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This is issue #247 - 09 February 2006 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Crown's tight-turning turret truck coming to Europe soon.”


Analysts: Linde may be broken up for sale
Manitou Oz 2006: 5000 training hours
Forklift-testing firm makes acquisitions
Dutch market going up
Sample of used equipment for sale
Coming to Europe: tight turning turret truck
Texas leads equipment theft
Top-level change at NMHG A-P
Tacoma breaks cargo records
Forklift helps woman lose weight
Movers & Shakers

Hoist Liftruck - Neptune Series Marina Liftruck

Employment opportunity in sales with

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Analysts: Linde may be broken up for sale

Linde AG may sell its materials handling unit in pieces, rather than as a whole, to finance a possible takeover of British gas group BOC Group plc.

According to Dow Jones International News, analysts say selling the forklift unit bit by bit could be less problematic for antitrust issues. And it could mean assets are available to a wider range of bidders, so higher proceeds are generated.

Landesbank Rheinland-Pfalz analyst Silke Stegemann said the forklift business could be worth up to EUR2.9 billion (USD3.5 billion) if sold intact. “But, including a likely premium (for growth prospects), this could go up to around EUR3.0 billion (USD3.6 billion) to EUR3.5 billion (USD4.2 billion),” she said.

“However, there would very likely be antitrust concerns, if the unit were sold to a single buyer,” Stegemann said. A single buyer for the entire materials handling unit could clash with European and Asian regulators over excessive market share.

Another Germany-based analyst said the forklift business could bring in EUR3.5 billion (USD4.2 billion) to EUR4.0 billion (USD4.8 billion).

“I expect the Linde brand could generate proceeds of up to EUR2.5 billion (USD3.0 billion) and the Still brand up to EUR1 billion (USD1.2 billion),” he said. “Combined with another EUR200 million that OM Pimespo could bring in, Linde would have some EUR3.7 billion (USD4.4 billion) to finance the BOC deal.”

Japanese peers, especially Toyota Industries, were tipped to be among the interested parties, analysts said.

“I think there’s a very good probability that Japanese companies would at least look into acquiring these assets from Linde,” a Japan-based analyst said.

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Manitou Oz 2006: 5000 training hours
SYDNEY, Australia

The newest Manitou subsidiary, in Sydney, Australia, will support its French parent company with a projected 5,000 training hours set to take place in 2006.

At an opening ceremony for Manitou Australia, at its Alexandria office, about 10 minutes’ drive from Sydney Airport, the company’s new head, Stuart Walker, said the company would be an interface between Manitou Group and its Australian dealer network.

Walker, a former product manager for Manitou dealer NTP Forklifts, said he was excited about his new job.
“I’ve been involved with Manitou for 9-1/2 years through a close association with NTP Forklifts. As it’s a family company, Manitou is very people orientated and this is an opportunity to grow with a very dynamic company.”

Manitou Group directors Bruno Fille, Francois F Piffard and Henri L Gallard were at the ceremony on Tuesday.

Fille told a press conference the past five years had seen enormous growth for Manitou.
“Net sales increased five times, net profit 12 times and the value of the company 22 times. We are ranked among the top 100 companies in the French market.”

About 15 staff will be based in the Sydney office, which will be a commercial and technical training centre. Manitou dealers will receive the latest knowledge on Manitou’s product range and technicians will come to the workstation to work on machines.

The Sydney office is Manitou’s 17th subsidiary. The Australian market constituted two per cent of Manitou’s consolidated net sales for 2005. Fille said the group’s goal was to increase Australian sales by 25 per cent a year.

Manitou forklifts and telehandlers are distributed through 38 independent dealers in Australia.

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Forklift-testing firm makes acquisitions
CIBOLO, TX, United States

by US correspondent Roger Renstrom
Engineered Performance Solutions LLC (EPS) has entered the market to test powered industrial trucks, off-road construction equipment and aftermarket forklift attachments and mast assemblies.

The firm also designs attachments and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

EPS acquired the third-party testing responsibilities of Kalmar RT Centre and JRJ Enterprises, both of Cibolo, on December 31. Terms were not disclosed.

The limited liability company addresses a need for testing in the industrial truck market as harmonisation of standards and market expansion occur worldwide.

EPS tests tilt tables, test stands, track components, electronic devices and computers at its facility in Cibolo near San Antonio, Texas, and at customer and OEM offsite locations. “Part of each initial test plan includes how the customer wants to see the data,” said Randy Wingenroth, EPS managing director and principal. Customers select global baseline standards for use in the testing.

EPS, formed last April, employs seven plus consultants as required who, collectively, have more than 80 years of industrial truck testing and evaluation experience. Before he established EPS, Wingenroth was affiliated with Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc, in Houston, Texas, as manager of test and standards compliance.

Kalmar RT Centre continues to supply rough terrain materials handling systems with capacities of 4,000lbs to 50,000lbs (1,800kg to 22,500 kg) for the military, and JRJ continues to design and supply aftermarket accessories and components for off-road performance-type vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

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Dutch market going up
VLIETWEG, Netherlands

A Dutch industry association says 2005 electric forklift sales in the Netherlands saw double-digit growth, but sales of some warehouse trucks decreased.

BMWT, which represents importers and manufacturers of construction, warehouse and other equipment, has tabulated forklift sales figures for the past six years on its website.

According to the data, electric forklift sales in the Netherlands increased 14.7 per cent from 2,784 units in 2004 to 3,195 units in 2005. Electric pallet mover sales increased 10.5 per cent from 3,661 units to 4,047 units while electric stacker sales jumped 28.3 per cent from 1,071 units to 1,375 units.

Narrow-aisle forklift or turret truck sales decreased 18.8 per cent from 101 units in 2004 to 82 units in 2005. Side-loading forklift sales decreased 24 per cent from 50 units to 42 units while rider reach truck sales suffered slightly with a 0.4 per cent decrease from 957 units to 953 units.

Order picker sales jumped 22.6 per cent from 768 units in 2004 to 942 units in 2005. Internal combustion engine forklifts decreased 12.5 per cent from 1,894 units to 1,657 units.

BMWT director Anton van Loon told Logistiek Netherlands magazine the Dutch forklift market could grow 10 per cent in 2006, with around 13,600 units sold, more than the 13,366 units sold in the “record year” of 2000.

The BMWT website:-

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Coming to Europe: tight turning turret truck
NEW BREMEN, OH, United States

Crown has released a very-narrow-aisle truck that beats its predecessor with a tighter turning radius.

The TSP 6000 series, introduced in the USA last October, has a three-point design, giving it a tighter turning radius and higher manoeuvrability than its predecessor, the four-point design 30 TSP, released more than 15 years ago.

Northwest Handling Systems Inc sales manager Sam Swartz praised the TSP 6000’s mono-mast.
“It’s a true turret stock picker mast instead of a modified stock picker mast, which is common in the industry.

“The mast assembly is by far the most stable with maximum retained capacity of its class. There’s very little mast sway when the operator is up high grabbing loads. It also has the tightest turning radius in its class and that’s a big deal for us.”

Exclusive to the new truck is Crown’s MoveControl™ seat that allows the operator to swivel the seat to four different positions and operate the truck from each position.

Swartz said the MoveControl™ seat was an example of “dramatic changes” to the operator compartment.

The compartment featured floor sensors and hand controls to ensure the operator was in a correct position before the truck could operate.

The turret truck had all AC motors, unlike the previous series and its competitors, Swartz said.

Northwest Handling Systems Inc, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, received Crown’s highest dealer recognition, the James F Dickie Pioneer Award, in 2005, and was one of the first dealers to receive the turret trucks.

In January, European journalists were invited to Crown’s New Bremen plant for a product demonstration of the TSP 6000. The truck’s European release is slated for April.

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Texas leads equipment theft
New York, NY, United States

A National Equipment Register (NER) report says almost 40 per cent of all construction and agricultural equipment theft in the USA occurs in five states, with Texas leading.

Based on more than 5,000 reports submitted to NER in 2005, the database company concluded that Texas, California, Florida, Missouri and South Carolina were the hotspots for equipment theft.

The study revealed that most equipment was stolen from non-owner premises or worksites.

An NER spokesperson described non-owner premises or worksites as those not owned by the equipment owner. “Because these locations are harder to secure, most thefts occur at non-owner premises,” she said.

In 2005, more than 70 per cent of stolen equipment was taken from worksites.

According to the report, theft was the most frequent risk to construction and agricultural equipment compared with risks like fire, collision, vandalism and water damage.

The top four equipment brands reported stolen to NER last year were Caterpillar, Bobcat, John Deere and Kubota.

The NER report included recommendations to:
  • focus risk management efforts on high-value equipment that is easily transported,
  • make accurate information available to law enforcement 24 hours a day, and
  • help educate law enforcement personnel and buyers of used equipment about “red flags” to look out for, such as the type and timing of transportation, missing decals, unusual paintwork and missing identification plates.
The report is available to NER member insurers, their policyholders, law enforcement agencies and the media. Email for a free copy of the 2005 Equipment Theft Report.

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Top-level change at NMHG A-P
SYDNEY, Australia

Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG) managing director for Asia-Pacific will leave the company after 22 years to pursue other career opportunities.

In an internal statement sent to staff and dealers, NMHG chief operating officer Colin Wilson said Donna Baxter announced her resignation in September 2005.

“Donna has graciously agreed to stay on [as] managing director Asia-Pacific Wholesale through to June 30, 2006,” the statement said.

Wilson attributes to Baxter the growth and development of NMHG’s Asia-Pacific business, including acquisition of the National Fleet business and several Hyster and Yale dealerships, which now account for 60 per cent of NMHG’s total Asia-Pacific business.

Baxter started her role as MD of NMHG Asia-Pacific in 2000, based at NMHG’s office in Sydney.

She was in charge of wholesale and retail operations. In Wilson’s January 12 statement, he said David Boyd, former managing director of Case New Holland Global NV, Sydney, would be the new MD of NMHG’s Asia-Pacific retail operations ( News #247).

Robert Scarpin is now director of finance for NMHG’s wholesale operations while a director of finance for retail operations is yet to be appointed.

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Tacoma breaks cargo records
TACOMA, WA, United States

The Port of Tacoma experienced its strongest year by cargo volume in the port’s history in 2005.

Port of Tacoma Commission president Connie Bacon said Tacoma’s growth was fuelled by expanded trans-Pacific trade and continued diversification of port of entry by shippers.

The port’s cargo volumes last year included 2.07 million TEUs, up 15 per cent from 2004, 20.4 million short tons, up 8.3 per cent, 633,620 intermodal rail lifts, up 29.4 per cent, 6.97 million short tons of grain, up 4.2 per cent, 116,680 short tons of break-bulk cargo and 135,900 units of cars, down 13.6 per cent.

The port invested USD95 million in capital projects in 2005, highlighted by the opening of three new and renovated container terminals, Pierce County Terminal, Husky Terminal and Olympic Container Terminal.

Timothy J Farrel, the port’s executive director, said it wasn’t just expanded terminal capacity that spurred growth in container cargo.

“The port, our terminal operators, our partners, Tacoma Rail, the Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway, stepped up with new operating efficiencies and infrastructure to handle a near 30 per cent increase in intermodal volume,” he said.

“Our joint efforts continue and we're planning a 16 per cent growth in 2006,” Farrel said.

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Forklift helps woman lose weight

A Hungarian woman who weighed more than 200kg relied on a forklift to get to a weight-loss program.

Mail & Guardian online cited an MTI news agency report that Budapest firefighters spent five hours removing a window and a large section of wall at the middle-aged woman’s home so they could create a big enough hole for her exit.

A hospital bed strapped to the forklift’s tynes was raised to the window and 13 firefighters helped to roll the woman, who weighed 200kg to 300kg, onto the bed.

The woman was taken to a hospital ward to take part in a weight-loss program.

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Movers & Shakers

WESTPORT, CT, United States
Terex Corp has named Jon Carter vice president, controller & chief accounting officer. Carter has been acting controller & chief accounting officer since February 2005. Before that, he was chief financial officer of Terex Aerial Work Platforms and Genie Industries. Terex chief financial officer Phil Widman said Carter had been instrumental in assisting him with Terex’s financial restatement activities ( News #225). Carter was formerly employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a chartered accountant in England and Wales.

WEST BEND, WI, United States
Daniel L Miller has been appointed Gehl Company’s vice president of manufacturing operations. Miller joined Gehl in October 2001 as director of manufacturing operations. Before that, he held management positions in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. He has been general manager of distribution & logistics and operations manager for Woods Equipment Company.

SYDNEY, Australia
NMHG has appointed David Boyd as NMHG Asia-Pacific’s managing director for retail operations following NMHG Asia-Pacific managing director Donna Baxter’s notification of resignation. Baxter is NMHG Asia-Pacific’s managing director for wholesale operations until 30 June. Boyd was vice president & managing director for Case New Holland Global NV, Sydney, Australia from 1989 to 2003 ( News #247).

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Hoist Liftruck - Neptune Series Marina Liftruck

Hoist Liftruck is poised to provide the same quality and reliable liftruck to the marina industry as it has for the past 100 years to other heavy-duty industries. The Neptune Series Marina Liftruck meets the demands of marina owners/operators to dry-stack boats with its tight maneuverability, easy operation and corrosion protection. This pneumatic series, modeled after Hoist’s proven line of liftrucks, has a capacity range of 15,000 to 25,000 pounds with a 96-inch load center.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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CVS-Ferrari - FLO8.6
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