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  Dear reader,
This is issue #203 - 07 April 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“Top 35 forklift manufacturers revealed!”

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In this issue, we have included German magazine dhf’s “World Ranking List of Manufacturers of Powered Industrial Trucks for 2004/03”. This annual survey was carried out for the 24th time by dhf’s chief editor Wolfgang Degenhard and Dr Walter Roedig end of last year. Click on the link on our website or in our news story to view the entire list, which details the manufacturers's turnover in forklift sales and employee numbers for the last five fiscal years. We hope you enjoy it!


Toyota and BT to integrate

Toyota Material Handling Company (TMHC) and BT Group are integrating to create a single global organisation, the Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG).

The creation of TMHG, which will have one joint management structure and global leadership, is aimed at capitalising on synergy potentials existing in the group, the two companies said in a joint statement.

TMHC president and executive vice president of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) Tetsuro Toyoda said the aim of the new governance was to better serve customers and achieve higher levels of performance.

“TMHG will be an organisation realising synergies from current entities thereby maximising TMHG’s potential,” Toyoda said.

“In the next few months, our global and regional management will investigate how we can identify and promote key initiatives to meet customer demands,” he said.

President and CEO of BT Group, Per Zaunders, said TMHG would retain existing “strong brand names”, leverage on existing resources and expertise, and continue to use multiple distribution channels to maintain its edge in the marketplace.

“Our vision is to deliver products and services with the highest quality, bringing us to one third of the global industrial trucks market with the best profitability in our industry,” Zaunders and Toyoda said.

TICO has owned the BT Industries Group since mid 2000.
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Linde’s TRIM.100 works well

The Linde Group’s operating profit (EBITA) increased 14.9 per cent to EUR785 million (USD1 billion) while net income increased from EUR108 million (USD139 million) to EUR274 million (USD353 million) last fiscal year.

“We are well on our way and keeping pace,” Linde AG executive board president and CEO Dr Wolfgang Reitzle said at a press briefing on the group’s annual results in Frankfurt am Main.

In the materials handling segment, Linde achieved a 10.1 per cent increase in sales to EUR3.372 billion (USD4.339 billion), due to a rise in global demand for forklifts. EBITA increased 22.4 per cent from the previous year to EUR191 million (USD246 million).

Reitzle attributed the improvement to TRIM.100, Linde’s process optimisation program, which enabled it to achieve budgeted cost savings in the past two years.

“Performance, in the sense of constant improvements in our structures and procedures, is an ongoing process for us. We therefore intend to introduce further measures to improve earnings in materials handling and Linde Gas, against a background of rising energy costs and raw material prices and intense international competition,” he said.

A follow-up program to TRIM.100 for the materials handling segment is expected to be launched this year.

Linde said the program would enable it to achieve additional cost savings and create further synergies across the brands.
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Who are the top 35 forklift manufacturers?

The German magazine dhf’s World Ranking List of Manufacturers of Powered Industrial Trucks for 2003/04 showed most of the previous year’s top 10 manufacturers retained their world rankings.

The annual survey, conducted by Dr Walter Roedig and dhf chief editor Wolfgang Degenhard exclusively for dhf, revealed the top 10 as:
• Toyota Industries Corp (Japan)
• Linde (Germany)
• Jungheinrich (Germany)
• Nacco Corp (USA)
• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)
• Crown Equipment Corp (USA)
• Komatsu Ltd (Japan)
• Kone Corp (Finland)
• Nissan Motor Co Ltd (Japan)
• Manitou (France)

All top 10 manufacturers retained their positions from 2002/03 except Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Crown Equipment Corp, which swapped positions.

In the list of the top 35 manufacturers, most of the top 20 retained their positions with only six companies changing by one place.

Rocla OYJ (Finland) moved one place up to 18 for 2003/04 while Pramac (Italy), ranked at 31 for 2003/04, was an addition to the list from 2002/03.

Fantuzzi Reggiane (Italy), which was number 18 in 2002/03 was excluded from the 2003/04 list.

Roedig and Degenhard said in dhf’s December 2004 issue that the majority of the forklift manufacturers were interested in participating in their survey.

However, information about Fantuzzi Reggiane had always been based on estimated growth indices due to the manufacturer’s lack of interest. Therefore, Roedig and Degenhard chose to exclude Fantuzzi from their latest survey.

Degenhard and Roedig also said:

“The forklift industry is a cyclic business. The first two years of the new millennium were characterised by a drop in demand and consequently a decrease in prices but now there is an upward trend again.

“… there are essentially two reasons for this growth – the revival of the US market and above all the (somewhat overheated) demand in the People’s Republic of China.”

Click here for full details of the survey.
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“Challenging year” for NMHG Wholesale

Nacco Material Handling Group (NMHG) Wholesale expects 2005 to be a challenging year as the company works to moderate the effect of steel price increases despite a stronger forklift market.

In a statement releasing its annual fiscal results, NMHG Wholesale said although price increases implemented in 2004 were expected to partially offset the effect of increased material costs, it did not anticipate a full cost recovery this year.

For the year ended December 31, 2004, NMHG Wholesale reported net income of USD22.3 million on revenues of USD1.9 billion, compared with net income of USD22.4 million on revenues of USD1.6 billion for the previous fiscal year.

Forklift shipments in 2004 increased to 77,493 compared with 70,406 in 2003.

The 15 per cent increase in revenues for 2004 was driven by increased unit volumes, mainly in the Americas and Europe, favourable foreign currency movements, a shift in mix to higher-priced forklifts in the Americas, increased parts volume and the effect of price increases implemented during 2004, the company said.

NMHG Wholesale expects stronger forklift markets this year in the Americas and Asia-Pacific and relatively flat forklift markets in Europe compared with the previous year.

While the fourth quarter backlog rose significantly compared with the previous year, NMHG Wholesale expected unit shipment levels for 2005 would increase at controlled rates to accommodate the phase in of newly designed products.

NMHG Wholesale’s worldwide backlog increased to 25,700 units at December 31, 2004, compared with 19,100 units at December 31, 2003.

Meanwhile, NMHG Retail reported a net loss of USD7.2 million on revenues of USD195.2 million compared with a net loss of USD6.0 million on revenues of USD162.6 million in 2003.

NMHG Retail expects to continue programs to improve the performance of its wholly owned dealerships this year to meet its longer-term aim of achieving break-even results while building its market position.
** would like to inform readers of an error in last week's story titled: Nacco's ‘ambitious program’ targets market share. Alfred Rankin is chairman, president and chief executive officer of NMHG's holding company, Nacco Industries; not NMHG.
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As of today, the Marketplace has 1283 used equipment for sale: 734 units in Europe, 508 in North America and 41 in Asia. But don’t let these numbers mislead you. At the time of publication, around 8200 more listings are being completed by our team and participating dealers. They will be up by our next publication date.

The feedback from our participating dealers has been remarkable and we are confident about the effectiveness of our used classifieds system. We have also learnt heaps about the differences in terminology used world wide to describe motorised lifting equipment!

We are especially excited about the enthusiasm dealers are showing for our simple online stock management system. This is where dealers can create new listings, update stock details and add photos. We wish to thank all contributing members for their support and involvement.

So if you wish to make your stock part of the Marketplace when it is launched into the world with a bang, now is the time to send us your stock list!

If you are a dealer or a business owner with surplus equipment of used forklifts, telehandlers, rough-terrain, container handlers, reach stackers, dock trucks, port cranes, sideloading container trailers or attachments, email your contact details and stock list to

All participating dealers will be offered a free trial period after launch.

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Mitsubishi streamlines UK operation
Almere, Netherlands

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has set up a new company, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK, to support and manage its UK dealer network.

This move is expected to foster a closer, more effective working relationship between Mitsubishi’s European headquarters in Almere, The Netherlands, and the established network of authorised dealers in the UK.

According to a Mitsubishi spokesman, there are 24 dealerships in the UK and the number is expected to be maintained.

“The address of the office is yet to be announced but it will be conveniently located in the M4 corridor in the south of England,” he said.

Mitsubishi’s European president S Kodai said the “more direct route to the market will help our dealers in the UK to compete more efficiently.

“We are continuing to work with the same authorised dealers who have served Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks and UK customers so well,” he said.

“By streamlining the way we deal with them we will bring improvements in speed and economy to the dealerships and even better service to their customers.”

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK will establish its own independent sales and support centre and have its own staff. It will be responsible for providing technical back up, new equipment and approved parts.
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Daewoo to manufacture in Turkey
SEOUL, Korea, South

Daewoo Heavy Industries and Machinery Ltd will use a Turkish production line to manufacture forklifts for the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The Korea Herald newspaper said Daewoo Heavy had signed a memorandum of understanding with Turkish industrial truck and construction machinery firm Sanko Holding Co.

Under the agreement, Daewoo will supply parts for the assembly of forklifts by Sanko, starting in October.

Daewoo Heavy’s current forklift market shares in the Middle East and Eastern Europe are 15 per cent and eight per cent respectively, and it is number one in Turkey, with a market share of 20 per cent, the company said in a statement.

“(The) agreement on the partnership is meaningful as it took place ahead of President Roh Moo-hyun’s visit to Turkey slated for mid-April. We expect the tie to help enhance our brand image in the Middle East and Eastern Europe,” a Daewoo Heavy spokesman said.

The company said it would make six kinds of two-to-three-ton engine-type forklifts and start selling them by year-end at Sanko's facilities in Gaziantep, southern Turkey.

The overseas production base is expected to offset rising expenses due to high material costs and appreciation of the Korean currency against the dollar.
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Konecranes taps into US west coast market

KCI Konecranes has penetrated the US west coast market with its first rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG) order from a Los Angeles port terminal.

Seven RTGs will be delivered to Pier 400, APM Terminals’ state-of-the-art container terminal of more than 400 acres, opened in August 2002.

The 16-wheel, all-electric RTGs have a lifting capacity of 50 tons, are one over five containers high and six-plus truck lanes wide.

Delivery of the cranes is due to be completed by September.

Konecranes director for harbour and shipyard cranes Ilpo Hakala said: “We have had tremendous success selling our RTG cranes to the east and gulf coasts of the US with many repeat orders from all major container terminals in those areas, currently totalling 130 cranes.

“This order is a huge breakthrough for us on the west coast, and we expect other terminal operators to see the big difference between our new generation crane and traditional ones that have been used until now,” Hakala said.

The RTGs will be fully equipped with the Sway Prevention and Find Positioning System features. All features are electromechanical, with no hydraulics involved.

According to Konecranes, APM Terminals, ranked the third largest container terminal operator in the world, is Konecranes’s biggest customer for RTGs.

To date, 34 Konecranes RTGs have been delivered to APM terminals in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Norfolk, Virginia, and Houston, Texas.
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Kalmar E-One makes its US debut

Kalmar has received the first US orders for its E-One rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) from the Port of New York and New Jersey’s Global Terminal & Container Services Inc.

Global Terminal & Container Services Inc has ordered two E-One RTGs, an addition to its existing fleet of 10 Kalmar RTGs.

Global’s executive vice president James Kukucka said the E-One would be an invaluable and integral part of Global’s operations.

“Its all-electric features (also) tie in with Global Terminal’s philosophy of environment protection practices,” Kukucka said.

In 2001, Global was the first North American operator to purchase RTGs equipped with Kalmar’s Smartrail® and Remote Machine Interface (RMI) systems.

The operator’s new E-One RTGs will also feature Smartrail® and RMI. Smartrail® is an auto steering and container position verification system while RMI enables remote monitoring of RTGs from a terminal control room via the internet.
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Nacco awards AT&T USD7.5 million contract
PORTLAND, OR, United States
Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc (NMHG) has awarded AT&T a three-year, USD7.5 million networking and long-distance phone service contract, AT&T said in a statement.

Under the contract, the global communications provider will connect more than 14 NMHG manufacturing and assembly sites in the US, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

That will speed the flow of critical company information to NHMG’s 6500 employees worldwide through an internet protocol virtual private network .

Linde cuts fewer jobs than expected
HAMBURG, Germany
Linde AG will cut 43 jobs at its Still Wagner forklift manufacturing subsidiary, fewer than previously expected, according to the unit’s chief executive Ernst Hegele.

AFX International Focus reported Linde had planned to cut up to 300 of the 520 jobs at the unit.

However, Still Wagner’s management and works council have agreed on a deal that proposes salary cuts in return for guaranteed employment until 2014.

The German press reported Linde aimed at further optimising the Still brand in Germany as part of its restructuring program TRIM, and some personnel number adjustments had to be made.
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Worker told not to “lean on forklift”
ROSEBURG, OR, United States

A Sunrise Enterprises recycling centre employee was arrested for allegedly assaulting two co-workers with a wooden board after his boss told him not to lean on a forklift.

The News Review reported Michael Wayne Crandal, 23, of Winston, told police he was leaning on the forklift at the Mulholland Drive centre when his boss told him not to.

Crandal told Roseburg Police Department officers he tried to punch his boss in the chest but missed him.

Crandal said when another worker tried to step between them, he grabbed a broken wooden pallet and struck the side of his boss’s head.

After an ensuing struggle, Crandal’s boss sustained a broken thumb while the other worker received a scrape on her hand.

A police officer described Crandal as “slightly developmentally disabled” in his report.
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1. Bolzoni Auramo launches a new paper roll clamp series

Lift truck attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has developed a new paper roll clamp series AR.

The new clamps have a completely updated mechanical and hydraulic structure. They offer more clamping force with the same basic capacity. More alternative capacity ranges are available as well.

At the moment the new series is available in five capacity classes, lifting capacities ranging from 1750 kg to 4600 kg, depending on the roll range and chosen clamp size. Standard roll diameter ranges are up to 1830 mm. Dedicated models for single roll handling and 1 – 2 roll handling are also available.

Contact Details:
Auramo Oy / Marketing Manager Mr Jari Nygren
P.O.Box 78, 01511 Vantaa, Finland
tel: +358-9-82931, fax: +358-9-8701037, e-mail:


Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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"I recommend that you do look at Fork-tip protectors for your trucks also. These can have a huge effect on damage reduction. I am sure there is a company listed in the Forklift Action business directory who will be able to provide such services."
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"Take a look at the mounting for the lift cylinders. There is a bar that runs left to right across the front of the cylinders. On that bar is two 2-bolt stops that keep the inner mast rail from dropping below the outer rail."
bwagoner, United States

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Fast Facts
1. Bolzoni Auramo launches a new paper roll clamp series

2. Kalmar has established Kalmar Intelligence & Automation, a new dedicated business unit, to focus on the marketing and development of on-board smart features for container handling equipment.

3. Leavitt Machinery has been named Cat Lift Truck dealer for the state of Washington.

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