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This is issue #315 - 22 June 2007 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Hytsu launches second brand in US and Canada.”


SPECIAL REPORT: Customised forklift attachments

Hoist Liftruck revisits roots to compete in new market
EnerSys beats high commodity costs with results
Hytsu serves best to North Americans first
Airtrax restates filings for two years
Movers & Shakers
New Products
Industry puts on running shoes for charity
Another human forklift

Safety, snakes and Sumi
Consultant calls for better data
Show places safety centre stage
Innovative design for height work without risk

Fleet Weigh set to revolutionise weigh gauges on lift trucks
4th Thai Ports and Shipping 2007 Bangkok Exhibition and Conference

Cascade Corporation introduces Hi Visibility Sideshifter and Hi-Visibility Fork Positioner
2000 kg VIPER easy to tame with one hand - Now With Power Steering
Eblo Seating has complemented their RECARO ERGO line with 2 brand new seats.
Advertise here – June’s “hot” offer

Fork-arm design and manufacture, encompassing over 40 years experience
End of Financial Year Nissan Genuine Parts Clearance team at MHL 2007 in Auckland

SAFETY FIRST: Todd Brennan: Let’s clear the air!

Cascade Corporation

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Environmental awareness may still be a “feel good” issue in many industries, but as we read in this week’s Safety First column, for forklift owners, it’s a pressing safety matter. While internal combustion engine vehicles dominate the global forklift fleet, we need to remember that harmful gases are virtually unavoidable. Clearly, the industry has to clean up its act, whether through smarter engine technology, battery power, or, as we show in one of our stories, through human power. That option, however, may not be for everybody – or every body.

Customised forklift attachments

Customised attachments can boost the productivity of forklift end-users and allow manufacturers to add value for customers, but designing and producing these devices is demanding on a company’s resources.  Read more

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Hoist Liftruck revisits roots to compete in new market
BEDFORD PARK, IL, United States

Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing Inc is preparing a re-entry into the US port and intermodal market more than 80 years after it started in the segment as a forklift, crane and container handler manufacturer.

Hoist Liftruck has its beginnings in Brooklyn, New York-based Silent Hoist & Crane, one of the US’s port equipment pioneers. Silent Hoist manufactured heavy-duty forklifts, mobile cranes and container handlers in 1918.

Company president Marty Flaska says Silent Hoist & Crane helped boost the US import-export business and pave the way for other manufacturers and innovative equipment.

“Silent Hoist was the first manufacturer of heavy-duty, high-capacity equipment. Though the Silent Hoist name has changed to Hoist Liftruck, the historic tradition and solid reputation hasn’t.”

Hoist produces the pneumatic P-series forklifts that are used in steel and concrete industries. Over the past six months, port terminal operators and stevedore companies have expressed interest in Hoist’s machines.

“The success with our P-series line along with the knowledge and history that we have with Silent Hoist showed us we could be successful in this industry,” says Flaska.

“As we meet more and more people, the interest in Hoist and our products increases, with a few sales already completed.”

Two months ago, Hoist introduced higher capacity models of the P-series (from 45,000lbs/20,422kg), equipped with Cummins diesel engines, Dana transmissions, AxleTech drive axles, RemoteTech vehicle management systems and low-profile chassis.

Hoist is also introducing the P-series ro-ro forklift. It is more compact than its P-series stablemates and has a low overall height to handle loads and manoeuvre in a cargo ship’s interior. The first deliveries commence in the northern hemisphere summer.

Designs are being finalised for Hoist’s new empty container handler line, available through Hoist’s 50-plus exclusive US and overseas dealers in autumn. Laden container handlers will be on the market in 2008. The forklifts will have a mast design like Hoist’s Neptune series marina forklift.

Flaska boasts that Hoist has the fastest lead times in the industry and “unmatched” parts and service support. All Hoist products have standardised components and more than 75% of components are made in-house.

“The port industry continues to grow and evolve, with increasing volumes and stricter emissions regulations. We have the products that can meet the demand from companies and the expectations from state and federal governments.”

Hoist wants to be a single source for a wide range of port equipment with capacities ranging from 22,000lbs to 100,000-plus lbs (9,979kg to 45,359kg), its president says.

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EnerSys beats high commodity costs with results
READING, PA, United States

World-leading industrial battery manufacturer EnerSys has reported higher sales and net earnings for fiscal year 2007, despite increased commodity costs.

EnerSys reports net sales for the year ended March 31, 2007 were USD1,504.5 million, up 17.2% from fiscal 2006’s USD1,283.3 million. Net earnings were USD45.2 million, up 47.2% from the previous year’s USD30.7 million.

Company chairman John Craig said in a June 14 conference call the growth came on the back of an additional USD19 million in commodity costs.

Craig said higher selling prices, increased market share in the global industrial battery business and EnerSys’s cost reduction program helped cushion the impact of high commodity costs.

“Customers are willing to pay higher prices when they are confident of receiving the best overall value,” he said. EnerSys had educated its sales force to explain to customers that increased lead, copper and nickel prices had impacted on battery prices.

Craig said the company’s focus on being the “best value provider” to customers helped EnerSys gain market share.

“We’re often not the lowest price supplier but our combination of high quality, innovative products and high level of service and delivery provide what I strongly believe is the best overall value in the industry.”

Craig believes higher commodity costs are driven by speculation and not higher fundamental supply issues.

He said the recent acquisition of Energia AD in Bulgaria was a step forward in EnerSys’s plan to increase its manufacturing volume in low-cost geographical regions from the present level of about 25% to 50% ( News #313).

“[Energia] not only provides new growth opportunities in the rapidly expanding Russian and Eastern European markets but also another low-cost manufacturing plant, which has substantial potential for expansion.”

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Fork-arm design and manufacture, encompassing over 40 years experience

Fork-arm design and manufacture, encompassing over 40 years experience
- incorporating the finest skills and disciplines of mechanics, metallurgy,
- forging, heat-treatment, fabrication, welding and machining

A superb, international standard quality product
- any configuration, section size, blade length and back height
- fork-arms supplied with or without attachments
- for every conceivable application
- in whatever batch quantity - large or small

A vast and comprehensive product range
- applicable to every class and type of truck
- from 1 tonne to in excess of 150 tonne lifting capacity

A phenomenal manufacturing capability
- producing fork-arms from both rolled bar and forging billet in the finest
- materials available
- in one integrated facility; ISO 14001 accredited
- on time; every time

World-wide sales
- to a maturing list of the most discerning original equipment manufacturers and after-market customers

For more information about MSI visit their website
Or email:

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Hytsu serves best to North Americans first

Hytsu Group is targeting the North American market with a second forklift brand that has capacities up to 25 tons.

Hytsu CEO Jerry Hu says the T&U brand, an acronym for “Together and Up”, will be used for the group’s “highest quality” forklifts to differentiate them from Hytsu-brand forklifts.

“We will promote T&U only in USA and Canada because we plan to successfully launch our highest quality forklifts in the Northern American market first,” says Hu. “Difficult market first, easy market second: this is our marketing strategy.”

Hu does not elaborate on the quality differences of the T&U range but points to their different manufacturing systems.

“Hytsu brand is designed and produced with a traditional Chinese forklift manufacturing system, but T&U series is (produced) with a Japanese system – better design and performance totally.”

He says Hytsu forklifts are now available in 70 countries and the company plans to establish exclusive T&U dealerships in the US and Canada.

Hytsu chose the T&U brand because it reflects the group’s culture. “‘Together and Up’ means let all business partners work hard together to go up in business,” Hu explains.

Hytsu also spent three months developing LPG forklifts with capacities ranging from 4,500lbs to 7,700lbs (2,041kg to 3,493kg) that met the EPA 07 Tier III standard. The T&U forklift will be on the market next month.

Hu says Hytsu will be launching its new s100 series electric forklifts with one to 2.5 ton capacities in the next three months
( News #299). Other product launches in the pipeline include five to 10-ton Hytsu and T&U diesel forklifts and cushion tyre T&U LPG forklifts with 4,400lbs-7,700lbs (2,041kg to 3,493kg) capacity.

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Airtrax restates filings for two years
BLACKWOOD, NJ, United States

Omni-directional wheel technology developer Airtrax Inc has restated its 2005 and 2006 reports to correct accounting errors and seeks new funding sources. The errors involved modification agreements, unsecured convertible debentures and preferred stock issuance.

“Now that our financial statements and records are in order, we will be able to channel our energy into the execution of our business plan,” says Robert Watson, who signed the June 15 restatement filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission as Airtrax chief executive officer, president and acting chief financial officer.

Airtrax says it is negotiating a settlement with the institutional holder of a 12% Series A convertible note for which Airtrax is in default. Airtrax owed USD412,000 as of the forfeiture date of October 20.

Watson, a corporate restructuring specialist, joined the firm on November 1, filling a vacancy left by the August 25 death of Peter Amico Sr., Airtrax founder and CEO. Airtrax stock trades on the over-the-counter market.

Airtrax promotes the Sidewinder lift truck, the firm’s initial product, as operating with low maintenance needs and cost efficiencies and says it has delivered units to customers in the US and several foreign countries. Using the Omni-directional system, vehicle wheels can move in lateral, diagonal and rotational directions.

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End of Financial Year Nissan Genuine Parts Clearance

With over $500,000 worth of Nissan Genuine parts to be cleared, discounts are over 90% of current List Prices.

Parts to suit HO1/HO2,JO1/JO2,FO3/FO5, also suitable for electric trucks, BO2,CO1,MO1/MO2,NO1,PO1/PO2,QO2 and V02.

Brand new engines start from $350, Complete transmissions from $490, Radiators from $150, Controllers start from $600 (were $12,000), Printed boards from $200 (were $3800)

Please contact Ben Samarzia at Powerlift Nissan for any inquires at or call 1300 550 607.

Available from Sydney. Complete Stock list can be emailed upon request,

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BMHF honours VNA forklift
STONELEIGH, United Kingdom

The British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) presented its safety award to Narrow Aisle Ltd, for its latest generation articulated forklift, during the Materials Handling Live expo at Stoneleigh Park last month.
Narrow Aisle sales & marketing director John Maguire says the Flexi G4 forklift meets safety requirements in the US and European markets.
BMHF represents over 500 companies with an excess of 25,000 workers and a total turnover of GBP3.5 billion.

Konecranes grabs repeat Russian orders

Konecranes has received repeat orders worth over EUR20 million (USD26.9 million) from Russia for port cranes and process cranes.
ZAO First Container Terminal in St Petersburg ordered two Panamax ship-to-shore container cranes, which will be delivered in 2008, while a Turkish construction company ordered process cranes for Russian steel mill PNTZ in Pervorouralsky.

Manchester’s 170-tonne Chinese takeaway
MANCHESTER, United Kingdom

Servisair has ordered nine Mitsubishi FG25N forklifts to load Cathay Pacific planes taking cargo from Manchester to Hong Kong and Dubai.
The 24/7 job involves transferring up to 170 tonnes of freight from trucks onto aircraft pallets and then onto the waiting plane and vice versa.
Servisair cargo terminal manager Sean Elder says the forklifts were needed urgently and Mitsubishi dealer Lancashire Fork Truck Services “sorted [them] out” in weeks, not months, like other dealers.

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Movers & Shakers

SANDTON, South Africa
Barloworld Ltd has appointed Dumisa Ntsebeza as non-executive chairman and Trevor Munday as non-executive deputy chairman of the board.

Ntsebeza joined Barloworld’s board in 1999. He is a lawyer, having been admitted as an attorney in 1984 and to the bar in 2000. In 2005, he was appointed as senior counsel by the South African president. He is also chairman of the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust and a Nelson Mandela Foundation trustee.

Munday joined Barloworld’s board in January 2007. He was deputy chief executive of Sasol Ltd and also chief financial officer of that company. From 1996 to 2000, he was managing director of Polifin Ltd, which was listed on the JSE before being acquired by Sasol.

NEW YORK, United States
Cascade Corp’s senior vice president and chief operating officer, Terry Cathey, will retire on June 30.

The announcement was made in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Cascade has not yet named Cathey’s replacement.

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New Products

More manoeuvrable Raymond forklift
GREENE, NY, United States

Raymond Corp has introduced the 4400 three-wheel, sit-down counterbalanced forklift with lift capacities ranging from 3,000lbs to 4,000lbs (1,361kg to 1,841kg).

“With its low-profile design, the 4400 can move easily through doorways and into low shipping containers and trailers,” says Raymond spokesman Jeff Leggett.

The 4400 replaces the RTW forklift that was launched in 2001. The RTW is DC-powered, whereas the 4400 is AC-powered. The 4400 is also two inches shorter than the RTW.

Raymond also introduced the 4100 and 4200 stand-up counterbalanced forklifts ( News #314).

Still introduces pageant of warehouse trucks
HAMBURG, Germany

Still GmbH has launched four new forklifts for warehouse and production applications.

The FM-X reach truck is available in six models with capacities ranging from one ton to 2.5 tons.

The double deck EXD-S pallet truck loads pallets that cannot be stacked, making it suitable for loading and unloading lorries for long transport distances.

The FU-X and FS-X low-lift pallet trucks have load capacities of two and 3.3 tons.

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Industry puts on running shoes for charity

Heli forklift dealers will support Patsy Pitzul when she walks 60Km to raise money for breast cancer research later this year.

Pitzul is the wife of Robert Pitzul, owner of Heli forklift dealership Robert Pitzul Enterprises, in Quebec. She will participate in the “Weekend to end Breast Cancer” walk benefiting the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, taking place August 24-26.

Pitzul’s sister died from cancer recently.

Heli’s Canadian master distributor, Heli Fork Lift Canada (HFLC), and its four Quebec dealers will donate a cash amount to the hospital for each forklift sold from now until August 15.

HFLC general manager Jim Chesla hopes the effort raises at least CND10,000. Heli currently has 24 dealers in Canada.

Meanwhile over in the UK, JCB design engineer Gavin Hamilton and his partner Clare Bowen-Jones will be participating in the annual JCB Lakeside 5-mile (8-Km) Fun Run next month to raise money for Queen’s Hospital in Burton.

Hamilton and Bowen-Jones are grateful for the hospital’s care when their daughter Keeley was born weighing just 1lb 14oz (0.84Kg). They have raised GBP700 (USD1395.60) for Queen’s neo-natal unit through other events and aim to raise another GBP300 (USD598.1) at the run.

JCB’s lakeside run raises money for the NSPCC, a UK child abuse advocacy group, through registration fees. However, many participants raise money for other causes through sponsorship.

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Another human forklift
BRISBANE, Australia

Last week, we reported on the Forearm Forklift, a pair of adjustable straps marketed as a human lifting device ( News #314).

This week, we’re happy to highlight another human-powered forklift innovation which will please the environmentalists but won’t worry the major manufacturers. We predict that it also will not win much support from the work force.

Brought to our attention by US correspondent Roger Renstrom, the Cycle Forklift “is ridden just like a bicycle, while a winch is used to lift objects of your choosing”.

Its distributors boast that “you don’t need petrol or even electricity to move large items anymore”.

“Simply get yourself a human-powered forklift instead. Providing you’ve had a good hearty breakfast, you’ll be able to shift up to 30kg in no time,” the website proclaims.

Made by Soceadth, the emissions-free, environmentally friendly Cycle Forklift is only available online and sells for around USD1,615.

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Safety, snakes and Sumi

For the first time, the Sumi Viper and Sumi Mamba forklifts, designed and manufactured by Osko Forklifts for materials handling specialist Task Forklifts, will be on show to the public at this week’s Safety Show in Brisbane.

“It’s the first time both of them have been viewed by such a large forum within the materials handling industry,” says Lee Tregloan, marketing communication co-ordinator.

She adds that the company likes to showcase new products at this type of event because it has proved to be helpful in gathering feedback. “We have just started to produce the first units of the Viper and we want to make sure that, like the rest of the Sumi range, it is the best quality possible, increases productivity and also reduces the physical requirements of the operator.”

Besides the Viper and Mamba, the rest of the Sumi range also has catchy snake names such as the award winning Legless Sumi Boa counterbalanced electric stacker, and the Sumi Conda which is a straddle pedestrian forklift.

Besides the Sumi range of products, the family-run company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, offers a full range of materials handling equipment, including the Max range of gas, diesel and battery electric trucks and an enormous selection of second hand and reconditioned trucks.

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Consultant calls for better data
BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia

There’s plenty of talk in the forklift industry about fatalities and injuries but few hard facts are available to quantify exactly how many permanent, non-fatal injuries occur in this sector, or indeed any other work sector – and what this costs the Australian economy.

High risk management consultant Roger Kahler of the InterSafe Group has called on the Australian government to recognise that it is the head of a management chain and, as such, has an awesome responsibility to collect, organise and disseminate information within the occupational health and safety arena in a transparent and easily accessible manner.

He says government agencies do gather statistics, but are not making the information available to others down the management chain.

“I have been trying to get descriptive data for taxonomic work for over 10 years and for various reasons, government agencies do not want to provide me with it.  West Australia is proving the exception,” he tells news.

Kahler, who spoke at this week’s Queensland Safety Conference, specialises in pattern analysis – the discipline of looking for common patterns among data and gaining insights as a result of those patterns.

In the year 2000/01, there were a total of 480,222 injuries in the workplace. These injuries ranged from permanent damage and death to minor injuries such as sprains and bruises. The total direct and indirect cost to business and society of these injuries was A$34.3 billion.

But Kahler believes the data is insufficiently organised and analysed to enable proper scientific systems to be put in place to improve safety in the workplace.

He adds that government must stop placing emphasis on lost time frequency rates as a measure of performance. “It is not a satisfactory measure of an organisation’s potential for permanent personal damage. There are too many factors other than injury which can affect the measure, making it unreliable and invalid.”

“The non-fatal but permanently damaged people make up a small percentage of all those people who are damaged in the workplace. However, what is not appreciated is that the costs associated with this group of non-fatal but permanently damaged people is more than 80% of the total cost of all work related damage in Australia. The total cost, if you include pain and suffering, is of the order of A$80 billion per year. If pain and suffering is excluded (and it can be argued that it shouldn’t be) the cost is A$34billion per year.  

“Governments continue to fail to address this category of permanent personal damage and as a consequence, the problem continues reasonably unabated.”

Back To Top team at MHL 2007 in Auckland

MHL 2007 (, the event for in-plant materials handling and logistics technologies in New Zealand takes place at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, 11-12 July.

Come and visit the stand: Stand no. 201.

Ann Hofmans and Clayton Ford are keen to meet with you to have a chat, share industry news, browse our web portal or discuss your company’s exposure with

Why not set up a meeting with Ann or Clayton? Email for more information or to arrange your personal meeting.

For more information about MHL, visit their website:

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Show places safety centre stage
BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia

Around 200 companies displayed products and services to improve safety performance in the workplace at this year’s Queensland Safety Show, hosted by the Safety Institute of Australia (Queensland and Northern Territory division).

Held over three days this week at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the event included the Queensland Materials Handling Show, and a range of new features such as free industry workshops led by experts in various fields and a live demonstration area where OHS products were put to the test.

New to Australia, from Apex Associates, was the Hoppecke trak eco battery system which, explained associate director Andrew Paice, involves a unique concept, based on the use of a protective, insulating battery cover.

The system slashes maintenance costs as less time is needed to replenish water, clean and inspect the battery system. The encapsulation of the battery avoids damage to the battery cells and reduces contamination of the battery surface. The use of electrolyte circulation with adaptive pump interval control reduces the chemical loss of water. An innovative retention system also minimises physical water loss.

Promoting its range of Colby pallet racking products was Brisbane-based Elbowroom. The company provides a comprehensive range of products including Colby, which is considered to be the industry leader in safe pallet racking storage, with products such as Colby Safe Selective Pallet Rack, Double-Deep Rack, Drive-In Rack, Push Back, CLS and many other pallet storage products.

Among the exhibitors was Easy Guides Australia which had a range of learning materials available for the 1 July implementation of the Queensland RTO-VET licensing system

Also on display was EV Alert's innovative collision avoidance system for forklifts, other moving equipment and pedestrians. The product has been embraced for its practicality and flexibility. It addresses the safety needs of a variety of organisations offering many applications without the need for customisation. This flexibility and ease of operation also improves the cost-effectiveness of the unit.

Richmond exhibited its range of stackers, including winch stackers, manual stackers, electric stackers, fork stackers, hand stackers and counterbalance stackers. The company’s electric stacker dramatically reduces strain, increases safety and productivity in repeat picking applications.

Highlighted at the show was Toyota Material Handling’s new “8-Series” range of forklift trucks. The Toyota 8-Series of one to 3.5 tonne internal combustion counterbalance forklifts provide increased safety and ergonomics, reduced operating costs and greater environmental friendliness. The range includes 23 pneumatic-tyre internal-combustion models from one to three tonnes payload, the petrol/LPG and diesel models with the choice of manual or powershift transmission as well as a compact model.

Linde retail sales manager David Linfoot said many visitors to the show had shown interest in the company’s special promotion – the Linde L12 Walkie Stacker, with inbuilt charger and an infinitely variable lift control, which makes it ideal for fragile loads.

Over 5,000 visitors are expected to have attended this week’s show.

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Innovative design for height work without risk

Manitou Australia will extend its range of Maniaccess elevated work platforms with the new 150 TP telescopic platform.

The model is an entirely original design and combines a high working capacity, compact footprint and a wide working area. It will be launched at the finale of Manitour in New South Wales on 31 August.

Equipped with a cage that is 2.3 metres wide and five metres long, the platform can reach 6.3 metres when the extension is deployed, lifting a load of up to 1,000 kg to a height of 15 metres.

The 150 TP is equipped with four driving wheels for both forward travel and crab steering.

Its large working area and high lifting capacity equip it to meet the needs of cladding or glass facade installation businesses, as well as for work in tunnels or any application where an extended working area is required.

Powered by a Perkins diesel engine, Manitou claims the 150 TP emits low levels of noise, something which is greatly valued in an enclosed working context where there is a significant amount of reverberation.

The product allows access to a very wide working area. For example, with the telescopic arm deployed at half-height, the resulting working area is over twice the total length of the platform - 15 metres, with a working height of eight metres.

Equipped with two front stabilisers, full outreach can be achieved in complete safety. In addition, the machine is equipped with an automatic load calculation system allowing work to be carried out at height without risk.

The 150 TP meets the same high standard of specifications that Manitou applies to the range of ATJ access platforms, making it an innovative design based on proven expertise, according to a spokesman.

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Fleet Weigh set to revolutionise weigh gauges on lift trucks

Lift truck speed limiter specialists, Speedshield, today announced the release of Fleet Weigh – an all in one digital Weigh Gauge, Pre-Start Checklist, Card Access and Speed Alert module - designed to provide lift truck dealers with commonly requested safety features all in the one package.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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4th Thai Ports and Shipping 2007 Bangkok Exhibition and Conference

Following the success of the 3rd Thai Ports and Shipping Exhibition and Conference events in Bangkok in 2005, we are delighted to announce the 4th Thai Ports and Shipping 2007 Bangkok Exhibition and Conference will by hosted by the Port Authority of Thailand and will take place at the luxurious 5 star Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Bangkok on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September 2007.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Cascade Corporation introduces Hi Visibility Sideshifter and Hi-Visibility Fork Positioner

The new 65F Sideshifter features a reduced weight and provides increased net truck capacity while the 65K Hi Visibility Fork Positioner is a class III, 6500 lb. (3,000 kg.) capacity sideshifting Fork Positioner.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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2000 kg VIPER easy to tame with one hand - Now With Power Steering

OSKO Forklifts have announced the release of their VIPER new SUMI Walkie Reach Truck. Available in capacities of 1500 and 2000 kilograms these units boast a world first by combining power steering and “VTC” hydraulic actuation.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Eblo Seating has complemented their RECARO ERGO line with 2 brand new seats.

Due to the immense popularity of the ERGO INDUSTRY seat, EBLO SEATING has developed two new models for the construction market and larger forklifts. These high ergonomic seats with active air suspension can now be supplied with high or low backrests giving the driver the support and comfort level that is required.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Advertise here – June’s “hot” offer

Your product photo(s), product description and USD $195... That’s all it takes to promote your product to thousands of forklift dealers, forklift fleet managers, manufacturers and end users, around the world or in your regional markets.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Todd Brennan: Let’s clear the air!

It’s a busy but average Friday afternoon. Quite a large shipment has just been received and it all has to be put away before anyone goes home. It is a small and somewhat overgrown warehouse. The six forklifts are not the latest internal combustion engine models but they do the job, run well and don’t appear to have excessive emissions...

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.

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Cascade Corporation
PORTLAND, OR, United States

Cascade Corporation is the world leader in the design and manufacture of materials handling equipment for lift trucks. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and China, Cascade is dedicated to providing solutions which benefit customers around the globe.

Click here for the full Industry Profile feature, including pictures.

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