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  Dear reader,
This is issue #209 - 19 May 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“TCM, Japan, is consolidated subsidiary for Hitachi!”

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In this issue, we present you part 1 of our feature on Heavy Metal: Big Lifts. We hope you enjoy reading this article and a special thank you to all the big lift manufacturers who contributed to it. We would also like to introduce a new contributor to our Safety First column, Mr Kent O’ Sullivan. We are currently looking for contributors to this column from Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. If you have experience in forklift safety training, please email us at News would like to apologise for an error in issue #207. Macneill was appointed as Linde’s exclusive importer for the western and northern regions in India, not India.


Heavy Metal: Big Lifts – what’s the difference?

by Christine Liew
In 1948, a sawmill in the small Swedish village of Lidhult needed a machine to move timber.
The sawmill owners bought an old truck, turned the chassis backwards and built a forklift. The machine became the envy of other sawmill owners and a demand was created. A few years later, a forklift production plant replaced the sawmill.

That is the story of the humble beginnings of Kalmar, a forklift manufacturer that built the world’s biggest forklifts (90-tonne capacity) in the early 1990s and earned itself a place in the Guinness Book of Records.  Read more
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Biggest single order for JCB Teletruks
ROCESTER, United Kingdom

Sims Metal, part of the Sims Group, an international recycling company, has just taken delivery of 22 JCB Teletruk 35Ds for vehicle recycling work in the UK.

It is the biggest single order JCB has ever received for its counterbalanced industrial forklifts.

The forklifts, with a 3.5 tonne (3500kg) load capacity, were built to a specification developed by Sims, JCB and dealer Gunn JCB Industrial, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The Teletruks have twin front wheels, full cabs, 360-degree rotators, spark arrestors, and travel speed restriction.

At Sims’s End of Life Vehicle (ELV) stations, car batteries and wheels are removed and all fluids drained. The rest is crushed and sent to be fragmented in huge mills.

The JCB Teletruk has a unique ability to reach forward to take vehicles from incoming delivery transports and place them on the ELV rigs, and still operate with turning circles equivalent to conventional masted forklifts, JCB said in a statement.

A JCB spokesman told News he would not disclose the value of the contract.
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Hitachi turns TCM into a consolidated subsidiary
TOKYO, Japan

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd (HCM) will turn Japanese forklift and wheel loader maker TCM Corp into a consolidated subsidiary.

HCM became the largest single shareholder of TCM in July 2003 when it acquired a 30 per cent stake in the company. By April 1, 2005, the shareholding had reached 46 per cent.

A News source said TCM’s financial results would now be part of HCM’s consolidated results, as of the second quarter of fiscal 2005/06, ending March 2006.

“According to Japanese accounting rules, although HCM has less than 50 per cent of TCM’s shares, TCM’s financial results will now be a part of HCM’s consolidated results.

“This is because HCM has more than 50 per cent of directors of TCM and they can make decisions at board meetings … They’ve got the majority of votes,” he said.
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Water producer buys 25 Kinglifters
IJsselstein, Netherlands

Terberg Machines BV has delivered EUR600,000 (USD758,639) of Kinglifter S1500 truck-mounted forklifts to mineral water producer Peterstaler, in Bad Peterstal, south Germany.

Export manager Bouwe Faber said Peterstaler’s forklift drivers tested four different forklift brands before choosing 25 KingLifters.

“In the German mineral water industry, Peterstaler is well known for buying truck-mounted forklifts after consulting drivers and investigating the whole market before deciding,” Faber said, adding that Kinglifters were not the cheapest machines on the market.

“Our competition is aware of this and, for us being in the market for only a few years, it is recognition of the quality of our organisation. It will make some people think.

“I do not find it important what the competition is thinking but, for me, the signal to the rest of the German market is very important,” Faber said.

Terberg Machines, part of the Terberg Group, a family owned company founded 140 years ago, produces refuse collection systems and transportable forklift trucks. The group's turnover for 2004 was EUR450 million (USD569 million). It is made up of 22 companies.

The Kinglifter forklifts were bought by Terberg in 2002 after the former owner encountered financial difficulties marketing them.
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Telehandler plays role in intergalactic film
ROCESTER, United Kingdom

A JCB 532-120 Loadall telescopic handler was among construction equipment that played a role in the newly released movie, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Also responsible for constructing sets and post-film clear up were mini excavators, wheeled loading shovels, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and a dump truck.

Magazine readers rank Toyota no #1
IRVINE, CA, United States

An independent study by a third-party researcher has found purchasers of materials handling equipment rate Toyota number one for quality and value.

Reed Research Group, which specialises in business-to-business and business-to-consumer surveys, polled more than 600 Modern Materials Handling magazine readers.
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NMHG Wholesale: "monitoring change in material costs"
CLEVELAND, OH, United States

NMHG Wholesale has reported revenues increased by 27 per cent in the first quarter for fiscal year of 2005, compared to first quarter of fiscal year 2004.

The increase was due to increased unit volumes, mainly in the Americas, a shift towards higher-priced forklifts in all markets, the effect of price increases implemented in 2004, increased parts volumes and the strengthening of the British pound sterling and Euro versus the US dollar.

Forklift shipments increased to 19,909 units in the first quarter, compared to 17,624 units for the 2004 quarter.

NMHG Wholesale’s worldwide backlog increased to 27,500 units at March 31, 2005, compared with 24,500 units at March 31, 2004, and 25,700 units at December 31, 2004.

The company expects stronger forklift markets in 2005 in the Americas and Asia-Pacific and relatively flat forklift markets in Europe, compared with prior periods.

The company said in its financial report that it continued to monitor changes in material costs and evaluate the need for future price increases.

It is actively analysing moving components sourcing from British pound sterling and Euro areas into US dollar and low-cost areas on the assumption the currencies are likely to stay at levels disadvantageous to the company’s current sourcing pattern.
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**Equipment for sale**

Hyster H28.00 RORO 28 Ton Detroit diesel, 3150mm lift height, 2400mm forks, side shift, fork positioning, full stevedoring specifications, lift ropes, 4200 hours, Excellent condition. NZ$215,000.00 (USD155,165) negotiable

Fantuzzi F42, 42 Ton, Cummins Engine, Clark Trans, 3 high stacking, 20/40 Telescopic Spreader, inverted forks, Standard forks, 15000 hours, full Stevedoring Specification, NZ$185,000.00 (USD133,514)

PGS M320, 32 Ton, Volvo Engine, Clark Trans, 3325mm lift height, side shift, fork positioning, 2400mm forks, 20&40 foot container frames, inverted forks, 8123 hours since new. Full Stevedoring specification, Excellent condition NZ$195,000.00 (USD140,731)

Contact: Paul Tregonning 649-8374126 or 64274-935695
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Raymond awards top dealers
GREENE, NY, United States

Nine Raymond dealers have received Raymond Corporation’s highest dealer performance award, dealer of distinction, and 11 dealers received Raymond’s second-highest award, dealer of merit at the company's recent annual dealer meeting.

The 2004 dealers of distinction are:
  • G N Johnston Equipment Co, Ltd, Mississauga, Ont, Canada
  • Carolina Handling LLC, Charlotte, NC
  • Raymond Handling Concepts Corp, Fremont, CA
  • Malin Integrated Handling Solutions and Design, Addison, TX
  • Heubel Material Handling Inc, Kansas City, MO
  • Associated Material Handling Industries Inc, Carol Stream, IL
  • Shaw Material Handling Systems Inc, Bartlett, TN
  • Hooper Handling Inc, Hamburg, NY
  • Pengate Handling Systems Inc, York, PA
The 2004 dealers of merit are:
  • Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation, Auburn, WA
  • Associated Material Handling Industries Inc, Indianapolis, IN
  • Werres Corporation, Frederick, Md
  • Womack Integrated Handling Solutions, Wallingford, CT
  • Abel Integrated Handling Solutions, Lawrence, MA
  • Andersen & Associates Inc, Twinsburg, OH
  • Andersen & Associates Inc, Wixom, MI
  • Raymond of New Jersey LLC, Union, N??
  • Stoffel Equipment Company Inc, Milwaukee, WI
  • Associated Material Handling Industries Inc, Eagan, MN
  • Handling Systems Inc, Phoenix, AZ
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Forklift rescues teen trapped in peas
ASHBURTON, New Zealand

A forklift has been used to rescue a teenager trapped in an avalanche of peas.

The New Zealand Press Association reported Benjamin Jordan Hylands, 17, told the Ashburton District Court he used a cigarette lighter to burn plastic ties securing a closed shipping container at an Ashburton seed company yard.

When he opened the door, peas flooded out, trapping his friend up to his chest.

Police, firemen and ambulance staff used a forklift to rescue the teenager, who had minor injuries.

Hylands was sentenced to 200 hours of community work and ordered to pay reparation of NZD200 (USD142), half the value of the damaged peas, to South Island Seeds.
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Every company should have a comprehensive safety program to ensure employees receive on-the-job equipment training, including initial and ongoing safety education relevant to the company’s particular business activities. If your company has not already implemented such a program, doing so now will help prevent workplace injuries and be a major contributing factor in lessening mechanical downtime ...

Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.


1. Paling Lift Truck - Chosen For Most Demanding Application in Integrated Steel Mill

This application required several features in order to provide a safe working environment. From programmable electronic controllers to bulletproof safety glass, Paling manufactured this equipment to the specific needs of their client.

Quadra Industries Services Inc was recently looking to acquire a 90,000 lbs forklift as part of their new innovative cryogenic process that was being installed at a major Hamilton industrial manufacturer. As this installation would be their showpiece for other customers to view this process, the first of its kind in the world ... read more, view photos.

For more information please visit our website

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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Just like our quality TUFF TRUK bags used for shipping protection, DURASHIELD *Outdoor Storage* Bags Will Keep Safe And Preserve Your Lift Trucks, Long-Term, Up To One Year!
DURASHIELD industrial shrinkwrap products come with a rust inhibitor as well as a UV inhibitor additive. These inhibitors prevent corrosion and the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging your equipment. Protect your rental fleet, used & refurbished trade-ins as well as new lift trucks that must be stored outdoors due to lack of warehouse space.
In addition to outdoor protection, our shrink bags...

Phone: 1+ (203) 250-1100,  In USA 1+ 800-421-7225
Fax:     1+ (203) 250-7700


Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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3. CVS Ferrari’s new family of reach stackers

CVS Ferrari has produced a new family of reach stackers. The new reach stacker models embody the evolution and the improvements that CVS Ferrari has reached in terms of quality, technology, innovation and include different equipment such as piggy back and barge handling capabilities ... the result of years of studies, testing and production at CVS Ferrari and in the field.

Some of the innovative technologies include CANBUS technology that reduces the cabling complexity with consequent reduction of the number of cables ... the HYDRAULIC SYSTEM based on variable displacement pumps and load sensing distributor of the third generation ... read more, view photos.
Contact CVS Ferrari

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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1. Paling Lift Truck - Chosen For Most Demanding Application in Integrated Steel Mill


3. CVS Ferrari’s new family of reach stackers

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