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Merlo forklift gains US visibility

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 ( #651 ) - Cuneo, Italy
Merlo's R40.30 MCSS rotating telescopic forklift.
Merlo's R40.30 MCSS rotating telescopic forklift.
Equipment manufacturer Merlo SpA, of Cuneo, Italy, gains US visibility with the delivery of a rotating telescopic forklift for a project at a New York City school.

Equipment dealership Garden State Engine & Equipment Co, of Somerville, New Jersey, delivered the Merlo R40.30 Merlin-continuous-slew-safety (MCSS) system forklift to Ashnu International Inc.

The forklift can reach heights of 96 ft. (29.3 m) with a 200-ft. (61-m) wide span while stationary and without repositioning. With its rotational capability, the equipment can operate within the severe physical limits of urban areas.

The forklift's continuous turret rotation is achieved through a Merlo electro-hydraulic central rotary coupling. The cab can be tilted by up to 18 degrees, and the cab's steel frame complies with the international ISO 3449 level II standard for a falling object protective structure.

Merlo has a 150,000-sqm (1.6-million-sqft.) factory and more than 600 dealers worldwide. The business was founded in 1911 and built its first off-road forklift in 1970 and its first telescopic handler in 1981. Merlo also designs and manufactures self-loading concrete mixers, tracked carriers, tool carriers, solid urban waste collectors, tracked transporters, waste collectors and attachment coupling systems.

As well as the Merlo line, Garden State Engine & Equipment represents the Cormach, National Crane, Manitex, Elliott, Princeton, Jabco, USTC, Venturo, Manitou, Tadano and Steelmaster brands.

Ashnu, a construction management and contracting company, is based in Woodside in the Queens borough of New York.
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