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This is issue #194 - 03 February 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“Komatsu releases forklift at home and abroad at the same time.”

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Today, opens a new Discussion Forum for mechanics and fleet managers to discuss mechanical issues. For your convenience, discussion threads are grouped according to equipment brands and models. We welcome suggestions for improvements to this latest addition on our Discussion Forums.

Next week, we will publish our feature story on telescopic handling equipment. If you would like to provide input for this article, please contact our editorial team at


Barloworld replaces carpet producer’s 415 forklifts

Barloworld’s “total solutions approach” helped it win a USD15 million contract to replace a major US carpet manufacturer’s 415 forklifts with Hyster equipment, the company’s CEO Tony Phillips said.

He said Barloworld’s approach “added value” to its customer and helped separate it from three competitor companies, to win the Beaulieu of America contract.

“Beaulieu’s diverse requirements dovetailed perfectly with Barloworld Handling’s ability to provide a wide range of products, superior backup support and our full financing facility through Barloworld Fleet Leasing,” Phillips said.

Barloworld industrial distribution chief executive Brandon Diamond said more than half the Hyster equipment had already been delivered to Beaulieu.

Barloworld Handling will replace Beaulieu’s forklifts with new and used Hyster forklifts, personnel carriers, aerial work platforms and other floor maintenance equipment over five years.

The company will also provide fleet maintenance for more than 550 materials handling equipment units for Beaulieu, the world’s third largest rug and carpet producer.

Beaulieu project engineer Aaron Phillips said: “The thoroughness of Barloworld’s assessment of our needs gave us a high level of confidence in the company.”
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Komatsu's first simultaneous global product release
TOKYO, Japan

The global release of Komatsu Forklift Co’s new AX50/BX50 forklift this week marks the first time the company has simultaneously released a product at home and overseas.

On Wednesday, Komatsu released the new forklift, which is a full model change of the Leo-NXT forklift released in Japan in July 2002. News’s source at Komatsu said the company was releasing the new model for the overseas market immediately because it had sufficient confidence of its quality.

“The Leo-NXT model was not released for the overseas market and thus the AX50/BX50 series is really a full-scale model change - but not so much for the domestic market,” he said.

The new forklift has a double suspension system to reduce vibration.

“Double suspension is a unique and major change. The power train is not directly mounted to the chassis, ensuring no vibration transfer when the truck is standing still while the suspended operator compartment absorbs shock from the road surface when travelling,” he said.

The new forklift is priced from JPY1.5 million (USD14,400) to JPY3.5 million (USD33,637).

Annual sales of 27,000 units are targeted. The forklift will initially be made at a factory in Tochigi Prefecture, with plans to start production at plants in Europe, China and the US by year end.
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Van Gent now ATIB’s official dealer
NIJMEGEN, Netherlands

Dutch forklift components supplier Van Gent Forklift Parts (VGFP), has reached an agreement with ATIB in Italy, to become its official distributor.

VGFP sales and purchase manager David Lam said the agreement, which will be effective on February 1, was reached after VGFP personnel visited ATIB's factory in Dello from January 19 to January 20.

“VGFP will exclusively sell the complete ATIB range,” Lam said. “Side-shifts, paper roll clamps, integrated fork positioners, rotating clamps and multi-pallet clamps are among the ATIB attachments VGFP will sell.”

“Van Gent Forklift Parts is expanding its parts program to a level which is demanded by the market. The ATIB product range will be an added value for our customers in the Benelux,” he added.

Benelux refers to the countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

ATIB, which is based in Dello, Italy, produces forklift attachments and masts.
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Our new Mechanical Troubleshooting forum is now open to all the mechanics and fleet managers out there who want to meet and discuss mechanical issues for different equipment brands and models. started this new discussion forum after receiving requests from several forum members for a platform where they can conveniently discuss technical problems and receive solutions from other knowledgeable members - so here it is!

This forum is reserved for mechanical troubleshooting topics only and is searchable by brand and model (series) for machines, attachments and major components.

Go to the Discussion Forums to check it out now: Click on Discuss: Mechanical Troubleshooting to join the new forum.

To participate, you will need your registered email address and password. Lost your password? Visit to have it sent to you by email, or contact Lyn on Remember to click on 'Remember Me' when you log in. Not registered? Click here to become a member.
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Forklift and attachment do crane’s job

The mobility of a forklift has helped a Canadian glass and aluminium consulting company develop an attachment to install architectural panels normally the job of cranes or hoists. developed the 5 axis end-effector in December 2000, out of necessity for a construction project in Grand Rapids, Michigan, US, and is now releasing it to the market.

The prototype was mounted on a Gehl DL-6H telescopic handler with 8,000lb (2986kg) capacity to erect 8 foot (2.4 metre) by 18 foot (5.5 metre) glass and aluminium curtain wall panels weighing up to 1,800lb (672kg) under a roof canopy.

Sota Glazing Inc president Juan Speck, who commissioned the job, said the end-effector was the “perfect solution”.

“The end-effector installers have been able to install large, pre-glazed panels in areas that would traditionally have to be stick built. The added saving for us is not having to separately engineer stick and pre-glazed wall system components for the same project, Speck said.

The attachment uses hydraulic power to lift and position panels up to 3,000lb (1120kg). It typically uses up to 16 vacuum cups in customisable configurations. Six remote functions enable installers to take panels from a horizontal plane (the crate) to a vertical plane (the wall) and position the panel with precise movements. owner and founder Michael Byrne said the attachment was used “for any type of architectural panel you’d normally handle with a crane but where there is any type of overhead construction (that obstructs).”

“In the right situation, it could save people money. Renting a four-wheel variable reach truck is relatively inexpensive compared to a crane,” he said.

“The combination of forklift and end-effector is more viable and gives greater flexibility for construction of architectural panels. It’s the mobility of the forklift that makes it work.”

With product testing completed, the 5 axis end-effector, which costs from USD30,000 to USD75,000 is now available to the curtain wall construction market.
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Propane-leaking forklift explodes, injures employee
GRAPEVINE, TX, United States

A propane-leaking forklift exploded at a Dallas freight warehouse on Tuesday, injuring an employee and causing minor damage.

The Star-Telegram reported employees told firefighters they were trying to replace a propane tank on the forklift when the tank began to leak.

Grapevine Fire Marshall Dick Ward said the liquid propane vapours “became too much for the employees”, so they ran out of the area.

“Within 30 seconds after they left, the forklift exploded. The vapours probably contacted the heat of the forklift, and caused the explosion,” Ward said.

He said the explosion ignited a fire on the forklift and a nearby trailer loaded with office supplies, causing about USD15,000 of damage.

The employee who suffered burns was taken to Baylor Medical Centre, Grapevine.

His injuries were not life-threatening, officials said.
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Hyster adds four more to ReachStacker
GREENVILLE, NC, United States

Hyster has added four new model configurations to its ReachStacker range, bringing the total models to 10.

The four new models are:

RS 45-27 CH - A container handler, designed for first and second row container handling applications with 27 tonne capacity in the second row.
RS 46-35 IH - An intermodal handler, specifically designed for handling containers and swap-bodies, with 35 tonnes in the second row.
RS 46-28/44S CH - Additional capacity with 38 tonnes in the second container row or, when fitted with a Hyster-designed stabiliser, 44 tonnes in the second row and a minimum of 30 tonnes in the third container row.
RS 46-35/40S IH - An intermodal handler with 35 tonnes capacity in the second container row or, when fitted with Hyster’s specially designed front stabiliser, 40 tonnes in the second container row or a minimum of 27 tonnes in the third row and 32-36 tonnes in the second rail handling row at 5m to 6m load centre.

Kenya Port Authority was one of Hyster’s first customers to buy the new RS 45-27 CH model for use in high-capacity second row stacking.

The Port of Tyne, UK, has ordered a 38/44S container handling model with stabiliser. The model has the stability to load or unload onto railway or road vehicles and perform general container handling tasks.

Hyster’s RS series ReachStacker received the European engineering award in 2000 for the “excellence of its ergonomic design and operator controls”.
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Wanted: Used Full Container Handler 2 High Lift

• Must be low hours or fully reconditioned machine
• Must be fork tyne machine
• Fitted with 20-40 tyne mounted toplift spreader
• Lift containers 2 high under twist locks
• Any location welcome

Please send full specifications, photos, hours worked and contact details including phone numbers to:
Fax: 61 7 3262 5855
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Caterpillar reports record profit up 85 per cent
PEORIA, IL, United States

Caterpillar Inc has reported sales and revenues of USD30.25 billion, and a profit of USD2.03 billion for 2004, up 85 per cent from 2003.

Company chairman and chief executive officer Jim Owens said 2004 was “without question” one of the most remarkable years in the company’s history.

“We owe thanks for these record results to everyone who makes up Team Caterpillar – our employees, dealers and suppliers,” Owens said.

Sales and revenues for 2004 were 33 per cent or USD7.49 billion higher than 2003.

The increase was due to higher machinery and engine sales of USD6.26 billion, the favourable impact of the strengthening Euro and British pound on USD515 million of sales, improved price realisation of USD512 million and higher financial products revenues of USD200 million.

Machinery and engines sale in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Asia Pacific region are forecast to increase by 10 per cent, North America by 17 per cent and Latin America by 13 per cent this year.
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Movers & Shakers

Rowan Goeller has been appointed Barloworld Limited’s head of investor relations. Goeller was investor relations manager at Ispat Iscor, Africa’s biggest steel producer.

Thomas P Capo has been appointed to JLG’s Board of Directors. Capo currently serves as chairman of Board of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His career began with Chrysler Corporation in 1976. He was the senior vice president and treasurer of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation from 1998 to 2000. Capo holds an MBA and an MA in International Economics from the University of Detroit.

W Kim Foster has also been appointed to JLG's Board of Directors, beinging the total number of board members to 10. Foster is currently the senior vice president and chief financial officer of FMC Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He joined FMC in 1978 and has served in a number of senior financial and operational positions in the chemical and former machinery businesses of FMC. He holds an MBA from the University of Virginia.
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Toyota introduces faster forklift

Toyota has introduced a new, high-speed version of its four-wheel, 80-volt electric counterbalanced forklift, capable of a top speed of 21kph.

The 7FBMF-S forklifts are available in 2, 2.5 and 3 tonne lifting capacities, with open or closed cabins.

Where long travel distances are required to transport a load, the forklift’s speed advantage comes into play, the company said in a statement.

Transport time between pick up and deposit of loads can be reduced, increasing productivity.

The forklift’s efficiency is also improved when used in conjunction with Toyota’s exclusive side-exit, battery exchange chassis.

Batteries are changed by moving them horizontally on and off the forklift, enabling a fast change over with the operator having continual use of the machine.

Toyota Industrial Equipment Europe product manager Craig Walby said: “The side-exit, battery exchange chassis, combined with the different systems available to unload and load the battery, means the truck is highly effective for intensive, long distance movement applications and multi-shift operations.”
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NEWARK, OH, United States

In my last column, I wrote an article on the importance of training qualified forklift trainers and received a response from an Australian trainer who has been assigned to work in a developing country and has responsibility for training operators and trainers there.

Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.







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