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Dear Weng Kai,
This is issue #164 - 01 July 2004 of the weekly newsletter for industry professionals.

The USA's largest crane rental company has filed for protection under the US Bankruptcy Code with debts of USD700 million.

1. ICHCA gives greater autonomy to regional members
2. 'Grand Canyon' revenue gap between top and bottom US dealers
3. Unprecedented European success for Daewoo
4. Massive debts drive rental giant Maxim to Chapter 11
5. The caption competition is back - how funny can YOU be?
6. Nissan challenges Toyota supremacy in Latin America
7. Curved boom gives Liebherr stacker the edge
8. Temple deal secures Cat foothold in forest products
9. Truckload of luck saves Kiwi forklift driver

1. New pivot seat now available for forklifts & utility trucks!

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1. ICHCA gives greater autonomy to regional members
ESSEX, United Kingdom

The International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) will amend its articles to allow the formation of national and regional "chapters", in a move designed to give members in different parts of the world greater local autonomy.
The ICHCA's board, which met in May, said in a report that as a result of the proposed changes "members in any country may get together to form a national chapter under the auspices of ICHCA International".
Moving to a chapter structure would allow members to coordinate their efforts and have more input into the international activities of the association, the report said.
Chapters would be designed so members could meet as often as they felt appropriate.
The only condition imposed by the ICHCA was that its secretariat be notified of the formation of any new chapter and that the chapter be self-funded.
"If national chapters prove successful, there is no reason why some of them should not get together to form regional chapters, where cross-border cooperation can also take place," the ICHCA said.
Meanwhile, ICHCA Australia Ltd appointed a new board at its June 17 meeting. The chairman is now John Strang, while Ken Hoggett and David Bendall will serve as directors.
In the USA, the ICHCA has announced it will attempt to create a worldwide network of institutions to focus on research education relative to transportation, logistics and supply chain management.

- ICHCA International website -
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2. 'Grand Canyon' revenue gap between top and bottom US dealers
OAK BROOK, IL, United States

High-profit US equipment dealers are generating three times the return on assets (ROA) of others in the market, according to new industry research.
The Associated Equipment Distributors' (AED) Cost of Doing Business/Profit Opportunity 2004 report shows high-profit dealers, defined as the top 25% of companies, generated 9.7% ROA in 2003, compared to median dealers, which achieved only 2.7% ROA.
The report based its conclusions on the pre-tax return-on-assets results of dealers across the US.
The full report, available now from the AED, breaks down the research by business segment (parts, rental and service), region and market segment, such as businesses specialising in above- and below-100-horsepower machines.

- AED website -
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3. Unprecedented European success for Daewoo

Euro Daewoo has recorded its most successful start to the year in Europe, and is aiming for a spot in the top five forklift companies.
Daewoo, in a statement to News, announced it had passed cumulative sales of 32,000 units this year in Europe.
The UK, Russia and Italy had seen "unprecedented levels of sales".
UK general manager, Kun Lee says the company is building a strong reputation in the European market.
"Our focus is on providing value for money and we're gaining a number of key accounts, helping us to gain further market share," he said. "The target is to double our market share in Europe by 2008."
More than 80 Daewoo models are available in Europe, from 1.3- to 3-tonne electrics and 1.5- to 15-tonne IC forklifts.

- Euro Daewoo website -
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4. Massive debts drive rental giant Maxim to Chapter 11
PITTSBURGH, PA, United States

Maxim Crane Works, the USA's largest crane and telescopic forklift rental company, has filed for creditor protection under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code with debts of USD700 million.
Maxim announced on June 14 that it had reached an agreement with the majority of its lenders on a financial restructuring of the company.
Under that agreement, the lenders would assume the majority of the company's equity and reduce the outstanding debt by about USD450 million.
The largest of the 17 creditors involved in the reorganisation is US Bank National Association of Hartford, CT, which is owed USD48 million.
Maxim insisted the move into Chapter 11 protection did not mean the company would cease operations, and said it would emerge from Chapter 11 in the fourth quarter of this year.
"The issues we face are financial, not operational," CEO Al Bove said.
"Although the company's financial performance remains strong, the slow-down in the economy ... (has) made it necessary for Maxim to strengthen its capital structure.
"Over the past three years, we have systematically adjusted our cost structure and have always generated positive cash flows. With the economy showing signs of recovery, now is the time to restructure our balance sheet.
"Once the restructuring plan is fully implemented, Maxim will have the strongest balance sheet in the industry," he said.
Maxim specialises in the rental and sale of rough-terrain telescopic forklifts, cranes, aerial work platforms, boom trucks and other ancillary equipment.

- Maxim Crane Works website -
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5. The caption competition is back - how funny can YOU be?

One of's most popular initiatives, the caption competition, returns this week. The competition will operate through the recently-launched Discussion Forums.
Click here to see the photo, and other members' responses, and use the forum to add your own funny caption.
The competition will run over the next few weeks, and the author of the funniest caption will be announced in this newsletter.
Have fun!
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6. Nissan challenges Toyota supremacy in Latin America

Nissan Forklift will open a manufacturing plant in Argentina in a bid to wrest control of the market from Toyota.
Argentina was the third-most developed industrial economy in South America and Nissan could not "stand aloof", director Eduardo Torres Lopez told the Latin America News Digest.
Toyota was the Argentine leader in industrial machinery with 30% of total annual sales. Nissan, now ranked third behind Mitsubishi, had 7% of the market, Lopez said.
After opening the plant, Nissan planned to lift its share to 15%.
Until this announcement, Nissan's 40-year Argentine presence had been only in the passenger car business.
Forklifts had been supplied from Japan via Nissan Forklift in Chicago, USA, Lopez said.
Nissan would base its machinery shopfront in Buenos Aires.
But importing machinery from Japan would mean higher prices, so Nissan had decided to manufacture them in Argentina.
Nissan Forklift was established in 1957 and produces 27,000 forklifts a year.
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7. Curved boom gives Liebherr stacker the edge
BULLE, Switzerland

Liebherr Group is turning heads with the addition of a reach stacker featuring a unique curved boom.
The LRS 645 is designed to lift 45-tonne containers up six containers high in the first row.
Liebherr says the curved design of the telescopic boom provides extra stacking space.
"In 3-high by 3-wide block stacks, the top tier of the third row can be removed without moving the top tiers in the first and second rows," the company said.
Another advantage of the curved design was that the LRS 645 was able to load and unload containers from and to below ground level, without modification.
The LRS 645 runs a 270kW, six-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine through a fully hydrostatic transmission.

- Liebherr website -
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8. Temple deal secures Cat foothold in forest products
HOUSTON, TX, United States

Cat Lift Trucks has secured "primary forklift supplier" status with Texas holding company Temple-Inland Inc. in a deal that will strengthen Cat's presence in the forest products market.
The agreement, announced last month, is not an ''exclusivity'' deal but does mean Cat joins Hyster, Yale and Linde as Temple's preferred forklift suppliers.
Cat national accounts manager Mark Graber said the open-ended arrangement meant Cat could become "a more significant partner" in the coming years.
"This is an excellent opportunity to expand on the long-standing relationship that was initially started by Cat dealer Wiese Planning & Engineering," he said.
Cat dealers Wiese and Mustang Industrial Equipment would benefit from the new business, though Cat refused to detail orders placed since the new arrangement took effect.
Temple-Inland is a diversified company running businesses in the forest products, corrugated packaging and financial services industries.
Cat senior account manager Mike Stefko said products to be supplied to Temple's forest products division included cushion-tyre forklifts for containerboard applications and mid-size pneumatic forklifts for lumber handling.

- Cat Lift Trucks website -
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9. Truckload of luck saves Kiwi forklift driver
TIMARU, New Zealand

Forklift driver Garry Black has lived to tell the tale of how he survived having his forklift hit by a truck.
"I'm a lucky man," Black told the Timaru Herald.
The 38-year-old was loading a truck with a forklift on June 23 when his machine was struck by another truck. The impact spun the forklift, throwing Black underneath the moving vehicle.
"The next thing you know I was on the road watching the truck's back tyre coming towards me," he said.
Black was dragged under the truck for a short distance before he managed to free himself and escape to the roadside.
He was rushed to hospital where, apart from some cuts and bruises, he was given a clean bill of health.
He was discharged from hospital after four hours and headed straight for the lotto shop.
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1. New pivot seat now available for forklifts & utility trucks!

The Huddle Group has introduced the "Transport" retrofitable pivot seat.
The "U-TURN" Pivot is also available as a stand alone unit, retrofitable with all seats and trucks!
• Universal - fits most seat/truck combinations
• 15-degree pivot
• Choice - "Both Way" or "One Way" pivot
• Low profile - only adds 5/8" to height
• Durable, heavy-duty construction
Huddle also has a "Rebound" suspension unit (for WBV and low-frequency vibration) and a full ergonomic seat incorporating both the U-Turn and Rebound.
CONTACT: Huddle Group, +1-260-470-9838, visit, or email:

Click here for the full text of this release, including pictures.
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On certain trucks, the steering is by fixed link to the steer axle. If the steered wheels hit a kerb, the force can cause the wheel to turn rapidly. If a knob is fitted, this can cause injury. With full hydraulic steering , this should not occur.
vic_k, United Kingdom

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Mikael, Australia

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forkbroker, United Kingdom

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damien_t, Australia

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Fast Facts
1. New pivot seat now available for forklifts & utility trucks!

2. Nissan has raised prices for Japanese-market forklifts by an average 3.5%, citing "materials prices".

3. Cascade Corporation has contracted Knowledge Anywhere to develop an online learning system to educate its sales staff across the USA.

4. Kalmar Industries has relaunched its TRX182 four-wheel drive RoRo tractor.

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