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“Multiton loses factory prices, technical advice.”


SPECIAL REPORT: Germany: Linde Material Handling ripe for sale

Ashtead to pay USD1 billion for rental equipment company
Multiton dealers to lose factory prices
JLG moves on Cat telehandler program
Canada funds more forklift fuel cell work
Manitou’s French sales down, international sales up
Telehandler works high in the Alps
Forklift operators needed for rural freight centre
Safety crackdown in Australia
Sample of used equipment for sale

Bolzoni Auramo in Germany
RAEDER-VOGEL – Innovative wheels and castors for the forklift industry
Vulkoprin introduces completely NEW WHEEL CATALOGUE!
About Cotton, 7000 Employees and a gigantic Truck Fleet

End of Model Clearance – Ecolift Pallet Truck
Kerry Services - A technical translation company for the Global lift truck sector

Patented Forklift Attachment- Seeking Manufacturer

FORK TALK: “You can’t win unless you’ve been nominated”

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Germany: Linde Material Handling ripe for sale

Linde Material Handling is being primed for a possible sale as parent company Linde AG, of Wiesbaden, Germany, this week announced that its profitable forklift segment was breaking away to become an independent legal entity. From August 1, the new entity will be known as Linde Material Handling GmbH & Co KG. News reporter Christine Liew chronicles the rise of the company that overtook Balkancar in 1990 to hold top position in the world forklift company rankings for more than a decade.

**News Flash: Linde AG and Komatsu Ltd have just announced the termination of their joint venture agreement related to their joint venture company Komatsu Forklift Co Ltd. News will have the full story next week.

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Ashtead to pay USD1 billion for rental equipment company
SURREY, United Kingdom

Ashtead Group plc has signed a conditional agreement to buy the US’s sixth largest equipment rental company, NationsRent Companies Inc, for USD1 billion.

Ashtead will pay USD600 million in cash and take on USD400 million in debt. An additional payment of USD89 million is contingent on Ashtead’s share price hiking above 273.1 pence. Ashtead’s current share price is 141.5 pence.

The purchase will be partly funded by a GBP150 million rights issue, but the issue is not available to residents of the US, Australia, Canada, France, Japan or New Zealand, because of those countries’ securities laws.

Ashtead rents forklifts, aerial work platforms, backhoes, excavators and other equipment through its subsidiaries US-based Sunbelt Rentals and UK-based A-Plant. The acquisition could result in Ashtead becoming the US’s third largest equipment rental company and the world’s second largest by rental revenues, according to Ashtead’s documentation on the proposed purchase and rights issue.

An Ashtead statement said NationsRent was an “excellent fit with Sunbelt” by business type and geography. NationsRent has USD1 billion in rental fleet, of which USD665 million was purchased in June 2003.

The merger of NationsRent and Sunbelt would create a chain of 477 stores with overlap only in about 25 locations. NationsRent has 268 stores in 26 states and 100 centres within US building products retailer Lowe’s Companies Inc’s stores.

NationsRent, founded in 1997, experienced a six per cent growth in rental revenue to USD491 million for the year ended December 31, 2005, compared to 2004. For first quarter, ended March 31, rental revenue grew 11 per cent to USD112 million.

There would be one-time integration costs of USD20 million but Ashtead expected to make cost savings of at least GBP20 million a year through synergy opportunities.

The acquisition was expected to be finalised at the end of August. Sunbelt CEO Cliff Miller will manage integrating NationsRent into the group.

An Ashtead EGM to approve the acquisition and share sale will be on August 4.

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Multiton dealers to lose factory prices
RICHMOND, VA, United States

The US subsidiary of Jungheinrich Group, Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp, will phase out the Multiton name and fully integrate the business into its core product lines.

Ending the Multiton brand name was the last strategic move of the January 1, 2005, merger between Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp and Multiton MIC Corp, a Jungheinrich statement said.

The phase-out was in progress at North American dealerships and was expected to be completed by October.

A Multiton dealer, who did not want to be named, said the change was a “big inconvenience” for his company.

“I have customers who call all pallet jacks Multitons, like the way we call all tissue brands Kleenex. It takes a long time to get that kind of recognition.

“We lose the name recognition. Our customers have probably associated us with the Multiton logo. We display ‘For Multiton’ on service vehicles and in yellow page ads.” He said Jungheinrich would not compensate his company for costs involved in removing the Multiton name.

The dealer said he would no longer have the benefit of factory prices and direct access to parts for Multitons.

“We have to go to the newly designated Jungheinrich dealer. [We have] no factory technical advice on units we have sold for the last 15 years.”

A competitor from a neighbouring US state, who had never sold Multiton, would be the new Jungheinrich dealer, he said.

Ray Schmidt, Jungheinrich’s US class III product manager said ex-Multiton dealers could secure parts and service via Jungheinrich dealers from September 29.

“There are 60 exclusive Jungheinrich dealers that are current or soon-to-be dealers, with plans to add approximately 20 more in the future,” he said.

Schmidt said no compensation was “required” for Multiton dealers as adequate notice to discontinue their programs under the Multiton banner had been given.

“In general since Multiton is an open line and is carried as an allied type of product for most of our dealers, most did not actively market our product.”

All existing product warranties would be continued and the original Multiton models rebranded with the Jungheinrich name, model names and documentation. However, some products, like the M50 manual pallet jack and Mark series of machinery moving dollies, would be discontinued. The EME light duty electric pallet truck could also be discontinued, the Jungheinrich statement said.

“Jungheinrich's standard pallet truck model is the AM2200.  It was determined that a second pallet truck model would be redundant …The machinery moving dollies are not a Jungheinrich approved product.  There is a limited market for these products.The profitability of the product no longer meets our minimum margin requirements,” Schmidt said.  

He said six of Multiton’s Jungheinrich products were already available in the Jungheinrich line. The company would add two of Multiton products to its line next year.

With the brand phase-out, Jungheinrich said end users would experience shorter lead times on product and parts delivery and better local, factory-trained service and support.

John Sneddon, Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp president, said: “This transition dovetails with Jungheinrich’s corporate commitment to responsively meet the unique needs of the North American marketplace by expanding its product scope and service capabilities.”

Multiton, established in 1951, produced hand pallet trucks and machine moving dollies in Port Washington, New York. It became part of the Jungheinrich Group, of Germany, in 1976. Its brand, product line and dealer organisation became an internal sales division of Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp, of Richmond, Virginia.

Through the partnership, Multiton expanded its product line to include high lift hand trucks, electric walkie pallet trucks and stackers, and developed innovations like transistorised controllers, a brake by-pass switch and AC-powered motors.

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JLG moves on Cat telehandler program

JLG Industries Inc is establishing an organisational structure and reorganising manufacturing facilities as it moves to provide a full line-up of telehandlers under the Caterpillar Inc brand.

Under a 20-year agreement, signed in November, the firms created a global strategic alliance calling for JLG-made telehandlers to reach the market exclusively through Cat dealers ( News #237). About 200 dealers have more than 3,100 locations.

A new Caterpillar Alliance Group links sales, marketing, product support and engineering professionals from both companies.

JLG’s factory in Maasmechelen, Belgium, will produce Cat models TH220B and TH330B, initially available in August. Available globally, the new models will have lift capacities of 7,000 pounds (3,150 kg) and 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) and maximum lift heights of 20 feet (six metres) and 24 feet (7.2 metres).

JLG’s Maasmechelen plant will manufacture new models TL642, TL943, TL1055 and TL1255, from October. Ranges for those models, available in North and South America, are 6,600 pounds to 12,000 pounds (2,970 kg-5,400 kg) lift capacities and 42 foot to 55 foot (12.6 metres-16.5 metres) maximum lift heights.

Plans call for the JLG operation in Maasmechelen to make three other Cat models - the TH360B, TH560B and TH580B - for distribution in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, a JLG spokesperson said.

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Patented Forklift Attachment- Seeking Manufacturer

Safe-Sheet, LLC is actively pursuing a company to license, produce and manufacture our Safe-Sheet forklift attachment, which virtually eliminates product damage caused by forklifts. Safe-Sheet is a clear attachment that protects products from being damaged by the backstop of a forklift. The Home Depot stores in Arizona, USA that are using our attachment have recorded a 7-15% reduction of damaged goods per store, per month. The target market for this attachment equates to $15 million over a four year period. If your company is interested in building additional revenue without eroding existing sales please contact us:



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Canada funds more forklift fuel cell work
OTTAWA, Canada

Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc (NMHG), General Motors of Canada Ltd (GM) and Hydrogenics Corp will participate in another fuel cell-powered forklift demonstration in Canada ( News #195).

The project using Hydrogenics’ beta version HyPM fuel cell power packs in up to 19 forklifts and tuggers over two years at a GM Canada car plant is partially funded by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

The total cost is estimated at CAD16.28 million (USD14.66 million) with SDTC investing CAD5.37 million (USD4.84 million). GM, Nacco of Oregon, USA and Hydrogenics of Mississauga, Canada, will fund the rest.

SDTC, a Canadian Government foundation, announced the plans as part of its round-eight investment in 22 clean technology programs.

Nacco is expected to supply 15 Hyster 5,500lb (2,475kg) forklifts, and another firm will provide four tuggers, said Lee Tracy, Nacco’s counterbalance product strategy director.

In 2005, two fuel cell-powered Hysters took part in in-service and refueling demonstrations at GM Canada’s Oshawa assembly complex and at Federal Express Canada Ltd operations, at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Hydrogenics’ alpha version HyPM fuel cell power packs were used ( News #262).

The 2005 project cost CAD3.54 million (USD2.85 million) with SDTC providing CAD1.56 million (USD1.26 million).

In addition to the GM-FedEx demonstration, Ottawa-based SDTC funded two other 2005 projects to advance hydrogen technologies for use in commercial forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

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Manitou’s French sales down, international sales up

After releasing financial results for the first half of 2006, Manitou BF says it plans to accelerate the rate of growth for the second half of the calendar year.

The company’s consolidated sales showed a 10.3 per cent improvement from the same period in 2005. Manitou aimed to exceed an initial forecast of 10 per cent growth for financial year ending December 31, 2006.

While sales in France decreased 0.9 per cent from EUR232.4 million to EUR230.3 million for the first half of 2006, sales in other European Union (EU) countries increased 15.6 per cent, and other regions’ sales increased 31.7 per cent.

Growth was “particularly strong” in Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux and countries outside the EU and  the company’s order book was full for the next 2.5 months, a Manitou statement said.

Total sales for first half of 2006 were EUR586.2 million compared to 2005’s EUR531.3 million.

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Toyota joins Fortune’s top 50
IRVINE, CA, United States

Fortune magazine has included Toyota Industries Corp (TICO) in its top 50 list of the world’s most admired companies.

TICO shares 36th place with US home improvement retailer Lowe’s. Toyota Motor Corp is number two on the list.

It is the first time TICO has appeared on the global top 50 list.

Raymond honours distinguished dealers
GREENE, NY, United States

Raymond Corp has presented nine dealer of distinction awards and nine dealer of merit awards to its best performing dealers.

Dealers with the highest scores when measured against Raymond’s benchmark standards in specific areas of operation, combined with market shares, receive dealer of distinction awards. Dealer of merit recipients have the next-highest scores and market shares.

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Telehandler works high in the Alps

A Merlo telehandler has travelled 1,700 metres by cable to help repair a 30-year-old dam that provides electricity to the Italian region around Lake Baitone.

Merlo SpA, of Italy, provided a ROTO 40.25 MCSS to an electricity supplier at Lake Baitone, in the middle of the Italian Adamello National Park, in the Rechtiche Alps. The dam is 2,300 metres above sea level and 10km from the nearest village.

Dam contractor Alessandro Gelmi said the dam’s parapet had to be refaced with 2,500 cubic metres of concrete. The Merlo telehandler was considered the easiest equipment to take to the site and the safest and most practical to work with.

“The work depends on the machine selected. We knew we must choose a machine that is robust, reliable, easy to drive, compact, maneuverable and, above all else, safe.

“The site is a long way from any help and safety has to be our number one consideration,” Gelmi said.

Work would be conducted on the highest point of the dam, 37.9 metres –high. The machine needed to be positioned with the stabilisers partially extended and yet be safe.

A Merlo statement said the telehandler featured Merlo’s merlin continuous slew safety system (MCSS), which matched the digital control of the merlin network to an electronic sampling device that continuously monitored pressure in the outrigger pads.

As the machine’s stability was monitored in ‘real time’, the outriggers need not be fully extended. Audible and visual warnings of imminent instability were followed by a full motion lock if the operator continued, the statement said.

The four tonne capacity, 25 lift height ROTO had to be broken down into sections no heavier than six tons and transported via a 1,700 metre cable up a 700 metre ascent.

The dam work is expected to finish in the northern autumn of 2007.

More photos in the Galleries.

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Forklift operators needed for rural freight centre
PARKES, NSW, Australia

by Daphne Haneman

Australian east-west rail transport and logistics company SCT Logistics needs more forklift operators for its new AUD12 million rail freight centre in the New South Wales town of Parkes.

SCT, a Melbourne-based family business with more than 700 staff, was the first private company in Australia to operate a non-government rail freight service.

SCT operations manager Mark Krzeminski said the new freight centre would be completed in October. It would include a 7,400 square metre transit warehouse and a 3,000 square metre container unloading hard stand area.

“We’ll need an operator for a double-stacking, 60-tonne fully loaded container and 12 2.5 tonne to 4.5 tonne forklift operators.”
He said the forklifts would probably be hired as part of an ongoing arrangement with Powerlift Australia Pty Ltd.

Parkes, on the Newell Highway, is a major junction between Australia’s eastern seaboard cities of Melbourne and Brisbane. It is 365 km from Sydney.

A Parkes Shire Council statement said Parkes was “literally the crossroads of the nation because of its strategic location on the north/south road and east/west rail corridor” and connected Australia’s capital cities.

SCT general manager property Michael Zerbst said Parkes was an ideal location for forwarding freight by rail to Western Australia.

Using rail instead of trucks was important environmentally and economically.

“We keep freight costs down, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by getting trucks off the road at Parkes, and reduce road trauma,” he said.

“We will bring freight from Brisbane and Sydney to Parkes for railing direct to Perth.”

Parkes Shire Council said the new rail terminal brought the area closer to its dream of becoming the “Chicago of Australia”.

Zerbst said at first there would be a weekly 1.8km-long train. The demand for forklift operators could increase after rail services rose to two or three trains a week.

He said SCT Logistics founder and chief executive officer Peter Smith raised the idea for the freight centre.

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Safety crackdown in Australia

Regulatory authority WorkSafe Victoria has served 85 improvement notices and two prohibition notices on machine and manufacturing businesses in the town of Echuca, Victoria, during a four-day safety campaign.

Eight inspectors and Victorian police conducted checks on 97 manufacturing and repair businesses, retailers, farm equipment dealers and farms. Checks were performed on 70 trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Notices were issued regarding a lack of guarding on machines, forklift safety, blocked fire escape doors and inadequate fire protection measures, a WorkSafe statement said.

Some businesses received multiple notices.

The statement said inspectors would return to Echuca within six to eight weeks to follow-up on notices.

In another statement this week, WorkSafe Victoria warned businesses to report workplace incidents.

WorkSafe executive director John Merritt said concern about legal consequences could inhibit businesses from reporting incidents, but there were serious penalties for failing to report.

“Unreported incidents that are subsequently discovered are looked at seriously by WorkSafe and the courts,” Merritt said.

“The law requiring notification of injuries is clear. It has not changed substantially in more than 20 years, and is enshrined in the Occupational Health & Safety Act.”

WorkSafe currently has four cases of non-reported incidents before the courts.

Australia’s Work Safe Week is from October 22 to October 28, 2006, and the Queensland and Victorian governments are hosting annual work Safe awards.

Queensland employment, training & industrial relations minister Tom Barton said the awards were a first for the state and recognised and shared safety ideas.

“The awards will publicly recognise and reward businesses, organisations and workplaces that have reached high standards of health and safety,” he said.

“Many businesses are doing a great job and we’re keen to find out how they have addressed safety issues so others can learn from them.”

Queensland nominations close on Monday,  July 31. Victorian nominations have closed and winners will be announced at a dinner during Work Safe Week.

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Bolzoni Auramo in Germany

Many of the main forklift manufacturers have their headquarters in Germany. Therefore, the German market is vital for the Bolzoni Auramo Group, and it represents a quarter of the corporate turnover. Bolzoni Auramo is the leader in the supply of integral side shifters worldwide. These products are installed on the forklift mast directly at the OEM’s premises. Furthermore, Bolzoni Auramo is the official supplier to the main German OEM’s of forklift attachments.

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RAEDER-VOGEL – Innovative wheels and castors for the forklift industry

Demands on forklift trucks are constantly increasing – productivity is steadily on the rise requiring higher load capacities, greater speed and improved ergonomics as well as longer working hours. Maintenance and costly downtime must be kept to a minimum. Wheels and castors play an important role in forklift efficiency. To meet the growing requirements of forklift manufacturers and end users, we are constantly improving our existing wheels and tread materials as well as designing and developing new products.

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Vulkoprin introduces completely NEW WHEEL CATALOGUE!

Since 1964, Vulkoprin has been manufacturing, in Belgium, polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan® under Bayer license and is especially known for its high quality wheels, castors, rollers, tyres and technical parts. Today Vulkoprin is one of Europe's leading manufacturers in the "wheel industry" and is exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.

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About Cotton, 7000 Employees and a gigantic Truck Fleet

The concern, based in Antwerp, employs 7000 people and is logistics partner, fulfilment centre and problem solver worldwide. This is a worldwide concern divided into seven business sectors – petrochemicals, industry, special chemicals, trade goods, food, project engineering and ports.

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End of Model Clearance – Ecolift Pallet Truck

TVH Australia are offering special prices on the Ecolift Pallet Truck strictly whilst stocks last. The pricing ex works will be $205 excl. GST each in a six pack and special prices for bulk quantity buys. They also offer a Bonus Pump included with each pallet truck. Click for more details...

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Kerry Services - A technical translation company for the Global lift truck sector

Kerry Services is a technical translation company specialising in the lift truck sector. Mr Peter Downhill explained “For 10 years we have been supplying professional translations to some of the leading lift truck manufacturers, including 2 in the world's top 6.Kerry Services specializes in the production of operator manuals, service manuals, parts lists, specification sheets and website translation in all the major languages of the world.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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“You can’t win unless you’ve been nominated”
ALTON, United Kingdom

The UK Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has opened nominations for its 2007 awards for excellence, popularly known as the Archies.

Click here for the full Fork Talk feature, including pictures.

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Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
PPM - FCH55 - 1996
Komatsu - FB25RL-3 - 1995
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

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"We have a CAT P5000 forklift in the shop with a Nissan engine(propane) and it is constantly flashing code e-34. Checked with local Cat dealer, says it is an overheating code but the temp gauge is always normal. Checked all wiring/fuses, etc ..."
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"Anyone know the procedure for changing the travel speed on the electric 7FBCU35 ? Tops out at 11 and only needs 7 mph. Too many near misses and damaged products!"
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"Many different ways to go about it (a new forklift repair business). Try to find a large commercial park and start off with the smallest business there. Word of mouth will get around so be careful do a first class job. Don't try to get rich and be honest."
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