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This is issue #165 - 08 July 2004 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

Industrial battery manufacturer Century Batteries has entered voluntary administration.

1. Raising the safety benchmark - a question of cost, commitment and common sense
2. Century Batteries enters administration owing USD36.2m
3. Bromma spreader boosts first-half results
4. Safety in focus: news
5. Plan your marketing better with's editorial calendar!
6. Konecranes lands USD10.2m Port of Houston order
7. ECT boosts its Kalmar crane fleet to 120
8. Forklifts hot-wired for ATM heists
9. Trans Middle East 2004 Egypt Exhibition and Conference - 22 & 23 September ADVERT
10. Crown pallet truck scores silver at IDEA awards
11. Jackpot makes forklift driver an instant millionaire

SAFETY FIRST: Forklift rodeos: good business, great fun

1. Concrete Grinding Group flat out at Intel
2. New EBLO seatbelt safety system
3. SMH Announces New Company Logo


This edition marks the beginning of our special reports on forklift safety worldwide. This week Bernard Levy goes in-depth with some heavy-hitters in this industry to present a report on the latest safety concerns. The second report, to be published on July 22, will focus on developments and issues in European forklift safety. this week releases details of the subjects planned for coverage in its editorial calendar. Advertising in conjunction with these special reports is a great way for business to share the spotlight and reach their target markets. Find the detailed calendar here.


1. Raising the safety benchmark - a question of cost, commitment and common sense

Safety can be compared to almost any other intangible commodity - there may be plenty of it available, but the effectiveness of the solution often depends on how much time and money companies are prepared to spend, writes BERNARD LEVY in the first part of this special report.  Read more
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2. Century Batteries enters administration owing USD36.2m
CAROLE PARK, Australia

Australian-based industrial battery manufacturer Century Batteries has entered voluntary administration.
A report by the Courier-Mail newspaper in Queensland said about 500 creditors were owed up to AUD50 million (USD36.2 million) when the company and five subsidiaries entered voluntary administration on June 25.
The manufacturer employs more than 500 workers in Australia and New Zealand and turns over about AUD140 million a year.
Administrator Neil Cussen, of Horwath chartered accountants, told the Courier-Mail the company was still operating, and could emerge from administration in the future.
"It's a very strong business and a very successful business and has shown significant growth in recent times," Cussen said.
Founded in 1928, Century was taken over in 1988 by Yuasa Corp of Japan and Indonesian firm Gemala.
The company and its administrator did not return's calls.
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3. Bromma spreader boosts first-half results

Bromma Group has sold more than 50 of its STS45 separating twin-lift spreaders in Europe and Asia in the first half of this year.
In 2003, Bromma crane spreader orders increased by 30% and the order backlog grew by almost 50% over the comparable figures for 2002.
The company attributes the growth to demand for its STS45 - of which 95 were sold in the second half last year worldwide.
The trend has continued in the first half of this year with major recent orders including contracts for 24 STS45 spreaders to Port of Pusan, South Korea; 15 to MSC Home Terminal in Antwerp, Belgium; seven to Wai Gao Qiao, China; six to Shekou, China; and nine to Ningbo Port, China.
The Port of Pusan order is one of Bromma's largest single ship-to-shore crane spreader orders. The spreaders will be fitted to ZPMC cranes on delivery to Pusan Newport Company.
The Antwerp contract is one of Bromma's largest deliveries ever to Belgium. The contract is from Hesse-Noord Natie NV for spreaders to be placed into service at its MSC Home Terminal.

- Bromma website -
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4. Safety in focus: news

Sydney Safety Show in October
The Safety Show, to be staged in Sydney, Australia, from October 13-15, has attracted more than 250 exhibitors and is set to draw 12,000 visitors. The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) will host a conference in conjunction with the show.
SIA New South Wales state division president Barry Silburn said regulatory changes were encouraging small-to-medium enterprises to more aggressively pursue safety.
"Apart from not wanting to see their people hurt, employers are discovering workplace safety can reap substantial savings," he said. "Injuries are costly. It's widely accepted that 90% of costs associated with an injury are not recoverable from insurance.
"Lost production, increased overtime, damage to morale and dealings with lawyers and inspectors can all impact the bottom line when someone is hurt at work."
Materials handling companies exhibiting at the show include Crown, Toyota, Red Australia and TASK Australia.
See for more information.

Innovation reduces death and injury
Major forklift companies such as Toyota, Yale, Clark, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Daewoo, Hyster, Hyundai, Linde and others have developed a variety of innovative technological and ergonomic features for their machines to help improve safety and reduce death and injury.
Such features are important marketing tools, and a prime example is Toyota's System of Active Stability (SAS). This technology monitors and controls the forklift through a combination of advanced sensors linked to an on-board controller, enabling superior load-handling performance and reducing the risk of tip-over at speed or around corners, which research has shown accounts for around 25% of all forklift accidents worldwide.
The SAS is similar in concept to anti-lock braking systems and vehicle stability control systems in automobiles.

AEM's new rough terrain manual
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has updated its safety manual for rough terrain forklifts to focus specifically on vertical-masted and telescopic rough terrain forklifts.
The AEM Rough Terrain Forklift Safety Manual communicates safety tips and best practice, delivering information on safe operation and maintenance of rough terrain forklifts to machine operators and maintenance personnel. The manual has also been updated to reflect current industry practices.
The rough terrain forklift safety manual previously included truck-mounted forklifts, but a separate manual now covers these forklifts.
See for more information.
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5. Plan your marketing better with's editorial calendar! helps you plan your advertising by providing a calendar of editorial features appearing in News in the coming months.
Features planned for the coming months are:
August: Forklift Accessories & Safety Products - August 5, August 19
September: Industrial Batteries & Chargers - September 2, September 16
October: Weighing Systems for Forklifts - October 7, October 21
November: Machinery Storage & Transportation - November 4, November 18
December: Materials Handling in South America - December 2, December 16
January: Manual Materials Handling Equipment - January 6, January 20
Editorial features are an excellent way for your company to share the spotlight of these features. Feature advertising rates start at USD275 for a text advertisement in the midst of the news, and media releases, with pictures and detailed information, start at USD320!
If your company operates in these sectors, don't miss this rare opportunity to access the world's materials handling decision-makers.
Contact us for more information.
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6. Konecranes lands USD10.2m Port of Houston order

The Port of Houston Authority (PHA) has awarded an USD10.19 million contract to Konecranes VLC Corp for seven diesel-electric container yard cranes.
The PHA, based in Houston, Texas, will use the rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) at its Barbours Cut container terminal in La Porte, Texas, and at its planned Bayport container facility.
Each 16-wheel RTG has a lifting height of 50 feet (15 metres) and a span of 74 feet (22.2 metres).
Delivery to the PHA is scheduled for April, 2005. The order reinforces Konecranes' presence in the US and will bring the number of its new-generation RTGs in operation there to 114.
"The seven new machines will help us provide even faster turnaround for container vessels visiting the Barbours Cut terminal where there is fast growth in container traffic," said PHA executive director Tom Kornegay.
The PHA's 2003 environmental affairs report cited lower noise levels as a major benefit from five new-generation Konecranes machines the authority bought last year for USD7.44 million. The PHA was already operating 10 of Konecranes' earlier RTGs at the time the report was written.
The five newest cranes were not only faster than the previous models but also operated about 10 decibels quieter, putting them in the range of roughly 70-75 decibels, the report said.
Environmental and performance benefits had been a significant contributing factor in helping Konecranes VLC to win orders, said Tuomas Saastamoinen, sales manager for the firm's container handling business.

- Konecranes website -
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7. ECT boosts its Kalmar crane fleet to 120
ROTTERDAM, Netherlands

Stevedore ECT has ordered 11 new Kalmar automated stacking cranes (ASCs), increasing the crane fleet at its Rotterdam terminals to 120.
ECT developed the ASC concept with Kalmar and introduced the first units into service in 1989. The most recent order follows on from six cranes ordered in December, 2003.
Delivery of the cranes in the latest order is expected to be finalised in April, 2005. The value of the order was not released.
The new cranes are capable of stacking a container over four-high stacks and six containers wide.
ECT Europe Container Terminals is part of the Hutchison Port Holdings Group.
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8. Forklifts hot-wired for ATM heists
SUWANEE, GA, United States

Daring thieves have been stealing forklifts and other heavy machinery and using them to rip automatic teller machines (ATMs) out of bank walls, police reported.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said thieves had hot-wired forklifts, earthmovers and bulldozers at construction sites.
In most cases, the stolen ATMs were loaded onto trucks - also stolen - and found empty days later, said Suwanee police captain Clyde Byers.
He said he believed the culprits were most likely construction workers putting their machinery skills to work.
Barry Schreiber, a criminal justice professor at Minnesota's St Cloud State University, said ATM thefts using heavy machinery were rare, with about 75 cases reported across the US each year.
"It's not a big number but it makes a big splash in the face of 20,000-plus ATMs around the country," he said.
The thefts began on June 18 when a stolen bulldozer was used to pluck an ATM off its base in Suwanee. In a second incident on June 24, a forklift was used to knock down an ATM in nearby Conyers.
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9. Trans Middle East 2004 Egypt Exhibition and Conference - 22 & 23 September

Suez Canal Container Terminal will host a two-day international exhibition and conference about ports, shipping and transport logistics on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 September 2004 at the Conrad Cairo Hotel.
25 world-class experts will highlight latest issues affecting development of transhipment cargoes throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and vital European-Asia trade routes via the Suez Canal. A concurrent exhibition provides an excellent marketing platform for companies to promote latest products and services to this prestigious audience of 250 senior executive conference delegates and 300 exhibition trade visitors. For more details, visit or email
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10. Crown pallet truck scores silver at IDEA awards
NEW BREMEN, OH, United States

Crown Equipment Corp has won a 2004 silver Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for its PE 4000 Series end-control pallet truck.
The electric walkie and rider pallet truck entered the market in June, 2003 at a suggested price range of USD7,800-USD8,800. Its functions include order picking, high-speed transportation and loading and unloading trailers of palletised goods in warehouses.
Members of the PE 4000 design team became warehouse employees and used rider pallet trucks in a commercial warehouse to research operator needs, Crown said.
First-hand experience enabled the designers to better understand the various elements influencing truck comfort, performance and usefulness.
Tough, moulded rubber covers replaced short-life foam rubber covers, enhancing comfort and reducing the impact of contact with power unit covers.
The Industrial Designers Society of America of Dulles, VA, USA, and BusinessWeek magazine co-sponsored the IDEA competition, which drew 1,294 entries from 15 countries.
Crown won a gold IDEA last year for the design of its FC 4000 four-wheel sit-down counterbalanced electric truck.

- Crown website -
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11. Jackpot makes forklift driver an instant millionaire

A laid-back 40-year-old, single forklift driver has joined the ranks of Canada's millionaires after hitting the jackpot in a lottery.
Michael Lavigne told the Canadian Press "it hasn't sunken in yet" when he picked up his CAD1 million (USD754,090) top prize from the June 26 Atlantic 49 lottery. "That's a lot of zeroes," he said.
Lavigne said his life would not change much, even keeping his job at a fish plant because "they're short-handed".
"I don't plan on splurging a whole lot of money for this or that," he said. "I don't need anything right now."
Lavigne said he bought his winning ticket at a convenience store, where he allowed the machine to randomly select his numbers.
When he returned to the store, he discovered he had won CAD2.00 on his ticket before noticing the bottom line of numbers matched the top prize.
"I shook a little bit, but not much," he said. "(The clerk) was more excited than I was."
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NEWARK, OH, United States

Forklift rodeos and skill challenges have been around for many years now. I can remember way back in the 1970s when Clark distributed material on how to stage them and how to reward the operators.
Lately, there has been a revival among companies conducting rodeo events in the US.
The concept is simple: create real-life skills courses and evaluate operators as they negotiate them, for both safety and efficiency.
Safety without efficiency puts you out of business and efficiency without safety can kill you, so both are vital components.
Since the overall theme is safety-oriented, the operators are scored on how safely they operate, with points deducted for violations.
These points are then translated into extra seconds and added to the total time. This means if someone tried to bowl over all the cones and complete the course first, their fast time would not compensate for their sloppy operation.
Rodeos can consist of one extensive course, covering many operations, or involve five or more separate courses, each focusing on a particular operation such as trailer loading or stacking.
People - and especially forklift operators - tend to be competitive, so a forklift rodeo gives them a chance to show off their skills and reinforce safety at the same time.
Awards can be given to the top operators and recognition can be given to all the participants. I have even seen companies invite the operators' families for the final round, which is a nice touch.
Some great things about rodeos are:
• They are easy to organise and cheap to stage;
• They reinforce safety in a fun and positive way; and
• If you follow certain guidelines and hold the rodeo at your site and on your machines, then it may meet OSHA's re-evaluation requirements, which you must complete anyway!
An excellent source of materials and information for organising and staging rodeos is available from The Higgins Group in Springfield, OH, USA. Contact Dick Higgins ( for more information.
David Hoover is president of Forklift Training Systems Inc, a US safety company specialising in site and forklift safety training, training trainers, custom program development and cutting-edge forklift safety products. Contact David Hoover


1. Concrete Grinding Group flat out at Intel

Concrete Grinding have recently completed a second phase of work at the Intel production and storage facility in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Using their unique Laser Grinder process, Concrete Grinding upgrade floor flatness in narrow aisle warehouses to allow the safe and efficient use of the VNA forklift trucks. Previous work, in 1998, in the same warehouse included high tolerance floor grinding to 20 narrow aisles. This latest phase, completed in less than 1 week, was to add a further 3 aisles, each being approximately 34 metres in length.
The 'dust-free' grinding work was carried out whilst normal warehouse activity...

For further information about the Laser Grinder visit

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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2. New EBLO seatbelt safety system

EBLO Seating BV, the biggest seat supplier in Europe, has officially launched its new seatbelt safety system.
This GBS-E protection system, now available worldwide, can be easily fitted to almost 95% of forklifts and is safe and user-friendly.
This system is fully-approved and has a worldwide pattern.
The special seatbelt retractor is designed to give the driver room to move but, if the forklift tips more than 15° sideways, the belts locks and keeps the driver in place.
The special damper which opens the system can be adjusted so the opening speed can be the same in cold storage houses or during hot summer...

For more information, contact: EBLO Seating BV PO Box 731 NL-2920 CA Krimpen A/D Ijssel The Netherlands Phone: +31-180-512866 Fax: +31-180-519782 Email: Web:

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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3. SMH Announces New Company Logo

As part of an overall effort to integrate the corporate identities of SMH® and the TVH Group to reflect a true global presence, SMH® has unveiled its new company logo.
The new SMH® logo is based upon the current TVH logo, with the most visible change being the incorporation of an iconic forklift with the SMH acronym. "We are very pleased with the new logo," said SMH® President Pat McLaughlin. "It provides an immediate visual reference to our company's core business."
SMH® and TVH began to promote and expand their joint strategic world presence soon after the announcement of TVH's acquisition of...

MORE INFORMATION? Web: Phone: (800) 255-4109

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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In the Discussion Forums's caption competition has drawn record responses from the materials handling industry. How funny can YOU be? Click this caption to submit your own!
Based on this first-ever photograph of crane copulation, scientists believe they have finally determined where all these containers come from.
GaryL, United States

Another classic from the caption competition, which is running now in the Discussion Forums.
What do you mean I fail the road test, I didn't knock over a single cone!!
rick_e, Canada

Aisle widths... share your experience!
One thing I would like to mention about spec sheets is they do not account for operator error. Also in rack locations it is important to consider all equipment and load configuations.
elizabeth_f, United States

Rear-vision mirrors - a blurry legal issue!
I believe an operator using mirrors has a wider range of vision than by looking backwards. Our office had all rearview mirrors removed! Now I'm never sure what's around me. I believe something bad will happen without my mirrors! Does anyone feel the same way?
Coop, United States

Another entry from the caption competition. The winner will be announced in News soon.
"Sure I'm sure -- that tractor-trailer driver came out of nowhere, backed right into my rig, and toppled it right over."
greg_s, United States

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Upcoming Events
1. FLTA Safety Conference 2004
Warwick, United Kingdom
22 September 2004

2. Glasstec 2004
Dusseldorf, Germany
9th to 13th November 2004

3. Townsville Industry Week (TIW) 2005
Townsville, Australia
26th to 28th July 2005

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1. Refurbished or new 5000 to 6000 lbs forklifts
Cheyenne, WY, United States
Closing: 30 July 2004
Contract: W912L3-04-T-0001

2. Conveyor and Conveying Equipment
New Cumberland, PA, United States
Closing: 31 August 2004
Contract: SP3100-04-R-0022

3. Lease/Rental of Forklifts 6k & 10k
Holloman AFB, NM, United States
Closing: 14 July 2004
Contract: FA4801-04-Q-0442

4. Pallets, material handling
BREMERTON, WA, United States
Closing: 22 July 2004
Contract: N00406-04-R-5151

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1. Field Service Technician - Full time
Fayetteville, United States

2. Forklift & Systems Sales Representative - Full time
Los Angeles, United States

3. Sales Manager - Full time
Los Angeles, United States

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Fast Facts
1. Concrete Grinding Group flat out at Intel

2. New EBLO seatbelt safety system

3. ProFleet, Raymond's fleet management software, is now available to Raymond customers and dealers in the USA.

4. Finning Canada has won a 10-year exclusive supplier agreement with Luscar Ltd.

5. UpRight International has announced it will close its manufacturing facility in Madera, CA, USA, in August.

6. Van Megen heftruckservice has acquired the exclusive import rights to IRION side loaders for the Netherlands.

7. SMH Announces New Company Logo

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