ANSI Compliant? GREAT! And you have supporting documentation, right?

Thursday, 1 August 2019 ( #934 )
As awareness of the hazard of standup forklift underride increases, more users are outfitting their reach trucks and standup forklifts with protective rear posts. For more information on underride, see the below video:
All manufacturers and suppliers of rear posts claim that their products are ANSI compliant. Some boast that they exceed ANSI Standards. If you're considering purchasing a protective rear post for your reach trucks, ASK TO SEE THE TEST DOCUMENTATION. If the supplier cannot provide such documentation, ASSUME THE PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED. And if it hasn't been tested, IT'S NOT ANSI COMPLIANT. It's merely someone's guess, assumption, or self-declared assertion. It's a risk to your operators. The Backbone® for Reach Trucks was tested by a global test, inspection and certification company, BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED TO THE MARKET. It was found to comply with ASME B56.1 - 2004, Section 7.29.2(b)(c), and ASME B56.1 - 2009, Section 7.30 (the applicable standards for protective rear posts). (NOTE: The B56.1 Safety Standard for High Lift and Low Lift Trucks was subsequently transferred from ASME to ANSI/ITSDF.) We provide test documentation to prospective and existing customers of The Backbone® on request. Contact us. We're happy to share it with you.
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