TASK FORKLIFTS make their way into the United States!

Thursday, 31 July 2014 ( #678 )
TASK'S BOA. Click to view larger image.
TASK'S BOA. Click to view larger image.
Australian Forklift manufacturer Task Forklifts® has commenced assembly of the BOA® and CONDA® mid range units in its Dallas facility. The company recently exhibited its range of products at Modex, which has created much interest since then. CEO Ben Rainsford says of his products, "The BOA® units created a lot of interest from US buyers as this is quite a unique product. Being a counterbalanced stacker it is very versatile and useful in most material handling situations. We are now assembling this in Dallas and can offer a quick turnaround to both our customers and our dealers." Rainsford believes that the overall penetration of the Class 3 product will continue in the USA. The present share of the Class 3 market has recently exceeded 30% of total forklifts sold for the first time. "We believe the popularity of these products will continue to increase, they are relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain and do not need a licensed operator." "Our Group have been Class 3 makers for the last 32 years, that's what we do and we like to be innovative and efficient in order to keep in front of the pack". The TASK BOA® model has enjoyed great success in Australia and Asia and copies of the product are already appearing in the market. Making a counterbalanced stacker is quite a challenge. The designers were told to make it as short as possible and are enjoying the benefits of some clever design work. Task has also released new models of their MAMBA® series specifically for the US market. The MAMBA 3® unit has been sold in the US since 2010 and features AC drive and Power Steering. They have also just released a MAMBA 6® version, which is 4" shorter than the 3 model and without power steering. Both MAMBA 3® and MAMBA 6® come with full industrial batteries and stand alone smart chargers which work of a conventional 10 amp power source. "We are very competitive with these products." In September 2014 the group will introduce a MAMBA 5® model which will include operator platform and Power Steer in line with the Groups marketing strategy and will sell all three TASK MAMBA® versions with full industrial batteries and smart chargers. "This represents the best value for the customer and we offer a solid 4 year warranty with our battery options."
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