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“Come see the world's oldest ‘surviving’ forklift.”


Bolzoni becomes leader in German market
Lift King enters big capacity, cushion-tyred forklift market
Forklift history opens to public
Jungheinrich US matches European operations
CeMAT Asia: “great potential” in China market
Balkancar Dunav for sale
Forklifts used as crime accessories

22-tonne Hyster premiers at Australian port
Forklift exposes toxic container
Linde releases ride-on pallet

Lift King and Lowry - partnering for the future

Dealers Wanted!
Is in your marketing plan?

FORK TALK: Voting for Archies starts in November

SAFETY FIRST: Rob Vetter: Somebody restrain me

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The News team

Bolzoni becomes leader in German market

Bolzoni SpA says its turnover for fiscal year 2006 will jump 30 per cent after the acquisition of German forklift attachment maker Hans H Meyer GmbH.

The acquisition was announced this month but Bolzoni hinted at the purchase when it said it was entering the forks market through a “possible” acquisition in an initial-public-offering prospectus ( News #279). Bolzoni listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, in Milan, on June 8.

Group chairman Emilio Bolzoni said the company was satisfied with the acquisition.

“It enables us to consolidate our leadership in Europe and increase market share worldwide … Thanks to Meyer’s entry into our group, we have become leaders in Germany, the most important European market.”

The inclusion of Meyer’s operations in the Bolzoni Group would result in Bolzoni’s market share in Europe growing from 30.4 per cent to 40 per cent, making it Europe’s leading forklift attachment maker, a Bolzoni statement said.

Bolzoni had a consolidated turnover of EUR50.8 million (USD63.7 million) for the first half of 2006. Its consolidated financial report for the year ending December 31, 2006, will include results of the Meyer Group from November 1, 2006.

“Following the take-over, the Bolzoni Group will boost turnover by 30 per cent bringing pro-forma consolidated net sales to EUR130 million (USD163.1 million) for fiscal 2006,” the statement said.

The proceeds from Bolzoni’s initial public offering will pay for the acquisition, which ranges in price from EUR7 million to EUR9.5 million (USD8.8 million to USD11.9 million). The price depends on Meyer’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) for the 2006 financial year.

Bolzoni’s competitors in Germany are Cascade, of Oregon, US, and Kaup, of Aschaffenburg, Germany. Cascade Corp corporate communications manager Madalyn Piar-Katter said Cascade’s market share in Europe was 28 per cent and globally 55 per cent. Net sales for New York Stock Exchange-listed Cascade for the year ended January 31, 2006, were USD450.5 million and net income was USD42 million. Net sales for the six months ended July 31, 2006, were USD237.2 million. Cascade Corp employed 1,900 people.

In contrast, the Bolzoni Group, which employed 550 people at its 16 companies and 10 subsidiaries, had a net income of EUR96 million (USD120.5 million) for fiscal 2005. It had a consolidated turnover of EUR50.8 million (USD63.7 million) for the first half of 2006. Bolzoni has six plants in Italy, the USA, Finland, Estonia, Spain and China.

Meyer Group has its headquarters and production site at Salzgitter, near Hannover, Germany. It employs 220 people and has three subsidiaries in France, the UK and Sweden. Meyer had a turnover of EUR26.7 million (USD33.5 million) for fiscal 2005, up 11.3 per cent from 2004, an EBITDA of EUR1.6 million (USD2.0 million) and a negative net financial position of about EUR4 million (USD5.0 million). The group was founded by Hans Meyer in 1953.

Meyer chairman Hans Meyer said Bolzoni and Meyer complemented well.

“This opens a new chapter in the history of our firm," he said.

The Meyer website posted a statement to inform stakeholders of the change.
“For personal reasons there has not been a member of the Meyer family [able] to take the position of managing director. Therefore the family has decided to take another path.

“We are delighted, therefore, to be able to share with you the news that Meyer will be a part of the successful Bolzoni Auramo Group with immediate effect.”

Meyer attachments would continue to be produced in Salzgitter and the Meyer name and products would continue “as an independent company complementing Bolzoni”, the statement said.

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Lift King enters big capacity, cushion-tyred forklift market

Lift King Industries, of Woodbridge, Ontario, has bought the manufacturing rights of Lowry Industrial Lift Trucks Ltd, of Georgetown, Ontario, for an undisclosed sum.

Lowry entered into receivership under Canadian laws this year. Lift King was one of Lowry's biggest creditors ( News #275).

Lift King president Mark Aldrovandi said the decision to buy the Lowry rights was made because it provided Lift King an “established entrance” into the heavy capacity, cushion-tyred forklift market.

"Our partnership with Lowry allows us to commit considerable manufacturing capacity and expertise, our proven Pro E engineering capability and our financial stability, to support and aggressively promote the Lowry line," Aldrovandi said.

“The manufacturing synergies perfectly complemented Lift King’s established systems.”

Pro E engineering was an engineering program that helped engineers design “quality” forklifts with “longer component life”, Aldrovandi said. The program allowed three-dimensional modelling of forklift parts and critical stress points could go through “finite element analysis”.

Lift King would introduce a new Lowry cushion-tyred model in the 50,000lb (22,680kg) to 60,000lb (27,216kg) load capacity range in 2007.

“The industrial market will see a sustained effort by Lift King to support and grow Lowry models together with the introduction of new Lift King dual-tyred pneumatic 20,000lb (9,072kg) to 40,000lb (18,144kg) capacity models for the industrial market,” Aldrovandi said.

Lift King was established in 1968 by Aldrovandi’s father, Louis Aldrovandi. It manufactures materials handling equipment for commercial and military markets, including two and four-wheel drive, pneumatic-tyred, rough-terrain forklifts up to 60,000lbs capacity. It has more than 150 employees.

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Forklift history opens to public
DERBYSHIRE, United Kingdom

By Christine Liew

Forklift history buffs can soon ride on old trains to see historic forklifts in a British museum that’s the brainchild of a former forklift engineer.

The National Fork Truck Heritage Centre, in Derbyshire, UK, started by former Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) director and BT Rolatruc service engineer James Brindley, officially opens on October 18 ( News #244).

Brindley said the museum was not officially opened until this year because it had to be readied for general viewing. Since 2004, the museum had been accessible on “limited days”.
“The exhibits were in no particular order and required attention mechanically or cosmetically. A library and archive has now been built on a mezzanine floor and floor covering purchased for pedestrian areas.”

Visitors can view 35 restored forklifts, bearing names like Coventry Climax, Towmotor and Lansing Bagnall, from Tuesday to Friday, and Sundays on request, from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Museum highlights include a 1926 Yale forklift believed to be the world’s oldest “surviving” forklift. The museum has borrowed a 1946 prototype of the Coventry Climax Godiva truck ET199 from the Coventry Transport Museum.

Other forklift brands on display include Matling, Histor, Wrigley, BT, Shelvoke, Drewry, Collis, Ransomes, Steinbock, Fenwick, Joshua Shaw, Conveyancer, Matbro, Aerolift, Lister and Harbilt.

Brindley said about 20 forklifts were in storage, awaiting refurbishment. More forklifts would be exhibited next year.

An honours board listed names of those who had donated GBP1,000 (USD1,854.80) or more to the museum. Several benefactors had signed up to give GBP250 (USD463.70) a year towards the upkeep of the museum.

“Jim [Brindley] has made a remarkable contribution to the industry. His tireless efforts have ensured the whole concept of a forklift museum has come to life. His foresight and determination has been an example to us all,” FLTA chairman Paul Nichol said.

John Bather, Derbyshire’s Lord Lieutenant, will unveil a commemorative plaque at 2.30pm on October 18.

To get to the museum: Leave M1 junction 28, join A38 towards Derby, leave at 3rd exit and follow brown tourist signs to the Midland Railway Centre. The forklift museum and railway centre are on the same site.

Visitors can ride on old trains from the railway centre to reach the museum.

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Dealers Wanted!

Since 1964, Vulkoprin has been manufacturing, in Belgium, polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan® under Bayer license and is especially known for its high quality wheels, castors, rollers, tyres and technical parts. Today Vulkoprin is one of Europe's leading manufacturers in the "wheel industry" and is exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide. Vulkoprin can offer you an extended standard range, but keeps the flexibility to engineer and produce specific customised solutions. In our production we mainly manufacture polyurethane Vulkollan® (desmodur 15), but depending on the application, we also offer alternative polyurethanes and hardnesses, corrosion protection, extra traction, higher load capacity, electrically conductive Vulkollan® C.

Today we are looking for ambitious new dealers/distributors in order to commercialize our quality products in:
+ North America / Canada
+ Central America
+ South America
+ Russia
+ The Baltic States...

Please contact Christophe Verstraete - Export Sales Manager, with your company profile:

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Vulkoprin NV
Herderstraat 4 - 8700 Tielt - Belgium
Phone: +32 51 403 806
Fax: +32 51 401 567

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Jungheinrich US matches European operations
RICHMOND, VA, United States

Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp has moved its spare parts distribution operations to a 17,000 square foot (1,579 square metre) warehouse, five times the size of the previous facility, in a bid to attract more US customers.

Michael Hendriksz, Jungheinrich's director of aftersales, said the Richmond warehouse would stock 95 per cent of parts for Jungheinrich forklifts sold in the US.

"We're already the technological leader in Europe but, to get a foothold in the US market, we need to be better than the competition ... this move will put to rest any concerns potential customers have about parts scarcity from a Europe-based company," he said.

The new warehouse would stock USD1 million of 8,000 spare parts, ensuring delivery overnight anywhere in the US.

Through an arrangement with Federal Express, Jungheinrich could deliver parts from Germany to the US within 48 hours. All shipments would be pre-cleared with customs at Frankfurt airport. When the plane landed in the US, packages would be delivered directly by FedEx to the dealer or end user, a Jungheinrich statement said.

The new warehouse also produced hydraulic hoses, hose fittings and lift chains.
Jungheinrich parts & service support manager Phil Keay said hoses were manufactured in the US because they had a limited shelf life and needed a "first-in, first-out system".

"Also, hoses and lift chains are, dimension-wise, specific to each vehicle model. It's easier for us to produce them here on demand.”

Hendriksz said the company headquarters would soon move to new premises, three times bigger than the current premises.

The improvement in Jungheinrich's spare parts distribution system was undertaken to match its German parent company's efficient warehouse operations, the statement said ( News #254).

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CeMAT Asia: “great potential” in China market

By Rodger Lamb and Patrick Chin

CeMAT Asia 2006 officially opened on Tuesday with a welcoming speech by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing executive vice chairman Ding Junfa.

Ding said there was “great potential” in China’s logistics market, thanks to the fast growing Chinese economy. China’s logistics industry increased 25.2 per cent to CNY48.1 trillion (USD6.075 trillion) in 2005. Growth continued in the first half of 2006, with the industry reaching CNY26.8 trillion (USD3.385 trillion).

The year 2006 was the first in the Chinese government’s 11th five-year plan. It was also the first year the logistics industry had opened up completely, he said.’s Rodger Lamb noted many overseas visitors, including senior executives, from the US, Europe and other Asian countries. “From our perspective, and I’m sure foreign exhibitors, CeMAT Asia is an excellent opportunity to exhibit products and services to a global audience,” he said.

“The stand received many visiting executives from overseas. This is the 7th time CeMAT Asia is being staged. It is maturing and the exhibitor stands we saw were of high quality. We have not had the chance to visit many stands because of the activity at our stand. Next week, in News #282, we will have more to report.”

In 2000, there were 93 exhibitors at the inaugural CeMAT Asia. In 2001 there were 129, 136 in 2002, 166 in 2003, 207 in 2004, 274 in 2005 and 352 this year.

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Balkancar Dunav for sale
SOFIA, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Privatisation Agency has called tenders for a 70 per cent stake in forklift manufacturer Balkancar Dunav.

The starting price is LEV4 million (USD2.6 million) and the bidding step is set at LEV50,000 (USD32,417), South East Europe Newswire reported. Bidders must make a LEV500,000 (USD324,166) deposit to participate in the tender.

Balkancar Dunav, based in the port city of Lom, made a net loss of LEV160,000 (USD103,733) in 2005, down from LEV278,000 (USD180,236) in 2004. The company exports 95 per cent of its products to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Georgia. It had a 2005 turnover of LEV1.031 million (USD668,430), the report said.

Balkancar Holding owns the minority stake in Balkancar Dunav.

Last week, News published a news story on Bulgarian forklift manufacturer Dimex, sourced from the Bulgarian News Digest. Dimex executive director Dimitar Dimitrov said he was incorrectly quoted in the Bulgarian News Digest article. Dimitrov said Bulgarian forklift production, not Dimex’s, would quadruple in the next five years. Dimex’s production capacity is about 500 units a year.

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Forklifts used as crime accessories
PHEONIX, AZ, United States

Forklifts are the new getaway cars in automated teller machine (ATM) heists, according to a New York Times article.

The October 8 article, sourced from The Associated Press, said thieves had used forklifts to steal ATMs in Canada, Estonia, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, and the US since the 1990s.

The thefts have become so common there’s even a name for it.

Rob Evans, industry marketing director for NCR Corp, the world’s largest ATM maker, calls it the “smash and dash”.

About 21 smash-and-dash thefts were accomplished or attempted in Pheonix, Arizona, this year. The area was open to ATM thefts because it had plenty of construction projects and drive-through banks with ATMs bolted to the ground, the New York Times article said. News has reported on smash-and-dash incidents in Australia ( News #224).

An ATM is known in other English-speaking countries as a bank machine (Canada), a cash machine (UK) or a cashpoint (New Zealand).

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Saficon and Accel sign South African agreement

South African Toyota forklift distributor Saficon Industrial Equipment Pty Ltd has been appointed AccelRate Power Systems’ exclusive distributor for its battery charger products in South Africa and surrounding territories.

AccelRate’s motive & reserve power division president Pierre Gadbois said Saficon was a “highly respected materials handling products distributor” in South Africa. Saficon had the largest market share in South Africa’s materials handling market, generating more than USD180 million in sales for 2005, an AccelRate statement said.

Saficon is also the exclusive distributor for BT and Kalmar in southern Africa.

Terex divests Czech company
WESTPORT, CT, United States

Telehandler manufacturer Terex Corp has sold its 80.5 per cent stake in Czech heavy duty on and off-road truck manufacturer Tatra as.

Blue River sro paid USD26.2 million in cash and repaid inter-company debt of about USD31.6 million owed to Terex by Tatra.

Blue River also assumed Tatra’s third-party debt that totalled around USD22 million.

Terex CEO Ronald DeFeo said Tatra was identified as non-core to the Connecticut-based company’s future business. Blue River sro is a Czech-based consortium of four international private investors.

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22-tonne Hyster premiers at Australian port
BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia

A first-of–its-kind 22-tonne Hyster empty container handler has been delivered to Queensland’s Port of Brisbane Corporation.

A Hyster statement said the H22.00XM-12EC was the first delivery of a new container handler range in Australia. The truck had a 9,000kg capacity, stacking “2 on 6foot x 8foot 6inch” or “2 on 5foot x 9foot 6inch” high, double containers.

Hyster is a division of Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG), based in Cleveland, Ohio. Sydney-based NMHG Asia-Pacific managed the Port of Brisbane order.

The new Hyster empty container handler range included four, 16 to 22-tonne models, manufactured at NMHG’s dedicated big truck manufacturing plant at Nijmegen, the Netherlands, the statement said.

Sydney-based Hyster big truck wholesale operations manager Mark Fritzen said Hyster’s new range offered improvements on previous models.

“This new series of empty container stackers makes improvements in three areas: ergonomics and visibility, ease of serviceability, and higher productivity due to a more powerful engine and transmission.”

He said Hyster’s standard container handling spreader featured “reefer correction” and delivered faster handling.

A NMHG Asia-Pacific spokesperson said “at least a dozen” orders had been received from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia for the new container handlers.

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Forklift exposes toxic container
KWINANA, Western Australia, Australia

A freight container holding 16 tonnes of toxic cargo was identified after a forklift could not lift the “empty” container at a Perth hire company.

Sodium cyanide was “inadvertently included” in one of 140 containers returned from Australian Gold Reagents (AGR), in Kwinana, near Perth, a Western Australian Government Department of Consumer & Employment Protection (DOCEP) statement said.

It said a truck returned the containers to a Bayswater container hire company, but a forklift could not lift the container from the trailer.

A government Dangerous Goods Safety Branch investigation found a procedural “oversight” had allowed a full container to be returned to the hire company.

It said the problem had been fixed.

“Trucks carrying empty freight containers are now weighed before leaving the Kwinana company to ensure the containers’ contents have been unloaded,” it said.

AGR manager Steve Edgar told The Sunday Times the “unfortunate” incident would not be repeated.

“We have learnt from it and made changes to make sure incidents like this don’t happen again.”

Sodium cyanide is a Class 6.1 Dangerous Good and must meet storage and transport regulations.

The DOCEP statement said AGR would not be prosecuted.

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Linde releases ride-on pallet
SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia

Linde Materials Handling Australia Pty Ltd has released a ride-on pallet in Australia with a unique 45-degree angle offset driving position.

The T20SP pallet truck has been launched globally and was released in Australia two months ago.

The 45-degree angle operator driving position “removes physical constraints linked to the usual driving positions”, a Linde statement said.

Linde Materials Handling Australia NSW sales manager George Pappas said the ride-on pallet allowed an operator’s feet to twist and move around from a fixed standing position and that was particularly useful when reversing.

Linde Australia general manager sales & marketing Andrew Satterley said another feature was a “diagnostic plug” at the front of the pallet truck. He said the plug made it easier for service technicians to access the pallet’s data to identify and fix problems.

Linde Materials Handling Australia was formerly a division of Linde AG. It is now a division of materials handling company Kion Group, which represents Linde, Still, and OM brands.

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Lift King and Lowry - partnering for the future

Lift King Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition of the "LOWRY" brand of heavy capacity, cushion tired lift trucks.
Lift King Industries, an ISO 9001 certified company based in Woodbridge Ontario Canada, has been manufacturing construction style pneumatic and specialty military pneumatic lift trucks for the Canadian and U.S.A. armed forces over thirty years.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Voting for Archies starts in November
ALTON, United Kingdom

The FLTA will list finalists for the four product and service categories of environment, safety, ergonomics and innovation, and nomination details, on its website at the end of October.

Click here for the full Fork Talk feature, including pictures.

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Rob Vetter: Somebody restrain me
BLAINE, WA, United States

If I hear one more person squawk about use of seatbelts by forklift operators I’m going to scream. It has been more than 20 years since major manufacturers began outfitting units with seatbelts and more than 10 since the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) made it standard for manufacturers to supply them and users to use them.

Click here for the full Safety First feature, including pictures.

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Hamburg, Germany

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randal_s, Canada

Technical help needed.
"Looking for a break down for the brake system of the Raymond 41-4D-R40TT SN:2710-C. The break down should show brake shoes, master cyl,slave cyl,wheel cyl, brake lines (master & slave) and all drive motor seals and applicable seals ..."
Gordo, Canada

Parts for my Clark C30B?
"I know it's an old bucket of bolts and I should get a new one. But I bought it for USD300 and it works! What I need is parts. I would like to know who I can call/email to get body parts like the right side engine door. "
kwcrusader, United States

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"My customer asks "what's the difference in cost for regularly maintaining trucks vs paying for repairs as needed?" Does anyone have any return on investment figures for regularly maintaining trucks vs repairs as needed? "
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1. Lift King and Lowry - partnering for the future

2. Konecranes has received an order from ZAO First Container Terminal in St Petersburg, Russia, for two panamax ship-to-shore cranes. The order is worth about EUR10 million (USD12.6 million).


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