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This is issue #197 - 24 February 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“Van Gent is now exclusive distributor for CD Carrozzeria.”

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In this issue, we have included the second part of our feature story focusing on telehandlers. Telehandlers are versatile machines with diverse applications. Read our feature to find out more about the different telehandlers used in the agriculture and construction sectors. would also like to apologise for an error in last week’s newsletter. Toyota’s explosion-proof forklifts are suitable for customers in industries ranging from chemical to distillery, not just chemical and distillery industries as reported.


Telescopic handlers: Part 2

The two main telehandler markets for French telehandler manufacturer Manitou BF are the construction and agriculture markets. What is the difference between an agriculture telehandler and a construction telehandler? Christine Liew reports.  Read more
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CNG fuel factory option for Toyota forklifts
IRVINE, CA, United States

Toyota customers can now enjoy the benefits of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel and meet strict emission level regulations mandated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Toyota Material Handling US Inc (TMHU) is making a CNG fuel system option available for its 4000lb to 6500lb internal combustion cushion and 3000lb to 6500lb internal combustion pneumatic forklift models.

CNG-powered forklifts were usually converted from LPG or gasoline to CNG using conversion kits before the January 2004 EPA and CARB emission regulations.

The regulations’ strict guidelines for altering certified engines have essentially eliminated after-market CNG conversions in the US, Toyota said in a statement.

TMHU president and CEO Dr Shankar Basu said his company was the first and only forklift manufacturer to develop the factory-installed, EPA and CARB-certified fuel option for the US market.

TMHU engineer Mark Hartman said: “In addition to addressing the regulatory situation generated by the EPA and CARB enactments of 2004, CNG fuel has benefits over other more popular and traditional forklift fuels.

“First, CNG fuel has been proven to provide the lowest emission levels over LPG, gasoline and diesel,” he said.

“Secondly, LPG fuel impurities that commonly accumulate through the fuel distribution chain are virtually eliminated with CNG.

“CNG fuelling stations tap directly into the utility natural gas lines, unlike other common forklift fuels, which typically rely on several modes of transportation and storage before being used by the forklift.

“CNG is also an abundant fuel source, domestically produced, which directly reduces our dependency on foreign oil,” Hartman said.

CNG fuel prices vary widely among different US states but the cost is typically lower than other forklift fuels, like LPG, gasoline and diesel.

TMHU’s CNG fuel system option features a closed loop design that automatically adjusts and optimises the air-fuel mixture ratio.

The system works in conjunction with a three-way catalytic converter to minimise tailpipe emissions.

A swing-out CNG tank bracket features a one-touch latch design, allowing the operator quick, easy access to the engine compartment.

TMHU provides an analog CNG tank pressure gauge to help the operator know when the forklift is low on CNG fuel.

An optional digital CNG tank pressure gauge located on the dashboard is also available.
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Van Gent partners CD Carrozzeria
NIJMEGEN, Netherlands

Van Gent Forklift Parts (VGFP) is now the exclusive distributor for CD Carrozzeria Industriale srl, an Italian designer and manufacturer of forklift cabins.

VGFP will distribute CD Carrozzeria’s cabs throughout Europe, except in Italy and France, which will be supplied direct by CD Carrozzeria.

VGFP sales and purchase manager Dave Lam said the company was joining forces with CD Carrozzeria to expand the program with cabs for Toyota, Hyster, Yale, Mitsubishi and others.

CD Carrozzeria owner Assia Cassale said: “Within six to eight months the program for Toyota forklifts should be available to the market. We have always focused on selling to OEMs and, (together) with Van Gent, we want to cover Europe.”

VGFP will stock cabs for the most popular forklift models in the industry. It now has the complete range for Linde, Still, OM Pimespo and Toyota electric trucks.

The company will also provide cabs for side-loaders Fantuzzi and Bauman from its warehouse in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
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Bright Coop adds forklifts for poultry handling
NACOGDOCHES, TX, United States

Bright Coop Inc has built and delivered 27 of its rough-terrain forklifts to poultry handlers and haulers since a July 2004 product launch.

Jimmie Menefee, a longtime Bright Coop customer service provider, designed the improved forklift package with significant poultry industry input from others over many years.

Three models, marketed under the new Bright Bullet brand, are “built off the principle of simplicity and designed for the poultry industry,” said Sam Chancellor, a salesman for Bright Coop.

The design relies on basic hydraulic and mechanical systems more than advanced electronics.

A model measuring 91 inches (2.3 metres) to the top of the enclosed cab targets operations at a processing plant’s back dock. The base price: USD52,500.

Minus the enclosed cab, two field models cost USD51,900 for an 81-inch (2.1 metres) high version and USD52,515 for one that is 77 inches (2.0 metres) high.

The rough-terrain design accounts for farm conditions where uneven land, bumps entering or leaving a chicken house, inclement weather and high-ammonia-content litter can stress a machine.

A typical lift of cages and chickens weighs 2,400lbs (1080 kg).

Engines Inc, of Weiner, Arkansas, added a pump drive and electronic components to an 80-horsepower four-cylinder John Deere PowerTech naturally aspirated diesel engine for the Bright Bullet forklifts.

Bright Coop employs 125 people, of whom 17 are assigned to assembling forklifts at the company’s site in Nacogdoches.

The forklifts complement its line of galvanized metal cages for chickens and turkeys.

Bright Coop was formed in 1951 to make wooden chicken coops but because of business competition in the 1970s, originated the concept of galvanized metal coops and the use of forklifts built by other manufacturers.

Later, the firm added specialised trailers and forklifts.

Until January 21, Bright Coop was a United States poultry-industry distributor for the North American operation of forklift manufacturer Manitou BF SA, of Ancenis Cedex, France.

Manitou makes forklifts in Waco, Texas, and used Bright Coop as a regional dealer beginning in 1980 and a national distributor starting in 1985.
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Rapid installation of super flat floor

Concrete Grinding’s fast-track concrete floor construction system reduces costs and installation time.

Early last year the CG Group was called to a massive distribution centre operated by Ikea near Barcelona, Spain to upgrade 24 aisles in the existing floor to DIN 15185 specification so that VNA lift trucks could work more efficiently. Concrete Grinding used its LaserGrinder machines to form two 380mm-wide wheel tracks in 24 aisles, completing one aisle a day while the warehouse continued to be operated normally.

Concrete Grinding has now been given overall responsibility for the floor in a 35,000 m2 extension to the original building, including 28 aisles, 130 metres long, which again have to meet the DIN 15185 standard for VNA trucks.

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First global orders for Kalmar’s E-One

Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso (TPS) in Chile and Terminal Container Athus (TCA) in Belgium have become the first container handling facilities to order Kalmar’s new all-electric RTG, the E-One.

The orders come within just eight weeks of the product’s launch.

TPS general manager Alejandro Barthold said the deal clincher for his company was the E-One’s “competitive maintenance features, including its service interval of up to 1,000 hours for both the crane and the engine”.

He said the decision was also made easier by the fact that TPS was already familiar with Kalmar’s level of technical expertise and “fast delivery times” due to its existing reachstacker operations.

TPS has ordered two 7+1 wide machines capable of lifting one over five containers and featuring Kalmar’s Smartrail autosteering and container position verification system, and remote monitoring interface.

The machines, which will be delivered in November, are a key step in TPS’s strategy to convert to an RTG system.

The terminal operator has indicated there will be more orders forthcoming to handle its growing container throughput, which now stands at 360,000 TEU a year.

Meanwhile, Belgium’s TCA has ordered a Smartrail-equipped E-One with a 9+1 span capable of lifting one over three containers.

The machine, which will be delivered in autumn, will operate in the expansion area of the Athus rail terminal.
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Forklift driver wears bikini for charity
Palmerston North, New Zealand

A forklift driver wore a hot pink bikini to work and raised nearly NZD1000 (USD730) for the New Zealand Cancer Society’s upcoming Relay for Life fundraiser.

Anthony Ohlson, 33, who stands 1.93 metres in his steel-capped safety boots and weighs 137kg, donned a pink tinsel wig, pink bikini and boy-leg bikini bottoms to  go to his workplace, Melody’s New World.

His workmates teased him but dug deep to donate as did New World’s supply companies.

Ohlson said he did it for his workmate John Sissons who died from cancer last month.

“He found out (and) three weeks later he was gone,” Ohlson said.

“It’s for a good cause. Everyone’s been touched by someone who has had cancer, everyone’s lost somebody to it.”
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Five telehandlers join Gehl’s compact line
WESTBAND, WI, United States

Gehl Company has added five new telescopic handlers to its compact construction and agricultural equipment line.

The new Gehl CT-series telehandlers feature maximum capacities from 5000lbs (2268kg) to 7000lbs (3175kg), maximum lift heights from 16’ 2” (4.9 metres) to 22’ 7” (6.9 metres), and rated capacities from 5,000lbs (2268kg) to 6000lbs (2721kg).

The turbocharged, naturally aspirated diesel engines range from 58hp (43kw) to 101hp (75kw) and comply with the US EPA’s Tier II regulations.

The five new models, CT5-16, CT5-16 Turbo, CT6-18 Low Profile, CT6-18 Turbo and CT7-23 Turbo, are “extremely versatile, compact, durable machines which can be used in almost any construction, agriculture and landscape application”, the company said in a statement.
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Top Toyota dealers recognised
IRVINE, CA, United States

Toyota Material Handling US Inc (TMHU) has recognised its top dealers with the 2004 President’s Award.

The top dealers are selected annually from a nationwide network of 71 dealers and 186 dealership locations, and are recognised for excellence in parts, service, equipment sales, customer satisfaction and overall dealership operations.

This year, 15 dealers won the award and were acknowledged at Toyota’s Spring Regional Dealer Advisory Council meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The winners are:
• Al Rawson, of Atlas Material Handling, Schiller Park, IL.
• Ron McCluskey, of Brodie Toyota-Lift, Lawrence, MA.
• Jeff Fischer, of Florida Lift Systems Inc, Orlando, FL.
• Stuart Thompson, of Garrison Service Company Inc, Nashville, TN.
• Brian Hull, of Hull Lift Truck Inc, Elkhart, IN.
• Sam Smart Jr, of Kenco Toyota-Lift, Chattanooga, TN.
• Joe Clark, of Mid-South Lift Trucks Inc, Memphis, TN.
• Bill Skinner, of ProLift Industrial Equipment Co LLC, Louiseville, KY.
• Jim Shoppa, of Shoppa’s Material Handling Inc, Fort Worth, TX.
• Steve Thorne, of Southeast Industrial Equipment Inc, Charlotte, NC.
• Michael Elliot, of SwiftLift Inc, Victor, NY.
• Lee Smith, of Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta, Scottdale, GA.
• Joe Quinto, of Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles Inc, Santa Fe Springs, CA.
• Lee Nielsen, of Toyota Lift of Minnesota, Brooklyn Park, MN.
• Richard Andres, of Toyota Material Handling Northern California, Hayward, CA.

Each winner will receive a Tiffany & Co crystal award and will be congratulated in a full-page, colour advertisement in the spring issue of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) Journal. TMHU is also hosting a trip to England and Scotland for the winners.
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Reward for stolen forklift

Koala Trucks (forklift wholesalers) is offering AUD5000 for the successful recovery of a forklift stolen in December 2004.

Investigations have ascertained that the forklift was put into a container and shipped to Sri Lanka as part of a group of three 40-foot containers containing foodstuff. There is a possibility that the shipment went to Pakistan along with the former managing director of the company who hired it.

The brand new 2004 TCM FG25T6H serial number 37E15966, is a dual-fuel unit with a 4.8 metre triple mast with sideshift and puncture-proof tyres.

Chand Security Services Pty Ltd T/as Chand Food Services hired the forklift but the company’s managing director Mr Shahzad Hussain was deported to Pakistan on around December 23, 2004. The company’s doors were shut and the forklift went missing at that time.

Please contact:
Koala Trucks (Forklift Wholesalers)
96 Hassall Street
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
+61 2 9604 3955 ph
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Liebherr warehouse relies on Omni DCCR

An Atlet Omni DCR man-rising combination pallet stacker/order picker was Liebherr-Great Britain’s choice for its new spare parts warehouse in Biggleswade, United Kingdom.

Forklifts from three manufacturers were evaluated before Liebherr selected the Atlet Omni, which is the only narrow aisle forklift used in its new warehouse.

Warehouse manager Dave Totman said his company chose the narrow aisle forklift “because of the space (and) it also leaves more room for expansion on the same site in the future”.

Liebherr has adopted a very narrow aisle in the new warehouse, thus minimising floor space while increasing overall storage capacity.

The old warehouse had employed traditional low-level stacking and picking but at Biggleswade, narrow aisle racking was introduced and the height of the storage area increased five-fold compared with the previous operation.

The new warehouse can hold more than 20,000 line items in a building that occupies a smaller footprint than its predecessor. Items are stored in 1000 pallet locations arranged along aisles of nine-high racking and in 1700 shelf picking locations on a mezzanine floor at the side of the warehouse.

“This is not a fast picking environment and we were more concerned with truck reliability and load sensitivity,” Totman said. “We bought from Atlet on service recommendation – it’s the only truck so it has to be reliable.”

The truck can pick orders from anywhere in the racking with its rising cab and a diagonal lift capability enables the operator to arrive at a required location in the shortest time.

The truck’s control centre is ergonomically laid-out for efficient picking, with a spacious cab area and a control panel adjustable to suit the driver’s preference.

A rotating and traversing fork carriage enables the Omni DCR to stack and retrieve to either side of the aisle, and to pick up pallets from the front when free-ranging.

Liebherr-Great Britain is part of a global organisation that manufactures an extensive range of cranes, earth moving equipment, excavators, wheel loaders, crawler tractors, mining trucks and concrete mixers.

The company relocated its UK head office, heavy plant engineering maintenance and spare parts warehouse operations to a nine-acre green field site in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, after outgrowing its facility in Hatfield.
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Movers & Shakers

Ashley Dinning has been appointed general manager, business development with Port of Brisbane Corporation. Dinning joins the corporation after seven years as general manager with Port of Melbourne. He has also held senior management roles with National Rail Corporation and V/Line Freight. He is a member of Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Australia and of the Australian Institute of Export.

Rocla Oyj’s board of directors has appointed acting managing director Jussi Muikku as managing director. Muikku joined Rocla Oyj in 1989. He was previously manager of domestic customer services for industrial trucks, manager of contract manufacturing and most recently, general manager of warehouse trucks.

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