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This is issue #213 - 16 June 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“US Mint is reopening job competition for 60 forklift operators!”

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Thank you to all members who have participated in our popular Caption Competition. The competition will be opened for a few more weeks before judging commences. If you have not viewed the photo which needs your creative captions, click here. Then, think of the most original and witty caption to email us at On another topic, our feature on cabin comforts is coming up next month. If you manufacture forklift cabins and would like to contribute to our editorial, email us at For advertising enquiries, email


Komatsu Division triples market sales

Komatsu Division, the European head office of Komatsu Forklift Co Ltd, which manufactures and sells forklifts in Europe, has tripled sales for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2004.

The close of its positive financial year co-incided with the appointment of Eiji Fukuda as Komatsu Division general manager.

Fukuda, previously Komatsu Forklift’s international division manager for planning & sales support, has overhauled the company’s marketing strategy, improved and expanded relations with overseas distributors and brought attention to customer requests, the company said in a statement.

“During 2004, in the context of an extremely competitive European market that grew by 7 per cent, Komatsu Division increased sales at a rate three times higher,” Fukuda said.

“The excellent results are the outcome of the efforts of the entire Komatsu team, including sales and after-sales with its service and spare parts departments. [The team] dedicated itself to a common project,” he said.

The 40-year-old general manager said Komatsu Forklift would introduce new models in the AX50/BX50 series by the end of June 2005.

When contacted by News, Komatsu Division would not disclose sales figures for fiscal 2004.
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Contract for forklift operator jobs reopened
WASHINGTON, DC, United States

The US Mint has reopened a job competition for forklift operators after the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) urged it to do so.

According to documents provided to Government Executive magazine by the American Federation of Government Employees, a previous decision to award the contract to a federal employee team was reversed in April 2005 by the assistant management secretary at the US Treasury Department, Jesus H Delgado-Jenkins.

He wrote: “Based on OMB’s direction, the Mint should reopen the (competition) to solicit expressions of interest from local and small businesses.”

The job competition for 60 forklift operators based in Denver and Philadelphia was first announced in October 2003.

By September 2004, the Mint had received no private sector bids, only one from a team of federal employees.

The contracting officer investigated the lack of interest from the private sector by contacting Hyster Incorporated, Cleveland, OH; Yale Forklifts, Greenville, NC; Nissan Forklift Corp, Marengo, IL; and Clark Material Handling Company, Lexington, KY.

He found none was suitable because they specialised in maintaining and renting forklifts, not supplying operators. In February 2005, Delgado-Jenkins approved the contracting officer’s recommendation to accept the federal employee team’s bid.

He rescinded his decision two months later after OMB "provided direction to the department", according to his April 2005 memo.

Click here to read the full story in the Government Executive
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Raymond introduces Pallet Dawg
GREENE, NY, United States

Raymond Corp has introduced the Pallet Dawg, a pallet guard for forklifts with class 2 fork carriages.

Positioned in the middle of the carriage, the Pallet Dawg directs a forklift’s impact force to the centre stringer of the pallet instead of the top boards.

That prevents damage to the first crossboard and minimises wood debris, which can lead to wheel and tyre damage and sudden load instability, Raymond said in a statement.

Pallet Dawg is made from lightweight, high-density, impact-resistant nylon and easily attaches to any class 2 carriage with a 9/16 inch socket and wrench.

Raymond sales and marketing manager Bill McCampbell said there were 1.9 billion pallets in use in the US today.

“Most are constructed of wood [and], once damaged, grade A pallets lose 70 per cent of their value. Considering one wooden pallet costs as much as USD8, the cost savings over time would be substantial for those shipping and receiving product,” he said.

“For example, if a customer receives a damaged pallet and has to re-palletize it, the shipper of the product becomes responsible for the cost.”
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Canada funds Cellex R&D on hybrid power for forklifts

by US correspondent Roger Renstrom
Cellex Power Products Inc has secured Canadian Government funding for research and development of hybrid fuel cell products for use in forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) has agreed to provide Cellex, of Richmond, British Columbia, with CAD9.5 million (USD7.6 million) in funding over five years for  work on a family of products, Cellex announced on June 15.

The fuel cell products are designed to replace industrial lead acid batteries for powering electric forklifts.

“Forklift fleet operations will be one of the first applications to adopt fuel cells on a commercial basis,” Chris Reid, Cellex president and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

“Additional benefits will be realised when users of internal combustion engine (ICE) lift trucks begin adopting fuel cell based electric lift trucks, which produce zero harmful emissions and require no battery changing as they are simply refueled with hydrogen,” Reid said.

In its 2005 budget, the Canadian Government made a “specific commitment to investing in enabling and environmental technologies” including transformative advancements, said industry minister David Emerson, whose department oversees TPC.
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Rocla Oyj to sell own shares

Rocla Oyj’s board of directors has received authorisation from the company’s annual general meeting to sell a maximum of 150,000 Rocla Oyj shares at the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
Demand for Rocla forklifts was growing and the capital invested in the shares would be released for the company’s investment program, Rocla said in a statement.

One in three forklifts leased
HAMBURG, Germany

The proportion of materials handling equipment leased by Jungheinrich customers is on the rise, according to Jungheinrich’s board of management chairman Cletus von Pichler.
“In 2004, for the first time, the value of leasing contracts, based on the original price, exceeded EUR1 billion,” von Pichler told the company’s annual general meeting.
“This amount represents more than 65,000 trucks sold on lease contracts. The growth rates are highly impressive: 7 per cent in terms of total value and 8 per cent in terms of the number of trucks.”

Narrow Aisle changes corporate name
DALLAS, TX, United States

Narrow Aisle North America has changed its name to Narrow Aisle Inc.
Narrow Aisle Inc said its original name was too geographically restrictive to reflect its close association with partner company Narrow Aisle Ltd in West Midlands, United Kingdom.
Its product name has also changed from DV8r to Flexi, as it is known outside North America.
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Marketplace notes

A dealer wanting to list his stock list wondered if his units would get enough attention amidst the large number of similar models in the Marketplace. Here are some ideas that can help clear these concerns:
  • The Marketplace search enables buyers to specify both the properties for the wanted unit and the geographic location. Local buyers will search for your listing.

  • The ShopFront is the dealer’s ‘business card’. It features the company’s logo, profile and contact details. Every listed unit, media release and Business Directory entry is linked to this web page. The ShopFront is your company’s billboard for the large and focused industry audience at
There are also a few easy tricks you can apply in your stock list in order to increase the appearance and the prominence of your listings in search results:
  1. Be specific: include as many details as possible.

  2. Include photos: transfer up to four photos directly from your computer into the Marketplace (click the ‘Photos’ link).

  3. Add a price: listings with a price are ranked higher in the search results and generate more valuable enquiries. Also add your best wholesale price exclusively for participating dealers.

  4. Keep your stock up-to-date: click the ‘Refresh listings’ button to renew the date of your listings.

  5. List all units: add as many units as possible.

  6. Feature your listing: along with the featured equipment on the and the Marketplace home pages. Ask your contact to feature your listing free of charge.

  7. Still wondering? Contact our Marketplace team for your free trial and find out what your listings can do for your business.
    Have a great week! The Marketplace team.
    Contact us on – Phone: +61 7 3369 9090 – Fax: +61 7 3369 9096.
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Forklift mechanic awarded USD46.7 million

A former mechanic for a forklift rental company, who was disabled in 2000 after being exposed to a toxic pesticide while repairing a forklift, has been awarded USD46.7 million by a US Superior Court jury.

Home News Tribune reported the jury determined Troy Chemical Corp, of Newark, NJ, the company that sent the forklift to Mid-Hudson Forklift Rental Corp, Edison, NJ, for repairs, was responsible for the disabling illnesses Karl Webb, 53, suffered after cleaning and repairing the forklift on Feb 18, 2000.

Mitchell J Makowicz, Webb’s attorney, said Webb suffered nerve damage and heart and gastrointestinal complications after exposure to pesticide and other chemicals found on the forklift and had been unable to work since.

After a four-day trial and 90 minutes of deliberations, the jury decided Webb, who has a wife, and five children aged eight to 20, should be awarded USD45 million for pain and suffering, USD260,000 for past wages lost, USD1.36 million for future wages lost and more than USD20,000 for medical expenses.

The jury award is believed to be one of the largest ever in Middlesex County.

John Sawicki, Troy Chemical Corp’s attorney, said “the verdict was clearly against the weight of evidence presented” and a motion for a new trial would be filed.
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Kalmar secures Brazilian order

Kalmar Industries has secured an order from Libra Terminais S/A, in Brazil, for 13 ContChamp DRF reach stackers for delivery to its container terminal facilities at the ports of Santos and Rio de Janeiro.

The machines will have a lifting capacity of 45 tons and stack containers six high.

Delivery of the first batch of five ContChamps will be to Libra’s Terminal 35 and Terminal 37 at the Port of Santos in August.

Eight more units will be delivered, in two batches of four in October and November, to replace rented reach stackers at Santos and Libra’s Terminal 1-RIO at Rio de Janeiro.

Kalmar reach stacker product manager Per Rosengren said: “Kalmar Brazil will train its staff in Sweden and, together with our significant knowledge of the rubber-tyred-gantry crane business in Brazil, we will use our reachstacker expertise to enhance our overall presence in the Brazilian market.”
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ADELAIDE, Australia

Graham Harrison, a former Hyster dealer who spent most of his working life associated with the brand in Adelaide, South Australia, has died at the age of 69.

Harrison started his career in the materials handling industry with a Cat and Hyster dealership in South Australia in the 1950s. In the late 1960s, the dealership changed to Hylift and was owned by Ian Donaldson.

Barry Kafer, a Hyster sales manager, told Donaldson in 1970 that Harrison would never make it as a salesman.

But Harrison went on to establish his own Hyster dealership, Graham Harrison Forklift Trucks, in January 1980. He sold it to Nacco Material Handling Group in 1998 and continued working as a consultant until his death.

Max Sharam, Harrison’s son in law and manager of SA Independent Forklifts & Earthmoving Services Pty Ltd, said: “With the loss of Graham Harrison, there is now a large hole in the industry. He was a man with extensive knowledge, know-how and integrity. He was greatly respected by those who not only knew him but knew of him.”

Harrison was born in Kadina, South Australia, on October 1, 1935. He leaves his wife, Rhonda, and three children, Lee-Ann, Jackie and Scott.
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In this issue we continue the new monthly column, Cargo Chat. It is specially prepared for News by ICHCA International, a representative organisation of international cargo-handling interests. The column is based on ICHCA’s bimonthly e-newsletter and International Safety Panel activities.  Read more
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Whether you are an employer, manager, supervisor or leading hand, if your company employs mobile equipment operators, there are a few things you must know to prevent accidents, reduce machine and product damage, minimise the possibility of liability and, most importantly, ensure everyone in your workplace goes home at the end of the day. Some people assume training ends once certification is granted. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.



1. XPaRT Pro is Now Available Online

INTRUPA Mfg. has announced that XPaRT Pro, parts locator software, is now available online, and for as low as $299 per year.  XPaRT Pro enables its user to identify more than 12,000,000 parts, accessories and assemblies for major brands of forklift trucks by OEM make, model, serial number, and/or lot number including: Baker, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Daewoo, Hand Pallet Trucks, Hyster, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Raymond, TCM, Toyota, and Yale.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Fast Facts
1. Companies that use forklifts in New York can get a special rate and save up to 50% through ECONnergy ( when charging their batteries at night.

2. XPaRT Pro is Now Available Online

3. Toyota Industries Corporation has announced a price increase of around 4% for its forklift trucks from July 1, 2005.

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