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  Dear reader,
This is issue #184 - 18 November 2004 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

“Linde says rising steel prices will depress forklift profits by EUR20 million (USD26 million) this year.”

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Japanese production on the up and up
TOKYO, Japan

The latest information from the Japan Industrial Vehicles Association (JIVA) shows the country’s forklift makers are headed for about 10 per cent growth in production from 2003.

The latest figures, for September, show Japanese forklift companies made 3986 electric forklifts and 7889 internal combustion forklifts, for a total monthly production of 11,875 machines, up 8 per cent on September 2003.

September was the country’s highest-producing month, but the highest year-on-year increase was experienced in June, when 11,271 machines were built, eclipsing the June 2003 production by 33 per cent.

In September, Japan’s forklift makers shipped 3544 electric machines, 1904 gasoline forklifts and 2411 diesel forklifts for a total of 4825, 10.1 per cent above the September 2003 shipments.

So far this year, as at September, Japan has shipped 25,036 electric forklifts, 14,283 gasoline forklifts and 16,555 diesel forklifts, totalling 55,874 machines, or a 9.9 per cent overall increase on 2003.
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Airtrax sells first Sidewinder forklifts
HAMMONTON, NJ, United States

Airtrax Inc has received initial orders for 55 Sidewinder omni-directional forklifts, and expects to begin generating revenue by December 31.

The initial orders are worth more than USD1.75 million for the company.

The orders come after years of groundwork done by Airtrax in establishing a supply chain with strategic suppliers. Danaher Motion Control, Schaeff Forklift and The Timken Company provide critical components and/or assembly of the Sidewinder forklift.

Airtrax president Peter Amico said Timken had exclusive rights to supply Airtrax’s patented wheel and would supply wheels for the production of the first 10 Sidewinders to be built at Schaeff Forklift in Bridgeview, Illinois, this quarter.

“The industry stature of our supply partners is just one of the reasons we’ve selected them to provide critical components,” he said. “Receiving these initial orders for the Sidewinder marks a milestone achievement in bringing our revolutionary omni-directional vehicles to market.

“Production of the Sidewinder vehicle has taken longer than we anticipated due in part to delays in outsourced parts, both overseas and in the United States.

“Airtrax has been particularly sensitive to keeping the manufacture of this product US-based.”

Peter Amico added that the American National Standards Institute had begun its certification process on the Sidewinder.
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Linde: steel prices depress forklift profits

Linde chief executive Wolfgang Reitzle says rising steel prices will depress the profits of the company’s forklift division by EUR20 million (USD26 million) this year.

“We could have delivered dream earnings (in) materials handling,” he said. “Instead we will deliver top earnings.”

Reitzle said Linde would continue to cut material handling costs, which could lead to job cuts. The Still brand would come under special focus, he said.

“I don't want to exclude trying to cut jobs wherever possible,” he said.

Linde AG increased third quarter operating profit from EUR149 million (USD194.2 million) to EUR181 million (USD235.9 million). Third quarter net profit rose from EUR23 million (USD30 million) to EUR79 million (USD103 million).

Sales for the quarter rose from EUR2.178 billion (USD2.8 billion) to EUR2.465 billion (USD3.2 billion).
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Kalmar forklifts fit the bill for steelworks

Kalmar Industries has delivered six DCE160-12 diesel forklifts to Swedish steel producer Uddeholms Tooling. The value of the deal was not released.

The forklifts, from Kalmar’s medium range, were designed with an emphasis on reliability, a quality vital to effective operations at Uddeholms’ steelworks in Hagfors, Sweden. The steelworks produces and transports 65,000 tonnes of steel each year.

Three of the DCE160-12s are destined to work on transporting steel between smelting furnaces. They are specially equipped to cope with temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

To protect the driver and sensitive parts of the machine against heat and splashes of liquid iron, the three trucks are equipped with additional heat protection features, including protection of the driving wheel, the lighting and the heat-reflecting panes as well as the cylinders, hoses and hydraulics.

The tyres are also equipped to deal with excessive heat. Two of the three trucks will also be used outdoors, and feature a 180° rotating driver’s seat.

Bengt Eriksson of Uddeholm’s transport operation, which operates about 70 machines with capacities up to 32 tonnes, said, “we compared various machines and found Kalmar’s best met our requirements”.
Back To Top launches online trading room for used equipment, the world’s largest forklift and materials handling web portal, is to launch a marketplace for used equipment.

Executive director Michael Leu said the’s sales team is busy populating the database with used equipment from most world regions, covering all machine categories; narrow aisle trucks through to full container handling reach stackers.

The new Marketplace will utilise’s global community of industry professionals to ensure interest and solid enquiries for all advertisers. The industry portal currently receives more than 70,000 visits per month, and is responsible for 2,000,000 hits.

“The Marketplace has been designed to deliver local, national and international transaction capability for both dealers and end users,” Mr Leu added.

Users will be able to search by geographical location the type, brand, model, age, hours, price, lift capacity and lift height. Purchased equipment prices can be converted to a choice of currencies: USD($), CAD($), GBP(£), Euro(€) and AUD($)

Photographs of machinery are important said Mr Leu. “From our experience and research, we know that internet advertisements which feature multiple photos and include a selling price, will achieve up to 50% more enquiries than those without.”

For more information about’s Marketplace see: this page or email
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SMV reach stackers for Helsingborg

Swedish heavy forklift maker SMV Lifttrucks AB has received an order from the Port of Helsingborg for two SC 4545 CAX reach stackers.

The machines have a capacity of 45 tons (40 tonnes) on a 6300mm load centre. Each is equipped with an elevating cab, remote radio control of the lifting boom and attachment, Scania engines, Dana transmissions, and SMV’s load-sensing hydraulic system in combination with variable piston pumps.

The new machines are to work in the Port of Helsingborg’s new intermodal terminal. The state-of-the-art terminal features a track length of 500 metres, and is long enough to exclude the need to “break” trains.

The port recognises the importance of shipment via rail as an efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to road transport. The rail track connects with intermodal operator Intercontainer’s existing service between Gothenburg and Eskilstuna, Norrkoping, Sodertalje and Gavle.

SMV was acquired by KCI Konecranes in September.
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Nexen in talks to buy additional manufacturing plant

A spokesman for Nexen Lift Trucks said this new acquisition would enable the company to have greater control over design and production for Nexen forklifts. “The move is in line with our current expansion programme, which will actively increase Nexen’s global presence, ensuring continuity in supply for our expanding network of dealers world-wide,” the spokesman said.
Plans for launching Nexen’s new model range would also progress much faster.
Nexen will be recruiting staff from other areas of the lift truck industry for this new venture. Click here to view our vacant positions.

For more information, contact Pam Oakes.
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AEM takes over CONEXPO-CON/AGG management
LAS VEGAS, NV, United States

In anticipation of a successful 2005 CONEXPO-CON/AGG, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) will take over control of the event and its management.

The International Concrete and Aggregates Group (ICAG) and its owning associations – National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) and National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) – would continue as principal sponsors, a statement said.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the evolution of two industry trade shows first held in the early 1900s. AEM owns the CONEXPO construction machinery exposition, first held in 1908. ICAG owns CON/AGG, targets construction materials and was first staged in the early 1920s. The two shows joined forces to hold the first CONEXPO-CON/AGG in 1996. The exposition is held every three years.

Under the agreement, approved on November 9, CONEXPO-CON/AGG will be produced every three years until 2020. The event is the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere, and the last show, held in 2002, was number one of all industry shows held in the US that year.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005 is expected to attract more than 100,000 attendees and use 1.85 million net square feet of exhibition space.

There would be no interruption of service in the planning and operation of the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005, to be held March 15-19, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, a statement said. The new organising structure would commence on May 31, 2005, and operations would be conducted from the Milwaukee headquarters of AEM.

“On behalf of NRMCA, NSSGA and the ICAG negotiating committee, we are pleased to enter into this very important agreement, whose spirit and intent has always been focused on benefiting the industry,” said Brenton Cook, ICAG negotiation chairman.

“AEM is proud of the confidence shown by our show partners. We accept their trust and confidence in a spirit of continuing promotion for the wellbeing of our entire industry,” said Charles Stamp, AEM chairman.
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Statistics help forklift makers stay informed
MIAMI, FL, United States

Having access to industry statistics helps forklift manufacturers keep up to date, and for those attending the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) annual meeting in Miami last month the message was clear – everyone benefits from statistics programs.

“ITA’s statistics programs provide invaluable information to the membership,” said Mark Huelsman, chairman of the 27-member ITA statistics committee and sales administration manager with Crown Equipment Corp of New Bremen, Ohio. “We want to continue to make the information timely and accurate, and I think we’ve got the team to do it.”

ITA and other associations collaborate in the complementary World Industrial Statistics (WITS) program. “WITS information continues to be of interest, and, as some of the kinks are worked out, it will provide players with a good understanding of the worldwide market,” Huelsman said. “The addition of China, Korea and Brazil to Japan, Europe and North America means that we are moving in the right direction.”

The WITS program started in 1995 and now involves most of the world’s lift truck manufacturing associations. ITA, the European Federation of Materials Handling’s (FEM) Industrial Truck Division and the Japan Industrial Vehicles Association (JIVA) established a quarterly program for consolidating shipment data by country. The WITS program went to monthly reports in 1999, and others joined later.

In recent years, ITA has developed a Web-based system to process industry statistics for the United States, Canada and Mexico in a confidential manner. Member companies log-in securely via the Internet and upload all data directly into the system.

“Once the data is uploaded, in a few hours ITA can consolidate the input and generate and distribute all of the reports back to the member companies via email,” Huelsman said. “Our members strive to have all data reported to ITA by the fifth of each month.”

The China Truck Manufacturers Association (CTMA) of Beijing began participating in January 2001. For the forklift industry, CTMA is supported by the China Construction Machinery Association.

The Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA) of Seoul, South Korea, and the Brazilian Association of Cargo Movement and Logistics (AMBL) of São Paulo began participating in January 2002.

Participation of all major industrial truck manufacturers in the WITS statistics program provides a comprehensive view of the worldwide industrial truck market, Huelsman said. “This program provides the best available picture of the world lift truck market for those with a need to know.”

- ITA website -
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Forklift topples on wires

Critical power shortages were avoided despite a forklift toppling onto phone and cable wires in South Brunswick, New Jersey, on November 3.

Township manager Matthew Watkins told The Sentinel the wires did not snap under the collapsed forklift and service was never affected. The forklift was later removed and the local energy company arrived to stretch the wires.

If the wires had snapped, according to Watkins, the township’s 911 emergency service could have been affected, forcing a switch to a backup system.
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Motorist lucky to be alive after forklift collision
ERIE TOWNSHIP, OH, United States

A Port Clinton woman was hospitalised with head injuries after a crash demolished her car on November 10.

Tamara Anderson, 46, attempted to pass a northbound John Deere forklift with 5-foot forks in a no-passing zone, the News-Herald reported.

The forklift slowed to less than 5mph and began to turn left, but failed to signal the turn. Anderson’s car, travelling at 55mph, collided with the forks, which were elevated three feet.

The forks stripped most of the top off Anderson’s 2003 Honda Accord, destroying the vehicle and littering the road with parts, including the passenger seat headrest.

“She's lucky to be alive,” police said. “If she had had a passenger, they’d be dead.”
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WASHINGTON, DC, United States

The US propane industry’s engine fuel efforts have been taken over by the Engine Fuel Coordinating Committee (EFCC), formed by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) at its October meeting.

The PERC approved a plan on October 7 that created the EFCC. On October 29, the Propane Vehicle Council (PVC) was dissolved, moving its non-lobbying activities into the EFCC.

Former PVC executive director Brian Feehan was named EFCC’s managing director, and has been charged with creating the EFCC’s structure, with the goal of having committee members working together by the council’s December meeting.

The plan was recommended by PERC’s Engine Fuel Task Force, which recommended the industry streamline its resources and focus on engine fuel programs through the new committee. The EFCC replaces the two engine fuel-based subcommittees from PERC’s Consumer Education and Research & Development advisory committees.

“This is a smart move,” said PERC president Roy Willis. “A rapidly changing marketplace requires the propane industry to adopt a new plan to recapture, retain, and expand propane’s presence in the engine fuel market.”

The EFCC will undertake a comprehensive approach to the market through projects that encourage the development, commercialisation and marketing of propane-related technologies and vehicles.

“The environmental, economic, and regulatory climate is ready for market development,” Feehan said. “Now is the time for the engine fuel segment of propane to further evolve to truly grow the market.”



1. launches online trading room for used equipment, the world’s largest forklift and materials handling web portal, is to launch a marketplace for used equipment.

Executive director Michael Leu said the’s sales team is busy populating the database with used equipment from most world regions, covering all machine categories; narrow aisle trucks through to full container handling reach stackers.

The new Marketplace will utilise’s global community of industry professionals to ensure interest and solid enquiries for all advertisers. The industry portal currently receives more than 70,000 visits per month, and is responsible for 2,000,000 hits.

“The Marketplace has been designed to deliver local, national and international transaction capability...

For more information about’s Marketplace see: this page or email

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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2. launches online trading room for used equipment

3. Jungheinrich plans to close its Spanish electric hand lift truck plant at the end of the year. The closure affects about 30 employees.

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