RFID warns forklift drivers of critical points

Thursday, 7 July 2016 ( #777 )
RFH6xx Interrogator read/write device
RFH6xx Interrogator read/write device
In the case of industrial trucks with a driver's seat, accidents involving a collision with people, other trucks, warehouse facilities or structural elements can be identified as the cause for approximately 40% of all accidents (Source: BGHW aktuell 1/2010). The forklift manufacturer STILL uses a RFID system solution from SICK as a driver assistance system for greater convenience and safety in narrow aisles and on paths.

To support forklift drivers in narrow aisles, the
RFID technology, mounted onto the forklift, helps to recognize aisle ends and crossings in narrow aisle warehouses and narrow aisle escape routes.
But RFID doesn't just increase safety in narrow aisles: Forklift routes may have, for example, inclines and descents depending on the local conditions. In such environments, transponders in the ground automatically switch the vehicle to a crawl or signal to the driver that they may only continue driving with a load suitable for slopes.

Route points shows the sensors where to drive
Crossings of different heights within halls or from hall doors to the outside or into neighboring halls, different hall roof heights or even mechanical installations under the hall ceilings which reduce the internal ceiling height are also typical route points for transponder markings. The identification of these points leads to lifting heights being adjusted or to lifting being halted altogether. This means that dangerous approaches towards people, objects or structural elements of the building can be avoided. Whether through process control or collision prevention achieved by supporting the driver, the technical performance and ruggedness of the devices deployed in the forklift environment have proven themselves for all standard forklift types and makes.

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