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  Dear reader,
This is issue #212 - 09 June 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“SMV Konecranes supplies UK's biggest ever forklifts!”

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If you missed it in last week's newsletter, our popular Caption Competition is back! We have received numerous creative and funny captions from our members - a big thank you, you know who you are! If you have not viewed the photo which needs your brilliant captions, click here. Then, think of the most original and witty caption to email us at


Forklift market's strongest growth is outside Europe
HAMBURG, Germany

Growth in the global materials handling market was happening mainly outside Europe, Jungheinrich board of management chairman Cletus von Pichler told the company’s annual general meeting.

“In 2004, the global economy performed far better than implied by many economic scientists, politicians and journalists. The global market volume for materials handling equipment increased from 2003’s volume by more than 100,000 vehicles, exceeding 700,000 units for the first time in 2004.

“The worldwide growth rate was 17 per cent,” von Pichler said.

He said North America and Asia were the regions with the strongest expansion, with growth rates of 20 per cent and 21 per cent.

“European growth in 2004 was 11 per cent, which is strong but nevertheless modest compared to the rest of the world.

“As a result, the European proportion of the global market went down two percentage points to just under 42 per cent in 2004.

“It is notable that market growth in western Europe was only eight per cent while eastern Europe grew 41 per cent,” he said.

Von Pichler said Jungheinrich, which was primarily active in central European markets, would have to “move fast to secure a share in emerging markets in new countries and regions not yet tapped” to ensure its position as a world leading manufacturer of materials handling equipment.

According to dhf-magazine’s world ranking of forklift manufacturers, Jungheinrich is number three, just after Toyota and Linde ( News #203).
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JLG awarded US Marine Corps contract

JLG has been awarded a USD13 million order from the US Marine Corps for 133 extendable boom, rough-terrain forklifts (EBFLs).

They are also known as millennia military vehicles (MMVs). The order includes associated kits, enhanced warranty and technical data. The contract is expected to be completed in February 2006.

JLG military programs director David Peacock said supporting its customers was core to JLG’s business philosophy.

“As the global leader in access equipment, we are pleased to have this opportunity to provide our customers with value-added products and services,” he said.

JLG Industries Inc claims to be the world’s leading producer of access equipment (aerial work platforms and telehandlers) and highway-speed telescopic hydraulic excavators.
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SMV Konecranes supplies UK’s largest forklifts

SMV UK Ltd, an SMV Konecranes dealer, will deliver two 60-tonne forklifts with 1,200mm load centres to MultiServ’s Corus Steel facility in Aldwarke, Rotherham.

The forklifts will handle steel billets up to 13 metres long in temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius. Each machine is fitted with a 10-metre wide carriage with seven forks fixed at pre-set pitches.

The 60-tonne forklifts have Scania DI 54 A turbo charged diesel engines, Clark transmissions and Kessler front axles with wet disc brakes.

They are fitted with 21 x 35 tyres on the front and 18 x 35 tyres on the rear. Each fully laden machine weighs 106 tonnes, including 16.5 tonnes for the lift carriage assembly alone.

SMV Konecranes said in a statement that 52 tonnes was previously believed to be the biggest capacity for a conventional forklift in the UK.

The contract also supplied two 54-tonne forklifts, two 52-tonne forklifts, one 25-tonne forklift, one 18-tonne capacity ingot holder and a 16-tonne capacity Irion sideloader to MultiServ. The sideloader was supplied by SMV UK’s sister company, Irion Sideloaders Ltd.

MultiServ, a division of Harsco Corporation, is a UK-based specialised outsourced services provider for steel producers worldwide.

When contacted by News, SMV Konecranes would not disclose the value of the contract.
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Marketplace notes

The recent launch of the Marketplace has opened new communication lines with our members. It’s been enlightening talking to our many dealer members: you are true professionals and very supportive.

Currently, we have 129 dealers registered with the Marketplace and there is much to talk about. That’s why we have decided to dedicate this corner in our weekly newsletter to talk to you, our dealer members. Here we will share our notes with you and inform you of improvements and updates.

You will notice that email enquiries sent via your company ShopFront now identify the stock item last viewed by the visitor. We are also in the final stages of installing new features to help you customise your Marketplace. The new equipment filters will reduce the number of email notifications you receive by customising them to your personal business scope and market(s). The filters are easy to create and also help you speed up your Marketplace searches. More on this soon!

Lastly, we noticed some of the listings are several weeks old now, leaving the visitor unsure about his/her current status. Keeping your stock list up-to-date is important. You can now refresh the date of your listings in your online stock list with just one click!

Are you a dealer ready to trial the Marketplace with one or more stock items? Submit your units with this form and we will set you up with your stock list and dealer benefits. A dealer entry package is free for a no obligation trial.

Have a great week! The Marketplace team.
Contact us on – Phone: +61 7 3369 9090 – Fax: +61 7 3369 9096.
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Mitsubishi introduces a new generation of reach trucks
HOUSTON, TX, United States

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced the ESR 15N-Generation electric 24V reach truck, its new generation of reach trucks.

The forklifts feature alternating current (AC) traction, heavy-duty masts with pantograph design and ergonomic operator control handles.

Mitsubishi said the forklift was designed to meet today’s high demands of warehouse management. Configurations include single reach, deep reach and straddle chassis with capacities ranging from 2,500lbs (1,134kg) to 4,000lbs (1,814kg).

The AC traction enabled rapid acceleration, precise speed control and handling, and smooth directional changes that made load-handling more efficient.

Operator fatigue was reduced by low-effort steering that allowed precise control and a multifunctional control handle with a rounded palm rest allowed operators to work up to three functions simultaneously, the company said in a statement.

Every Mitsubishi reach truck has a hydraulic mast and pantograph cushioning, shim-adjustable canted mast rollers and heavy, interlocking mast rails.
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Second twin lift spreader for Finnish port
SOMEREN, Netherlands

Port of Rauma, Finland's largest port for forestry products, has ordered another fixed twin lift spreader from VDL Smits Spreader Systems in the Netherlands.

The port’s first CH 6600 TA FT spreader was ordered last year and at the time was the only twin lift spreader in Finland.

Using the spreader, the port increased the number of container moves by 30 per cent an hour. This was mainly due to the spreader’s unique feature of the combination of horizontal and traversal adjustment.

The feature enabled the spreader, including two fully loaded containers, to be adjusted to the same angle as the deck when a ship listed. It contributed to highly efficient loading/unloading, the company said in a statement.

VDL boasted that the spreader was the only type equipped with the combination of horizontal and traversal adjustment.

The Port of Rauma expects to handle 130,000 TEUs this year due to an increasing number of sailings to main European and US ports.

Port director H Asumalathi will present a paper, titled “Boosting mobile harbour crane productivity: a case study”, at the TOC 2005 Europe convention/exhibition in Antwerp on Wednesday, June 15.
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After-sales service paramount for forklifts

Forklift customers want comprehensive service agreements with high levels of support, says Toyota Industrial Equipment Europe’s (TIEE) sales and marketing director, Andrew Elliot.

“The increase in just-in-time (JIT) operations means forklifts are now under pressure to work harder than before. Ensuring they are as reliable as possible is essential.”

Forklift manufacturers needed to work closely with customers to provide service contracts tailored to companies’ specific needs, Elliot said in a statement.

Consumers turn to internet first
PORTSMOUTH, VA, United States

US consumers have changed the way they evaluate and buy products and services over the past decade.

A Borrell Associates report cites a March 2005 study by BIGresearch that indicates 74 per cent of US consumers conduct online research before making in-store purchases.

TVH group publishes book on history of forklifts
WAREGEM, Belgium

The TVH group has published a book which it says has symbolical value.

The 200-page book titled 100 Years of Forklift Trucks, which is illustrated with colour photographs, “links the history of forklifts to the future of the TVH group”.

It is available in two versions, Dutch/ French and English/German.
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Supply chain show satisfies exhibitors
SYDNEY, Australia

The recent Smart Supply Chain Technology (SSCT) show at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, in Darling Harbour, Sydney, has had a positive response from exhibitors.

Glenn Duncan, sales manager for software solutions specialist Evolve 360, said participating in the show gave his company the chance to showcase its products and solutions.

“Companies are finally waking up to the true value of the warehouse, both as one of the most important assets within their organisation and as a critical link in the supply chain,” he said.

Gary Watkin, owner of New Zealand-based Zorex, distributor of Arca Systems, said the SSCT show gave him high quality leads.

“I did not have one moment spare during the show and the quality of leads was the highest I have ever received from a trade show,” Watkin said.

Eighty-six exhibitors, including those from the US, Singapore and New Zealand, showcased supply chain and logistics solutions for two days to 2,082 attendees.

At the Smart 2005 Conference, a separate event held at the same exhibition centre, Keith Campbell, who has been presented with the Order of Australia medal, received the Smart Conference 2005 award for an outstanding contribution to supply chain management in Australia.

In accepting the award, Campbell reflected on how rapid technology developments had been the main reason for supply chain management to evolve from mere physical distribution of goods.
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CORNWALL, United Kingdom

A Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) awareness survey showed almost half the forklift users interviewed did not know what Thorough Examination (TE) was.

Interviewers telephoned a random sample of businesses known to operate materials handling equipment and spoke to people responsible for their forklifts.

Only 56 per cent of those surveyed knew what TE was, although it has been a legal requirement since 1998.

The FLTA said it was worrying that many believed TE was a normal part of routine maintenance. Just 13 per cent of those interviewed knew it was not.

For long-term hire, 31 per cent knew the operating company was responsible for TE. For short-term hire, only three per cent knew both the operating company and the hire company were responsible to ensure forklifts had current TE reports.

FLTA chairman Richard Baxter said the survey results confirmed the association’s worst suspicions.

“If almost half those responsible for operating forklifts are not even aware of the existence of TE, it’s hard to imagine they can be complying with its obligations.

“Judging by the obvious confusion over responsibilities in relation to it, we are more convinced than ever that many users are seriously at risk of breaking the law.”

Baxter said the industry had its own accredited scheme for TE.

“It was set up by the FLTA and BITA, working together as Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS) in consultation with the Health & Safety Executive. CFTS has a website (, which explains what TE is all about and what it requires of truck users,” he said.




Omega Lift Manufacturing, an innovator in the all-terrain forklift field based near Toronto, is preparing for its move to a larger facility in the fall.

Greg Pannia, the company's Operations Manager, explains that, "Omega Lift is very proud to have grown to the stage where we've outgrown our current facilities, after having expanding on the same property a number of times over the years. Our manufacturing capacity has quickly become too much to handle out of our present location, and we are seizing upon new industrial growth opportunity in our area to build a much larger state-of-the-art manufacturing complex".

The new facility will comfortably handle the manufacturing and distribution of Omega Lift's growing line up of equipment which includes the widely acclaimed 4D MultiLoader.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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