranging from counter-balanced and reach trucks to electric pallet movers.

Myer would not disclose details of the contract such as the value or quantities of equipment supplied due to confidentiality issues.

Myer is already serviced by two additional centres in Altona, Victoria and Richlands, Queensland which are fully built.

Linfox provides transport for Myer from the distribution centres to stores.

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Dealers wanted - Australia/SE Asia

Major European brand seeks Industrial forklift dealer representation for unique product. This product range is well positioned alongside conventional forklifts because it adds to a dealer's coverage of the marketplace without competing head-on directly with any current forklift type or brand.

This machine was designed and manufactured in Europe and the manufacturer has strategically established its brand in Europe and North America before broadening coverage. Now the time is right to open out into South East Asia and the Pacific Region and interest is sought from successful forklift equipment dealers who want to broaden their scope with this unique forklift.
The product is available in Diesel and LPG and is primarily aimed at exterior yard applications.

For more information, email with your query and contact details.

The manufacturer will contact you in a timely manner.

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Importante costruttore europeo cerca distributori in Italia per la sua linea di carrelli elevatori.

Uno dei maggiori costruttori mondiali di macchine movimento terra cerca distributori per uno speciale carrello elevatore.
Questa macchina si affianca ai tradizionali carrelli elevatori completando la gamma del distributore senza entrare in concorrenza diretta con i prodotti già distribuiti di qualunque marca e modello.
La macchina è progettata e costruita in Europa ed è caratterizzata da un marchio conosciutissimo in tutto il mondo.
Si ricercano distributori di successo che siano interessati a implementare la loro offerta con un prodotto unico e senza concorrenza.
Il carrello è disponibile con motorizzazione Diesel o Gpl ed è progettato essenzialmente per applicazioni su piazzale o comunque esterne.
Per maggiori informazioni inviare via e-mail la vostra richiesta ed i vostri dati a :

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First step in rental store network

New Zealand-based Gough, Gough and Hamer plans to open a country-wide network of rental stores offering a diverse range of equipment, including forklifts, for the contracting and DIY market.

Branded The Cat Rental Store, the first of these full-rental stores was opened in Christchurch last month and the company plans to continue to roll out further stores throughout New Zealand as part of its strategy to enhance its existing rental business.

The Cat Rental Store rents Caterpillar equipment from 11 Gough branches throughout New Zealand, but the opening of the stand-alone business indicates a much wider focus.

Eddie Gilliland, New Zealand business manager for The Cat Rental Store, says while the earlier emphasis was on Caterpillar equipment, the new stores hold a broad range of equipment, from DIY to trade.

“This includes hand tools to home and garden, through to a diverse array of trade and construction equipment. Of course, we will continue to specialise in our traditional branded products including Cat machinery and generators, Sullair compressors, lighting towers and Hyster forklifts.

“We also have a large range of merchandise, safety equipment and product to sell, with flexible terms. A point of difference is that everything we hire can also be purchased. We see this new direction as adding another level of support to the construction and DIY sectors,” he says.

Existing NZ rental stores will continue to operate as they are until a Cat Rental outlet is set up in that location.

Gough, Gough and Hamer is part of the Gough Group, a large privately owned New Zealand company that incorporates a diverse range of semi-related businesses, including new and used equipment, materials handling forklifts, truck and trailer accessories, earthmoving equipment and custom engineering design.

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MHL 2007 (, the event for in-plant materials handling and logistics technologies in New Zealand, takes place at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, 11-12 July.

Come and visit the stand: Stand no. 201.

Ann Hofmans and Clayton Ford are keen to meet with you to have a chat, share industry news, browse our web portal or discuss your company’s exposure with

Why not set up a meeting with Ann or Clayton? Email for more information or to arrange your personal meeting.

For more information about MHL, visit their website:

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Multi-million dollar order for straddle carriers
MELBOURNE, Australia

Global provider of container and heavy duty materials handling equipment, Kalmar, has received a further straddle carrier order from Australia’s Patrick Corporation.

The order, for a total of 15 seventh generation straddle carriers for its container terminals in Melbourne and Sydney, is worth an estimated A$19 million.

Due for delivery by the end of this year, Patrick’s latest order comprises 10 three-high CSC350 units for its East Swanson Dock facility in Melbourne and five three-high Edrive ESC350 units for Port Botany in Sydney. All 15 straddle carriers will be delivered with twinlift spreaders capable of lifting 50 tons.

Patrick Corporation is a long-time user of Kalmar straddle carriers, with 24 already in operation at Port Botany and 28 at East Swanson Dock. The company also operates 23 Kalmar straddle carriers at its Fisherman Islands automated straddle carrier terminal in Brisbane – the first terminal of its kind in the world.

All straddle carriers in this latest order will also be delivered ready for future automation.

Kalmar claims every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is now handled by one of its machines.

Partick Corp’s parent, Asciano Limited, formerly part of Toll Holdings, was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 6 June this year, and will now be a completely separate and unrelated entity to Toll. Asciano Limited will continue to hold its unique positions in the port and rail sectors through the Patrick and Pacific National businesses, and continue growing in the transport infrastructure area.

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Queensland continues winning tradition

A Queensland materials handling firm has won its eighth Toyota Material Handling Dealer of the Year Award in the last nine years.
The award recognises excellence in all aspects of dealer operations in the calendar year 2006. It was officially presented to regional general manager Dan Williams at a gala dinner in Sydney, held recently to coincide with the opening of Toyota Material Handling Australia's new national headquarters.
Toyota Material Handling Queensland is the official South Queensland dealer for the Toyota Industrial Equipment, BT Lift Truck and Raymond Forklift product ranges, as well as Toyota's range of Huski skid-steer loaders and towing tractors.

Search begins for new Safe Work champions

State Industrial Relations Minister Michael Wright wants South Australian organisations and individuals who practice exemplary workplace safety to be in the spotlight for this year’s Safe Work Awards.
Nominations for the Safe Work Awards are now open with categories including:
• Employer of the Year
• Employee of the Year
• Health and Safety Representative of the Year
• Best Workplace Health and Safety Management System
• Best Public Event Safety.
The Safe Work 2007 Awards are linked to the National Safe Work Australia Awards and state winners are automatically nominated for the national awards in those categories.
Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 3 August, with the awards to be presented at a gala dinner on Friday 2 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre.  

Report finds low OHS risk for people with disability

The release last week of a report titled Are People With Disability at Risk at Work? shows that workers with a disability are not an increased occupational health and safety risk.
Human Resources and Equal Opportunity Commission disability discrimination commissioner Graeme Innes says that employing people with a disability is a positive experience, yet there is unfounded concern about OHS risks for business when employing people with disability.
Releasing the report, Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC) chairman Bill Scales said the research found that workers with a disability have, on average, a lower number of OHS incidents and have lower workers’ compensation costs, in comparison to other employees.
It is estimated that over 2 million working-age Australians have a disability, representing 17% of working-aged Australians. As current skills and labour shortages threaten to undermine Australia's economic growth, the Australian government is developing strategies to optimise workforce participation, including employment of people with a disability.  A copy of the report can be downloaded from

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More than 5000 flock to second Queensland Safety Show and Conference

In just its second year, the Queensland Safety Show and Queensland Materials Handling, together with the Queensland Safety Conference, recorded 5203 visits across the three days of the event.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Forklift Safety Seminars

Forklift Safety is pleased to announce the first dates & venues of a new series of Forklift Safety Seminars with major sponsorship support from CHEP Asia-Pacific &  Ausfork Pty Ltd.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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The All-New TCM PRO Four Wheel Electric Lift Trucks

SWEDESBORO, N.J. – July 03, 2007 – The New TCM PRO-CB Class 1 four wheel electric lift trucks are clean sheet designs engineered to increase your operation’s productivity and profitability. In capacities ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 lbs, they deliver reliable day-to-day performance, improved safety, easy operation in restricted spaces, and reduced maintenance.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Speedshield announces “RFID Zone Control technology is mass market ready”

Speedshield today announced mass-production of its RFID based Forklift Zone control technology. In a move set to bring the cutting edge technology to the lift truck market, Speedshield Engineering Director, Paul Dawson, said “Speedshield is willing to work with any manufacturer or large distributor of IC and Battery Electric equipment in order to integrate RFID Zone Control with their product offering.”

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Danny Maron, Ideal Forklift Training
OTTAWA, Canada

Danny Maron, proprietor of Ottawa-based Ideal Forklift Training (IFT), believes more must be done to make forklift safety training a priority.

Click here for the full Industry Profile feature, including pictures.

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3 of 4,094 listings
Nissan - J01M15- >5 years
Clontarf , Queensland, Australia
Baumann - EMS130- >5 years
Ontario, Canada
Linde - K13-3N - 2002
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom

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