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This is issue #198 - 03 March 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“Kalmar gains ground in forestry industry!”

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This week, we bring you a follow up story on the anti-dumping saga we covered in our January feature. We have also included a link to the European Commission’s report published in the Official Journal of the European Union if you want the full details.

We will be writing a feature article on the implementation of RFID technology in the materials handling industry next month. If you have implemented RFID technology in your business, we would love to hear from you. Email us at


Chinese exporters hit with anti-dumping duty

The European Commission (EC) has imposed a provisional anti-dumping duty on imports of hand pallet trucks and their essential parts from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

An anti-dumping proceeding was initiated after four European Community (Community) producers, representing more than 60 per cent of the Community’s total hand pallet truck and essential parts production, lodged a complaint in March 2004 ( News #192).

The complainants - Bolzoni-Auramo SpA, Italy; BT Products AB, Sweden; Franz Kahl GmbH, Germany; and Pramac Lifter SpA, Italy - included evidence of dumping and the resulting injury in their complaint.

Four exporting producers from the PRC cooperated with the investigation. They were Ningbo Liftstar Material Transport Equipment Factory, Ningbo; Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co Ltd, Ninghai; Ningbo Tailong Machinery Co Ltd, Ninghai; and Zhejiang Noblelift Equipment Joint Stock Co Ltd, Changxing.

According to Eurostat data, Community consumption of hand pallet trucks was about 493,000 units during the period considered (January 1, 2000, to March 31, 2004) while the volume of PRC imports increased 138 per cent over the period. The increase in imports was particularly marked between 2002 and 2003 (51 per cent).

The market share of dumped imports increased by more than 100 per cent during the period considered. However, the increased market share was found to overlap with the share previously held by the Community industry.

Eurostat data showed the average price of imports from the PRC decreased between 2000 and 2004 by 34 per cent. Prices were stable until 2001 before they decreased 12 per cent in 2001 and even further by another 25 per cent between 2002 and 2003.

The full text of the story is continued online.  Read more
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Cellex runs trials at London Drugs

Cellex Power Products used four Crown PE4000 rider pallet trucks to test its Alpha hydrogen power units during field trials at Richmond-based London Drugs Ltd.

Cellex president and chief executive Chris Reid said the forklifts powered by the Cellex products were able to run at a “consistent maximum power”.

“Cellex’s products ran longer than batteries (and) refuelled much quicker than swapping a battery,” he said.

The five-day demonstration in late December took place at the retailer’s distribution centre in Richmond.

London Drugs operates 62 stores in four western Canadian provinces.

Canadian Government foundation Sustainable Development Technology Canada provided CND2 million for the project.

Cellex has conducted four sets of field trials and accumulated almost 300 forklift-days of operation in real applications at customer sites.

BOC Group, of Murray Hill, NJ, United States, supported the latest trials with hydrogen supply and collaborated with Cellex on hydrogen dispensing.
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Kalmar services over 60 machines for Korsnas

Swedish packaging material manufacturer Korsnas has signed a servicing agreement with Kalmar for about 60 materials handling machines.

The agreement will include 40 electric forklifts used for internal transport during Korsnas’s production of sulphate hardwood pulp, cardboard and paper.

Kalmar managing director Jan Ohlsson said that, since the late 1990s, Kalmar had been servicing the machines of more than 15 major forestry industry and sawmill companies.

“We are now responsible for 200 to 300 machines,” he said. “The customers get guaranteed access to well-adapted machinery with the cost agreed in advance.

“We work together with each customer to create an optimum solution based on every operator’s unique requirements.”

Founded in 1855, Korsnas produces 700,000 tonnes of sulphate hardwood pulp and 660,000 tonnes of cardboard and paper a year.

The company, wholly owned by Investment AB Kinnevik, exports 85 per cent of its products, mainly to Europe and Asia.

Its machines are used for handling raw materials during production and unloading finished products at Korsnas’s facilities in Gavle, Sweden.

Kalmar has been servicing Korsnas’s terminal tractors since 2000 and the new agreement extends its service to include Korsnas’s other machines, from large firewood processors to wheel-mounted loaders and forklifts.

Ohlsson, who would not disclose the contract value, said Kalmar would now service almost all Korsnas’s machines, except for “smaller forklifts”.
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JLG telehandler sales jump 32% in quarter

JLG Industries Inc sold USD92.5 million of telehandlers during the quarter ended January 30, up 32 per cent from last financial year’s second quarter.

Company chief financial officer Jim Woodward said the Sky Trak and Lull brands were up 28 per cent and the JLG and Gradall brands up 40 per cent.

“Lead times are extended,” Woodward said. “We are actually quoting some telehandler models out into September and we are seeing the same thing from our competitors.”

He said some models had sold out of production capacity for the year.

Woodward said that, based on demand for JLG’s telehandlers, the company was not anticipating extra orders from customers.

“In an upturn with strong demands and strong lead times, there is always the argument that there is some positioning in order boards to get production slots that could disappear as you get closer to those dates … we don’t anticipate that happening,” he said.

JLG has struggled with integration of OmniQuip’s Sky Trak and Lull telehandler lines, part of the August 2003 acquisition of Textron Inc’s OmniQuip unit. ( News #115 – nwid998)

“We only enjoyed a 15 percent commonality between suppliers of Omniquip and JLG’s telehandler products supply base,” said JLG chief executive Bill Lasky. “Therefore, we have struggled more with (integrating) the telehandler side than the aerial (work platform) side, which is very mature and (has) a much more reliable supply base.”
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With the imminent launch of the Marketplace (for used equipment), these numbers are expected to soar.
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Mitsubishi adds new warehouse truck
HOUSTON, TX, United States

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has added a medium-level order picker to its range of warehouse solutions.

A Mitsubishi spokesperson said the OPBM10K, powered by a 24V battery, with a load capacity of 1000kg and a maximum picking height of 6.5 metres, would complete the company’s line of order pickers.

“It is a completely new truck that has been developed to meet a demand for them by customers in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and other countries,” she said.

She said medium-level order pickers were suitable for goods that were bulky but not too heavy, for example, automotive parts.

The OPBM10K has an ergonomic steering console, seat and backrest designed to minimise operator fatigue. Its 360 degree steering enables it to be manoeuvred easily in confined spaces.

The operator can also enter and exit the forklift quickly because of its light side gates and low step. Meanwhile, its thin wall and adjustable fork height enable the operator to easily reach pallets or picking cages from the cab.

Mitsubishi’s order pickers are split into three categories – low-level, medium-level and high-level.

The low-level order pickers, which are for high frequency order picking have a picking height of up to 3.5 metres while the high-level order picking, which are for low frequency orders have a picking height of up to 9.5 metres.
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US poultry market has new Manitou dealer
WACO, TX, United States

By US correspondent Roger Renstrom

Modern Group Ltd, of Beaumont, Texas, has succeeded Bright Coop Inc, of Nacoghoches, Texas, as Manitou North America Inc’s forklift dealer for the American poultry industry ( News #197).

Modern’s Livehaul Division general manager Orain Tubbs said the division anticipated adding 15 to 20 employees for sales, service, shipping and customer relations under the February 1 agreement.

“Our 36-month goal is to develop the (forklift) market,” Tubbs said.

He said forklifts enhance the division’s business model. The livehaul division currently employed 40 people to sell galvanised metal cages, cage-hauling trailers and dumper units to the US, Mexican and Canadian poultry industries.

Manitou NA director of sales and marketing Ed Ugolini said Manitou was taking the necessary steps to increase its market share in the US.

Manitou NA, based in Waco, Texas, is a subsidiary of Manitou BF SA, of Ancenis Cedex, France that engineers and manufactures rough terrain four- and three-wheel-drive forklifts for live haul applications.

Modern Group operates eight US factories that manufacture systems, containers and equipment for petrochemical, agricultural, transport, construction, waste and environmental and marine and offshore applications.
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Toyota’s 2004 domestic sales up
TOKYO, Japan

Toyota Industries’ domestic forklift sales in 2004 were 32,133 units, up 10 per cent from 2003.

Japan’s total delivery of forklift units for 2004 was 75,445 units, which saw Toyota maintain its record 42.6 per cent market share from 2003.

For the past 39 years Toyota has been the top forklift producer in the Japanese market and 2004 was the sixth consecutive year Toyota enjoyed a 40 per cent plus market share.

The Nikkan Kougyou Shimbun newspaper also reported Toyota’s production of industrial vehicles totalled 103,756 units worldwide last year, the highest in its history.

Japan accounted for 36,000 units, North America 31,000 units, Europe 20,000 units while Asia and other regions accounted for 17,000 units.
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Company fined after forklift hits sunbather
EDINBURGH, Scotland, United Kingdom

A UK marquee maker has been fined GBP5000 (USD9603) after one of its forklifts ran over a sunbather in a park, south of Edinburgh.

The Scotsman newspaper reported Field and Lawn (Marquees) Ltd admitted in court to flouting health and safety laws during the accident, which happened when it was preparing for the Fringe Sunday event at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2003.

The sunbather apparently did not hear the forklift moving towards him because he was listening to music.

He suffered a broken collarbone, three broken ribs and a punctured lung as the forklift, carrying construction materials, rolled over him.

Field and Lawn, whose clients include Wimbledon and the London Marathon, pleaded guilty in the Edinburgh Sheriff Court for failing to provide an enclosed area for forklifts to operate in and failing to ensure a worker walked ahead of the vehicles at all times.

The incident was investigated by city council environmental health officers who compiled a report for the procurator fiscal in Edinburgh.

A city environmental and consumer services spokesman said: “We are committed to ensuring the city is a safe place. This investigation demonstrates that we will not hesitate to prosecute companies who put the safety of residents at risk.”
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Movers & Shakers

KCI Konecranes president and CEO Stig Gustavson has informed the Board of KCI Konecranes Plc of his intention to retire on June 17. The Board has stated its intention to elect Gustavson as Board chairman and to appoint KCI Konecranes Group vice president Pekka Lundmark as president and CEO.

Keith Sawottke has succeeded Erik Olsson as chief financial officer for RSC Equipment Rental. Olsson remains with the company as chief operating officer. Sawottke joined the company as controller and spent the last three years as vice president of finance and accounting. His corporate financial experience includes top financial management positions with Fortune 500 companies.

Following Sawottke’s appointment, Patricia D Chiodo has been promoted to vice president, controller, and will be responsible for all accounting and accounts payable activities for RSC Equipment Rental and Prime Energy.

Kirk Zander has been appointed field sales manager of Manitou North America Inc as part of an expansion of the firm’s sales and marketing departments. Until January 1, he was the company’s Midwest regional sales manager for five years.
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NEWARK, OH, United States

Recently I heard an amazing story. A small, private airline was training its pilots in some very unconventional ways. The airline was in competition with many others and every dollar was counted carefully.  It was under tremendous pressure to satisfy hectic schedules. The director of training had been around for many years and under constant pressure from managers and company directors. He finally gave in and compromised on his long-held commitments to safe training.  

Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.







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"Over the past two months I have had 6 access 3 traction controllers go bad on 6 different lifts. Everything seems to be good on the lifts. I can't find anything that may be "spiking" the controllers. Does anybody know if there are outside causes like a radiowaves or such?"
brian_k, United States

Forklifts are like cars - once in awhile you get a lemon.
"I am looking for a good used Clark forklift. I did hear a rumour that there was a particular model and/or year to shy away from. I guess forklifts are like cars... every once in awhile a manufacturer makes a lemon. "
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What a mess!
"I once witnessed the aftermath of a forklift that rolled backwards off a dock and landed on its overhead guard upside down, the battery weight was too great for the battery cover and busted the hinges ..."
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Let's go around the globe ...
"Many UK brewers stack "barrels" of beer on plastic stillages or wooden boards. They are about 20 feet (6 metres) high and are free standing. The risks of falling barrels is high, both from direct impact on cabs and spinning across warehouse floors. Is this ok in your country? "
rod_s, United Kingdom

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