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Thursday, 19 November 2009 ( #437 )
New Forklift & Used Lift Truck Fleet Management Experts.

Representing The Interests Of The End User.

A leading edge forklift consulting firm with a unique approach toward forklift fleet management, located near Vancouver, BC, Canada, is attracting attention because the company is primarily focused on representing the interests of the end user. They are not associated or obligated to the forklift dealer network or lift truck manufacturers in any way and therefore they are in a position to offer unbiased and credible forklift solutions to all of their clients.

With over 20 years of lift truck industry experience, their extensive product and fleet management expertise is guaranteed to reduce all forklift costs such as buying, leasing, rentals, parts, service and operator safety training.

In addition, they look for efficiency gains that will lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime and a better overall return on assets. They also look for ways to increase safety and storage capacity without affecting other areas of your business.

The services of Fleetman Consulting Inc. will usually begin with an assessment of your existing forklift fleet and the surrounding work environment. They will identify what is required and they will help you choose, source and negotiate the acquisition of the right product or service with the most favourable pricing, terms and conditions that maximize value and flexibility with the least amount of risk. Their ultimate goal is to help you implement a program that will ensure long term cost reduction, control and accountability with improved efficiency and minimized liability exposure.

Fleetman Consulting Inc. works will small, midsize and large companies and with fleets as small as one forklift.
The Fleetman approach is proven and guaranteed to produce results. It would be worth your time to check out their impressive list of website testimonials at

Now Available - Software To Track Forklift Maintenance Costs Per Operating Hour

Have you ever wondered how much forklifts cost to maintain per operating hour? Interested in a system that will help you stay on top of these costs so you can make intelligent and proactive decisions concerning when to upgrade, when to address poor dealer performance and more? Fleetman Consulting Inc. now offers an industry leading maintenance cost tracking software system that is affordable and easy to use. Within a few months of using this system it will revolutionize how you look at managing forklift costs in the future.

More than ever before, now is the time to explore your options.

Take the time to find out what Fleetman Consulting Inc. can do for your business by contacting Scott McLeod today for a complimentary, no obligation discussion. He can be reached by calling (604)614-3530, Pacific Standard Time.

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