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  Dear reader,
This is issue #192 - 20 January 2005 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“A JCB employee and his wife survived the Asian tsunami horror in Phuket by clinging to palm trees after the force of the tidal wave catapulted them through their Phuket bungalow window."

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Welcome to issue #192 of's newsletter! We have an interesting line-up of stories for you this week. Be sure to read this month's feature focusing on manual materials handling equipment by Damien Tomlinson. This two-part feature will be Damien's last article for

In this issue, we have included a riveting tale of how JCB employee Richard Galley and his wife Kristin Meredith survived the tsunami horror while on holiday in Phuket.  Galley, who has worked for JCB for 13 years, said: “We realise how lucky we are, especially as we continued to watch the events unfold on the news.”

Our thoughts remain with those who lost loved ones in the tragedy. would also like to apologise for an error in last week's newsletter. Rodger Lamb reported that all major US manufacturers were present at ProMat 2005. This was not the case as we were later informed that US manufacturer Crown was not represented.


Focus: Manual Materials Handling Equipment
BT Industries, Franz Kahl GmbH, Pramac Lifter, Bolzoni Auramo

Industry awaits EU anti-dumping report. DAMIEN TOMLINSON has the story.
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Terex to restate finances for three years
WESTPORT, CT, United States

Equipment manufacturing powerhouse Terex Corporation plans to restate its 2001-2003 financial statements following an examination of intercompany transactions and apparent account imbalances, the Westport-based firm said in a January 13 filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Financial statements for the three years “should no longer be relied upon”, Terex said in a statement.

An internal examination began on October 28 and determined that a material weakness existed in the firm’s controls over financial reporting.

Terex bolstered its business in aerial work platforms significantly with the September 2002 acquisition of Genie Holdings Inc, of Redmond, Washington.

While the numbers are subject to adjustment, Terex’s 2003 report said the business segment for aerial work platforms accounted for 14 percent of that year’s sales of USD3.9 billion.

The segment designs, manufactures and markets boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers through facilities in Redmond and Moses Lake, Washington, and Baraga, Michigan.
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Jofson acquires Archway Handling
BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom

Mitsubishi forklift dealer Jofson, of Sutton Coldfield, has acquired Archway Handling, of Telford, for an unspecified amount.

The Shropshire Star reported Jofson would retain Archway Handling’s trading name and its staff at the Stafford Park base in Telford.

Archway Handling, an independent forklift dealer founded in 1999, provides new and used forklifts and service businesses throughout the Midlands.

Jofson has 25 years of experience providing materials handling expertise in the West Midlands and is a main dealer for Mitsubishi forklifts.

Jofson managing director Rachel Moore said: “We wanted to expand into Shropshire and Archway Handling, with an established customer base, is an ideal acquisition for us.

“Together we now have a stronger presence across the West Midlands and Shropshire, with 15 mobile service engineers and a hire fleet of more than 350 lift trucks.”

Archway Handling founder Vernon Leadbetter, who has 27 years of industry experience, will remain with the business.

He said: “Together with Jofson we will be the largest independent truck dealer in the area.”

Archway Handling will now be able to market and support the entire Mitsubishi range of counterbalance and warehouse trucks to customers in the Midlands.
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JCB employee saved by palm trees in Asian tsunami nightmare

A JCB employee and his wife survived the Asian tsunami in Thailand by clinging to palm trees after the force of the tidal wave catapulted them through their Phuket bungalow window.

JCB parts and service manager Richard Galley, 35, and Kristin Meredith, 32, recounted the horror that began when the door of their holiday home was flung open by the powerful tidal surge which was rising at half a metre a second.

Within seconds the couple was completely under water and Galley swam beneath the surface to try to open a back door.

“Fortunately the force of the water collapsed the wall separating the bedroom and bathroom and a large bathroom window burst out,” Galley said.

“We were then both shot outside by the force of the water where we managed to grab palm trees to wait for the current to subside.

“These were the most terrifying moments because I still didn’t know where Kristin was and I don’t have the words to express how I felt right then or what went through my mind when I saw her grab on to a palm tree a few yards in front of me.”

The couple clung to the palm trees for 10 minutes while waiting for the water to subside.

“If it hadn’t been for those palm trees, we would have been swept out to sea,” Galley said.

The Galleys’ troubles did not end there.

When they returned to their hotels, they discovered their suitcases opened and all their money, credit cards and mobile phones stolen.

“Fortunately they left our passports and plane tickets so we felt very lucky, not to mention the fact we were alive and together,” Galley said.

They returned to Shanghai, China, where Galley works for JCB, on December 27.

Galley, who has worked for JCB for 13 years, said: “We realise how lucky we are, especially as we continued to watch the events unfold on the news.”

JCB has donated USD1 million of machines to assist in the clear-up efforts in the tsunami-hit areas. ( News #191).

Raymond Corporation’s dealers will be matching Raymond’s donations to southern Asia.

The company will donate USD100 for each electric rider truck and USD50 for each electric walkie pallet truck sold in January and February.
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Heras Products replaces all diesel forklifts
OIRSCHOT, Netherlands

Heras Products has ended its use of internal combustion forklifts with a EUR500,000 (USD650,000) purchase of 16 new electric forklifts and one reach truck from Jungheinrich.

The EFG 540 and EFG 430 electric forklifts, which will largely be used outdoors, have replaced the production facility’s previous Hyster diesel forklifts.

Jungheinrich marketing executive Pascal Kwakman said it was the “general idea” that LPG and diesel forklifts were for outdoor use as they were hardier than electric forklifts.

“However, we are proving that electric forklifts, which we are supplying to Heras, can do exactly the same as LPG and diesel forklifts,” he said.

“You see it more often now – people using electric forklifts outside. People think it’s fragile but technology today is so advanced.”

Heras said its production facility’s forklift operators influenced the decision to buy Jungheinrich’s electric forklifts.

The forklifts, which have three and four tonnes capacity, have steel cabins equipped with radio and CD players, heating and ergonomic chairs.

Electric forklifts produce less vibration and noise, thus easing driver fatigue.

Kwakman said extra lights mounted sideways on the vehicles were helpful for operators when order picking large fence works in the outer area of the production facility.

“The products of Heras are not in the warehouse itself but stored outside as fences and their parts can be used in outside weather conditions,” he said.

The Heras Group, one of the largest producers of fencing, access control, and detection and security systems in Europe, is part of CRH plc, an international group in the field of building supplies.
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Kalmar launches first all-electric RTG

Kalmar is launching the E-One, the first all-electric rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane.

According to a company statement, the E-One is “suited to any operation around the world” and does not need hydraulics to work.

The RTG has a low-emission diesel engine and is fitted with an all-electric trolley, wheel turning and spreader.

The all-electric wheel turning now replaces the commonly used hydraulic turning and locking system for wheel positioning.

The all-electric Bromma spreader is a reeved-in design, different to the conventional RTG where the spreader is attached to the headblock.

Based on new intelligence in RTG movements, the RTG offers fuel savings of up to 30 per cent.  Electric power is used only when needed while in conventional RTGs, the hydraulics run constantly.

Kalmar’s latest RTG orders include 10 16-wheel models for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, five 16-wheel units to Liscont, Portugal, four eight-wheel models each to Gdynia, in Poland, Kumport, in Turkey and Djibouti; one 16-wheel unit to Petrolesport, at the Port of St Petersburg; and six 16-wheel models to the Kenya Port Authority.
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Doosan signs USD1.8 billion contract for Daewoo
SEOUL, Korea, South

Doosan Heavy Industries Co signed a 1.89 trln won (USD1.8 billion) contract to acquire a 51 per cent controlling stake in Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Co last week.

The deal will be finalised after a five-week due diligence inspection of Daewoo’s head office and factories by an inspection team, which includes Doosan Heavy vice president Lee Sung-hee.

The team will confirm the size of Daewoo’s assets and assess its corporate values to check for hidden debts or losses.

Meanwhile, the Korean Fair Trade Commission will examine whether the planned purchase would violate a law banning conglomerates from investing more than 25 per cent of their assets in other firms.
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Wider product range for more customer satisfaction...

Company CASTEELS, established in France since 1964, unveils its brand new 2005 Automotive Equipment catalogue.
This full colour 150+ pages parts catalogue now combines Casteels’ five best-selling ranges: Electrical components, Lighting & warning, Wiping systems, CAB Products and Tooling; providing worldwide professionals of automotive, trucking, handling and agricultural branches with probably the best European Q/P ratio.

This new catalogue comes at the right time to reveal original new products now included in major OEM programs to the aftermarket professionals, and to show the extension of Casteels’ essential ranges of wiper motors and worklamps...

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Daewoo aims to double Chinese forklift market
SEOUL, Korea, South

Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd plans to double its forklift sales in China to 3,000 this year.

The Korea Herald reported Daewoo Heavy planned to introduce six types of diesel engine forklifts that are “strategically designed” to compete against low-cost Chinese forklifts.

The new models generate less noise and vibration, and are less costly because of their low-cost Chinese parts, Daewoo Heavy said.

“We aim to become one of the top three forklift makers in China by 2008,” a company spokesman said.

The company will also intensify its marketing to cover promising sectors in China, like cement, sugar refining and milling.

It will use its regional sales network and secure local agents to bolster sales of forklifts needed for China’s burgeoning manufacturing sector and large-scale infrastructure improvements.

Daewoo Heavy’s export of forklifts reached USD200 million last year and growth is forecast at 11 per cent for this year.
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Forklift's use suspected in $225,000 rare coin theft
MELBOURNE, Australia

Police believe a forklift was used in the theft of $225,000 of rare Australian coins from an Australian freight company.

The pallet containing thousands of collectable Australian coins arrived in West Melbourne from China on December 22.

Workers at the freight company’s Appleton Road office thought the coins’ removal was accidental and did not report the theft to police until New Year’s Eve.

The Australian Associated Press reported police believed a forklift was used to remove the pallet from a container and a truck later moved the pallet from the premises.
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RFID Knowledge Centre draws positive response
CHARLOTTE, NC, United States

The response to ProMat 2005’s RFID Knowledge Centre was “very positive”, with 5,000 visitors attending, said Dr Richard Ward, executive vice president for professional development for the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).

The 25,000 square foot (2322.5 square metre) centre at McCormick Place South’s 300,000 square foot (27870 square metre) show floor, in Chicago, was dedicated to advancing visitors’ knowledge of RFID technology.  

How RFID technology works, the opportunities RFID presents and how to plan for RFID implementation were among topics covered.

Ward said visitors directed their comments and queries at 30-odd RFID seminars held at the trade show, but enjoyed a multimedia presentation at the Knowledge Centre.

“Our purpose was to demonstrate how RFID works by way of a multimedia presentation and actual RFID personal tagging presentations,” Ward said.

“We also demonstrated RFID by creating a personalised RFID tag unique to each individual. So, when they left the Knowledge Centre, the computer was able to identify that tag and say thank you to each person,” he said.

The engineer said visitors’ knowledge of RFID varied from “very little to a fair amount”.

“The topic had been prominent in our news for about a year.
( News #162).

“I think most people were not experienced yet in RFID, so our centre gave added value to it,” he said.

Ward said MHIA would send a questionnaire to all RFID Knowledge Centre visitors to survey their experience of the technology.

He described RFID in simple terms: “RFID is another way of accomplishing automatic identification not unlike the role a barcode plays – except RFID accomplishes it in a different manner.”
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Movers & Shakers

Toyota Deutschland GmbH in Germany has appointed Norio Wakabayashi as president. He succeeds Hiroyuki Toyobe who returns to Japan to work for Toyota Material Handling Company. Wakabayashi has 15 years of experience in Toyota’s industrial equipment business.  For the past two years, he was director at the European headquarters in Brussels. He was involved in the set-up of the Toyota factory in Ancenis, France and participated in the success and growth of Toyota in Europe.

Michael Romano has become the majority shareholder and president of Associated Material Handling Industries, Inc. Romano was a principal partner and CEO of Abel-Womack Integrated Handling Solutions, Inc, based in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He succeeds Gordon Demaine who is retiring after nine years as president and COO.

Rental Service Corp has appointed Erik Olsson as chief operating officer. Olsson was chief financial officer for the company since January 2001. As COO, he will oversee the effort to fulfil the equipment rental needs of more than 200,000 customers in North America.

Dick Golden has retired from Scott Lift Truck Corp at age 78. Golden and his business partner Phil Malarski were among the first independent LPM dealers. They eventually sold their business to Atlas Lift Truck. After that, Golden joined Scott Lift Truck to continue marketing LPM parts.
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Forklift moves mystery buoy
COCOA BEACH, FL, United States

A forklift has been used to remove an enormous buoy that washed up mysteriously near Cocoa Beach.

The Florida Today reported six men from Beyel Brothers and The Scales Company used a forklift, a crane and a flatbed truck to remove the buoy that had washed ashore near 24th Street, south of Cocoa Beach.

Brevard County’s Natural Resources department spokesperson Debbie Cole said attempts to track the buoy’s origins had been “definitely special”.

The buoy had washed up behind the home of Nihla Trosset.

“I’d sat down to have coffee when I saw it,” Trosset said.

“It’s been amazing how many people have come down the beach access to check it out.”

The buoy is now awaiting an ownership claim in Port Canaveral.
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From January 10 to January 12, I attended the ProMat Material Handling Show in Chicago with Rodger Lamb of

Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.




ALTON, United Kingdom

Those who have not voted for the Fork Lift Truck Association’s Annual Awards for Excellence 2005 are reminded that the deadline for receipt of votes is Monday, January 31.

This year’s awards have received a record-breaking 27 nominations for the four categories of safety, environment, ergonomics and innovation. ( News #186)

Anyone who works in the materials-handling industry is eligible to vote and bookings are still being taken for the event.

Event attendees will be treated to an evening of “excellent cuisine” and entertainment at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole on Saturday, February 26.

King Masco – “the king of African dance music” – and his accompanying musicians and female dancers are among three acts lined up for the night.

The dance will be followed by a sound and light show by Intrigue, whose performance will cover chart hits from the 60s to today.

Organisers say the third act is a secret but that “sparks will fly”.

Contact David Ellison at +44 12 5638 1441 or email



1. Are Your Batteries Charged?

Aigner Index of New Windsor, New York, USA, has introduced the new AIGNER CHARGED●CARD, the easiest way ever to see if your batteries are charged or if they need re-charging.
If your warehouse or storage facility uses battery powered forklifts and vehicles, think of how much time you can save if you could instantly spot which batteries need re-charging and which ones are ready to go!
Well... now you can with the new AIGNER CHARGED●CARD.
It’s so simple to use, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it yourself. This handy, color-coded magnetic card adheres easily to any lift vehicle or battery pack.

Call: 1800 242 3919

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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2. ORLACO: Number One For Forklift Cameras

There are many types of mountable cameras available on the market, but most of these are primarily designed for “domestic” applications such as campervans or caravans.

ORLACO Camera Systems are designed for arduous industrial applications and are therefore robust and provide long service life, and have been shown to provide up to 30-40% increase in pallet movements. The ORLACO Camera System can be used in many varied applications, such as on commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles, earthmoving and materials handling equipment.

Orlaco cameras are factory fitted, used and, in many cases, specified exclusively by European forklift OEMs and attachment manufacturers.

Nowadays, every inch...

You can find further information on Orlaco vision systems by hitting the website of their Australian distributor, Vogel. See

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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3. Yale Materials Handling's Veracitor VX Revolutionizes Lift Truck Industry

Yale Materials Handling Corporation, a leading lift truck manufacturer, unveiled a revolutionary line of lift trucks and new manufacturing process to the industry at ProMat 2005 in Chicago. The Yale Veracitor VX line of lift trucks, and equipment and facility used to manufacture the product line, offer customers increased productivity, customization for individual customer application needs, and improved ergonomics designed with the operator in mind.

“Yale was the first company to market with a lift truck back in 1923, and we have continued that tradition of innovation and excellence ever since. Today, we introduce the Veracitor VX, a line of lift...

For more information, or to find the Yale lift truck dealer nearest you, call 1-800-233-YALE or visit

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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An SAS fan. What do you think?
"Who cares who invented SAS? It’s one of the best things that’s happened to the industry. There will always be someone driving a forklift over its limits and this system will extend those limits to save lives, and that is why Toyota puts it on all its machines now."
diesel, Canada

The Heli saga continues ... jump in!
"Heli always promise lots and do very few.I had the same experience. Heli entered U.S market almost 10 years, do you know their reputation what ever in quality and business credit. NOT SO GOOD! The price they sold to Euro 25% less in U.S.A and so on. I hope you have good luck with them."

Forklift shopping on eBay?
"I have bought and sold about 100 forklift parts and manuals on eBay to support my work. Anyone else do so? Also, know of any classifieds specifically for forklifts, parts and accessories? "
NTOLERANCE, United States

We love this idea! Do you?
"Without schematics, it's difficult to repair a truck that's not a brand that you normally sell or service. With a schematic, you have a better chance of finding the problem, and in less time. Perhaps if we had a "want a book" forum here, it may be a good start?"
NTOLERANCE, United States

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1. Expomanejo 2005
Santa Fe, Mexico
8th to 11th March 2005

2. CeMat Asia 2005
Shanghai, China
28th November to 1st December 2005

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1. Repair Parts to Raymond Reachforks
San Diego, United States
Closing: 25 January 2005
Contract: N0024405T0264

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Columbus, United States

2. Service Supervisor - Full time
Glasgow, United Kingdom

3. Journeyman Forklift Tech - Full time
Sacramento, California, United States

4. Service Manager (State of AL) - Full time
Birmingham / Alabama, United States

5. Rebuilt Equipment Manager - Full time
Greenville / South Carolina, United States

6. Field Service Technician - Full time
Atlanta Georgia & Birmingham Alabama, United States

7. New & Used Truck Salesman & Customer Care - Full time
Medford, United States

8. Territory Sales Manager - Full time
Birmingham, AL, United States

9. Service Manager - Full time
Birmingham, AL, United States

10. Rebuilt Equipment Manager - Full time
Greenville, SC, United States

Northampton / Northants, United Kingdom

12. Account Manager - Full time
work from home, United States

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Fast Facts
1. Are Your Batteries Charged?

2. RAM Spreaders has appointed Diversified Metal Technologies (DMT), a Charloeston-based port industry service provider, as a parts and service agent for its US east coast and gulf coast clients.

3. ORLACO: Number One For Forklift Cameras

4. Yale Materials Handling's Veracitor VX Revolutionizes Lift Truck Industry

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