BodyGuard “i-Tag” proximity detection and alarm system

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[image|/upload/gallery/11917.jpg|Moving vehicles and pedestrians do not mix.
|NoBorder]BodyGuard "i-Tag" warning system reduces risk of collision between forklifts and pedestrians. The system helps lower risk of collision by providing a highly visible indication and human voice audible warning when someone is detected too close to the vehicle.

  • Convenient attachment of "Tags" by lanyard around neck or belt clip.
  • High visibility LED warning
  • Clear audible human voice alarm advises driver of risk. "Look Out! Person detected"
  • Detection zone adjustable from 0-2m to around 0-7m from sensor
  • Easy installation and use. No calibration or programming required
  • Swivel mount arm enables easy installation of alert unit to roof, side support arms or dash.
  • Slimline, rugged enclosure is weatherproof.
  • Suits 12 and 24V Electrical systems

How it works:

Staff and visitors must wear a small lightweight "Tag" unit. (Around neck and belt lanyard options).
"i-Tag" detector and alert unit must be installed onto vehicles. (Magnetic mounting).When a person is detected within the zone of the detector (4-5m typical), the alert unit will provide both audible and visual warning for the driver. The driver can then control the vehicle to avoid an accident.
The system effectively lowers risk in the workplace by increasing driver awareness of people close to their vehicle. Until a person is detected, the system is non-invasive and does not interfere with normal driver activity or slow down the work process.
The system requires no adjustments or maintenance (apart from replacing Tag batteries approximately every 2 years).
The system operates in poor visibility conditions, smoke, dust and rain. The Tag orientation has minimal effect on system performance.

Zone and vehicle detection


Despite safety initiatives used in modern workplaces, too many people are still being injured or killed as a result of collision with vehicles. Vehicles and pedestrians do not mix.

Drivers have difficulty seeing people in blind spots (such as entry/exits) or in low visibility conditions (dusty, dirty or low light). In addition to injury or damage, other outcomes can be very costly to the organisation.
Typically, safety between vehicles is enhanced by a set of traffic rules that rely on human compliance (such as give way rules). However, in many instances this reliance on drivers to obey the rules, make correct judgements or see vehicles in their path is not enough.
There are several costs associated with this risk:
    Higher insurance premiums
  • Cost of repair to damaged vehicles or plant
  • Expensive equipment and personnel downtime
  • OH&S investigations
  • Negative reputation for providing safe environment for workers
  • Lowered worker morale
BodyGuard helps reduce risk of collision by detecting vehicles entering and exiting high risk areas and activating warning lamps and/or traffic advisory signals to alert pedestrians of vehicle in the area.

The vehicle is fitted with a "Tag" device that transmits special signals to be detected by fixed detection devices, located in high risk areas or doorways.
High risk areas fitted with a fixed detection unit detect approaching vehicles and activate warning lamps to warn pedestrians of the risk.
The detection units are adjustable from around 2-3m to over 50m to ensure appropriate detection range for almost any environment.

The system is easy to install and use. Once set up, there are no adjustments or ongoing maintenance required. The system does not interfere with normal work flow processes or distract the driver. The lamps are only activated when a vehicle fitted with a Tag device is detected within the detection zone of the particular fixed detector device.

The system is ideal for
  • Warehouses
  • Storage and loading areas
  • High risk work or packing areas
  • Doorways, entrances and exits to buildings
  • Outdoor pedestrian areas (Heavy duty, IP68 metal enclosure version available for outdoor or harsh environment use).
[image|/upload/gallery/12062.jpg|Vehicle "Tag" Device attaches magnetically to Vehicle. Power cable connects to 12/24V DC after ignition.
Fixed Detection and warning device located in doorway or high risk area. High visibility warning lamp is activated when vehicle detected within adjustable detection zone. Detection range adjustable from around 2-3m to over 50m.
Fixed Detection and warning device located in doorway or high risk area. High visibility warning lamp is activated when vehicle detected within adjustable detection zone. Detection range adjustable from around 2-3m to over 50m.

To learn more about the BodyGuard i-Tag system, please contact us!

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