Innovative pipe hold down clamps by Unit Load Handling Systems, Inc.

Thursday, 26 June 2014 ( #673 )
ULH's pipe hold down attachment for forklifts. Click for larger view.
ULH's pipe hold down attachment for forklifts. Click for larger view.
Alvin, Texas: It seems nearly every country is in some way developing energy sources. Drilling is going on worldwide, expanding the search for and development of energy fields of supply. And one thing all the developers and suppliers have in common is that they move and handle pipe and casing. Oilfield services and transportation terminals, manufacturers of risers and down hole tools, storage/supply yards, rig operators and pushers all work with pipe. And pipe can be dangerous material to move with a forklift. And HSE managers are well aware of the risks. No pun intended.

Unit Load Handling Systems, Inc. of Alvin, Texas, has worked for over a decade with all the above in the energy industry to provide pipe hold down attachments for forklifts. Our focus has been on the retro-fit of existing forklifts with rugged yet economical clamping devices to safely handle pipe and round stock. We have developed a line of pipe handling products designed to fit up to existing forklift and loader carriages. These attachments preserve maximum load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Some models allow general cargo handling as well as pipe holding capability.

Click for larger view.
Click for larger view.
ULH pipe clamps have been fitted to forklifts from 5000 LB capacity up to 52,000 LB capacity. Safety doesn't depend on the size of the forklift, you see. Pipe diameters handled run from 2.88 inches up to 36". Lengths can exceed 40 feet. Pipe could be in singles, layers or bundles, ULH pipe clamps handle them all.

Installation and mounting is either hook-type, pin-type or bolt-on, depending on the truck carriage. Most ULH clamps permit sideshift or fork positioning on the truck to remain operative.

These ULH pipe clamp features are unique and innovative. Traditional pipe clamp devices limit the forklift to being a dedicated pipe handler with little utility elsewhere. Now, one truck can do it all.

ULH has supplied its pipe clamps across the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We can build one for your needs. See our clamps at or for more information send an email

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