Lencrow presents EP's latest Centre Rider Pallet Jack

Thursday, 12 March 2015 ( #709 )
Lencrow Materials Handling consistently remains up to date with the latest equipment on the market. Manufacturers are continuously improving their products for consumers to provide better value and features. EP most recently released an improved centre rider pallet jack model EPT20-20RAP with better features for the same value. EP Equipment is at the forefront of electric materials equipment and with a full time electrical engineering team they can continue to deliver quality improved equipment and updated models. The EPT20-20RAP is a 2000kg model that now offers both double and single length forks. Ross Grassick Managing Director of Lencrow says "We have been eagerly waiting for this innovation in product design because many of our customers are looking for a centre rider pallet jack as a safer alternative to the traditional end rider models. These units are equipped with the highest standard components and with state of the art AC operation offering longer battery cycles and smoother operation." The unit has a low step entry point for increased safety, includes a backrest for the operator to reduce fatigue and improve comfort and retains the power steering for easy operation. EP pays the due attention to both ergonomics and practicality. Lencrow Materials Handling continues to support EP products because they consistently deliver innovative and superior products. A standard feature of this centre rider pallet jack is the jog button that allows the unit to move from one pick spot to another without having to re-enter the unit to reposition it. The conveniently placed shift buttons on both sides of the unit allow it to be moved even when not standing in the unit. The advantage of this is that it is time saving, more productive and reduces operator fatigue. Included in the features are programmable speed functions starting from 4km/h to 12km/h and can be adjusted to suit site requirements and the fork spread is available in three different widths to suit various pallet types. As with all the products imported and sold by Lencrow Materials Handling they offer comprehensive after sales service on both parts and labour. You will never get caught out with inferior generic products or non-supported brands. For more details on any of the EP equipment range or services available please call Lencrow on 1300 536 276 or visit and view products and make online enquiries.
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