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  Dear reader,
This is issue #175 - 16 September 2004 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

KCI Konecranes has clarified possible confusion surrounding a multi-million dollar deal in the making in Russia.

SPECIAL REPORT: SPECIAL FEATURE - Pt 2: Electric v IC - the race for ascendancy goes on

1. FEM membership focus widens
2. Ravas adds Hu-Lift to manufacturer supply channel
3. Jungheinrich optimistic for profitable year
4. The Freedom you desire ADVERT
5. Confusion over Russian crane deal
6. Firm welcomes first female forklift driver
7. Movers & Shakers
8. Having problems with email software? newsletter
9. Cops foil attempt to steal ATM using forklift
10. Man completes trans-national forklift trek

SAFETY FIRST: Wayne Chornohus: “Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies”

FORK TALK: AEM sets annual conference

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SPECIAL FEATURE - Pt 2: Electric v IC - the race for ascendancy goes on

Predictions that battery electric forklifts would gradually take over the lion's share of the market have fallen short of the mark, writes BERNARD LEVY in the second and final part of his report on batteries technology.  Read more
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1. FEM membership focus widens
DRESDEN, Germany

The Fédération Européenne de la Manutention (FEM) has reorganised itself to widen its membership focus.

The restructure was announced during the FEM Congress meeting from September 9-11 in Dresden, and sees the FEM now a non-profit entity, incorporated in Belgium.

According to a report obtained by News, the reorganisation would “permit various additional entities to join FEM directly as ‘ordinary’ members”.

Until now, the FEM’s membership was comprised of national organisations representing the materials handling industry in various nations around the world, such as the British Materials Handling Institute (BMHI) and the Verband Deutscher Maschinen-und Anlagenbau eV (VDMA) in Germany.

Under the new structure, the FEM said the British Industrial Truck Association, a member of the BMHI, could join the FEM directly as an ordinary member, with full voting rights.

The FEM also announced they were setting up associate and individual memberships, which would allow “friends of FEM”, such as coal and steel producers, and individual materials handling companies to become members.

The FEM would not comment on the reorganisation.

According to the obtained report, CEOs at the congress noted that increasing labour costs were driven by pressures on government social and health care budgets, and these had hampered the productivity increases of the past 10 years.

This trend has resulted in manufacturers moving their operations to China, with Estonia also mentioned as an alternative manufacturing location.

The CEOs also reviewed the health of the European materials handling market. They reported being “cautiously optimistic” about growth for this year, but “concerned” about 2005.

- FEM website -
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2. Ravas adds Hu-Lift to manufacturer supply channel
ZALTBOMMEL, Netherlands

Ravas, a European manufacturer of mobile weighing systems, has struck a supply deal with Hu-Lift, a Chinese manufacturer of forklifts and materials handling equipment.

The Hu-Lift deal is the latest of several similar arrangements Ravas has in place with forklift manufacturers around the world, including Jungheinrich, BT Industries, MIC, Crown, Franz Kahl, Stöcklin and Rapid.

Rob de Ridder, responsible for marketing at Ravas, said a large part of the company’s sales volume was distributed through OEM channels, and the company was pleased to add Hu-Lift to its stable of manufacturers.
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3. Jungheinrich optimistic for profitable year
HAMBURG, Germany

Jungheinrich AG improved net sales and earnings in the first half of 2004, citing a “substantial revitalisation” in demand, and is confident of a profitable full year.

In the second quarter, incoming orders rose 10 per cent to EUR394 million (USD478.5 million), exceeding the EUR358 million (USD434.8 million) achieved in the same period of 2003.

Half-year gross earnings rose from EUR27.8 million (USD33.8 million) last year to EUR30.1 million (USD36.6 million). Net income increased to EUR19.4 million (USD23.6 million) from 2003’s EUR18 million (USD21.9 million).

For the second quarter, Jungheinrich’s forklift sales rose 6 per cent to EUR379 million (USD460.3 million), compared to EUR358 million (USD434.8 million). Net sales for the first half reached EUR724 million (USD879.2 million), eclipsing the EUR716 million (USD869.5 million) posted last year.

Jungheinrich’s financial statement said second quarter demand for materials handling equipment in Europe increased 24 per cent, based on units compared with the second quarter of 2003.

“The European materials handling equipment sector is likely to record strong growth this year,” the report said. “By contrast, persistent pressure on prices and the significant increase in raw materials pose burdens.”
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4. The Freedom you desire

The Hawker freedom system is the brand new product developed by EnerSys to provide complete peace of mind. The battery solution incorporates an airmixing system and an electronic device, Hawker easyplus, which communicates with the HF charger, part of the system, for minimum maintenance and a prompt return on investment. The battery only requires topping up every 200 charging cycles and with a very low overcharge factor the Hawker freedom system can save you up to 25% in energy costs compared to a conventional flooded battery. This is how we understand advantages for our customers.

For any information contact us:
Visit our website: and download all relevant literature in the Download area.
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5. Confusion over Russian crane deal

KCI Konecranes has released a statement to clarify possible confusion surrounding a multi-million dollar deal in the making in Russia.

KCI Konecranes, which last week announced it had acquired SMV ( News #174), said a crane order announced by OAO Magnitogorsk Metallurgicheski Combinat (MMC) September 3 did not meet the company’s criteria for consideration as a confirmed order.

“We can confirm that ... the details of the agreement are still being finalised,” said KCI Konecranes CEO Stig Gustavson.

The MMC order is for more than 20 cranes, worth USD34 million, with deliveries due to start in August 2005.
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6. Firm welcomes first female forklift driver
HANLEY, United Kingdom

Kelly Barker has become the first female forklift driver at pharmaceuticals supplier Wardles.

Barker, 23, undertook forklift certification on the recommendation of management, The Sentinel reported.

“I'd never even considered becoming a forklift driver - it’s not really the sort of job that springs to mind for many women, but I love it,” she said.

Manager Brian Horler said: “It is unusual for women to be interested in driving forklifts, so it really highlights Kelly’s ambition.”
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7. Movers & Shakers

Rocla Oyj has appointed Jussi Muikku as deputy managing director, effective September 9. Muikku, who joined Rocla in 1989, will continue in his present duties as general manager of Rocla Warehouse Trucks.

Rental Service Corp (RSC) has named David Thompson as its western region vice-president. Thompson will oversee all RSC operations in California, Oregon and Washington, from his base in Santa Ana, CA.

KCI Konecranes Plc has appointed Pekka Lundmark to group executive vice-president, and announced he will be the likely successor to current president and CEO Stig Gustavson. The company said the change of hands could be as soon as next June, when Gustavson turns 60 and is able to retire.

Thomas Rettler has been appointed vice-president and CEO of Gehl Company. Rettler, a certified accountant, previously worked with WICOR Industries, the manufacturing subsidiary of Wisconsin Energy Corporation.
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9. Cops foil attempt to steal ATM using forklift
MANILA, Philippines

Authorities in the Manila foiled a bold attempt to steal an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using a forklift. They arrested four suspects who had carted away a forklift machine from the port area.

Police said the four suspects managed to drive the forklift out of the port area because one of them was a former forklift operator who had been AWOL due to various offences.

Following a tipoff, the police swooped into one of the suspect’s house where they found the machine covered with cloth. Francisco Delumbar and his three compatriots confessed they were planning to steal an ATM machine located near the port area after they had read news reports of forklifts being used to steal ATMs in other countries.

"We thought we could do the same here," said Delumbar.

The attempted robbery was foiled when an eight-year-old boy bragged that his neighbor had a forklift machine. The boy’s bragging attracted the attention of a police detective who had been assigned to locate the machine owned by a materials handling firm operating at Pier 6.
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10. Man completes trans-national forklift trek

A man has completed the unusual feat of crossing Norway in a forklift truck.

Ove Alstad drove a Toyota 7-series 2.5 ton IC forklift 2670 kilometres from the southern-most point of Norway, Lindeness, to the most northerly point, Nordkapp.

Alstad, who received a dollar-for-dollar sponsorship from Toyota Truck Norway, said he embarked on the 17-day journey to raise money for orphaned children in Russia

“The air conditioning was particularly useful, as the sun shines for 24 hours at the North Cape and the temperature reached 30 degrees centigrade!” he said.

“I am delighted to have completed this journey and to have raised money for orphaned children in Russia.”

Toyota Truck Norway sales director Jan Høgli said the forklift did not experience any problems throughout the journey, which saw Alstad pass through such towns as Skien, Hønefoss, Eidsvoll and Narvik.
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Why would a forklift manufacturer use a rubber hose to carry liquid propane? Safety guru Wayne Chornohus this week asks the tough questions, and delivers the answer. Click here for the full text of this Safety First feature.



AMELIA ISLAND, FL, United States

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has set November 7-9 as the date for its annual conference, with activities and seminars revolving around the central theme: “Engage: Answer the Call”.

The three-day event is to be held at the Ritz-Carlton Resort at Amelia Island, Florida, and will feature “challenge sessions” designed to give delegates the opportunity to apply speakers’ recommendations to their real-world situations.

The line up of speakers is world class, and includes such identities as Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist George Will, world-famous embezzlement expert Frank Abagnale and Institute for International Economics director Fred Bergsten.

The AEM’s annual conference also has a healthy mix of business and pleasure, combining the serious business of case-studies, keynote speeches and discussions along with golf, lunches and evening receptions.

For more information on the conference, visit








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"SMV's 2003 net sales SEK374million and additional assumption of SMV's net debt of SEK85million, I do not believe SEK180-220million is very low."
tate_i, Japan

A Brad Pitt fan...
"Hmmm, Brad for me? WOW, I think I would be sweating more then on the forklift, LOL. It would be a fun course to take, let me know I will need a refresher by then. No hurt in dreamin, right?"
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Got any clues?
"Who knows how to pull a 2 tonne pallet out of a box container then rotate it 90 degrees so it can be loaded onto a truck?"
dragan_b, Australia

Some positive feedback
"I worked at a company this summer that used the Toyota trucks with the tilt button and it worked great. We had no problems with it, but can it be over-ridden by a technician to maybe tilt further?"
jason_h, Canada

Pedestrian Safety
"Doug - You hit the nail on the head when you stated people have stopped looking for f/lifts - I agree that the opertaor MUST sound the horn - however as you stated - not all sounds can be heard! A team effort is needed!"
paul_s, New Zealand

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1. Great Lakes Industrial Show
Cleveland, OH, United States
9th to 11th November 2004

2. Glasstec 2004
Dusseldorf, Germany
9th to 13th November 2004

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1. Telecscoping Boom Lift
Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, United States
Closing: 17 September 2004
Contract: FA487704Q0649

2. Articulating Boom
Maxwell AFB, AL, United States
Closing: 22 September 2004
Contract: F13ACB42442300

3. Cherry Picker
South Australia, Australia
Closing: 24 September 2004
Contract: CGVC010712

4. Used Japanese forklifts - Qty 3 or 4
Taipei, Taiwan
Closing: 27 September 2004
Contract: TBA

5. Super Power Pusher
Little Rock AFB, AR, United States
Closing: 21 September 2004
Contract: F13LSX40840100

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Covington, Georgia, United States

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Jurong, Singapore

5. National Sales & Marketing Manager (Capital Machinery/Equipment) - Full time
NSW, Australia

6. National Sales & Marketing Manager (Capital Machinery/Equipment) - Full time
NSW, Australia

7. Sales - Full time
Phoenix, United States

8. Forklift mechanic - Full time
Lachine, Quebec, Canada

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1. Secretary, Assistant, Marketing Dep. - Full time
UE, Norway

2. Product manager - Full time
All around the world, Singapore

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Fast Facts
1. The AED’s Product Support Best Practices Report has found that the average materials handling dealer charges USD65 an hour for shop labour and USD70 for field service.

2. Crown has introduced the ST 3000 and SX 3000 to its Stacker Series, featuring the X10 Handle, which minimises hand and wrist movements.

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