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This is issue #239 - 15 December 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.
“Worker kept mum on teenage forklift operator.”


Fuel efficiency winner
Cranes for Central Europe
Big Swedes go north to Alaska
Sample of used equipment for sale
Atlet award-winner
CARB clean start
Driver was silent about “kid” on forklift
Tian Jin goes Dutch

EV Alert's NEW cost effective safety systems
Easyramps seeks global expansion
SMH is pleased to announce the addition of Jay McNichols to their Business Development team

Product: Driver ID

Special Machines for SALE - 3 Kalmar Reach Stackers

FORK TALK: Awards 2006: Take your pick

SAFETY FIRST: Dave Hoover: Legal liability a risk for forklift dealers

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In a special feature this week, News reporter Melissa Barnett looks at the forklifts that are used to pick containers on barges. We hope you enjoy reading 'Big Swedes go north to Alaska'. Click here to view our 2006 editorial calendar.

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Fuel efficiency winner
IRVINE, CA, United States

A Toyota internal combustion forklift has been named the most fuel efficient and productive forklift by a United States Auto Club subsidiary.

The 5,000lb (2,268kg) capacity, 7-Series, internal combustion, cushion tyre Toyota forklift “dramatically outperformed” equivalent models from Caterpillar, Komatsu, Nissan and Yale, a Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) statement said.

USAC Properties Inc, the auto club subsidiary, conducted the tests which showed Toyota outperformed the other brands by as much as 25 per cent in fuel efficiency and almost 10 per cent in productivity.

The tests were conducted on a 135-foot (41.15-metre) long course at a warehouse. Designed to simulate a common warehousing application, the course included typical forklift operations, like loaded and unloaded travel, turning, braking, and lifting and lowering of a 3,610lb 1,638) load.

Three independent, certified forklift operators repeated the 15 lap test  on each of the five forklifts, with consistent and repeatable results.

Data collected throughout testing was analysed for fuel efficiency and performance rankings of the five forklifts.

“Although Hyster and Mitsubishi models were not tested, their results may be similar to Yale and Caterpillar models respectively since they are essentially identical models sold under different brands,” TMHU said.

Fuel consumption was measured by weighing the LPG fuel tank to an accuracy of one-five thousandth (0.005) of a pound (0.45kg). At the end of 15 laps, the tank was reweighed to determine fuel consumption.

Once the three drivers had completed the test for each truck, an average fuel consumption figure was calculated based on 45 cycles.

Performance was measured by initiating a timer when the engine was started then stopping it when the cycles ended and the ignition turned off.

David Petrali, vice president of testing operations for USAC Properties Inc, said USAC was satisfied the testing was conducted with the utmost fairness to participants.

USAC Properties Inc is an independent testing organisation specialising in product testing for the automotive industry.

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Cranes for Central Europe

KCI Konecranes will supply one of its largest orders to a central European steel mill, through turnkey contractor SMS-Demag AG.

For an undisclosed sum, eight Konecranes steel mill cranes will be delivered to Mittal Steel, in Poland. Two will be used for maintenance and the other six in materials handling.

The turnkey contract with SMS-Demag includes a two-strand slab caster, which will double production capacity at Mittal’s Dabrowa Gornicza mill.  Dabrowa will increase annual production volume to three million tons of slabs, which will be handled by the cranes.

The cranes, designed to operate in hot environments, have high duty ratings and lift capacities of up to 70 tons. Five cranes will handle one to three slabs simultaneously. The sixth crane, equipped with magnets, can handle slabs on the cutting table.

All cranes are equipped with KCI Konecranes’ patented inverter frequency control technology, the DynAPilot anti-sway system and air-conditioned containers. The cranes handle large volumes of hot slabs in the mill’s new storage area.

Konecranes and SMS-Demag are discussing modernising the mill’s existing cranes.

Konecranes director of Nordic process cranes, Petteri Viinanen, said:
“During past years we have cooperated with SMS-Demag and developed crane solutions for the steel industry. SMS-Demag has played an important role in several of KCI Konecranes’ steel mill deliveries but this is the first large and direct order received through SMS-Demag.

“This is our first large delivery to Mittal Steel and we are very happy to get an opportunity to supply high-performance cranes to the largest steel company in the world.”

SMS-Demag is an equipment producer for metallurgical plants and rolling mills.

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Big Swedes go north to Alaska

In this special feature, News reporter Melissa Barnett talks to Svetruck design engineer Daniel Andersson and Alaska Marine Lines (AML) maintenance manager Lester Candee about AML’s forklifts on barges in South East Alaska.

Have you ever wondered how freight gets delivered in the most inhospitable areas of the world? In South East Alaska, where all the communities are on islands separated by narrow and often shallow channels of water, freight is delivered by AML barges, using Svetruck or Kaldnes-built forklifts.

Daniel Andersson, design engineer with Swedish forklift manufacturer Svetruck, said his company got involved with AML when it acquired Kaldnes in 1999. “Kaldnes had been supplying AML with forklifts and we took over the contract to finish delivery of four trucks AML had on order,” he said.

Delivery of those four trucks increased the AML fleet of heavy forklifts to 20. AML approached Svetruck to build a short wheelbase machine that had the same features as the Kaldnes-built truck but an increased lift capacity from 45 tonnes to 55 tonnes.

Putting a forklift on a barge full of containers was not a revolutionary idea, Lester Candee, AML maintenance manager, said.

Click here for full story and pictures

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Sample of used equipment for sale:Search 8822 listings in the Marketplace

RaymondOPC30TT1999United StatesUSD 9116Details
Skytrak60362000United StatesUSD 38500Details
YaleERP25AL2001FinlandEUR 19800Details
BTPPT1400C1998GermanyEUR 825Details
CarerR 40 N1999GermanyEUR 11500Details
Gradall534D-62000United StatesUSD 40500Details
BT1350SE1994BelgiumEUR 10000Details
BossH70D1995United KingdomGBP 7000Details
JCB506C1998United StatesUSD 28500Details
Lull1044C541999United StatesUSD 57000Details
LindeL 12 R031999GermanyEUR 2900Details
StillR 20-201999GermanyEUR 5750Details
ClarkCGC301998United StatesUSD 4250Details
Gehl5532000United StatesUSD 32000Details

and thousands more...
Click here to include your used forklifts, stackers, telehandlers, container handlers, attachments etc.

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Atlet award-winner

Atlet has launched a stronger, faster, quieter version of its award-winning UNS Tergo reach truck.

The new generation, the Forte UNS Tergo, was named in line with the classical music terminology theme applied to Atlet’s new forklifts this year.

Available in lift capacities of 1,400 kg, 1,600 kg and 2,000 kg and standard lift heights up to 10.8 metres, the reach truck’s on-board computer system has been developed to allow greater driver customisation.

The previous UNS Tergo model had been independently rated as the fastest-accelerating reach truck on the market, Atlet said. The new model’s driving speed has been increased around 16 per cent to a maximum speed of 14km/h.

Stacking operations were faster, with new lift/lower motors’ lift speed increased 20 per cent to 0.7m/s. The mast reach speed increased 667 per cent to 0.2m/s, Atlet said in a statement.

Atlet said the improvements that sped up pallet transporting and stacking were complemented by enhanced mast damping when lifting and lowering for safer, jerk-free pallet handling.

Besides quieter motors, Atlas claims the Forte is better able to withstand hard, fast work cycles with more rugged construction of parts that are likely to be subject to minor collisions.

The Swedish Design Award-winning model has had ergonomic improvements. There is more space in the cab, which has an adjustable seat to accommodate all sizes of drivers. The free-floating armrest and mini steering wheel reduce shoulder and arm strain and the automatically tilting seat gives the driver a clear upward view when stacking.

Atlet’s Stability Support System, S3, provides truck stability by governing speed and acceleration and the interface between speed and steering sensitivity. The feature automatically reduces the speed of truck functions in proportion to the height lifted, overrides unsafe manoeuvres and reduces jerkiness.

The system is governed through the forklift’s computer, which enables the truck’s driving parameters to be programmed to suit a driver’s preferred driving style or competence level.

Its self-inspecting diagnostic capability checks the truck’s status before use. The display indicates when service and maintenance procedures are due.

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CARB clean start
SACRAMENTO, CA,, United States

by US correspondent Roger Renstrom
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) plans another round of emission-standards rulemaking for off-road large spark ignition (LSI) engines, including those powering some forklifts.

On December 12, CARB, of Sacramento, said it would not proceed with current proposals: “Instead, CARB will undertake a new rulemaking that includes revisions to the fleet requirements, standards and test procedures.”

Earlier proposals went through a contentious June 23 public hearing and were indefinitely postponed on September 26 ( News #228).

While the old plan is technically dead, CARB is expected to use a vast majority of its content and may act on the rule at its April meeting.

Under the Administrative Procedures Act, CARB needs to implement changes within one year of the proposal’s introduction, but several delays, including stakeholder concerns and harmonisation with new US Environmental Protection Agency regulations, are likely to push CARB’s final consideration beyond a May 6, 2006, deadline.

Industry remains watchful and concerned. In the next few weeks, CARB “will create a new proposal based in part on the results of our [industry] negotiations” with the agency, said Joe Hensler, president of Sacramento-based Clarklift-West Inc, which trades as Team Power Forklifts.

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Special Machines for SALE - 3 Kalmar Reach Stackers

Hamre Equipment of U.S.A is offering 3 used Kalmar reach stackers to the world market. Two units are 2001 model, five high machines, and one unit is a 1996, five high unit.  The two 2001 models are in good working order and ready to ship from Newark, New Jersey, United States.

The third 1996 model will run fine, and load OK, but will need some minor attention with electrical repairs.  See photos of machines below.

The price of the 2001 units will be $275,000.00 USD each.
The 1996 unit will be at $165,000.00 USD.

Also available from Hamre Equipment is two 1984 Taylor, Three High, Full Container Stackers in good working order (model Y-85-WOC).  These units are available FOB California for $85,000.00 each and photos are available on request.  

Click here to Send Lee Hamre an email inquiry about any of these machines...

Click here to go to Hamre Equipment Online...


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Driver was silent about “kid” on forklift
HOBART, Australia

A Launceston court was told a forklift driver did not inform management about his teenage colleague operating a forklift without a licence because he didn’t want to lose his job.

The Mercury newspaper reported Steven Reiman gave evidence in the trial of contractor Tibor Mucha, who pleaded not guilty in the Launceston Magistrates’ Court to failing to ensure a person was not exposed to health or safety risks.

Sixteen-year-old Matthew Hudson died in a forklift incident at the Australian Food Group’s Blue Ribbon meatworks last July. Reiman said he had seen Hudson operating forklifts in the weeks before the accident.

He said he found it "slightly strange that a kid was on a forklift", but did not notify anyone.

When defence counsel Greg Richardson asked why he had not said anything, Reiman replied: "I wanted to keep my job".

But he said he was not suggesting his company would fire him for raising the matter.

"I don't like to rock the boat ... I didn't raise it with anybody," he said.

Forklift experts told the court it was the manner in which Hudson drove the forklift that caused it to topple.

The case was adjourned until March next year.

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Tian Jin goes Dutch
ALMERE, Netherlands

TJ Forklift Corporation is likely to be the first Tian Jin forklift importer in Europe, says company spokesman Ronald Opdam.

Next month, the first Tian Jin two-ton diesel forklift will arrive in Almere, the Netherlands, from China.

“We will assess and test the forklift to see if it fulfils our requirements and expectations,” Opdam said. “Then there could be a phase in which modifications are applied to make the forklift suitable for the European market.

“But nothing is official yet,” he said.

The company is so confident of the quality of the forklifts that its website already features the entire range of Tian Jin forklifts for possible distribution. The website features the tagline: “European quality – Chinese price.”

Opdam said Tian Jin forklifts were popular with the Chinese army, which ordered 100 units last year.

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VP could face 10 years in prison
WASHINGTON, DC, United States

Federal sentencing guidelines call for Robert E Quinn, vice president of forklift manufacturer Clark Material Handling Co, of Lexington, Kentucky, to serve 97 months to 121 months in prison, the US Department of Justice said.

On December 7, a jury in Washington convicted Quinn of conspiracy and illegal exports to Iran ( News #238).Quinn plans to appeal. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 23.

Linde AG supports UN initiative

Linde AG has joined more than 2,000 companies in a United Nations-established global alliance that aims to work with private businesses to promote corporate responsibility.

Linde president and CEO Wolfgang Reitzle said the Global Compact’s 10 principles were reflected in Linde’s own corporate responsibility principles.

New Pune plant for JCB India
ROCESTER, United Kingdom

JCB India, a subsidiary of telehandler-manufacturer JCB, is constructing a new, dedicated excavator production plant at Pune, near the Port of Mumbai.

The 250,000 square foot plant is part of a USD50 million investment in Indian manufacturing.

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EV Alert's NEW cost effective safety systems

EV Alert started out as a single product 20 years ago for emergency services. It has been developed over the past three years into a range of units that cross multiple industries. There seems to be no end to what EV Alert & EV Fork can do in an industrial situation to assist with safety between forklifts, pedestrians and other fixed & moving plant and equipment.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Easyramps seeks global expansion

Easyramps, the container loading ramp Specialist Company set up by PHL, have begun their search for potential dealers outside of the United Kingdom.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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SMH is pleased to announce the addition of Jay McNichols to their Business Development team

SMH is pleased to announce the addition of Jay McNichols to their Business Development team. John Gaughan, Manager of Business Development was quoted “Our business development needs keep growing and we are establishing a team of professionals to support the increase in business..."

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.

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Product: Driver ID

The Driver ID is a key pad entry system to forklifts. Whilst key pad entry is not unique to the market the Driver ID is unique as it prompts the first driver that keys on at the start of a shift to complete and log a full start up safety check. The Driver ID goes through the check list and the driver answers “YES” or “NO” to each question, should all the answers be “YES” the Driver ID will allow the forklift to be started.

Click here for more information on this product, including pictures.

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Awards 2006: Take your pick
ALTON, United Kingdom

There is still time to vote for the finalists you think deserve to win Awards 2006 as the closing date for voting is January 31 next year.

Click here for the full story, including pictures

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Dave Hoover: Legal liability a risk for forklift dealers
NEWARK, OH, United States

Most forklift dealers today offer training and advice to customers on how to instruct operators, develop trainers, maintain forklifts mechanically, and much more. But how much of this good advice do they internalise for their own use?

Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.

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3 of 8,822 listings
Hyster - H32.00F - 1999
Bremen, Germany
Aukland, New Zealand
Yale - ERC030AG - 2000
Wixom, Michigan, United States

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Corpus Christi, TX, United States
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Chennai, India
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