BOLZONI Group at CeMAT 2014 – Hall 26 / Stand L10-L14

Thursday, 15 May 2014 ( #667 )
Waste Paper Bale Clamp. Click for larger image.
Waste Paper Bale Clamp. Click for larger image.
The world's largest exhibition for material handling, CeMAT 2014, is just around the corner (19-23 May 2014). Forklift truck attachment, forks and lift table manufacturer BOLZONI will be present on Stand L10-L14 located in Hall 26 with a galaxy of new products.

We will be glad to welcome customers and visitors, and to show our latest products from both the Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer ranges:

  • Heavy-duty handling of waste paper bales in the paper industry, as well as plastic and recycling materials.
  • Capacities from 1600 to 4200 Kg at 600 mm load center.
  • Strong steel profile frame specifically conceived for heavy-duty handling. Very rigid frame structure with single piece double "T" profile. Front shield plate on the clamp body protects cylinders and hydraulics.
  • Superior visibility through, around and above the clamp frame for safe and easy to use.
  • Arm welded directly to the sliding profile with reinforced elbow provides strength and rigidity of the arms. Robust and thin arm profile, allowing tight and efficient bale stacking and damage-free knifing. Round steel rods inside the arms for greater friction and better gripping in waste bale handling. Replaceable wear bars welded under the frame and the arms provide additional wear protection.
  • Easily replaceable long lasting bearings requiring minimum service and lubrication.
  • Hydraulic valve well protected behind the frame.
  • Pressure relief valve on sideshifting, opening and clamping to prevent clamp and load damages.
  • Built-in integral sideshift guarantees precise and efficient handling.
  • Regenerative valve for higher operation speed.
  • Self-aligning cylinder.
Paper Roll Clamp. Click for larger view
Paper Roll Clamp. Click for larger view
  • Superior visibility, higher rotating speed and operator-friendly.
  • Rotating paper roll clamp for vertical and horizontal roll handling
  • Slim and smooth arm and frame design, optimal visibility and advanced hydraulic operation
  • Pivoting arm movement. Short and long arms. Non-split arm for single roll handling. Split arm for 1-2 roll handling.
  • 180-degree rotation. Hydraulic cushioning in the vertical end position.
  • All hydraulic functions protected with built-in pressure relief valves. All service and maintenance points easily available.
This clamp will be exhibited together with a complete series of options to optimize the clamping force.
CTX fully automatic clamping force control system for paper roll clamps.
  • Optimized, lowest possible clamping force for all handling situations and with all paper grades, minimizing the possibility of paper roll out-of-roundness.
  • Use of consolidated technical solutions combined with advanced electronics for controlling and optimizing the clamping operations.
  • CTX is the most accurate system in all handling conditions for different paper grades.

4-STAGE PRESSURE-RELIEF VALVE manual control of the clamping force.

  • Fully mechanical, automatic pressure control system - adjusting the clamping pressure according to the load weight - designed specifically for clamp equipped forklifts.
  • Effective system to prevent over-clamping when handling paper rolls and home appliances and other clamp modes

Intelligent Appliances Clamp. Click for larger view
Intelligent Appliances Clamp. Click for larger view
  • Innovative clamp representing the solution to the excessive clamping problems.
  • Safe and damage-free handling, the most common application fields are in the white goods and high-volume carton boxes handling.
  • Load volumetric detection through electronic sensors on the clamp and automatic clamping force adjustment through dedicated software and control unit.
  • Very rigid frame structure with single piece double "T" profile. Wide visibility window thanks to new vertical plates position at the extremity of the frame. Narrow vertical plates. Superior visibility through the frame grants safe and easy handling operations.
  • New aluminium arm design with new high friction rubber lining, special Bolzoni design.
  • New check valve for simple and precise arm synchronism, easy fitting, new position in the upper profile shadow granting valve protection and high visibility of the structure.
  • New fixing system of the sliding pads to relief stress.
  • New self aligning cylinder fixing to avoid breakage.

Multiple Pallet Handler. Click for larger image
Multiple Pallet Handler. Click for larger image

Highest efficiency
  • Fast operational speed already at low oil valomes
  • Increased handling efficiency
  • Optimum energy efficiency e.g. on electric forklift trucks
  • Optimum equal fork travel even at low oil volume
  • Fast operating speed, easy operation
Health & Safety
  • Safer transport through inclined outer pallets
  • No sagging of pallets through wear of plastic inserts
  • Optimum visibility in the operation
Reliable - even in hardest environments
  • Robust construction
    Clean goods - clean environment
  • Minimum greasing required
  • Clean Shaft Guide Concept - no contamination on the goods
  • Lowest maintenance requirements
  • Easy and fast exchange of wear and tear parts
  • Lowest Life Cycle Costs
  • The only fully encapsuled MEYER Shaft Guide Concept


Robust frame construction
  • Robot welded
  • Tested under more than 1,000,000 load cycles with twice the nominal capacity
  • Reduced attachment weight
Improved visibility
  • Reduce frame size
  • Improved hydraulics
Extended program
  • New range 2.6t / 600 mm in ISO 2
  • New range 1.6t / 500 mm with forks
  • Type range 6-2x06G now with 3.6t/500 mm
New design load backrest
  • With vertical reinforced bars
The full range available
  • All sideshift variations, rotating and non-rotating

  • Based on hook-on sideshifter frame.
  • Standard lift truck forks can be easily fitted. Different fork sizes can be fitted.
  • No forks welding required.
  • Accurate forks movement. Fork carriers slide in a nickel-surface treated open tube.
  • Perfect synchronization of the forks movement thanks to differentiate hydraulic cylinders.
  • Excellent visibility.
  • Original load backrest can be easily fitted on the fork positioner.


Time-saving and space optimisation
  • Loading/unloading of vehicles from one side.
  • Handling pallets in two deep stacks.
  • Handling of two pallets at a time, different size pallet, bulky load.
  • Friction has been reduced to a minimum by the use of sliding pads in special nylon material mounted on the tip of the fixed fork.
  • Stronger structure thanks to a single cylinder fitted to the fixed element.
  • Chromed cylinder rod with reinforced bolt-on head.
  • Drilled and polished cylinder chamber in the fork.
  • Outer forks reinforced with a bottom 6 mm Hardox plate.
Ease of economical maintenance
  • Easy-to-dismantle mobile part by the simple removal of a retaining pin.
  • Hydraulic feeding circuit drilled in the fork up to the top of the shank. Fittings directly fixed on the fork.
  • Less hydraulic components thanks to one single cylinder in each fork for the sliding movement.
Synchronized fork movement
  • Assured by cylinders having different diameters on class FEM2 and by flow divider valve on class FEM3.
  • A flow divider on the double reach models equalises the speed of the two forks to maintain stability and efficiency during the handling of loads.

  • 360-degree rotator with ISO-2328 fork carriage for all applications requiring rotation.
  • Castellated fork carriage welded to the rotating frame
  • Fast and high-torque rotation
  • Optimal visibility through the rotator
  • Easy fork spread adjustment
  • Safe and secure, non-slip fork locking using special locking brackets.

  • Heavy-duty applications throughout the industry - as part of a production process, for machine feeding or stacking etc.
  • Aluminium safety bar, preventing descent on contact with obstructions.
  • Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping during operation.
  • Safety check valve to stop the lift table lowering in the unlikely event of a hose break.
  • Low-tension control box with up-down buttons and emergency stop.
  • Single acting hydraulic cylinders equipped with rupture valve, check valve and drainage.
  • Removable lifting eyes to facilitate handling and lift table installation.
  • Maintenance props (for safe maintenance operation).
  • Load applied: Partially concentrated.
  • Max. 30 cycles per hour, one shift a day.
  • Self-lubricating bushings on pivot points.
  • Upper limit switch.
  • Hydraulic power pack inside the table provided with relief valve against overloading and compensated flow valve for controlled lowering speed.
  • Electric equipment controlled by electronic system, with transformer and thermal protection.

  • Innovative and highly automated production process.
  • Complete tempering heat treatment for entire length of the fork.
  • Increased heel thickness, improved resistance.
  • Prime quality steel, good welding characteristics, high resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Excellent quality level granted by tests and checks during the whole production process.

Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer offer a complete range of attachments, conceived with the purpose of optimizing each specific handling requirement, allowing forklift operators to extend the application field, the versatility and the performance of lift trucks.

For more information on the Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer products, we invite you to come over to have a look at our stand (Hall 26 / stand L10-L14) or visit our website, or contact the nearest Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer representatives.


Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer are Bolzoni Group brands. The Group has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and is present globally thanks to 20 direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents. Bolzoni is listed in the Milan Stock Exchange.

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