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  Dear reader,
This is issue #207 - 05 May 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“Award winner heads new Mitsubishi company!”

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We want to thank all dealers for their interest in the Marketplace. Last week’s launch went without a hitch and we will contact each one of you very soon to set up your dealer benefits. Just a reminder, it is important to include prices and photos in your listings to achieve a high response rate. As a participating dealer, you are entitled to enter both retail and wholesale prices for your listings. The wholesale prices are visible only to other participating dealers. Listings with prices will display higher in search results so don’t forget them! Also, add up to four photos with your listings to get more responses.
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JLG machines headed for Iraq and Afghanistan

JLG has been awarded a USD6.7 million contract from the US Army for its all-terrain lifter army system (ATLAS) vehicles to be used in overseas military operations.

The machines, designed to operate in rough terrain conditions, are expected to provide much-needed equipment for troops building schools and bridges in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congressman Bill Shuster, a member of the armed services committee, said JLG Industries was playing an important role in helping rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan through the contract.

“Construction of sewer lines, roads and infrastructure remains a critical component to advancing democracy in these regions,” Shuster said.

JLG director of military programs David Peacock said that, as well as providing necessary equipment for US troops, winning the contract helped JLG achieve longer-term goals.

“Supporting our customers is very important to us and our commitment to offer value-added products and services continues to drive our position as the world’s leading producer of access equipment,” he said.

The contract is scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2007.
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Head of new Mitsubishi company named
CORNWALL, United Kingdom

This year’s Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) Lifetime Achievement Award winner will head Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ new company.

Terry Foreman, 58, has been appointed general manager of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK, which will be based at Swallowfield, Reading, UK.

The company was established to support and manage development of Mitsubishi’s UK dealer network. ( News #203).

Foreman was managing director of Linde Material Handling South East, based in Surrey, UK, before announcing his retirement after a 35-year career in the industry.

When asked how Mitsubishi managed to persuade Foreman to quit retirement, a company spokesman said Foreman had long admired the Mitsubishi product and could not resist the challenge to develop a more efficient UK operation.

For his first 27 years in the industry, Foreman worked with Hyster Europe where he was eventually sales & marketing director.

He developed the company’s distribution channels throughout Europe and had a leading role in opening Middle East and African markets.

After Hyster, he was managing director with Boss UK, Jungheinrich UK and Linde Material Handling South East.

Foreman was active in the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA), serving a term as president. He also initiated discussions between BITA and FLTA, which led to the co-operation that now exists between the two. He served terms as president of the British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) and vice president of the Fédération Européenne de la Manutention (FEM).

FLTA president Brian Warbrick said of Foreman at the annual awards for excellence: “We suspect this keen walker and sportsman is far too fit and active to resist the temptation of further involvement in the industry … whichever companies or organisations gain the benefit of his future input will be fortunate indeed.”
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SEV wins GBP400,000 order
SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom

The Stiller Group has invested GBP400,000 (USD759,999) in materials handling equipment to complement its newly extended GBP7 million (USD13.3 million) warehouse and distribution centre in Darton, South Yorkshire, UK.

SEV Group’s Sheffield materials handling division provided the company with 11 BT P24 electric pallet trucks with a capacity of 2400kg and 10 BT RRE3 reach trucks with a capacity of 2000kg.

SEV Group’s account manager James Quinn said Stiller had previously bought 10 Jungheinrich ETV20 reach trucks from SEV for the warehouse.

“Stiller had the chance to expand when two units next door became available,” Quinn said. “The leasing contract was near its end and we decided BT was a better product for the Stiller Group.

“The BT P24 is ideal for dock-level work and working in containers. Also the models ordered have double legs so they can lift two pallets at once,” he said.

The extended Darton warehouse and distribution centre is 340,000 square feet (31587 square metres) and provides storage space for up to 35,000 pallets.

The Stiller Group is a privately owned transport, distribution and warehousing company in the UK.

SEV Group is a UK-based company that supplies a range of electric vehicles, aerial access platforms and materials handling equipment. Its materials handling division supplies TCM, Daewoo and BT forklifts.
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Q & A with Hiroshi Narukawa: Australia is “increasingly important”
ADELAIDE, Australia

Japanese industrial forklift manufacturer TCM has identified the Australian marine, transport and container handling industry as one of its key growth markets and plans to introduce new products in Australia to boost its local market share.

TCM’s regional manager for Asia Pacific Hiroshi Narukawa has just visited his company’s Australian national distributor, NTP Forklifts Australia. Here is an excerpt of an interview with Narukawa.

Q: Where does Australia rank in your organisation?

A:   Australia is an increasingly important market for TCM. Our association with Australia goes back 40 years, to 1965, when we became the first Japanese materials handling company to enter the country. Our initial focus was on Victoria and Queensland, with Japanese trading house Kanematsu responsible for selling and servicing the products. We’ve come a long way in the last five years since teaming up with national distributor NTP Forklifts Australia.  

Q: To what do you ascribe your Australian success?

A:  It’s threefold; our strategy, our products and the standing of our Australian partner. When developing our strategy, we were realistic enough to concede that most of the metropolitan markets were accounted for, with limited opportunity to win business and grow market share. But Australia’s a big country, with many important – and certainly back then, under-serviced – regional centres. We agreed our initial focus would be on those markets and it has certainly been a strategically sound decision. Despite our growing share of the metropolitan market, TCM enjoys great success in regional Australia.  

A major plus is that we manufacture only materials handling and earthmoving equipment. We understand the needs of the market. We offer perhaps the most expansive product range – currently 118 models – in the industry and we are forever fine-tuning and improving our offerings. And NTP Forklifts Australia has provided the level of customer service that translates into customer satisfaction and repeat business.  

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**MARKETPLACE SCORECARD: for week1 (28 Apr - 05 May)**

Total: 9211 listings, 47 dealers.
Listings’ details page: 7407 views.


  1. Fantuzzi - RS50 - 1996 - USD 170000: 104 views
    Serge Legault Equipment Inc, Canada
  2. Nissan - CWP02L25S - 1998 - USD 7750: 98 views
    Wholesale International, Inc, US
  3. Kalmar - DCB28RORO - 2000 - EUR 160000: 91 views
    Catracom NV, Belgium
  4. Omega - 36C - 1997 - AUD 345000: 87 views
    Clarklift Melbourne, Australia
  5. Omega - 5ECH - 1999 - AUD 195000: 83 views
    Clarklift Melbourne, Australia
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Toyota donates to tsunami disaster relief
IRVINE, CA, United States

Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) and Toyota Industries Corporation (TIC) have joined JCB, Raymond, Komatsu and Linde by donating cash to assist victims of last Boxing Day’s tsunami tragedy.

TMHU and TIC have jointly contributed USD300,000 to the American Red Cross, with most of the money to go to southern Asia’s earthquake and tsunami disaster relief efforts.

A small part of the donation was sent to the Orange County, California, branch of the Red Cross to help families displaced by local disasters.

The aftermath of the December 26 tsunami, that saw more than 220,000 lives lost, offered materials handling companies worldwide a chance to help.

The Linde Technology Group supplied free medical gases to Thai hospitals to treat casualties and provided logistics equipment to “Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen” (Aviation without Frontiers) to transport aid supplies.

Komatsu pledged JPY200 million (USD1.9 million) of aid to tsunami-ravaged areas ( News #191).

Raymond Corporation and its dealer network donated USD340,000 to help victims ( News #200).

JCB increased the company’s initial assistance to tsunami-hit Asia from USD1 million to USD2 million of equipment in late January ( News #193).
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Rocla: Demand up, profits down

Demand for Rocla industrial trucks grew in the first quarter of 2005 but price increases in raw materials kept operating profits down.

For the quarter ended March 31, industrial truck sales, at EUR21 million (USD27.1 million), grew 12.8 per cent from last year’s comparable quarter. However, operating profit for industrial trucks decreased 13.8 per cent from EUR1.5 million (USD1.9 million) to EUR1.3 million (USD1.7 million) for the quarter.

Rocla attributed the growth in demand to the “good performance” of its distribution network, particularly in Western Europe, on-schedule deliveries to North America and the continued growth of the Rocla Rent’s truck rental business.

“Manufacturing at the Järvenpää plant adjusted to growing volumes with flexibility. Growth is sustained by expansion investments undertaken at the factory and by the new mast production line,” the company said in a statement.

“The price of raw materials and the rate of the US dollar have a large impact on the development of group net sales and profits. Should raw material prices remain at current levels and the weakening trend of the dollar subside, net sales for the full year are expected to grow with the net result being close to last year’s.”

In early February, the business operations of Rocla’s dealer in St Petersburg, Russia, were transferred to Rocla’s wholly-owned subsidiary OOO Rocla RUS.

The company is optimistic the Russian market will be favourable for business development.
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Macneill appointed as Linde’s exclusive importer

Macneill Engineering Ltd, a Calcutta-based forklift manufacturing company, has been appointed by Linde Material Handling Asia Pacific (LMA) to exclusively import Linde forklifts into India.

LMA managing director Klaus Schwarz and Macneill chairman and CEO Pradip Churiwal signed the agreement in Singapore on April 20.

Churiwal said the first consignment of forklifts was due to arrive in India in two weeks’ time.

“Two container loads of Linde hand pallet trucks will be arriving. We will send 40 to 50 trucks to each of our 17 branches. It’s a fast-selling item here and the pricing is attractive to the customer,” he said.

Churiwal said that, within one year of him taking over the company from Williamson Magor Group, Macneill had started making profits on a month-to-month basis.

The company had accumulated losses totalling USD2.25 million, which Churiwal said he was confident of “wiping off” in three years’ time.

“We managed to turn our business, due to fireproof forklift orders we mainly received from the Indian Oil Corporation at Panipat. Twenty have been dispatched and by June we expect to complete the order and have all 54 sent,” he said ( News #200).

According to Churiwal, the top three forklift manufacturers in India are Macneill, Godrej and Voltas.
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Kalmar releases new log stacker

Kalmar has launched a new generation of log stacker, the RTD1623, to replace the RTD1523, which was first released to the market in the early 1990s.

The new log stacker offered more capacity, increased stability and better manoeuvrability, despite having a wheel base that was 250mm longer, a company statement said.

Many features of its predecessors, the RTD1523 and RTD3026 models, were also present in the new log stacker but with a few new developments.

The RTD 1623 features:

  • A more spacious cabin
  • An automatic climate control system to ensure optimal temperature conditions for the driver
  • An integrated computer that displays machine functions, warnings and alarms in colour
  • A Scania DI12 engine with 243kW at 2000rpm
  • New front tyres for improved stability
  • New single cylinder steering axles
  • A standard 4.8 square metre grapple, but customers can opt for specific requirements
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Businesses in breach of forklift safety
CANBERRA, Australia

An Australian government agency has found a majority of surveyed businesses using forklifts have breached workplace safety laws.

The Chronicle reported Australian Capital Territory (ACT) WorkCover’s inspectors of forklift operations surveyed 102 retail, wholesale and transport businesses and found a lack of compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act 1989.

Businesses also failed to comply with the ACT Certification of Plant Users and Operators’ Regulations.

ACT WorkCover commissioner Erich Janssen said the safety campaign revealed serious forklift safety issues, including poor maintenance, excessively worn tyres and a lack of pre-operational checks.
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CHARLOTTE, NC, United States

The North American Performance Standard for Casters & Wheels, developed and administered by the Institute of Caster & Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM), is ready for sale and distribution.

The 51-page standard, approved by the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) on December 16, 2004, contains suggested design practices and performance testing criteria for casters and wheels.

It is intended to give manufacturers, specifiers and users a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability, structural adequacy, and technical requirements for group specific casters and wheels.

The standard can be purchased online through the MHIA bookstore. Go to, or phone the MHIA on +704-676-1190, extension 8724.



1. Superior Turret Master – Low priced alternative for high stacking

The Superior Turret Master Attachment is a great alternative to the high priced turret-style trucks on the market today and allows any manufacturer of lift trucks to supply their dealers with a turret truck to call their own.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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2. CLARK Material Handling Company Announces Release of the 100% AC Powered TMX 3-Wheel Rider
Lexington, KY, United States

May 5, 2005- CLARK Material Handling a global supplier of forklift trucks has announced the release of the TMX, the successor to the popular TMG three wheel counterbalanced electric truck.  This model is available in capacities from 2,500 lbs to 5,000 lbs.  Designed and built to CLARK’s rugged “Built to Last” engineering and manufacturing standards, these units are ideal for use in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing.

The TMX features 100% AC technology a significant improvement to this already popular family of trucks.  The use of AC motors means there are no brushes to replace or service. ...

For additional information on CLARK, its products or to locate a dealer please visit us on the World Wide Web at, or contact us at 866 252 5275.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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3. **Huge new market for used equipment launched**
BRISBANE, Australia

The Marketplace is an easy-to-use platform for the purchase and sale of used motorised materials handling equipment and associated attachments.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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4. CLARK Material Handling Company Announces Two New Models of the GEN2 Series Forklift Trucks
Lexington, KY, United States

CLARK Material Handling Company, a worldwide supplier of forklift trucks, has announced the release of two additional models of its popular GEN2 series of forklift trucks.  Available in either a pneumatic tire or cushion tire configuration, these new models are available in capacities of 3,000 lbs., 3,500 lbs and 4,000 lbs.  These models are designed for use in a wide range of applications including distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing.  Like all CLARK products, these trucks are “Built to Last”.

Upright options for both pneumatic and cushion models include Standard, Triple Stage, and Hi-Lo in a wide range of heights....

For additional information on CLARK, its products or to locate a dealer please visit us on the World Wide Web at or contact us at 866 252 5275.

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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"Every forklift has a data plate which is designed to give the employer and the operator the information necessary to prevent accidents. But it is rarely read or referred to by the operator most drivers would not have a clue as to what is safe or not. "
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Fast Facts
1. Superior Turret Master – Low priced alternative for high stacking

2. CLARK Material Handling Company Announces Release of the 100% AC Powered TMX 3-Wheel Rider

3. **Huge new market for used equipment launched**

4. CLARK Material Handling Company Announces Two New Models of the GEN2 Series Forklift Trucks

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