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“CeMAT no longer in autumn.”


Fantuzzi pioneers Chinese market
*EXCLUSIVE* Interview with ranking list author
New JCB jobs on the horizon
Sample of used equipment for sale
African continent presents opportunity for TVH
CeMAT no longer in autumn
FLTA seeks to boost apprenticeships
Kalmar wins contract to refurbish straddles
Atlet links with Utopia
Forklift used in GBP600,000 robbery

Easyramps goes Galvanized

Kerry Services - A technical translation company for the Global lift truck sector

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Fantuzzi pioneers Chinese market

Fantuzzi Group is the first international manufacturer to make side loaders in China, says product manager Jimmy Lozada.

“It took five years for Kalmar and SMV to understand the [Chinese] market’s potential and program an assembly plant for forklifts and reach stackers. We are five years ahead of any side loader manufacturer as well,”  Lozada said.

He said Kalmar's first two seven-high container handling forklift units, assembled at its Shanghai plant, were completed in early March 2006 while SMV Konecranes would complete its first container handling forklift by mid-2006. “For both compettitors there is no confirmed news about reach stacker production this year.”

As for side loaders, Lozada said he had not heard of any international manufacturer planning to manufacture in China.

Side loaders are being manufactured in Fantuzzi’s 40,000 square metre Zhangzhou plant, in Fujian province, which produces container handling forklifts and reach stackers. Fantuzzi aims to produce 30 side loaders annually. Eight units that have completed testing at Zhangzhou will be delivered to customers in April.

Fantuzzi is expanding the Zhangzhou plant to include a new 5,000 square metre workshop dedicated to side loader production, due for completion at the end of April.

Lozada estimated the Chinese side loader market at 50 to 70 units annually.

“The market is in development and we are mostly selling to joint-venture companies and fully foreign-owned companies in China. Previous customers of ours in Europe and the USA have asked for these machines,” he said.

Fantuzzi had pioneered reach stacker and empty container handling forklift production in China, Lozada said. A CS45Km reach stacker and a FDC25K7 forklift made by Noell Crane Systems China (NCSC), were delivered to customers in 2002.

Zhangzhou-based NCSC, established in 1991, is a member of the Fantuzzi Group of companies.

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*EXCLUSIVE* Interview with ranking list author

Last December, editor-in-chief of German logistics magazine dhf-intralogistik, Wolfgang Degenhard, produced dhf’s annual world ranking list of forklift manufacturers alone ( News #242). He has been co-author since 1999. With the English version released this month, he talks to News in an exclusive interview about his work. News: When did you become involved in dhf magazine and what are your hobbies?

Degenhard: In the 1970s I studied engineering at the Stuttgart Technical University until I graduated with my Diplom-Ingenieur. Then I worked for many years as a project manager in different storage and conveyor technology companies. In 1977, I did some writing about applications for storage and conveyor technology. In 1996 I started writing freelance and, in 2001, I became editor-in-chief of dhf magazine. In my spare time, I indulge my love of music by playing the bass guitar and singing. I love the blues, rock and roll and oldies. News: What is the story behind the world ranking list?

Degenhard: The first world ranking list was published in 1980 in the German magazine Fördermittel Journal by Dr Walter Rödig. He started the list because there were ranking lists for other manufacturers but not forklift manufacturers. The first list was small but the market was very interested. So Dr Rödig continued the list with the help of co-authors. In the beginning the information gathering process was very complicated because a lot of companies did not want their information published. My co-operation with Dr Rödig on the world ranking list began in 1999 and I had a lot to learn. The most recent list was produced by me. Dr Rödig is now 85 years old and wanted to conclude his job as an author of the list. News: Tell us about the process it takes to come up with the ranking list.

Degenhard: Generally we start sending out questionnaires in summer to get financial data, press releases and, importantly, annual reports. Sometimes it gets difficult as some companies, especially smaller ones, do not respond. I receive help from forklift associations, like FEM, JIVA and ITA, and the internet is useful for my research. News: To your knowledge, how many such lists exist and what sets your list apart?

Degenhard: In Germany there is another world ranking list in the Logistic Journal. Another magazine I heard about, Modern Material Handling, published in the USA, produces a list, too. Our list is different because our world ranking list table shows individual companies in descending order in terms of sales of materials handling vehicles for the last five years. We show sales and the number of employees of the industrial truck division and of the corporation for the last five years. The main table includes euro values and value date values. The values in euro alone would reflect an inaccurate picture due to the variable exchange rate. We have seven diagrams representing the situation on the industrial truck market. They show the breakdown of deliveries according to continents, industrialised countries, international associations and model types. News: In the latest list, were there any trends repeated from 2003-04?

Degenhard: The trend from 2003-04 to 2004-05 is that many companies in the industrial truck industry managed to increase turnover in the past fiscal year due to a strong growth in demand. News: What do you think of the inclusion of newcomers Anhui Heli (17), Hangzhou (19), Tailift (22) and Combilift (25)?

Degenhard: Anhui Heli and Hangzhou are Chinese companies that grew rapidly in the last few years. In Europe we had to learn that these companies exist. They are good manufacturers but, regarding special innovations, own components and, very importantly, a good global service, they need some years to get that under control. Founded in 1998, Combilift is a very new company in Ireland. The Irish have managed to increase turnover almost fivefold in five years. In the year under review alone, Combilift achieved an increase in sales of more than 57 per cent compared to the prior year. News: How do you see the top 10 rankings changing in five years’ time?

Degenhard: That's a hard question and five years is a long time. A lot of things can happen in our global economy. At the moment the “dark clouds over the economy” have parted in many areas. Many companies are speaking positively about themselves, especially after CeMAT 2005 in Hannover. But the risks cannot be overlooked. Competition among manufacturers is set to intensify. Therefore, the orientation of large-scale companies towards the supplier system and the service provider will continue to grow. Jungheinrich is a good example. News: What can forklift manufacturers do to make your yearly job of compiling this list easier?

Degenhard: That is a very good question. In general, companies are willing to provide information. Most are pleased about being included in the ranking list and often use it for their own market development purposes. But sometimes we have difficulties getting the questionnaires filled. Some companies do not have enough employees to answer the questions in time. On the other hand, some huge corporations do not allow employees to send us information. But every year it works. News: What do you enjoy most about putting the list together?

Degenhard: It is exciting to hear a manager of the higher level asking in autumn: “What will be the position in the world ranking list this year?” But I can be silent until December.

Click here for to download dhf's world ranking list of forklift manufacturers.

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New JCB jobs on the horizon
ROCESTER, United Kingdom

JCB will invest GBP2.5 million (USD4.4 million) to expand cab production in one of its Staffordshire plants.

A JCB spokesperson said JCB’s cab production had grown since it began manufacturing cabs in 1999. “Production has increased almost tenfold in seven years and today we manufacture more than 30,000 cabs a year.”

Before 1999, JCB sourced cabs from external suppliers. JCB has submitted a planning application to the local council to extend its cab factory in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

JCB wants to expand the factory’s shopfloor space by 30,000 square feet (2,787 square metres). JCB Cab Systems will add 75 employees to its current 300 employees and plans to build a new employee car park for 78 vehicles.

Headquartered at Rocester, JCB produces forklifts, telehandlers, excavators, loaders, tractors and dump trucks at five Staffordshire plants.

Privately-owned JCB would not say how many JCB teletruks (JCB’s counterbalanced forklifts with telescopic booms) it produced a year but a spokesperson said JCB manufactured 45,000 machines in 2005, up 20 per cent from 2004.

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African continent presents opportunity for TVH
WAREGEM, Belgium

Madagascan presidential candidate Monja Roindefo was among African dignitaries and business representatives talking business at a TVH Group forum in Belgium last week.

TVH invited Roindefo to attend the forum, organised in co-operation with the Brussels-based Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, Belgium-Luxembourg-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (CBL-ACP), at TVH’s Waregem headquarters.

Peter Louwagie, TVH business development manager for the African market, led discussions on investment opportunities in Madagascar and other African countries.

Louwagie said although the African markets were smaller in volume and turnover than traditional materials handling markets, the sum of the African continent created a “turnover opportunity that couldn’t be neglected”.

“Many forklifts have been imported second hand without the original spares manual. Offering a service of consulting 3,000 manuals online is an unbeatable solution,” he said.

African countries, like Angola, Mauritania and Sudan, which were rich in natural resources, like copper, cobalt and oil, presented a market with growing handling requirements, Louwagie said.

TVH intended to hold a stock of fast-moving items like hydraulic filters, oil filters and air filters in Madagascar through a local reselling agent.

“South Africa is [TVH’s] leading African market followed by the Maghreb countries in North Africa. It is in our means to be represented in every African country by a reselling agent or a subsidiary by the end of 2008,” Louwagie said.

TVH established its presence on the continent with the acquisition of Forklift Parts International, Johannesburg, in the mid 1980s. The office is currently staffed by eight employees and receives daily deliveries from Belgium. TVH has sales subsidiaries in Morocco, Algiers and Tunis and is represented in other countries by independent agents.

CBL-ACP in Brussels was founded in 1964 by a group of Belgian businessmen with the objectives of maintaining and reinforcing commercial and cultural links between Belgium and Africa. CBL-ACP now aims to develop commercial relations between Belgium and Luxembourg, and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Belgian minister of development co-operation Armand De Decker and representatives from the Angolan, Tanzanian, Ethiopian and Libyan embassies joined the forum.

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CeMAT no longer in autumn

Organiser of the triennial intralogistics trade show CeMAT has moved the show from its northern hemisphere autumn slot to spring.

CeMAT 2008 will be held from May 27 to May 31, 2008, and its organiser says the move will be permanent.

Sepp D Heckmann, chairman of the managing board of organiser Deutsche Messe AG, said the move was in response to feedback from exhibitors at CeMAT 2005.

A spokesperson for Deutsche Messe AG said of the 1,000 exhibitors at CeMAT 2005, 20 had outdoor and indoor exhibits. CeMAT depends on “good weather as many exhibits are shown in the large open-air site and such weather in Germany is more likely in spring than in fall”.

She said Deutsche Messe AG would “set goals [for CeMAT 2008] within the next months” and it expected the move to attract more than 1,000 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors in 2008.

Last CeMAT, 48,427 people visited the trade show, half of whom were first-time visitors.

Visitors from the materials handling industry accounted for 53.5 per cent of total visitors, 13 per cent were from the wholesale/retail trade, 20.7 per cent from service providers and the rest were from the construction industry, skilled trades and public institutions.

CeMAT separated from Hannover Fair for the first time in October 2005 and transformed its focus from materials handling hardware to a comprehensive intralogistics trade show.

According to the CeMAT organiser, “intralogistics” described the part of the logistics chain that covered the flow of materials between logistics nodes within organisations. It also covered the accompanying flow of information in the production operation and in goods distribution centres, airports and seaports.

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FLTA seeks to boost apprenticeships
STREETLY, United Kingdom

The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) in the UK is working with the City of Bristol College to offer apprenticeship courses for potential forklift engineers by September 2006.

North Warwickshire & Hinckley College, in the Midlands, is currently the only UK educational institution to offer a course in forklift maintenance but FLTA chief executive David Ellison hopes that will change.

“FLTA is working with the City of Bristol College to [offer courses] by the start of next term, one in the north, one in the south and one in the middle [of Bristol],” Ellison said.

FLTA’s apprentice of the year 2006, Jonathan Done, will complete his course at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College in May to be a qualified forklift service engineer.

Done, who nailed the FLTA award at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel ceremony in February, started work with forklift dealer Jofson Mitsubishi as a storeman before approaching Jofson managing director Rachel Moore about his engineering ambition.

He was immediately sent for the nationally recognised three-year apprenticeship course at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College.

In the first year, he learned the basics of forklift mechanics, tools, materials and health and safety issues. The second year included subjects on truck design while the third year saw Done learning more technical subjects, such as the industry’s latest computer-based developments.

As an apprentice, Done’s college course was funded by the UK Government but his accommodation, travel costs and wages were paid by his employer.

Ellison said the average wage of an apprentice in the UK started at GBP135 (USD234.30) a week and increased to GBP243 (USD421.75) a week in the third year.

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Kalmar wins contract to refurbish straddles

Kalmar has won a contract to refurbish 13 of Tilbury Container Services’ (TCS) straddle carriers.

The new contract is in addition to Kalmar’s routine servicing of TCS’s straddle carrier fleet.

The straddles would be assessed individually and repairs planned according to need. Kalmar contract maintenance manager Jason Smith said the work was “predictive maintenance” where the machines were repaired before they broke down.

The machines were currently 10 years old, having worked about 20,000 hours. Overhauling their Volvo engines could see them last another five years or 10,000 hours, a Kalmar statement said.

TCS initially planned to do the refurbishments itself but, after talks with Kalmar, decided it could afford a Kalmar contract and focus on cranes and breakdowns instead.

TCS currently operates 39 straddles (a mix of Kalmar and other brands) at its Tilbury terminal in the UK.

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Atlet links with Utopia
LINCOLNSHIRE, United Kingdom

UK tropical produce importer Utopia has replaced a multi-brand forklift fleet at its Lincolnshire distribution centre with Atlet forklifts.

Utopia logistics manager Ian Davis said the company’s old forklift fleet was no longer adequate for the job.

“We had to draw the line and move to a single-supplier arrangement,” Davis said.

After receiving tenders from three forklift companies, Utopia selected four Atlet Piccolo PLL pedestrian pallet trucks, four Presto PLP stand-on pallet trucks and two Atlet UNS Tergo reach trucks to move 2,400 pallet loads of tropical fruit and vegetables each week.

Both parties declined to comment on the value of the contract.

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New man-up range for Yale
PARIS, France

Yale introduced a new range of man-up very narrow aisle trucks, the MTC series, at Manutention 2006 in Paris this month.
With lift capacities from 1,000kg to 1,500kg and a maximum lift height of 16 metres, the new range replaces the older range of the same name, introduced in 1997.
Manufactured at the Masate plant, in Italy, the forklifts will be exported to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA.

Gehl makes record revenues
WEST BEND, WI, United States

Telehandler manufacturer Gehl Company has reported record level revenues for fiscal 2005.
Gehl’s construction segment net sales increased 42 per cent to USD344 million in 2005 and agricultural segment net sales increased 13 per cent to USD134.2 million.
The company’s net income totalled USD21.8 million, compared with USD13.4 million for 2004. Annual revenues were USD478.2 million, up 32 per cent from USD361.6 million in 2004.

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Forklift used in GBP600,000 robbery
DUBLIN, Ireland

Thieves used a forklift to steal GBP600,000 (USD1,041,359) from a security van at a Dublin shopping centre on Tuesday.

The Irish Times reported the raid took place at 1.30pm at the rear of Donaghmede shopping centre as three men were unloading money from a security van to two ATM machines.

One thief rammed a forklift into the front of the van, causing its bullet-proof windscreen to collapse. Two other gang members joined the forklift driver and all three, armed with machine guns, climbed into the van.

After grabbing bags of cash from the van, the trio escaped by car.

Irish national police believe the forklift was stolen from a building site in Balbriggan, northern Dublin.

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INTRUPA has announced that it is now offering a full line of fully forged standard and fully-tapered forks. These in-stock forks are Class II through IV with a capacity of 3,000 to 15,000 pounds.  Now in its 46th year, INTRUPA continues to expand product and services to it's growing customer base from 14 sales and warehouse locations around the world.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Easyramps goes Galvanized

Easyramps, the container loading ramp Specialist Company have announced the launch of an exciting new model. After establishing a leading position in the ramp market within the United Kingdom and Europe Easyramps, boosted by the announcement of their 120th unit sale over the past 18-months of production, have responded to very strong market requirements for a container loading ramp with Galvanized Mesh.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Kerry Services - A technical translation company for the Global lift truck sector

Kerry Services is a technical translation company specialising in the lift truck sector. Mr Peter Downhill explained “For 10 years we have been supplying professional translations to some of the leading lift truck manufacturers, including 2 in the world's top 6.Kerry Services specializes in the production of operator manuals, service manuals, parts lists, specification sheets and website translation in all the major languages of the world.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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